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"Hillary Clinton: The Sun Goddess Unleashed"

When Hillary Clinton wore that full length white pantsuit on the night she accepted the Democrat Party nomination for President, she was reaching back into time nearly 4,000 years to symbolically declare that she was the Sun Goddess in the Zoroastrian Tradition, exactly the symbolism the Roman Catholic Pope uses nearly every day to declare that he is the Sun God! She was declaring that she was transcending politics in this present time, because she was spiritually transformed into a goddess!

We explore this white outfit phenomenon from the occult world, and by looking back at other facts in her life and career, we prove that Hillary is a high level Illuminati Witch and that she is poised to complete the 'Co-Presidency' that Bill Clinton promised in 1993.

If 'elected', Hillary is spiritually and politically prepared to surrender American sovereignty in the North American Union, establish tight Gun Control and implement the final changes needed to move this country, and the entire world, into the global government and economy into the Kingdom of Antichrist, a.k.a. New World Order.

Her white outfit tells the full, disastrous story, one that true Christians must understand.

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Hot News Headlines

1. The Second Part of the Elite Plan to unite all religions into One and to introduce the top leader (False Prophet) is unfolding in Jerusalem!

Polytheistic religious leaders from around the world arrive in Jerusalem the day after Monotheistic leaders conclude their 7-day Prayer service!

2. Google has accomplished the heretofore impossible task of making a machine speak and sound perfectly human.

Technologically, the world seems to have obtained the ability of fulfilling Revelation 13:14-15, where the False Prophet erects a statue of Antichrist that can talk!

3. Is Hillary Clinton dead?

A ABC TV affiliate in New York City announced that she was dead.

Is this story a hoax?

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"False Prophet Soon To Step On World Stage"

"Plan To Produce Him Just Set In Motion"

New DVD by by David Bay, Cutting Edge Distinctives

The Global Elite has devised a mechanism by which they intend to finally form the One World Religion and stage the Roman Catholic Pope as the top leader of this global religion. That makes the Pope the False Prophet, the Second Beast of Revelation 13.

What is this mechanism? At the right moment in history, after much war and threat of war in the Middle East, a combination worship service will be announced, where all members of Monotheistic Faiths can worship - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This combination worship service will create a synergistic spiritual power which will solve the Middle East religious warfare and finally bring Peace and Safety.

The Jerusalem Post carried a story on June 27, 2016, which announced that just such a combination worship service would be carried out from September 5-11, with concluding services on 9/11!

The Illuminati announced this peculiar plan to its members in early, 1991, and is just now implementing it!!

Can Antichrist be far behind the arrival of the False Prophet? I doubt it!!!

'...when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh'. (Jesus speaking, Luke 21:28)

It is time, dear Christian, to look up, shout for glory, and prepare your heart for the Rapture of the Church!

Hot News Analysis

1. The Second Part of the Elite Plan to unite all religions into One and to introduce the top leader (False Prophet) is unfolding in Jerusalem!

Polytheistic religious leaders from around the world arrive in Jerusalem the day after Monotheistic leaders conclude their 7-day Prayer service!

NEWS BRIEF: "Taoism, Buddhism, Jainism, and More: Eastern Religious Leaders Arrive in Jerusalem", Breaking Israel News, September 13, 2016

"Over 20 religious leaders from east Asia arrived in Israel Monday for a four-day summit in Jerusalem."

Note that this Polytheistic religious leaders descended upon Jerusalem on the next day after the Monotheistic religious leaders had prayed for 7 full days -- from September 5-11)! It seems as though these religious leaders represented "Stage 2" of the attempt to pull all world religions into ONE, just as prophecy foretells.

"Participants came from countries such as China, South Korea, India, and Japan, representing spiritual traditions of Taoism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Jainism, Sikhism and Zoroastrianism. Throughout the upcoming week, they will come face to face with Arab and Israeli religious leaders of Judaism, Islam and Christianity."

Just as we stated in the DVD shown above, "False Prophet Soon To Step On The World Scene", Antichrist will come from the Persian Religion, Zoroastrianism. Therefore, I am extremely intrigued that this pagan religious society is represented at these meetings.

" 'It is time to expand the Israel-Asia dialogue from only diplomatic and economic spheres to religion, spirituality and faith', summit coordinator Simona Halperin told Tazpit Press Service (TPS). 'This is a first meeting in history between the religious leaders of Judaism and those of the eastern faiths'.”

"First time in history" -- these were the words from the summit coordinator, and is completely accurate. The words flowing from this summit will be "Peace and Safety", as the Elite has taught for centuries that differences in religion has sparked the major wars of the past 4,000 years.

Therefore, if you can eliminate the differences between religions, you have eliminated the wars caused by these religions. If you can join all religions into ONE, you have eliminated the greatest threat to Peace and Safety throughout the entire world.

Bible-believing Fundamentalist Christians know better, especially those who are familiar with prophecy, but the world is about to shunt our objections aside to create their own Utopia On Earth by fusing all religions together.

The President of Israel welcomed these religious leaders by invoking a common misleading concept.

"Welcome to Jerusalem, the holy city to the religions of the sons of Abraham,” Rivlin told the guests. Your arrival is a very special event, for many years the interaction between our religions hardly even existed. This is no longer the situation, as your visit today shows', Rivlin said.

At this point, some of the Polytheistic religious leaders spoke out:

"Xuecheng and Swami Giri also addressed the summit, saying religious leaders should take a leading role towards solving worldwide social and environmental challenges. 'I’m very happy to be here', said the Swami. We have a saying in our colloquial tongue: ‘When you have dialogues, then the wisdom dawns and knowledge comes.’ Dialogue imparts clarity.”

At this point, one of the summit attendees uttered a very important statement:

"According to Halperin, during the four days of the summit the religious leaders will meet with rabbis from all Jewish streams, as well as with Muslim, Druze and Christian leaders ... 'Our spiritual worlds are very close to each other in that they are not missionary religions which makes them very open and tolerant,” Rabbi Daniel Sperber, a professor of Talmud at Bar-Ilan University and Orthodox rabbi. 'I feel a unity and camaraderie between our peoples, more so than with the western world and Christianity'.”

Did you catch that pertinent statement?

"Our spiritual worlds are very close to each other in that they are not missionary religions ..."

Fundamental Christianity is in view by this statement, as we have always sent missionaries throughout the lost and dying world. Therefore, Fundamental / Evangelical Christians are excluded from this summit -- thank God!

This current summit thus draws together all the Monotheistic religious leaders who met from September 5-11, with the Polytheistic leaders who have just arrived in Jerusalem.

As this religious summit ends, will we see the Roman Catholic Pontiff, Pope Francis I, making an appearance to announce that all religions are now ONE and he is their leader? If this happens, then the False Prophet will be identified and produced.

Antichrist cannot be far behind!

2. Google has accomplished the heretofore impossible task of making a machine speak and sound perfectly human.

NEWS BRIEF: "Google’s DeepMind Achieves Speech-Generation Breakthrough", Jeremy Kahn, Bloomberg News, September 9, 2016

"Google’s DeepMind unit, which is working to develop super-intelligent computers, has created a system for machine-generated speech that it says outperforms existing technology by 50 percent. In blind tests for U.S. English and Mandarin Chinese, human listeners found WaveNet-generated speech sounded more natural than that created with any of Google’s existing text-to-speech programs, which are based on different technologies."

We all know where this technology is leading, don't we?

"And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed." (Revelation 13:13-15, KJV)

At just the time when both the Antichrist (First Beast) and the False Prophet (Second Beast) are expected to step on the world stage, this sudden advance of high speech technology comes at just the right time! Just in time for the False Prophet to force it upon mankind, just as this prophecy foretells.

Technologically, the world seems to have obtained the ability of fulfilling Revelation 13:14-15, where the False Prophet erects a statue of Antichrist that can talk!

3. Is Hillary Clinton dead?

A ABC TV affiliate in New York City announced that she was dead.

NEWS BRIEF: "WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports 'Hillary Clinton’s DEATH'," From The Trenches World", September 12, 2016

"A video clip of WABC-TV Channel 7 'Eyewitness News' in New York City opened last night with Anchorman Joe Torre saying “more on Hillary Clinton’s Death.” The opening line, however, seems edited-OUT of the video archive!"

Notice that this segment of "Eye Witness News" came from an ABC TV station in New York City, not from an alternative source, like Alex Jones!

You can also see better quality video clips from YouTube -- and also "What Is Going On? Multiple Reports of Hillary Clinton Dead, Body Doubles and More!"!

ABC quickly distorted the statement and then switched to another news segment.

Is this story a hoax? The Liberal website, "Snopes" certainly believes so.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hillary Clint-done", The Snopes, September 13, 2016

"CLAIM: Hillary Clinton was reported dead on 11 September 2016, but the news was subsequently covered up and she was replaced by a body double."

"FALSE ... The claim that WABC-TV reported the actual death of Hillary Clinton during their 11 PM news broadcast on 11 September 2016 and then edited that information out of their video archive to cover up the truth also seems implausible."

It seems logical that ABC was carrying out a "What If" news segment that can be rushed into production if Hillary really does die. CBS News was caught in this false news preparation prior to the invasion of Iraq. Let us examine this archived news story.

NEWS BRIEF: "CBS News Caught Creating News Coverage of Iraqi Bombing", Cutting Edge Headline News Article, Feb 21, 1998

"A Drudge Report reader reported that he had found something very, very interesting as he was scanning his satellite dish. He discovered Dan Rather reporting a live attack on Baghdad, Iraq. This development seriously concerned this person because he works in the financial business and has many friends on Wall Street. He called some of his friends on the Street and told them that the 'WAR' has started ... "They [his friends on Wall Street whom he had contacted] checked all other networks and they were reporting nothing about this event. I watched for about 15 minutes as they [CBS] went into very detailed information about the attack. CBS had excellent 3D graphics showing cruise missiles and their routes and targets as well as other various attack methods. CBS also showed LIVE footage of attacks on BAGHDAD which was quite convincing." [Emphasis in original]

"CBS NEWS hit total embarrassment Friday afternoon when anchor Dan Rather, in full pancake makeup, and Pentagon correspondent David Martin, were caught rehearsing coverage of a U.S. bombing run on Iraq -- a rehearsal that was mistakenly beamed to television affiliates via satellite! For 20 minutes, Rather could be seen on the satellite going through the motions of [describing] a bombing. According to one viewer who witnessed the spectacle, Rather at one point described how it was not known how many casualties were caused by the bombings. 'It felt like Wag The Dog', a senior new producer at a major-market affiliate tells the DRUDGE REPORT. 'I bet the network is living in fear that someone on the receiving end had tape rolling.' "

" 'It looked like a real broadcast of what was going on', Bill McClure, master control operator at WTAP-TV in Parkersburg, W.Va., an NBC affiliate, told the ASSOCIATE PRESS."

This ABC news affiliate might have just created just the same pre-news segment which they can run once Hillary does die. And, then, someone flipped a switch which made this segment go out over the air.

If Hillary is alive, she and her handlers can easily demonstrate that Hillary is alive. All they have to do is to allow Hillary to be examined by doctors, who run all sorts of medical tests, including DNA testing. Then, Hillary can prove that she is still alive.

Truly, the Election of 2016 is bizarre!

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For years, there has been an on-going effort to get samples to perform DNA testing on the Peruvian skulls and other organic creatures. Bureaucratic red tape, the TSA, and other roadblocks have prevented it. But now, after decades of being hidden in a box in Oregon, a huge Peruvian skull is found  one that has been in the U.S. for so long it became available for DNA testing. Along with this, the red hairs from the baby mummy (WATCHERS 8) and three other skulls were tested. The origins of the elongated-skull people are finally known scientifically.

Every civilization has stories of gods coming from the sky and producing offspring with human women. Most people tend to dismiss the stories as nothing more than a fanciful tale from a long-gone era. Others recognize the truth often hidden within the stories, but believe that they tell of a time that is buried in the ancient past and that we no longer have to even contemplate such an occurrence in our time.

Unfortunately for both groups, the Bible is filled with details. Details that not only recount the time long ago when these heavenly beings cohabited with human women and produced a race of giants, but details that indicate a return of those heavenly beings and a renewal of the events now viewed as ancient history. Perhaps most frightening of all, recent discoveries reveal that its no longer prophetic, but the renewal of that breeding program has already begun!

Could this be what comes out of the Abyss, that we read about in Revelation 9?



"Through the Olympic Games the adoration and worship of ancient gods are revised and brought back in such a way that no one could've guessed the whole of what the Illuminati had been doing right in front of us all along. And yet, we've always known that something was there, something in those Games that just didn't seem right but were accepted nevertheless. However, with his unique background as a former, 7th generation Illuminati witch Doc Marquis reveals the stories and details of the Olympic Games which the Illuminati wants no one to know.

Beginning where he left off in Vol.1, Doc takes us from the Closing Ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games of Sydney, Australia all the way through the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games of London, England. At the end Doc makes some startling predictions as to what he expects will occur during the 2016 Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

The worship of the "serpent god (Satan), Illuminati symbols, occult stories and myths, ancient pagan rituals, the revival of the ancient gods and so much more will be unveiled as you go through "Illuminati gods at the Olympics Games, Vol.2".

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This question is extremely relevant today, as Israel makes final preparations to wage annihilating war against the Palestinians from within, from the North and from Gaza City in the South.

Modern-day Israel is truly a divine wonder of the current age. How has it triumphed through four major wars and survived relentless terrorist attacks, each time from an enemy who is far superior in numbers? Meet the actual people who lived through what can only be described as miracles of Biblical proportions, and share their remarkable stories. Watch Great Trailer

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Obadiah 15-18 foretells the annihilation by fire of an entire nation, the House of Esau, which today are the Palestinians. Israel possesses the "Weapon of Fire" (Fuel Air Bomb) that could fulfill this prophecy precisely!

Understanding how Israel is planning to carry out this annihilation soon is critical to comprehending events in Israel today between the Palestinians and Israel.

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Israel's PM Netanyahu: No one will remove us from our land

Rabbi Kanievsky Consoles Grieving Father: “The Messiah is Already Here”

"World Religions, Volume 5:Buddhism"

New Age leaders, led by Benjamin Creme, have always stated that the coming New Age Christ (Antichrist) will take the Buddhist name, Maitreya, a Buddhist god.
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