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Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Key Events

I. President Obama is siding with the Palestinians against Israel by demanding that Israel complete a full withdrawal back to her 1967 borders!

The Holy God of Israel is taking note of this swing against Israel. According to Joel 2-3, God's judgment is promised to fall upon any person or nation or ethnic group who takes action against His Israel!

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama: 'A Full and Phased Withdrawal" by Israel to '1967 Lines' ", Israel National News, 05/19/11

"US President Barack Obama addressed his nation Thursday and called for a 'full and phased withdraw of Israeli forces' from 'occupied Palestinian lands'."

President Obama has just demonstrated his pro-Islamic viewpoint when he called the areas of Israel on which the Palestinians are currently living "occupied Palestinian lands". God Almighty promised all of "Greater Israel" to the descendents of Abraham - the Jews - FOREVER!

What is "Greater Israel"? These are the lands which God originally granted Abraham. God reveals in Obadiah 17 that the house of Jacob "shall possess their own former possessions". In other words, when God returns Israel back to her ancient Promised Land, He promises to give them all their Promised Land. Did you know that present-day Israel is only a small fraction of that original land? The land which God gave to Abraham includes the southern part of Lebanon, stretches into Syria almost to the capital city of Damascus, and includes two-thirds of Jordan. Someday, under some circumstance, God will give this land back to the Jews. Radical religious groups take these prophecies very seriously and literally; they call this original land of Israel, "Greater Israel".

In Joel 3, God revealed that He will start keeping track of all peoples, ethnic groups and nations who come against Israel after He brings them back to their land kin the End Times. Listen:

"FOR BEHOLD, in those days and at that time when I shall reverse the captivity and restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem..." (Joel 3:1)


You can put the date of May 15, 1948, in the margins of your Bible next to this verse. God literally "reversed the captivity and restored the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalm", which together form Israel. Then, God revealed how protective He was going to be of His newly-restored Israel.

"I will gather all nations and will bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, and there will I deal with and execute judgment upon them for their treatment of My people and of My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations and because they have divided My land." (Joel 3:2; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplfied Bible Commentary)

The "Valley of Jehoshaphat" is a generic term meaning the "Middle East". Therefore, God foretells that, after He restores Israel back to her lands, He is going to bring all nations into the Middle East for judgment. Upon what grounds will God judge these nations?

1) For their treatment of the Jews

2 For their treatment of the nation, Israel

3) Because they have attempted to divide holy ancient Israel and give it to her implacable enemies, the Palestinians (the ancient 'House of Esau" and of 'Edom')!

By reversing six decades of support for Israel, the President of the United States is suddenly siding with the Muslim hordes. Suddenly, I see the hand of God about to fall upon this nation, both domestically and abroad. American armies are currently in the Middle East, from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea to Iraq to Afghanistan and to Pakistan. Soon, God's conflagration against all parties to this divison of Israel will fall.

Mac Dominic takes a lot of time in his DVD, "Israel: God's Timepiece" to show colored detailed maps of Israel's ancient borders and of the 1948 and 1967 borders!

Now, let us consider that the Israel of 1967 was considered by military analysts to be indefensible. We begin with Obama's assertion.

1. Israel will withdraw to the pre-1967 borders; most military analysts believed that Israel's longterm national security was very much in doubt because she just was not large enough to withstand the powerful enemies surrounding her on all sides. She had no depth of country into which she could retreat until she could counterattack. Thus, from a military standpoint, Israel was very vulnerable to attack and annihilation. The U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff concluded in a June 29, 1967, memorandum for the Secretary of Defense. "From a strictly military point of view, the Joint Chiefs wrote, "Israel would require the retention of some captured Arab territory in order to provide militarily defensible borders." ["Defensible Boundaries", By Mitchell Bard, Jewish Virtual Library]

Listed below are some of these military and geographical facts that made Israel so vulnerable in 1967:

* From Saudi Arabian air base Turayf to Jerusalem was 10 minutes; from air base Gurayet to Israeli territory was 12 minutes; from air base Tabug to the southern tip of the Negev was 6 minutes ["Flying Times To Israel", Jewish Virtual Library]

* "Lieutenant General (Ret.) Thomas Kelly, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Gulf War I observed: 'It is impossible to defend Jerusalem unless you hold the high ground....An aircraft that takes off from an airport in Amman is going to be over Jerusalem in two-and-a-half minutes, so it's utterly impossible for me to defend the whole country unless I hold that land'." [op. cit., "Defensible Borders"]

* "Israel's return to its pre­1967 borders, which the Arab states want to reimpose, would sorely tempt potential aggressors to launch attacks on the Jewish State-as they did routinely before 1967. Israel would lose the extensive system of early-warning radars it has set up in the hills of Judea and Samaria. Were a hostile neighbor then to seize control of these mountains, its army could split Israel in two: From there, it is only about 15 miles-without any major geographic obstacles-to the Mediterranean. At their narrowest point, these 1967 lines are within 9 miles of the Israeli coast, 11 miles from Tel Aviv, 10 from Beersheba, 21 from Haifa and one foot from Jerusalem." [Ibid.]

Thus, you can see the insanity of voluntarily withdrawing back to pre-1967 borders, especially when you have such a hostile population with which to contend as the Palestinians and such adversaries on each border as Syria and Egypt, both of which are armed to the teeth with several thousands of theater missiles.

President Barack Obama has finally delivered a huge diplomatic victory to the Muslims, just as we knew he would one day do.

This day, May 19, 2011, is a black, black day for America

II Incredibly, the falling tower in the Illuminati Card Game -- shown to the left, published in 1995 -- is the Japanese Waco Clock Tower at Ginza in Tokyo!

This reality means that Steven Jackson, the founder of Steve Jackson Games, knew that combined disasters were planned for Japan, and he knew it in 1995!

When I originally studied this "Combined Disasters" card, I just thought that the clock tower was London's Big Ben; however, Big Ben does not have the distinctive spire in the middle of its top. The clock tower in the Illuminati Card is clearly the Waco Clock Tower in Tokyo.

We discovered that a photographer by the name of Arjan Richter displays this clock tower on his website and that he took this picture on 13 August 2009, two full years before the March 11, 2011, date of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

We are not sure if this clock tower sustained damage, but that is not the issue; the real issue is that Steve Jackson chose this clock tower in 1995 to be a representative symbol of Japan. From the beginning, we noted that Japan had suffered "combined disasters" as depicted individually in the Illuminati Card Game: earthquake, tsunami (tidal wave), nuclear accident, and volcano blow.

Remember that each card in the Illuminati Card Game represented an action the Illuminati was going to take in order to overthrow this present Old World Order so they could bring in their coveted New World Order. But, you protest, how could any human scientist control earthquakes and volcanoes and other forces of Nature? Listen to the remarks by Defense Secretary William Cohen:

"Others (foreign scientists) are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." (COHEN ADDRESS 4/28 AT CONFERENCE ON TERRORISM, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy , Sam Nunn Policy Forum, April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.)

America's electromagnetic wave system is called "HAARP", while the Russian electromagnetic wave system is called "Scalar". Either system could easily have caused the massive Japanese combined disasters on March 11, 2011.

But, Steve Jackson knew the Plan in 1995!


III. Mitt Romney's support is skyrocketing right now!

Just as Romney is gearing up his campaign, Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump announced they were not going to run, giving Romney a real boost.

NEWS BRIEF: "Poll: Romney Surges As Public Seeks New Prez ", US News, Politics, May 18, 2011

"Mitt Romney's stock has soared among Republicans, now that Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump have pulled out of the 2012 GOP presidential race. In a new Suffolk University poll provided to Whispers, 20 percent of Republican primary voters back the former Massachusetts governor. Even better for Romney: In a head-to-head matchup, he falls to Obama by just three points, 43 percent to Obama’s 46 percent."

Right now, Mitt Romney is clearly seen as the front-runner.

" 'Romney is the clear front-runner now; that’s a position he’ll have to be prepared to defend over the coming months', said David Paleologos, director of the Political Research Center at Boston’s Suffolk University."

Romney not only is raising a lot of campaign money, he is prepared to dig deeply into his own personal fortune to finance a powerful and media savvy campaign.

Newt Gingrich is puzzling many people by his entry into the presidential campaign, but at least, his candidacy has forced him to acknowledge that he is just as much a Socialist as President Obama! Remember, Cutting Edge has always taught that there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats, as the leadership of each party is equally committed to this New World Order.

NEWS BRIEF: "Newt Gingrich: Health Care Socialist", The LRC Blog, May 16, 2011

"Gingrich made the case on Meet the Press yesterday, not for a free market in medical care and medical insurance, but for Gingrichcare. Interesting that back in 1993 Gingrich said he favored the federal government requiring individuals to buy health insurance and then subsidizing individuals’ purchase of health insurance on a 'sliding scale' determined by their income. Now he supports requiring all individuals to buy health insurance, post a bond to pay for health care, or in some way indicate that they are going to be accountable."

Thus, we can see that Gingrich's sentiments regarding Socialist Health Care is suspiciously close to that of President Obama! Can you see why Americans keep being disappointed by their man in office, because their man supports many of the same programs as the leadership of the opposite party? Conservatives were disappointed in President George W. Bush because his program on certain issues was identical to that of President Bill Clinton (Read full details in NEWS1652, entitled " CHRISTIAN CONCERNED WOMEN OF AMERICA [CWA] RAISES THE ALARM ON PRESIDENT BUSH: HIS POLICIES ARE IDENTICAL TO CLINTON'S REGARDING THE GAY AND LESBIAN AGENDA!"

Similarly, Liberal supporters of President Obama are very upset that this President, who promised them "real change", has continued Bush's' policies in a number of issues.


Why is this the case? Because both major parties are secretly committed to the Secret Society plan to use the United States of America as the catalyst for the nations in the rest of the world to move into a global government, economy and religion, and then to stage the Masonic Christ, whom the Bible will call 'antichrist'.

We demonstrate, in the DVD, "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" that this plan for America was drawn up in the 1590's by Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon, both of whom were leaders of the secret society, Rosicrucianism.

America's Founding Fathers, most of whom were members of the secret society, Freemasonry, were very intent upon establishing the new America -- the New Atlantis -- exactly as the Bacon/Elizabeth plan foresaw! Furthermore, Bacon believed this process might take 200 years to work out!

Just as the plan required, the United States of America has gradually led the nations of the world toward a global government, economy, and religion. This plan was a British / American plan, not a Republican or a Democrat one. Therefore, leaders of both parties are equally committed to it. For this reason, "there ain't a dime's worth of difference between Democrat and Republican"! (Governor George Wallace)


IV. The impending Absolute Dictatorship planned for America is on schedule, as evidenced by these two incredibly important news stories!

NEWS BRIEF: "Drones Becoming Pervasive INSIDE America", Washington's Blog, May 17, 2011

"Unmanned aircraft have proved their usefulness and reliability in the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the pressure’s on to allow them in the skies over the United States. The Federal Aviation Administration has been asked to issue flying rights for a range of pilotless planes to carry out civilian and law-enforcement functions ..."

"The operation outside Austin presaged what could prove to be one of the most far-reaching and potentially controversial uses of drones: as a new and relatively cheap surveillance tool in domestic law enforcement ... But by 2013, the FAA expects to have formulated new rules that would allow police across the country to routinely fly lightweight, unarmed drones up to 400 feet above the ground - high enough for them to be largely invisible eyes in the sky. Such technology could allow police to record the activities of the public below with high-resolution, infrared and thermal-imaging cameras."

This kind of all-encompassing surveillance is absolutely required in an oppressive Absolute Dictatorship. That is the Plan for America and high technology is preparing the way. How thorough must this surveillance be? God's prophecy sets the standard:

"... no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:17).

This is the "Mark of the Beast" prophecy and it requires that the government of the Antichrist must be capable of watching their people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in some way -- physical surveillance or technological means, like through the computer. No one can even hire a boy to cut their grass without using this cashless "mark". Surveillance is key and this optical surveillance is a critical part of the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Using Osama bin Laden's "Death" As A Catalyst

An "expert" is using bin Laden's supposed death as the reason for American citizens to start spying on each other! And turning each other into authorities!

NEWS BRIEF: "Expert: bin Laden's death heightens need for Americans to report suspicious activity ", East Valley Tribune, May 18, 2011

"When news broke that U.S. Navy SEALs had killed 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, Neville Cramer found himself in an unusual situation. Cramer, a retired Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agent and border security expert, was conducting anti-terrorism training courses in the Middle East at the time of bin Laden's death on May 1."

"Cramer maintains that Americans must remain vigilant in spotting suspicious behavior to help prevent further terrorist attacks in the United States from groups acting out in revenge for bin Laden's death. He believes the next 60 to 90 days will be critical for al-Qaida to prove its relevance, possibly through other attacks against the United States at smaller targets - shopping malls, sporting events, or even disrupting a city's water supply system. 'We have to do the same thing we did after 9/11', Cramer said. 'You have to be vigilant about people acting suspiciously around you. Be watchful of people who are wandering around by themselves at large events. (Al-Qaida's) objective is to kill a lot of people'."

Every dictatorship in world history has encouraged individual citizens to spy on each other, to report "suspicious behavior" to authorities. This police state system extends the eyes and ears of the dictatorship throughout the entire population. It also spreads fear amongst the average person, another very useful tool in maintaining control.

These two news stories absolutely prove that we are living in a "pre-dictatorship" country. Right now, in the guise of fighting terrorism and protecting our liberties and rights and way of living, our government is actually taking real action to snatch these freedoms away. Doubt it not!

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Already Gone reveals: • Why America's churches have lost an entire generation of believers • The views of 1,000 twenty-somethings, solidly raised in the church but no longer attending - and their reasons why • Relevant statistical data effectively teamed with powerful apologetics.

The study found that we are losing our kids in elementary, middle school, and high school rather than college, and the "Sunday school syndrome" is contributing to the epidemic, rather than helping alleviate it. This is an alarming wake-up call for the church, showing how our programs and our approaches to Christian education are failing...and our children are paying the price. Though the statistics reveal a huge disconnect taking place between our children and their church experience, Already Gone shows how to fight back for our families, our churches, and our world. We can make a difference today that will affect the statistics of tomorrow in a positive and Christ-focused way!

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Why are the followers of Islam so constantly filled with rage? Why has Islam historically murdered so many Christians that northern Africa and the Middle East today are predominately Muslim? Why is it that the only "peace" Islam affords its enemies is the "peace of the grave"?

Pastor Mike reveals that Islam is simply pagan worship of the Goddess, and that all of Islam is simply and only paganism to its very core.



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For the past several thousand years, mankind has been collectively yearning for a spiritual healing of the nations, a time when wars, hatreds and divisions will miraculously give way to peace, love and unity.

New Age literature abounds with this message of hope and change. Authors teach that this idyllic new “Garden of Eden” will occur only after the New Age Christ is on the world scene, leading mankind into a most peaceful New World Order.

In Volume 2, we shall examine some other cultural and spiritual expectations for 2012 and then we shall present the real point-in-history change which the Elite seem to have planned for December 21, 2012, a change known as the "Paradigm Shift".

Antichrist cannot arise until and unless this paradigm shift in spiritual values has occurred. Unless God specifically stops the Illuminati, their demonic Guiding Spirits may just have this long-awaited Paradigm Shift planned for December 21, 2012. New Age adherents are looking forward to this day as enthusiastically as we Christians are looking forward to the Rapture of the Church! 3 1/2 hours long

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At the end, through a unique series of question and answers along with comparisons of the Holy Scriptures Doc Marquis shall begin to reveal the final truth behind the mystery of 2012, a task he completes in Volume 2.

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Dozens of books have been published during the past two decades on the topic of 2012, mostly reflecting a 'New Age' perspective. This occult outlook is shaped by Mayan scholars, pseudo-archeologists, channelers, mediums, shamans and alternative historians.

Pundits penning these opinions draw upon ancient sources, including the Mayan Calendar, I Ching, the Kolbrin Bible, Platos Atlantis, Freemasonry and even Pyramidology.

So has Earth's time really come? Is this the End of the World? Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, the author asserts that we the 'apocalypse expectation' can be a healthy focus, essential to authentic Christianity. Finally, Woodward maintains that 'doomsday' is indeed decoded - history's last days are disclosed within Mosaic Law and the prophecies of the Hebrew prophets!

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These lies are: 1) There is no such thing as truth.
2) People are inherently good.
3. No one should be offended.
4. Men and women are equal. 5. A fetus isn’t human.
6. The world is overpopulated.
7. Americans are greedy and self-centered.
8. Islam is a religion of peace.
9. The Jews stole Jerusalem.
10. The earth is billions of years old.
11. There is no God.
12. Jesus was just a good man.

This is one of those videos which every Christian needs to help them contend for the faith in this lost and dying world.

New Headline News Articles

Pakistan Seems To Be Splitting From the United States, Cozying Up To China

If Pakistan resumes her traditional alliance with China, the prophecy of the "Kings of the East" in Revelation 16:12 can occur!


"Madness Over Mormonism!"

The National Association of Evangelicals is getting ready to align with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!


"Mormon Glenn Beck Meets With Southern Baptist Billy Graham, Urging Him 'To Come Together' - Yoking Believers With Unbelievers!"

Beck is making major inroads to convince Evangelical leaders to support his cause. Beck has even formed his own version of the "Black Robed Regiment" to finally cement a bridge from Mormonism to Christianity. Genuine Christians are in dire danger of being mightily deceived.


Beware!! Republican and Tea Party Leaders Are Beginning To Sound The Fraudulent Warning That 'Liberal Judges' Are Threatening 'Conservative' Values!

Their phony solution? Political activism which will elect Conservative officials and judges! (Remember: Terri Shiavo was killed by Republican Judges - Republican judges provided the majority to legalize Sodomy and Abortion with Roe vs Wade)

"Truth is not what is; truth is what people think it is." (Adolf Hitler)

"What luck for rulers that people do not think." (Adolf Hitler)

The Triumphant Return of Jesus Christ
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We are living in a world with an apocalyptic mindset. How many times have you heard references to drastic earth changes, the end of the world, or Armageddon bantered around by network news anchors or in motion pictures? The world’s population is teetering on the precipice of global panic with anticipated calamities associated with December 21st, 2012 and other alarming events. Men and women are being sucked into the one-world, globalist straightjacket created by the mainstream media and are being prepared to fall into the waiting arms of Antichrist at his appearance. So many, even in Christian circles, are totally confused by false teachers.

The viewer will learn of such topics as The History and Future of Israel, The Rapture of the Church, The Building of the One-World Church, The Coming War with Russia, The Building of the One-World Church, The Identity of the Antichrist, World War III, Armageddon, the truth about December 21st, 2012, and the much-anticipated Kingdom of God on Earth.

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However, beneath the sweet surface of LDS Public Relations, there lurks one of the most dark and twisted religions to emerge in American history. You will discover that, just as Mormonism is not Christian, the Mormon Family is not the same as the Christian Family.

We include a section warning genuine Christians not to support a Mormon for President, providing critical Scriptural references. Evangelical leaders are already urging Christians to support a Mormon for President.

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