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---------- Inspiration For the Week----------"Do ye not remember?" Mark 8:18 (KJV)

American Historical Proverb: "Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it."

John Mollius was born at Rome of reputable parents. At twelve years of age, they placed him in the monastery of Gray Friars, where he made such a rapid progress in arts, sciences, and languages that at eighteen years of age, he was permitted to take priest's orders ... After some years residence in Ferrara, he removed to the university of Bonina, where he became a professor. Having read some treatises written by ministers of the reformed religion, he grew fully sensible of the errors of Popery and soon became a zealous Protestant in his heart. He now determined to expound, accordingly to the purity of the Gospel ... in a regular course of sermons. The concourse of the people that continually attended his preaching was surprising, but when the priests found the tenor of his doctrines, they dispatched an account of the affair to Rome; when the Pope sent a monk, named Cornelius, to Bononia, to expound the same Epistle according to the tenets of the Church of Rome. The people, however, found such a disparity between the two preachers that the audience of Mollius increased, and Cornelius was forced to preach to empty benches.

Cornelius wrote an account of his bad success to the Pope, who immediately sent an order to apprehend Mollius, who was seized upon accordingly, and kept in close confinement. The bishop of Boninia sent him word that he must recant, or give an account of his opinions in writing, which he did under the following heads: Original Sin; Free-will. The Infallibility of the Church of Rome. The Infallibility of the Pope. Justification by Faith. Purgatory. Transubstantiation. Mass. Auricular Confession. Prayers fo the Dead. The Host. Prayers for Saints. Going on Pilgrimages. Extreme Unction. Performing services in an unknown tongue.

All these he confirmed from Scripture authority. The Pope ... for political reasons, spared him for the present, but soon after had him apprehended, and put to death, he being first hanged and has body burnt to ashes, A.D. 1553." ["Fox's Book of Martyrs", p. 102-3]

As the current crop of Evangelical Christian leaders move their flocks steadily towards a rapprochement with the Roman Catholic Beast, we must keep her horrid history alive in our minds and in the minds of many undiscerning people. As the Bible stated so clearly: "Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?' [Jer 13:23]

Be assured that the Roman Catholic Church has not changed her spots, and that the Pope is planned to be the False Prophet of the coming New World Order Religion, the Second Beast of Revelation 13 (NEWS1052).

The First Roman Catholic Church used the Inquisition to kill over 70 million Christians; the Second Roman Catholic Church, serving Antichrist, will kill over one billion genuine Christians. Remember this fact if you are a member of a church encouraging a rapprochement with Rome, or calling Catholics "fellow believers in Christ".

---------- New Articles Posted This Week ----------

* "SKULL & BONES SYMBOL IS FINALLY UNDERSTOOD! IT IS A "MAGICAL SYMBOL" HIDING A MOST IMPORTANT INNER NUMERIC MEANING --- 666" - Using the method of numeric calculation utilized by all occultists, we can now reveal that the Skull & Bones logo is a typical "Magical Symbol" whose inner meaning is "666". Once and for all, we have concrete, public evidence that Skull & Bones is the Black Magick secret society serving Satan and striving to produce Antichrist -- just as we have been saying all along. - n1980.cfm

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---------- This Weeks Hot News ----------

I. Are Western Intelligence Services attempting a "Regime Change" through the Ukrainian elections? Russia certainly thinks so.

NOTE: Since the names of the two major Ukrainian candidates are so very close, we shall list them with their designation before we start our analysis:

Pro-Russian Candidate -- Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich ( Yanukovych)

Pro-Western Candidate -- Viktor Yushchenko

On November 10, official results of the first round of elections show Yushchenko with 39.87% of the vote, narrowly ahead of Yanukovich at 39.32%. Therefore, a second round of elections was held November 21.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine Opposition Candidate Sets Tough Stance for Talks: They Must Lead to Power Transfer", by Jim Heinz, Associated Press, AP Breaking News, November 24, 2004

"KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - The Western-leaning opposition candidate supported by tens of thousands of demonstrators will negotiate a resolution to Ukraine's political crisis only to accept a transfer of power ... Viktor Yushchenko on Tuesday claimed victory over the Kremlin-backed prime minister, Viktor Yanukovych, in Sunday's presidential run-off, which many Western nations said did not meet democratic standards. Official results, which are not yet complete, show Yanukovych winning the race even though exit polls showed Yushchenko had won."

We have heard a lot about the discrepancy between "exit polls" and the actual reported result, haven't we? In this case, the Pro-Russian candidate was reported to have won the result, even though exit polls showed the Pro-Western candidate winning. Charges of electoral fraud filled the air. Results on the street were dramatic, as hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens demonstrated throughout the Ukraine, but specifically in Kiev.

"Opposition protests stretched into a third day Wednesday, and the police said that previous crowds numbered 40,000, though independent estimates were as high as 200,000. Kiev's main square has been marked by a near-total absence of police officers. But the demonstrators on Tuesday faced phalanxes of riot police during a march to the presidential administration building .... Yushchenko accuses authorities of rigging Sunday's vote in favor of Yanukovych and has announced a campaign of civil disobedience. " (Ibid.)

Notice that the Pro-Western candidate is crying "voter fraud" and has called for a campaign of civil disobedience. The White House was quick to jump to the defense of the Pro-Western Yushchenko.

"The White House said it was 'deeply disturbed by extensive and credible indications of fraud', according to spokeswoman Claire Buchan. 'We strongly support efforts to review the conduct of the election and urge Ukrainian authorities not to certify results until investigations of organized fraud are resolved', she said." (Ibid.)

Not surprisingly, Putin's Kremlin was not pleased.

NEWS BRIEF: "Election outcome leaves Kremlin on edge", By Anna Dolgov, Globe Correspondent, The Boston Globe, November 25, 2004

"MOSCOW - The political crisis in Ukraine, where opposition protesters are burning campfires and setting up tents in the center of Kiev, is presenting a test for Russia, which gambled heavily on its neighbor's presidential election. A defeat of the pro-Moscow candidate, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, would humiliate the Kremlin one year after another former Soviet republic, Georgia, slipped from its influence ... The Ukrainian upheaval echoes what happened in Georgia, where protests over vote rigging led to the resignation of a Moscow-linked president and a landslide victory of a young, Western-educated and Western-oriented leader."

We can see that this election result may follow a parallel path to the earlier election result in Georgia. The loss of the Georgia republic represents a significant loss to the Kremlin because her geographical location is such that, if Russia wanted to send armies into the Middle East, Georgia represents the easiest and most direct route. In the Georgia campaign, the Pro-Western leader gained power through heavy allegations of voting fraud -- exactly as it is occurring in the Ukraine now.

Now, let us return to this story for more information about how very important the Ukraine is to modern, present-day Russia.

"For Moscow, the stakes are even higher in Ukraine. Unlike Georgia, Ukraine shares close ethnic and linguistic ties with Russia; Kiev, Ukraine's capital, is the cradle of the Russian culture and the ancient capital of the first Russian state ... President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia wants to forge a closer union between three Slavic nations -- Russia, Ukraine, and tiny, authoritarian Belarus -- and Ukraine is key to the plan." (Ibid.)

As I read the many reports about this election, I began to believe that the United States was attempting to overthrow the Pro-Russian government of the Ukraine in order to establish a Pro-Western government. One cannot overestimate the practical importance of the Ukraine to the Russian people. When part of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), the Ukraine was considered the "bread basket" of the entire empire. Since so much of Russia lies in the cold, bitter land of the extreme north, she needs the flat, rich lands of the Ukraine in order to produce the foodstuffs Russia desperately needed. I doubt much has changed in this regard, even though the Ukraine governs herself now. Her government has always been allied with Russia.

If the Pro-Western candidate wins the election, Putin's Slavic union will not occur.

As we return to our story, we shall see that Russia's President Putin attempted to stave off control by the Pro-Western candidate.

"Putin quickly congratulated Yanukovych following Sunday's vote, which pitted the prime minister against opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko. But Western observers reported voting fraud, and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians rallied in protest ... The Kremlin had come out early -- and strongly -- for Yanukovych before the election. Putin traveled twice to Ukraine, ahead of each round of voting ... Since the vote, the Kremlin's propaganda machine has been in full swing. Russia's Channel One television, controlled by the Kremlin like all other major networks -- accused the Ukrainian opposition of breaking the law by declaring Yushchenko the rightfully elected president."

Meanwhile, the European Union was also reacting negatively to Putin's pressure:

NEWS BRIEF: "Putin Arrives in Netherlands for EU Summit as Ukrainian Election Strains Ties", AP Breaking News, November 25, 2004

"THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) - Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in the Netherlands on Thursday for a Russia-EU summit at which efforts to launch a new partnership appeared likely to be overshadowed by the disputed election in Ukraine ... With the EU and the United States strongly criticizing the election in the former Soviet republic, Putin has come under fire in the West for rushing to congratulate Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych as the winner. Putin's effort to legitimize a result seen in the West as the product of a slanted campaign and fraudulent vote put him at odds with Europe over Ukraine, a country both Russia and the EU consider strategically important."

The E.U. has reportedly become concerned about the increasingly authoritative actions which Putin has been implementing since the triple terrorist threats of late August (NEWS1959, "Triple Tragedies Propel Russia Into Her Own 9/11"). Since then, President Putin has initiated many of the changes Bush began implementing after the attacks of 9/11/2001.

Furthermore, the reality is that the European Union desperately wants the Ukraine to join NATO, while Russia is adamantly opposed to it, probably based upon geography: a NATO Ukraine would position NATO soldiers right on the border of Russia! The Pro-Western Yushchenko favors the Ukraine joining NATO while the Pro-Kremlin Yanukovich opposes such a realignment.

Additionally, the Bush Administration is highly offended by Russia's consistent opposition to his war in Iraq. Russia, France, and Germany led the original fight in the United Nations against an American invasion, and issued a joint communique' in April, 2003, warning President Bush not to stage any further "Regime Changes" in the Region (NEWS1802).

If the Bush Administration was behind the successful realignment of Georgia through a troubled election, Russia is likely to be very sensitive to a similar "Regime Change" in the Ukraine. Right now, the Ukrainian Election Commission has issued their official ruling that the Pro-Russian candidate, Yanukovich, has won. If widespread violence and civil uprest now occurs, the chances that Russia will intervene with a heavy hand -- police forces, paramilitary and/or military units -- seems very high. This is one situation we must watch carefully.


II. Iraq continues to descend into a bloody state of warfare, even as Coalition Forces attempt to pacify the entire "Sunni Triangle of Death".

NEWS BRIEF: "US-led forces sweep 'death triangle': 116 suspected insurgents captured since 5,000 US-led troops kicked off Operation Plymouth Rock", By Rory Mulholland, Middle East Online, 11/26/2004

"US-led forces rounded up scores of suspected insurgents in Iraq's 'triangle of death' on Thursday as officials said more than 2,000 people were killed in the anti-insurgent operation in Fallujah. Iraqi soldiers combing the remains of Fallujah also found a suspected chemical bomb factory and pamphlets on making toxic substances such as anthrax, a top Iraqi official said. US marines said however, that they had found no evidence of a chemical weapons-making factory in the town."

Ever since America's invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, Iraqi and American officials have been quick to claim that they have discovered evidences of chemical, biological, and/or nuclear weapons capabilities; however, each time, both American military and UN officials have just as quickly denied the reports. As our forces concentrated in specific areas of the Sunni Triangle, insurgents struck in numerous places elsewhere.

NEWS BRIEF: "Fallujah insurgents claim to have resumed attacks", Middle East Online, 11/26/2004

"BAGHDAD - Insurgents in Fallujah claimed in a statement Friday that they had reorganised after a massive US-Iraqi onslaught against the flashpoint city and resumed their attacks. 'After reorganising, the Mujahedeen resumed their attacks Wednesday with the aim of shattering the myth of the invincibility of the coalition forces, and the traitors and collaborators who are under the orders of Allawi and Naqib'."

The United States command admitted that fighting had broken out again in Ramadi:

NEWS BRIEF: "US: Fallujah insurgents regrouping in Ramadi", By Pierre Celerier, Middle East Online, 11/25/2004

"Insurgent attacks have been on the rise in the western Iraqi city of Ramadi after a massive US-led assault on nearby Fallujah drove many insurgents out of that city, according to US military officials ... Ramadi, capital of restive Al-Anbar province, lies some 60 miles (100 kilometres) west of Baghdad and 30 miles west of Fallujah, which was devastated by the massive launched on November 8. 'The escalation of attacks linked to the Ramadan (Muslim month of fasting) hasn't abated, even though the Ramadan is finished. We still register a relatively high number of attacks', the captain said."

Thus, even as Coalition Forces were claiming that they had thoroughly rooted out insurgents in Fallujah and Ramadi, fresh fighting has broken out. Throughout the week, stories appeared in both Western and Arab news organizations reporting that fighting had, indeed, broken out again in areas previously declared "pacified".

Fighting broke out again in Mosul:

NEWS BRIEF: "Insurgents step up the battle for Mosul", Michael Howard in Mosul, The Guardian (London), November 25, 2004

"Insurgents increased their efforts to take control of Mosul yesterday, ambushing a convoy of Kurdish peshmerga fighters and attacking the Kurdish deputy governor of Nineveh province. The US military commander in Mosul, Brigadier General Carter Ham, has warned that militants, mainly Sunni Arabs, are trying to foment civil war in the ethnically mixed city of 2 million ... The fighters, under the command of the Kurdistan Democratic party, led by Massoud Barzani, were on their way to protect the party offices in Mosul, which have come under frequent attack since a two-day uprising this month ... Mosul, Iraq's third largest city, has been simmering for the past fortnight, since nine police stations were captured by insurgents. Up to 3,200 of the city's 4,000 police officers either deserted or joined the insurgents during the attacks."

As we have repeatedly stated before, you must not place much credence in the fact that Coalition Forces and NATO military units are training ethnic Iraqis to rebuild their military and police forces. Such Iraqi soldiers and police are merely "hirelings", looking for the next paycheck, and cannot be counted upon when bullets start to fly around their ears. Just as much greater efforts failed in South Vietnam, so they will fail here, probably more spectacularly.

Note that this ambush was directed against Kurdish military units and the Kurdish deputy governor. Animosity between the Kurds and every single tribal unit in Iraq goes back centuries, and extends to virtually every other government in the region -- most notably Turkey and Iran. Everyone hates the Kurds. In fact, one news report a couple weeks ago hinted that Turkey was considering sending in large military units to prevent the Kurds from gaining control over northern Iraq.

Elsewhere, insurgent action throughout Iraq continued unabated.

NEWS BRIEF: "Four UK security guards killed in Baghdad", Middle East Online, 11/26/2004

"BAGHDAD - Four employees of a British security firm were killed Thursday in an attack on Baghdad's fortified 'Green Zone' ... Four of our staffers were killed in Baghdad yesterday', said Tim O'Brian, from the British security firm Global Risks Strategies ... the Foreign Office in London said the four employees were Nepalese ex-Gurkhas who formerly served with Britain's famous Gurkha army regiment."

Time after time during the past 18 months, Iraqi insurgents have successfully attacked outside the Green Zone, while one terrorist bombing attack even occurred within the Zone. While terrorist bombings have been the most common way in which to record multiple kills like this one, we do not know from this article exactly how these highly trained British Special Forces soldiers died.

Last week, an American civilian working with the US State Department was murdered, once again just outside the Green Zone.

NEWS BRIEF: "Powell: US official murdered in Baghdad", Middle East Online, 11/25/2004

"WASHINGTON - A US State Department official who worked with the Iraqi ministers of education and higher education was murdered in Baghdad by a group linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the group claimed Thursday. An Islamist website carried a statement Thursday in which Zarqawi's group purportedly claims it murdered an American working with the Iraqi education ministry ... US Secretary of State Colin Powell identified the diplomat as James Mollen, who had volunteered for service in Iraq a year ago.the State Department told his parents that he was alone in his car when a man in another vehicle shot him in the head. Mollen died instantly, the newspaper said, noting that he was apparently driving just outside the heavily fortified Green Zone at the time."

It is troublesome when Coalition Forces cannot even pacify the neighborhood in which their joint command is located; such military inability does not bode well for future success in quelling the insurgency.


III. One of the greatest -- and least publicized -- setbacks to rebuilding Iraq lies in the story that wealthy Iraqi money and people are fleeing the country. The best way to rebuild Iraq is through internal money; in fact, internal wealth being committed to the country is the best long-term solution to a democratic and stable Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "The best, brightest, wealthiest fleeing Iraq in setback to reconstruction", by Liz Sly, The Chicago Tribune, reprinted in The State, Friday, Nov 26, 2004

"AMMAN, Jordan - (KRT) - When the kidnappers who had just released him in return for a $105,000 ransom called his home to ask for an extra $50,000, Shafiq Noori made a decision he never imagined he would make. He would pack up, get out and leave Iraq for good. He hired armed guards just long enough to make the necessary arrangements. Then he gathered his wife and children and headed for neighboring Jordan, joining an accelerating exodus of wealthy and middle-class Iraqis that augurs ill for Iraq's attempts at recovery ...

"In recent months, tens of thousands of Iraqis have made similar decisions, some spurred by the hazards of daily life in Iraq, some by their personal experiences of kidnapping or armed robbery, and others simply because they see no future in a country that seems to grow more violent with each passing day. Many of those who are leaving are taking with them the skills, the capital and the expertise that Iraq will need whenever the country becomes stable enough to start the still-stalled process of reconstruction."

While officials of both the Bush Administration and the Interim Iraqi Government wax eloquently about the need for lots of international money to rebuild Iraq, the most crucial ingredient they must have is a skilled upper and middle class. If this skilled group of Iraqi citizens are "voting with their feet" and are planning to not come back, the chances of successfully rebuilding a shattered Iraq have just sunk to nearly zero. Notice that these people waited for over one year after Coalition Forces overthrew Saddam before they began to leave, taking their financial assets with them. They are only leaving now because they are convinced that the country is getting more violent every day and they can see no hope.

How many of these skilled and wealthy individuals have left Iraq? This current article tells us:

"There are no official figures on how many Iraqis have left the country recently or how many are arriving in Jordan. But anecdotal evidence suggests the numbers are significant, said Radwan Abdullah, an analyst in Jordan who has researched the issue. 'I believe there are hundreds of thousands of them, and the indications are that they are coming to stay', he said ... The influx is fueling a property boom in Amman that has seen prices climb by as much as 50 percent since the war. Government data show Iraqis are now the leading purchasers of deluxe homes in Amman. Aljaabari estimated that Amman's half-dozen leading property agencies have sold 40,000 to 50,000 properties to Iraqis in the past six months, since the uprising in Fallujah last April provoked a fresh exodus." (Ibid.)

Quite obviously, these numbers of fleeing Iraqis are significant. In any democratic and economically successful country, a skilled upper and middle class willing to invest their time and money in the economy is critical. Without these human and financial resources, no modern country can rebuild its shattered infrastructure and establish a prosperous and stable country.

These educated and skilled Iraqi citizens are also expressing their total lack of confidence in the ability of Coalition Forces to defeat the insurgents, and in President Bush's overall program. They are literally "voting with their feet", an expression President Dwight Eisenhower used to describe the horrific flight of East Germans over the border into Berlin, West Germany. The Berlin Wall was built to stop this horrific flow, as East German authorities also realized their country could not long survive if it lost its best and brightest to the West.

Now, let us return to this article to see how this flight of Iraqi citizens differs from the earlier exodus of former Saddam officials.

"... this latest wave is different because the people fleeing include those who welcomed the U.S.-led invasion and had hopes for the future but have given up. 'All kinds of people are coming', Abdullah said. 'It means they lack faith' ... Among them is Sadiq Farhan, 55, a Shiite businessman who saw big opportunities for his Baghdad juice factory after the toppling of Saddam and the lifting of United Nations economic sanctions that had been imposed on Iraq after it invaded Kuwait. He said he sold his family's second Baghdad home for $150,000, which he planned to use to invest in new equipment. The same night, a dozen armed men wearing police uniforms turned up at his home and forced him to hand over the cash, he said. When armed men again tried to storm his home a week later, he got out." (Ibid.)

This is the kind of story often overlooked by most people as they try to assess the true reality in Iraq. The story it paints is neither pretty nor reassuring.


IV. Sunnis and Shi'ites are now coordinating strategy, bonded together finally because of the horrific Coalition attack against Fallujah.

NEWS BRIEF: "The Sunni-Shi'ite power play", By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times, 11/20/2004

"Iraqis are not fighting one another - at least not yet: they are fighting the occupying power, although with different strategies. After Fallujah, this situation is about to change ... The resistance is now spread out all over the Sunni heartland - contradicting US marine talk that the assault on Fallujah 'broke the back of the resistance'. Added proof that the resistance is indigenous is that of more than 1,000 men between the ages of 15 and 55 who the Pentagon says were captured in Fallujah - there's no independent confirmation; only 15 have been confirmed as 'foreign fighters', according to General George Casey, the top US ground commander. And these 'foreigners' are mostly Saudis, Jordanians or Syrians, described by Iraqis themselves as 'our Arab brothers', members of the large Arab nation. The real 'foreign fighters' in Iraq are the Americans."

We shall post an article, below, which states the reality that our daily offensives throughout Iraq are stoking the fires of hatred throughout all Arab and Muslim lands. Just as this last sentence, above, indicates, "Arab brothers" from numerous neighboring nations are answering the call to come help their Iraqi brothers of the faith. We have repeatedly stated that this strategy of deliberately provoking Arabs to immense anger throughout the world is one of THE major reasons America and Great Britain invaded Iraq in the first place. This strategy is called, "Blood In The Streets" and is designed to so provoke Muslim peoples against Western powers that they will go to all-out war even though their firepower is so limited, and even though their leaders know their soldiers are likely to be slaughtered.

That "critical mass" level of hot hatred seems to be getting close at hand. Now, let us return to our feature article.

"Anger in Sunni-dominated Baghdad has reached a fever pitch, as an Iraqi physician told a radio station he has examined bodies of people who seem to have died of banned chemical weapons: the bodies are swollen, are yellowish and have no smell. Asia Times Online sources in Baghdad say that people in Fallujah believe the Americans may have used chemical weapons in the bombing of Jolan, ash-Shuhada and al-Jubayl neighborhoods. They also say the neighborhoods were showered with cluster bombs." (Ibid.)

Even as the Bush Administration is complaining that the insurgents and the terrorists called Al-Qaeda are the grave threats to the world, we are evidently quietly using chemical weapons in Fallujah -- at least that is what is being reported in both Arab and Non-Arab news sources. Can you imagine the anger coming to a boiling point throughout the entire Islamic Middle East when Muslims by the millions view TV pictures of dead civilians and when the hear a trained Iraqi physician describe the medical condition of civilian corpses which tell him they died through a chemical weapons attack? Why, the planned "Clash of Civilizations" just became much greater.

The significance of using "Cluster Bombs" in civilian neighborhoods is also highly significant. This type of bomb explodes many thousands of shards of shrapnel over the target area and is designed to kill nearly everyone out in the open. Its use in heavily populated civilian areas means Coalition Forces are intending to kill large numbers of civilians; this is the reason that the high command repeatedly reports every casualty as an "insurgent fighter".

Now, let us examine a current report telling us how our actions in Iraq are fueling intense hatred throughout Muslim populations.

NEWS BRIEF: "US 'alienating' world's Muslims", BBC News, 25 November 2004

"The US is losing "the war of ideas" in the Islamic world, a Pentagon advisory panel has warned. A report by the Defence Science Board says official US talk of bringing democracy to Muslim nations is seen as 'self-serving hypocrisy' ... Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather they hate our policies," the report says. "The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favour of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the long-standing, even increasing, support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan and the Gulf states .. It adds that the US-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has actually raised the stature of radical enemies of America."

Rather than our invasion making America safer and the world more peaceful, the exact opposite has occurred. Muslims so hate America right now that the tension level toward an all-out war is now more likely than ever before. America's heavy-handed military campaign is stoking the fires of hate in the hearts of Muslims throughout the world.


V. Predictably, major Western powers rushed to Israel to force a Unilateral Withdrawal according to the "Road Map", even as Liberal Jewish organizations were urging -- no, pleading -- for the Palestinians to "not blow it", i.e., to restrain terror long enough for Israel to complete her unilateral retreat! Political carrots were even being thrown at the Palestinians to get them to stop the terror just long enough ----

NEWS BRIEF: "Disengagement Architect To (Palestinian's) Abbas: 'Don't blow it' ", The Jerusalem Post, November 26, 2004

"Brig.-Gen. Eival Gilady, the former head of the IDF's Strategic Planning Division who devised what has become Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, is urging the post-Arafat Palestinian leadership to act against terror 'from day one' ... When Abu Mazen was prime minister last year, Gilady says, he and those around him "underestimated their ability to act" against the terrorist groups. 'They said they needed more time, that it was the wrong atmosphere'. Now, he says, the Israeli and Palestinian publics, and the armed groups, 'are waiting to see how they are going to act'. If those groups see that it's business as usual, they'll be emboldened ... he has been urging leading Palestinian figures to prepare their own unilateral plan, "for after we're gone' ...."

Notice that Israeli General Gilady is urging the Palestinians to immediately clamp down on their terrorist organizations so that Israel can complete the withdrawal. After the withdrawal is completed, everyone expects a resumption of terror, but for the moment, the only thing that matters is to allow Israel the time to give up the territory and get out of there!

The last paragraph of this article is revealing, for it tells us how complete the planned separation of populations is going to be, after the withdrawal and after the security barrier is finished. Listen, for we are truly talking about a "separation of populations" which will lead to fulfillment of End of the Age prophecy!

"Gilady says that the fact that Israel will be leaving Gaza should represent a real incentive for Palestinian reform ... He adds that he sees the final route of the West Bank security barrier leaving some 90 percent of the West Bank, and 99.3 percent of the Palestinians, on the far side, with '76 percent of the settlers... on the western side of the fence'." (Ibid.)

This is hot news! I have never seen a public official who is in the "know" actually state the percentage of the Palestinians who would be forcibly removed to the other side of the security fence. After the Security Barrier is finished, 99.3% of West Bank Palestinians will be on the other side of the fence, separate from the Jewish population.!

For the past 10 years, Cutting Edge has held that the real purpose of the Oslo Accords was to create a gigantic trap into which the Palestinians would be thrown. The objective of this trap is to separate the Palestinians from the Jews so that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) could fulfill Obadiah 15-18 and Ezekiel 34 in annihilating today's Palestinians, who are the continuation of the ancient "House of Esau". When I posted NEWS1422 in October, 2000, I postulated that, if my analysis was correct, we should be able to see a separation of populations, since no Jewish leader would want to kill their own people. Now, fully four years later, that separation is close enough to fulfillment that we now hear an IDF general informing us that 99.3% of Palestinians would be separated away from the Jews once Israel's Unilateral Withdrawal plus the Security Barrier are finished.

See also these articles which were written a long, long time ago and which point to the same conclusion:

NEWS1620 -- "Israeli Prime Minister States That Israel Will Create 'Buffer Zones' To Physically Separate Themselves From Palestinians"

NEWS1625 -- "Jewish Professor Accuses Sharon Government of Planning 'Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs In Israel"

Cutting Edge contends that Liberal Jews and astute Palestinians know exactly where this planned Unilateral Withdrawal and Security Barrier plan is leading. If they do understand that they are going to be annihilated once the populations are separated, this would explain why Palestinian terrorist leaders are so anxiously opposing Israel's withdrawal plans, even though it seems that the withdrawal will give them the Palestinian State for which they have been longing.

Now, let us see another "carrot" which the Israelis are throwing out to the Palestinians, hoping to temporarily quell terrorism:

NEWS BRIEF: "(Israeli President) Katsav: Fence can be halted if terror stops", The Jerusalem Post, November 25, 2004

"Israel should stop building the security fence if the Palestinians cease launching terror attacks, President Moshe Katsav said in an interview with Maariv. Katsav said both Israel and the Palestinians have an interest in stopping the construction of the fence. 'The fence costs us a lot of money, puts international pressure on us and creates legal problems. If they would stop the terror, we would have no interest in continuing to build the fence', he said."

You can write off this comment as one of those "cheap talk" situations. Israel has been planning this combination of Security Fence and Unilateral Withdrawal since at least 1993 when the Oslo Accord was announced. This "generous offer" was calculated just to keep Palestinian terror down low enough so Israel can complete her withdrawal.

This next article demonstrates that the separation of populations is going much further than just the Gaza Strip:

NEWS BRIEF: "(Israeli Minister) Olmert: The Disengagement is Only the First Step", Israel National News, November 25, 2004

" 'Prime Minister Sharon's disengagement plan is only the first part of the process that we will need to undergo in the future'. So said Minister of Industry and Trade Ehud Olmert ... Olmert, speaking at an industrial conference Wednesday, thus confirmed the warnings of many of the plan's opponents ... the plan's supporters all agree 'that the withdrawal proposed presently is but the first part of a process that will require further withdrawals'. Olmert also dismissed the opinion that the disengagement should be postponed due to Yasser Arafat's death ... Olmert's remarks confirm that which other Sharon associates have been saying. Former Herzliya Mayor Eli Landau told the Arutz-7 newsmagazine two months ago that Sharon's withdrawal plan 'would eventually take Israel all the way back to the anti-terrorism partition fence'."

Once again, a major Israeli leader has publicly revealed that the final goal of the withdrawal is to "eventually take Israel all the way back to the anti-terrorism partition fence' " -- the fence which will keep 99.3% of the Palestinian population separate from Jewish.

Now, we see the sudden frenetic pace of Western powers trying to force the Israeli withdrawal:

NEWS BRIEF: "Mideast peace plan revived: Powell arrives for talks in Jerusalem to remove the issues that block the road map", By Robin Wright and John Ward Anderson Washington Post, reprinted in the Detroit News, November 22, 2004

"JERUSALEM -- In a drive to jump-start the moribund peace process, Secretary of State Colin Powell arrived here Sunday for talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders about steps to facilitate the Palestinian political transition after the death of Yasser Arafat. Creating the right conditions for Jan. 9 presidential elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will involve dealing with some of the most contentious issues that have also blocked movement on the U.S.-orchestrated road map for Israeli-Palestinian peace. These include a Palestinian crackdown on violence and Israel's release of tax revenue so the Palestinian Authority can meet its payroll ... Israeli officials said Israel is prepared to be open about redeployment of its security forces to allow elections, possibly including withdrawal from Palestinian cities, limiting military activities and removing roadblocks, as well as lifting travel restrictions ... The United States wants to provide $20 million in new aid..."

As you can see, all stops are being suddenly pulled out in order to ram this Unilateral Withdrawal through before the Palestinians resume full-scale terrorist attacks. Major Western nations, from the United States to Great Britain, to the European Union, are dramatically pushing through this withdrawal plan. The End of the Age is truly rushing down upon us. Can you feel it?


VI. British BBC News confirms Cutting Edge analysis that winds blowing uranium dust across countries really can cause cancer.

NEWS BRIEF: "Chernobyl 'caused Sweden cancers' ", BBC News, 20 November 2004

"More than 800 people in northern Sweden may have developed cancer as a result of the fallout of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, a new study claims. Swedish scientists said the 'Chernobyl effect' was the only likely explanation for 849 cancer cases they came across ... A radioactive cloud swept across north Europe after the disaster in Ukraine."

At this moment, please allow us to point out several factors of which you need to be aware:

1. A radioactive cloud did blow over Europe, including Sweden, following the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.

2. The type of uranium in this radioactive cloud came from the same type of nuclear fuel which is now sitting atop our Depleted Uranium munitions, since D.U. warheads are comprised of the nuclear power plant fuel from which no more uranium can be extracted. Remember, "Depleted" is a misnomer, since the original uranium fuel is NOT depleted -- it still contains 30% of the original amount of highly radioactive uranium!

3. The radioactive cloud from Chernobyl is miniscule compared to the radioactive cloud blowing D.U. dust all over the Middle East and Central Asia.

4. The Chernobyl radioactive cloud dissipated rather quickly, while the D.U. dust just keeps on coming daily because we have now covered over Iraq and Afghanistan with over 3,000 tons of D.U. munitions. People are being exposed to this radioactive dust on a daily basis. Since our original Iraq D.U. war was fought in 1991, many people have been exposed to this blowing dust for over 13 years now.

Let us now return to this BBC news article:

"The Chernobyl power station, in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine, exploded on 26 April 1986. The blast killed at least 30 people and forced the evacuation of 135,000 more due to the level of nuclear contamination in the area. The disaster led to a dramatic rise in the number of cases of thyroid cancer, leukaemia and birth defects, especially in Belarus. About 6.7 million people are believed to have been exposed in what is the world's worst nuclear disaster." (Ibid.)

A retired Admiral in the Indian Navy has estimated that our use of D.U. munitions in Iraqi and Afghanistan has spread the amount of uranium poisoning which would have been expected by 250,000 Nagasaki-sized bombs in Iraq and 83,000 Nagasaki-sized bombs in Afghanistan! (NEWS1907). This figure was posted at a scientific conference in New Delhi, India, in February, 2004; since then, we have fought intensely for 9 full months, expending so much ammunition that our arms plants have been hard-pressed to keep our military supplied.

This BBC News article thus confirms that a radioactive cloud can blow over a population and can cause a rise in cancers. Whereas the uranium poisoning from Chernobyl was insufficient to cause large-spread disease over Europe, the radioactive cloud covering the Middle East and Central Asia contains enough uranium to threaten entire populations, especially considering that our continuing military offensives just keep churning new D.U. deposits throughout the region.

To read our complete Depleted Uranium section, click here.



VII. In the name of "fighting terrorism", Federal Aviation authorities have ordered severe, intimate body searches which are angering many travelers. At which point will people just drive rather than fly? Also, note the quote in one article in which a prominent dissident author was told that he had "ticked off" someone in Washington, D.C., and that was the reason he was continually examined.

NEWS BRIEF: "Passengers complain about pat-down searches at airports", By Ken Kaye, Staff Writer, Sun-Sentinel, November 23, 2004

"Shocked by what she perceived as far too intimate a security check, Melanie Higley burst into tears. First, the wand was placed too aggressively between her legs, then the airport screener at Dallas-Fort Worth International groped her, she said. Hysterical, she protested that she was being abused. The screener's response: She was just doing her job ... Scores of women, and some men, say they have suffered similar humiliation during a pat-down, standard procedure since Sept. 22 in secondary screenings at airport checkpoints. Many protest that it is an unnecessary invasion of privacy, the security process going too far.

" 'People should be outraged, fuming, doing something to change this', said Rhonda Gaynier, a New York attorney who said she was given a 'breast exam' while flying out of Tampa in October. 'It's like we have no rights anymore' ... The Transportation Security Administration said the procedure is crucial to security. Less than a month earlier, two Russian airliners exploded, and authorities think two women hid explosives under their clothing."

Did you catch that one word? "think" - American officials are putting passengers through screening procedures which may violate sexual rights of the traveler just because they "think" that the terrorists who blew up the two Russian airliners were women who "hid explosives under their clothing." However, as we pointed out at the time, the official Russian government story as to how these two terrorist women blew up these two planes is as full of holes as our own official government story about how terrorists commandeered four major passenger planes, armed just with boxcutters and skillfully flew three of those airliners into their targets.

Please take a moment to read our expose' on this Russian tragedy, for Russia's Putin is using these terrorist attacks - plus the nearly simultaneously butchery at the Breslan Public School -- to take individual freedoms away, in parallel to the dictatorial laws passed here after 9/11. The article is:

NEWS1959 -- Triple Terrorist Tragedies Propel Russia Into Her Own '9/11' "

Once again, we see that massive actions against the rights and liberties of American citizens are being carried out because of a flimsy official story which simply cannot stand the light of objective study, just as the "9/11: In Plane Site" video, above, so clearly proves.. Now, let us review the story of a prominent American dissident who discovered the REAL reason he was singled out for special investigation every single time he flew.

NEWS BRIEF: "You Have Papers?", by Craig Roberts, News With Views, November 18, 2004

" I refuse to fly anymore. I refuse to be treated like a criminal. And I'm not the only one. Because of the treatment of passengers at our airports by the agents of the Transportation Security Administration, many Americans now refuse to fly if they can drive, or simply decide to stay home. This means fewer paying passengers on our airlines, fewer tourist dollars in vacation spots, and less revenue being generated for our airports and airline infrastructure. I am one of those suspicious characters that every single time I fly, get 'selected' for 'special screening' ... When I ask why I was picked out of line, I was told that it was simply 'random screening'. The problem is that I 'randomly' get selected every single time ..."

Finally, Mr. Roberts had experienced enough "random checking" at the airports that he finally asked one of the screeners the vital question:

" 'Now, let ME ask YOU a question', says I. 'Why did I get picked out--randomly?' He showed me a checkered box at the bottom of my boarding pass and said that the computer does it, and when they see this they pull you out of line. I asked why I ALWAYS had the checkered box. 'Well, you could be on The List'.

"What list?" I pursued.

"Let's put it this way. You might have ticked someone off in Washington, like the FBI or another agency." (Ibid.)

Now you know the truth. Using the thin guise of "fighting terrorism", our Federal Government is really targeting American citizens who are considered political dissidents. In the not-too-distant future, such dissidents will simply be denied the right to fly at all, and may wind up on jail if they are on the "Red List". And, not far removed from this reality will be the new paradigm in which a political dissident will be denied a driver's license renewal, thus taking away your ability to travel at all.

But, of course, dictatorial governments always treat their dissidents in this manner. Welcome to Nazi Germany and/or Stalin's Communist Russia. And, all because of our mild and meek response to government intrusions following 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Waco disaster.

VIII. A bold new challenge has been thrown down, offering $100,000 to anyone who can scientifically and mathematically prove that the World Trade Center Towers could actually collapse according to the official government story!

NEWS BRIEF: "Mega-Millionaire Offers $100,000 Reward For Scientific Proof WTC Towers Collapsed As Bush Administration Claims", From Ilene Proctor, Proctor & Associates, 11-22-4, http://www.rense.com/general59/mega.htm

"$100,000 REWARD to the first person to deliver a full mathematical, engineering proof of how the impact and/or fires caused any of the WTC buildings to collapse the way the government claims! It must include all the fuel, mass, critical temperatures, likely temperatures and their causes, energy needed to crush concrete into fine powder, force needed to sheer bolts and rivets, time calculations, and all the other relevant data in a detailed analysis to be reviewed by accredited engineers on a team headed by Jeff King http://911review.org/Wiki/King,Jeff.shtml, engineer and doctor educated at MIT.

"$10,000 FIRST PRIZE for engineering students who can best prove how the buildings collapsed.

"Ten $1,000 prizes for runner-ups. For application: http://www.reopen911.org

~ DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2005 ~

"Passionately committed to democracy, multi-millionaire Jimmy Walter, a Democratic philanthropist, announced that he would spend an extra million dollars on advertising in addition to the $1,500,000 already spent on another advertising blitz in America's most prominent newspapers and magazines. This time the full-page ads will specifically target the New York market: New York Times, New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, The Howard Stern show etc. The theme of the new ads based upon a Zogby Poll is BOLD AND DECISIVE: 66% of New Yorkers want 9/11 reopened. 49% believe some US leaders knew in advance and 'they consciously failed to act'."


Gradually, bit by bit, the news is getting out and is more widespread, showing the ridiculous nature of the official government official cover story as to how the 9/11 attacks could occur and who carried them out. Unfortunately, most America citizens will forever be blinded by the glitzy propaganda they swallow daily, thinking it is "real news". When will Americans wake up? Maybe never, but at least no once can say we did not try!

When trying to inform people that the global Illuminati stage this attack so they could begin to institute dramatic changes both domestically and internationally, the single-best article toward which you should point them is NEWS1753, entitled, "SMOKING GUN" PROOF THAT ILLUMINATI PLAN TO ATTACK ON 9/11 AND BEYOND WAS WELL KNOWN AS FAR BACK AS 1995!

This article proves that the plan for 9/11 was well known in the occult as far back as 1995. No one to whom I have ever shown this material has ever had an answer or a comeback. This proof is incontrovertible.

---------Conclusion----------------"Saying, This is the blood of the testament which God hath enjoined unto you." Hebrews 9:20

There is a strange power about the very name of blood, and the sight of it is always affecting. A kind heart cannot bear to see a sparrow bleed, and unless familiarized by use, turns away with horror at the slaughter of a beast. As to the blood of men, it is a consecrated thing: it is murder to shed it in wrath, it is a dreadful crime to squander it in war. Is this solemnity occasioned by the fact that the blood is the life, and the pouring of it forth the token of death? We think so. When we rise to contemplate the blood of the Son of God, our awe is yet more increased, and we shudder as we think of the guilt of sin, and the terrible penalty which the Sin-bearer endured. Blood, always precious, is priceless when it streams from Immanuel's side.

The blood of Jesus seals the covenant of grace, and makes it for ever sure. Covenants of old were made by sacrifice, and the everlasting covenant was ratified in the same manner. Oh, the delight of being saved upon the sure foundation of divine engagements which cannot be dishonoured! Salvation by the works of the law is a frail and broken vessel whose shipwreck is sure; but the covenant vessel fears no storms, for the blood ensures the whole. The blood of Jesus made His testament valid. Wills are of no power unless the testators die. In this light the soldier's spear is a blessed aid to faith, since it proved our Lord to be really dead. Doubts upon that matter there can be none, and we may boldly appropriate the legacies which He has left for His people. Happy they who see their title to heavenly blessings assured to them by a dying Saviour. But has this blood no voice to us? Does it not bid us sanctify ourselves unto Him by whom we have been redeemed? Does it not call us to newness of life, and incite us to entire consecration to the Lord? O that the power of the blood might be known, and felt in us this night! [C.H. Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening Devotions"; Emphasis added]

May Jesus Richly Bless You,

David Bay, Director

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