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"Illuminati Gods At The Olympic Games"

by Doc Marquis, 2-DVD Set, 4 Hours Long

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Today's Olympic Games are dedicated to the ancient Serpent God of the global Illuminati, preparing the world for Antichrist.

You will vicariously be taken back to the very beginnings of the ancient Olympic Games and then brought up to the very time in which Adolf Hitler inculcated into the 1936 Games the Illuminati's brand of occultism.

You will then be brought to 1996 where the Illuminati began their tale of the serpent god, and through various occult practices and symbols prove that his return is imminent. 2 DVD set, nearly 4 hours long. Part 14 in the series, 'Secrets of the Illuminati'.

1. Now that homosexuality has been declared valid and normal in America today, what is the next sexual deviancy that will be "mainstreamed" by Mass Media?

Pedophilia -- sex with children -- is the next darling of Media.

2. Pope Francis I arrives in America, is met by the President, and is declared to be the "global religious leader"!

We have known since August 18, 1991, that the Pope -- whomever he is at the time -- is slated to be the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18 (Read full details in NEWS1052)

3. Pope Francis I continues the tradition of the pagan god of the Zoroastrian tradition!

The Pope always wears white, while all the men around him wear dark -- black or navy.

4. Can Carly Fiorina actually win the Republican nomination?

Hillary Clinton is sinking rapidly, even with women, because she just looks like a person whom you cannot trust!

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1. Now that homosexuality has been declared valid and normal in America today, what is the next sexual deviancy that will be "mainstreamed" by Mass Media?

Pedophilia -- sex with children -- is the next darling of Media.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pedophilia Next Stop on 'Rights' Agenda", News Talk Florida, September 22, 2015

" published an op/ed from Todd Nickerson titled: 'I'm a Pedophile, But Not a Monster'. Nickerson attempts to explain how he can't help being wired to be sexually attracted to children. He claims he'd never act on his attraction and suffers silently as a result. This sympathy play marks the next frontier of "sexual rights" and expression issues predicted by many Conservative commentators after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage."

Indeed, many Conservative voices raised this warning immediately after the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage and placing the homosexual lifestyle on the same basis as heterosexual marriage. These pundits informed us that the gay marriage issue was fundamentally an agenda for acceptance of deviant sexuality that will destroy God's heterosexual creation and will place the Christian Church in great peril of persecution.

That day has now arrived, as exemplified by the beginning of a Mass Media campaign to declare pedophilia as being perfectly legitimate. The very Liberal magazine, Salon, leads the charge.

"The psychiatric community, media and advocates all worked to mainstream homosexuality as something normal and 'being born this way' during its path to majority public acceptance. Pedophiles and their advocates will now attempt to take the same route."

To fully understand the direction into which this attempt to legitimize Pedophilia, let us examine the life of a Pedophilia activist, David Alway/Lindsay Ashford.

NEWS BRIEF: "Who is the real Lindsay Ashford?"

"He then left the Czech Republic, leaving in May 2003 for Milan, Italy and at some point returning to America which he refers to as the "Evil Empire" before scurrying south to Central and South America where he heard little girls were easier picking."

"David Alway AKA Lindsay Ashford is a pedophile, and an activist for pedophiles. He believes that children as young as 6 months old can consent to sexual activity. Further he believes that children who are exploited by adults don't suffer any ill effects from such a thing. He has a website called Sugar and Spice that's just for little girls. Check it out.... his attempts to rip little girls away from their parents, his attempt to destroy any trust they may have in another, his attempt to send them into battle to carry out his own personal pervert war. Read his memorial page 'Taken from our Midst' about little girls missing, raped or murdered by pedophiles. Watch him as he mocks society, and flaunts his perversions."

"Who is the real Lindsay Ashford? he's stalking your children and his name is David Alway."

America is descending further into the Abyss with this latest sexual perversion being touted as normal. God is watching and taking notes. His physical annihilation of America is speeding toward us like a runaway freight train!

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10:31)

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No global economic collapse, nor global war, nor global catastrophe of any kind will occur in September, this year!

A great deal of unnecessary fear and angst have been created by prophecy teachers falsely warning that the world is going to be swept up in global panic and upheaval in September.

Cutting Edge addresses this false teaching in our new DVD title, "World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event". We report the truth: While the Elite have 12 different global crises lined up and ready to launch at any moment, they also have planned that none of these multiple crises will occur until the World War III begins that will produce Antichrist on the world scene.

And, the Bible foretells that the last birth pang to produce Antichrist can occur until the world is reorganized into the Prophetic 10 Toes (Supernations) of Daniel!

You will feel liberated once you understand these prophetic Biblical facts.

Watch Video Trailer of "World War III"

2. Pope Francis I arrives in America, is met by the President, and is declared to be the "global religious leader"!

We have known since August 18, 1991, that the Pope -- whomever he is at the time -- is slated to be the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18 (Read full details in NEWS1052)

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope Francis’ Popularity Bridges Great Divides: Seen as a world religious leader", The New York Times, Sept 23, 2015

"He may be the world’s foremost Catholic, but to his fans, Pope Francis is more Martin Luther King Jr. than Pope Benedict XVI. He speaks, and millions listen — whether they are Muslim or Baptist, Hindu or atheist.

" 'I believe he’s a world leader more than a religious leader', said Sasha Datta, a practicing Hindu who is planning to try to see Francis in Washington. 'His openness, his ability to not shy away from real issues — I see a lot of hope when I see people like Pope Francis'.”

The global False Religious Prophet is introduced to us in Revelation 13:11-18.

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon." (Revelation 13:11)

Note that this prophesied global religious leader will present himself as a Christian before the world and will be accepted as such. This is the meaning of the words, "he had two horns like a lamb". However, we are warned that this global "christian" leader is a fake and a fraud, because he has the heart and the mouth of a dragon (Satan).

The Illuminati chose the Roman Catholic Pontiff, whomever he will be at the time Antichrist arises, to be the top religious leader of the global New World Order religion (Read full details in NEWS1052)

The time is getting close, as we can see by this carefully scripted scenario plays out, building up Pope Francis I before a global citizenry!

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"You will never read the Gospels The Same Way Again" DVD

Your understanding of the Gospel account will change forever! Once you understand the truth that Jewish leaders who conspired to put Jesus on the cross were practicing Satanists of a Secret Society.

This incredible DVD reveals that the Pharisees and Sadducees who hated Jesus with an unnatural hatred and provoked the Lord into uncharacteristic animosity toward them, were secretly Satanists practicing what later became known as the Cabala (Kabbala, Qabbala).

Now you will know why the Pharisees killed Jesus even though they knew with 100% certainty that He was the Promised Messiah. Now you will know why these Jewish leaders looked at Jesus' miracles and concluded that He was drawing His power from Beelzebub, one of Satan's chief demons. When the Pharisees told the people that Jesus did not possess inherent power, but was merely accessing the power of Beelzebub,they caused Jesus to proclaim a brand new type of sin, the 'Unpardonable Sin'!

This type of Satanism which the Pharisees practiced is the major power behind the drive to the 'New World Order', which is the 'Kingdom of Antichrist', and is the Corner Stone of every major type of Satanism in the past 2,500 years! Even Adolf Hitler loved and revered the Cabala, even as he was plotting to slaughter all Jews.

Soul-winning Segment at the very end

View Trailer ---- Full Order Details

3. Pope Francis I continues the tradition of the pagan god of the Zoroastrian tradition!

The Pope always wears white, while all the men around him wear dark -- black or navy.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pope Francis Arrives In United States Wearing Signature Black Leather Loafers", Foot Wear News, Sept 23, 2015

"In a historic visit, Pope Francis set foot in the US for the first time today — wearing a pair of simple black leather shoes ... Pope Francis prefers to keep things simple. Instead, he’s chosen the simple black shoes associated with those of a priest, shunning the practice of wearing red, the color commemorating the blood of martyrdom."

The key portion of this picture is not the Pope's black loafers, but the fact that the Pope continues to wear white, while all men around him are wearing dark, either black or dark navy blue. What does this mean, you ask?

"... in February, 1997, Netanyahu and his wife, Sarah, traveled to the Vatican, where, dressed in black, they met with the Pope, who was, of course, dressed in white (another Zoroastrian contrast)." Tim Cohen, "Antichrist and A Cup of Tea", Prophecy House, Inc., 1998, p. 411.

In Black Magick Witchcraft, the color white is considered the preeminent color. Since the color, white, is comprised of all colors, and black is a lack of color, white is considered most powerful; black must give way to white. Further, white is considered to be inherently based in the spiritual, since white is the color worn by Zarathustra, the founder of the pagan religion of Zoroaster, and quite possibly, the precursor to Antichrist. In late 1996, I received an email from a person who identified himself as a Black Magick Satanist; he stated that, while I understood much about Black Magick, I needed to be aware that the book, "Thus Saith Zarathustra", by Nietzche, would be the 'Bible of Antichrist'."

You can see pictures of Zarathustra by reading our archived article, "Pope Always Wears White, Visitors Wear Dark -- Illuminist Symbolism Dating Back 4,000 Years Ago! White/Black Dress Symbolism Shouts That The Pope Is God! " NEWS1608.


Now, at the the End of the Age, as all the signs point to the soon appearance of Antichrist, I was told by a Satanist that Zarathustra is a type of Antichrist. And Zarathustra wore white!

Let us examine one of the Zarathustra depictions in NEWS1608

We can see that Zarathustra is making a hand gesture with the thumb extended to the right and slightly up, and the forefinger pointing upward. This gesture is called a "mudra", defined by the Dictionary of Mysticism as "a mystic seal of Oriental occultism; a series of occult signs made with the fingers, and considered to have magical effects ." [Quoted by Dr. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 231; Emphasis added]

But, then, Dr. Burns tells us that this "mudra" is a method of telling us that a person is a supernatural being, a god. "In addition to mantras and yantras, the third way of representing deities is through gestures (mudra)". [Ibid.]

Therefore, Zarathustra is telling his followers that he is god!

Now -- notice the Sun behind his head, another symbol of the Divine! The Sun behind him is also a symbol of God, the Sun-God. The Master standing in front of the Sun reflects the glory and the power of the Sun. But, Satan the Hydra Serpent is also symbolized by the Rising Sun! [Cisco Wheeler, Former Black Magick Satanist]

Thus, Zarathustra is saying in this picture that he is Deity, he is God, the Lucifer Sun-God ! [Ibid.]

Finally, notice that Zarathustra is carrying a Staff of Authority, or a Rod, in his left hand. This Rod is also a symbol of the Lucifer Sun-God . There is tremendous Satanic power behind a Staff -- Rod -- of Authority.

The Pope's staff on which the Crucifix is suspended comes directly from this Zarathustra Staff of Authority! The Staff of Authority is yet another symbol of the Illuminati, a symbol dating back over 4,000 years! What is the Staff of Authority carried by Pope Francis I?

The Crucifix that Pope Francis I is holding up to the people, at left. Study it closely, and you will realize that it is not a Traditional Crucifix, as we show below. Rather, this Crucifix is known as a "Bent Cross". But, what does that mean? For the answer to that question, let us turn to a Roman Catholic author, Piers Compton, writing in his book, "The Broken Cross: Hidden Hand In the Vatican", Channel Islands, Neville Spearman, 1981.

This Bent Crucifix is "... a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made use of to represent the Biblical term 'Mark of the Beast'. Yet, not only Paul VI, but his successors, the two John-Pauls, carried that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest idea that it stood for anti-Christ." (p. 72)

This Bent Crucifix was created by Satanists to depict Antichrist and his Mark of the Beast! Very soon, you will see the appearance of a global leader, calling himself The Christ, who will claim to be Jesus Christ returned, the Jewish Messiah, and the Avatar figure for which all the major religions are awaiting, all in one man. This will be Antichrist. Then, very quickly thereafter, a global religious leader will step forward to aid the Antichrist; this religious leader will possess the same miraculous power of Antichrist. At this moment, the prophecy of Revelation 13:11-14 will be fulfilled; this global religious leader will be the Biblical False Prophet.

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Now Is The Time For God's People To Separate--- "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." (Rev 18: 4)

Common Core is a deficient education designed to produce the "Common Herd" work force for the New World Order.

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4. Can Carly Fiorina actually win the Republican nomination?

Hillary Clinton is sinking rapidly, even with women, because she just looks like a person whom you cannot trust!

NEWS BRIEF: "How Carly Fiorina can become the GOP nominee", Fox News, by Cal Thomas, September 22, 2015

"To invoke a baseball metaphor, Carly Fiorina has been called up from the minors to the major leagues. After her widely praised debate performance last week, she can expect “fastballs” to be thrown at her head, not only by some of her Republican opponents, but by Democrats. It has already started."

Fiorina can emphasize the following facts that will help her candidacy, both in the Republican primaries and in the general election in November, 2016.

* "Fiorina can help advance her candidacy by shifting the debate from lowering taxes to pruning spending."

* "She would move to a zero-based budgeting standard to force every government agency to justify what it spends."

* "Fiorina might promise, if elected, to call in a group of outside auditors who have no ties to anyone doing business with the federal government and conduct a top-to-bottom audit that would expose waste, fraud, abuse and unnecessary spending."

* "... grab the compassion issue from Democrats and make it her own. Promise to mobilize the thousands of churches in America and lead them in what they should be doing anyway — helping the poor become less so ... Real compassion is helping people out of poverty, not sending them a government check, which mostly sustains them in poverty. "

"Historically, women seem to model compassion better than men. Fiorina should take advantage of this characteristic."

"Call it hardball with a soft cover."


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Will that occur in our lifetime? How do we know?

Do we need to prepare in some way? Or are there specific steps we should be taking?

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