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August 25, 2007

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------


I. During the coming dissolution of our Constitutional government, will your pastor cooperate with the Federal Government, as liberal Protestant pastors meekly did under the terror of Adolf Hitler?

Before you scoff, let us review our current news story.

NEWS BRIEF: "Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared", KSLA-TV, Shreveport, LA, Aug 23, 2007 View the actual TV video on this most explosive topic!

"Could martial law ever become a reality in America? Some fear any nuclear, biological or chemical attack on U.S. soil might trigger just that. KSLA News 12 has discovered that the clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem: Us."

The Federal Government rightly knows that many, many gun owners are genuine Christians. Therefore, in the early stages of the managed crisis which will give Federal officials the opportunity to dissolve our Constitutional government and take away our freedoms, they know they will have to deal with gun owners who are Bible-believing Christians.

How can the government possibly convince these Christian gun owners to surrender their guns peaceably? Remember, the first acts a dictatorial government always takes is to declare martial law and then confiscate guns from the public. Therefore, this discussion is not an academic one, is it?

"... gun confiscation is exactly what happened during the state of emergency following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, along with forced relocation. U.S. Troops also arrived, something far easier to do now, thanks to last year's elimination of the 1878 Posse Comitatus act, which had forbid regular U.S. Army troops from policing on American soil." (Ibid.)

The government plans to create the conditions ripe for the imposition of dictatorship. What is their plan?

1) Huge disaster -- in this case, the Illuminati plans another disaster on the scale of 9/11, or possibly even greater. Such a disaster would provide the pretext to implement the plan created over 100 years ago; we speak more of this fact, below, as we discuss "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion".

2) Forced relocation from their homes -- New Orleans residents were forced to relocate out of their neighborhoods, in many instances to other states. Disclocation is key to disruption of normal life for tens of millions of civilians.

3) American troops could patrol the city, because Presidents Clinton and Bush have consistently eroded the prohibitions of the Posse' Comitatus Act. In New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Army troops did engage in law enforcement duties, as the video, below, demonstrates.

Now, let us return to this feature story, so we can see the role the government envisions for clergymen who do not know their Bibles. You will literally see that deceived and/or "wolves in sheep's clothing" clergymen are going to fulfill the role of the "Judas Goat", the animal which sheepherders use to be the first up the ramp to the slaughter truck, knowing that, once sheep see the goat going up the ramp, they will quietly and meekly follow -- going to their slaughter without resistance!

"If martial law were enacted here at home, like depicted in the movie 'The Siege', easing public fears and quelling dissent would be critical. And that's exactly what the 'Clergy Response Team' helped accomplish in the wake of Katrina. Dr. Durell Tuberville serves as chaplain for the Shreveport Fire Department and the Caddo Sheriff's Office. Tuberville said of the clergy team's mission, 'the primary thing that we say to anybody is, 'let's cooperate and get this thing over with and then we'll settle the differences once the crisis is over.' " (Ibid., Emphasis added)

That last concept is most interesting, don't you think? Liberal clergy will be assuring their flock that they will soon get their freedoms and their Constitution back "once the crisis is over". Isn't it interesting that the Illuminati thought of this very concept as they planned over 100 years ago to take our freedoms from us? Listen to their exact wording:

"4. WE ARE WOLVES -- The [people] are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?

5. There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties .....

6. It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties" ["PROTOCOL 11 -- THE TOTALITARIAN STATE", The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion]

Did you completely understand this last sentence? "It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties".

To see how important this false assurance is going to be to these clergymen in convincing people to cooperate with the Federal Government, let us return to this current news article.

"Civil rights advocates believe the amount of public cooperation during such a time of unrest may ultimately depend on how long they expect a suspension of rights might last." (Ibid.)

All clergymen who plan on cooperating with the Federal Government by holding up the false hope that, when the crisis is over, the people will get their freedoms and their Constitution back, had better think again! No hungry wolf ever spares the life of his victim once he has him in his jaws. Neither will this most power-hungry Illuminati ever give his victims another chance once he has disbanded the beloved American Constitution.

Lest you think I am wrong on this issue, listen to a current Illuminati boldly state this part of the Plan.

"Gen. Tommy Franks says that if the United States is hit with a weapon of mass destruction that inflicts large casualties, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government ... if terrorists succeeded in using a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) against the U.S. or one of our allies, it would likely have catastrophic consequences for our cherished republican form of government." ("Gen. Franks Doubts Constitution Will Survive WMD Attack", by NewsMax, 11/21/03; read our analysis in NEWS1979).

At this point, you must be asking yourself a pertinent question: since Christians place much stock in the Bible, will these liberal clergymen be able to base their message of cooperation with the government upon any Scripture?

Let us return to our news story:

"For the clergy team, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or to obey the law is the bible itself, specifically Romans 13. Dr. Tuberville elaborated, 'because the government's established by the Lord, you know. And, that's what we believe in the Christian faith. That's what's stated in the scripture'." (Ibid.)

Too many churches and pastors have been misleading their flocks on this issue for the past 100 years. Cutting Edge recently posted an article written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin on this very subject. While we cannot quote it at length here, we encourage you to read it fully, for Pastor Baldwin debunks the use of Romans 13 as the basis for meekly cooperating with the government all of the time, and under any circumstances. This article is NEWS2229.

During the reign of Adolf Hitler, three prominent Protestant theologians were dramatically successful in convincing German Protestants to cooperate with Hitler, including with his genocide of 18 million "Devalued People". (See DVD pictured above, "Theologians Under Hitler". You will be shocked)

The Illuminati here in America is using this same tactic, and will most assuredly get the same cooperative response, from a Christian population not familiar enough with Romans 13 to know when they are being deceived.

When America has reached this unfortunate point, will these liberal clergymen also use the powers of their office to assist the government in the persecution of true believers who are not willing to give the Federal Government carte blanche authority based on Romans 13, or who are not willing to compromise their beliefs to accomodate the new political/religious paradigm?

Will these liberal christian leaders act like the liberal churchmen of Hitler's Germany in identifying recalcitrant church members and turn them in to the dictatorial authorities?

I personally believe that much of the reason genuine Christians will be turned in to authorities is because church leaders submissive to the government will turn them in. Hitler was so successful in turning Germany from a democracy to the kind of dictatorial power which could murder 18 million devalued people and begin a war which would consume the lives of tens of millions, that the current Illuminati leadership is following his example.

If you are a genuine Christian pastor, are you prepared for officers of Homeland Security to enter your sanctuary, to sit down on your front row -- dressed in intimidating official clothing -- and to listen to your sermon and your announcements? Are you prepared to have them arrest you after the service for not adhering to official government guidelines as to what you can and cannot say?

These intimidation tactics worked extremely well during Hitler's reign, and they will work once again, all over the world. Pastors need to remember the era in which they are living, and not succumb to the temporary political and religious pressure from your Illuminist government, but keep their minds focused on the eternal.

This following Biblical passage is simply pregnant with meaning for pastors and other church leaders of this present era.

"Like a muddied fountain and a polluted spring is a righteous man who yields, falls down, and compromises his integrity before the wicked." (Proverbs 25:26; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

II. The Federal Government will be aided greatly by an ignorant population who can be easily and completely "spooked" by the calamitous events crashing all around them.

Read this next news story and weep.

NEWS BRIEF: "Most US adults in the dark about world politics", Breitbart News, August 22, 2007

"Two-thirds of US adults admit to being in the dark about political issues outside the United States, and only a third are well-versed in US politics, the results of a poll published Tuesday showed. Global political knowledge was miniscule, with just three percent of women and 14 percent of men saying they are extremely knowledgeable on world politics."

"One reason for the knowledge gap is lack of interest, according to the poll. 'Well over half (57 percent) say they do not like learning about political issues in other countries', and 32 percent expressed a lack of interest for homespun politics, the Harris Poll group said."

The American people have truly turned into the kind of "sheeple" the Illuminati clearly wanted. Sheep are unreasoning beasts who do not think critically and can be easily panicked (stampeded) into taking action which is clearly against their well-being!

From the beginning, the Illuminati knew they needed to turn the citizenry into this kind of creature before they could implement their One-World government, economy, and religion. In the era between World Wars I and II, a prominent American educator, C.F. Potter, wrote a book in which he foresaw the requirement for this type of citizen.

Our first Potter quote addresses the most important role of the Federally funded Public School System in producing the kind of compliant citizen they so desperately want. Potter and other Humanists viewed Public Schools as the training ground for turning children into loyal, obedient citizens of the New World Order, the Kingdom of the New Age Christ!

" `Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism. What can the theistic Sunday Schools, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?' " ("Humanism, A New Religion" (1930), C.F. Potter)

Certainly, Secular Humanism has been greatly instrumental in all of the Western Society currently rejecting Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Judeo-Christian values. By far, the most serious impact has been in the field of Public Education. C.F. Potter and Thomas Dewey led the way in the period between World Wars I and II to completely re-write educational curricula -- gradually at first -- so that all Biblical values are overthrown. In Seminar One, "America's Leadership of the New World Order", we demonstrate how this subtle attack on our values system was carried out. The result is that, now, Christian parents must get their children out of Public Schools, for they are being conditioned to become good citizens of the global system of Antichrist!

Listen to Christian educator, Samuel Blumenthal, explain:

"It was thus Dewy who began to fashion a new materialist religion in which humanity was venerated instead of God. This is basically the religion of Secular Humanism, and this is what has become the official religion of the United States, for it is the only religion permitted in its public schools and totally supported by government funds." ["NEA: Trojan Horse In American Education", Samuel Blumenthal, p. 55]

Dr. Blumenthal then continues:

"But the undermining of the Judeo-Christian tradition was well underway when, in 1933, John Dewey and 33 other liberal humanists drew up and signed that extraordinary document known as the Humanist Manifesto. It reflected all of the influences of science, evolution, and the new psychology which were reshaping American education. It called for the abandonment of traditional religion and replacing it with a new secular religion better able to accommodate the new moral relativism in a man-centered, godless world." [Ibid., p. 226]

As Christian Churches fell under the spell of this Humanist Manifesto, mainline denominations began to move away from the Fundamentals of the Christian faith, until we have reached the point today where the apostasy of the Church is so deep, wide, and high that Antichrist can now arise [2 Thessalonians 2:3].

Just as the Illuminati planned, Secular Humanism paved the way, working very hard through the Public School System. Since World War II, public schools have increasingly evolved into the kind of inferior education establishments that this Plan envisioned. Children not only refused a good basic education, but they are not taught logical thinking skills; history has been rewritten so that children believe all events happened by chance, so that none of them would even consider the more obvious answer -- conspiracy. Even though conspiracy was one of the major elements that brought down the Roman Empire, most people today believe no serious, long-term conspiracy is possible.

C.F. Potter and others of his ilk believed that, if the New World Order was to ever be established, children's education had to be changed dramatically. Children being graduated in the 1930's read too widely, thought too critically, and mistrusted authority. All this must change, Potter advocated in 1933.

Since the Great Depression, our students have been taught to trust Big Government and to look toward it first for solutions to our problems. People today have lost the rightful fear that our Founding Fathers had toward government; for centuries before 1776, governments were the worst threat to life and liberty of the individual citizen. In the 20th Century, this trend has dramatically increased. Only in America has the government not jailed and killed its own people. Yet, indications are that the hand of God may finally allow this to happen, at least if the officials running the Patriot Act have anything to say about it all ["Barbed Wire Over America: God's Final Warning" Video]

As this story, above, indicates, the "Illumined Elite" of today has exactly the kind of citizen it can hoodwink all the time, and panic them into rushing headlong into the arms of the coming dictatorship.


III. President Bush seems poised to take the fateful and fatal action which other American leaders have taken before him.

He seems about ready to overthrow the very elected official in Iraq whom his policies placed in the post!

NEWS BRIEF: "Unfriendly Fire: The irresponsible attack on Iraq's prime minister is a sign of Democrats' frustration with the war in Iraq. Overthrowing him would make matters worse", by Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian, August 22, 2007

"Speaking to reporters after a trip to Iraq, (Democrat Senator) Levin called for the (peaceful) ousting of Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki: 'I hope the parliament will vote the Maliki government out of office and will have the wisdom to replace it with a less sectarian and more unifying prime minister and government'. It's an impressive reversal. Levin had the good sense to vote against overthrowing Saddam Hussein. Now he endorses defenestrating Saddam's successor."

When other American politicians on both sides of the political fence begin to urge the removal of a foreign puppet government whose sole claim to power is the American government, you must realize that you are seeing an official campaign unfolding in the news to remove that official.

The official in this case is Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a Shi'ite politician whom President Bush's election process placed into power. Maliki is President Bush's man! Yet, because he has not fully implemented the President's full agenda, he is now being marked for removal.

"... Maliki has excellent reason to be paranoid. On Saturday, a longtime rival, the US-appointed interim premier, Iyad Allawi, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post that all but begged the US to support him in a bid to oust Maliki ... For good measure, the US is arming Sunni irregulars west and south of Baghdad who would kill Maliki as soon as look at him." (Ibid.)

This removal process is even being felt in the Green Zone Headquarters, where both the Iraqi government of Maliki and the American Military make their decisions.

"Even in the Green Zone, political intrigue centers around how to get the US to unhook itself from the hobbled premier." (Ibid.)

All Bush has to do is to signal his opposition to Maliki and the Prime Minister is gone. For public consumption, the President said he backed Maliki and fully supported him; however, the word on the ground is that he is about to be replaced. Perhaps the only matter not decided is whether he is to be removed peacefully, or as violently as when the Americans conspired to overthrow South Vietnamese President Diem in November, 1963. Diem was murdered after being overthrown and shoved into an ARVIN armored personnel carrier.

After learning of Diem's execution, Ho Chi Minh is reported to have said, "I can scarcely believe the Americans would be so stupid." The North Vietnamese Politburo was more explicit, predicting: "The consequences of the 1 November coup d'état will be contrary to the calculations of the U.S. imperialists ... Diem was one of the strongest individuals resisting the people and Communism."

In fact, the war in South Vietnam was never right afterward, as the next ten years saw a slow, steady slide towards defeat, capped by the panicked escape of American personnel off Saigon's rooftops on April 30, 1975.

This next article speaks to the horrific scene which is likely to flow from Maliki's removal.

"... the US will be yoked ever closer to an even more destabilized Iraqi political scene. If the prospects for leaving Iraq with a modicum of stability look grim now, imagine what would happen when inter-sectarian political coalitions jockey for power while cross-sectarian warfare remains entrenched ... the civil war has deepened and politics has reached a state of catatonia." (Ibid.)


IV. President Bush mis-used an analogy of the Vietnamese War to justify "staying the course" in Iraq

However, few Americans will ever understand how inappropriate the President's remarks were, because so few people understand politics and remember history.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush's misleading Vietnam analogy: The President needs to look no further for killing fields and refugees than modern-day Iraq, even without a withdrawal", L.A. Times, August 23, 2007

"With rhetoric that would stir any patriot but logic that should persuade few, President Bush on Wednesday waded into the historical quagmire of the Vietnam War. Then, as now, Bush said, 'people argued the real problem was America's presence and that if we would just withdraw, the killing would end'. He then listed the tragedies that followed the U.S. withdrawal from Southeast Asia -- the Khmer Rouge slaughter in Cambodia, the harsh communist rule in Vietnam. "The price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like 'boat people,' 're-education camps' and 'killing fields.' Likewise, he argued, innocents will pay if a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq empowers Al Qaeda."

The true parallel between America's intrusion into South Vietnam and President Bush's invasion of Iraq is that both actions triggered massive loss of life which would not have occurred had not America invaded in the first place!

Furthermore, American politics and ruthless military actions so alienated both the South Vietnamese and the Iraqi civilians that winning the war was impossible. Few remember how much the South Vietnamese citizen hated Americans for the wanton slaughter of villagers and for the defoliation of the jungle through Agent Orange. Do you know that, now, Iraqi civilians are hating Americans for much the same reason? American forces have killed Iraqi citizens en masse, while their Depleted Uranium munitions is poisoning Iraq much more terribly than Agent Orange poisoned South Vietnam.

While it is true that an American withdrawal would trigger a civil war between Shi'ites, Sunnis, and possibly, Kurds, that civil war would be seen by historians as being precipitated by the American overthrow of Saddam Hussein in the first place!

Remembering Bush's Map

Do you remember that America's REAL plan for Iraq was to divide the country into three regions -- Kurdish, Shi'ite, and Sunni -- please read NEWS2213, "President Bush's 'New Middle East Map' Is Enraging Friends and Foes Alike -- Is Likely To Spark The Planned World War III".

Once you comprehend that the real plan from the beginning was to divide Iraq into these three sections, it just makes sense to overthrow any Prime Minister who is trying to rule a united Iraq. Despite Bush's many public assertions that his goal was a unified, democratic Iraq, the Pentagon's "New Middle East Map" absolutely screams that the goal was to split the country.

Yes, PM Maliki is probably doomed to fall. Then, minus any kind of firm leadership, Iraq can descend into the planned chaos of the civil war which will result in a tripartite Iraq. War atrocities of the past several weeks have seen unbelievable and unprecedented bloodletting between Shi'ite, Sunni, and Kurds. The Illuminati must be congratulating President Bush for the excellent manner in which his war policies have thrown Iraq into exactly the type of warfare which will produce the three-part state.

Once again, you have to look in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric to find the truth -- Read NEWS1558, "BREAKING OUT OF THE MENTAL BOX -- LEARNING TO THINK IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF PROPAGANDA TO FIND THE TRUTH"

When President Bush launched "Operation Iraqi Freedom", his real goal was the destruction and dividing of Iraq -- looking the opposite direction of the public rhetoric.


V. War fever continues to build in the Israel/Syrian theater this past week.

Israel is finally getting serious about the threat the Syrian Army poses along the Golan Heights, Saba Farm area. Listen as we recount several pertinent articles which demonstrate this new reality.

NEWS BRIEF: "Fearing Syrian missile onslaught, IDF modifying Arrow deployment", The Jerusalem Post, August 23, 2007

"Predicting that Israel's future wars will be characterized by unprecedented missile barrages, the IDF has decided to modify its missile defense doctrine and has changed its deployment of the Arrow missile in northern Israel ... The changes to the Air Defense Forces' doctrine have been made over recent months amid rising and falling concerns over war with Syria, and as a result of lessons learned from the Second Lebanon War, during which some 4,000 missiles and rockets pounded the North."

The Arrow missile is the same type as the American Patriot, which attempts to hit an enemy missile with one defensive missile. While limited success has been realized in this incredibly difficult operation, Israel is one of the few nations of the world which has deployed an advanced Scalar Weapons System; this system can throw an impenetrable "Tesla Dome" over a target area, like an entire city. This "Tesla Dome" offers complete, 100% protection against missiles, which means that no missile can ever penetrate to the target. Please take a moment to read NEWS1776, ""THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!" -- Part 1 -- Scalar Weaponry", and NEWS1776b, ""THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES" -- Part 2 -- Prophetic Line-up!"

The only question we have is whether Israeli leadership will employ their Scalar Weaponry to protect Israeli cities, or whether they will allow Israel to be as nearly destroyed as Ezekiel 39:9 reveals, so that, out of the destruction of the current state of Israel in which religious Orthodoxy plays such a prominent part, can arise the secular, Sabbatean Israel.

Right now, both Syria and Israel are building large, extensive trenches and fortifications, on opposite sides of the Golan. Two armies are facing off against one another. With cooler weather just ahead, and with the Jewish holidays upcoming, one has to wonder if the threatened war is about to begin.

NEWS BRIEF: "Syria transfers elements of its commando Division 14 to Mt. Hermon north of Golan. Both sides extend fortifications", DEBKAfile Intelligence, August 21, 2007

"The redeployment of commando units close to Israeli lines on the slopes of Mt Hermon has raised temperatures in Israel. Military sources comment that these Syrian units, especially trained for cross-border raids, are now in position to make a grab for Israeli territory or a surprise attack on the Israeli army position at the meeting point of the Israel, Syria and Lebanese borders. To the south, Syrian units are reported by our sources as having moved a large fleet of bulldozers to the Golan. They are busy building another line of fortifications around their 'pita' disposition (which forms a flat semicircle like pita) and digging new anti-tank trenches. The IDF is likewise building fortifications on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights, while also deepening and extending protective trenches. A series of ramps has been constructed for the use of tanks."

Thus, two large armies are facing off against one another, and both are on full alert.

This next segment shows that both armies are also retaining senior commanders on duty, rather than allowing them to retire and be replaced by younger officers.

"Syria’s summer maneuvers were usually accompanied by a reshuffle of commanders. Their cancellation has frozen the next round of appointments, promotions and the introduction of a young generation of officers to the high command. This could be seen as another cautionary measure, or alternatively, reluctance to drop seasoned warhorses in favor of inexperienced officers when a war is impending. In the same way, Israel last week put a reshuffle of its top command on ice."

NEWS BRIEF: "Fighting escalates between Israel and Gaza Strip in fresh spiral", DEBKAfile Intelligence, August 22, 2007

"In the first half of the week, at least 16 Palestinians were killed by Israel military responses to the waves of Palestinian missile and mortar fire buffeting the population living around Gaza. Hamas, Jihad Islami, Fatah-Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Popular Committees and al Qaeda-linked Salafi groups are all shooting missiles and mortars at Israeli communities around the clock – two dozen in the last 24 hours ... The IDF has brought into action new surveillance instruments and short-range high-precision surface rockets. Palestinian organizations are now fielding their Qassam missile and mortar teams day and night. Marksmen armed with sniper rifles fitted with night-vision equipment are shooting at IDF border positions, armored patrols and civilian traffic within range of the border. Israeli farmers have been ordered by the military to work their fields only up to one kilometer short of the border."

Prime Minister Olmert is still aiding the enemy by shackling the IDF.

"Yet Israeli forces are not permitted to execute their plan to carve out a 1.5-2 km buffer strip inside the Gaza Strip to keep Palestinian assailants at bay, although prime minister Ehud Olmert and defense minister Ehud Barak have promised that the Israel military will not pull its punches against the enemy. A senior officer in command of the sector complained that without this buffer, Palestinians hold the initiative of when, where and on what scale to wage war. 'We are only allowed to shoot when they are near the border fence. It is therefore inevitable that the Palestinians will intensify their attacks, extend their range and start building up casualties on our side'."

"... there is nothing to deter the Palestinians from bringing out their advanced anti-tank rockets and extended-range Qassam surface missiles against the towns of Ashkelon and Netivot, as well as the cluster of military facilities guarding the Israel-Gazan border."

At some point, the Illuminati Plan envisions that this build-up to war will actually explode into all-out conflagration, and that this war will then expand to the entire Middle East and then the world. That is the plan for the World War III. We can only wait to see how it will all play out.

VI. As the top leaders of the United States, Canada, and Mexico met this week in a resort in Canada, the creation of a political NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association) was most definitely the focus of the agenda.

NEWS BRIEF: "Bush doesn't deny plans for N. American Union: President avoids question, ridicules 'conspiracy theorists' who believe it", World Net Daily, August 21, 2007

"MONTEBELLO, Quebec – President Bush today sidestepped a direct question about whether he'd be willing to categorically deny there is a plan to create the North American Union. Instead, he ridiculed those who believe that is taking place as conspiracy theorists."

Leaders of the Illuminati never miss a chance ridiculing people who understand that the Bible is correct when it says that the leaders of the End of the Age will engage in a conspiracy to unite the world politically, economically, and religiously. Listen to Revelation 17:17, speaking of the final 10 rulers of world history:

"For God has put it into their hearts to carry out His own purpose by acting in harmony in surrendering their royal power and authority to the beast, until the prophetic words (intentions and promises) of God shall be fulfilled." (Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary)

Did you know that the Plan envisioned reorganizing the world into 10 super nations, originally as economic entities? Did you know that NAFTA is Nation #1 in this reorganization plan? Read NEWS1002, "NAFTA: The Shocking 'Rest of the Story'." We posted this article in June, 1996, and it has most definitely stood the test of time, as it is more relevant today than ever before.

Now, let us get back to this current news story.

"The exchange came at a news conference held by Bush, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who met at a resort in Quebec to discuss their latest work on the Security and Prosperity Partnership ... When it came time for a question from a Fox News reporter, Bush was asked if he would be willing to categorically deny that there is a plan to create a North American Union, or that there are plans to create NAFTA Superhighways..." (Ibid.)

"Reporters at the news conference said he sidestepped, instead adopting ... an old political scare tactic, to try to create a wild conspiracy and then demand that those who "are not engaged" prove that it isn't happening." (Ibid.)

We encourage you to read President Bush's long response, for it is so typical of a leader today who realizes that his slick answer, which dodges the real question, will satisfy the two-thirds of the American people who have no interest in politics, especially international politics (See our second story, above, for full details).

President Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Harper, and other officials ridiculed the idea of a North American Union. However, this World Net Daily article accurately debunks this official story line.

"However, Jerome Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D. whose newly published book, 'The Late Great USA', uses the government's own documentation to show the advance of a North American Union, said ridicule is the 'last resort of someone who is losing an argument'. Such tactics, Corsi said, 'underestimate the intelligence of people listening, and people realize that the argument wasn't answered'."

"And, Corsi said, 'Bush did not address the fact that Texas Gov. Rick Perry vetoed a two-year moratorium on the Trans-Texas Corridor project', believed to be the starting point for an eventual continent-wide grid of NAFTA Superhighways ... The meeting this week, which focused on economic issues, was attended by representatives of dozens of multinational corporations anxious to have their manufacturing and sales processes smoothed." (Ibid.)


I first learned of this global plan to reorganize the world into 10 super nations in 1986, when I read of a book, "Mankind At The Turning Point", by Mihajlo Mesarovic and Eduard Pestel. You can read all about this plan in NEWS1002.

Rest assured this plan WILL go forward, current public rhetoric notwithstanding, because that is the long-term PLAN!


---------- Articles Posted ----------


NEWS2232: "Russia's Startling Ascendancy - Just As America Is Descending -- Part 2

In this article, we shall examine the way in which Russia has come alongside Iran to become her protector and her supplier of military hardware! Russia is clearly in the ascendancy over America and is clearly bringing together the coalition which shall one day march against Israel.

We shall also discuss the day when President Putin assumed the position as Protectorate of the Arab Middle East, specifically warning the United States to "cease and desist" its "Regime Change" plans.

We Posted Part 1 Three Days Ago

NEWS2231: "Russia's Startling Ascendancy - Just As America Is Descending" -- Part 1

Cutting Edge Ministries has posted "Part 1" of a series of articles on a subject of most interest to students of Bible prophecy. Russia is the prophesied leader of the coalition of Gog-Magog forces which will march against Israel at the very End of the Age, as foretold in Ezekiel 38-39. Therefore, if the world is truly as close to the end of this age as we think it is, we should see Russia in the ascendancy.

Further, since Bible scholars debate as to whether America is even mentioned in prophecy, and states that events will turn so completely against Israel that her national Guardian Angel, Michael, will have to "stand up" to defend her (Daniel 12:1). This verse simply shouts that Israel will have no protector as the End of the Age unfolds.

Therefore, as Russia ascends, America will probably descend in power and prestige. This scenario is exactly what is playing out on the world stage, particularly in the Middle East, the area where God brings all the nations of the world for judgment (Joel 3).

Our newest article, NEWS2231, is the first article in a series which demonstrate how rapidly and how dramatically this shift has occurred between Russia and America. You will most definitely see your faith increase.

NEWS2229 -- Romans 13 -- Are Christians Required To Submit To Government Edict and Policy 100% of The Time?

A close exegesis of Romans 13 reveals that today's Christians have been deceived into thinking they must unquestioningly submit to their government leader, and further feel that any protest is equivalent to being a traitor.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin refutes this unbiblical notion simply by examining the Bible. We discover that Romans 13 places civil government under strict guidelines.

This is an article for the day in which we live.

NEWS2230 -- "Evangelical Missionaries Are Reporting That President Bush Has Done Great Damage To Their Effort To Reach The Lost For Jesus Christ!

Since the entire world believes that Bush's disastrous invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were fueled by his "Christian" beliefs in End Times prophecy, lost people throughout the world are turning away from Jesus' Gospel because they hate "Christian" Bush.

--------Concluding Inspiration ---------------"A people near unto him." Psalm 148:14

What A Difference Between The Old Covenant And the New!

The dispensation of the old covenant was that of distance. When God appeared even to His servant Moses, He said, "Draw not nigh hither: put off thy shoes from off thy feet"; and when He manifested Himself upon Mount Sinai, to His own chosen and separated people, one of the first commands was, "Thou shalt set bounds about the mount." Both in the sacred worship of the tabernacle and the temple, the thought of distance was always prominent. The mass of the people did not even enter the outer court. Into the inner court none but the priests might dare to intrude; while into the innermost place, or the holy of holies, the high priest entered but once in the year. It was as if the Lord in those early ages would teach man that sin was so utterly loathsome to Him, that He must treat men as lepers put without the camp; and when He came nearest to them, He yet made them feel the width of the separation between a holy God and an impure sinner.

When the gospel came, we were placed on quite another footing. The word "Go" was exchanged for "Come"; distance was made to give place to nearness, and we who aforetime were afar off, were made nigh by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Incarnate Deity has no wall of fire about it. "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest," is the joyful proclamation of God as He appears in human flesh. Not now does He teach the leper his leprosy by setting him at a distance, but by Himself suffering the penalty of His defilement. What a state of safety and privilege is this nearness to God through Jesus!

Do you know it by experience? If you know it, are you living in the power of it? Marvellous is this nearness, yet it is to be followed by a dispensation of greater nearness still, when it shall be said, "The tabernacle of God is with men, and He doth dwell among them."

Hasten it, O Lord.

(C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions")

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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