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Subtitle: Italy is bitterly demanding answers from the C.I.A. after charging 13 agents with illegally seizing an Arab terrorist suspect on the streets of Milan and flying him to Egypt to be tortured without any legal protection. As the outrage grows in Italy and in other nations friendly to America, we want to know why these governments are reacting with such outrage and shock, when President Bush's policy to capture - even kill - suspects on foreign soil was noted by Cutting Edge in August, 2002.

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The Italian government is very angry with the United States, charging that the CIA had violated their national sovereignty by forcibly snatching a terror suspect in broad daylight from the streets of Milan, and taking him to an Air Force base, from where he was flown to Egypt, and probably tortured.

Let us examine the news stories.

NEWS BRIEF: "Italy judge seeks arrest of alleged CIA agents: 13 charged with kidnap of cleric", The Boston Globe, June 25, 2005

"ROME -- An Italian judge has ordered the arrest of 13 alleged American CIA operatives on charges of kidnapping a terrorism suspect in Milan and secretly flying him to Egypt without permission from Italian authorities, prosecutors in Milan said yesterday. The arrest warrants, issued by Judge Chiara Nobile, came nearly 2 1/2 years after the disappearance of Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, who was forced into a white van on Feb. 17, 2003, while walking down a Milan street near the Islamic center where he preached ... Italian investigators tracked down the identities of the US operatives who seized Nasr by analyzing the signals of 17 cellphones operating in the area at the time of Nasr's disappearance .... They later traced the movements of the plane that carried him from the shared US-Italian Aviano Air Base in Italy, to the US Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and then on to Cairo."

Snatching a foreign person on the sovereign soil of Italy is quite a bold action. Most nations are very protective of their national sovereign rights, even against a nation supposedly their friend and ally. For this reason, the United States arrested, tried and sentenced to death an Israeli citizen, Mr. Pollard, who was convicted of spying against America on the behalf of Israel!

Since the United States was very angry over Pollard's activities on the behalf of the nation with whom we have long had the closest diplomatic contact, the Bush Administration should have anticipated similar hot anger from Italy. In fact, the US government probably did anticipate such a diplomatic fight and decided the capture of this man was worth the public fight should they ever be discovered.

Secondly, note that the Italian government pursued this investigation with vigor, knowing all the while they were investigating America. Investigators pored over detailed leads for nearly three years before cracking the case. Italian legislators are demanding answers. Let us continue with this featured story for more details.

"The case reveals a stunning rift between two close allies on a counterterrorism operation, and shines a spotlight on the controversial American practice of ''extraordinary rendition', in which terrorism suspects are snatched by US officials and taken to third countries for interrogation or detention in countries where torture is routine, beyond the reach of Western legal protection." (Ibid.)

Ever since 9/11, the Bush Administration has shown an intense desire to go beyond the reach of traditional laws protecting the rights and liberties in its mindless pursuit of the very "terrorists" they created in the first place. Not only was the plan to attack the World Trade Center towers and The Pentagon known in 1995 by people practicing the occult, but Cutting Edge was warning as far back as 1997 that American cities were planned for terrorist attacks. Just three months prior to 9/11, Cutting Edge posted an article warning that a terrorist attack on American cities was imminent, with New York City the most likely target. Within hours after 9/11, we saw the obvious numeric "Occult Signature" of "11" stamped all over the details of the attack, and immediately declared that these attacks were carried out by the Illuminati and that the Arab "terrorists" were just pawns.

This position has been validated in so many ways since then, but most notably on June 8, 2005, when Bush's former top economist in his first administration declared that the government's official story was "bogus" and that people must consider the probability that the government itself attacked America on 9/11! (Newsletter for June 18, 2005, Paragraph I)

Now, let us go to another source to see that other governments are beginning to investigate the disappearance of their own citizens.

NEWS BRIEF: "Italians hunt covert CIA snatch squad", The Observer, June 26, 2005

"Italy and the United States were embroiled in a growing diplomatic row today over the CIA's alleged kidnapping of a terror suspect, as other countries also began investigations into America's role in the disappearance of their citizens. Egyptian cleric Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, known as Abu Omar, was seized two years ago on the streets of Milan. Italian investigators claim he was bundled into the back of a van, driven to a US airbase in the north of Italy and secretly flown to Egypt, where he was interrogated and tortured. The abduction is alleged to be part of America's 'rendition programme', in which terrorist suspects are forcibly removed to their home countries or to a third nation, where they can be interrogated without legal protection."

The Italian court system struck back hard last week.

"Earlier last week, an Italian judge issued arrest warrants for 13 people said to be CIA operatives involved in Omar's abduction. Another six people - all Americans - are also under investigation. It is the first time a foreign government has filed criminal charges against US citizens involved in counter-terrorism work abroad."

When President Bush ordered American agents to begin capturing terrorist suspects, even if they were located on the soil of friendly foreign countries, where were the protests from our allies? We saw only a small blip on the news screen, and then the information dropped into a black hole. But, foreign intelligence services certainly knew, and as far as we know, did not protest. Certainly, Italy's government is not saying anything publicly to the Italian judicial system which was so angry last week.

This same article tells of other countries which are re-examining the disappearance of some of their citizens since 9/11, to see if the United States abducted them, also. Listen and weep, as you realize the lawlessness into which President Bush has led us, all in the name of the very terror the Illuminati planned in the first place.

"Other nations have also begun to oppose Washington's forcible removal of terror suspects. Canada is holding hearings into the deportation of a Canadian to Syria for questioning about alleged ties to al-Qaeda. German prosecutors are conducting a criminal investigation into the suspected kidnapping of a German man who was flown to Afghanistan. In Stockholm, a parliamentary investigator has already concluded that CIA agents violated Swedish law by subjecting two Egyptian nationals to 'degrading and inhuman treatment' during a rendition in 2001." (Ibid.)

At the end, this article returns to the Italian scene. We see that the terrible reaction was not caused by whether Omar was guilty as charged, but only that due process was not followed -- a common sense complaint, since systematic violation of "Due Process" usually leads to a dictatorship.

"Italians are also angry that the abduction of Omar, who had claimed political refugee status in Italy, disrupted their own investigation into his activities. They believe he was trained in Afghanistan and Bosnia and was connected to a suspected terrorist network in Europe. 'Our belief is that terrorist suspects should be investigated through legal channels and brought to a court of law - not kidnapped and spirited away to be tortured in some secret prison,' a senior Italian official said." (Ibid.)

These Italian officials need to give Bush Administration officials, and our Supreme Court Justices, some badly needed legal advice as to how to keep a nation's freedoms! Even as President Bush and his Cabinet officials are traveling the world around, publicly proclaiming the advantages of American-style "Democracy", our CIA and Special Forces agents are secretly kidnapping and flying suspects out of foreign countries, trampling on the liberties and rights of the accused, and on the national sovereignty of the country from which we executed the capture.

In how many instances have American agents arrested terrorist suspects on foreign soil since 9/11?

"Since the 11 September attacks more than 100 terrorism suspects are believed to have been transferred by the US to Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Uzbekistan and other countries." (Ibid.)

We have previously run news stories reporting that private company jets are routinely leased by the Federal Government to fly these suspects to the country which will torture them. This news will be shocking to American citizens still naive enough to believe that their government is above reproach in matters of systematic torture of suspects not proven guilty in a court of law. Yet, this is precisely the path down which this Administration has taken this country.

The nefarious Patriot Acts I and II are solid testimony of the lawlessness of the Bush Administration.


"Kill or Capture"

But, why should we be surprised? For President Bush issued this type of kidnapping order just about three (3) years ago?

NEWS BRIEF: "US Considers Summary Execution Assassination Squads", by By Oliver Burkeman in New York The Guardian - London, 8-14-2002.

"The US government is considering plans to send elite military units on missions to assassinate al-Qaida leaders in countries around the world, without necessarily informing the governments involved, it was reported yesterday. The Pentagon is discussing proposals which could see special operations units dispatched to capture or kill terrorists wherever they are believed to be hiding, despite a long-standing presidential order forbidding US personnel from carrying out assassinations abroad, the New York Times reported ... The soldiers who would be used in any such plan are the army's secretive Delta Force and the navy's Seal unit."

Notice the wording in this article, for it says, "capture or kill" terrorists. The next news email bulletin makes it quite plain that the Bush Administration had "kill" on its mind.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Summary Execution Issue", From Robert Anderson, top_view@planetmail.com, Top View News

"On Monday morning (August 12) I found a Reuters story on ABC News online news-wire, which stated that the White House had quietly announced summary executions of certain persons designated as 'terrorists' by Bush or other high-ranking Bush Cartel members HAD BEEN given the OK. So: ONLY the SAY-SO of Bush gang, in other words, is sufficient to incur the MURDER of whomever is so designated, by OFFICIAL US government policy. No evidence whatsoever need ever be presented to ANYONE, that the person so designated IS in fact a 'terrorist' at all. This Reuters article indicated that the directive applied both abroad AND at home in the U.S.

"We forwarded the article to our recipient list with the url, but soon began receiving emails saying the link was not working. And true enough, the story WAS gone, and could not be found at the Reuters site either.

"THEN, on Tuesday evening associate Mark Jahnsky found an item on the Washington Post website which reported that a CIA spokesperson said the agency HAD been given the 'green light' (the Post's words) to carry out summary executions or assassinations of certain persons whom Bush ... claimed were 'terrorists'.

"Although THIS article gave no indication that the new directive applied WITHIN the United States as the CIA is specifically FORBIDDEN from conducting operations within the US, apparently by the time the Post article was published, either the Presidential directive had been amended or else the full extent of its intended scope had been COVERED UP.

"Nevertheless, and regardless: ONLY the SAY-SO of Bush ... is sufficient to incur the MURDER of whomever is so designated, by OFFICIAL US government policy! No evidence whatsoever need ever be presented to ANYONE, that the person so designated IS in fact a 'terrorist' at all!"

Therein lies the huge rub: these suspects who are either killed outright, or snatched from foreign countries are only "suspected" terrorists until and unless they get a fair and impartial trial. The last time a mammoth program aimed to capture or kill enemy fighters from amongst the civilian population was during the Vietnam War, and it was called "Operation Phoenix". Some people now estimate that as many as 75% of all people eradicated by this program were innocent -- completely innocent!

In fact, Operation Phoenix was such a massive failure it turned the entire South Vietnamese population against America and her puppet South Vietnamese government. The very first serious military push into the South caused the immediate collapse of the entire country and the absolute defeat of the US-trained indigenous forces!

Innocents are getting killed, and tortured, in the name of fighting terrorism -- both in Iraq and in foreign cities and towns all across the world.

And, the Bush Administration set the program up in August, 2002!

When America, which has historically been the defender of the rights and liberties of the individual citizen, is guilty of kidnapping and killing suspects on the same basis as dictatorial governments, you know the planned global dictatorship is upon us.

Truly, mankind is in the End of the Age.

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