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"Through the abundance of your commerce you were filled with lawlessness and violence, and you sinned; therefore I cast you out as a profane thing from the mountain of God and the guardian cherub drove you out from the midst of the stones of fire." (Ezekiel 28:16)

"And the land is defiled; therefore I visit the iniquity of it upon it, and the land itself vomits out her inhabitants." (Leviticus 18:25)

"What Must I Do To Be Saved"?

"System Breakdown--Living in the Time of The Paradigm Shift Into the New World Order"

On March 21, 2022 President Joe Biden said 'Now is the time when things are shifting, there’s going to be a new world order out there, we’ve got to lead it, and we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world while doing it.'

The President is talking about the 'Paradigm Shift' to take us into the New World Order and stage the Antichrist.

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Critical News Analysis

1. President Biden is at the controls of the "American Titanic, 2022"!

NEWS BRIEF: "How Bad Does It Have to Get?", American Greatness, July 10, 2022

"What if the institutions I trusted are full of shameless, self-serving liars and cowards?"

"I recently contemplated ... the perils of assuming virtue where none exists."

"The smart money rigs the system, sonny. Get with it, you prude. You innocent. The world, really, is pretty much crime family Biden and tax-sucking Dr. Fauci."

"Where have you been?"

"In the old Polio/Smallpox vaccine days, you would expect almost no deaths among the vaccinated, but we live in an age where 'vaccines' are not really vaccines and all they really do is protect you, sorta, against hospitalization and death.)"

"The vaccine didn’t do much, at all, to prevent death, and it appears it was less effective against hospitalization and ICU admission than avoiding the vaccination altogether."

" Teenagers are dying and casket companies are making far more of the 'under 5 foot' version."

"Can anyone tell me why?"

The answer can be found in Revelation 6:7-8:

"And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death (with plague pestilence, disease), and with the beasts of the earth."

The Parallel Commentary explains another verse, "There will be ... pestilences (plagues: malignant and contagious or infectious epidemic diseases which are deadly and devastating)" - [Luke 21:11]

COVID-19 is simply a pre-trial version of this Seal #4 of the Book of Revelation. Only, Seal #4 will be deadly and will contribute to killing 25% of mankind.

Before moving on, let us reexamine the wording, above, "and with the beasts of the earth."

Somehow, this Seal #4 will be foretold to be comprised of "beasts of the field".

"There will be ... pestilences, plagues: malignant and contagious or infectious epidemic diseases which are deadly and devastating)" - [Luke 21:11]

Please take a few moments to read how the SARS virus is genetically modified so that it contains some genetic material of the "wild beasts of the earth"!


The beginning is just now starting to gain steam; you can be certain that the Seal #4 deadly pestilence will be just as man-made as any of the military equipment which will produce the wars foretold in Revelation, Chapter 6!

But, Christians should be of good cheer,for we serve a "Healing God"!

"Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." (Psalm 103:3)

We serve a deliverying God: "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation (trial) ..." (Revelation 3:10)

We serve an eternal God: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life..." (John 3:26)


Oh, no! Biden has turned the American ship of state directly into the path of the iceberg!

NEWS BRIEF: "Aiming For The Iceberg", Canada Free Press, July 10, 2022

"Whether by incompetence or design, it’s plain that the Democrats are steering the ship-of-state toward an iceberg. What do you do when your own government begins to tear the country apart? What do you do when they take the greatest nation on earth, extraordinary in all of history, and decide to break the civic and social contract it made with its people 246 years ago?"

Consider the many ways in which this country is being torn asunder, from the maggots within? This government has opened wide Pandora’s box to every calamity."

* "... rejecting the precepts of God that protected us and granted us our natural rights?"

* "No longer do they punish criminals, or grant a swift trial to the presumed innocent.."

* "No longer does this government recognize gender, instead forces us to acknowledge delusion… and believe a surgeon’s knife can do the work of God. "

* "We no longer esteem motherhood, instead lower it to ‘birthing parent.’

* "The education of our youth is non-existent. They teach hate of country and every form of sexual deviance. "

* "They have blanketed our nation with a satanic ethos. Every evil has been loosed upon us."

* "How do you fix a government that shuts down an entire country for a flu-like disease with very suspicious origins, paralyzing the economy, fatally injuring millions of small businesses, but sends billions to big business."

" It then forces an experimental, non-FDA approved vaccine upon the public that not only may not protect against the disease, but find that those who have taken the vaccine have an increased chance of getting the disease.."

* "The food chain has been broken. We are being told that COVID-19 has temporarily disrupted the supply chain ... food processing plants are being destroyed and cattle are being killed as we speak. They’re being mysteriously set ablaze, or exploding, and livestock killed. We’re slowly being sold on synthetic meat, told that livestock is bad for the environment, and that synthetic and genetically modified food is the wave of the future."

"... much of this madness, or their excuse to disrupt the entire planet’s human existence, is climate change…going ‘green.’ Countries like Germany have literally collapsed their economies as a result."

As Western economies contract, Russia and China are simply waiting in the wings ready to snatch up with almost no war, countries which were far stronger, before this suicide mentality set in.

* "How do we fix a government that no longer is willing to deliver to its people the most basic of necessities, food, water, and energy because it doesn’t like the form of energy used to provide it? "

"... at the same time, we have no viable technology or the infrastructure to support it. And then we find, upon reading the small print, that the planet they envision will have only 500 million people occupying it.

Planned genocide is their solution, fully in sync with Rev. 6, Seals 1 through 4 !


2. Civilizations die by suicide, not murder!

NEWS BRIEF: "Civilizations Die by Suicide Not by Murder", By Christopher Quigley, Financial Sense, DEC 15, 2015

"Very few people today know that between 1934 and 1961 the British historian Arnold Toynbee wrote A Study of History describing the rise and fall of the 23 civilizations he had identified in human history."

"One of the ground-breaking discoveries by Toynbee is the fact that there have been so many highly developed civilizations ... According to Toynbee, civilizations start to decay when they lose their moral fiber and the cultural elite turns parasitic, exploiting the masses and creating an internal and external proletariat. "

Americans began to lose her moral fiber right after World War II (1945) , and the rebirth of the nation, Israel, in 1948.

Today, Christianity is rudely spurned while Satanism is declared a religion and promoted widely.

The "cultural elite" can commit any crime they wish -- including murder and sexual crimes, knowing they will never be held accountable!

"Toynbee argued that 'Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder'."

A WW2 Veteran exclaims, "This country is going to Hell"!

NEWS BRIEF: "World War II Veteran, Carl Dekel: 'Our country is going to hell'," Canada free Press, July 11, 2022

"The America of 2022 is not the America that “we fought for,” a Marine who was awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action during World War II said in a video that has gone viral."

"Dekel, who served in a machine gun company during WWII, calls the Silver Star he was awarded, one of the military’s highest honors, his “pride and joy”, and displayed it on his uniform alongside his other honors during the interview."

"Dekel said he still loves his country but worries about its future given its current state ... Nowadays, I am so upset that the things we did, the things we fought for, and the boys that died for it are all going down the drain. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. We haven’t got the country we had when I was raised, not at all."

The moral decline in America is responsible for all this decay and turmoil. God is in control of everything, so pay attention:

"... he removeth kings, and setteth up kings..." (Daniel 2:21, KJV)

Since America used her power to bring Israel back to her Holy Land, our national sins began to force God's Holy Spirit to gradually withdraw His restraining power, to the point we find ourselves today.

Today, God is saying: "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin."

" This is the interpretation of the thing: Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." (Daniel 5:25-27, KJV)

Every single day, American leaders demonstrate their complete ignorance of the God Whom they are insulting.

3. America's leaders arrogantly display their 'Love of Death", even after Roe was overturned.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Biden administration is taking this shocking action to defy the Supreme Court", Constitutional Nobody, June 6, 2022

"The Democrats have completely gone rogue. They are violating all of the democratic norms they claim to uphold. Now the Biden administration is taking one shocking action to defy the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs decision overturned the bad precedent of Roe V. Wade, and the Democrats are not handling it well."

"Many prominent Democrats have openly said that the Supreme Court is no longer legitimate because it did not rule how they wanted ... have intensified calls to pack the Supreme Court."

Further, the entire Biden Administration is coordinating their effort to maneuver around the High Court ruling, so the can continue murdering innocent babies.

* "Brain-Dead Biden himself said the Senate should nuke the filibuster in order to codify Roe ... but it would take a constitutional amendment to permit abortion nationwide."

* "The Department of Health and Human Services just launched the website and instructed women how to find abortion clinics and get abortion pills."

* "The pro-abortion guidance from HHS dovetailed with a similar statement released by Attorney General Merrick Garland. So now the DOJ is openly defying the court."

* "Senator Warren and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez even floated the idea of setting up abortion clinics on federal land."

"Loving Death" is one constant of those who rebel against God's Law!

NEWS BRIEF: "Pro-Abortion Protestors Scream: “We Love Killing Babies”, LifeNews, July 11, 2022

"The protesters made their way through the streets of Washington D.C., chanting and yelling all the while. A pro-life Christian group followed them on the sides of the road. As the pro-abortion group turned to head towards the White House, one of the protesters blocked a pro-life sign and screamed 'We love killing babies!' ”

While this revelation is shocking, it is not new. In 1997, we broke a story in which an abortionist doctor revealed his love of killing babies within the womb.

1997 Archives: Abortion Doctor Confirms Truth About Goals of Abortionists -- They WANT to KILL Babies!"

NEWS BRIEF: "Truth or Consequences In Abortion Issue", by Charles Krauthammer Editorial Column, The Buffalo News, March 14, 1997, p. RC-3.

" "Why do any partial-birth abortions, then?"

"Krauthammer is now at the very essence of the truth of this whole sorry matter. If we understand that the entire official story as to why partial-birth abortions are "necessary" is built upon the quicksand of the BIG LIE, then why are our leaders so intent upon ensuring these type of abortions? The answer: they want dead babies!!!! (Emphasis Added)

"If you don't believe me, then believe Charles Krauthammer, as he answers this question, " 'The only possible 'advantage' of partial-birth abortion, if you can call it that', Dr. Curtis Cook, a specialist in high-risk obstetrics, explains mordantly, 'is that it guarantees a dead baby at the time of delivery.' "

Now, let us examine other ways in which American leaders are leading this nation directly down the road to Death, i.e., down the broad road to Hell.

NEWS BRIEF: "Manhattan’s Soros DA Throws the Book at Bodega Worker Attacked by Violent Criminal", The Washington Free Beacon, July 8, 2022

"George Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg (D.) is throwing the book at a middle-aged bodega employee who defended himself during a deadly assault in Harlem, an unprecedented move for an office that has abandoned customary bail, charging, and sentencing guidelines for many criminals." (Emphasis Added)

"Crime data show that in the last three years homicide is up 52 percent in New York City. Shootings are up more than 100 percent, and car theft is up 91 percent, according to the New York Police Department. In 2021, the Big Apple recorded nearly 500 homicides, its most in a decade."

President Biden is also throwing America wide open to the worst of the populations of Central and South America, by refusing to defend the Mexican/US border.

NEWS BRIEF: "UN Says That Mexico-U.S. Border is the World’s Deadliest Land Crossing", Canada Free Press, July 0, 2022

"The International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is part of the United Nations, concluded in a report it issued on July 1st that the United States-Mexico border crossing is 'the deadliest land crossing in the world'.”

"The situation at the U.S.-Mexico border is getting even worse this year ..."

NEWS BRIEF: "4 arrested after 5,000 pounds of methamphetamine discovered in record-breaking seizure", ABC News, July 9, 2022

"Four men have been arrested and charged with federal drug trafficking offenses after an estimated record-breaking two-and-a-half tons of methamphetamine was seized from a box truck that had just crossed the border between the United States and Mexico."

America's lawlessness goes far beyond anyone's imagination.

NEWS BRIEF: "Children Walk Through Sea of Homeless Drug Addicts in San Francisco: ‘Pure Filth’," Breitbart News, 10 July 2022

"A disturbing video shows a group of children getting off the bus in San Francisco and walking through a sea of homeless drug addicts who are seemingly shooting up in the middle of the street ... 'They got to walk through this s***', Wynne said. 'These little kids gotta walk through this s***. This s*** is crazy'.”

4. America continues her spirit of Lawlessness.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pro-Abortion Group Threatens Southern States with ‘Floating Abortion Clinic’ in Gulf of Mexico", Breitbart News, 10 July 2022

"A San Francisco-based pro-abortion activist group, known as PRROWESS, or Protecting Reproductive Rights of Women Endangered by State Statutes, seeks to offer an end-around Alabama state law and other nearby states with abortion bans by offering election abortion services offshore in the Gulf of Mexico in international waters ... a floating abortion clinic."

The demons from Hell could not possibly exhibit a greater frenzied desire for blood flow than Leftist / Democrat politicians in America today!

NEWS BRIEF: "Liberals are Lying: No Pro-Life Laws Stop Treatment for Miscarriage or Ectopic Pregnancy", LifeNews, July 11, 2022

"Here we are, living in a Roe-free world for the first time in 50 years."

And, now, we are in the midst of a very evil counterattack: Bold-faced lying

"With incredible amounts of false information and fearmongering in the media about women’s lives and health being put at risk without abortion access ... Fact check: Currently there is no pro-life law in existence that would in any way inhibit doctors from providing life-saving medical care for emergency ectopic pregnancies."

In fact, the truth lies in the exact opposite direction:

"It is a fact that medical provisions were already in place for high-risk pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage."

Lying occurs every single day in America by her leaders, and God records every single one of them!

"Everything rises or falls on leadership"!

This Business nugget of truth is also true in the Spiritual. Our top leader, Joe Biden, is truly setting this country up for a terrible fall -- into the Abyss.

NEWS BRIEF: "President Biden Spends More Time Trying to Kill Babies Than Fighting Inflation", LifeNews, July 11, 2022

"In signing an Executive Order in response to the pro-abortion Democrats in Congress and the abortion lobby, Joe Biden confirmed, once again, that the White House is working to appease the abortion lobby ... On no other issue, from inflation to high gas prices, have President Biden and pro-abortion Democrats put forward so much effort as they have on abortion,”

" 'President Biden seems to think that Americans’ problems can only be solved by killing its children by abortion. President Biden and the Democratic Party are pouring efforts into promoting abortion more than anything else.”

The prophesied 'Man of Lawlessness" must be jumping for joy and glee.

5. President Biden is depleting our Strategic Oil Reserves so the Chinese and Russians get richer.

NEWS BRIEF: "How Biden Helped a Chinese Gas Giant Boost the Communist Nation’s Oil Reserves", The Washington Free Beacon, July 12, 2022

"President Joe Biden's decision to deplete America's oil reserves is helping a top adversary—China, which has built up its own stockpile while taking advantage of Biden's firesale."

"... from mid-March to mid-May, China increased its oil reserves from 869 million barrels to 926 million barrels, according to Bloomberg. America's oil reserves, meanwhile, are in freefall under Biden. The Democrat inherited 638 million barrels of reserve oil; that number is set to drop to 384.6 million barrels, the lowest level since 1984.

"China's newfound oil reserve advantage poses a serious national security threat."

Truly, there is no traitor more dangerous than the one who is acting in authority for the nation against whom he is acting!

"... America is seemingly depleting its oil reserves to help China fill theirs," Turner told the Free Beacon. "China couldn't create a more favorable economic and national security approach to strategic oil reserves if they had created it themselves."

Hunter and Joe Biden are filling up their greedy bribery coffers, as Lawlessness reaches to the White House.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hunter Laptop Shows There are ‘Well-founded’ Concerns Joe Biden Compromised by China", American Defense News, July 5, 2022

"MIRANDA DEVINE: I think it’s more of our indications that Hunter Biden was deeply embedded in the very highest echelons of the U.S. government during the time that his father was vice president. And also Big Tech, some of the personal cell phone numbers that he had in his contact list included top U.S. officials who were responsible for overseeing the China-U.S. relationship, also top Google executives. And I think it shows that, whatever else we say about Joe Biden, there have to be well-founded concerns that he may be compromised when it comes to China, through his son and his brother’s family business to do with China."

When President Biden is announcing to the world that he cannot /will not order American military forces to intervene against a Chinese invasion of Taiwan and/or Korea, then you will understand exactly how important it is that China "compromised" Joe Biden!

6. Finally, Abortion is identified as Satanic!

The Satanic Temple is filing claiming abortion to be a ritual of their religion, protected as a religious exercise.

NEWS BRIEF: "Satanic Temple to argue abortion is ritual in legal challenges", Fox News, May 9, 2022

"The Satanic Temple (TST) said its adherents should be permitted religious exceptions to perform religious abortion rituals in states that have put up barriers to the controversial procedure."

"Responding to a leaked Supreme Court opinion draft that would overturn Roe v. Wade, TST said it was committed to protecting "religious abortion access" for its members."

Therefore, we have been correct for over 30 years, as we insisted that abortion was a Satanic necessity if Antichrist was ever to come to the world scene.

Thank you, Satanic Temple, for clearing this matter up once and for all!


The only preparation is spiritual. You Must Be Born Again!

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