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Saturday, September 22, 2018        


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Dem. Keith Ellison Claims Accuser Fabricated Abuse Allegations

Supreme Court News

Trump goes on offensive in Kavanaugh fight, calls on accuser to provide a police report

Trump says his Supreme Court pick is 'under assault by radical left'

MSNBC's Maddow: Kavanaugh Could Be Arrested as a Sitting Supreme Court Justice

'Shut up': Democrats fire up man-bashing to defeat Kavanaugh in 'defining' #MeToo moment: Critics decry party's selective outrage

Woman Who Came Forward to Back Up Ford’s Claims Now Says She Has “No Idea” If Assault Actually Happened

Juanita Broaddrick Doubles Down On Her Previous Offer With A Hilarious Smackdown

WATCH: CNN Has Their Night Ruined When All-Woman Panel Says They DON’T Believe Kavanaugh Accuser

WOW: Trump Just Asked The One Question That Everyone Wants To Know About Kavanaugh’s Accuser

Kavanaugh’s Accuser Makes 4 Ridiculous Demands: Senator Grassley FIRES BACK

Kavanaugh Should Respond Like Clarence Thomas

Sen. Cory Booker Admitted to ‘Groping’ Female Friend at 15

Key News

Dow Keeps on Chugging to Another Record High

Iran Blames U.S. and Israel After Gunmen Open Fire on Military Parade: A Coup Underway?

Transgenderism’s Recruiting Plans Include YOUR Kids

Trump: Get Out and Vote in the Midterms ‘Because You’re Voting for Me in 2018’

Alan Dershowitz: Democrats ‘Will Continue to Lose’ Elections If We Stay on ‘the Fringes’

Senator Ted Cruz: Beto O’Rourke Voted 67 Times to Keep Obamacare


Missouri Attorney General Hawley: Missouri Rally So Big We Had to Turn Away 20,000 Trump Supporters

Senator Schumer rallies behind Rosenstein, warns Trump not to fire him

Haley: Iran proxies in Iraq working on missile production

PM Netanyahu threatens Hezbollah leader with ‘crushing blow that he cannot even imagine’



September 21, 2018

Key News

Texas Republican wins state Senate race in district held by Democrats for 139 years

Pope accepts resignation of two more Chilean bishops following abuse scandal

Russia launches second Lada-class diesel-electric sub with eye on bolstering naval power in Mediterranean

OUTRAGE: Harvard University To Honor Kaepernick With MEDAL Next Month

Trump Tweet: S&P hits all-time high -- Congratulations USA!

Yellowstone's Ear Spring Geyser Has Rare Eruption: First activity of its size since 1957


Supreme Court News

Kavanaugh accuser's legal team floats possible Thursday hearing with Senate Judiciary Committee

Trump: Democrats 'don't want to know' the facts in Kavanaugh case

Dershowitz rejects 'I believe her' idea: 'Are women born with a special gene for telling the truth?'

Kavanaugh Also Wants Hearing To Clear His Name!

Lindsey Graham assures in late-night tweet: ‘Kavanaugh nomination STILL on track!

Russia criticizes Israeli air force action in Syria as Iran continues transferring missiles to Hezbollah


September 20, 2018

Breaking News

Texas Republican wins state Senate race in district held by Democrats for 139 years

Officials: 3 killed in shooting at Maryland Rite Aid distribution center

Maryland warehouse shooter killed herself

Democrats Unleash Running Dog Media On Kavanaugh

The drive to sink Kavanaugh is liberal totalitarianism

If Kavanaugh’s accuser won’t testify Monday, just vote

Beyoncé’s ex-drummer accuses her of ‘extreme witchcraft’

Key News

Hume Calls Out 'Heavy Stench of Bad Faith' by Dems on Kavanaugh Allegations

BOMBSHELL: Comey’s FBI kept TWO sets of records regarding ‘Spygate’ operation

Beto O’Rourke Tells Black American: Illegal Immigrant Labor Needed for Cotton Gin

President Donald Trump’s Reset-Restore Master Plan To Reclaim Control of The Government

Horrific' mass shooting in Maryland, multiple victims reported: Police say situation not yet contained

Even More Winning: Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fall to Lowest in Nearly Half a Century


Four Wanted After Brutal Gang Rape in France That Was Broadcast Across Social Media

Senator Grassley sets Friday deadline for Kavanaugh accuser to say if she will testify

Trump questions lack of border wall money in 'ridiculous' spending bill

Israel/Palestinian War

PM Netanyahu: Israel will use all its might if war is forced upon us

IAF Chief to Brief Moscow Over Russian Plane Downing in Syria

Russian Military Plane Shot Down By Syrian Missile: Kremlin Blames Israel

Israel Upgrading Nuclear Defenses, In Response to Iran, Syria Threats

Despite Ari Fuld’s Tragic Death, ‘the Terrorists Lost’

US Ambassador: PA terror compensation must stop

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Israel Flowing with Milk and Honey… And Beer



September 19, 2018

Key News

Pope Francis Says Accused Pastors Are Like Jesus on ‘Good Friday’

China welcomes Korean summit, supports talks

North Korea's Kim: My meeting with Trump stabilized the region

Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump - he will 'wholesale fire people' after midterm elections

Donald Trump Slams Jeff Sessions: ‘I Don’t Have an Attorney General. It’s Very Sad’

Supreme Court News

Senator Grassley Reveals: Kavanaugh Accuser Hasn't Agreed to Testify - Hearing Could Be Scrapped

Grassley calls Kavanaugh’s accuser’s bluff after repeated requests for testimony go unanswered: ‘Surely, she’s prepared’?

Feinstein on Kavanaugh Accuser: 'I Can't Say That Everything Is Truthful'

Lawyer: Kavanaugh Accuser ‘Not Prepared’ to Testify on Monday, Before FBI Investigation

Remember Several Days Ago? FBI Not Interested in Feinstein’s Kavanaugh Hoax

Prager: The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored

George W. Bush stands by support for Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh and Ford controversy – It's 1991 all over again and even some honest liberals are upset

Third Person that Kavanaugh Accuser Claims Was at Party Denies Incident

Israel/Palestinian War

Analysis: What Russia's Latakia Condemnation Means For Israel

Jerusalem Police Detain 5 Shabab Al-Aksa Activists On Temple Mount

Watch: Teenage Arab terror is becoming commonplace

Terrorist stabber neutralized in Jerusalem

Two Gazans killed in border riots

Jews Preparing for the Ultimate Day of Judgment

Abbas made ‘every possible mistake’ with Trump, says Palestinian official

Ari Fuld’s Terrorist Murderer Was Raised on Palestinian Authority Values

Trump: 'Seems' like Syria shot down a Russian plane

Putin: Downing of Russian plane appears to be accident

Pompeo expresses sorrow over downing of Russian plane

PM Netanyahu speaks with Putin after Russian plane downed

Spain Will Go Ahead With Sale of 400 Bombs To Saudi Arabia

September 18, 2018

Breaking News

Senator Grassley Reveals: Kavanaugh Accuser Hasn't Agreed to Testify - Hearing Could Be Scrapped

Grassley calls Kavanaugh’s accuser’s bluff after repeated requests for testimony go unanswered: ‘Surely, she’s prepared’?

Feinstein on Kavanaugh Accuser: 'I Can't Say That Everything Is Truthful'

Coincidental? Kavanaugh Accuser’s Apparent Connections to Democrats & “Dirty Tricks” Group

Lindsey Graham: "Who’s Paying For Christine Blasey Ford’s Attack On Judge Kavanaugh?" (Video)

Tucker Carlson: The Kavanaugh vs. Ford debate is really about abortion

The Most Disturbing Kavanaugh Attack Yet: "Ends Justify The Means"

Emmy Host Michael Che: ‘The Only White People that Thank Jesus Are Republicans and Ex-Crackheads’

Lisa Page: It’s Possible ‘There Would Be Literally Nothing’ to Russia Collusion Story Before Mueller Appointment

Key News

President Trump Orders Declassification of Russia Investigation Records

Deep State Exposed: Investigation Uncovers Foggy Bottom Anti-Trump Leak Factory

Carter Page bashes FISA warrant in Fox News interview after Trump OKs declassifying Russia documents

Deranged Democrat Harpies in Full Screech Mode

Maxine Waters Calls on Resistance to Kill Trump and Pence

Russia Threatens Israel with 'Retaliation' after Its Plane Was Shot Down in Syria

Kim Jong Un says summit with Trump stabilized the region

Proud Member of the Virulent Dregs of Society! "Joe Biden wants your vote"

Director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, on the U.S. Economy: We’re Crushing It

Dow Higher as Wall Street Shrugs Off U.S.-China Trade Fight

Gallup Poll: Record Low 12 Percent of Americans Consider U.S. Economy Top Problem

Supreme Court News

Last-Minute Attack On Kavanaugh Is Meant As Warning To All Conservatives

Feinstein Blocks Follow-Up Request with Kavanaugh's Accuser by Senate Judiciary Committe: Senator Dianne Feinstein has refused Chairman's request to interview accuser

Senator Feinstein weaponizing the #MeToo movement does not empower women, it hurts victims

Just How Low Will Democrats Go?

Kavanaugh’s mother was judge in 1996 foreclosure hearing involving accuser’s parents

Kavanaugh's Future Hangs By a Thread

Kavanaugh calls sexual assault claim 'completely false': 'This never happened'

Echoes of Anita Hill in #MeToo allegation against Kavanaugh

Supreme Court Urged To End Double Prosecutions: Double Jeopardy

US Marines Partner With Syrian Rebels in Military Exercise

Russia, Turkey to form buffer zone in Idlib as Syria vows to 'liberate' it

Israel/Palestinian War

Temple Mount Achieves New Heights

U.S. Peace Plan, Greenblatt: Washington Ready for ‘Criticism From All Sides’

Israel: Syria, not IDF, shot down Russian plane

Israel sorry for Russian aircrew downed

Russia summons Israel envoy after her plane was downed in Syria

Netanyahu and Putin to discuss downed Russian aircraft

U.K. PM May Says She Will Always Support Israel's Right To Defend Itself

Senator Cory Booker and “The Only Good Zionist is a Dead Zionist”

First Time: Court relies on Nationality Law In Reaching a Decision

As stabbing victim laid to rest, world condemns terrorist attack

Overuse, not Global Warming, Making Sea of Galilee Shrink

Millions of Jews pause their lives to honor Yom Kippur traditions: Begins Tuesday (9/18) at Sundown

SHOULD JEWS OWE GRATITUDE TO TRUMP? "President Trump has greatly exceeded our expectations"

From Pyongyang With Love: Korea's Leaders Meet To Discuss End of War

At Pyongyang trade fair, North Korea is ready to make a deal

North Carolina Chick-Fil-A Opens on Sunday to Feed Florence Evacuees


September 17, 2018

Breaking News

President Trump Orders Declassification of Russia Investigation Records

President Trump Stuns The Deep State: Ready To Declassify EVERY Text From Comey And Others

China to ban online Christian content in exactly the same way Facebook and YouTube are banning Christian videos in America

The Latest Stall Tactic: Schumer wants FBI probe of Kavanaugh claims

Senate Republicans Stick with Thursday Kavanaugh Committee Vote

Remember Several Days Ago? FBI Not Interested in Feinstein’s Kavanaugh Hoax

Trump defends Kavanaugh in first comments on allegations, says 'little delay' may be needed

Director of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, on the U.S. Economy: We’re Crushing It

Key News

Potential 2020 Candidate Labels 63 Million Trump Supporters As "Dregs of Society"

Bob Woodard Drops Bombshell About Trump: Democrats Will Not Be Happy

President Trump Says This Video Should Be “Mandatory Watching”

Trump Jr. to Obama: My Dad Fixed the US Economy After You Failed

Fearing Trump: American Fiction and the Impeachment Movement

Manafort Deal Looks Like Good News for Trump, Terrible News for Democrats

The Palestinians: The Fruits Of The Poisoned Well - "These are a people unworthy of their own country

Coca-Cola is in talks to make marijuana-infused drinks

Supreme Court News

Uh Oh, GOP Showing Weakness on Judge Kavanaugh Vote

Chuck Schumer Calls for Delay of Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote to Investigate ‘Rape Attempt’ Accusation

Stephen King Threatens Susan Collins’ Career — Over Judge Kavanaugh

Classmate Named in Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Accusation Stands by Denial of ‘Absolutely Nuts’ Allegations

Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford Donned ‘Brain’ Pussy Hat for Anti-Trump March

GOP Sen Kennedy: Democrats Turned SCOTUS Hearing into ‘Intergalactic Freak Show’

Bombshell: Lisa Bloom Sought 6-Figure Payoffs for Donald Trump 2016 Accusers

Obama Officials Accused of Conspiring with EU to Evade US Sanctions Against Iran

Both Bush Presidents Vengefully Berate President Trump in a New Book

Gutfeld: The left is turning on the left: Video

Arizona Democratic Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema Fought To Protect Criminals Caught With Child Prostitutes: Took Major Money From Founders Of Sex Trafficking Website

FEMA's 'Presidential Alert' system to get first test: Can directly speak to the nation

'PREPARE TO DIE': Leftists' Heads Explode Over Trump Alert

House committee votes to bust up far-Left Ninth Circuit court

Counsel For Obama, Clinton Facing Federal Corruption Charges

Mississippi Law Enforcement Agency Drops Nike Over Kaepernick Advertisement

Israel/Palestinian War

The Palestinians: The Fruits Of The Poisoned Well - "These are a people unworthy of their own country"

Senator Cory Booker: “The Only Good Zionist is a Dead Zionist” and "Adolf Hitler was the greatest white man”

Texas Requires Schools To Blame Israeli-Palestinian Conflict On The Arabs

The Grim Outcome and Cost of the Oslo Peace Accords

Fresh American blood on Abbas’ hands

Palestinians slammed with new aid cuts to US ‘co-existence’ programs

Israel, Turkey in talks to restore ambassadors

Czech Republic Leaders Back Jerusalem Embassy Move

US Marines Partner With Syrian Rebels in Military Exercise

IDF troops attacked after accidentally entering Palestinian town

PM Netanyahu: ‘Heroic’ Terror Victim Ari Fuld ‘Prevented a Greater Tragedy’ by shooting attacker

Yom Kippur: The Holiest Day of the Jewish Year - Begins Sundown, Sunday 9/18, concludes at Sundown 9/19

Thousands Attend Inspiring Pre-Yom Kippur Prayers at Western Wall: Recited late-night prayers for Divine forgiveness before start of Yom Kippur

Why Remember the Sin of the Golden Calf on Yom Kippur?

Yom Kippur War Miracle – Why 150 Syrian Tanks Retreated

WATCH: Yom Kippur War Miracle – Why 150 Syrian Tanks Retreated - INCREDIBLE PROTECTION FROM GOD!

FEMA’s Brock Long Defends Trump on Puerto Rico Death Dispute — Studies Are ‘All Over the Place’


September 15-16, 2018


Weather Warfare

"... they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, DoD News Briefing, Monday, April 28, 1997)

New Bern, NC, rescues continue amid Florence floodwaters in NC

Florence, a wet and unwanted visitor, besieges Carolinas

Florence turns deadly, unleashing ‘catastrophic’ floods on Carolinas

US Army ready to help with Florence recovery efforts

Maher, Kerry: Florence Coverage Overblown, ‘The Stupidest Thing’ on TV

Key News

FEMA's 'Presidential Alert' system to get first test: Can directly speak to the nation

Trump Declares 'National Emergency' to Deal With Threat of Election Meddling

Paul Manafort pleads guilty to conspiracy, agrees to 'cooperation' as part of the deal

Manafort Deal Looks Like Good News for Trump, Terrible News for Democrats

The Palestinians: The Fruits Of The Poisoned Well - "These are a people unworthy of their own country"

Democrats resort to secret informants against President Trump & SCOTUS nominee

Judge Kavanaugh: Same informant system used by all Dictators!

Senator Durbin Blames GOP For Chicago Gun Violence: James Woods Smokes Him


The World's Most Important Funeral: Google's Answer to Trump

County Sheriff Makes Secret Deal with ACLU to Stop Detaining Illegal Immigrants

Muslim Migration and Rape Statistics in Europe

WILLIAMS: It's Our Constitution Angering Leftists – Not Kavanaugh

WATCH: Kamala Harris Dismisses The Constitution To Kavanaugh As 'That Book You Carry'

Ronan Farrow Reports Kavanaugh Accuser Refuses to Come Forward, No Witnesses

The latest unproven attack on Brett Kavanaugh is evil and absurd

GOP moves to avoid Clarence Thomas repeat after new claim against Kavanaugh

Dianne Feinstein’s announcement about Brett Kavanaugh and the FBI smells like a political stunt

South Korean President Moon Jae-in faces toughest challenge yet in third summit with Kim Jong Un

China protests US punishment for helping North Korea

Adult Syrian Refugee Accused of Murdering 13-Year-Old Canadian Girl Now Faces Court

NATO won’t name headquarters after John McCain, secretary general says

CNN Ratings Down 41 Percent from Last Year

New York Times corrects story on Nikki Haley’s curtains: Fake News!

Socialist Hypocrisy: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $3505 designer outfit

Woman Threatened By Teen With Knife Demanding Sex At Walmart: Concealed Carry Holder Steps In

Hero: Armed Neighbor Saves Family From Carjacker With Knife

Israel/Palestinian War

Trump has dumped the PLO and made relics of the 'refugees'

Is a Palestinian-Jordanian confederation a viable solution to the Mideast conflict?

Aid cuts to Palestinians won't undermine peace efforts: Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner

Abbas Spokesman: Kushner is unaware of reality

Leftist activists harass Attorney General in neighborhood store - promises to 'conduct a home visit' on Shabbat

'The media ignores the disaster that Oslo caused': Former MK Moshe Feiglin rejects Deri's remarks on Oslo Accords, blasts distortion of history

IDF aircraft and tank attack posts belonging to Hamas as violent riots continue

Explosive device found near security fence: IDF neutralizes explosive device found near Gaza border

Palestinians Mock Trump, US on Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks

Sec/State Pompeo: There's no precedent for what Kerry did, his meeting with Iranian officials since leaving office


September 14, 2018

Breaking News

Trump Declares 'National Emergency' to Deal With Threat of Election Meddling

The Palestinians: The Fruits Of The Poisoned Well - "These are a people unworthy of their own country"

Democrats resort to secret informants against President Trump & SCOTUS nominee Judge Kavanaugh: Same informant system used by all Dictators!


County Sheriff Makes Secret Deal with ACLU to Stop Detaining Illegal Immigrants

Key News

Poll: Majority Believe ‘Not Enough Cause’ for Trump Impeachment

Dirtiest Trick In U.S. History Comes Into Focus

When Debate Turns To Visions of Murder

Democrat Senator Chris Alcinder DEFENDS as ‘well-justified’ Leftist harassment of Republicans

Chelsea Clinton: It would be 'un-Christian' to go back to pre-Roe era

Christian Woman in Hiding Amid Death, Rape Threats for Her Anti-Abortion Tweet

Trump: Strzok-Page 'leaking like mad' text is a 'disaster and embarrassment' to FBI, Justice Dept.

Sec/State Pompeo: U.S. sticking with Saudis in brutal Yemen war despite mounting civilian casualties

Americans feel little from Trump tariffs; China is yet to budge on trade deals

Want to see what Feinstein sent the FBI about Kavanaugh? First put down your coffee

Senator Feinstein under fire for Kavanaugh smear tactics: 11th Hour Sept Surprise

White House Questions Last Minute Democrat Attempt to Smear Brett Kavanaugh

FBI Not Interested in Feinstein’s Kavanaugh Hoax — but ‘Pro’ Journos Take the Bait

Democrats Force Committee to Postpone Vote on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Until Next Week

Obama re-emerges to remind voters why they elected Trump

Andrew Cuomo beats back progressive, left-wing primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon

Republican Cramer leads Democrat Senator Heitkamp by four in North Dakota Senate race: Poll

Very Good Chance Trump Will Declassify Documents Before Midterms

Why Black Voters Are Turning to Trump

Kamala Harris is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest senator

First Priest in US Child Abuse Ring Arrested Ahead of Pope Visit

Catholic Church Contends: 'Gay Conspiracy' Behind Pedophile Priest Scandal

"Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity" DVD Proves Catholic Priest Scandal Goes Back 1,200 Years

Weather Warfare

"... they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, DoD News Briefing, Monday, April 28, 1997)

Hurricane Center: Florence close to landfall in N. Carolina at 5:15am, EST

Florence will pose fatal threat for days

Catastrophic Flash Flooding to Hammer the Carolinas, Appalachia

Trump shares Lou Dobbs segment praising his Puerto Rico claims

Fact Check: Trump is Right About Puerto Rico, Critics Manipulating Hurricane Maria Death ‘Estimates’

It’s not just the US: around the world, doors are shutting on Chinese investment because of Security concerns

Dalai Lama: ‘Europe Belongs to Europeans’, Refugees Should Return and Rebuild Homelands

Syria War: Turkey 'Reinforces Military Posts in Idlib' Province Fight

Israel/Palestinian War

FORMER TRUMP AIDE WARNED OF 'EXISTENTIAL' HEZBOLLAH THREAT TO ISRAEL: "War with Hezbollah would likely lead to an overwhelming and indefensible barrage of rocket fire deep into the country"

US denies it offered Palestinians $5 billion to jump-start negotiations

Haley: Palestinians Have Done Nothing but Take Money, Then ‘Badmouth’ US

US Congress votes $38 billion defense aid to Israel into law

Israel to replace national police chief amid Netanyahu probes

IDF neutralizes bomb on Gaza border, prevents attack on soldiers

WATCH: Israel Left Gaza, and This is What the Palestinians Did With It

'Israel seeks peace, but will invest in defense'

'The media ignores the disaster that Oslo caused': Former MK Moshe Feiglin

Lebanon refuses to grant citizenship to 'Palestinian refugees'


Trump slams Kerry for 'illegal' Iran meetings

Nike Fighting to Keep Oregon a ‘Sanctuary State’ After Illegal Alien Kills Young Couple


Resistance Hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg Slams ‘Highly Partisan’ Kavanaugh Hearings


September 13, 2018

Weather Warfare

DEFENSE SECRETARY WILLIAM COHEN ADMITS ELECTROMAGNETIC WEATHER WARFARE IS REAL: "... they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves."


East Coast Braces For “Monster” Hurricane

Key News

Trump: Hurricane Florence 'bigger than anticipated,' tells residents to 'get out of its way'

LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election: "Vow to Save World from Catastrophic Nationalism"

Bolton Goes After the Illegitimate and Unaccountable ICC

Did John Bolton Just Shield Israel From The ICC?

Liberal caller threatens to rape one of Susan Collins’s staff if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh

Yes, Trump is a bull in a china shop...and the china shop needs to be wrecked


Opinion: Why did the Clintons share the stage with Farrakhan?

WATCH: Planned Parenthood's New President Utters Most Hypocritical Statement Ever

Baal's Pagan Arch to Reappear as Washington Exhibit Centerpiece

6 dead after gun rampage, suicide in Southern California

Home Renovations, but No Gambling: Brett Kavanaugh offers financial details in written response

Dems Stoop To ‘Mob Rule’ In SCOTUS Hearings

Brett Kavanaugh's baseball friends may be unmasked tonight

The 5 dumbest moments during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Has Trump Finally Figured Out Who Wrote That ‘Gutless’ Op-Ed?

Photos show Puerto Rico runway full of unused water bottles meant to help Hurricane Maria victims

Peter Strzok-Lisa Page texts discuss others ‘leaking like mad’ ahead of Russia investigation


Benghazi Hero: Obama's remarks were a 'slap in the face'

John Kerry Admits He’s Colluding with Iran Behind Trump’s Back

Israel/Palestinian War

FORMER TRUMP AIDE WARNED OF 'EXISTENTIAL' HEZBOLLAH THREAT TO ISRAEL: "War with Hezbollah would likely lead to an overwhelming and indefensible barrage of rocket fire deep into the country"

Israel sells Saudi Arabia Iron Dome Anti-Missile System

Likud Minister: Trump peels Palestinian lie like an onion

Palestinian Authority ‘about to collapse,’ says Fatah spokesman

German Court Weighs Kuwait Airways’ ‘Racist’ Anti-Israel Policy

US Warns Syria That New Chemical Strikes Will Provoke ‘Much Stronger Response’

Russia pummels rebel-held enclave in Idlib Province, Syria

Pentagon: Russia will bear responsibility for Idlib attack

Haley: Iran is suffocating from the US sanctions

Iran is fighting for its status in Syria


September 12, 2018

Key News

Gingrich, Republicans float new Contract with America ahead of midterms

Weaving a 'Blue Wave' From Impeachment Fantasies

Defeated Schumer! Would Love For Senate To Turn Blue But Geography Is Against Us

Gallup: Americans Reject Idea Trump Acted Illegally in 2016

BREAKING: DOJ To Open Probe Into Social Media Giants For Anti-Conservative Bias

Bolton bolsters Trump's 'America first' foreign policy with robust defense of U.S. Sovereignty

Sorry Obama, But It's Trump's Economic Boom, Not Yours

House Republicans move to lock in cuts with Tax Reform 2.0

Capitalism Has Made America Great: Ex-J.C. Penney CEO Questrom

Hurricane Florence charges towards East Coast as ‘monster’ storm, lawmaker says

Trump: Government 'Absolutely, Totally Prepared' for Florence

FEMA Chief: “Hurricane Florence Will be Devastating”

Trump pays tribute to 9/11 victims and heroes in Shanksville: 'When America fought back'

Remembering 9/11: Bin Laden’s jihadist cause of 1993 ignites Africa today

Trump Issues Bold Proclamation On 9/11 Anniversary: Uses One Phrase That Leftists Will Hate

TRUMP THREAT: Mass shooting threat to Donald Trump supporter event as gunman vows to get ‘bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies’

Christian actor Kevin Sorbo returns Nikes: ‘They hurt my feet when I stand for the national anthem’

Serena Williams and the trope of the 'angry black woman'

MEDITERRANEAN QUAKE HORROR: Turkey earthquake – Antalya rocked by strong magnitude 5.2 earthquake with tourists saying buildings are ‘swaying’

“The EU’s pro-migration majority is preparing to launch a last and desperate attack on Hungary”

Hungary PM Viktor Orban defiant as EU debates action

Israel/Palestinian War

John Bolton: President Trump’s 9/11 message to Palestine

Trump's 'Deal of the Century': Focussed on Reality

Israel lauds US decision to close PLO mission in Washington

Palestinians: US Decision to Shutter PLO Office ‘Reckless’

US Warns Syria That New Chemical Strikes Will Provoke ‘Much Stronger Response’

'May we be the head and not the tail'

Al-Qaeda leader: US embassy relocation proves it's an enemy




September 11, 2018

Key News

Chinese Officials Burn Bibles, Close Churches in Crackdown on Christianity

'The ICC Is Already Dead to Us’: John Bolton Announces Withdrawal over War on Terror Probe

Trump’s Economy Boosts Blue-Collar Jobs: Growing at their fastest rate in 30 years

Obama, the Great Divider when in office, lacks the credibility to lecture America

Roger Stone: Anonymous NYT op-ed a 'fabrication'

VP Pence says he's 'never' been involved in 25th Amendment talks

Strzok-Page texts reveal 'coordinated' FBI leak strategy to harm Trump: GOP congressman

Trump Reportedly Close To Declassifying Carter Page And Bruce Ohr Documents

Canada's Freeland to Hold NAFTA Talks Tuesday as Time Runs Short

Broadway Star Carole Cook Jokes About Trump Assassination: ‘Where’s John Wilkes Booth When you Need Him?’

SECRET SERVICE: SO, CAROLE COOK ...What'd You Mean by 'Where's John Wilkes Booth When You Need Him?'

Israel/Palestinian War

Israel Remembers 9/11 Attacks at Only Memorial Outside U.S.

'We are not ashamed to be Jews in the Jewish state': The Nation-State Law controversy

IDF Releases Video Simulation Of Life In Gaza Without Terrorism

Israel's ultimate wake-up call: What are the personal, national and universal meanings of Rosh Hashanah?


UN Chief and Envoys Join Danon in Symbolic ‘Casting Away’ of Sins Ahead of Rosh Hashana

Palestinians: Spitting in the Well

Progressives Outraged by Jeff Sessions’ Pro-American Borders Policy

Remembering The Attacks of 9/11/2001

Donald Trump Jr. Rips 'Morning Joe' Host, Calls for 9/11 Apology

FLASHBACK: Trump Stood Strong With New York City On 9/11

Trump at Pennsylvania Field: 'America Fought Back' on 9/11

FBI's Wray: Terror Attacks Have Been Prevented in 3 Major US Cities

US Marks 9/11 With Somber Tributes, New Monument to Victims

September 10, 2018

Key News

RNC Chair McDaniel: Possible GOP Will Pick Up Senate Seats — ‘Unprecedented in a Midterm of a First-term President’

More Americans than ever find Democrats out of the mainstream

Barack Obama re-emerges to remind voters why they elected Trump

After Obama's Sad California Rally, Democrats Should Prepare for a Bad November

Judge Jeanine: ‘Thank You, Barack’ for Making Election of Trump Possible

Jim Carrey says 'stop apologizing' and 'say yes to socialism'

Democrats' embrace of socialism may win primary elections -- but look out in November

Trump celebrates job growth, says Clinton would have caused a recession

Donald Trump Celebrates Second Anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Deplorables’ Blooper

John Kerry’s New Tell-All Book Reveals Alternate Version of History

Syria planning poison gas attack on rebels, U.S.


WashPost Admits: Trump’s Economy Boosts Blue-Collar Jobs

Asian stocks lower after Trump’s Apple-production comments

Deportations up 9 percent in 2018: But, still below Obama's peak years

Obama Draws a Teeny Crowd of 750 in a Large Stadium in Anaheim

Teen Vogue Promotes Antifa, Marx, Communism, Makes It Sound Cool

Liberal Democraat Atlanta mayor orders release of ICE detainees

North Korea shelves long-range missiles in military parade celebrating country's founding

US awaits letter from Kim Jong Un reaffirming promise to denuclearize

Miami Dolphins players kneel during national anthem, bringing controversial protests to 2018 NFL season

Colin Kaepernick Tweets Thanks to Dolphins Players Who Took a Knee During Anthem

Jim Carrey: I Bought Nikes as a ‘Salute to Colin Kaepernick’

Louisiana City’s Recreation Department Bans Nike Purchases

Maine Republican Urges Constituents to Switch from Nike to "New Balance" over Kaepernick Ad

President Trump Slams NFL for Massive Drop in TV Ratings


Serena Williams: ‘I’m Here Fighting for Women’s Rights’

GOP Rep Mo Brooks: Ocasio-Cortez Resorted to Racism, Sexism, Socialism to Win Democratic Nomination

Pence: I'd take lie detector test 'in a heartbeat' to prove that he was not the author of anti-Trump op-ed

Taxpayers Funded ‘Unprecedented’ Armed Protection for Gun Control Sen. Kamala Harris

Israel/Palestinian War

Ahead of High Holidays, world Jewish population stands 14.7 million strong

Watch: Gazan Youth Throws Rocks, Taunts IDF Soldiers, Gets Shot

The Democratic Socialists of America and Their Anti-Semitism Problem

Trump: Jews' strength and perseverance inspire us all

US Envoy: US won't present peace plan that fails to meet Israel's security needs

WATCH: Funding Palestinians Brings Peace No Closer, ‘Not Even by a Millimeter”: US Envoy Says

'Peace on the Gaza border unlikely in the coming decade,' top IDF official says

US cuts another $25 million in Palestinian aid; PA accuses Trump of ‘bad faith’

British Charity Linked to Palestinian Terrorism

Israeli Expert: Palestinian UN Agency Inflated Number of Refugees by a Factor of at Least 4

Iran says it completed centrifuges plant


Russia pummels rebel-held enclave in Syria


CBS chief Les Moonves steps down amid sexual misconduct allegations

Robert Mueller Russia Collusion Got Its Birth in the FBI


September 8-9, 2018

Key News


It’s Pretty Obvious By Now: Trump Is Facing An Ongoing Attempted Coup

President Obama Midterm Entry : President Trump is Smiling

Obama tries to demonize Trump voters, following Hillary's losing strategy: "Liar, Liar"

"Truth, Truth": Obama Prosecuted Staff Leakers, Gave Lie-Detector Tests, ‘Paranoid’

Rep. Kevin McCarthy Writes NYT Op-Ed, Eviscerates ‘Anonymous White House Official’

Finding Anonymous Op-Ed piece Author Is Like Trying to Nail Jelly to the Wall

Trump says he could use the MILITARY to build his wall if Congress won't fund it through Homeland Security's budget

Tump's Top Ten List

Bishop Refuses to Resign, Allegedly Returned Priests Accused of Sexual Misconduct to Ministry

Supreme Court News

Kavanaugh hearing day four: Democrats still land no punches

Kavanaugh Looks To Be On Path To Supreme Court Confirmation, After 4 Days Of Hearings

Kavanaugh Gives No Ground On Abortion (Left-Wing Liberal)

Kavanaugh: ‘No One Is Above The law’

Kavanaugh Weathers Raucous Hearing

While U.S. economic growth surges, high-tax Europe declines

Israel/Palestinian War

Jews, Arabs Agree: Palestinians would destroy Israel if they could

Jewish Holidays, But No Jews Allowed on Temple Mount

US Urges Israel: ‘Please Leave Iraq to Us’

Republican Senator introduces bill targeting UNRWA

Abbas threatens to cut contact with Israel over Hamas deal

IDF aircraft attack Hamas observation posts after a grenade from Gaza causes damage to security infrastructure

Palestinian P\protesters "thank" IDF for going easy on terror murderer

Israel Spends Much Less than US on Healthcare but Population is Healthier

Trump Says Willing to Meet Iranian President at Upcoming UN Session

Iranian Artillery Targets Kurdish Group In Iraq

NY Gov. Cuomo has only himself to blame for the ‘pervs voting in schools’ debacle

Did Eric Holder collude with the "Chicago Outfit" for $300K?


September 7, 2018

Key News

Woodward Book, Anonymous NYTimes Op-Ed Reveal Trump’s Done Nothing Wrong: Trump has brought "Peace and Safety"

Even Whoopi Goldberg Doesn't Believe: 'Something Stinky About Anonymous Anti-Trump NYT Op-Ed (Video)

Trump blasts NYT op-ed writer, says ‘it may be a deep state person’

A Coward With An Agenda

Donald Trump Urges Supporters: If You Don’t Vote, I Might Get Impeached

White House Official: 'Dozens of Deep State Operatives Working Against Trump'

Should Trump be wary of spies around him? 'The Resistance Inside The Trump Administration': A Constitutional Crisis?

FISA Courts Held NO Hearings for Trump Team Spy Warrants

Trump eyes an easy win in getting rid of the name 'NAFTA'

Would China Really Invade Taiwan? And the answer is...'YES'!

Activists busy v. anti-gun initiative as backers make startling admission

Pro-Israel Brazilian Presidential Front-Runner Stabbed at Rally

Cincinnati Bank Shooting Took Place in Gun-Free Zone --- Jacksonville Landing Shooting Also Was Gun-Free

Supreme Court News

Condi Rice Shreds Kamala Harris’ False Claim That Kavanaugh Won’t Treat All Americans Equally

Senator McConnell: No Doubt Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed by End of the Month

Cory Booker Unethically Releases Confidential Kavanaugh Emails

CNN, MSNBC Go After Cory Booker For Lying

The Constitution…is law: It is not aspirational principles. It is law. It's the supreme law of the land.” -Judge Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh Open to Overturning Roe v. Wade: “Supreme Court Can Always Overrule Its Precedent”

They Can't 'Bork' Kavanaugh, So Democrats Are Borking America

Ben Shapiro: Screaming and Whining Aren't Strategies

More than 200 arrested total for Kavanaugh hearings protests

Higher than Expected Job Growth and Wage Gains in August Signal Economic Strength

What does Chicago need from a new mayor?

Police: Three Armed Home Invaders In Memphis, TN, Met with Gunfire, One Dead, Two Fled

Nike's Favorability Tanks Following Colin Kaepernick Campaign: Numbers Are Atrocious

Nike’s New Spokesman Hob Knobs With Sharia-Supporting Palestinian Radical Linda Sarsour

‘I’m done’: Colorado sporting goods store liquidates all Nike products in response to Kaepernick ad

Israel/Palestinian War

Jews, Arabs Agree: Palestinians would destroy Israel if they could

Trump Assures US Jews: No aid for Palestinians until they rech a deal with Israel

US Ambassador David Friedman: We don't tell Israel what to do

IDF strikes terrorists launching balloon bombs from Gaza

A Haredi Mayor for Jerusalem?

Abbas threatens to cut contact with Israel over Hamas deal

New travel warnings ahead of the High Holidays: Warns Israelis of dangers of traveling to several countries, including India, Turkey, and Chechnya

Moderate Arabs see Iran, not Israel, as enemy, Liberman tells Persian radio

180 Seconds to Death: How Israel Shot Down 5 Deadly Russian Made MiGs in 3 Minutes

Grand Jury Summons Witnesses as Andrew McCabe Investigation Intensifies

Former U.S. Attorney: Rosenstein Under Investigation, Loses FISA Warrant Abilities

Killing the Family: New Calif. Law Would Enforce Corporate “Gender” Quotas

Nearly 300,000 troops ready for massive Russian war games to begin, general says

Bad news for global warmists: Trees and forests increased 865,000 sq. mi. instead of decreased

Venezuela's Tragic Mass Exodus Has Only One Cause: Socialism

How Socialism Rots The Soul, The Culture And The Country

Watch 25 straight minutes of people illegally crossing the US border through an Arizona Ranch

India court legalises gay sex in landmark ruling


September 6, 2018

Breaking News

Nike Favorability Crashes 34% with Kaepernick Ad Campaign: Poll Reveals

Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Plunge to New Post-1969 Record

Rate of baby boomers embracing marijuana doubled in last decade

Private payrolls add 163K in Aug vs 190K est: ADP and Moody's Analytics

Russian Nuclear Bombers Intercepted Near Alaska by F-22 Fighter/Interceptors

President Trump Will Declassify The 20 Redacted FISA Documents Before The End Of This Week


Supreme Court News

Brett Kavanaugh: The left’s Theater of the Absurd in the age of Trump

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY): ‘Truly, Women Will Die’ if Kavanaugh Confirmed

Sen. Leahy accuses Kavanaugh of role in 'stolen' emails in confirmation hearing detour

Kavanaugh Dodges Questions on Trump's Presidential Power

Superstar Cher: Our Lives Will Never Be the Same If ‘F**king Train Wreck’ Kavanaugh Confirmed

Kavanaugh Rejects Sen. Durbin’s Claim that Illegal Immigrants Can Form Unions

Kavanaugh’s Children Rushed Out Of Confirmation Hearings: Frightened by Extreme Protesters!

Key News

Speaker Paul Ryan: House to Make Individual Tax Cuts Permanent

Joe DiGenova drops BOMBSHELL NEWS - Rosenstein under investigation

Finally Proof Of Illegal Alien Voting: Here’s where illegal voting comes

South African opposition leader warns the West not to intervene in white land expropriation

Eight dead, scores injured as 6.7 quake triggers huge landslides in Hokkaido, Japan

America and Russia are Headed Toward a Hypersonic Showdown

U.S. compares Nicaragua to Syria, warns of potential regional crisis

More than a quarter of Americans say they’ve deleted the Facebook app from their phones: Almost half of 18- to 29-year-olds claim to have joined the #DeleteFacebook movement

Facebook, Twitter fall as they face U.S. Congress

Facebook, Twitter executives pledge transparency at Senate hearing

President Trump Suggests New York Times ‘Deep State’ Op-Ed Author Guilty of Treason

NY Times — We’ve Taken Precautions To Protect WH Senior Official Identity

Resistance Jake Tapper Humiliates Himself After Anonymous NYT Op-Ed

Japan claims China is ‘escalating’ military actions around disputed Diaoyu Islands

Exclusive: British Navy warship sails near South China Sea islands, angering Beijing

Nike has decided to reiterate it’s support for Colin Kaepernick, the out-of-work football player who bagged millions as their new face: Will run this ad during NFL first week

20-year-old college student set on fire and killed by illegal in Sanctuary City: (ICE) arrested Esquivel-Garcia on a detainer back then in 2017. However, he was allowed to post bond and was let go to roam freely

Israel/Palestinian War

Special Ways to Celebrate Feast of Tabernacles in Israel: Sept 23 through Ocober 1

US ambassador believes Golan will be 'part of Israel forever'

Ambassador Haley: 'Deal of the Century' Fate Is In Abbas' Hands

Abbas plans to declare PA ‘state under occupation’

Netanyahu: Israel is ‘Acquiring Friends’ in the Middle East

On Eve of Jewish New Year, Israel’s Population Approaches 9 Million

Responding to Prophecy, Replanting Jews and Vineyards in Israel

'We have no intention of compromising on our security': Prime Minister Netanyahu

Gaza rioters damage Erez crossing, forcing closure

Arab MKs are spreading lies in Europe

Poll: Nearly 40% of UK Jews would consider leaving if Corbyn becomes PM

Iranís currency falls to lowest rate amid collapse of nuclear deal


September 5, 2018

Supreme Court News

Why Democrats are foolish to oppose Kavanaugh

‘I am a pro-law judge’: Excerpts of Brett Kavanaugh’s opening remarks

MSM Feasts on Grieving Parkland Dad’s Kavanaugh Stunt

Sen. Feinstein Admits Coordinating with Anti-Trump Parkland Dad On Stunt Before Kavanaugh Hearing

Even CNN Admits: Desperate Democrats Don't Have The 'Math' To Stop Kavanaugh

Liberals Accuse Woman Sitting Behind Kavanaugh of Being A White Supremacist -- She's Actually A Hispanic Descendent of Holocaust Survivors - Mother is Hispanic, Father is Jewish whose parents were Holocaust survivors

Trump Says Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Are 'An Embarrassment To The Country'

The Amnesia Of Democrats On The Senate Judiciary Committee: Remember Ted Kennedy's "Borking" In 1987

Sarah Sanders hit CNN where it hurt when they tuned out of the Brett Kavanaugh hearing

Palestinian radical, Linda Sarsour, Arrested At Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing: After causing a major disruption

The Dishonesty Of The Kavanaugh Opposition And The Anti-Gun Movement Caught In One Tweet

READ: Brett Kavanaugh's full remarks capping first day of Supreme Court confirmation hearings

Judiciary Democrats Descend Into the Abyss of Mob Rule: "Democrat Party has become a semi-organized band of thugs promoting mob rule

First a movie, now a Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figure: Other dolls are Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Key News

President Trump Poised to Chair U.N. Security Council Meeting on Iran

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer on Videotape: Democrats WILL Impeach Donald Trump ‘The Sooner the Better’

How the Kavanaugh hearings became 2020 Presidential audition for Cory Booker, Kamala Harris

Trump calls for tougher libel laws after Woodward book

President Trump Vindicated as Paris Climate Agreement Unravels

Two Chicago Priests Arrested For Performing Oral Sex in Car in Broad Daylight

NFL To Fans: Drop Dead — How's That For 'Lack Of Respect'?

Nike Endorses Police Brutality, Torture of Afro-Cubans in Embracing Fidel Castro Fan Colin Kaepernick

Taya Kyle Has A Brutal Message For Colin Kaepernick On What Real Sacrifice Means: Widow of American Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle


Analyst Jesse Watters Explains Why Kaepernick Started Kneeling: Couldn't read defenses, was 1-11 in last year and was going to get cut

Nike takes a knee with Kaepernick

Believe In Something Even If It Means Burning Your Expensive Shoes

LeBron James Commenting on Kaepernick Ad Campaign: ‘I Stand with Nike’

Stop Doing It – Nike Stock Trends Down After New Ad Announcement

ICE Arrests 364 Criminal Aliens in 6-State Operation

California moves toward corporate gender quotas, ignoring Norway's failure: Critics says Senate Bill 826 will hasten exodus of California firms to Texas

Israel/Palestinian War

Jordan-PA-Israel Confederation: Two-state solution or status quo?

Jordan doesn't want a confederation

Abbas plans to declare PA ‘state under occupation’

Israel shuts down Gaza crossing following Palestinian violence

Egyptian efforts to broker deal in Gaza come to grinding halt

Israel accused of new Syrian airstrike: But admits to over 200 strikes since 2017

Terrorists Pay Up After IDF Court Forces Them to Compensate Victims

Funding Palestinians Brings Peace No Closer, ‘Not Even by a Millimeter,” US Envoy Says

PM Netanyahu's Office On Lockdown As Protestors Attempt To Break In: Demonstrators are retired policemen protesting that their pensions are not equal that of retired career IDF soldiers and officers


US envoy confident Iranian regime ‘will enter the dustbin of history’

Iran FM says ‘terrorists must be purged’ from Syria

Would it be so bad if California received a coastline overhaul? The big Sylmar earthquake, 6.6 on the Richter scale, rocked the San Fernando Valley where I lived. The I-5 overpass north of the valley collapsed for the first time and Granada Hills neighborhoods adjacent to the earthen Van Norman Dams were evacuated



September 4, 2018

Key News

Catholic Editor: Sex Abuse Scandal Could ‘Split’ the Church Like Another Reformation


Majority of Blue Collar Workers: We’re Better Off Under Trump than Obama

Former VP Biden Warns Dems: Don’t Walk Out of Kavanaugh Hearings

Longtime former Sen. Jon Kyl to replace John McCain

Andrew Gillum: Soros Helped Me Win Democratic Florida's Gubernatorial Nomination

Iran ‘worked closely’ with George Soros’ foundation

Politicize A Funeral? Last Time, It Didn't Turn Out Well

Iranian Rial Sinks To Historic Low Levels, Endangering Regime Further: Sanctions Hit

Trump draws RED LINE on Syria in threat to Putin and Assad

Nancy Pelosi Measures House’s Drapes from the Hamptons at Elite Soiree with Globalist Power Brokers

‘Well Done, Colin’ — John Brennan Gushes Over Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Campaign

Fans Burn Nike Gear in Response to Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Just Do It’ Ad Campaign


"I will never buy Nike ANYTHING from this point forward": So tired of these social justice companies

Illegal and Legal Immigrants Unenrolling from Welfare Benefit

Meghan McCain Is A Cancer On Her Dad’s Legacy

Tweet of the Day: ‘There is a rapist in this picture’

Ocasio-Cortez joins a notable list of those who indoctrinate children for their own ends: Photo caption is priceless!

Israel/Palestinian War

The Oslo process is a proven failure: Opinon

PLO, Jordan furious with Abbas over West Bank confederation scheme

PM Netanyahu: Israel Acts Against Threats That Have Not Yet Materialied

Iran is smuggling weapons to Hezbollah on commercial flights

Russian military maneuvers affect Israeli civilian flights

Chris Gunness indirectly admits that @UNRWA exists not to help "refugees" but to help eliminate Israel

Palestinian shot and killed after pulling out knife at IDF checkpoint

Argentina imposes austerity measures in bid to stabilise peso

American manufacturers growing at fastest pace in 14 years




September 2-3, (LABOR DAY) 2018

Labor Day News

'The Worker in America Is Doing Better Than Ever Before': Trump Wishes Americans a Happy Labor Day

RNC, Trump campaign praise American workers and the President on Labor Day

Labor Day 2018: To drain the swamp, you must be able to fire the swamp

Trump woos labor unions as he tears up NAFTA

On labor holiday, Trump jabs union head over his NAFTA remarks

Ivanka emerges as Trump’s jobs czar, focus on ‘forgotten men and women’

Key News

Bill Clinton slammed for sharing stage with Louis Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin funeral

Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer Free Market to Socialism

The New York Times fails to acknowledge the crises of public confidence

Trump Hits Canada Over Trade Talks: U.S. Shouldn’t Have to ‘Buy’ Allies with ‘Bad’ Deals

Trump Approval Index Up In August Month-by-Month: To 47%

Activists Plan to Shut Down O’Hare Airport on Labor Day to Protest Chicago Violence

Stop Treating Tech Jerks Like gods

Voters Put Economic Growth Ahead of Fairness

Voters More Likely to Credit Trump for Good Economy Over Obama

Israel/Palestinian War

Third Temple, House of God for All Nations

President Trump wants this to be a new year of peace

Deal of the century will be realistic, fair, implementable: Jordan Is Key

Jerusalem Mayor: I plan to expel UNRWA from Jerusalem

Palestinians Irate, Condemn US Decision to Stop Funding UNRWA

Special update on Israeli strikes in Syria overnight, Sept. 2, 2018

Hamas Accused of War Crimes: Israeli Farmers File Lawsuit At The International Criminal Court in the Hague

'Get out: This is not your country': MK Motti Yogev berates Arab MKs

Philippines President Duterte Arrives for First Israel Visit

Foul mouth and controversies aside, Duterte welcomed in Israel in first visit by a Philippines president

The story behind the Nazis’ greatest enemy: A NYC mayor

Why Did Nearly 40 Percent of Today's Norwegians Compare Israelis to Nazis?

Expert: An Israeli Strike On Iranian Targets In Iraq Would Be A 'Major Escalation'

Iran Transfers Missiles to Iraqi Proxies, Threatening Israel

Is Washington Scrambling To Prevent Iran-Backed Parties From Forming Iraq’s New Government?

Iran ‘worked closely’ with George Soros’ foundation

CNN Boosts Left-Wing Campaign to Censor Breitbart; Approves ‘Blacklisting’

Buzz Aldrin slams ‘First Man’ for not showing US flag during moon landing

Tourism still suffering in town where diner denied Sarah Huckabee Sanders

McCain ends 81-year journey with burial at Naval Academy

Donald Trump: The unlikely pall bearer for John McCain’s message

NBC Applauds ‘Call to Arms’ Against Trump at McCain Memorial Service

How prog-left brass ‘Cat Balloued' Senator John McCain’s Memorial

Bozell & Graham Column: CNN's Love Letter for 'RBG' (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

California Madness: Death Row Commutations And Gun Control -- sentences of all 748 inmates on death row have been commuted

California Goes For Even More Gun Control?

It’s no mystery why the cost of housing is so high in California

Idiocy: Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Colorado claims ‘more women will die’ if GOP rival wins

Chuck Yeager sets the record straight on Hollywood’s depiction of Neil Armstrong in new movie


Somalia's capital Mogadishu hit by huge explosion


September 1, 2018

Breaking News

Massive missile attack reported at Damascus military air base

Syrian Chemical Weapons Facilities List Prepared Prior to U.S. Attack

68% of Voters: Illegal Immigration ‘Major Problem,’ Feds Not Doing Enough

Trump tweets about NAFTA during McCain memorial services

Mexico Deal Leaves Canada In The Cold

Google Strikes Deal With MasterCard To Track Ads and Consumer Purchasing Online

Key News

Trump: We Will Not Tolerate Censorship, Blacklisting, Rigged Search from Big Tech

President Trump: The Media Is ‘Our Biggest Obstacle’

Dem Rep. Ruben Gallego Threatens Immigration Officials: ‘When the Worm Turns You Will Not Be Safe’

Portland Mayor Denies Assistance to ICE, Violates City’s Equal Protection Policy

Donald Trump Jr.: Democrats' reaction to Mollie Tibbetts' death is heartless, despicable

Poll: Immigration the Most Important Issue to GOP Voters for Last Half Year

Trump to Sign New Trade Deal with Mexico in 90 Days

US-Canada NAFTA talks break up without deal, as leak upends negotiations

Mueller’s investigative team loses two, now up a creek without an Ohr

President Trump Dismisses President Xi: ‘We’re Much Stronger’ than China

Govt.-Funded News Outlet Finds Most School Shootings in Fed Report Didn’t Occur

Taiwan to Make English an Official Language

Amazon's Alexa is catching cheating spouses

Paula White Gives Trump Bible Signed by Evangelical Leaders During White House Dinner

Japanese Defense Ministry Proposes Record Budget: $2.1B for U.S. Missile Defense System

Brett Kavanaugh will be very good for property rights

California legislature sends tough new net neutrality law to governor's desk

Over 1,000 Big Tech Executives Donated to Democratic Super PAC ActBlue Since 2015

Business Booms for Louisiana Pipe Company Thanks to Trump Tariffs

In-N-Out burger chain receives invitation from Alabama lawmaker amid calls for California boycott

CNN’s Michael Cohen Debacle Part of a Long-Running Pattern

Judicial Watch: Justice Department Discloses No FISA Court Hearings Held on Carter Page Warrants

16 States Ask SCOTUS for Protection Against “Transgender” Tyranny


Lying Liars of the FBI Continue Lying About Hillary’s Emails

Dems Surrender on Judges to Get Home to Campaign

Over 3,000 Illegals Registered to Vote in Only 13 Cities — Sanctuary Cities

Abortion Activist Sarah Silverman Slams “Motherf***er’ Christians”: “Don’t Tell Me How I’m Disrespecting God”

BOMBSHELL: Senate Releases Email Logs On Trump Tower Meeting: HUGE Clinton Connection Uncovered

Israel/Palestinian War

Thousands of Arabs riot along Gaza border

Fabricating history, according to Abbas

Twenty five years since Oslo - a story of faded hopes

The Price of Concessions

Iran moves ballistic missiles to Iraq: Placing Israel, Saudi Arabia, within firing range

Hezbollah planning attacks in Judea and Samaria, commander says: "Fighting rebels in Syria has been a "perfect training ground" for future war with Israel"

Jerusalem: Why Palestinian Leaders Say 'Don’t Vote' in Election

WATCH: Are Palestinians doomed because of their leadership?

ISIS supporter who plotted to kill British PM is jailed




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