Wednesday 7/19/2017

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Critical News Headlines

1. The Plan of the Elite to spark the coming World War III which will produce Antichrist on the world scene envisioned eruption of war in two areas:

A. Israel and her Arab neighbors

B. Nuclear confrontation in Korea

Both these centers of war are seemingly coming to a climax at the very same time -- NOW!

2. Is President Trump signaling a change in his opposition to the 'Climate Change' issue?

3. In Montana, lawmakers have advanced a unique Anti-Sharia Law measure.

This approach sounds great, but it will be declared "Null and Void" the instant America becomes part of the North American Union!

4. President Trump seems to be starting his "Drain the Swamp" effort of the upcoming 2018 election.

R.I.N.O. (Republicans in Name Only) lawmakers have proven to be almost as much a problem as Liberal Leftist Democrats. Trump is planning to unseat them in 2018.

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Headline News Analysis


1. The Plan of the Elite to spark the coming World War III which will produce Antichrist on the world scene envisioned eruption of war in two areas:

A. Israel and her Arab neighbors

B. Nuclear confrontation in Korea

Let us consider how the spark of all-out war is building in each of these areas.

A. Israel and her Arab neighbors

NEWS BRIEF: "Hamas, Islamic Jihad call for escalation of 'intifada' over Temple Mount ", Israel National News, 7/18/2017

"The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist groups on Monday warned the 'Israeli occupation' against continued 'aggression' against the Al-Aqsa Mosque ... The Al-Aqsa Mosque is a red line and it is impossible to remain silent in the face of the attack on it," Hamas and Islamic Jihad said in the statement, calling for the return of sovereignty over the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Islamic Waqf ..."

Al-Aqsa is indeed a line in the sand for the Palestinians, but the violation of that line continually occurs because the Palestinians attack Israelis and then turn around to blame the Jewish nation for initiating the conflict.

The violent spark in this instance occurred when three Muslim terrorists were able to surprise Israeli guards, killing two of them before being shot to death by Israeli reinforcements.

In response, the Netanyahu government ordered new security measures, including the installation of metal detector machines at the entrance to the Dome of the Rock. When Arab leaders objected and then told Arab citizens to not go through those detectors, the Jordanian Waqf guards refused to show up for duty.

That action played right into the hands of the Jewish radicals, for it gave Israel total sovereignty over the Temple Mount for the first time in 2,000 years! And, Jews instantly took advantage of this sudden access to the Temple Mount.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jews Openly Pray Atop Temple Mount For First Time in Decades", Israel Today, july 19, 2017

"Jewish visitors to Jerusalem's Temple Mount on Monday did something that many are calling a prophetic breakthrough–they prayed, openly and without harassment. Typically, non-Muslim visitors to Judaism's holiest site are accompanied by officials from the Islamic Trust (Waqf) to ensure they don't engage in acts of Christian or Jewish worship, which in the eyes of Muslims would desecrate the sacred compound that is today occupied by several mosques."

"But this week, the Waqf was boycotting the Temple Mount over Israel's decision to reinstall metal detectors at its entrances ... And Jews flocked to the Temple Mount unhindered for the first time in many years."

Immediately, as if reading from cue cards, Israeli politicians began speaking openly about Israel retaining permanent National Sovereignty over the entire Temple Mount area. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Minister: Israel Will Now Act to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount", Breaking Israel News, July 19, 2017

"The Islamic Waqf’s jurisdiction over the Temple Mount is over and Israel will now work to reestablish Jewish sovereignty over the holy site, said Knesset Member Avi Dichter (Likud) on Tuesday. "

When this kind of statement is uttered by a prominent Knesset member, it carries a great deal more weight than if it came from a citizen or from a journalist. Avi Dichter may be speaking from knowledge of Prime Minister Netanyahu's government!

" 'Israel is the sovereign on the Temple Mount, period. The fact that the Waqf became a sovereign on the Temple Mount ended last Friday', declared Dichter, chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and former head of the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet), on Israeli public radio ... 'The question of our policy [at the Temple Mount] may not be clear to the Palestinians, but it is very clear to us… The Mount will remain under the control of the Israel Police'.”

If Israel considers itself to be the final sovereign authority over the Temple Mount, the gauntlet is thrown down at the feet of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Jordanian Government.

"Should Israel use the unexpected opportunity to take back control of the Temple Mount, the significance and implications would be beyond imagining. The Mount has not been under lasting Jewish control for thousands of years. If Israel succeeds in regaining sovereignty, it will be a triumph worthy of two millennia of Jewish prayer and longing, not to mention an unprecedented opportunity to begin reconstruction of the Mount and Temple as they were in Biblical days."

If this scenario does take hold on the Temple Mount, Palestinians and other Arabs must go to war against Israel, whether they are prepared or not.

The Arabs have every reason to fear the destruction of their "al-Aqsa Mosque", or the Dome of the Rock, as it is also called. Illumined Freemasons all over the world -- also known as the Illuminati -- plan to destroy the Dome as their new Messiah is staging his appearance in Jerusalem, marching to the Dome of the Rock.

"... it may be possible for the New David to ride into Jerusalem in all his resplendent majesty ... The processional route will, of course, lie directly across the Kidron ravine, as close as possible to the Temple Mount ...he must be duly enthroned and anointed with oil ... amid the rubble of the Dome of the Rock." [Lemesurier, The Armageddon Script, p. 233-5]

The "New David" is the Masonic Messiah -- Antichrist. He plans to march " directly across the Kidron ravine, as close as possible to the Temple Mount", where he will be enthroned as the Jewish Messiah!

And, at his feet will be the "rubble of the Dome of the Rock"!

Suddenly, a former Defense Minister widens the concept of this coming war.

NEWS BRIEF: "'If there is a war, we will annihilate Lebanon's infrastructure': Former Israeli Defense Minister Ya'alon , Israel National News, 7/17/2017

"Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Sunday told a Saudi Arabian news website that the decisions made in Lebanon are not made by Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah but by Iranian Prime Minister Ali Khamenei.

" 'There's no such country as Lebanon', Ya'alon said. 'All of the decisions are made by Iran, not by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri or by Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah. "If Khamenei wants a war, then Lebanon will go go war, and every Lebanese citizen will suffer from the war, because we will destroy all of their infrastructure'."

Tensions of this hour are escalating rapidly over the Temple Mount.

Is this the moment when Israel will once again seize permanent sovereignty over the Temple Mount, thus fulfilling many Bible prophecies concerning the End Times' Israel?

This confrontation might just provide such a spark. And, that is the Plan!

Regional war in the Middle East quickly becomes World War III, the war planned in 1870 to produce Antichrist. This war expands to the Korean Peninsula and to China as that nation attacks Taiwan. Along this time spectrum, terrorist attacks will occur in cities of every nation now electing leaders. This planned terror attacks will give current leaders the excuse to dissolve the elective government, suspend liberties and personal protections, until the time of the disorder is completed.

Out of the smoke, disaster and destruction of this World War III, the Masonic Christ will appear.

The appearance of Antichrist will soon lead to him "confirming the Covenant" with Israeli leaders, and THAT act will begin the 7-Year Tribulation Period (Daniel 9:27 and Revelation 6)

B. Nuclear confrontation in Korea

A 4-Star Air Force General sets the stage for Americans to be terrified over North Korean missile capability.

NEWS BRIEF: North Korea 'clearly' has missiles that can reach US, general says", ABC News, July 18, 2017

"The second-highest ranking military officer in the U.S. told Congress on Tuesday that while North Korea "clearly" has missiles with the capability to reach the United States, it does not have the capacity to strike accurately or successfully ... 'I ... am not sanguine that the test on the Fourth of July demonstrates that they have the capacity to strike the United States with any degree of accuracy or reasonable confidence of success', Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee."

But, North Korea most definitely can fire ballistic missiles which have the range to strike the American West Coast, this general stated.

Therefore, expectations of a disaster in the event of war have been implanted in our minds. And, that can lead quickly to a national / worldwide panic, which is the most important scripted goal of this North Korean nuclear conflict.


Once again, we review the original wording of this part of the Elite Plan.

"The script is now written ... A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may ... threaten man's very survival." (Peter Lemesurier, 'The Armageddon Script", p. 223, 1981)

The Japanese Government is certainly reacting to prepare for a hot shooting war.

NEWS BRIEF: "Japan to issue evacuation alerts in Korean", The Korea Times, July 18. 2017

"The Japanese government will add Korean and other languages used in evacuation alerts ... The Korean evacuation alert will be activated in the event of an earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or other natural disasters, sending text and voice messages to cellphones, TV stations and major websites."

The Japanese realize they are clearly within the range of North Korea's medium range missiles!

Both these centers of war are seemingly coming to a climax at the very same time -- NOW! A "Convergence" is occuring!


2. Is President Trump signaling a change in his opposition to the 'Climate Change' issue?

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump on the Paris Climate Accord: ‘Something Could Happen … We’ll See’," CNS News, July 13, 2017

"Paris ( – “Something could happen with respect to the Paris accord,” President Trump told reporters in the French capital on Thursday, in reference to the international climate agreement that he withdrew from six weeks ago, to the dismay of governments around the world."

“ 'We’ll see what happens', Trump said alongside French President Emmanuel Macron. 'But we will talk about that over the coming period of time. And if it happens, that will be wonderful. And if it doesn’t, that will be okay, too. But we’ll see what happens'.”

While Trump's statement is ambiguous, he does seem to hold out the possibility that he might reconsider his original decision to withdraw from the Accord. What kind of disaster might this bring upon America?

Let us consider the facts:

Those who are complaining about Trump’s DROPPING OUT of the Paris Accord support an agreement that does the following:

1) America must drastically reduce its emissions NOW, but China and India, the biggest polluters in the world, can continually increase their emissions until 2030, at which time they may or may not agree to comply with the agreement.

2) India, before it makes up its mind, demands to be paid 2.5 Trillion Dollars.

3) We have to reduce our U.S. coal production. China and India do not and can increase theirs.

4) Russia can actually increase its emissions by 50%.

5) We (U.S.), along with the rest of the developed world, have to pay hundreds of millions dollars into the UN Climate Fund with no guarantees that anyone other than the United State will do it. Given their existing track record with NATO and the UN, I would expect the worst.

So . . . in what way does this benefit the United States? No, we don’t believe the steel industry is coming back to Youngstown. The above described agreement isn’t an agreement, it is a RAPE of the United States workers and taxpayers.

When China and India get serious about reducing carbon emissions, let me know. Meanwhile, I suggest they start with cleaning up New Delhi and Beijing.

This is just another of the MANY stupid agreements made by Obama, Hillary and John Kerry, e.g. …
20% of U.S. uranium sold to Russia, 150 Billion Dollars to Iran, the largest exporter of
terrorism in the world, and attempting to submit U.S. sovereignty to the U.N.,
which is an organization consisting primarily of dictatorships.

No terrorists have done as much damage to the U.S. as these three terrorists: Obama, Hillary and John Kerry. Actually, Obama, Hillary and Kerry are not terrorists; they are Globalists, and that means they advocate that America, the King Kong of nations, be whittled down to size.

Only then can America fit into all the other nations of the world into the Kingdom of the Masonic Messiah, known as the New World Order.

They were getting their way, too, until Brexit and Donald Trump overturned their changing tables!


3. In Montana, lawmakers have advanced a unique Anti-Sharia Law measure.

NEWS BRIEF: "Controversial Anti-‘Sharia Law’ Bill Advancing in Montana", CNS News, March 7, 2017

"Montana’s Senate Bill 97, which bans the application of foreign laws in Montana, passed the Republican-controlled House Judiciary along party lines and will now move to the House floor ... While the legislation does not specifically mention Sharia law, both those in favor of and in opposition to the measure have referred to it in hearings as the 'Sharia law bill'. Sharia law is what governs Islamic societies, in the public square and in the home."

"The bill’s sponsor, state Senator Keith Regier (R-Kalispell) insists that his intent is to protect the fundamental liberties of Montana citizens by forbidding the use of foreign laws in state courts."

Therefore, since Sharia Law is a foreign law, it would not be permitted in Montana.

This approach sounds great, but it will be declared "Null and Void" the instant America becomes part of the North American Union!

This issue has interested radical feminists as well.

"Sandy Bradford of Helena fears that the application of Sharia law in state courts would hurt women’s rights. 'It is my opinion that Islam is not a peaceful religion', said Bradford. 'In fact Islam is not a religion at all but rather an ideology. Islam in my opinion is an enemy to all. But especially to women'.”


4. President Trump seems to be starting his "Drain the Swamp" effort of the upcoming 2018 election.

NEWS BRIEF: "Flake-out: RINO's feud with Trump could spell conservative win", Conservative Review, July 17, 2017

"President Trump and top administration officials are reportedly meeting with prospective primary challengers to Senator Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., one of the president’s fiercest critics in Congress and a CR Top 25 RINO ... Noted as one of the most vulnerable GOP senators in the 2018 Republican primaries, Senator Flake refused to support Trump for president in 2016. Flake has consistently voiced doubt ... "

"President Trump has little love for Flake as well. Last fall, Trump supposedly considered spending $10 million of his own money to defeat Flake ... Senator Flake is just one of several Republican senators up for re-election who ought to face a primary challenge from conservatives. The question is, if the Trump administration is looking for a candidate to take on Jeff Flake, are they looking for a conservative?"

as you can see, President Trump is frustrated enough with opposition from his own party that he has turned his attention to 2018 elections, considering them his first major opportunity to "Drain The Swamp"!

R.I.N.O. (Republicans in Name Only) lawmakers have proven to be almost as much a problem as Liberal Leftist Democrats. Trump is planning to unseat them in 2018.

This War is underway!


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