Wednesday, 2/3/2016

No Scare Tactics-- Just Prophetic TRUTH

1. Hamas virtually declares war on Israel

PM Netanyahu issues strong warning that Israel will not be so restrained as she was in the last war!

2. Ted Cruz scores shocking win over Donald Trump in Iowa.

Hillary is so unpopular she barely squeaks out a win over Bernie Sanders, not boding well for the next election, which takes place in Bernie's backyard.

3. Hillary's emails prove she is no friend of Israel.

4. Hillary women are said to be blocking an indictment against her for the illegal way in which she handled her Top Secret and Above emails when she was Secretary of State.

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1. Hamas virtually declares war on Israel

PM Netanyahu issues strong warning that Israel will not be so restrained as she was in the last war!

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaza Islamists call on PA Troops to Turn Weapons on Israelis", Breitbart News, 1 February 2016

"JAFFA, Israel – Gaza Islamists held a press conference on Saturday urging members of the Palestinian Authority security forces to follow in the footsteps of a Palestinian policeman who carried out a shooting attack against Israeli soldiers in the West Bank earlier that day. They called on West Bank troops to 'join the intifada' and 'turn their weapons against the soldiers of the enemy'.”

Notice that this call came from Islamic militants and was directed at Palestinian Security Forces, not to other paramilitary members. This call to arms is very, very close to a general "call to arms". In fact, Israeli leaders can choose to view this call to arms as a "general order", thus setting the stage for warfare.

This Hamas declaration places a great deal of pressure on the Palestinian Authority -- who controls the Palestinian population in the West Bank. If Hamas has its way, all Palestinians would rise up as one to attack Israel. That action would certainly provoke a war from Israel, and that war just might be the one foretold in Obadiah 15-18, as we detail in the DVD shown above, "Israel's Prophesied Triumph Over The Palestinians".

Hamas, for its part, called for a new "Intifada", which is just another name for all-out warfare against Israel! Hamas definitely wants war and is itching to force the Palestinian Authority into joining its cause.

Now, let us visit the Hamas call to arms.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas Says Its ‘Heroes’ Are Planning for New Fighting to ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem ', The Blaze News, Feb 1, 2016

"Senior Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said Friday that fighters are working apace in Gaza to dig tunnels into Israel and test rockets with the aim of “liberation” of the land that comprises the state of Israel, including Jerusalem ... 'In eastern Gaza, heroes are digging tunnels underground, and in western Gaza, heroes above ground are conducting test launches of rockets', Haniyeh said ... The Hamas leader said that militant groups were preparing for the next round of fighting with Israel “both above ground and underneath.”

The immediate aim of Hamas is 'to liberate the al-Aqsa mosque and the holy places', he said, referring to Jerusalem."

The drums of war continue to increase. Warlike public rhetoric has historically been a precursor to actual war. The 2,700-year prophecy of Obadiah 15-18 is slowly stirring to life!

2. Ted Cruz scores shocking win over Donald Trump in Iowa.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ted Cruz Wins Iowa! Draws first blood", Breitbart News, 1 Feb 2016

"On Monday, Senator Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) performed the singular feat of simultaneously proving that a Republican can win Iowa without backing the ethanol boondoggle, and toppled 'The God Who Does Not Bleed', Donald Trump."

Ted Cruz polled 4% higher than anyone believed possible, while Donald Trump polled 4% less than the pundits were predicting. That gap is a massive 8% ravine! Rubio also polled much higher than expected, and low and behold, Establishment GOP leaders proclaimed him the victor!

Rush Limbaugh even began to push Marco Rubio!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rush Limbaugh: Rubio Isn't a 'Moderate Centrist,' He's a 'Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative'," Town Hall News, 3 Feb 2016

"... as we touched upon yesterday, Rush seems to be inching away from the Trump boosterism I lamented a few months ago. For what it's worth, fellow radio giant Mark Levin tossed Trump (back) overboard after he started attacking Ted Cruz from the left weeks ago, and now Limbaugh is hitting Trump in a similar fashion -- arguing that Trump lost Iowa because he sounded 'like a liberal Democrat' in attacking Cruz. He's right."

Now, Rush attempts to paint Marco Rubio as the only legitimate Conservative in the race.

"... this pro-Rubio testimonial from the most recognizable conservative media voice in America could very well prove more useful to Rubio than any of the formal endorsements the various campaigns have rolled out in recent days. "

When Rush Limbaugh begins to redefine the public image of someone, he truly knows how to do it! The Establishment GOP seems to be swinging behind an Establishment candidate, Rubio, as their "main man".

If this is the case, then we should expect that Rubio will receive a substantial increase in funding and in positive Media coverage. Should Donald Trump fail to secure the nomination outright, I do expect him to launch a Third Party Candidacy, a move which will split the Republican vote, giving Hillary the White House, just as Ross Perot gave Bill Clinton the White House in 1992 and in 1996.

Hillary is so unpopular she barely squeaks out a win over Bernie Sanders, not boding well for the next election, which takes place in Bernie's backyard.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bernie Sanders celebrates Iowa caucus victory with David Bowie’s “Starman” , COS News, 3 Feb 2016

"Last night’s Iowa caucus will go down as a victory for the Bernie Sanders campaign, with the plucky senator from Vermont finishing in a virtual tie with fellow Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ... He then left the stage to the sounds of David Bowie’s “Starman”, a song that PBS reports has become a staple of his stump speeches in recent days."

You know that the current moral state of affairs has slipped into the Abyss when a man caught up in the Hippie generation of sex/drugs/rock-n-roll culture is now running for President and using the music of David Bowie, one of the original Satanic Rock-n-Roll LGBT enthusiast.

And, this kind of man is being enthusiastically embraced by Democrat voters!


3. Hillary's emails prove she is no friend of Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "No Holds Barred: Torrent of anti-Israel advice found in Hillary’s emails ", The Jerusalem Post, 2/1/2016

"It is known that one of Hillary Clinton’s most trusted advisers, Sid Blumenthal, sent her anti-Israel articles, ideas and advice during her time as secretary of state. But the stream of anti-Israel advice received by Clinton was much more comprehensive ... The negative, poisonous approach to Israel throughout this email expose shows the atmosphere that she had established around herself. These emails seem to demonstrate that a huge segment of her close advisers and confidantes were attacking"

Notice that this anti-Israel bent on Hillary's part is NOT just her opinion or the viewpoint of one adviser; rather, Hillary set up an entire cadre of advisers, all of whom radiate hatred toward Israel.

Jewish voters need to sit up and take notice, because their vote has traditionally gone Democrat overwhelmingly and that has propelled a number of states to vote Democrat in the Electoral College.

American Jews simply must understand that Hillary is much more anti-Semitic than even President Barack Obama!

4. Hillary women are said to be blocking an indictment against her for the illegal manner in which she handled her Top Secret and Above emails when she was Secretary of State.

NEWS BRIEF: "Former Inspector General: Powerful Democrat Women Standing in Way of Hillary Indictment", Breitbart News, 2 Feb 2016

"Former Inspector General Howard J. Krongard ... says Hillary Clinton will never be indicted for her use of a private email server because there are four loyal Democrats standing in the way."

"... the current FBI investigation should be focused on how material made it from the classified email system, known as SIPRNet, to Clinton’s unclassified private server. 'It can’t just jump from one system to the other. Someone had to move it, copy it. The question is who did that?' ”

"Krongard says Hillary’s top three aides–Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jake Sullivan–are facing 'significant scrutiny' because they sent most of the material that wound up on Clinton’s server. "

"She’s trying to distance herself from the conversion from SIPRNet to [the nonsecure] NIPRNet and to her server, but she’s throwing her staffers under the bus' ... "

How is Hillary throwing her staffers ”under the bus"?

"... when Clinton was pressed about whether something needed to be marked classified in order to be considered classified on a Sunday news show, she replied that identifying such material was the responsibility of \'someone down the chain'.”

Nw. who are these four loyal Democrat women who stand in position to derail any FBI attempt to stop an indictment cold?

"Even if the FBI decides Clinton holds the ultimate responsibility for creating the private server, “It will never get to an indictment ... The decision to act on the FBI’s recommendation would have to pass through, “four loyal Democrat women.” Krongard is referring to Loretta Lynch and her deputies Leslie Caldwell and Sally Yates. In addition, Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s top advisers, could weigh in."

Additionally, President Obama has just praised Hillary warmly, giving rise to speculation that his endorsement alone would strongly imply that his Department of Justice would never indict Hillary Clinton.

This situation is the classic definition of a 'conspiracy". A conspiracy occurs when two or more people decide to carry out an action secretly that is against the law. This conspiracy was originally conceived and carried out secretly, and a firewall was erected around Hillary so she could plead "Public Deniability"!

However, the major issue remains: Is Hillary competent enough to be President of the United States? Her tenure as Secretary of State was very spotty, requiring "Mr. Fix-It" to constantly come behind her to clean up her mess.

THIS is the election issue upon which voters decide whether they want to cast their vote for Hillary.

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We worship the Omnipotent God Savior Who rose bodily from the tomb, securing victory for all who believe.

God has secured an artifact which can only now be examined by cutting edge science, proving Jesus' Resurrection from the dead! At this last generation of history, the greatest scoffer generation ever, God has revealed His truth of the Resurrection! What a mighty God we serve.

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'Another Jesus' Calling is his call for much needed discernment in these very deceptive times.

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If your church allows Masons to fill the pulpit, or be Deacons, or serve as Sunday School teachers, you have a very serious spiritual problem with Almighty God. The Holy Spirit has written 'Ichabod (The Glory Has Departed)' above your front door!

While Freemasonry has successfully deceived a great many people, convincing them that Freemasonry is compatible with Christianity, God knows the Truth and is not tolerant of Masons In The Pulpit. We prove that a Holy God cannot tolerate Masons in the pulpit of a church for which His Son, Jesus, bled on that cruel cross of Calvary.

We begin at a very reasonable starting premise: If a pastor refuses to resign from the Masonic Lodge he does so because he feels greater loyalty to the Lodge than to Jesus Christ.

Starting from this premise, we examine a number of key Masonic teachings and then ask the Pastor how he can reconcile these teachings with Biblical Christianity. We ask, 'Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key biblical doctrine, are you really thinking of the radically different teaching of Freemasonry? Prime Example: Freemasonry teaches that its religion is far superior to any other religion on Earth, including Christianity. Mr. Pastor, are you thinking how superior Masonry is to Christianity when you are teaching Biblical doctrine. Second Example: Freemasonry teaches that it is necessary for Lodge leaders to deliberately lie to their people until they are 'mature enough' to comprehend and accept the truth; Mr. Pastor, when you are teaching key Biblical doctrine, are you secretly thinking that it is necessary for you to teach these 'lies' about Jesus and the God of the Bible until your people are spiritually mature to comprehend the true Masonic doctrine?

We prove that a Holy God cannot tolerate Masons in the pulpit of a church for which His Son, Jesus, bled on that cruel cross of Calvary.

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