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May 12, 2007


Living In Sodom Today

by Dr. Larry Spargimino

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The Homosexual Agenda is the greatest threat to religious freedom in America, as it drives the impetus to pass the infamous "Hate Crimes" bills which will put untold numbers of Christians in jail

Gay activists have been quietly infiltrating the government, media and theological seminaries. No one is immune to the insidious propaganda being fed the public, changing our nation into a modern-day Sodom.

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Petra In History and Prophecy

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Petra is the most amazing empty ghost town in the world, and we believe, the hiding place of God's Jewish Elect during the last half of the Tribulation Period, the Great Tribulation.

Petra is mentioned more times in the Bible than any other city, with the exception of Jerusalem. You will be amazed at the volume of Scripture mentioning this rock city of 30 square miles, located in southern Jordan just a few miles from Israel's border.

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"Sons of God & The Antichrist"

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Research is also going forward to make human DNA into a viral substance so humans can be implanted through VACCINATIONS!!

Planned Population Reduction

God many times uses wicked man to deliver His judgment, and this End of the Age period is no exception. God has allowed scientists working for the Illuminati to unlock the secrets of death listed below, so His prophecies could be fulfilled.

Dynamic topics include: Vioxx, artifical fertilizers, pesices, injections, Immunizations, Vaccinations, genetically altered seeds, cell phones, diet drinks, Soy products, Mercury preservatives, MSG, Aspartame, Fluoridated water, suppressed cures, Chemtrails, aluminum cans & cookware, Anthrax, Cancer treatments, DDT, created diseases, milk additives and processes, MTBE, Splenda and that is just scratching the surface!

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Bill will speak on how our medical establishment is out of balance. He will expose The Iron Triangle: How the Federal Drug Administration, the drug companies, and the medical schools collude together to control and destroy your health.

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--------- Inspiration For the Week-------"The Lord shut him in." Genesis 7:16

Noah was shut in away from all the world by the hand of divine love. The door of electing purpose interposes between us and the world which lieth in the wicked one. We are not of the world even as our Lord Jesus was not of the world. Into the sin, the gaiety, the pursuits of the multitude we cannot enter; we cannot play in the streets of Vanity Fair with the children of darkness, for our heavenly Father has shut us in. Noah was shut in with his God. "Come thou into the ark," was the Lord's invitation, by which He clearly showed that He Himself intended to dwell in the ark with His servant and his family. Thus all the chosen dwell in God and God in them. Happy people to be enclosed in the same circle which contains God in the Trinity of His persons, Father, Son, and Spirit.

Let us never be inattentive to that gracious call, "Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee, and hide thyself as it were for a little moment until the indignation be overpast."

Noah was so shut in that no evil could reach him. Floods did but lift him heavenward, and winds did but waft him on his way. Outside of the ark all was ruin, but inside all was rest and peace. Without Christ we perish, but in Christ Jesus there is perfect safety. Noah was so shut in that he could not even desire to come out, and those who are in Christ Jesus are in Him for ever. They shall go no more out for ever, for eternal faithfulness has shut them in, and infernal malice cannot drag them out. The Prince of the house of David shutteth and no man openeth; and when once in the last days as Master of the house He shall rise up and shut the door, it will be in vain for mere professors to knock, and cry Lord, Lord open unto us, for that same door which shuts in the wise virgins will shut out the foolish for ever. Lord, shut me in by Thy grace. (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. The Iraq War dramatically took a turn for the worse this past week, further embattling President Bush.

A. The American general commanding the northern region of Iraq asked Washington for more troops.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Commander in Northern Iraq Asks for More Troops", By AAMER MADHANI, Chicago Tribune, reprinted in The Times Union, May 12, 2007

"Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon admits he doesn't have enough soldiers for mission in Diyala province. Maj. Gen. Benjamin Mixon said he has asked Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, the No. 2 commander in Iraq, for more troops to help pacify the increasingly violent al-Qaida hotbed northeast of Baghdad. 'I do not have enough soldiers right now in Diyala province to get that security situation moving', Mixon said. 'We have plans to put additional forces in that region'."

A lack of American troops has been a major problem ever since the first day of the invasion, when Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and President Bush committed only 145,000 troops instead of the 260,000 which the Pentagon said it needed to accomplish their mission.

Yet, it is highly unusual for a top-ranking general to make a request like this public. He must be getting very anxious over the deteriorating military situation on the ground. Let us now examine some instances where the situation is, indeed, deteriorating.

The general then made a comment which directly relates to our second story, below.

"Mixon was also critical of the provincial and national governments, saying the Iraqis have proved to be largely ineffective. He said Iraqi government officials are not moving fast enough to provide the 'most powerful weapon' against insurgents -- a government that works and supplies services for the people. He also said the government has been too slow in providing necessary logistical support to security. The poor performance has worsened the security situation."

"A government that works" to provide basic services to its people is a "most powerful weapon" against the insurgents. With that thought in mind, let us now go to our second article, below.

B. Militants continue to strike at Baghdad's infrastructure. If a nation loses its infrastructure, it cannot function economically. One way to defeat the American invasion is to ensure that Iraq has economically collapsed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bombers kill 26 in attacks on Iraqi bridges", Gulf News, May 12, 2007

"Baghdad: Truck bombs exploded on three important bridges near Baghdad on Friday, killing 26 people and damaging two of the spans in an apparent attempt by insurgents to paralyse road links to the Iraqi capital. The attacks defy efforts by the US military to smash car bomb cells and are the latest in a series of attacks on infrastructure around Baghdad, where US and Iraqi forces have deployed thousands more troops under a three-month-old security plan."

The two key points in this article to keep in mind are:

1) Insurgents are attempting "to paralyse road links to the Iraqi capital". Bridges and roads are two essential elements in the infrastructure of any nation. Remember General Mixon's remark, above, that the most powerful weapon the Iraqi government can wield against the insurgents is to keep basic services flowing to its people?

Attacks on basic infrastructure like bridges and roads severely damages the ability of a government to keep basic services flowing to its people. On this most critical matter, the insurgents are currently winning this battle, especially since American troop levels are insufficient.

2) "The attacks defy efforts by the US military" is a critical admission of American defeat, so far, in this war. The operation to which this article refers is a key part of President Bush's "surge" of 50,000 more troops. The President assurred the American people that this "surge" strategy would result in stablizing Iraq and setting Coalition Forces on the path to victory.

Obviously, the "surge" plan is not working, and we have too few troops in Iraq to make it wor. This admission is devastating to President Bush, and weakens his credibility in Washington. The Iraq War is being lost, just as Cutting Edge predicted four years ago, when we stated that the Illuminati Plan was to lose this war. The plan to discredit President Bush is on schedule and on track (Read NEWS1929 for full details)

With the concept in mind that President Bush's credibility at home is now severely damaged by these events in Iraq, let us go to our next news story.

C. Incredibly, 11 Conservative Republican congressmen demanded a private tough discussion with the President about their unhappiness over the Iraq War, and then they publicized the results of that meeting.

Not surprisingly, Bush was very miffed.

NEWS BRIEF: "Republicans warn Bush of US fatigue over Iraq war: Delegation of 11 centrist Republican members of congress met Mr Bush and the Pentagon chief, Robert Gates", The Guardian (London), May 11, 2007

"George Bush yesterday tried to buy a few more months for his Iraq war plan after a blunt warning by Republican congressmen that their patience would not last beyond September ... the President pleads for more time for surge plan to work."

Do you see how the situation revolves around the President's highly-publicized "surge plan"? Since that plan is most definitely not working, these Congressmen demanded this meeting with Bush.

Notice, also, that these Congressment set September as a date by which their patience would evaporate. General Petraeus is set to deliver his assessment on the success of the "surge" program in September, so this date has quietly become the "drop-dead" month for determining the immediate future of the Bush War.

D. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives further weakened Bush's position by passing a bill which would force for an American withdrawal by providing only enough money to continue combat for two to three months!

NEWS BRIEF: " 'Bipartisan consensus' emerging in US", Gulf News, May 12, 2007

"Washington: Debate over funding the war moved to the Senate after Democrats in the House of Representatives defied President George W. Bush on Thursday by passing a bill that allows money to continue combat only for two or three months. Bush vetoed a $124 billion war funding bill last week because it set a deadline for the withdrawal of combat troops."

Cutting off funding is the strongest weapon any Congress has against a sitting President. During the Vietnam War, Congress repeatedly refused to cut off war funding, even though substantial numbers of congressment were adamantly against the war. Up to now, this new Democrat controlled Congress has followed the same path. But, this bill just might represent a "sea change" in the political climate.

It is unclear whether the Senate will follow the lead of the House in this matter. However, just the fact that the House passed such a bill tells us that the political climate is shifting so rapidly against President Bush that the Senate might follow at some point down the road -- possibly after General Petraeus' progress report in September.

E. The security situation has so badly deteriorated that Islamic militants are now threatening the country's Christians with murder - even beheading -- if they do not flee.

NEWS BRIEF: "Sectarian cleansing spreads to Christians in Iraq", By Liz Sly, Chicago Tribune, May 9, 2007

"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Christians are fleeing in droves from the southern Baghdad district of Dora after Sunni insurgents told them they would be killed unless they converted to Islam or left, according to Christian leaders and families who fled ... this marks the first apparent attempt to empty an entire Baghdad neighborhood of Christians, the Christians say."

"The exodus began three weeks ago after a fatwa, or religious edict, was issued by Sunni insurgents offering Christians a stark choice: to convert to Islam and pay an ancient Islamic tax known as "jizyah," or to depart within 24 hours and leave their property behind. If they did neither, they said, they faced death."

President Bush's brutal invasion and occupation of Iraq has finally reached the point where the Christian community is now facing specific and credible threats of "ethnic cleansing".

We must all pray for the safety of our Christian brethren in this troubled land!

II. Prior to the American invasion of Iraq (March 20, 2003), Cutting Edge posted a Daily News article in which the author stated that one major aim of the Bush invasion was to split Iraq into three (3) separate political and ethnic entities: Kurds, Shi'ite, and Sunni.

While this original story was hotly denounced by official Washington, the truth is beginning to emerge. Not only do we learn that the original news story was entirely correct, but we learn that our leaders have been lying to us, again!

The story unfolds at the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el Sheikh, where an American-sponsored conference was held, supposedly, to enlist the help of Iraq's neighbors to stabilize Iraq economically and politically. Iran was invited the meeting, and did attend.

DEBKAfile Intelligence is now reporting that the major, and hidden, agenda of this meeting was to facilitate the breaking up of Iraq into the three autonomous countries we listed, above! Of course, no major Western media reported this truth, because the very fact that this goal was secretly on the table during this conference shouts that America has given up the fight and is now trying to negotiate a withdrawal.

However, if Iraq is truly split into three sections, the stage for a Biblical prophecy is being set for fulfillment! Let us review the news story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Leading participants at the Sharm el Sheikh conference are quietly invested in Iraq’s break-up into three autonomous entities: No Diplomatic Tango For Rice", DEBKAfile Intelligence, May 6, 2007

"Iraq is in the process of breaking up into three autonomous or independent entities:

!) Shiite Muslim in the south – under Tehran’s aegis;

2) Sunni Arab in the center and west, backed and massively funded by Riyadh;

3) And a Kurdish entity in the north, under US patronage and a magnet for heavy American, Turkish, Israeli and, more recently, Iranian investment.

Leading participants at the Sharm el Sheikh conference are quietly invested in Iraq’s break-up into three autonomous entities. Since all of Iraq's neighbors have a vested interest in seeing just such a breakup occur, we know that that they will do all they can to facilitate such a breakup. In fact, they are all quietly working to make Iraq split into three autonomous sections.

In our major article on why the United States is invading or threatening to invade and/or attack certain nations in the world, we reported the reason American leadership has targeted these countries. The name of this article is, "U.S. - E.U. INVADING AFRICA -- AND ALL OTHER 'NON-INTEGRATING GAP' COUNTRIES", NEWS1833.

Quoting pertinent excerpts from this article:

"NEWS BRIEF: "The Pentagon's New Map", by Thomas P. M. Barnett, U.S. Naval War College, Esquire Magazine, March 2003, p. 174-79, 227-9.

"Our next war in the Gulf will mark a historic tipping point -- the moment when Washington takes real ownership of strategic security in the age of globalization." [P. 174]

Let us stop right here to digest just what this author has just told us. Using 9/11 as the excuse, President Bush is wielding America as the Super Power battering ram to knock down those nations who are really standing in the way of fully implementing the New World Order. We knew that the Y2K scare was designed to force governments all across the world -- rich and poor alike -- to upgrade their computer systems so that they can all plug into the economy of this coming Global System. However, this article identifies other, non-technical reasons why certain countries are still lagging terribly behind the rest of the world in integrating into the New World Order.

These reasons are simple but profound and so deeply entrenched that an invasion or a threat of an invasion is necessary to change the regime so that compliant, responsive leaders may be implanted within these countries. What are these non-technical factors?

1. Repressive Dictatorship run by one man

2. Repressive Religions that hold on to "Tradition" with all means, thereby resisting the new paradigm

3. Abject poverty is mentioned as a reason a country is not "connected" to the Global System, but poverty is usually the result of a repressive dictatorship that either siphons huge resources out of the economy or is so repressive he won't allow the individual freedoms necessary to produce wealth in the economy.

4. Civil Wars also keep a country from being able to join the "Functioning Core". Thus, troops from the European Union are already in the Congo to put down that Civil War and U.S. troops just might be headed to Liberia.

Washington plans to "take real ownership of strategic security" in these targeted countries. Iraq was invaded because of Reason #1 -- "Repressive Dictatorship run by one man".

We did not invade because of Saddam's phantom Weapons of Mass Destruction! Neither did we invade in order to "free" the Iraqis from the harsh regime which Saddam had set up. No, we invaded Iraq so that the dictator's firm and terrible grip was loosened, thus allowing Iraq to join the rest of the Third World in catching up economically so that, when the Masonic Christ arises, Iraq can switch to an economy where "no man can buy or sell, save he that hath the mark".

Once Iraq had been freed from Saddam Hussein's strong grip, the one best way to ensure that Iraq never again wold be ruled by a single man who can thwart the efforts of the global community to bring that nation into the cashless global society is to break the country up into its natural ethnic groups: the Kurds, the Shi'ites and the Sunnis.

Now, you understand one of the most important reasons President Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. His "hidden agenda" plan to break up Iraq is working to perfection!

But, how is the stage for prophecy fulfillment being set by dividing Iraq into three segments? The answer lies in the fact that the Kurds -- which are the Ancient Medes -- are being given their own autonomous country. Listen to the role God gives the Kurds once His Divine Judgment has fallen upon Ancient Babylon (Today's Iraq).

Quoting from our archives article, NEWS2171, "President Bush Has Nearly Completed Fulfillment of the End of the Age Isaiah 13 Prophecy Against Ancient Babylon (Iraq)".

God brings the Medes against the land of Babylon. The modern day descendants of the Medes may be the Kurds, who are right now caught in the middle of this conflict, but who are very eager to destroy Iraq in revenge for the terrible atrocities inflicted upon them by Saddam Hussein. Easton's Illustrated Dictionary lists the Medes as part of the Assyrian Empire, which covers the area of today's Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. This area borders on the mountainous border of Iran (Persia). Remember, the army that destroyed Babylon in Daniel 5 was a combined army from Medo-Persia

If the Kurds are going to be turned at the very end of the age against the now hapless Iraqi citizens after their destruction by American-led forces, then the description of this destruction in the following verses makes a lot of sense.

"Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, who have no regard for silver and do not delight in gold and thus cannot be bribed. Their bows will cut down the young men of Babylon; and they will have no pity on the fruit of the womb, their eyes will not spare children. And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldeans' pride, shall be like Sodom and Gomorrah when God overthrew them. Babylon shall never be inhabited or dwelt in from generation to generation ..." (Isaiah 13:17-22; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

If the long-suffering Kurds are finally going to get their own land, they could be in position to deliver the final blow against the Iraqis, who have slaughtered them for a very long time. Bible prophecy may be fulfilled in front of your own eyes, in the daily news!


III. Did you notice, about 10 days ago, oil prices at the pump began to slide downward? Whenever that occurs, get ready for some foreign oil workers in Nigeria to get kidnapped, for that is the long-standing ploy by which oil traders have driven sliding prices back upward!

NEWS BRIEF: "Four U.S. oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria", By Tom Ashby, Reuters News, May 9, 2007

"LAGOS (Reuters) - Gunmen kidnapped four American oil workers from a barge off the Nigerian coast on Wednesday in the 10th attack on Western oil facilities in nine days in Africa's top producer. Rebels from the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) said they had called for a month of "mayhem" before a new government is inaugurated in Nigeria on May 29, after disputed elections last month. Militant attacks have already cut output in the world's eighth largest oil exporter by a quarter."

"No group claimed responsibility for the latest attack ..."

This next news story tells us that this attack did, indeed, start oil prices going back upward.

NEWS BRIEF: "Oil prices rise on supply concern", Dawn: The Internet Edition, May 8, 2007

"LONDON, May 8: World oil prices climbed on Tuesday on supply concerns as militants launched fresh attacks on oil installations in Nigeria, Africa's largest producer of crude, traders said. In London, the price of Brent North Sea crude for June delivery rose 93 cents to $65.37 per barrel in electronic deals ... Crude futures advanced on Monday, 'finally reversing a six day negative run, underpinned by news of more violence in Nigeria', Sucden analyst Michael Davies said in London."

That statement says it all!! After 10 militant attacks in nine days in Nigeria, crude oil prices 'finally reversing a six day negative run, underpinned by news of more violence in Nigeria'. I have no doubt but that these "militant rebels" are bought and paid for by the major oil companies. I have watched this trend for several years now, and can tell you most assuredly that, whenever crude oil prices start downward, these Nigerian "militants" strike again, capturing foreign oil workers, which they usually release a few days later.

These higher oil prices certainly are helping the bottom line of the major oil companies.

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. refiners set for big profits as pump prices soar", By Haitham Haddadin, Reuters News, May 4, 2007

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. refiners' glittering profits are expected to jump this year as robust demand growth from motorists and recurring snags at aging plants push fuel prices near record territory ... 'The profit outlook is incredible, the refinery margins are significantly higher than last year or the past three years', Fadel Gheit, an analyst with Oppenheimer& Co., told Reuters."

The next time it costs you $50 to fill up your SUV or pickup truck, remember this enthusiastic statement from a major oil analyst, who undoubtedly has plans to use his next incredible bonus.

"The profit outlook is incredible".

That statement says it all.

"History of Government Created Terrorism"

IV. Terrorism was in the news this week, as American authorities announced they had foiled a plan to attack Fort Dix and kill a lot of soldiers.

NEWS BRIEF: "Six foreign-born Muslims were arrested and accused Tuesday of plotting to attack Fort Dix and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers", By WAYNE PARRY, My Way News, May 8, 2007

"FORT DIX, N.J. (AP) - Six foreign-born Muslims were arrested and accused Tuesday of plotting to attack Fort Dix and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers - a scheme the FBI says was foiled when the men asked a store clerk to copy a video of them firing assault weapons and screaming about jihad ... (FBI agent Weis) saluted the unidentified New Jersey store clerk who noticed the suspicious video as the 'unsung hero' of the case. "That's why we're here today - because of the courage and heroism of that individual', the FBI agent said."

Let us stop right here. I find it very hard to believe that Islamic terrorists trained to carry out a specific terrorist attack against a military facility like Fort Dix would have come so unprepared that they needed a store clerk to "copy a video of them firing assault weapons and screaming about jihad"!

Don't you find that story hard to believe? I certainly do. I give Muslims the credit for more intelligence than this story implies!

"The defendants, all men in their 20s from the former Yugoslavia and the Middle East, include a pizza deliveryman suspected of using his job to scout out the military base. Their goal was 'to kill as many American soldiers as possible' with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and guns, prosecutors said."

American authorities were quickly jumping all over this story.

" 'Today we dodged a bullet. In fact, when you look at the type of weapons that this group was trying to purchase, we may have dodged a lot of bullets', said FBI agent J.P. Weis. 'We had a group that was forming a platoon to take on an army. They identified their target, they did their reconnaissance. They had maps. And they were in the process of buying weapons. Luckily, we were able to stop that'."

Was this group affiliated with that phantom world-wide terrorist group, Al Qaeda?

"Authorities said there was no direct evidence connecting the men to any international terror organizations such as al-Qaida. But several of them said they were ready to kill and die 'in the name of Allah' ... Investigators said they infiltrated the group with two informants well over a year ago and bided their time while they secretly recorded the defendants, four of whom lived in Cherry Hill, a Philadelphia suburb about 20 miles from Fort Dix.'

" 'This is what law enforcement is supposed to do in the post-9/11 era - stay one step ahead of those who are attempting to cause harm to innocent American citizens', U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie said."

This group was planning to expand their target range beyond Fort Dix.

"In addition to plotting the attack on Fort Dix, the defendants spoke of assaulting a Navy installation in Philadelphia during the annual Army-Navy football game and conducted surveillance at other military installations in the region, prosecutors said."

I have always wondered at the vulnerability of fans during a football game. Up to 80,000 screaming fans could be "sitting ducks" for any real sophisticated attack plan. If America truly had a terrorist enemy -- instead of the man-up variety of the 9/11 stripe -- we would have attacks on our many vulnerabilities, not the least of which are the fans at the annual Army-Navy football game!

Behold A Pale Horse

V. Global Warming propaganda has advanced to the point where one leader can call for the forced reduction in global population to less than 1 billion people (Read our NEWS2207), while a "Think Tank" can actually state that "children are bad for the planet"!

When you see this kind of shocking nonsense being readily publicized, you know you are at the very end of the propaganda cycle! Time is truly very late.

NEWS BRIEF: "Children 'bad for planet' ", The Australian News, May 7, 2007

"HAVING large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanor in the same way as frequent long-haul flights, driving a big car and failing to reuse plastic bags, says a report to be published today by a green think tank."

Did you catch that new "crime" being proposed by this "green think tank"?

"Environmental Misdemeanor"

I find this concept totally ridiculous. However, since population reduction is at the top of the Illuminati list of priorities, this concept will take hold, with the "Misdemeanor" being rapidly turned in to a "Felony".

"The paper by the Optimum Population Trust will say that if couples had two children instead of three they could cut their family's carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New York."

The one principle you learn very quickly is that you cannot ever trust the math statistic being offered by one of these radical groups. This kind of statistic is literally pulled out of thin air, and is offered as a means by which the undiscerning masses can be stampeded into panic.

"John Guillebaud, co-chairman of OPT and emeritus professor of family planning at University College London, said: 'The effect on the planet of having one child less is an order of magnitude greater than all these other things we might do, such as switching off lights. 'The greatest thing anyone in Britain could do to help the future of the planet would be to have one less child'."

Even though this article states that most of the population growth will occur in developing nations, rather than Industrialized countries, the impact of a baby growing up in developed nations is actually said to be greater than one growing up in a Third World country.

"The British fertility rate is 1.7. The EU average is 1.5. Despite this, Professor Guillebaud says rich countries should be the most concerned about family size as their children have higher per capita carbon dioxide emissions."

This is the plan you are seeing worked out in your Daily News regarding such global panics as Global Warming.

" "When we come into our kingdom, our orators will expound great problems which have turned humanity upside down in order to bring it, at the end, under our beneficent rule. Who will ever suspect, then, that all these peoples were stage-managed by us according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at in the course of many centuries?" ["The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, end of Protocol No. 13.]

And this quote:
"... the secret societies were planning as far back as 1917 to invent an artificial threat ... in order to bring humanity together in a one-world government which they call the New World Order." [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", p. 27]

VI. Conservative Christians were entirely correct when they began arguing over a decade ago that "infant selection" would result in the deaths of many more tiny babies in the womb!

This next story tells how this sad tale is being worked out in reality. Can anyone say, "genocide"?

When will God's mercy be exhausted?

NEWS BRIEF: "Prenatal Test Puts Down Syndrome in Hard Focus", By AMY HARMON, The New York Times, May 9, 2007

"Sarah’s appearance at Henry Ford Hospital here is part of an unusual campaign being undertaken by parents of children with Down syndrome who worry about their future in the face of broader prenatal testing that could sharply reduce the number of those born with the genetic condition."

You see, the process by which "prenatal selection" works is deadly to the just-conceived baby who has some problem or some defect, because the doctor doing the selection simply kills the tiny infant in the womb, or in a petri dish. The Bible calls that murder. Today, British parents seem to have gone the furthermost down this road of "baby selection", as they kill newly conceived babies until they find the one who has the characteristics they want in their child.

Why, Eugenics advocate, Adolf Hitler, would be ecstatic over this new procedure!

"Until this year, only pregnant women 35 and older were routinely tested to see if their fetuses had the extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome. As a result many couples were given the diagnosis only at birth. But under a new recommendation from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, doctors have begun to offer a new, safer screening procedure to all pregnant women, regardless of age. "

What is the bottom line action these tested women choose?

"About 90 percent of pregnant women who are given a Down syndrome diagnosis have chosen to have an abortion." (Emphasis added)

In my opinion, killing babies in the womb -- especially so a couple can have a "designer baby" -- represents the ultimate in personal selfishness. Rather than love a child less than perfect, couples today would rather murder that child!

Can you hear God lament?

"Mighty Babylon is fallen! She has become a resort and dwelling place for demons, a dungeon haunted by every loathsome spirit ... For her iniquities, her crimes and transgressions are piled up as high as heaven, and God has remembered her wickedness and her crimes and calls them up for settlement." (Revelation 18:2, 5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Our judgment is sure and is set. The only question not readily apparent is "when". For that answer, we must watch the Middle East generally and Israel specifically!

VII. For two years now, state authorities have been warning that so many of their National Guard units are fighting in Iraq that they would be short of men and equipment should a natural disaster hit.

Last week, the unfortunate folks living in Greensburg, Kansas, abruptly came up against this reality when state officials attempted to rescue them from a monster killer tornado which virtually ruined the entire town.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iraq war hampers U.S. tornado recovery", By Carey Gillam, The Star News, May 8, 2007

"OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (Reuters) - A shortage of trucks, helicopters and other equipment - all sent to the war in Iraq - has hampered recovery in a U.S. town obliterated by a tornado, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday. 'There is no doubt at all that this will slow down and hamper the recovery', Sebelius, a Democrat, told Reuters in Kansas where officials said the statewide death toll had risen to 12 on Monday."

" 'Not having this equipment in place all over the state is a huge handicap', Sebelius said."

How bad was the tornado strike?

"The tornado that devastated Greensburg, 175 km west of Wichita, started a weekend of violent weather in Kansas, a state in the heart of the central United States region known as 'Tornado Alley'.Ten died in Greensburg, a town of 1,600 people. An 11th died in nearby Pratt County and a 12th in a separate tornado in Ottawa County. The twisters were accompanied by widespread flooding on Sunday and Monday that required more than 200 water rescues and closed many roads and shuttered several schools in another part of the state."

"The National Weather Service said the twister that hit Greensburg Friday about 9:45 p.m. was an F5, the highest on the scale. With winds of 330 kph, it stayed on the ground about an hour..."

Earlier this year, the Kansas governor tried to address this equipment shortage issue with the Bush Administration, gaining the support of other Democrat governors.

"Sebelius and other Democratic governors earlier this year assailed the Republican Bush administration for the strains they said the war had placed on their states' National Guardsmen, frequently mobilized for state emergencies ... Kansas Emergency Management spokeswoman Sharon Watson said because of the shortage of National Guard equipment, the state was rushing to hire contractors to help clear debris ... The governor said Kansas lacks about half the large equipment it could use for recovery efforts and debris removal, including dump trucks and front loaders. More than 20 percent of its Humvees and 15 of 19 helicopters were sent to Iraq, said officials with the Kansas National Guard."

The White House denied that there was any equipment shortage which could be blamed on the Iraqi War -- but what else would you expect the President and his staff to say? Bush spokesmen borrowed the tactic they used against Democratic governor, Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, in the hectic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

NEWS BRIEF: "White House Rebuts Guard Shortage Claim", By JENNIFER LOVEN, My Way News, May 8, 2007

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The Bush administration and Kansas' governor started Tuesday pointing fingers at each other over the response to last week's devastating tornado. By lunchtime, both sides had backed down ... (Governor) Sebelius said that with other states facing similar limitations, 'stuff that we would have borrowed is gone'."

"White House press secretary Tony Snow fought back aggressively. In an approach reminiscent of the blame game played by the White House with another Democratic governor, Kathleen Blanco of Louisiana, after the federal government's botched response to Hurricane Katrina, Snow at first said the fault for any slow response would be Sebelius'. He said she should have followed procedure by finding gaps and then asking the federal government to fill them - but didn't. 'If you don't request it, you're not going to get it', he told reporters Tuesday morning."

"Sebelius has long spoken out about the fallout from sending National Guard units and equipment overseas. She says the war in Iraq is damaging domestic disaster readiness, because needed manpower is drained from states and the Pentagon is not replacing equipment at a fast enough rate. Sebelius said she asked the Pentagon in December to replenish lost resources. She also said she spoke about the issue at great length with Bush when he was in Kansas in January 2006, and that Bush assured her that the money for replacements was in his budget."

Some interesting occult numbers popped out at us in the aftermath of this most devastating tornado.

NEWS BRIEF: "Workers look for survivors after tornado: Kansas twister went 22 miles", The Boston Globe, May 7, 2007

"GREENSBURG, Kan. -- Anxiety mounted yesterday as rescue teams continued combing through the ruins of this country town in a search for survivors, two days after a deadly tornado leveled nearly everything ... The National Weather Service said yesterday that the tornado that struck Greensburg on Friday night had winds of more than 200 miles per hour and left a track about 1.5 miles wide and 22 miles long."

In the previous article, we saw that the twister packed winds of 330kph, and here we see that the tornado traveled 22 miles long. Both "33" and "22" are key occult numbers.

Was this tornado man-created, using Scalar Wave technology? I suspect that it was, but I do know this: using scalar electromagnetic wave technology, scientists could have dismantled this tornado before it hit the ground! You see, scientists wielding scalar wave technology can create storms, dismantle them, and direct their path. Even had the tornado formed on its own, scientists could have used scalar wave technology to dismantle the storm, or re-direct it away from any town.

This town did not need to be destroyed, and the victims did not need to die, for the technology is in place to prevent this kind of tragedy.

For this reason, we are showing the most important resource in Scalar Electromagnetic Wave Technology, LTC Bearden's book, "Oblivion: AMERICA At The Brink -- Scalar Weaponry Explained, Illustrated".

For a great deal more information on "Weather Control/Weather Warfare", click to go to this section on Cutting Edge. Among other articles, read Defense Secretary William Cohen describe Weather Control capabilities of our enemies, and you will have no difficulty believing that scientists wielding scalar wave technology could have created and controlled s storm like this tornado.

VIII. In the midst of the political furor created by the Winograd Lebanon War report, Foreign Minister Livni reiterated that, no matter what else occurs, the Israeli government is still committed to Unilateral Withdrawal and the creation of a Palestinian State!

This announcement is huge!

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaza pullout was not the last move, says Livni", YNET News, May 12, 2007

"The evacuation of Gaza was not Israel's last move, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said in an interview with the Egyptian weekly al-Ahram published Saturday morning. 'I believe I represent most Israelis and I can confirm that Gaza is not the last move. We are convinced that in order to establish a Palestinian state we must withdraw from additional territories', the minister added."

Since Foreign Minister Livni is considered to be a possible replacement for Prime Minister Olmert -- should he be forced to resign -- her statement has to be given the strongest possible credence. Livni continued to expound on the government's desire to withdraw from the West Bank so that a Palestinian State can be created.

""The majority of Israeli people not only understand the need for peace, but also the need to reach compromises in order to reach peace. In this context I represent the opinion of the majority, which supports a solution of two states, one for Jews and one for Palestinians, and this means that the road to a Palestinian state begins by renouncing terror – something which I believe represents not only Israel's interest, but also the Palestinians' interest."

Prophecy is being fulfilled by this withdrawal, is it not? We see two prophecies whose stage is being set for fulfillment by this Israeli Unilateral Withdrawal.

1) A temporary Palestinian State is going to be set up.

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more." [Isaiah 34:12]

2) Secondly, this temporary Palestinian State is planned by the Illuminati so Israel can annihilate it man, woman, and child.


Gigantic plans are afoot to fulfill this Obadiah prophecy.

You can watch them unfold, in your Daily News!

"Come quickly, Lord Jesus"!

---------- Articles Posted ----------

"Behold A Pale Horse"

* "Global Genocide To "Save The Planet" Is Now Being Actively Promoted. Official Government Policy Matching This Harsh Rhetoric Will Soon Become Known"

New World Order Plan For Genocide:

"... a very short but very deadly global war using nuclear weapons upon select population concentrations was contemplated and to tell you the truth, was not ruled out ..." ["Behold A Pale Horse", by William Cooper, p. 167, 177]

* "Jesus Is Calling All His True Believers To Be 'Uncompromisingly' Righteous At This Most Wicked Time In World History! Are You Listening?"

Once you understand the true meaning -- and strength -- in the original Hebrew language concerning the type of "righteousness" God demands of His followers, your life might change forever!

* Why "Hate crime" laws would ban Biblical Christianity"

"...the real danger of 'hate crime' laws is that they criminalize thoughts and beliefs."

"Arlene Elshinnawy, 75, and grandmother of three, was holding a sign: 'Truth is hate to those who hate the truth,' before she was hauled off by police officers."

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"He that loveth not knoweth not God." 1 John 4:8

The distinguishing mark of a Christian is his confidence in the love of Christ, and the yielding of his affections to Christ in return. First, faith sets her seal upon the man by enabling the soul to say with the apostle, "Christ loved me and gave Himself for me."

Then love gives the countersign, and stamps upon the heart gratitude and love to Jesus in return. "We love Him because He first loved us." In those grand old ages, which are the heroic period of the Christian religion, this double mark was clearly to be seen in all believers in Jesus; they were men who knew the love of Christ, and rested upon it as a man leaneth upon a staff whose trustiness he has tried. The love which they felt towards the Lord was not a quiet emotion which they hid within themselves in the secret chamber of their souls, and which they only spake of in their private assemblies when they met on the first day of the week, and sang hymns in honour of Christ Jesus the crucified, but it was a passion with them of such a vehement and all-consuming energy, that it was visible in all their actions, spoke in their common talk, and looked out of their eyes even in their commonest glances.

Love to Jesus was a flame which fed upon the core and heart of their being; and, therefore, from its own force burned its way into the outer man, and shone there. Zeal for the glory of King Jesus was the seal and mark of all genuine Christians. Because of their dependence upon Christ's love they dared much, and because of their love to Christ they did much, and it is the same now. The children of God are ruled in their inmost powers by love--the love of Christ constraineth them; they rejoice that divine love is set upon them, they feel it shed abroad in their hearts by the Holy Ghost, which is given unto them, and then by force of gratitude they love the Saviour with a pure heart, fervently. My reader, do you love Him? Ere you sleep give an honest answer to a weighty question! (C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")


May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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