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1. Israeli leadership continues to make preparations one would only expect if the country is preparing for war!

PM Netanyahu is even suddenly talking "peace" and acceptance of the 'Two-Nation Solution", a tactic commonly seen just before war.


2. Hillary Clinton might not be the Democratic Nominee for President?

While Hillary seems to have the First-Round ballot locked up, some Democratic leaders are beginning to "think the unthinkable"!

3. As Supernation #6 -- Central and South America -- begin to form, has the time come for Regional Action to solve a problem too big for any one nation?

You need a nation in crisis: Will Venezuela suffice?

4. When the Cincinnati Zoo quickly decided that a human boy's life was more important than an endangered species Gorilla, the outrage which erupted gave us a special view of the change in American values brought on by decades of "Animal Rights" values.

Black Outrage was also shown to be misdirected.

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Hillary Clinton Pledges To Surrender American Sovereignty to the North American Union Within Her First 100 Days in the White House

Supernation #1 is planned to be formed by the next President! Will Hillary's pledge spark political volcanic explosions in the Presidential campaign, giving Donald Trump enormous advantage! Will Trump ride forth to save America on his brave white steed?

2016 Election Special Report: "Not a dime's worth of difference"!

Subtitle: Why politicians never intend to keep their campaign promises. Will never look at politics the same way again

Title: Which Type of President Is More Likely To Ram The North American Union Through A Reluctant Congress?

Subtitle: The answer to this simple question will shock you and change the way in which you think about politics forever!

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"Megiddo II -- The New Age: Foundation of the New World Order"

Chris Pinto reveals that Hillary Clinton is a channeler of spirits on the level of Aleister Crowley, Adolf Hitler, and Madame Blavatsky (House of Theosophy)!

Watch also "Megiddo I -- The March to Armageddon"

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
New DVD by Mac Dominick

The control of the earth that Adam transferred to Satan is documented in Heaven in the form of a Title Deed of the Earth. As we take up our study in Revelation chapter 5, we are given by God in this inspired account the details of the exercising of this title deed. As with any deed that is held by a lienholder, payment for the property will eventually come due. In Disc 2 and following, we become witnesses to this payment and the judgment for the abuse of said property by those who were entrusted with its care. The Book with Seven Seals, a seven-sealed scroll, is this very title deed, and as the Lord Jesus Christ breaks each of these seals, the demand for payment is executed.
Disc 2 details the breaking of the first four of the seven seals, and with the breaking of each of these seals, the lien-holder (God) allows the empowerment of Satan and his minions their opportunity to exercise their will over the earth and mankind. The manifestation of the will of Satan is illustrated as 4 horsemen who are loosed and empowered to work their evil will over the planet earth and its inhabitants. The results are both tragic and devastating:
• Satan will install his man to rule the earth over a one-world government
• This ruler will deceive the Jews into believing he is their long-awaited Messiah and the savior of the world by instituting world peace.
• However, because this is a false peace, war will break out that reveals the evil that controls the planet.
• Subsequently, there will be famine, pestilence, and death to more than one-third of the earth’s inhabitants
• Finally, the world ruler will declare war on the Jews and set up his image in a rebuilt Jewish Temple.

Disc 2 will detail this account, establish its credibility with prerequisites that show exactly how these events can and will take place, and prepare the viewer for the breaking of the remaining seals that initiate the wrath of Almighty God upon the earth dwellers.

Disc 2 includes answers to the following questions:
• Who is Antichrist, and where will he originate?
• Will the Antichrist be a Muslim as many Evangelicals now teach?
• Will Israel declare war on her Arab neighbors, and finally live in peace and safety?
• Is Russia a threat to Israel, and what does Scripture teach concerning this?
• How will the Jews realize that Antichrist is not their Messiah but rather, evil incarnate?

Buckle your seat belts and join us---this is a wild ride. Order - watch trailer here .

'Jesus' Warning To His 7 Churches', New DVD by Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge Films

We are going to examine in this series areas which no other teacher has even addressed, but you should expect this kind of in-depth valuable information from Cutting Edge Ministries! Jesus wrote this prophetic book through John the Apostle, addressing:

  • 7 Christian Churches in Asia Minor
  • 7 Prophetic Seals
  • 7 Trumpet Judgments
  • 7 Histories (Persons)
  • 7 Bowls (Vials)
  • 7 Judgments (Dooms)
  • 7 New Things

    Since God considers the number Seven as His Perfect Number, we can see that God is offering a final prophetic book which consists of 7 subjects, each of which contains 7 events. A Divinely Perfect Book in all ways!

    We are living in an age in which the question, Is there any hope for mankind? seems to become more relevant with each passing hour. Every waking hour is filled with reports of a new crisis, new disasters, new terror threats, and the realization that the fate of all of mankind is spinning out of control.

    Additionally, this generation is facing more onslaughts of pure evil than has ever been witnessed in the entire history of man. As we search for answers, we must realize that God has given us a guidebook to prepare us for the future, and that guidebook is none other than the last book of the BibleThe Book of Revelation.

    While there have been any who have taught and studied this book, most who teach it either teach it out of the context of the balance of the Word of God or fail to ask the hard questions surrounding the prophecies in this book. We at Cutting Edge Ministries are presenting this series to provide answers to not only the mysteries of this book, but also to deal with difficult subjects and answer the hard questions.

    A few of the points we will cover in Volume 1 include:

  • The Rapture of the Church true or false?
  • Will the Antichrist be Islamic?
  • How do we understand Islamic eschatology?
  • Who is ISIS, and will ISIS conquer the Middle East?
  • What is the true bloodline of the Antichrist?
  • What is the fate of Russia?
  • How can the stars fall to earth from heaven?
  • Was there any prophetic significance to Nazi Germany?
  • Can we find the USA in the Book of Revelation?

    We will teach the book in a survey format that will mingle a traditional, contextual approach to the book with a digression to apply these teachings and prophecies to cover the influence (or lack of influence) of the events we see taking place right before our eyes.

    Run Time is nearly 2 hours Watch the Trailer

Hot News

1. Israeli leadership continues to make preparations one would only expect if the country is preparing for war!

PM Netanyahu is even suddenly talking "peace" and acceptance of the 'Two-Nation Solution", a tactic commonly seen just before war.

Step #1: IDF preparing civilians for war

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel forming civil defense units in preparation for possible conflict with Hezbollah", The Jerusalem Post, 5/26/2016

"Defense units throughout northern Israel to assist in any future conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, Col Eren Makov, the Northern Regional Commander of the Homefront Command told The Media Line in an interview."

"In any new conflict, the senior military official says, it is the Home Front Command that will decide whether Israelis should stay or be evacuated ... Military officials do not rule out evacuating part of the population if needed."

Once Israel attacks the Palestinians inside Israel, Hezbollah is committed to respond by an attack on Israel from the North. Since they have over 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel, it is important to protect the civilian Jewish population as much as possible.

Step #2 - IDF is preparing troops and equipment for war

NEWS BRIEF: "IDF Conducts Mass Drills in Preparation for Ramadan Terror", Breaking Israel News, 5/26/2016

"Amid expectations that the coming month of Ramadan will bring an escalation in terror activities to Israel, the IDF conducted a series of drills near Ramallah this week to prepare for worse case scenarios. Ramadan begins on June 6th at sundown."

June 6 is also the 49th anniversary of the beginning of the 6-Day War (June 6-10, 1967) in which combined Arab nations attacked Israel, only to suffer the greatest loss ever against the modem Jewish nation. In Ancient Israel, every 50th year was considered a "Year of Jubilee", where all land ownership reverted back to the original owner and all debts were cancelled.

Israel regained physical control over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. But, the Arabs still maintained religious control of the Mount.

Might Israel choose the beginning of this upcoming Jubilee Year in which to force all ownership of Israel and the Temple Mount to revert back to Israeli ownership? For this to occur, the Palestinians would have to be swept out of Israel.

But, isn't this the essence of the prophetic annihilating war of Obadiah 15-18?

NOTE: We are not predicting that Israel will launch their prophetic war against the Palestinians during this 49th Anniversary of the Six Day War; but, you have to admit that the parallels are staggering.

Step #3 -- Prime Minister Netanyahu now has the Right-Wing Coalition Government which would survive the horrific backlash which this war will produce, and he has a Right-Wing leader who is not afraid to "pull the trigger" on his enemy. Liberman is just such a man. Left-Wing leaders recognize this fact.

NEWS BRIEF: "With Lieberman as Defense Minister, Israelis Should Head for the Bomb Shelters", Ha'aretz News, May 19, 2016

"The State of Israel in the hands of someone who could destroy it: a man who threatened to bomb the Aswan Dam and sees Israel's Arab citizens as the enemy."

To this old Military Analyst, it looks like Israel is preparing to fulfill the prophecy of annihilation against the Palestinians foretold 2,600 years ago in Obadiah 15-18. All the pieces seem in place, awaiting only the right timing, and it will be God's timing.

2. Hillary Clinton might not be the Democratic Nominee for President?

While Hillary seems to have the First-Round ballot locked up, some Democratic leaders are beginning to "think the unthinkable"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Dem Pollster: Hillary Might Not Be Nominee If Bernie Wins California", Breitbart News, 1 June 2016

"Democratic pollster Doug Schoen has penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal predicting that Hillary Clinton could be denied the Democratic Party nomination if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) wins the June 7 California primary."

How can this possibly be true? Doesn't Hillary have such a huge lead in the unelected "Superdelegates" that she cannot be denied under any circumstances? Yes, this is true mathematically, but if large numbers of these superdelegates defect to Sanders, Hillary could be denied the nomination -- again. Under what circumstances might this scenario occur?

"According to Schoen, a loss for Clinton would not only demonstrate her weakness as a national candidate, but could also turn the tide of opinion in the embattled Democratic National Convention and among wavering “superdelegates” — party bigwigs with an independent vote. Specifically, Schoen argues, Sanders could seize the opportunity to change the convention rules to force superdelegates to cast their ballot for whichever candidate won their state. "

"In addition, Schoen writes, Clinton faces increasing pressure from the FBI investigation into her personal e-mail server and apparent conflicts of interest involving her family foundation and her performance as Secretary of State."

The success of Bernie Sanders -- a rank Socialist -- simply demonstrates how unhappy many Democrat voters are with the Establishment Party.

The success of Donald Trump demonstrates the same type of unhappiness and disillusion among many Republican voters with the GOP Establishment leadership.

Hang on to your hats, this election might be getting very dicey.

3. As Supernation #6 -- Central and South America -- begins to form, has the time come for Regional Action to solve a problem too big for any one nation?

You need a nation in crisis: Will Venezuela suffice?

NEWS BRIEF: "Crisis in Venezuela: Will Obama do the right thing and back a regional rescue? ", Fox News Opinion, May 31, 2016

"Today, thirty million Venezuelans are forced to cope with a grave scarcity of food, medicine, electricity, and political freedom. As the humanitarian crisis worsens, many fear that seething social tension may explode into a bloody confrontation. President Nicolás Maduro seeks to hold on to power by defying the National Assembly and distributing weapons to militants ... Instead of bolstering urgent regional efforts to confront the crisis, the Obama administration inexplicably backed the regime’s bid to buy time—so the meltdown in Venezuela is the next U.S. president’s problem."

This financial slide into insolvency has been a crisis building for some time now.

"Since Maduro was elected by the narrowest of margins to succeed Hugo Chávez three years ago, Venezuela’s sputtering and debt-ridden economy has been in steep decline ... Plunging oil prices and production ... The regime’s international credibility has been devastated ... by regime leaders in drug trafficking and money laundering..."

Events in Venezuela are seen as spiraling out of control and as being beyond the ability of the poor Venezuelan people to solve. The situation is ripe for the favorite tactic of the Elite to be employed, a government authority greater than the country's authority steps in to restore order and security.

And, this type of regional action seems to be underway.

"... the imminent economic collapse and fear of widespread political violence has led the region’s chief diplomat, Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, to call an urgent meeting to press regional governments to respond to the crisis."

"Out of chaos, Order" is the motto of Illuminized Freemasonry. Watch the chaos beginning to envelope Supernation #6. From Brazil to Venezuela to Cuba, short-term chaos will be used to bring about the long-term stability of the New World Order and a fulfillment of prophecy!


4. When the Cincinnati Zoo quickly decided that a human boy's life was more important than an endangered species Gorilla, the outrage which erupted gave us a special view of the change in American values brought on by decades of "Animal Rights" values.

NEWS BRIEF: "Cincinnati Zoo Tragedy: Why do some care more about a gorilla than a child?", Fox News Opinion, May 31, 2016

"This weekend a hulking 450-pound gorilla almost killed a child that fell into its enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo. Haunting video shows the gorilla tossing and dragging the 4-year-old child like a rag doll. The animal was necessarily killed to save the child. "

Many people believe the gorilla was actually trying to protect this unfortunate black child who had fallen into the enclosure housing this huge gorilla. However, he might have been playing with this child in preparation for killing him whenever he decided he had had enough frolic.

"Instead of praising the heroic act of the security team that saved the boy in what was described as a life-threatening situation, the child’s parents were lambasted, the zoo officials demonized, and western lowland gorilla mourned. Zoo visitors even left flowers for Harambe the gorilla and thousands on social media called it 'murder', with a 'Justice for Harambe' Facebook group quickly garnering over 90,000 likes. "

"It is disheartening that an endangered gorilla species was killed. But a child almost died. In that context concern for the gorilla needs to take a backseat."

This unexpectedly large outpouring of support for the gorilla, even if a child died in the process, is simply an indication as to how effective "animal rights" propaganda has been over the years in changing the attitudes and values of an entire population.

Now, too many Americans care more about an animal than a human!

But, of course, this attitude is to be expected, since New Age values state that there is no Omnipotent, Omnipresent and All-Knowing God Who granted special status to human beings; rather, humans are animals higher on the Evolutionary Scale than other animals, but animals nevertheless.

Therefore, that tiny black child was also just an animal, not more valuable than the gorilla.

Welcome to this "Brave New World"!

Black Outrage was also shown to be misdirected.

NEWS BRIEF: "Black Outrage Over Gorilla Shot To Protect ‘White Privilege’. Just One Problem… ", Brietbart News,

"But I don’t think in the outrage stakes any of us can quite compete with the angry black people in social media forums who have been blaming the incident on entrenched white privilege."

Here are some examples of outraged black people responding to this issue:

* "That gorilla was taken from it's homeland, put in captivity, and then killed to preserve White life. That sounds familiar." (by Isa Ibn, Prairie View, TX, United States)

* "That gorilla was black, unarmed and 17" (by Kar L. Stine, Brooklyn)

* "Killing an endangered gorilla at a zoo for a white boy’s safety is white privilege. If the boy was black they would’ve found a tranquilizer." (Hood Intellect (@NelsonEmpowered) May 29, 2016)

The biggest problem with this kind of outrage is that these people had their facts wrong. Dead wrong. The 4-year-old child who fell into the gorilla enclosure was black!

How many protestors allow themselves to be stirred up by a master of propaganda to destroy and burn based upon lies?

As God said repeatedly in the Psalms -- "Selah" (calmly think, pause, and meditate)!

Brand New DVD From Pastor Billy Crone

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Islam vigorously defends itself as a 'Religion of Peace', even though today it is the most bloody religion on Earth. Is Islam peaceful, has it just been taken over by 'radical extremists'?

Pastor Billy Crone uniquely examines Islam according to these points:

The Hidden History and Behavior of Muhammad
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As astonishing technological developments push the frontiers of humanity towards far-reaching morphological transformation (which promises in the very near future to redefine what it means to be human), an intellectual and fast-growing cultural movement known as transhumanism intends the use of these powerful new fields of science and technology as tools that will radically redesign our minds, our memories, our physiology, our offspring, and even perhaps-as Professor Joel Garreau, Lincoln Professor of Law, claims- our immortal souls.

Certainly, the Global Elite wants desperately to end biological death and to defeat God's plans for our souls.

As viewers will learn, this includes rewriting human genetics, combining human and animal DNA, and interfacing our brains with strong artificial intelligence systems. As a result, new modes of perception between things visible and invisible are expected to challenge bioethics in ways that are historically, sociologically and theologically unprecedented.

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Cutting Edge Director, David Bay, teaches six hard- hitting lessons on six unique End Times instances where events are fulfilling prophecy, but no one is talking about it. Five hot topics on three discs.

1) Israel's Prophesied Triumph over the Palestinians

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