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    May 27, 2015     

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

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You will be absolutely shocked to learn how the Elite will overthrow Saudi Arabia and then you will be amazed as you watch this Plan unfold in your daily news.

Once Saudi Arabia is overthrown, the Elite will be able to establish Supernation #7 of the Club of Rome Plan, a required step in the establishment of the Ten Super-Nations of Daniel 7:7-8!

End Times Prophecy is being fulfilled in these events. Look up, for your Redeemer draweth nigh!

Dr. Kevin Clarkson, of Prophecy In The News, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries, discuss in depth the process of over throwing Saudi Arabia's brutal dictatorship in the new Cutting Edge Films DVD - 'BRINGING SAUDI ARABIA DOWN'

I. Several alternative Internet websites are screaming warnings that Russia and China are close to going to global war with the United States!

Can this be true?

What does prophecy say?

NEWS BRIEF: "George Soros Warns 'No Exaggeration' That China-US On 'Threshold Of World War 3?!', Socio-Economics History Blog, May 19, 2015

"Billionaire investor George Soros said flatly that he’s concerned about the possibility of another world war. If China’s efforts to transition to a domestic-demand led economy from an export engine falter, there is a 'likelihood' that China’s rulers would foster an external conflict to keep the country together and hold on to power .... there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real..."

This theme has been picked up by a number of other alternative websites. Is this possible? Can it be that China and Russia might turn on the United States with nuclear weapons? Since the world was treated for over 40 years by a daily threat of nuclear war between Russia and the United States, this threat will resonate with millions of people.

The Elite started planning for three world wars in 1870, the objective of which was to produce Antichrist on the world scene (Read full details in NEWS1015, entitled, "The Incredible Satanic Vision"). Literally, out of the smoke and destruction, Antichrist -- the Masonic Christ -- will come striding. Do not be deceived on this point: the Elite plans to wage a Third World War so they can bring their Christ to the world scene. That is what they say, in their own words!

Masonic author, Albert Pike, received a demonic vision On January 22, 1870, Pike and one of his international co-conspirators, Guiseppe Mazzini, published the Plan which would establish the New World Order. This Plan was kept very secret, only within Freemasonry circles since the time of its inception, known only to fellow occult Illuminist conspirators. (This information is taken from a book from a former Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis. His book is "Secrets of the Illuminati" and reveals much formerly hidden detail known only to Illuminists).

The secret Pike plan to control the world foresaw the need for three world wars to produce Antichrist. While World Wars I and II were fought exactly as this demonic vision revealed to Albert Pike, and the details of World War III are being set in place also in accordance with Pike's vision.

The Third World War was foreseen to be between Judaism and Islam. That war grows closer every single day, and most people can sense it. Just remember, all events in the world are proceeding according to God's prophecy, not according to economic factors or to political factors.

God is determined that events will unfold in such a way as to fulfill His prophecy. Listen:

"Also the ten horns that you observed are ten rulers (kings) .... For God has put it into their hearts to carryout His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power and authority to the Beast, until the prophetic words...of God shall be fulfilled." (Revelation 17:12, 17)

Consider the map below, of the nations of the world being reorganized right now in these 10 supernations.

Looking carefully, we can see that God is causing the leaders of these supernations to 'act in harmony ' until the prophetic words...of God shall be fulfilled." This verse means that the leader of Supernation #1, North America (President Obama) and the leader of Supernation #5, Russia, (President Putin) and the leader of Supernation #10, China, (President Xi) are closely cooperating!

Mass Media is constantly shouting from the rooftops that these leaders are diametrically opposed to each other and yet, we are told that, until the Antichrist arises, these ten rulers are cooperating, they are "acting in harmony"!

Now, what does the Bible say about the timing of Antichrist? Listen:

"After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns." (Daniel 7:7)

These "ten horns" are the same 10 supernations pictured above. Returning to this passage, we see the timing of Antichrist's appearance on the world scene.

"I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn ... behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." (Daniel 7:8)

Notice that Antichrist is the "another little horn", and that he appears only after the ten supernations have been formed. This is the key understanding. Antichrist will not appear until the prophetic ten kingdoms have been organized and are functioning as nations.

Therefore, the World War 3 that puts him on the world scene cannot, and will not, occur until these final 10 supernations are formed, each with a top leader.

How close are these ten kingdoms to being established and operating? Given the rate of progress thus far, I expect that the world is 4-8 years away from seeing these ten supernations established and operating. Therefore, we can ignore these cries of alarm that World War III is close.

"Thus saith the Lord".

"Angelic / Demonic Warfare In The Heavenlies"

"Daniel 10 Is Propelling World Events"

Watch Both Trailers

2-DVD Combo Offer, by David Bay

Daniel, Chapter 10, reveals a most shocking daily battling which is occurring in the Heavenlies. Godly angels are constantly battling ungodly demons over who would have control of human leaders. Two demonic entities are identified as the 'King of Persia' and the 'King of Greece'. Powerful demonic beings were attempting to influence the human kings by this title to pursue Satan's plan for them and for their nation; but, Godly angels were fighting to influence these kings to follow God's plan.

This type of supernatural battling in the Heavenlies is occurring every day in these End Times. In fact, no person who does not know about this supernatural conflict, determining how the rulers of nations and of churches and of businesses act, will ever understand the events and issues of this day.

Our first DVD, 'Russian Bear Poised To Attack Israel: Ezekiel 38- 39, identifies the Russian Demonic Overlord as 'Gog' and demonstrates that you cannot understand this invasion if you do not believe in this daily supernatural battling. One Hour

Our second DVD, 'Catholicism: Whisperers of Magic', reveals that the Demonic Overlord assigned to the Pope from the beginning of the Catholic Church, worked to bring that church from lukewarm Christian to Black Magick Satanism, so that Catholicism and its Pope could be 'proper receptors to the New Age Christ' (Antichrist). You will see Catholicism in a completely different light. NOTE: This DVD was originally entitled 'Full of Dead Men's Bones'. One hour, 36 minutes

Total amount of teaching in this 2-Disc Set is 2 hours, 36 minutes -

II. Jewish priests perform a Temple Service that has not carried out for almost 2,000 years!

God's prophecies about the appearance of the "Man of Sin" and the reestablishment of Old Testament Temple prophecies draws nearer every single day!

NEWS BRIEF: "In Jerusalem, Jewish Priests Perform Pentecost Temple Service in Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy: "Shavuot holiday has not been celebrated in this manner for nearly 2,000 years", Breaking Israel News, May 27, 2015

"On Monday, on a mountain ridge overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and the ancient Temple Mount, kohanim (ancestral priests) performed a dry run of the Temple Service for the Shavuot (Pentecost) holiday."

Before we go any further, please realize that these priests were NOT performing on the Temple Mount, but we on a "mountain ridge overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem and the ancient Temple Mount". These priests were performing a practice ceremony for Shavot (Pentecost).

"All three of the major components of the holiday service – bringing of the first fruits, preparation of two loaves of bread using the season’s new wheat, and a special holiday offering – were conducted to as great a level of detail as is possible at this point in time ... this most joyous and beautiful ceremony, marking the time in the calendar when the wheat has just ripened and the first fruits of the season are ready for picking and eating by the entire populace."

This ceremony is a joyous one, as the people are able to celebrate God's abundant provision of food.

"In fulfillment of the biblical prophecy of Jews returning to the God given land of Israel and the rebuilding of the Holy Jewish Temple, Monday’s reenactment is one step forward to the completion when all the nations will gather at the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem."

God is bringing His people back to Israel as He promised He would after returning Israel back to her land after 1,900 years of dispersion. Now, God is calling Jews back to Israel through the use of the "hornet" of persecution in foreign lands.

Finally, God is making it possible for Israel to reestablish the Old Testament Covenant, of which ceremonies like this are critical. Of course, Christians who know their Bible need to warn all Jews that this activity, including the rebuilding of the Temple, are preparations for the man of deceit, Antichrist.

Most Jews will not listen, but the seed needs to be planted in their minds that the first man on the world scene, claiming to be Jesus Christ, will be the false Christ who will turn to slaughter them. He will be followed after 7 years by the real Jesus Christ, Who will come to Earth at the Mount of Olives.

"Amen! Come Quickly, Lord Jesus"!

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III. John Bolton, a CFR leader, boldly proposes that Iraq be split into different nations, just as the Bush Middle East Map of 2006 depicts!

This proposal is the second in less than two weeks that Iraq be partitioned.

But, this time the person who is advocating a partition is one with authority, one of the key Elitetists in the world.

NEWS BRIEF: "John Bolton, Key Iraq War Architect: “Our Objective Should Be a New Sunni State Out of the Western Part Of Iraq, the Eastern Part of Syria”, Press TV, May 25, 2015

"Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says his country should make a new Sunni country from the current fighting in Iraq and Syria. 'I think our objective should be a new Sunni state out of the western part of Iraq, the eastern part of Syria run by moderates..."

To understand how closely Bolton's proposal is to the Pentagon Middle East Map of 2006, let us examine this map, below.

Notice that Iraq is divided into three segments:

1) Free Kurdistan - created by taking territory from northern Iraq, southern Syria, Iran and even Turkey. Finally, the Kurds -- the Ancient Medes -- get their own nation.

2) Sunni Iraq -- ISIS/ISIL is the force which will morph into Sunni Iraq.

3) Shia Iraq -- Headquartered in Baghdad, and being given land on both sides of the Persian Gulf

Therefore, by saying that this new Sunni Iraq segment should be taken from "western part of Iraq, the eastern part of Syria", John Bolton precisely locates the new nation, Sunni Iraq, precisely where this map depicts.

This Middle East Map of 2006 is being followed as a road map to redraw the map of this region.

Of course, Saudi Arabia knew from the moment this map was published that the map was real and would be followed to the last detail. Since Saudi Arabia is planned to lose land, control over Islam's Holy Places, and her very name, she determined to go to war.

Let us now examine the progress of the Saudi attack on Yemen.

IV. Thus far, superior Saudi and Arab Coalition air forces are not crushing the Yemeni rebels.

NEWS BRIEF: Why Saudi Arabia's Yemen War Is Not Producing Victory", US News, May 26,2015

"As the war in Yemen escalates after a short humanitarian truce, the stakes are getting higher for Saudi Arabia's princes, the region and Washington. The United Nations-hosted talks in Geneva next week are unlikely to get much traction ... after weeks of air attacks on the Zaydi Shiite Houthi rebels and their allies, the prince's war looks like a stalemate ... The Saudis hope they can rally enough Yemenis against the Houthis to build an army to roll back Houthi gains. Special forces are training the Yemenis. Intense battles are destroying Yemeni cities."

Meanwhile, military experts continue to publish their opinion that Saudi Arabia cannot win this war using air power alone. Saudi troops must cross over the border and root out Yemeni rebel forces. There simply is not any substitute for "boots on the ground".

However, Saudi forces are not logistically capable of sustaining a protracted ground offensive. These forces are well-equipped and are the most modern in the world, but they cannot resupply themselves as a heated and continuous exchange takes place.

Other Arab countries can see this problem.

"The Salmans also immediately sought experienced combat-tested ground forces from Pakistan to take the war into Yemen. The Pakistanis came away from meetings in Riyadh convinced the king and his son had "panicked" and jumped into the war without a viable strategy for achieving victory .."

The REAL enemy Saudi Arabia faces is not Yemeni rebels to the south, but ISIS/ISIL to the north.

"Riyadh's obsession with Yemen comes as the Islamic State (IS) is scoring important victories to the north, in Iraq at Ramadi and in Syria at Palmyra. While the RSAF is bombing Saada and Sanaa, the caliphate is strengthening its brand. Since it has said it intends to conquer Mecca and depose the Saudi 'snake' ..."

Since the 2006 Middle East Map depicts that Saudi Arabia loses control over Mecca and Medina, this verbal threat from ISIS should be getting a great deal of scrutiny. Since the map depicts that Iran will be the one who gains control over Mecca and Medina, we shall just have to wait to see how this all plays out.

In the end, an International Conference will be called to redraw the map of the Middle East. The result of this conference will be a Middle East which looks identical to the one published in 2006.

V. Egyptian rulers are punishing the Muslim Brotherhood that they are setting the stage for the prophetic civil war of Isaiah 19.

"I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom." (Isaiah 19:2)

NEWS BRIEF: "Egypt’s Sisi Is Getting Pretty Good … at Being a Dictator', Foreign Policy, May 22, 2015

"The outrageous death sentences in Egypt over the weekend, and the muted reaction from Western governments, suggest that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has cemented a ruling coalition that will propel him out of a transitional phase into a long-term project of power consolidation."

"This ruling coalition may be responsible for the awful death sentences being passed by Egyptian courts against members of the Islamic Brotherhood. 'Lost amid the court ruling against more than 100 defendants — which include academics and senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, even Egypt’s sole elected civilian president, Mohamed Morsi — is the mounting evidence that Sisi has cobbled together a workable formula for ruling Egypt. This formula might be doomed in the long run, but the long run can be very far off indeed'."

Reaction to the large number of death sentences levied against the Brotherhood has set off fierce anger from the common man on the street to top officials of foreign nations. But, these death sentences are not the most worrisome news from Egypt.

The worst part of this scenario is that the Egyptian dictatorship is already executing prisoners!

NEWS BRIEF: "Egypt’s military government has already started executing people on overtly political charges", L.A. Times, 5/26/2015

"CAIRO, Egypt — Next Tuesday, a lawyer will plead for a Cairo court to suspend the execution of six men, arguing that their death sentences were unconstitutional. The only trouble is, the defendants are already dead."

Already dead?

This is the earmark of an out-of-control dictatorship: when they are murdering condemned prisoners before the normal judicial process has run its course. When a lawyer is basing his actions upon a Constitution which has already been nullified by the country's military rulers, that is the very definition of a dictatorship.

If Egypt executes anywhere near the 100 prisoners now condemned, Egypt will be so convulsed by outrage that the country could easily descend into chaos and all-out civil war.

God's judgment is already falling upon Egypt.

Dr. Kevin Clarkson and guest David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries discuss the prophetic tsunami unfolding involving the Nile River and the dam that is being built by Ethiopia in her waters.

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