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--------This Day In Baptist History--------------"We shall gather at the River of Life -- Not Death"

The psalmist said, "Sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the Lord, all the earth. Sing unto the Lord, bless His name; show forth His salvation from day to day."

The songs of Zion have been such a blessing to the spread of the Gospel and Bible Christianity has radiated the glad sounds of rejoicing. Tragically, by the early days of the Twenty-first Century, many of the songs of Christendom have taken on the cadence and cacophony of the world. Rather than exalting the Savior, it seems that the "performer" is the one who is center stage.

Robert Lowry has been spoken of as "beyond doubt one of the world's great orators as well as being its leading hymn writer. His great hymns, such as "We're Marching To Zion", "Christ Arose", "What Can Wash Away My Sin?" and "All The Way My Savior Leads Me", have lived in the hearts of God's people for over a century.

Robert Lowry was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on March 12, 1826 ... When he was seventeen years of age, young Robert came under conviction and was gloriously converted ... he was baptized on April 23, 1843, by Dr. George B. Ide, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia ... Dr. Ide was a trustee in the newly formed college at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania (now Bucknell University) and he encouraged Robert Lowry toward enrollment there. In 1848 Robert entered that college and graduated in 1854, receiving valedictory honors ... In 1861, Pastor Lowry was ordained and called to pastor the Hanson Place Baptist Church of Brooklyn, New York, and it was there that Lowry composed his celebrated hymn, "Shall We Gather At The River?"

He wrote the words when he was the pastor in Brooklyn on a hot July day in 1864. A very severe epidemic was raging in Brooklyn and hundreds were passing over the river of death. Dr. Lowry was thinking of the sad scenes all around him when the question arose in his mind, "Shall we ever meet again? We are parting at the river of death; shall we meet at the river of life?" With his heart full of those thoughts, he seated himself at his parlor organ and both the words and the music of the famous hymn cam to him."

Dr. Lowry was known for holding tenaciously to the Baptist distinctives. Everywhere he went, the Sunday School flourished and we must recognize that he was a builder. As we examine Dr. Lowry's fruitful life, we discover that "it was his avocation as a hymn writer that has given him an enduring place in church history. Dr. Lowry sadly saw multitudes crossing over the "river of death", but he wrote with assurance these words:

"Yes, we'll gather at the river, The beautiful river,
Gather with the saints at the river, That flows by the throne of God."

["This Day In Baptist History II", March 12, p. 139-140]

[Jim, hotlink the words, "Treasury of Hymn Histories" below to the shopping cart. NOTE: The hymn page to this song is found in Treasury of Hymn Histories, p. 92]

--------Treasury of Hymn Histories--------------------------- "Shall We Gather At The River"?


"Shall We Gather At The River"? History

Dr. Robert Lowry, who wrote both the words and the music for this song, was the pastor in a Baptist church in Brooklyn, Now York, when he wrote "Shall We Gather At The River" He gives the following account of his writing it.

"One afternoon in July, 1864, when I was pastor at Hanson Place Baptist Church, Brooklyn the weather was oppressively hot, and I was on a lounge in a state of physical exhaustion. I was almost incapable of bodily exertion and my imagination began to take wings. Visions of the future passed before me with startling vividness. The imagery of the Apocalypse took the form of a tableau. Brightest of all were the throne, the heavenly river, and the gathering of the saints. My soul seemed to take new life from that celestial outlook. I began to wonder why 'he hymn-writers had said so much about the 'River of Death and so little about The pure water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and the lamb.

As I mused, the words began to construct themselves.

They came first as a question of Christian inquiry. 'Shall we gather?' Then they broke out in a chorus. As an answer of Christian faith,

'Yes, we'll gather!'

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Major terrorist attack in Spain not only threw Spain and the European Union into chaos, but the attack contained a major "Illuminati signature". Let us review the news story first.

NEWS BRIEF: "Madrid Train Station Blasts Kill 190", Fox News, March 11, 2004.

"MADRID, Spain — At least 190 people were killed and 1,240 wounded Thursday as 10 bombs rocked three Madrid train stations during the height of the morning rush hour. The attack took place just three days before Spain's general elections ... Spain's ambassador to the United States, told Fox News he had 'no doubt' that ETA was behind Thursday's attacks ... (he) admitted there was 'no smoking gun' linking Al Qaeda with ETA, but added that 'at the end of the day', terrorist organizations 'tend to share the same sympathies ... the same aims'."

The incumbent Spanish government strongly stated initially that the Basque separatist ETA terrorist group was responsible for the blast, while the United States was vociferously insisting that Al Qaeda was responsible. As we noted last week, the Illuminati wants Al Qaeda to be blamed for every terrorist attack throughout the world because they need a global threat to materialize so that a global effort could be mustered against it, thus enhancing the desired global government. Right on cue, an "Al Qaeda" organization issued a proclamation "accepting responsibility" for the deadly attack.

NEWS BRIEF: "Videotape claims al-Qaida responsible for Madrid attack", The Jerusalem Post, March 12, 2004.

"Authorities in Madrid found a videotape claiming al-Qaida carried out Thursday's terrorist attacks, Spain's government said Sunday, hours after three Moroccans and two Indians were arrested in connection with the bombings ... 'We declare our responsibility for what happened in Madrid', said the man said on the video, according to a government translation of the statement delivered in Arabic. 'It is a response to your collaboration with the criminals Bush and his allies'."

That is a strong statement from a representative of Al Qaeda. The United States jumped on this statement and began issuing strong warnings of the global threat posed by Al Qaeda, including against the United States. A few days later, an statement ascribed to Al Qaeda stated that they were going to target cities in Great Britain, Europe, Japan, and Australia; however, this statement boldly stated that preparations for an attack on America were "90% complete".

However, problems began to surface about the validity of the charge against Al Qaeda, charges that will not go away. The best analysis came from Israel. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Alleged Al-Qa'ida Statement of Responsibility for the Madrid Bombings: Translation and Commentary", By: Yigal Carmon, MEMRI, March 12, 2004.

"The text of this statement includes linguistic usages and concepts that are incompatible with or alien to authentic Al-Qa'ida writings by Osama bin Laden, Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and others. The following are some examples, in order of appearance:" (NOTE: We encourage you to read this summary in full, a text too long to include here. The exact URL location is: http://www.memri.org/bin/latestnews.cgi?ID=IA16604 ]

The fact of the matter is clear: Al Qaeda must be blamed for every terror attack in every part of the globe -- from Spain to Iraq to Pakistan to Southeast Asia to the Pacific -- or the global Illuminati agenda will not be fulfilled. This morning, we saw an article blaming Al Qaeda for the recent Iraq car bombing. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Al-Qaeda suspected of deadly attack on Baghdad hotel", The Scotsman, 18 March 2004.

"AT LEAST 27 people were killed and 40 wounded after a huge car bomb devastated a hotel in central Baghdad last night. The explosion, thought to be the work of a suicide bomber, left scenes of utter carnage at the Mount Lebanon Hotel and wrecked several residential buildings nearby ... US commanders said the blast appeared to be the work of al-Qaeda or its Iraqi counterpart, Ansar al-Islam..."

Mass Media propaganda has now taken Al Qaeda worldwide so our occult leaders can unite the world. The worldwide terror campaign will reach out to grip every nation in which its citizens still go to the polls. In the coming New World Order, there is no room for an elected government; every single elected government must be brought down and replaced by a dictatorship. Therefore, the Illuminati needs to have this attack labeled "terrorism", or "Al Qaeda".

Listen to this terrorism part of the New World Order plan:

"... the secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." ["Behold A Pale Horse", William Cooper, p. 27]

Remember this equation: "Al Qaeda = Invented Artificial Threat"

II. The REAL story connected to the Spanish terror attacks is that the attack contained a bold, typical Illuminati signature. If you remember, the Illuminati signature surrounding the attacks on 9/11 were very bold and very numerous. Once you understand this fact, you will appreciate the reality that events are occurring according to the Plan of the New World Order AND that such events are proceeding according to a tight time schedule.

We have posted a major article on this subject -- NEWS1903 -- "SPAIN SUFFERS HER OWN "9/11" ATTACK ON 3/11, 2004".

Events continue to occur "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is! The number "11" is prevalent in Madrid bombing - Signature of the coming Antichrist"

What is an "occult signature" or an "Illuminati signature"? This term will sound strange to many people, so let us properly define it.

This Spanish attack, plus the original 9/11 disaster on American soil, plus many other disastrous events wrought by the Illuminati, contain a number of "11"'s in the numeric makeup of the event. Why would they do this? The answer is simple, but multifaceted.

First, they would want to hide the truth as to why the event occurred and who was behind it from the masses, while communicating it to elite occultists all over the world.

Secondly, the Illuminati believes that numbers contain inherent power; therefore, an event must be carried out by certain occult numbers or it may fail to accomplish the goal for which it was planned!

To properly understand this concept, you need to understand that the occultist literally fulfills Paul's explanation of a pagan, of a Satanist, in Romans 1:25, "... they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator ..."

The Satanist always places great confidence in their belief in the inherent power of numbers, especially the Black Magic Satanist. Satanists believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct occult numbers, or it may not be successful. They go to great lengths to make an event occur according to the "correct numbers".

In NEWS1903, we give several prominent historical examples where the Illuminati carried out an event according to their "occult numbers". Here, we shall just give one example. Since World War I was the first planned world war to produce Antichrist (NEWS1056), Illuminist leaders wanted to end the war on the "correct occult sacred numbers". Since the occult number for their coming Antichrist is "11", the armistice ending the war was staged according to that "occult sacred number".

The Illuminati deliberately held the Armistice signing on the 11th Month [November], the 11th Day, at the 11th hour. The signing of the Armistice agreement was thus undergirded by three elevens! This is a fact of history, and now you know why! However, did you know that the attacks of 9/11 carried over a dozen instances of an "11"?

Consider now the main "11" connected with the Madrid train bombing on 3/11/2004.

March 11, 2004 is exactly 911 days after the original 9/11 attacks on American soil (September 11, 2001)

We identified several other instances where an "11" was present in this attack in our NEWS1903. This fact means the Illuminati was behind this bombing, just as they were the guiding force behind the 9/11 attacks -- not Al Qaeda. Please understand that Al Qaeda is largely an invention of the Illuminati so they can "invent the artificial threat" so necessary to finally achieve their New World Order -- the Kingdom of Antichrist.

III. In a surprising turn of events, the aftermath of the Spanish terrorist attack suddenly began to build up the United Nations as the savior in Iraq!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. commander casts doubt on Spain plan", seattlepi.com, Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"Spain's incoming prime minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, said Monday that he will pull his nation's 1,300 troops out of Iraq by June 30 unless the United Nations takes control."

For one solid year, Cutting Edge has noted that the "end game" of the entire Illuminati plan to produce Antichrist is to first establish the United Nations as the only government in the whole wide world; conversely, sovereignty wielded by individual nation states is the most serious obstacle to this global government plan, and must be permanently destroyed. The first two world wars, plus Korea, plus Vietnam, plus the many thousands of local wars in the 20th Century, were fought to eliminate national sovereignty so global government can finally become reality.

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair ordered the invasion of Iraq March 20, 2003, based upon their authority as sovereign national leaders. The United Nations was totally, completely, against the invasion. We noted that, if the Bush/Blair war against Iraq was brilliantly successful, with little to no downside effect, national sovereignty would be vindicated to such a degree as to cast into serious doubt that a global government could ever be established -- at least in the next several decades.

Since President Bush is a lifelong Adept in the Satanic Mysteries secret society known as Skull & Bones, and since so many of his Cabinet officials are seasoned Council on Foreign Relations members, we did not believe it possible that Bush's war was designed to bring down the plan for global government. Therefore, we have argued that President Bush is likely to be discredited so that the United Nations could be built up.

In past recent newsletters, we noted that this scandal of not finding Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq seemed tailor-made to accomplish exactly this kind of scenario. We also noted that Bush seemed to be begging the United Nations to come back into Iraq to take more control.

In the immediate aftermath of the Madrid terrorist attack, the Spanish people overthrew the pro-Bsuh government, electing a Socialist as Prime Minister. Immediately this new P.M. called the Iraq invasion a mistake and the current occupation a "fiasco". Then, he dropped the bombshell. He said that he was going to withdraw Spain's 1,300 troops by June 30. President Bush then forcefully urged -- even warned -- the new prime minister to reconsider, to stand firm against terror.

A few days later, the new prime minister dropped the real bomb. He said that he would reconsider keeping troops in Iraq only if the United Nations takes control. Poland made the same demand! What was President Bush's reaction? You might be surprised.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush could try UN resolution to save coalition", The Scotsman, by Jason Beattie, 17 March 2004.

"THE White House indicated yesterday it might seek a new United Nations resolution on Iraq in an attempt to persuade Spain not to abandon the coalition by withdrawing its troops ... Mr Zapatero sent shockwaves through the international community on Monday when he announced Spain could withdraw its 1,300 soldiers by the middle of the year and criticized publicly Mr Bush and the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for going to war 'on a lie' ... The White House official spokesman, Scott McClellan, said 'We believe the United Nations has a vital role to play going forward. A new UN resolution is something that certainly would be looked at'. "

Whether this new resolution will actually give the United Nations operational control is an unknown at this point. We shall have to wait to see how developments actually unfold. However, just the fact that such a proposal would be made, and accepted by the United States, is major news, indeed!

The global, coercive United Nations government is gradually taking shape!

IV. Deadly terrorist attacks were carried out "at will" in Iraq this past week, seemingly threatening civil war and demonstrating that our hold on the country is a lot less firm than our politicians and our Mass Media have led us to believe. Let us examine the news stories:

NEWS BRIEF: "Deadly blast of Iraq 'soft target' thought to be work of Muslim militants", The Seattle Times, Thursday, March 18, 2004

"BAGHDAD, Iraq — A massive car bomb killed 27 people and wounded at least 41 others, including some Westerners, as it ripped through a central Baghdad hotel yesterday in a chilling reminder of Iraq's instability on the eve of the anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion. A 22-year-old Briton was among the dead, and three Americans were believed to be among those wounded in the blast, which fit the profile of attacks by Muslim militant groups, according to the U.S. military. It was the latest in a string of attacks on Western civilians working in Iraq."

Before we could mentally comprehend all the facts surrounding this terrible hotel attack in Baghdad, another bomb blast occurred in Basra, located in the southern part of Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Car Bomb Kills 4 Iraqis Outside Hotel", Excite News, March 18, 2004.

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A suicide bomber exploded a car Thursday near a hotel in the southern city of Basra as a British military patrol passed by, killing three bystanders - the latest in a series of attacks just before the anniversary of the start of the war."

The obvious strategy being deployed by Iraqi insurgents is to strike collaborators with enough deadly blows that people will stop cooperating with Coalition Forces. Several articles have been written enunciating this strategy, and we have posted them on Daily News Updates. Therefore, we will not go into greater detail in this limited space. Suffice it to say that this has been the strategy for many months now.

However, fatal attacks against our troops have not let up, either.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraqi insurgents adapt to US anti-bomb techniques", by Ned Parker, Baghdad, Middle East Online, March 15, 2004, http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/iraq/?id=9250

"Seven US soldiers were killed in Iraq over the weekend as insurgents demonstrated they can still bleed US troops with their favoured technique, the roadside bomb. After a lull in US military deaths, the guerrilla groups have shown in the last week they can still effectively kill US troops with bombs despite improved American technology for combating the improvised explosive devices (IED) ... In a worrying development for the Americans, the seven deaths over the weekend proved once more the insurgents' ability to adapt to US tactics despite the military's conviction it had cut off much of their leadership and access to weaponry."

The rest of this article, above, detailed specific instances of the deaths of American soldiers in the previous week and how they died. We encourage you to read the article in-depth, for you will learn a great deal about the true nature of the conflict in which our men are finding themselves.

V. Iraqi insurgents continued to target American missionaries this week, killing four Southern Baptist missionaries. These killings come just weeks after two missionaries from Rhode Island were similarly murdered.

NEWS BRIEF: "Four U.S. Missionaries Killed in Iraq", Fox News, Tuesday, March 16, 2004

"BAGHDAD, Iraq — Four American relief workers were killed and one was wounded in a drive-by shooting Monday in the northern city of Mosul, the U.S. military said. Hospital officials said at least two of the dead were women ... The fifth American was being treated at a U.S. military hospital in Mosul. The five were traveling in one car on the eastern side of the city when they were attacked ... The five all worked for the Richmond, Va.-based Southern Baptist International Mission Board . The board identified the dead as Larry T. Elliott, 60, and Jean Dover Elliott, 58, of Cary, N.C. and Karen Denise Watson, 38, of Bakersfield Calif."

Do not believe for a moment that these killings were random, or that the insurgents did not realize the victims were Baptist missionaries. Iraqi insurgents are targeting American missionaries for a couple of reasons:

1. Islam has always preached and practiced a militant, aggressive policy towards all "infidels", i.e., anyone not Muslim. However, this historic antipathy towards infidels seems magnified when Christians are the infidels. Millions of Christians have been put to the Islamic sword in the past 600 years. Thus, the idea of Christian missionaries operating in Iraq under the auspices of a hated Infidel military occupation force is more than strict Muslims can endure.

2. President Bush claims to be a Born Again Christian and is widely accepted as such by many Evangelical Christians. Thus, if you look at this situation through the eyes of a Muslim, you will see that your land has been invaded by a Born Again Christian army. That is the Muslim mindset. Therefore, we should expect targeted killings of Christian missionaries to continue and perhaps even accelerate.

VI. Bombings in Iraq demonstrate that our forces do not yet have firm operational control of that country.

NEWS BRIEF: "Suicide bombers strike almost at will in Iraq, killing at least 660 in two dozens strikes this past year", By Tarek al-Issawi, Associated Press, reprinted in The Boston Globe, 3/18/2004

"ISKANDARIYAH, Iraq -- Thousands of people in Iraq have suffered from suicide bombings -- a phenomenon unknown here until after the U.S.-led war toppled Saddam Hussein's regime nearly a year ago. The cycle began nine days after fighting erupted, and has claimed at least 660 lives -- far more than in 3.5 years of Israel-Palestinian suicide attacks -- according to U.S. military officials."

This number, "660" is an interesting number to be reporting, is it not? The number "6" and its multiplications, are very important to the occultist.

* Number "6" represents "Perfected Man", a person perfected through occult ritual and years of spiritual discipline
* Number "66" represents the perfect government of mankind
* Number "666" represents the most perfect man ever to appear on earth; he will be Antichrist

Thus, this news story gives us the number "66" which points to the coming planned government of Antichrist. Never let the understanding escape you that this war was launched so that the global government of Antichrist can be established! This process is taking a while to achieve, but it will be forthcoming in the "fullness of time".

In the Spanish terror bombing story, above, we noted that the Illuminati attempts to carry out their plans according to the "sacred occult" numbers, chief of which is "11", the number of their coming Antichrist. In addition to using the actual number, occultists will also use numbers that have the key "11" within, or which are multiplications of "11', i.e., 22, 33, 44, and so forth. With this in mind, consider the following numbers of Coalition troops in Iraq presently.

NEWS BRIEF: "Breakdown of Coalition Forces in Iraq", The Scotsman, 15 March 2004

"The United States has the biggest contingent in Iraq with 110,000 soldiers, marines and airmen. More than 25 other countries have contributed a further 22,000 troops to the country."

Now, isn't this planned number interesting? The United States has 110,000 troops (11) while the combined total of other troops totals 22,000 (11x2).

VII. Stories persist that the United States has attempted, and is continuing to attempt, to falsely plant Weapons of Mass Destruction within Iraq, so our forces can then "discover" them. Should Coalition Forces actually discover WMD, Bush and Blair would be completely exonerated and Bush's re-election ensured.

NEWS BRIEF: "US tried to plant WMDs, failed: Whistleblower", Daily Times Monitor, March 20, 2004

"According to a stunning report posted by a retired Navy Lt Commander and 28-year veteran of the Defense Department (DoD), the Bush administration’s assurance about finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was based on a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plan to 'plant' WMDs inside the country. Nelda Rogers, the Pentagon whistleblower, claims the plan failed when the secret mission was mistakenly taken out by 'friendly fire' ..."

The government news outlet for the Iranian government made the very same claim. However, whereas the Daily Times Monitor story placed the attempted planting of WMD in the past, this next story places the attempted planting in the present!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Unloading WMD in Iraq", tehrantimes.com, March 13, 2004

"TEHRAN (Mehr News Agency) – Over the past few days ... there have been reports that U.S. forces have unloaded a large cargo of parts for constructing long-range missiles and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the southern ports of Iraq. A reliable source from the Iraqi Governing Council, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Mehr News Agency that U.S. forces, with the help of British forces stationed in southern Iraq, had made extensive efforts to conceal their actions.

"He added that the cargo was unloaded during the night as attention was still focused on the aftermath of the deadly bombings in Karbala and the signing of Iraq’s interim constitution. The source said that in order to avoid suspicion, ordinary cargo ships were used to download the cargo, which consisted of weapons produced in the 1980s and 1990s. He mentioned the fact that the United States had facilitated Iraq’s WMD program during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq and said that some of the weapons being downloaded are similar to those weapons, although international inspectors had announced Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime had destroyed all its WMD. This action comes as certain U.S. and Western officials have been pointing out the fact that no weapons of mass destruction have been discovered in Iraq and the issue of Saddam’s trial begins to take center stage."

Can these stories possibly be true? Is it possible that the Bush Administration might actually be planning to falsely plant WMD in Iraq so that Coalition Forces can then "discover" them? As we noted above, such a "discovery" would instantly boost President Bush's re-election campaign and would validate his entire premise for going to war. Conservative supporters of President Bush would go into spasms of excitement as their "Chief" would be proven right.

However, such a discovery also would sap the strength of the gathering global government, as we noted above. If Bush is exonerated, national sovereignty would be boosted dramatically. Since we believe that the scenario is written so that national sovereignty is eroded so global government can gain strength, we believe that no WMD will be "discovered".

However, if such a "discovery" is announced, we need to wait to see if international verification will agree that these WMD did belong to Iraq. If an international inspection team were to find out that the United States had planted this WMD, Bush and the national sovereignty he represents would be totally devastated. This story may be one of the most interesting of all news stories to follow!

VIII. The Taiwanese President and Vice President were shot in an assassination attempt as they were on the campaign trail, stumping for the referendum on Saturday which is designed to declare Taiwan's permanent status as an independent nation separate from China.

NEWS BRIEF: "Taiwan president shot: Wound not critical", Asia Times, Mar 20, 2004

"TAIPEI - President Chen Shui-bian was shot and wounded Friday while campaigning in southern Taiwan for Saturday's controversial election, the president's office said. He sustained a serious stomach wound but was not critically injured, according to a lawmaker traveling with him. Chen is believed to have been wearing a bullet-proof vest, protecting him from more serious injury. Vice President Annette Lu sustained a foot injury, the office said. Chen, 53, was rushed to the hospital, but he was reportedly conscious and urged calm. The presidential election and a referendum on national security will be held as planned on Saturday, the presidential spokesman said."

This election on Saturday (3/20/2004) is being held so voters can express their collective opinion as to whether Taiwan should declare herself permanently independent from China. Such a declaration, China has warned, would be tantamount to a declaration of war. To back up this threat, China has stationed hundreds of state-of-the-art theater missiles in the Fuchou Province aimed directly at Taiwan. In the opening salvo of an attack, China could devastate Taipei and hundreds of strategic targets throughout the island country. The economic destruction from such an attack could ruin Taiwan's economy.

China also has many tens of thousands of soldiers ready to jump off against Taiwan, including paratroopers who could be landing in Taipei within the hour!

Observers place credence in China's military threat.

NEWS BRIEF: "Taiwan poll won't alter China's missile deployment", Asia Times, Mar 19, 2004

"In Taiwan's presidential election and referendum Saturday, President Chen Shui-bian will also seek a public condemnation of China's growing missile threat and its refusal to renounce the use of force against Taiwan. He also is proposing a new constitution with implications for sovereignty and independence. The Chinese government in Beijing believes that Chen's proposals would move Taiwan much closer to permanent separation from the mainland, and so Beijing has threatened coercive measures to prevent such an outcome.

"Whatever the results of the referendum, it is virtually unthinkable that China would remove its missile threat ... The original referendum proposed to condemn China's growing deployment of missiles across the Taiwan Strait and ask that this threat to Taiwan's security be removed ... Regardless of the outcome of the polls, the current tension between China and Taiwan is not likely to ease. One of the likely outcomes is that China will continue to deploy more medium-range missiles targeted, beyond the 500-some already deployed, against Taiwan."

While many observers discount the reality of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, we must remind you that, in 1952, the Illuminati promised China she would get control over Taiwan! We cover this dynamite truth in NEWS1282; when you read this article, you will realize how much like our current news headlines this story reads. We also believe that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan will provide the third war of the coming planned World War III.

This is another story we must watch carefully.

IX. Israel suffered a major terrorist attack this past week in a most secure facility -- Ashdod Port.

NEWS BRIEF: "10 killed in Ashdod Port 'suicide' attack", By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff, March 15, 2004

"Jerusalem - "Palestinian" terrorists murdered 10 Israelis and wounded 16 others in a double "suicide" bomb attack on the strategic and heavily guarded Ashdod port Sunday night. Hizballah's Al-Manar television identified the killers as two 18-year-olds from the Gaza Strip, and said Hamas and Yasser Arafat's Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades claimed joint credit for the attack. An Al Aqsa terror chief confirmed to reporters Monday that the two bombers were planning to perpetrate a 'mega-attack' by blowing up the port's fuel storage tanks and releasing hazardous materials into Ashdod. Had the terrorists reached the tanks, the chemicals released by their bombs could swiftly have killed thousands within a 1.5-kilometer radius."

For at least two years, intelligence services have been warning that Arafat and Hamas were planning a spectacular "mega-terror " attack equalling or exceeding the death toll of the 9/11 attacks on American soil. Had these terrorists succeeded in exploding these fuel tanks full of highly explosive liquid gas, the resulting explosion would have killed " thousands within a 1.5-kilometer radius."

The government's response was very weak, with the IDF threatening to invade Gaza to root out the terrorist infrastructure from which these two suicide bombers had come. However, the response weakly died out, thus emboldening the Palestinian terrorists. In fact, Sharon kept right on talking about unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and perhaps from portions of the West Bank. Palestinian terrorists are ecstatic, for it seems that, the more they press suicide attacks, the more Israel withdrawals.

In fact, some knowledgeable Israelis are beginning to fear that the end of the Jewish state may be at hand. As we have stated before, the time may be getting close when the Archangel Michael will have to "stand up" to defend tiny Israel [Daniel 12:1].

Let our attitude toward the final Israel that God shall hammer out in the fires of the Tribulation be:

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. For my brethren and companions' sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee. Because of the house of the LORD our God I will seek thy good." [Psalms 122:6-9]

X. United States Homeland Security Director, Tom Ridge, sent a strong warning to every nation cooperating with us in the Global War On Terror: We reserve the right to decide who is guilty and who is not guilty of terrorism, no matter what a sovereign national court decides! In making this announcement, the Bush Administration is stating that we will override individual national sovereignty of other nations.

NEWS BRIEF: "Indonesia says Bashir not a terrorist", ABC News Online, Friday, March 12, 2004.

"The Indonesian Government says there is no evidence to label Abu Bakar Bashir, a Muslim clerk and alleged spiritual leader of a radical Muslim group, as a terrorist ... ''We have to be able to distinguish between labeling someone as being involved or not being involved in terrorism and a legal process that needs hard evidence,' Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda said. 'Labeling makes people expect that someone must be punished, but a legal process requires strong evidence to punish someone,'' he said. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court reduced Bashir's sentence to 18 months from three years for immigration offences'."

Americans used to be so concerned that rights of its individual citizens be protected against encroaching dictatorship that we would defer to a court of another nation who acted to protect the rights of its citizens. In this case, Indonesia is stating that they have no hard evidence that this Islamic spiritual leader -- Bashir -- was really guilty of terrorism Not only did the Indonesian government make the official declaration, but the Indonesian Supreme Court acted to reduce the prison time according to the government's finding.

One would normally expect other sovereign governments to respect the decision; usually, the local investigating team is best able to make the determination of guilt or innocence because their investigators know the language and customs of that nation. Additionally, Indonesia has been a willing participant alongside America in the Bush "War On Terror". Indonesia invaded the Aceh Province in order to "shrink the gap" [NEWS1833] in that part of the world.

However, the United States was furious with Indonesia and threatened to take matters in their own hands.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ridge Threatens To Capture Bashir "By Other Means" If Indonesian Court Releases Him!", DEBKAfile, 10 March 2004

"US homeland security secretary Ridge warns Jakarta that Muhammad Bakar al-Bashir, leader of al Qaeda-linked Jemaa Islamiya, will taken into custody by other means if Indonesian high court decision to release him next month is implemented."

This matter is of great concern to us. If our government is willing to ride roughshod over the judicial findings of the Indonesian Supreme Court in this matter, the same American government will ride roughshod over our rights and will treat a lack of evidence against us just as lightly as they are treating Indonesia's declaration!

XI. "The Passion" continues to make news this week, even as it continues to work its "End Times magic". Consider these news and views:

1. Christians exposed as Lukewarm? Listen to this email from a subscriber as she has attempted to reach her friends, co-workers and acquaintances with the truth of this movie. She kept getting the cold shoulder! If this has been your experience, please carefully consider her extremely insightful email.

"I just realized something today. I have discussed the Passion with a multitude of Christians over the past few weeks. They almost all loved it and it changed their lives, etc. At first I thought they had been deceived and mislead by the Pastors. I felt sorry for them and blamed the Pastors and the Hall of Shamers. But I just realized something new. When you tell them ALL the ERRORS in the movie and point out the pure blasphemy, they just shrug. They don't even want to know the errors. I just realized that THEY DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!! They are neither hot or cold - but lukewarm. They just plainly don't care if their Christ is called the King of the Worms or over whether half the words coming from His mouth in the film are vain imaginations of a mystic cultist. They just don't care. I don't feel sorry for them anymore. They, just like the Jews in the OT are bringing judgment on themselves. God was mad that the Jews mixed paganism with His doctrine. They were not strictly pagans, but Jewish/Pagans. What is different today with Christians? Nothing."

This subscriber has hit the nail on the head! As I stated in our articles, this movie may prove to be the religious Continental Divide, dividing the true believers (wheat) from the false (tares). Cutting Edge has always considered the Purpose Driven Church to be the Latter Days Laodicean Church, and we still do; however, entire Mainline and Protestant denominations are filled with tare Christians, who look like and talk like Christians, but who are simply counterfeit believers -- just as the tare plant is a counterfeit wheat. This End of the Age period is the time of mislead and lukewarm Christians. If you have been getting the reaction this subscriber has described, do not be "weary in well doing" (Galatians 6:9) for God has promised that His "Word shall not return unto Him void" (Isaiah 55:11). Keep on spreading the word of truth, even in the face of rejection, because when the planned panics hit full force, many of the same people who rejected you earlier will now return, seeking answers!

2. In NEWS1894, we wondered if "The Passion" might start the great "paradigm shift" in religious attitudes and values that the New Age adherents have been told by their Guiding Spirits will occur just before Antichrist arises. This great shift in religious attitude and value systems must of necessity bring all the world's religions to the altar of Rome, since the Illuminati has decided that the Roman Catholic Pope will be the False Prophet (NEWS1052). As we have also stated, the goddess mother religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, New Age and Mother Earth religions will be predisposed to follow Roman Catholicism because they will be drawn by the goddess worship of the Virgin Mary.

We postulated that the major purpose of "The Passion" is to bring Liberal and Apostate Christianity to the altar of Rome. In our NEWS1902, "Evangelical Leaders Hall of Shame", we showed how major Evangelical leaders are lying to their people to get them to watch the movie and embrace it heartily. But, how about the followers of Mohammed? Islam thinks very highly of the Virgin Mary, but how exactly are they going to be drawn to Roman Catholicism? Listen to this news story.

3. "The Passion" getting unprecedented high-level Islamic interest! Yes, that is right, Islamic!

NEWS BRIEF: "Passion of Christ In The Arab World: Unprecedented Interest!", The Volokh Conspiracy, March 15, 2004, posted Daily News Updates on March 16, 2004.

"The film is opening in Syria and Lebanon on March 17. In Lebanon the initial run of three prints has been extended to twelve, following an unprecedented show of interest. Some observers are predicting that attendance will break all previous records in the country. Some closed-down moviehouses are looking to reopen to show the picture. In the United Arab Emirates, the government is changing the law to allow a depiction of a prophet (Jesus, a prophet in Islam, though not the son of God) on the screen. There is strong interest in Bahrain, Kuwait, and Egypt. Bahrain and Egypt have given assurances that the film will be shown uncut. The government of Iran has shown interest as well. The single Palestinian theater in Ramallah has requested a print for showing."

The conservative government of United Arab Emirates is changing the law in order that "The Passion" can be viewed in her theaters? How can this be? How can they now be removing legal barriers so Gibson's movie can now be shown? How can the exceedingly hardline Iranian government "show interest" in allowing this film to be shown? How can the conservative governments of Bahrain and Egypt be giving assurances that this film will not suffer from the scissors of the censor, since they have all struggled against the western cultural influence.

Each of these governments is fundamentally Islam, a religion who converts by the power of the sword; the infidel either converts to Islam or is murdered by the edge of the militant's sword! By what strange force are these militant Muslim governments allowing, and even encouraging, "The Passion" to be shown? We have always said the world knows only two types of supernatural spiritual forces: the Holy Spirit of God and the demonic spirits of Satan. Since this movie was created by men who are admittedly controlled by the same type of spirit that drove the Traditional Roman Catholic Church to kill tens of millions of people in her Inquisition torture chambers, the spirit driving the movie is the demonic spirit of Satan. You can most easily see just how demonic this spirit is by checking out the Catholic depiction of Saint Ann Emmerich as we showed in NEWS1902. The All-Seeing Eye in this depiction tells the entire story!

A demonic spirit is sweeping the entire world! This spirit is drawing all religions to the altar of Rome so the One World Religion can begin. We do not know how long this process will take, but it has certainly begun! "The Passion" is the tool; it is the logical outworking of the plan of which Steve Jackson was aware when he created the Illuminati Card Game (NEWS1893). The Illuminati did plan a major crucifixion event in order to aid in the establishment of the New World Order!

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "SPAIN SUFFERS HER OWN "9/11" ATTACK ON 3/11, 2004" - Events continue to occur "by the numbers" -- occult numbers, that is! Number "11" prevalent in Madrid bombing - Signature of the coming Antichrist is almost as strong as on the 9/11 attacks! - n1903.cfm

* "THE PASSION" - EVANGELICAL LEADER'S HALL OF SHAME - MOVIE MAY BE HISTORIC DIVIDING LINE IN REVEALING SPIRITUAL TRUTH VS DECEPTION! This Roman Catholic movie should be the dividing line between Christian leaders standing for enlightened Truth and those leaders deceiving their flocks! Let us examine the falsehoods being told about "The Passion" so you can see the depth of deception in these Evangelical groups who are mis-leading their faithful followers.

"For there shall arise ... false prophets ... insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." [Matt 24:24]

"Do you not know that just a little leaven (false teaching) will ferment the whole lump of dough?" [1 Cor 5:6; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

This hour is the prophetic fulfillment of this prophecy, and "The Passion" is providing a whirlwind force to bring all religions together into the foretold One World Church. The Roman Catholic Pope has been selected a long time ago as the False Prophet [NEWS1052], so this movie was designed to bring all monotheistic religions to Rome! - n1902.cfm

* "PRESIDENT BUSH'S IRAQ FIASCO IS STEERING THE WORLD INTO A CONCRETE, COERCIVE UNITED NATIONS GOVERNMENT!" "Only the U.N. Security Council can dictate war, not individual states" - (U.N.'s Blix) -- "UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, set up a committee of 'wise men and women' " - n1901.cfm

The Plan of the Great White Brotherhood long ago foresaw the need to establish a "Committee of Wise Persons" to lead the nations into the final stage of the New World Order. That time is now!


The principles of Outcome-based religion have been conceived, processed, and implemented by a group of individuals who hold to a theology that is becoming further and further removed from biblical teachings. As time has progressed through the second half of the Twentieth Century, a Third Way theology has developed within the “Greater Evangelical Community” that can only be termed as a direct path to complete spiritual infidelity. The New Paradigm Hall of Fame outlines this progression to error and identifies the “Pied Pipers” who are leading the mesmorized masses of the evangelical church growth movement into a belief system that will not only condemn many to a false security, but also totally eradicate true Christianity from this major churched segment of the population in the very next generation.

---------Conclusion----------------"Thou shalt be called, Sought out." Isaiah 62:12

The surpassing grace of God is seen very clearly in that we were not only sought, but sought out. Men seek for a thing which is lost upon the floor of the house, but in such a case there is only seeking, not seeking out. The loss is more perplexing and the search more persevering when a thing is sought out. We were mingled with the mire: we were as when some precious piece of gold falls into the sewer, and men gather out and carefully inspect a mass of abominable filth, and continue to stir and rake, and search among the heap until the treasure is found. Or, to use another figure, we were lost in a labyrinth; we wandered hither and thither, and when mercy came after us with the gospel, it did not find us at the first coming, it had to search for us and seek us out; for we as lost sheep were so desperately lost, and had wandered into such a strange country, that it did not seem possible that even the Good Shepherd should track our devious roamings. Glory be to unconquerable grace, we were sought out! No gloom could hide us, no filthiness could conceal us, we were found and brought home.

Glory be to infinite love, God the Holy Spirit restored us!

The lives of some of God's people, if they could be written would fill us with holy astonishment. Strange and marvellous are the ways which God used in their case to find His own. Blessed be His name, He never relinquishes the search until the chosen are sought out effectually. They are not a people sought to-day and cast away to-morrow. Almightiness and wisdom combined will make no failures, they shall be called, "Sought out!" That any should be sought out is matchless grace, but that we should be sought out is grace beyond degree!

We can find no reason for it but God's own sovereign love, and can only lift up our heart in wonder, and praise the Lord that this night we wear the name of "Sought out." [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions", in A.W. Tozer CDROM Library; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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