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We have culled these pertinent stories from many sources to keep you updated on the Daily News events pertinent to the coming New World Order. Truly, once you know the Plan to establish the Kingdom of Antichrist, you will never look at the news the same way again. For A Cutting Edge Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Visit our Headline News Area

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Friday, July 8, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Terror Attack In London! 7/7/2005

The London Bombers were Suicide Killers: No prior warning from the British and foreign intelligence agencies engaged in the war on al Qaeda

Four bombs in 50 minutes - Britain suffers its worst-ever terror attack

Timers Used in Blasts, Police Say: Parallels to Madrid Are Found

Possible Unexploded Bombs Found: Scotland Yard denies report

Map of Attacks -- Where and when the bombers struck

Interactive Map

Photo Gallery of Attack: Up to six blasts reported

Israeli Minister Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning: British police told the Israeli Embassy in London minutes before Thursday's explosions that they had received warnings of possible terror attacks in the city -- Israel denies Netanyahu was warned (At least 6 blasts)

British hunt bombers in dastardly transit blitz

Determined commuters return to London -- The day after -- Commuting situation update

Intelligence officials were braced for an offensive - but lowered threat levels anyway - Group linked to al-Qaida cites UK's Iraq actions

Attack on London: Answer the question

British MPs angry but united by 'attack on whole country'

Officials Looking Into Claim That Little-Known Al-Qaida Group Pulled off London Bombings

Focus on Al-Qaida as U.K. bombing probe begins

9/11 Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, was only yards from first London blast

MP Galloway: Bombings price of Iraq invasion

Foreign Reaction To Bombing

European Markets Open Higher Day After Explosions in London

Wall Street: Stocks close higher despite London terror attacks

U.S. Mass Transit Alert Goes to 'Orange'

Israel Reacts to the Terrorist Attacks in London: Expressed Israel's solidarity with the people of Britain

Japan steps up security measures

World offers solidarity with Londoners

Arab world shocked at London attacks

Israeli - Palestinian War

Attorney General Mazuz Decides: Knesset Irrelevant in Egyptian Treaty Changes - Does not need to be consulted

More Israeli settlers opt for compensation

No room for settler sympathy, Israeli troops told

Amona residents still not evacuating: Despite 48-hour deadline

IDF, media not ready for disengagement

PA Agenda: Talks with Syrian Terrorists—and Israel

Hamas rejects offer to join PA cabinet

Likud Petition Demands Vote on Replacing Sharon

Palestinian Authority Continues to Laud Female Suicide Bomber as Role Model -- TV continues teaching children to become 'martyrs'

Truck collides with train near Kiryat Gat: In June, train collided with vehicle killing eight

100-acre fire in San Isabel fought from ground, air

Unocal may back buy-out bid by China's CNOOC if it meets conditions

Bush warns to let review of Chinese UNOCAL bid to run its course

Mother of a missing Alabama teenager could face a libel lawsuit for speaking publicly about two suspects' release from an Aruban jail

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Israeli Defense Force Expects All-Out Regional War In 2006, While Key Kabbalist Priests Are Announcing Their Expectations of the Jewish Messiah in 2006

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Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Iraqi president calls for national unity as violence continues

Three killed, 46 injured in mortar strikes in Mosul

Foreign militants a plague in Iraq

Al Qaeda kills Egyptian envoy in Iraq

Egyptian Diplomat's Kidnapping Case Opens Rift Between Iraq, Egypt

Egypt closes Baghdad diplomatic mission in wake of diplomat's kidnapping

Shiite theocracy takes hold in Iraqi oil city of Basra

Saddam Hussein's chief lawyer resigns

Iraq signs military pact with Iran


Sex Abuse, Torture News

Pfc. England to plead not guilty to sexual abuse charges

Judge will not budge in Iraq abuse trial

Pentagon denies doctors aided abuse of detainees

G-8 Summit News

G-8 Summit Shaken by London Bombings: Reaches Compromises on African Aid, Global Warming

'Noble ideas will not end poverty'

Summit thrown into confusion: Blair's departure forces changes to programme

Bush concedes ground on climate change: US adds its name to communique acknowledging human role in global warming

Blair has the last laugh on Chirac as he arrived for G-8 Summit

Battles on the streets as leaders fly in

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

China Sending Special Envoy to N. Korea

King of Bahrain hails ties with Tehran

Taliban threat to kill captive US commando soldier

Philippine cabinet ministers quit

Chavez's US-funded rivals in the dock: Charged with conspiring to change the government using US funds

Hurricane Dennis Grows, Kills 5 in Haiti

Bush aide in riddle of CIA leak: Karl Rove

White House Scrambles to Stop Criminal Indictment of Rove: May be charged for disclosing classified information to reporters in an attempt to discredit a White House critic

Bush is biggest obstacle to a conservative court: Right's morale was devastated by president's comments in USA Today phone interview published on newspaper's front page Tuesday: ''Al Gonzales is a great friend of mine. When a friend gets attacked, I don't like it.''

Gonzales Insists He Is Not A Candidate For Supreme Court

Pentagon considering major military changes in plan to fight two wars simultaneously: Changes are aimed at freeing more resources for the defense of U.S. territory and the fight against terrorism








Thursday, July 7, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Terror Attack In London? 7/7/2005

Central London: Dozens feared dead in terrorist assault on central London, over 300 injured in six explosions - At least 50 dead

Multiple blasts paralyse London

Rail Union Officials: 'Explosive device' on subway Tube

'Many casualties' as London hit by series of rush-hour blasts: Some 45 fatalities

London Blasts: Timeline at a glance

London explosions 'mirror Madrid bombings' -- "An apparently coordinated attack"

Announcement: "Terrible Injuries" - MP's told of attacks

London explosions: Eyewitness reports - Bus clearly destroyed by bomb

London hospitals on full alert

Terror of passengers stuck on tube

Israeli Minister Netanyahu Changed Plans Due to Warning

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

US-led forces would leave Iraq if asked

13 killed in car blasts in Iraq

Explosion hits US convoy in Iraq: Two soldiers wounded

American Filmmaker Among Five Foreigners Arrested for Allegedly Aiding Insurgents

Halliburton contract extended: Questions surround the firm's accounting, even as the Army orders $5 billion in services

Tehran asks Baghdad to oppose foreign bases

Militants still targeting barbers of Baghdad: Spate of killings hits providers of 'un-Islamic' hairstyles

News Analysis: A partition in Muslim world on Iraq attacks against Arab diplomats

Al-Qaeda threatens to kill Egyptian envoy kidnapped in Iraq

Jordan reconsiders sending envoy to Iraq: Because of attacks against diplomats

Iraq failure carries big cost

Official U.S. Army report on Iraqi prisoner abuse: Admits sodomizing prisoners, rape and torture by American interrogators

Baghdad Faces Brutal Heat With Less Power

Depleted Uranium News

Waste storage vexes nuclear plants: As United States' 103 commercial reactors grapple for ways to handle spent uranium, clock is ticking

Answer To Storage Problem? Give Depleted Uranium To Pentagon FREE For Munitions!

Beyond Treason DVD: The Battlefield Disaster Created by Depleted Uranium, Toxic Vaccinations, plus Chemical and Biological Agents With FREE CDROM Providing Written Documentation

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Taliban vow to kill missing U.S. commando in Afghanistan

Syria arrests two more terror suspects: Members of alleged terrorist group involved in deadly clash outside Damascus earlier in the week

Africa must speak up on 'wrong policies' - Annan

Angola, Israel sign cooperation accords

UN Security Council threatens curbs on parties thwarting Ivorian peace

Kyrgyzstan Prepares for Vote Following President's Ouster

Seoul sees North Korea N-talks resuming this month

Aceh Peace Talks May Stall Over Indonesia's Refusal to Grant Self-Rule

Peru Military Resists Civilian Trials: Civilian courts calling scores of military men to account for torture and murder of civilians during the height of Shining Path insurgency

Jailing of Times Reporter for Refusing to Identify Source Escalates First Amendment Debate


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Staged Republican - Democrat "Battle" Looms As President Bush Gets Set To Nominate His Replacement For Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - Only the discerning will comprehend that everything is staged and the battle they are witnessing is just the latest edition of a master Battle Plan created in 1823. Controlled Conflict is the order of the day

America in the Gulf: A new strategic relationship

Israeli - Palestinian War

Unilateral Disengagement News

July 18: Tens of Thousands of Protesters to March on Gush Katif

Open Letter to Gush Katif residents: Invite thousands of protesters to live with them

Mass mailing to homes of IDF soldiers and officers calling for refusal to obey expulsion orders

World Largest Orange Ribbon Hung, Hunger Strike Launched

Homesh residents oppose anti-disengagement protest

Other News

IDF to shoot on sight at Lebanon border

PM Sharon orders acceleration in work on West Bank security barrier

Israeli troops kill Palestinian militant in W. Bank

Palestinian leader Abbas arrives in Syria for talks

No plans under way for Abbas-Sharon meeting

Senior Hamas official: We have lost faith in PA Chairman Abbas

Hamas refusal to join gov't irks Palestinian Authority

Purpose-Driven Life: The Movie? "Purpose-Driven" going Hollywood!

Moviemaking with a Purpose: Producer Ralph Winter producing movie based on "Purpose Driven Life", has reputation as a producer of Hollywood blockbusters

Purpose Driven Church Phenomenon: All Cutting Edge bookstore resources about Purpose Driven Church

'Full text' of China-Russia Joint Statement on 21st century world order

G8 News

G8 leaders face moment of truth

Hope for fresh climate deal: G8 leaders are poised to reach a new agreement on climate change

Bush, Blair split on climate change, aid

Blair: No going back to Kyoto

G-8 Leaders Are Expected to Agree on Africa Aid: But Are Stymied on Global Warming

G-8 debt forgiveness is 'not going to save Africa'

Day of hope turns to day of violence

Police surround G8 eco-camp

Dinner with the Queen before global issues appear on the menu

Nelson Mandela's G8 plea at Aids concert: Mandela 46664 concert - named after his prison number

Dennis Reaches Hurricane Strength, Causes Flooding in Haiti and Threatens Guantanamo Jail

Clergy who don't believe in God: Clergy and laity show signs of schism over homosexuality, miracles and the Almighty

Sandinistas block Nicaragua missile plan, US irked: Worries shoulder-fired missles could be used by terrorists


Wednesday, July 6, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


New Cutting Edge Article

Staged Republican - Democrat "Battle" Looms As President Bush Gets Set To Nominate His Replacement For Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - Only the discerning will comprehend that everything is staged and the battle they are witnessing is just the latest edition of a master Battle Plan created in 1823. Controlled Conflict is the order of the day

Current Related News Articles

Bush: Abortion Won't Decide Court Nominee - He would have no "litmus test" that disqualifies candidates because of their opinions on abortion and gay marriage

Tell President Bush to Nominate a TRUE Conservative! Online Letter to send to Bush

Veterans Group Issues "Declaration of Impeachment"- Beginning online petition to remove President Bush from office for crimes committed during the invasion and occupation of Iraq

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Fears of campaign against foreign diplomats as envoys attacked: Gunmen attacked the envoys of two Muslim states in Baghdad

Family of kidnapped Egyptian diplomat issue plea

UN chief slams attacks against diplomats in Iraq

Iraqi TV producer killed, crew arrested in Iraq

Al-Zarqawi says Iraqi army also the enemy

Iraq insurgency forces Pentagon rethink on ability to fight two wars at once

U.S. Senior Democrat Senator Critical of Bush's Iraq Policy Visits Baghdad: Sen. Carl Levin, the Senate Armed Services Committee

Britain 'to withdraw Iraq forces': Over next 18 months

Political exit strategies trump reforms

EU lawmaker urges U.N. force for Iraq: But UK is skeptical

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

EU’s warning to Iran over N-arms plan

US finds bodies of soldiers: Two commando, part of a four-man Navy Seal reconnaissance team, reported missing after the helicopter sent to rescue them was shot down, killing 16

But, one commando evaded Taliban and survived

Interactive Map Showing Towns, Cities Location of Every American Service Man or Woman Who Has Died In Afghanistan

U.S. Medical Team Attacked in Volatile Afghan Region: No Injuries Reported

Sudanese government agrees new peace deal with Darfur rebels

Arroyo welcomes impeachment move: Philippine leader eager to set record right

Election official says he did not collude with Arroyo to rig the 2004 election

Bush daughter is said to volunteer in S. Africa

Hindu groups rage against Indian holy site attack

China, Russia Challenge US Military Presence in Central Asia

Prosecutor Urges Judge to Jail Reporters Who Refused to Testify and To Divulge Contact In Covert CIA Case




Israeli - Palestinian War

Sharon Grants Egypt Military Rewards to Egypt in Sinai: But is Outmaneuvered by a Secret UK-Egyptian-Palestinian Gas Transaction

Huge American Base Nearing Completion Within Heart of Israel

44,000 Israeli Forces Set To Complete Gaza Pullout

Analysis: Pullout likely followed by war

Generals Mofaz, Halutz give pep talk to troops: "You can weep – but you must carry out orders"

Ashkelon Makes Transition from Boomtown to Border Town

PA Demands Handover of Israeli Town Near Ashkelon

Massive march to flood Jewish Gaza: Activists announce drive to thwart summer's evacuation

Israel Wants to Build Railroad for Arabs Linking Gaza to Judea

Israel Air Force Commander - Key to Israel's Existence is Continued Control of Airspace After Disengagement

World Will Be Watching the Palestinians During Withdrawal: US Diplomats

Lt.-Col. Indor Against Media - IDF is "adopting norms of deceptive reporting"

Palestinian Kassam Rockets to Bypass West Bank Security Fence

Hezbollah raiders aimed to 'snatch Israeli soldiers'

Hizbullah offers $100,000 for kidnap of Israeli soldier

G8 Summit News

Police and Anti-G8 Demonstrators Clash on Opening Day of Summit

China transforming world trade order: Chinese President Hu Jintao is the star at G8 summit

Africa urges G8 to scrap debt, reform trade

Russia, France, Germany Warm Up for G8 Summit

G8 summit in Gleneagles was "compromised" because of its sponsorship by the Ford motor company

Supreme Court News

Tone down rhetoric on Supreme Court choice -Bush

Rehnquist Could Cause Second Court Vacancy

A Rundown of Multiple Supreme Court Vacancies

Sides prepare for a pricey high court campaign

Bush urges G8 lead shift from oil and gas: To alternative fuels

Bill Gates Makes Prophecies About Chip Implants

Busiest Start Ever to Hurricane Season as 4th Storm Forms

Pope to Say Prayers in Hebrew

Terror attacks said to be near 3,200 in 2004 count

Where terror attacks happened in 2004






Tuesday, July 5, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


High Court "Battle" Looms

Bush drops a few clues about candidate for Supreme Court

Battle lines drawn over US Supreme Court nomination

Republican Judges Have Provided The Majority On Supreme Court Since Roe vs Wade

High Court Vacancy Starts a Fundraising Race: Court Nomination Battle Could Rival 2004 Election's Totals - Might reach $100 million

"Torture Architect" Gonzales Could Be Bush's Supreme Court Pick: bush play the race card in lauding the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court and Gonzales' detractors will be labelled as racists - Is pro-aboriton, anti-gun control - Bush loves Gonzales

Depleted Uranium News

Secret Toxic Weapons Transport Exposed: DOD will stop transporting Depleted Uranium without a DOT “radioactive” warning placard being displayed - Means the US Government now agrees that D.U. is highly dangerous, proving activists right

Beyond Treason DVD: The Battlefield Disaster Created by Depleted Uranium, Toxic Vaccinations, plus Chemical and Biological Agents With FREE CDROM Providing Written Documentation

Israeli - Palestinian War

Palestinians demand an extra 2-km slice of Israel’s Negev north of Gaza Strip

PM Sharon Appears at Unique Knesset Committee Session: Lawmakers questioning the government's measures to prepare for the expulsion

Israeli president fears Sharon assassination

Israeli ministers to don flak jackets: In response to death threats from right-wing extremists opposed to the planned pull-out

Israelis begin leaving settlements: Signs of recent departures are evident

Mainstream Media Fabricate ´Lynch´ of Arab by Jewish Activists: In order to discredit opponenets of unilateral withdrawal

Anti-Disengagement Activists Shot With Air Rifle

Bostoner Rebbe Leads Solidarity Mission to Gush Katif: Opposes withdrawal

'Nixing pullout will boost Israel-US relations': Finance Minister Netanyahu

Sharon may fire Netanyahu because of his resistance to withdrawal

Israel may delay or abort Gaza pullout: Amidst rising civil unrest and the danger of a military escalation along the Lebanese border

Blair seeks new Mideast peace plan during G8 Summit

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Russia Will Equip Iranian Subs with Missiles

Chavez's 'citizen militias' on the march: Venezuela preparing for US invasion

U.S. losing sway in Americas: Several Latin American countries are now rebuffing Washington

Militants Storm Hindu Shrine in India: All Five Killed in Gunbattle With Police

Iraq-style beheadings set weary southern Thailand on edge

Central Asian Alliance Calls for U.S., Coalition Forces to Set Withdrawal Date From Central Asian Bases: China, Russia lead the alliance

‘Osama might be in southern Afghanistan’

Haitian Ex-Premier in Gilded Cage as He Awaits Trial That Never Comes

New Federal Law: Schools can't force meds on kids

Protesters Demand Guantanamo Shutdown

Tropical Storm Watch Issued for Louisiana Coast

Tropical Storm Cindy Tracking Map

Another Tropical Storm Could Hit Florida By Weekend





Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Bahrain's top diplomat shot in Baghdad

Bomb targets U.S. patrol near Iran's Baghdad embassy

At least 100 suspected insurgents arrested in Iraq Monday

Explosions heard near Japan camp in Iraq

Troops comb Baghdad for kidnapped Egyptian envoy

A Sunni Arab group called on Sunnis to take part in future elections: Would be a blow to the insurgency - Hardline cleric condemns kidnappings

A fiction as powerful as WMD: It is not withdrawal that threatens Iraq with civil war, but occupation - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was promoted to replace Saddam as the bogeyman in chief - Iraqis habitually blame the occupation for all acts of terrorism

A Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Charges: ‘Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent’

Bush urges US public to back Iraq war

Putin, Schroeder and Chirac discuss UN reform, Iraq in Kaliningrad

C/Edge Archives: Putin, Schroeder, Chirac Issue Warning That They Will Not Tolerate Any More "Regime Changes" In Middle East (April 12, 2003)

Iran, Iraq to construct swap oil pipeline

Uncle Sam Wants Addicts, Misfits: Somehow, Military’s Recruitment Goals Will Be Met -- Another indicator the Draft will be reinstated

Japan's Lower House Approves Postal Reform, Paving Way for Creating World's Largest Bank

North Korea, U.N. on Japan's Mind as It Heads to G8, Where Focus Will Be on Other Issues

21st Century Tablets: New ThinkPad X41 Convertible Tablet allows you to write and draw on the screen and use the computer as if it were a smart electronic clipboard

Catholic Diocese in Maine Validates Sexual Abuse Allegations Against 9 of 21 Dead Priests

Pope is less reserved than expected: His expanded role as leader of the faith has evoked a warm, pastoral side in Benedict XVI

Pentagon Weighs Strategy Change to Deter Terror: Will increase emphasis on "Domestic Terrorism"

Bush Leaves on Fourth European Trip With Stops in Denmark, Scotland -- To attend G8 summit

Bush Cool to Blair on Climate: But, Bush acknowledged that human activity was at least partly responsible for the apparent warming of the planet in recent years - That much was "obvious"

China Tells US Congress To Back Off Businesses: Tensions Heightened by Bid to Purchase Unocal

Straight, Gay or Lying? Bisexuality Revisited - new study casts doubt on whether true bisexuality exists, at least in men

Mr. Greenspan's Dilemma: Financial markets are not following his lead, interest rates actually declining in face of rising Fed rate

"NO." U.S. Court Of Appeals Soundly Rejects IRS Plea To Soften Ruling In Schulz v IRS

Panic in No 10 (British Prime Minister's Office) as ID card support collapses

Russia Says American Journalist's Murder Solved, but Doubts Linger





Monday, July 4, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Dollar Rises to 13-Month High Vs Euro on Rosy Outlook for U.S., Uncertainty in Europe

Israeli - Palestinian War

Disengagement Has Begun

Israeli president fears Sharon assassination

Israeli ministers to don flak jackets: In response to death threats from right-wing extremists opposed to the planned pull-out

Israelis begin leaving settlements: Signs of recent departures are evident

Delay in Gaza pullout rejected

Settler leaders to draw up conduct code for pullout: Designed to prevent violence during opposition protests

Supreme Court Judge Jails Six 13 Year-Olds From Gush Katif

Police takes wind out of road protests

Fork in the Right's road to pullout -- More Evidence that "Lynching" of Arab Youth Was Staged

Israel, Egypt close to Philadelphi deal

Other News

Israeli Government Is in the Grip of Pre-Election Fever: Probably in first half of 2006

Sharon lets Netanyahu sweat

Palestinian government, Hamas to talk soon

Hizbullah Infiltrators Were Planning to Kidnap IDF Soldiers

Israeli Border Policeman Dies Chasing Arab Rock Throwers

Autism, mercury, and politics: Mounting evidence suggests that Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative in children's vaccines, may be responsible for the exponential growth of autism, attention deficit disorder, speech delays, and other childhood neurological disorders now epidemic in the United States

G8 Summit News

Bush rejects Kyoto-style G8 deal

Africa leaders hold pre-G8 summit

G-8 Summit Site Locked Down in Massive Security Operation in Rural Scotland

Japan going to G8 to discuss North Korea, UN

Now Feel The Heat: LIVE 8 hero Bob Geldof warned G8 leaders yesterday over Africa's poverty plight

Hundreds protest at nuclear base: Protesting the amount spent on weaponry by G8 countries

United Church of Christ Committee Passes Same-Sex Marriage Resolution

Gaylord Nelson, Environmentalist Politician Who Started Earth Day, Dies at 89

High lake temperatures puzzle regional scientists: The warm water makes swimming more comfortable, but can create a toxic stew

Robert Bork Supreme Court Nomination Battle Recalled 18 Years Later

Senators won't rule out filibuster: 'Mainstream' name urged for high court

Bird flu tightens grip on Asia


Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Putin in surprise call for world cooperation to help US in Iraq

American troops' optimism diminishes: Some feel frustrated and discouraged as death and injury tolls climb and American support wanes

US Attorney General Gonzales: FBI to aid Iraqi investigations into killing and kidnapping of government officials

Egypt officials say envoy seized in Iraq

Egypt plea for her seized ambassador

Police force often the only hope for jobless Iraqis

Iraqi government reaches out to militants

Baghdad faces brutal heat with less power: Supply of insurgents seems endless

Swiss ask US about death of citizen in Iraq: Was shot after his car was stopped by US soldiers

Shiite leader warns against Iraq violence

Tools for the Troops: A Rhino for Rumsfeld While Troops Perish

Iraq has lost $11.35 billion US due to damaged oil facilities, reduced exports

Poland sees off final military contingent to Iraq: Only 20% still support deployment

Iraqi students say arrested for wearing jeans and having long hair

Newly-Trained Iraqi Interrogators Are Brutal

Iraqi govt admits abuses by security forces

UK aid funds Iraqi indigenous torture units

Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps: Secret torture chambers, the brutal interrogation of prisoners, murders

Britain 'concerned' at Iraqi police abuse reports

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Town remembers hometown soldier killed in Afghanistan

US special forces soldier rescued after big losses in Afghanistan

Syrian forces kill Arab terrorist, apprehend 34, trying to enter Lebanon

Zanzibaris Adopting Stricter Form of Islam

Taliban out to disrupt Afghan polls

Evidence links Ahmadinejad to Vienna hit: Iran's president-elect may have played a key role in the 1989 execution-style slayings

Iran to finalize development deals with China

6000-yr-old clay coupons found in southern Iran

Why Film Director Steven Spielberg Should Avoid Malta this week

Thousands Pack Hawaii's Waikiki Beach for Glimpse of Comet Buster

Mission Accomplished: Probe Hits Comet, 83 million miles away, just before 11pm PDT, in mission costing $333 million

American Legion, VFW seek to bolster ranks

IAEA to weigh strengthening international nuclear laws

Public School Teacher Attire Becoming a Touchy Topic

Vote counting under way in Albania's crucial election



Sunday, July 3, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

USA Today founder Al Neuharth Calls For US Withdrawal from Iraq, Says Bush 'Lied to us in wartime"

33 die in Iraq bombings, attacks

Baghdad blast kills up to 17: Suicde bomber outside Iraqi police special forces recruiting station

Egypt's Top Envoy in Postwar Iraq Kidnapped in Baghdad

Sistani’s aide among 20 dead in Iraq

Suicide attackers hiding in plain sight are increasing threat to Iraqis

After the War Comes Cancer: Depleted Uranium -- Iraqi women ask when giving birth is not if it is a boy or a girl, but if it is normal or deformed

UK aid funds Iraqi indigenous torture units

Revealed: grim world of new Iraqi torture camps: Secret torture chambers, the brutal interrogation of prisoners, murders

Stryker Brigade troops arrest nine suspected insurgents in raids in Mosul area

U.S. Army seeks to improve intelligence work in Iraq

US forces free al-Sadr’s senior aide

Saddam seeks trial outside Iraq

Iraqi President Talabani: Kurds must return to Kirkuk

Bush reaffirms decision to stay in Iraq, despite polls

Bush’s war on two fronts takes its toll: Afghanistan and Iraq are costing the US President money, lives and his approval ratings

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghan 'civilians' die in US raid

Kabul frees 57 suspected Taliban

Senior Al Qaeda militant killed in Saudi clash

Africa to seek UN Council seats

African Union leader warns over Sudan: Worsening situation

Daughter of Che Guevara Writes Book Based on Interview With Venezuela's President Chavez

Mauritians vote in tight election

World Pop Stars Rally Against African Poverty

We cannot fail Africa again: Now, as never before, the pressure is on Western politicians to come up with solutions

£220bn stolen by Nigeria's corrupt rulers: £220bn is amount of Western aid given Nigeria in last four decades

World's pop stars go global against poverty

What The Famous Had To Say About Relieving African Poverty

Japan Coast Guard Investigating Water Vapor Column Near Iwo Jima: 3,300 foot high column of steam may be sign of impending undersea eruption

Bush Advisor Karl Rove Was Source Who Blew CIA Agent's Cover

Lawyer Says Rove Talked to Reporter, Did Not Leak Name

Forget cameras - Spy device will cut drivers’ speed by satellite

O'Connor Retirement Sparks NOW March: National Organization for Women declared a "state of emergency" for women's rights

Senate brings back the 'bunker-buster' nuclear program

CIA tortured Egyptian Cleric: Italians charge

CIA methods exposed by kidnap inquiry: US Agents' use of commercial mobiles gives Italian police detailed picture of how Muslim cleric was abducted

CIA Agents Are Forcibly Kidnapping Terrorist Suspects In Friendly Countries, Flying Them to Middle East Allies Expert In Torture - Just As Bush Ordered In 2002!




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Israeli - Palestinian War

Disengagement Has Begun

Expulsion Has Begun: Gush Katif Hotel Forcibly Evacuated

Ganim settlers pack up ahead of time: A full six weeks before the community's slated evacuation is to begin

Poll: 66% of Americans Oppose Disengagement

Police Caught on Video Cruelly Beating Anti-disengagement Demonstrator

Gov't overwhelmingly rejects further delay to pullout

Sharon Criticizes Netanyahu for "Undermining" Him

Sharon declares war on ‘extremists’ opposed to Gaza Strip withdrawal: Last week’s violent protests point to a turbulent summer

"Peace Now" files first petition against illegal W. Bank outpost

IDF Explains "Temporary Closure" of the Gaza Strip

Nitzan residents withdraw petition against building temporary housing for Gaza residents forced out of their homes

Other News

Abbas invites militant groups into Palestinian government

Israel Rejects Proposed Hamas-PA Coalition

PA: We won't succumb to 'extortion' - Condemns an attack by gunmen on the offices of Palestinian legislators

WTC Basement Blast And Injured Burn Victim Blows 'Official 9/11 Story' Sky High: Eye Witness Testimony Is Conclusive That North Tower Collapsed From Controlled Demolition

Blair in Saudi Arabia ahead of G8 Summit Meeting

Blair lobbies Saudis for backing on Palestinian aid package which he hopes G8 will provide

Blair: G8 Mideast plan possible

NASA Probe on a High-Speed Collision Course With Comet

Texas Man Mysteriously Comes Down With "Q Fever": Associated with livestock, extremely rare for the disease to spread from human to human - Can be weaponized as biological weapon, however

Small Plane Forced to Land After Violating Air Space Near Capitol

Optimism raised on North Korea talks, no date fixed

North Korea Charges: "Over 170 Cases of U.S. Aerial Espionage Committed against DPRK in June"

North Korea demands U.S. withdraw description of country as ``outpost of tyranny''

Non-Integrating States News - Iran

Iran nuclear programme on agenda for Russian, French, German leaders

Russia Wants To Build Six More Nuclear Reactors For Iran

Don't fall for Ahmadinejad slur campaign, Iran says: New President accused of participating in being a hostage-taker and aiding state-sponsored murders

Seven Iranian police die in gun battle with bandits

Dutch Sending Three Jets to Find Missing Teen in Aruba: F-16 jets equipped with infrared and sonar-scanning capacity

Teens May Be Charged: Aruba Spokesman



Saturday, July 2, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?


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Israeli - Palestinian War

Hamas says it's been invited into PA Cabinet - Israel says "NO"

Special U.S. Middle East envoy Lt.-Gen. William Ward Admits To Congress That The PA Cannot Stop Terror

Terror War Continues on All Fronts

IDF Kills Hizbullah Terrorist in Second Skirmish

Forced Disengagement News

Gush Katif Settlement Sealed Off to Non-Residents

Rabbi Moti Elon: ´Thugs´ Ruining Fight Against Expulsion

3- and 5-Year Olds Held In Police Custody for 20 Hours: Trying to intimidate parents fighting forced expulsion into thinking they would lose custody

Road-Blocking Organizers: Beware of Gov´t Provocateurs

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Search for US missing goes on after dead flown home: Afghanistan

U.S. Warplanes Bomb Suspected Taliban Compound in Area Where an Elite American Military Team Is Missing

Pakistan concerned over Indo-US defence pact

Africa should form its own cartels

Albanian Elections Are a Key Test of Closer Ties With the West

U.N. Official: AIDS in Asia-Pacific a "silent Tsunami" That Needs Emergency Response

Iran's President-Elect Suspected of Involvement in 1989 Attack in Vienna

New Polio Case Found in Indonesia: Brings Total to 66

Caribbean Leaders Gather for Talks on Single Market, EU Sugar Price Cuts

CIA methods exposed by kidnap inquiry: US Agents' use of commercial mobiles gives Italian police detailed picture of how Muslim cleric was abducted

CIA Agents Are Forcibly Kidnapping Terrorist Suspects In Friendly Countries, Flying Them to Middle East Allies Expert In Torture - Just As Bush Ordered In 2002!

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

Suicide bomber kills 20 at Iraqi Baghdad base

Gunmen kill aide to Iraq's most influential Shi'ite cleric

Suicide car bomber kills one in Baghdad

Fire after mortar attack shuts water plant: Millions of Baghdad residents face scorching heat and dry taps for at least three days

Insurgent attacks in the last six months have killed more than 8,000 Iraqi civilians, police and troops

Iraq's ambassador to the UN accuses US marines of the "cold-blooded murder" of his young unarmed relative

Troops prepare to plug `new weak link' on Iraqi-Syrian border

Bush's war rallying needs a reality check

UN rejects bulk of environment claims on Iraq for 1990-1991 invasion of Kuwait

Islamic states vow Iraq help but no outright condemnation of terror

UN initiates move for Guantanamo investigation: To investigate allegations of torture and human rights violations

Guantanamo fuels hatred and boosts al Qaeda - Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) says from Brussels

Analysis: Last day reflected O'Connor's legacy - Voted against Kentucky displaying Ten Commandments in courthouses

O'Connor Was Key Swing Vote In June 26, 2003, Ruling Which Legalized Sodomy

C/Edge Archives Analysis: Has America Crossed That Line in the Sand With God In This Supreme Court Decision Legalizing "Private Acts" of Homosexuality?

Last Enlisted Marine to Serve in Vietnam Retires

US House blocks China’s Unocal bid

China fails to secure Russia oil deal: To secure major concrete promises of more oil from Russia to fuel his booming economy



Friday, July 1, 2005 - "What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

Breaking News

O'Connor to Retire From Supreme Court - It's been 11 years since the last opening on the court

Text of Her Letter To President Bush

O'Connor Leaves Legacy As Key Swing Vote: Played key roles in pro-abortion decisions

O'Connor Was Key Swing Vote In June 26, 2003, Ruling Which Legalized Sodomy

C/Edge Archives Analysis: Has America Crossed That Line in the Sand With God In This Supreme Court Decision Legalizing "Private Acts" of Homosexuality?

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Veteran's Administration (VA) Is Being Flooded By 103,000 New Applications For Medical Care From Servicemen Returning From Iraq and Afghanistan - Is this the beginning of the expected wave of Depleted Uranium Poisoning?

Depleted Uranium Section - Articles, Bookstore Resources

Non-Integrating States News -- Iraq

They have no idea how to win their war: Bush and Blair demand support over Iraq but have no strategy

Foreigners blamed for Iraq suicide attacks

Wave of attacks hits Iraqi forces in Mosul: 38 killed, scores more wounded

Baghdad's Mayor Bemoans Crumbling Capital

Saddam trial could start in month or two - PM Jaafari

Charities Fade Away in Mosul: Groups working on aid and reconstruction projects

Mossad Chief: U.S. to Be Mired in Middle East in Perpetuity - Military Draft Said To Be Coming

Universities In Iraq: Studying in the Shadow of Terror

Miscellaneous Non-Integrating States News

Afghanistan on the brink of chaos again

N.H. native reported among 16 killed in Afghanistan when Chinook helicopter was shot down

Team of U.S. GIs missing in Afghanistan: In same area as Special Forces Chinook was shot down

Accord to Send Cheap Oil to Caribbean Nations Reflects Venezuela's Desire for Regional Influence

Bush Pledges to Double Aid to Africa

Anti-Corruption Drives Win Donors' Praise, but Many Africans Unimpressed

Violence, Logistical Delays Hamper Crucial Haiti Vote

Three Reported Killed in Zimbabwe Campaign

Indonesian Police Arrest Terrorist Suspects

Turkish police shoot dead suspected suicide bomber

Pakistani Agents Nab Three Men Suspected of Links With Al-Qaida

Police Report Typo Allows Suspect to Go Free Just Hours Before Alleged Slaying

Blair may snub US on climate control measures: Leaked papers reveal huge gulf between Europe and Bush as PM ponders political gamble

War of the Worlds - Aliens, UFO's

"War of the Worlds" Movie Swamps Competition

The aliens according to gospel? Stirred by "War of the Worlds", many Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders say the revelation of extraterrestrial beings would not contradict their theological beliefs

Mystery Scientology Theater: They came from within: How War of the Worlds anticipated the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard

Rhode Island Senate overrides governor's medical marijuana veto


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Reverend Billy Graham Soils His Evangelist's Robe By Exchanging Loving Comments With Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton's affair with Voodoo -- C/Edge Reported Clinton's Practice of Voodoo

Cutting Edge Archives Section: Understanding Clinton's Fatal Leadership

Hillary Clinton in Evangelical Outreach: Being coached on how to relate to Evangelical Christians -- To "learn the language of evangelicalism"

Israeli - Palestinian War

IDF: Gaza Strip closure lifted early Friday, but hotel protestors will not be allowed back

Intercepted on way to Gush Katif: Disengagement protestors

PM Sharon Charges: Radical right-wing extremist gangs are trying to terrorize Israeli society

UN Council concerned at Israeli-Hizbollah clash

Another US church mulls divestment from Israel: United Church of Christ

Chairman Kaddoumi to join Fatah talks in Jordan: Strongly opposed to Oslo Accords

Pressure from PM Sharon leads to closing of Haifa road to traffic on Sabbath Day

U.S. Envoy General Ward: PA security reform still has a way to go

Israeli Defense Heads Warn: PA President Abbas feigning weakness to further goals

Russia to Dispose of Mothballed Nuclear Subs and Ships by 2010

Time Magazine Breaks Ranks With The New York Times and Agrees to Turn Over Notes in CIA Agent Case

Minnesota Government Shuts Down for First Time in State History

Senate Vote on CAFTA Sends Trade Deal to Showdown in House

"CAFTA Is NAFTA On Steroids!" Would join North America with Central and South America - Not "Free Trade", but for global "Managed Trade"

Congress working on property-seizure bills: Reacting to Supreme Court decision

Chinese CNOOC to Proceed With Unocal Takeover Bid

US allows building of Fall River LNG facility: Local officials to press fight against Liquid Natural Gas terminal

Exxon hiring older tankers for Asia: To save shipping costs

NASA's "Deep Space" Impact Mission: An international array of telescopes will train expert eyes on a dramatic encounter between NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft and a passing comet in the early hours of July 4th

NASA Sets July 13 Shuttle Launch Date


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