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God Calling America Today

"Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird ... her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." (Revelation 18:2, 5, KJV)

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Critical News Headlines

1. Hamas thought she had launched a war when she fired 500 missiles into southern Israel, destroyed a military bus using an anti-tank weapon.

But, even though IDF forces were amassed on the Gaza border, PM Netanyahu blinked and asked for a ceasefire!

Why would the former IDF Commander military hero, flinch in the face of a determined enemy?

The answer: he knew the enemy could destroy Israel as a modern nation - the "Time of Jacob's Trouble" and he hesitated, buying Israel a little more time to prepare!

2. The Globalist's Plan to exterminate "Useless Eaters" continues.

3. Great Britain slips into political chaos as citizens realize that PM May has sold out in Brexit negotiations to the E.U.

4. The Democrats have demonstrated great fear over the Acting Attorney General.

President Trump has just given them a lot to fear!

5. U.S. troops have gotten to the Mexico border, and are laying wire and tent cities designed to keep the migrant caravan on Mexican soil

Tijuana is so angered by these migrants that their citizens and their mayor act to stop them.

Another Leftist judge has temporarily stopped Trump's newest change to American immigrant rules.

6. Gun Owners, beware!

Democrats in the House are coming after your guns, and Rep. Swalwell has just threatened you with "Nukes"!

7. Still under Republican control, the House of Representatives has just passed a bill that terminates ObamaCare's "Death Panels"!


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Headline News Analysis


1. Hamas thought she had launched a war when she fired 500 missiles into southern Israel, destroyed a military bus using an anti-tank weapon.

NEWS BRIEF: "Brink Of War: Troops And Tanks Head To The Gaza Border After Hundreds Of Missiles Rain Down On Israel", The Washington Standard, November 13, 2018

"Missiles continue to rain down on Israel at this hour, and even the New York Times is admitting that the region is on the 'brink of war'. On Monday, more than 300 rockets and mortar shells were fired from Gaza into Israel ... missile alarms were shrieking all over southern Israel as dawn broke on Tuesday, and at least 70 rockets and mortar shells have been fired at Jewish cities since midnight. If the barrage does not stop, there will be war. As you will see below, large numbers of IDF troops and tanks have been spotted heading to the Gaza border." (Emphasis Added)

But, even though IDF forces were amassed on the Gaza border, PM Netanyahu blinked and asked for a ceasefire!

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaza: Prelude To A Non-War Shakes Up Israeli Politics And Leads Hamas To Claim ‘It Won', Tsarizm News, November 14, 2018

"After launching 400 rockets at Israel, Hamas decided that it wanted to send a message to Jerusalem. It put out a warning that any "excessive aggression" by Israel would result in more rockets being fired at targets deep inside Israel. It would 'increase the depth', of the fire."

Israel reacted tepidly.

"Israel also put out warnings throughout the 24 hours of conflict. It warned Hamas and Gazans to evacuate Al-Aqsa TV, before Israel struck the building. In fact it seemed that in the 160 targets that the IDF claimed to have struck in Gaza, very few people were killed."

Why would the former IDF Commander military hero, flinch in the face of a determined enemy?

NEWS BRIEF: "What's behind Netanyahu's decision not to invade Gaza: PM faces the possibility of a 3 front war - 'IDF isn't prepared enough for such a war', Israel National News, 11/15/2018

"... Hamas and the Israeli government finally agreed to a new ceasefire late Tuesday afternoon. The decision not to launch a new ground offensive against Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza led to great anger among the Israeli public and enraged the residents of villages and towns in the Gaza belt in particular."

"The protesters said they were fed up with living under the constant threat of missiles and other terrorist activity which has virtually ruined their lives. On social media in Israel, meanwhile, all kinds of sarcastic jokes were circulating in which the Prime Minister was portrayed as a coward and as a leader who constantly postpones important decisions."

"Netanyahu and the IDF seriously consider the possibility that Iran could start a three front war against Israel in the future via its proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza ... There is, however, serious doubt about the ability of the Israeli army to manage such a three front war, let alone win it."

"A recent report from Maj. Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Brick, the military ombudsman in Israel, claimed that the IDF isn't prepared enough for such a war. It led to the establishment of an experts panel which was given 45 days to investigate Brick's claims. The Israeli Ombudsman warned of "deep problems" within the IDF and called on the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the Knesset to investigate the matter."

So, why did PM Netanyahu "blink" in this most current struggle with the Palestinian Hamas military?

The answer: he knew the enemy could destroy Israel as a modern nation - the "Time of Jacob's Trouble" and he hesitated, buying Israel a little more time to prepare!

Israel is heading directly into the prophetic storm whereby she is so viciously attacked by her enemies that the Archangel Michael -- the Protector of the nation of Israel -- has to "stand up" from his throne to come to Israel's aid.

Listen to the prophetic Word of God!

"And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book (of Life)." (Daniel 12:1, KJV)

And, we tell this entire story, including the prophesied annihilation of the Palestinians, in our DVD pictured above, "Israel's Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians"!


2. The Globalist's Plan to exterminate "Useless Eaters" continues.

NEWS BRIEF: "The globalist plan to exterminate humanity begins: "Useless eaters" must be eliminated, say globalists", D.C. Dirty Laundry News, November 19, 2018

"Far beyond the distractions of political bickering and cultural trends, the big, big picture that's unfolding across our world right now is a plan to exterminate 90% of the current human population in order to 'save' the planet and protect what globalists see as the future of human survival on a cosmic scale."

Folks, this plan is well underway, as we have been reporting for the past 20 years. However, the time for implementation of this agenda is getting very close at hand.

The best DVD ever created to report this massive extinction of humans is shown by the massive "Georgia Guidestones Mystery Revealed: Dark Clouds Over Elberton", pictured above.

Written on the great granite stones are ten commands or guides that were intended to provide wisdom for mankind. But the first of them calls for a reduction of the world population to a mere 500 million.

When you realize that the current population of the world is 7,700,000,000 (7.7 billion) people, a reduction to 500,000,000 (500 million) is a 94% reduction in population.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

What are the weapons of the Illuminati to achieve this draconian population reduction? In order, they are:

Global Messiah Wars, Diseases, Genocide -- in other words, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, pictured above!

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#3 - Global Diseases -- "Behold A Black Horse" DVD

#4 -- Global Genocide -- "Behold A Livid Horse" DVD

In other words, the Georgia Guidestones proclaim precisely the same goals as this Revelation prophey foretold nearly 2,000 years ago!

Jesus foretold of this massive extinction of human beings during the seven-year Tribulation Period:

"For in those days shall be affliction, such as was not from the beginning of the creation which God created unto this time, neither shall be. And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days." (Mark 13:19-20, KJV)

Mankind is entering into the final years of this current age. All Christians should aggressively reach out to unsaved loved ones and friends and co-workers with your testimony and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your contact with them might be the last chance they have to hear the Gospel and be saved for the Eternity of the Eternities!

3. Great Britain slips into political chaos as citizens realize that PM May has sold out in Brexit negotiations to the E.U.

NEWS BRIEF: "Britain in Political Turmoil as Brexit Deal Descends into Chaos", Breaking Israel News, Nov 19, 2018

"Britain has descended into political turmoil as decisions about the country's future – or not – in the European Union brought with it a raft of ministerial resignations. Amid deep acrimony, the country's Prime Minister Theresa May was facing a possible vote of no confidence, which would at least trigger a leadership contest in the ruling Conservative Party, if not a potential General Election if the coalition government begins to break up."

Immediately after the Brexit -- Britain leaving the European Union -- election, we predicted that Great Britain would never actually leave the E.U., because the European Union is the fulfillment of the prophecy that the world would reorganize into 10 Supernations (Daniel 7:7-8, 2:40-45, Revelation 17:12-17).

The European Union is Supernation #2, of which Great Britain is a member. Since Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, I believed that, somehow, Britain would never actually leave.

As it turns out, the Illuminati had its key loyalists in power, led by Prime Minister Theresa May. Under the guise of "negotiating" an orderly withdrawal from the E.U., PM May has capitulated in so many areas that it is almost like Great Britain is not actually leaving.

And now that this betrayal is coming to light, many ministers of her Cabinet are resigning in protest. We still do not know precisely how events will transpire, but Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled, so the European Union will somehow survive.

4. The Democrats have demonstrated great fear over the Acting Attorney General.

NEWS BRIEF: "Democrats File Lawsuit Challenging Acting AG Matthew Whitaker Appointment", Breitbart News, 19 Nov 2018

"Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), and Mazie Hirono (D-HI) filed a lawsuit Monday challenging President Donald Trump's appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, claiming the move was unconstitutional because the top Justice Department official was not confirmed by the Senate."

The Senate must confirm the Attorney General, but my suspicion is that an Acting A/G can be named by the President until he can appoint a successor and send the appointment to the Senate for confirmation.

In the meantime, the Acting A/G can lawfully wield all the powers of the office.

President Trump has just given them a lot to fear!

NEWS BRIEF: "Trump gives Whitaker free rein over Mueller probe: 'It's going to be up to him'," The Washington Times, November 18, 2018

"President Trump on Sunday said he is giving acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker free rein over special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, including limiting or shutting down the investigation. ' It's going to be up to him', Mr. Trump said in an interview aired on Fox News Sunday. 'I wouldn't get involved."

Since the creation of the Special Counsel's office of Robert Mueller is the most important and the most powerful tool the Leftists have to overthrow and to thwart President Trump, they are in panic mode over the possibility that this "bulldog" Matthew Whitaker might truly shut him down.

But, then, Whitaker announces a decision that will most definitely infuriate the Globalists in our Congress and in the State Houses.

NEWS BRIEF: "Acting AG Whitaker: States Can Nullify Unconstitutional Federal Act", The New American, 18 November 2018

"Media elites have gone into full-throated freak-out over the fact that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker supports the right of states to refuse to enact unconstitutional acts of the general government."

What, the Globalists say? Acting Attorney General Whitaker is actually following the Constitution in recognizing State's Rights? He is actually forcing the flow of government authority away from the Federal to the States?

No wonder so many of these people have advocated the assassination of the President!

Is A/G Whitaker acting within the Constitution? YES!

"Known as nullification, this principle recognizes the retention by the states of all aspects of sovereign authority not granted by them to the federal government in the Constitution. The Constitution is the document wherein the states set out the metes and bounds of the national government's 'few and defined' powers. Beyond those constitutional boundaries, the national government was powerless, leaving the states with their undelegated "numerous and indefinite" powers intact."

Starting at the Great Depression of 1929-1939, under the influence of 32nd Degree Freemason, President Franklin Roosevelt, the Federal Government began to encroach upon "States Rights", seizing power not given them by the Constitution.

That process reached its height as President William Clinton and Barack Obama pushed greatly against the issue of unconstitutional authority.

Now, the Acting Attorney General has just reinstated those States' right, and the Globalists are no happy. We can expect lawsuits filed to overthrow the Constitutional provision. Thank God we now have a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court!

5. U.S. troops have gotten to the Mexico border, and are laying wire and tent cities designed to keep the migrant caravan on Mexican soil

NEWS BRIEF: "Troops land at border, lay razor wire, ready tent cities, anger narco gangs", The Washington Examiner, November 19, 2018

"The Army has arrived along the U.S.-Mexico border and are moving swiftly to ready for the oncoming 'caravan' by laying miles of razor wire to steer the thousands of migrants to legal crossings where tent cities are to be erected to hold them. According to an eyewitness report, troops and trucks are delivering construction equipment, portable bathrooms and security to several areas along the border, the first wave of President Trump's promise to bolster immigration enforcement with 5,000 or more soldiers."

In addition to stopping these illegal immigrants, this military muscle is having another effect;

"The show of force is having the beneficial side effect of curbing illegal drug trafficking by the notorious Gulf Cartel ... the Mexican cartel across the river, CDG, was angered by the U.S. troop deployment because it slowed the pace of drug smuggling and that he blamed the caravan ..."

Tijuana is so angered by these migrants that their citizens and their mayor act to stop them.

NEWS BRIEF: "Tijuana Mayor Calls Caravaners "Hordes…Violent, Aggressive, Rude", and infiltrated by criminals", The Independent Sentinel, November 18, 2018

"Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum said Thursday that caravan migrants arriving by the hundreds and already numbering in the thousands are no longer welcome. His sentiment is expressed by more and more residents of the Mexican border city. The mayor called the caravaners a "horde" infiltrated by criminals who now threaten the community. He called them violent, aggressive, and rude people. He might refuse to continue taking them."

The mayor was quite blunt in describing the qualities of these "poor, teeming masses of oppressed families just seeking a better life"!

"…they are all migrants…some are lazy, smoking marijuana, and they are attacking families in Playas de Tijuana, what is that?" he said. There are 'bad people' among the hordes."

Another Leftist judge has temporarily stopped Trump's newest change to American immigrant rules.

NEWS BRIEF: "Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban", Breitbart News, 19 November 2018

"A federal judge barred the Trump administration on Monday from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally. U.S. District Judge Jon S. Tigar issued a temporary restraining order after hearing arguments in San Francisco. The request was made by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights, which quickly sued after President Donald Trump issued the ban this month in response to the caravans of migrants that have started to arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border."

We cannot allow free and open borders, or one day, we might find that the entire population of Central America is now on our soil. Violent crime would be out of control and it would be a political disaster, as our Christian values which guide our government would be overthrown by these largely Catholic people.

6. Gun Owners, beware!

NEWS BRIEF: "Warning! NATIONAL RED FLAG GUN LAWS ARE COMING", Guns In The News, November 19, 2018

"The Democrats are promising to make gun control a top priority as they are set to assume the majority in the House of Representatives ... we shouldn't assume our gun rights are safe just because Donald Trump is in the White House."

What are some of the efforts these Gun Seizure representatives want to pass?

* " a ban on high capacity magazines"

* "gun owners concerned about an infringement of their rights are identified as potential extremists"

What about the support of President Trump to protect our Constitutional right to bear arms?

"Many conservatives foolishly believe that as long as we control the Senate and Trump is president, our gun rights are safe. This is naïve, to say the least. Trump's White House has encouraged the states to push these Red Flag gun laws and has shown strong support for stronger background checks ..."

"The administration also is urging all states to pass risk-protection orders, as Florida recently did, allowing law enforcement officers to remove firearms from individuals who are considered a threat to themselves or others and to prevent them from purchasing new guns."

Already, enforcement of "Red Flag Laws" have resulted in the death of an innocent man with no criminal record.

"In Maryland, we witnessed the reality of Red-Flag gun laws when a sixty-one-year-old man was shot and killed by police as they tried to confiscate his firearms. In this case the request for removal was made by the mans niece, who after he was shot and killed admitted that the man was harmless and that the police didn't need to do what they did ... The man had no history of violent behavior but because his niece was uncomfortable, he is dead."

Democrats in the House are coming after your guns, and Rep. Swalwell has just threatened you with "Nukes"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rep. Eric Swalwell 'nukes' himself in gun control debate on Twitter", The Washington Examiner, November 16, 2018

"In what might legitimately be the greatest ... in the history of gun control arguments, the dumbest tweet of the day was sent by Democratic presidential hopeful that no one actually knows, Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif."

"Conservative commentator Joe Biggs charged Swalwell with wanting a war. Swalwell enthusiastically agreed in the most insane way possible ... 'And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them."

I am sure that the congressman was NOT actually advocating the use of nuclear weapons on a house of a gun owner; rather, he is using the nukes as a symbol to ram home his determination to use whatever weapon the government has to force gun control.

7. Still under Republican control, the House of Representatives has just passed a bill that terminates ObamaCare's "Death Panels"!

NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. House Passes Bill to Terminate Obamacare's ‘Death Panel'," Defender of Liberty News, November 15, 2018

"The United States House of Representatives passed H.R. 849 to repeal the provision in the Affordable Care Act ('Obamacare') that creates the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB, commonly referred to as the ‘death panel' ... "

"The IPAB is restricted in what it can recommend for slowing the pace of Medicare spending growth ... the only option available is to reduce payments to health care providers drastically; a move that will harm patients."

"it is good news that the House passed legislation to repeal the ACA's death panel, but the U.S. Senate has to do the same before President Trump can sign the law. "

Republican House leaders are attempting to pass legislation near and dear to the hearts of Conservatives before the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats take control in the new year.

Let us hope and pray that they are successful!

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