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"The Last Religion: Transhumanism, The Singularity and The Antichrist" - DVD Volume 2

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Ancient Biblical Prophecy foretells of a future time when the world will be under the control of a global dictator most commonly known as the Antichrist. There are three personalities that constitute this mysterious prophecy: the prophet, the image of the beast, and the dragon (what the image of the beast is a reflection of). The beast seems to made up of a conglomeration of insidious characters, but a singular horn on this beast rises above the rest, 10 to be exact, and essentially claims godhood. He is assassinated, presumably a bullet to the head, and dies. However, this human global leader is somehow revitalized but now no longer a human, but is actually the image of the beast. The prophet convinces the entire world and they are seduced by this miracle, presumably because this figure has now promised godhood to anyone who takes on his mark.

The fatalistic catch is one must deny that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of God who died, and after three days was raised from the dead. By taking the mark of the beast, a person is now promised some form of corporeal paradise, but also is now guaranteed to no longer an organic human& possibly some form of TRANSHUMAN. But, he/she cannot be redeemed any longer by Jesus.

This film investigates how the seduction of becoming a super-human will be mankinds greatest obsession, but also its ultimate demise. There is hope! The Scriptures promise that the faithful remnant who do not take on this mark, even if they are murdered, will inherit an eternal body, and a rulership position when Jesus conquers the Dragon and establishes His rule on earth.

"The LAST Religion: Antichrist, Singularity, and Hyper-Depravity - DVD Volume 1

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Our society is becoming obsessed with human enhancement technologies that are being embraced without anyone questioning whether this new technology is either positive or benign. This video proves that this technological path will lead to the type of 'HYPER-DEPRAVITY' which the Bible foretells will be a key element in the mind and soul of Antichrist!

Explore Biblical Prophecy from a 21st Century perspective. with creative motion graphics and music, this documentary style presentation features interviews from over a dozen theologians -- some of them originally recorded 30 years ago -- to present the most complete view of the prophecies of Revelation, created in the style which appeals to the 'YouTube Generation'.

What role will Artificial Intelligence -- A.I. -- and Virtual Reality play in the future enslavement of mankind? The Climax of human history has been predicted to follow very specific 'Signs'. We are most assuredly living in these 'LAST DAYS'!

Learn what personal preparation you can do to prepare for the coming 'Man of Sin', the Antichrist.

"And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days." (Mark 13:20, KJV)

Critical News Headlines

1. President Trump immediately demanded the "Death Penalty" to this maniac shooter of the Pittsburgh synagogue.

This bold call will likely emergize millions of American voters.

2. Even though the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is identified as a Neo-Nazi who hated President Trump, Gun Seizure advocates continued to spew disarmament nonsense.

3. Several Jewish leaders made the case that the only force that can stop a gun-toting murderer is a person who is shooting back

4. President Trump is ordering an additional 5,200 troops to the Mexican/American border.

He is planning a firm, but compassionate, response to the illegal migrants now marching northward.

5. Young, Conservative blacks held an energetic political rally in Washington, D.C., last Saturday.

Liberal Mass Media tried its best to ignore this news.


"Fatima I: Miracle of the Sun"

New DVD by L.A. Marzulli

100 years ago an event happened that changed the world. Upwards of 70,000 Roman Catholic faithful were gathered in the little village of Fatima, Portugal. They were told, by an apparition that had appeared to three children, whom many believed to be Mary of the Bible, that a miracle would occur.

Something miraculous occurred on October 13, 1917, witnessed by many thousands of people. It was called, The Miracle of the Sun.

What did the witnesses in 1917 REALLY see?

Did Psychics predict the events of Fatima?

Why did the apparition only speak telepathically with the young, impressionable children?

What happened to the original testimonies of the witnesses taken 1917?

Why was the main seer Lucia cloistered with a vow of silence for almost 2 decades?

What actually appeared in the sky in 1917? Many witnesses described seeing a dull, silver disc, such as the UFO above the "I" in Fatima. Were there other phenomena seen that day, such as 'flying hats?'

Run Time 1 hour 5 minutes - Only $19.99 --

"Fatima II: Strange Phenomenon"

New DVD by L.a. Marzulli

This film is explosive as it contains never before seen photographs from the 1917 events in Fatima, Portugal.
Does this photograph prove that a disc-like object went over the crowd on the moors of Fatima almost 101 years ago?

Does it validate many of the eye-witnesses who claimed to have seen a dull, silver disc?

Fatima 2 also reveals:
* The Fourth Witness, Carolina Carrera, who went unnoticed until Fina D'Armada sought her out. She had an encounter with a being that hovered over the tree-tops and communicated with her telepathically.
* Car windshields exploded during the event!
* A strange fiber-like substance, that the people called "angel hair," fell from the sky!
* Worship of ancient female goddesses occurred at many other so-called apparition sites.

We uncovered numerous other apparitions and "sun-miracles" in modernity and reveal them in the film. End Times Prophecy warns all who will listen that Satan will come with all signs and lying wonders. Was Fatima with all of its strange phenomena a harbinger of deception?

Run Time 1 hour 11 minutes -- Only $19.99 --


Headline News Analysis

1. President Trump immediately demanded the "Death Penalty" to this maniac shooter of the Pittsburgh synagogue.

NEWS BRIEF: "President Trump on Pittsburgh Shooting: Change Laws So Attackers Get Death Penalty Faster", Breitbart News, 27 October 2018

"In a statement to press Saturday morning President Trump said referenced the Pittsburgh shooting and said we need to revamp our laws so attackers get the death penalty faster."

"Speaking live to reporters outside Air Force One, Trump was asked if there is anything he can do to end violence ... "Look at violence all over the world. The world is a violent world." He added, "I think one thing we should do is we should stiffen up our laws in terms of the death penalty. When people do this they should get the death penalty."

Biblical Christians should support this concept of putting murderers to death, as God has decreed this penalty for this crime nearly 4,000 years ago. Listen:


* Murder. Exodus 21:12. -- Death Penalty opponents have been highly successful in preventing the Death Penalty from being carried out against the guilty, resulting in many of them eventually getting released, so they can plunder, pillage, and kill again.

* Incest. Lev. 18:6-16. -- Given the popularity of incest in today's Pornography, one can only conclude that more people are committing this sin than we would like to believe. Incest has always been covered up within families.

* Sexual relations with an in-law. Lev. 18:6-16. -- In today's television, sleeping with anyone other than your spouse is considered perfectly normal.

* Sexual relations with a neighbor's wife. Lev. 18:20.

* Sacrificing children in a religious ceremony. 18:21. -- Satanists regard Abortion and Infanticide to be the highest sacrifice possible to Lord Satan. Therefore, when a near majority of Americans support Abortion "Rights" we are guilty of sacrificing children to Lord Satan. Do not be deceived on this matter. The death toll is 55,000,000 [55 million] and increasing daily.

* Homosexuality. Lev. 18:22; 20:13. -- Today, our national political and business leaders are openly supporting "gay rights", giving gays the label "family". We are in deep, deep trouble with God over this issue.

* Bestiality. Lev. 18:23; 20:15-16. -- Given the popularity of Bestiality in the Pornography Industry today, one can only conclude more people are committing this perversion than we would like to admit.

* Cursing father and mother. Exodus 20:17; Lev. 18:9. -- Rock Music has made a very splendid living railing against the authority of the Father and the Mother. Today's last two generations are exhibiting the highest degree of disrespect of the Father and Mother in our nation's history.

* Anyone who is a medium and has a familiar spirit, or is a wizard. Lev. 20:27. -- Today, as many as one-third of Americans are either actively participating in some form of New Age religion, or are following their horoscopes, or are consulting mediums [TV ads abound for Psychics]. America is in deep, deep trouble with God over this issue.

* Anyone who kidnaps another person. Exodus 20:16.

Remember during this quick study that, when the leaders of a nation refuse to carry out God's Divinely mandated punishments for sin, God will eventually carry out that judgment upon the entire nation. Therefore, when the leaders of a nation refuse to carry out the death penalty on the perpetrators of sin for which God has mandated death, then God will eventually carry out His death sentence upon the entire nation.

This bold call will likely energize millions of American voters.

After all, Liberal, Leftist politicians have been coddling murderers for a very long time, but especially during the eight long years of President Barack Obama.

2. Even though the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter is identified as a Neo-Nazi who hated President Trump, Gun Seizure advocates continued to spew disarmament nonsense.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pittsburgh Shooter Named – Is Nazi Robert Bowers – Hates Donald Trump, Says Trump Controlled By Jews", Tea Party News, 29 October 2018

"A man reportedly walked into the synagogue and opened fire during a Saturday service ... Shooter was screaming, 'All Jews must die!' ... Another post from Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. His profile clearly illustrates that he's a Nazi, admired Hitler, hates Trump, believes Trump is controlled by Jews, he did not vote for Trump."

When Hitler planned World War II, he fully intended to massacre native born populations from France through The Ukraine! Historians no longer have to wonder why the crematoriums were made so large, with such great capacity.

This is the spirit of Antichrist and is the spirit of Robert Bowers as he opened fire on innocent Jewish worshippers.

Yet, Leftist leaders brazenly accuse President Trump for this tragedy!

NEWS BRIEF: "‘Left-Wing Jews' Blaming Trump for Pittsburgh ‘Are Dishonoring the Dead'," Breitbart News, 29 October 2018

"... left-wing Jews blaming President Donald Trump for inciting Saturday's mass murder at a Pittsburgh synagogue are 'dishonoring the dead' and 'dishonoring the cause of fighting anti-Semitism' ... we have to be less civil to anti-Semites. We have to be less civil to people who want to annihilate the Jewish people [and] the Jewish state'."

"But what we're finding, particularly among left-wing Jews is that they're using it to attack the administration and trying to conflate the Nazi who committed this massacre with President Trump. Obviously, nothing could be further from the truth."

3. However, several Jewish leaders made the case that the only force that can stop a gun-toting murderer is a person who is shooting back.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jewish Gun Advocate: ‘Learn to Shoot or Get Out of the Way of Those Who Do'," Breitbart News, 29 October 2018

"Doris Wise, the founder of 'Jews Can Shoot', an offshoot of the former Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors organization, told Breitbart News on Monday that the best response to Saturday's synagogue shooting is for Jews to arm themselves."

"I got very angry when I saw the candlelight and the vigils and all of that — I mean, it's good, and people need a chance to heal — but the only thing that's going to stop these people is a gun, is shooting them back."

We have been hitting this theme for 20 years, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun! At least, this Jewish leader recognizes that Trump bore no responsibility for this massacre.

"She rejected the idea that President Donald Trump bore any blame for the attack, adding that she believed the country's divisions began in earnest during the Obama presidency."

Ms Wise then talked earnestly about the role guns could have played in the Holocaust had private citizens been able to own them.

"I go back to the same thing I've always said. We've been persecuted since the time of the Holocaust. I definitely believe that had we been armed, there would not have been a Holocaust, or the Holocaust would have been very much minimized'."

And, remember, American leaders have been planning to plunge this country into an Absolute Dictatorship which will serve Antichrist. Its name is "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" or New World Order, and it is such a public goal that it is printed on the back of our One Dollar Bill!

4. President Trump is ordering an additional 5,200 troops to the Mexican/American border.

NEWS BRIEF: "Donald Trump deploys 5,200 troops to US-Mexico border to stop invasion by migrants", South China Post, 30 October 2018

"The Pentagon is deploying 5,200 active-duty troops to strengthen security along the US-Mexico border in a bid to prevent a caravan of Central American migrants from illegally crossing the frontier ... The move represents a massive military build-up along the border, where some 2,000 National Guardsmen are already working to provide help to overwhelmed authorities."

"... within days, the US military will have more than three times as many troops along the southern border as it does fighting Islamic State in Syria."

He is planning a firm, but compassionate, response to the illegal migrants now marching northward.

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump: We Will Hold Asylum Seekers in Tent Cities Until Their Trial", Breitbart News, 29 October 2018

"During an interview broadcast on Monday's edition of the Fox News Channel's "Ingraham Angle," President Trump stated that asylum applicants will be held in tent cities until their hearing takes place, and people with rejected asylum applications will 'get out' ... "We're going to put up — we're going to build tent cities. … We're going to have tents. They're going to be very nice, and they're going to wait, and if they don't get asylum, they get out."

5. Young, Conservative blacks held an energetic political rally in Washington, D.C., last Saturday, calling for a "Blexit" walkaway!

NEWS BRIEF: "Young black conservatives unite around President Trump", Fox News, October 27, 2018

"Chants of ‘We love Trump, U-S-A!' echoed across the East Room of the White House before, during, and after President Donald Trump's address to hundreds of young black conservatives.
The President's address was part of the Young Black Leaders Summit (YBLS), a four-day conference focused on millennial-aged, conservative black Americans. The student-activist group, Turning Point USA, is hosting the event."

"Despite all of the lies and propaganda, black Americans are waking up', said (Candace) Owens. 'Black Americans are realizing that this person you've painted as a monster seems to be bringing results that you've promised for decades and never delivered'."

The President continued:

" 'For decades policies advanced by Democrats have and eliminated opportunity and wiped out good paying jobs and even great paying jobs for the black community', declared President Trump ..."

Liberal Mass Media tried its best to ignore this news.

NEWS BRIEF: "‘This is what Dems are afraid of': Patriotic moment goes viral at historic summit for young, black conservative leaders", Biz Pac Review, October 26, 2018

"Turning Point USA is holding a historic conference for young, conservative blacks in Washington, D.C., and the very idea has to have Democrats shaking in their boots ... his is @DonaldJTrumpJr with young black conservatives. THIS is what Democrats are afraid of. They do NOT want you to see this," tweeted Collin Rugg."

"The concept of hundreds of black Americans openly supporting President Trump is enough to leave Democrats lying awake at night. With a thriving economy and black unemployment at a record low, a large scale exodus from the Democratic Party by African-Americans would be devastating."

Candace then offered a novel explanation as to one of the reasons more blacks are supporting the President at this time.

" 'President Trump is the most marketable president in the history of all presidents to the black community because he's funny', she told the New York Post. 'They really respond well to humor and self-deprecation'."

Will the wave this November be Red or Blue?

More and more pundits are coming to the conclusion that a Blue Wave is not going to occur after all!



NEWS BRIEF: (To come)

"The Now Prophecies"

NEW DVD - by Bill Salus

God's word to Noah was to prepare NOW for a worldwide flood. God's word to Joseph was to prepare Pharaoh and Egypt NOW for seven years of famine. God's word to Jeremiah was to prepare the Jews NOW for seventy years of exile into Babylon.

The key word in these historical examples was NOW! What does God's Word say for us to prepare for NOW? What are the tough decisions we need to make?

The NOW Prophecies identifies the biblical prophecies that were written centuries ago for THIS GENERATION! These ancient inscriptions predict powerful events that will profoundly affect everyone. This video makes it easy to understand how to get ready NOW for what to expect in the near future!

The titles of these critical NOW prophecies are: Disaster In Iran!
Destruction of Damascus! Decline In America!
The Final Arab- Israeli War!

Christian, it is time to 'look up, for our Redemption draweth nigh'!

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"The Hybrid Age" Audio-CD

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The HYBRID AGE Audio CD:In this nearly 5 hours of interviews with Thomas Horn and Steve Quayle, advances in science, technology, and philosophy including cybernetics, bio-engineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, synthetic biology, and transhumanism are combined to create a mind-boggling game-changer to everything you have ever known about humanity, spiritual warfare, and the rebirth of the Days of Noah as prophesied by Jesus Christ Himself! The technological, cultural, and metaphysical shift now under way unapologetically forecasts a future dominated by a new species of unrecognizably superior humans that in ancient times were called Nephilim, and applications under study now to make this dream reality are being funded by thousands of government and private research facilities around the world. Rewriting human DNA and combining men with beasts is only the beginning of this scientific move to alter mankind. Without comprehending what is quickly approaching in related disciplines of research and development, vast numbers of believers could be paralyzed by the most fantastic and far reaching supernatural implications. The destiny of each individual, as well as the future of their family and friends, could depend on their knowledge of the coming HYBRID AGE!

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"The Milieu: Welcome To The Transhuman Resistance"

New Book by by Dr. Thomas Horn

Utopia or Dystopia? Shangri-La or purgatory? Paradise or perdition?

What future truly awaits mankind on the other side of widespread human enhancement? With breakthrough advances in transhumanistic science and technology at an all-time high, it appears that people of all ages, backgrounds, and world cultures are lining up to embrace the alteration and augmentation of the human race.

Remaining as the mere Homo sapiens that God designed is no longer satisfactory as we race toward the human-animal chimeric and human-machine hybrid era, a point of no return.

For many, these transhuman concepts paint bright and glorious tomorrows filled with higher efficiency, ease, and convenience for our world. For others, the notion of irreversibly changing what it is to be human and the potential spiritual and biological repercussions that holds for the earth s dominant species is, understandably, terrifying.

Is a recreation of Genesis 6 coming on the world soon? Such a race of human-machine beings would bring mankind to a point where no one could be saved anymore. Antichrist thus beckons.

Remember Jesus' Words: " And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." (Luke 21:28, KJV)

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