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Thursday, May 26, 2011

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I. As nightmarish as "Patriot Acts I and II" are, we now learn that Congress passed a "Secret Patriot Act" which is far more horrific!

America is rapidly moving into the greatest Absolute Dictatorship in all recorded history, as this story proves.

NEWS BRIEF: "There’s a Secret Patriot Act, Senator Says", Wired Magazine, May 25, 2011

"You may think you understand how the Patriot Act allows the government to spy on its citizens. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) says it’s worse than you’ve heard."

How can any law be worse than Patriot Acts I and II? Among other things, these two dictatorial acts allow:

1) Government agents to arrest you without charges;

2) They will refuse to allow you a lawyer;

3) They can take you to a secret location and are not obligated to tell anyone where you are being held;

4) They can keep you imprisoned indefinitely before they bring you to trial;

5) They can try you secretly and do not have to allow you to mount a defense;

6) They can convict you secretly based on whatever evidence they decide is enough to find you guilty;

7) They can execute you secretly without having to report the execution to anyone

8) If a neighbor sees you being arrested in the middle of the night and protests, he can be treated exactly as we have described above!

Therefore, how can any other law be "worse"?

"Congress is set to reauthorize three controversial provisions of the surveillance law as early as Thursday. But Wyden says that what Congress will renew is a mere fig leaf for a far broader legal interpretation of the Patriot Act that the government keeps to itself — entirely in secret. Worse, there are hints that the government uses this secret interpretation to gather what one Patriot-watcher calls a “dragnet” for massive amounts of information on private citizens; the government portrays its data-collection efforts much differently."

Senator Wyden attempts to further explain:

" 'We’re getting to a gap between what the public thinks the law says and what the American government secretly thinks the law says', Wyden tells Danger Room in an interview in his Senate office ... That’s why Wyden and his colleague Sen. Mark Udall offered an amendment on Tuesday to the Patriot Act reauthorization. The amendment, first reported by Marcy Wheeler, blasts the administration for “secretly reinterpret[ing] public laws and statutes.” It would compel the Attorney General to “publicly disclose the United States Government’s official interpretation of the USA Patriot Act.”

Americans are in the situation where the government has far more authority over us than anyone can possibly know. The dark night of extreme despotism under girded by the highest technology in world history is nearly upon us. Are you spiritually ready? Are you warning as many people as you possibly can, in as many different ways available to you?

We must work, for the night is coming when no man can work.


II. Under extreme political pressure, President Obama continued his about-face on his original declaration that Israel would be forced to retreat to her 1967 borders!

As this news story indicates, the Palestinian drive to Statehood is now heading for the United Nations.

NEWS BRIEF: "Obama urges Europe NOT to support Palestine's U.N. statehood bid", International Business Times, May 26, 2011

"The US is worried that a unilateral support would isolate Israel, as British Prime Minister David Cameron is vague about the Palestine's statehood bid. President Barack Obama launched a campaign to convince the European leaders not to bid for a separate Palestinian state .... After a meeting on Wednesday with Obama, Cameron said the time was not yet right for to decide on the Palestinian bid for the United Nations' recognition."

"[The] Palestinian Authority is expected to make the appeal at the U.N. General Assembly in September."

After three decades of continuous "shuttle diplomacy" and of Camp David Accords and of the phantom Oslo Peace Accords, Israel and the Palestinians are as far apart on the issue of forming two states side-by-side living in peace. Why? The Palestinians really do not want to live in peace with Israel; they only want to use the pretext of peace as a springboard by which they can physically annihilate Israel.

For this reason, God is moving to bring physical judgment upon the Palestinians, just as Obadiah 15-18 and Isaiah 34 foretell. Specifically, Isaiah 34:12 is about to be fulfilled in front of our eyes, in our Daily News. What is this prophecy?

"They shall call its nobles to proclaim the kingdom, but nothing shall be there, and all its princes shall be no more." (Isaiah 34:12)

When the United Nations proclaims a Palestinian State, this verse will literally be fulfilled! This declaration will be just as empty as this verse indicates and soon thereafter, the wars of Obadiah and Isaiah 34 will begin! The Psalm 83 coalition will be waiting in the wings, ready to be called into all-our war against the Jewish state!


III. Invisibly and powerfully, today's TV ads are actually capable of implanting false memories in your mind!

NEWS BRIEF: "Ads Implant False Memories", Wired Magazine, May 25, 2011

"My episodic memory stinks. All my birthday parties are a blur of cake and presents. I’m notorious within my family for confusing the events of my own childhood with those of my siblings ... In my autobiographical memory, we are all drinking from those slender glass bottles of Coca-Cola (the vintage kind), enjoying our swigs of sugary caffeine. Although I can’t remember much else about the night, I can vividly remember those sodas: the feel of the drink, the tang of the cola, the constant need to suppress burps."

"It’s an admittedly odd detail for an otherwise logo free scene, as if Coke had paid for product placement in my brain. What makes it even more puzzling is that I know it didn’t happen, that there is no way we could have been drinking soda from glass bottles. Why not? Because the school banned glass containers."

"So where did this sentimental scene starring soda come from? My guess is a Coca-Cola ad, one of those lavishly produced clips in which the entire town is at the big football game and everyone is clean cut, good looking and holding a tasty Coke product ... The soda maker has long focused on such ads, in which the marketing message is less about the virtues of the product (who cares if Coke tastes better than Pepsi?) and more about associating the drink with a set of intensely pleasurable memories."

"A new study, published in The Journal of Consumer Research, helps explain both the success of this marketing strategy and my flawed nostalgia for Coke. It turns out that vivid commercials are incredibly good at tricking the hippocampus (a center of long-term memory in the brain) into believing that the scene we just watched on television actually happened. And it happened to us."

High technology is providing authorities with the most sophisticated mind control techniques at just the same time the government is moving us into the dictatorial New World Order. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to control an entire population with dictatorial methods if the victims were not aware they were being manipulated?

The standard definition of insanity is when a person cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. It sounds to be like an entire population is becoming clinically insane! Welcome to the Brave New World known as the New World Order.

Just in time for Antichrist to arise!


New Headline News Article

Japan's Industrial Base and America's Heartland Are Under Attack, Being Devastated By Unprecedented Devastation From Tornadoes, Earthquakes And Floods

Who has declared war on us, using weather as their weapon?

Perhaps it is time to take Defense Secretary William Cohen seriously when he revealed in 1997 that scientists control weather, set off volcanoes and earthquakes remotely through electromagnetic waves.

Defense Secretary of Defense said of scientific control of weather? "It is real"!

New Bible Study Book

"Final Authority: A Christian's Guide To the King James Bible"

History Endorses the KJV -- 'Final Authority' exposes the deceit behind many of the common charges leveled against the A.D. 1611 Authorized Version.

With the fourth-century codices Vaticanus and Sinaiticus being recommended as the two most reliable manuscripts worthy of supplanting the time-honored Textus Receptus, the reader learns the facts of their defective character which reveal their disagreement with each other in over 3,000 places in the Gospels alone.

In short, 'Final Authority' addresses those issues rarely discussed by critics of the King James Bible. As well as the information given above, the reader will learn the following: • Who were the King James translators? • Who were the translators of later Bible versions? • What's wrong with the NIV? • Is the New King James really a King James version? • How involved are Jesuit agents in the attack against the KJV? • and much more!

392 pages -

"Blood of Patriots!"

"Returning To The Original Founding Father Vision For America"

New Dynamic DVD!

What has happened to the country our Founding Fathers established, a new country free from government intrusion in every aspect of our lives?

1) Dictatorial Congress passing laws without reading them; 2) USA Patriot Act; 3) End of Habeas Corpus; 4) End of Posse Comitatas; 5) Real I.D. Act; 6) Model Emergency Health Powers Act; National Health Care.

We’ve already lost so much…Is it too late to turn back? How do we go about returning freedom to the population? What do we do? After all, those who do not learn from their history are destined to repeat it.

'Blood of Patriots' delves into the debates and thoughts of those who forged this nation. With the help of our Founding Fathers and the Bill of Rights, Blood of Patriots paints a clear picture of the rights we, the population of the United States, should hold dear and expect.


"Already Gone" DVD

"America's churches have lost an entire generation of believers"

If you look around in your church today, two-thirds of the young people who are sitting among us have already left in their hearts; soon they will be gone for good.

This is the alarming conclusion from a study Answers in Genesis commissioned from America's Research Group, led by respected researcher Britt Beemer. The results may unnerve you - they may shake long-held assumptions to the core - but these results need to be taken seriously by the church.

Already Gone reveals: • Why America's churches have lost an entire generation of believers • The views of 1,000 twenty-somethings, solidly raised in the church but no longer attending - and their reasons why • Relevant statistical data effectively teamed with powerful apologetics.

The study found that we are losing our kids in elementary, middle school, and high school rather than college, and the "Sunday school syndrome" is contributing to the epidemic, rather than helping alleviate it. This is an alarming wake-up call for the church, showing how our programs and our approaches to Christian education are failing...and our children are paying the price. Though the statistics reveal a huge disconnect taking place between our children and their church experience, Already Gone shows how to fight back for our families, our churches, and our world. We can make a difference today that will affect the statistics of tomorrow in a positive and Christ-focused way!

Watch Trailer


Declaring Truth About Mormonism

"Mormonism's Temple of Doom - 2012 Election Alert"

New 2-DVD Set by Bill Schnoebelen

Dynamic Trailer - What's Under That Dome?

Schnoebelen was told by his Coven Master that, if he ever got into trouble, he was to join the Mormon Church because it was 'created by Witches for Witches'! But, in the past 50 years, the Mormon (LDS) Church has managed to grow from a small fringe cult to a major world religion of considerable respectability. Mormons like Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck have achieved amazing followings and many Americans have come to believe that Mormons are just another Christian denomination with fine, conservative, family-based values.

However, beneath the sweet surface of LDS Public Relations, there lurks one of the most dark and twisted religions to emerge in American history. You will discover that, just as Mormonism is not Christian, the Mormon Family is not the same as the Christian Family.

We include a section warning genuine Christians not to support a Mormon for President, providing critical Scriptural references. Evangelical leaders are already urging Christians to support a Mormon for President.

"Combo Offer DVD: Secrets of the Illuminati"

All Six Titles by Doc Marquis, 7 DVDs, , Save $80

Regularly $229.94, Now Only $149.94, You Save $80

Each of these unique DVD's provides information on a part of the Illuminati Plan which only a former Satanist / Illuminati would know. Furthermore, much of the information Doc Marquis provides is the 'Oral Plan', which is the parts of the plan to produce Antichrist which is so evil that it is never written down.

6 DVD titles, over 18 hours of teaching, Save $80

Doc Marquis uses the King James Bible

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