1. Pope Francis I is going to be on trial while visiting Jerusalem!

The Sanhedrin will hold the trial on Mt. Zion, for the crime of recognizing a Palestinian State.

2. Saudi Arabia suffers attack on her soil, loss of a military base and the killing of an Army General!

Is this war entering a new phase?

3. Is Donald Trump winning the polls but losing the election?

Is Trump electible in a general election?

4. Are GMO farms causing an increase in birth defects?

No food made by wicked man is any good.



Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Breaking News Analysis

Never, ever before in history has a RESPECTED Expert speaking from a RESPECTED forum advocated that the U.N. start implementing the draconian Biodiversity Treaty in California.

Using extreme drought as the excuse, millions of American citizens are to be FORCED to move to a designated Settlement Area! This program was supposed to wait until the Masonic Christ was ruling from Brussels.

Therefore, this story is one of the most important "timing" stories of the past 2,000 years! Antichrist is close enough to appearing that his people are preparing the world for a program designed to occur well into the planned reign of Antichrist.

The First Step in convincing people to accept this forced relocation has just been taken, setting in motion the "Invisible, Invincible Mind Control" taught in this DVD shown above.



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1. Pope Francis I is going to be on trial while visiting Jerusalem!

The Sanhedrin will hold the trial on Mt. Zion, for the crime of recognizing a Palestinian State.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope Francis to be 'tried' in Jerusalem ", Israel National News, 8/24/2015

"On September 9 at 12 am, a special “trial” will be set for Pope Francis in Mount Zion, Jerusalem. The 'Sanhedrin', an unnoffical body modeled after the religious High Court composed of 71 sages of Temple times, will 'prosecute' the Vatican for its policy on Jerusalem. "

"Unfortunately, these recent actions by His Excellency (the Pope) are part of a long history of activity and positions on the part of the Roman Catholic Church, which apparently has never abandoned its mission to persecute the People of Israel for refusing to recognize the church's savior as the Messiah of Israel and to force them to surrender to its religious doctrine' says the Sanhedrin."

The Catholic Church has long accused the Jews of being the "Christ-killer" for their role in the trial and the conviction of Jesus, thus launching a number of persecutions of the Jews during the nearly 2,000 years of dispersion in the Western nations to which they had fled.

However, as this new DVD shown above proves, Jesus was put on the Roman Cross by a combination of Gentile (Roman) and Jewish leaders. Both Gentile and Jew will stand accused on Judgment Day of killing the Savior.

Now, let us return to our featured story.

This newly constituted Sanhedrin will prosecute Pope Francis I for his role in leading the Roman Catholic Church to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a nation. Not only is this recognition Biblically incorrect, it places the Vatican on the wrong side of prophetic history which is about to unfold. For example:

1. The Palestinians are close to being annihilated in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18 and Isaiah 34!

We detail this most shocking prophecy in our DVD shown right. While we take no pleasure of the mass extinction of any people, when Israel destroys the Palestinians man, woman, and child, the entire world will demand an answer; and, the only answer is that God's prophetic decree 2,600 years ago has finally been carried out.

2. The Palestinians cannot have any legal standing in their insistence that they should be given a nation built on the land of Holy Israel, the land which God gave Abraham. The Palestinians will never gain the right to a nation because God gave the land to Israel for "eternity" -- forever!

The Holy See is backing the wrong horse in this race!

3. Palestinian President Abbas is a Holocaust Denier, a persistent hater of Jews and their land, and has repeatedly expressed his desire that all Jews be eliminated and that all references to the land of Israel be erased.

But, now, this new Sanhedrin reveals itself to be Kabbalist and not truly Jew!

This Sanhedrin demands that the Vatican recognize the Kabbalistic laws known as the "Noahide Laws". These laws are a counterfeit to God's original Ten Commandments and are thoroughly Illuminati. Please take a few moments to read our Archived Headline News Article on this subject, NEWS1887, entitled, "Global Push May Be On To Force People To Accept The Occult 'Seven Noahide Laws"!

The most important revelation of this DVD is that the Sanhedrin was Kabbalistic and not genuine Abrahamic Jew! Therefore, history is being repeated in a limited fashion by reconstituting the Sanhedrin in the first place and then using it to "try and convict" Pope Francis I for being grossly anti-Semitic.


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2. Saudi Arabia suffers attack on her soil, loss of a military base and the killing of an Army General!

Is this war entering a new phase?

NEWS BRIEF: "Senior Saudi Commander Killed in Attack", Al-Manar News, 8/24/2015

"Al-Manar correspondent in Yemen reported that a senior Saudi commander was killed in a Yemeni attack on a Saudi border area of Jizan. For its part, Riyadh said the commander of Saudi eighteenth army brigade, Major General Abdul Rahman bin Saad al-Shahrani, was injured as he was inspecting military deployments along the kingdom’s southern border regions, Saudi Arabian armed forces announced in a statement released by the official Saudi Press Agency on Sunday. Shahrani died after being transferred to hospital for treatment."

What this Saudi press release did not mention is that this fighting was occurring on Saudi soil! The rebels may have suffered some losses within Yemen, but they are pushing the attack on to Saudi soil. This next news segment also reveals this to be the case.

"Earlier in the day, Yemeni troops took control of two Saudi army bases in the border region of Jizan."

At some point, a ground force will launch an offensive from Yemen against the Islamic Holy Sites, Medina and Mecca. ISIS has already threatened to seize control of these sites because they consider Saudi Arabia to be a "heretic" brand of Islam. And, of course, the Pentagon 2006 Middle East Map shows that Saudi Arabia will lose control of Medina and Mecca, to Iran!


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Now you will know why the Pharisees killed Jesus even though they knew with 100% certainty that He was the Promised Messiah. Now you will know why these Jewish leaders looked at Jesus' miracles and concluded that He was drawing His power from Beelzebub, one of Satan's chief demons. When the Pharisees told the people that Jesus did not possess inherent power, but was merely accessing the power of Beelzebub,they caused Jesus to proclaim a brand new type of sin, the 'Unpardonable Sin'!

This type of Satanism which the Pharisees practiced is the major power behind the drive to the 'New World Order', which is the 'Kingdom of Antichrist', and is the Corner Stone of every major type of Satanism in the past 2,500 years! Even Adolf Hitler loved and revered the Cabala, even as he was plotting to slaughter all Jews.

Soul-winning Segment at the very end

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3. Is Donald Trump winning the polls but losing the election?

Is Trump electible in a general election?

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump Is Winning The Polls — And Losing The Nomination ", FiveThirtyEight News, 8/11/2015

"But the problem isn’t just that the national polls at this stage in the race lack empirical power to predict the nomination; it’s also that they describe a fiction. I don’t mean to suggest that Donald Trump’s support in the polls is 'fake'. I have no doubt that some people really love him or that he’d be the favorite if you held a national, winner-take-all Republican primary tomorrow. However, the 'election' these polls describe is hypothetical in at least five ways:

1. They contemplate a vote today, but we’re currently 174 days from the Iowa caucuses.

2. They contemplate a national primary, but states vote one at a time or in small groups.

3. They contemplate a race with 17 candidates, but several candidates will drop out

4. They contemplate1 a winner-take-all vote, but most states are not winner-take-all.

5. They contemplate a vote among all Republican-leaning registered voters or adults, but in fact only a small fraction of them will turn out for primaries and caucuses."

This author is entirely correct! The Mass Media polls are not reflecting the condition of the real general election in November, 2016. During this general election, the Democrat nominee will have a polished, sophisticated campaign directed at the Trump campaign. All his flaws and his mistakes will be under a microscope like never before.

We do not believe Donald Trump can win the Republican nomination and then the White House. His real threat to the GOP is that he will form a Third Party campaign and siphon enough votes from the regular Republican nominee to ensure defeat of the GOP candidate.

America had to endure 8 years of William Clinton as President because of the Third Party campaign of Texas billionaire, Ross Perot. I would find it hard to take 8 years of Hillary as President because of Donald Trump!


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Bible prophecy reveals that Antichrist will be produced on the world scene by a number of signs, including 'wars and rumors of wars'. Demonic familiar spirits told the Elite in 1870 that three world wars will be needed to produce Antichrist. Make no mistake about it: Antichrist will be produced by World War III.

Therefore, the question of the hour is, 'when will this global war begin' and 'what are the signs it is about to commence'? Many major events are planned to occur just as World War III begins. Mankind will be systematically hit with unparalleled disasters of every kind as this planned global war unfolds. But, none of these events will occur until the lynchpin called 'World War III' is pulled.

When the Global Elite pulls this lynchpin event called World War III, events are going to be unleashed in such severity and in such great numbers the peoples of the world will not stand in awe, they will panic and run for the hills. Jesus said that 'men's hearts shall fail them for fear', and the Elite is creating just such climactic events which shall not occur until the lynchpin known as 'World War III' is pulled.

We will show you the 12 major disasters the Elite has created and is waiting only for the beginning of World War III to unleash them all, almost at once. No one need fear that any of these disasters will jump across the starting line ahead of time; each awaits the 'pulling of the lynchpin', World War III.

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4. Are GMO farms causing an increase in birth defects?

No food made by wicked man is any good.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pediatricians Target GMO Farms as Cause of Increased Birth Defects", Natural Society, August 24, 2015

"Birth defects are on the rise in Hawaii, leaving many to wonder if pesticides are to blame – including some pediatricians who are witnessing a spike in birth defects in babies ... Is a a cash crop of GM corn modified to withstand pesticides on four of the six main islands is the cause of an economic boom, or the source of the birth defects and illnesses."

"Chemical companies Dow, Syngenta, and DuPont spray 17 times more pesticides per acre (primarily herbicides, along with pesticides and fungicides) than on ordinary cornfields on the U.S. mainland ... The companies are precisely testing the strain’s resistance to herbicides that kill other plants ... Locals often complain of stinging eyes, headaches and vomiting when the wind blows the chemicals in their direction.

“ 'Your eyes and lungs hurt, you feel dizzy and nauseous. It’s awful', says middle school special education teacher Howard Hurst ... During spraying times, the town’s main hospital ... is filled with residents physically affected by the pesticides. The facility lies beside the middle school, which are both 1,700 feet from Syngenta fields."

Essentially, these huge GMO companies are backed by the same Elite Government who is developing the foods and the techniques which will one day fulfill Seals 3 and 4 of Revelation 6. Once you understand this reality, you can better understand why concerned local citizens are not being allowed to live in peace and safety, without being exposed to deadly chemicals.

GMO manufacturers are testing!

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The rebirth of Israel in 1948 was truly an historically unprecedented miracle of God, accomplished against all historic odds.

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