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I. Could The Creation of the North American Union Occur in 2015?

II. It Is Finally Official: U.S. and Iran cooperating in fight to protect Shi'ite Iraq

III. 'Big Brother' Will Be Watching Your Energy Consumption in 2015 With New 'Smart Grid' !



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I. Could The Creation of the North American Union Occur in 2015?

A Lame-Duck President could forge ahead in forcing creation of Supernation #1 - the North American Union

NEWS BRIEF: "The Renewed Push For Deeper North American Integration", by Dana Gabriel, The People's Voice, January 1, 2015

"The globalist plan to incrementally merge the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union has been ongoing for years. While at times, the agenda appears to have seemingly stalled, current efforts to expand the trilateral partnership show that it is alive and once again gaining steam. With NAFTA as the foundation, the renewed push for deeper North American integration continues on many different fronts."

Please carefully note the truthful words, above, that the plan to create the North American Union -- Supernation #1 in the map above -- is a globalist plan that has been systematically implemented in small baby steps for years. How many years has the Illuminati been planning to reorganize the world into 10 Supernations?

The Club of Rome issued a plan in 1972 entitled, "Mankind At The Turning Point" in which they showed this reorganization of all nations of the world, shown above. Then, in 1993, former President, Republican George H.W. Bush, cooperated with President William Clinton to persuade Congress to pass N.A.F.T.A. (North American Free Trade Agreement), which would create the economic nation which would ultimately become the political nation known as the North American Union.

Since 1993, both Republican and Democrat Administrations have quietly been creating agreements and protocols which will one day lead to a political nation known now as the North American Union.


But, a most interesting historic fact is that, in 1594, Sir Francis Bacon originally urged that the North American Continent be joined into one Supernation which he dubbed the "New Atlantis". The demonic Guiding Spirit of Bacon told him that Lucifer had chosen the North American Continent to provide that leadership. The British Crown was to ensure that every effort was expended to ensure that the Colonies as they were to become known, were established as an occult nation whose leaders were part of the "Illumined Ones" and would gradually lead the nations of the world into the Kingdom of Antichrist, a.k.a., the New World Order.

In 1627, Bacon's book entitled, "The New Atlantis" was released by his friend one year after Bacon had died. This book set forth his vision for North America to be the New Atlantis. All the while, the British Crown was taking official action to ensure that North America would become the United States of America, so she could begin to fulfill her demonic destiny. Thus, when the colonies numbered exactly 13, Adam Weishaupt founded his Masters of the Illuminati (May 1, 1776, during the Beltaine period of April 30 - May 1). Precisely 66 days after that particular April 30, the fledgling United States of America announced her independence from Great Britain. The interval between June 21 (Summer Solstice) and July 4 was also 13 days.

For this reason, the American flag has 13 horizontal bars, 7 red and 6 white.

It is sobering that this number is so closely associated with America's founding is that '13' is the occult number denoting "extreme rebellion against God". Remember our teaching in the entire 4-Title DVD series, "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" is that, while the Great Revival of 1741 through 1791 ensured that the culture of America was established on Christian values, our Masonic Fathers quietly established the American government on the pagan principles of Freemasonry.

Could the year, 2015, see the creation of the Supernation foreseen in 1594 by Sir Francis Bacon?

II. Iran finally admitted what Cutting Edge has been saying since 2007:

She is cooperating with America in the creation of Shi'ite (Shia) Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran insists it stands by Iraq in fight against ISIL ", Press TV, 31 December 2014

"TEHRAN – Iran reiterated on Monday that Tehran will continue to stand by Iraq in the fight against ISIL militants."

No one should be surprised that Shi'ite Iran would rush to the defense of Shi'ite (Shia) Iraq, who is under attack by Sunni ISIS (Sunni Iraq).

In fact, Shi'ites and Sunnis have historically been fighting each other, as both sides believe the other is an "heretic" and does not deserve to live. The stark reality is that Shi'ite Iran has been fighting Sunni Saudi Arabia for many decades and is fighting by "proxy". Sunni ISIS / Sunni Iraq is backed by Saudi Arabia and is clearly in Iran's crosshairs.

For the moment, this proxy battling mandates that Iran cooperate with America.

This next news story proves the link between Iran and America is this armed fight to protect Shia Iraq.

NEWS BRIEF: "The U.S. and Iran are aligned in Iraq against the Islamic State", The Washington Post, December 27, 2014

"Iranian military involvement has dramatically increased in Iraq over the past year as Tehran has delivered desperately needed aid to Baghdad in its fight against Islamic State militants, say U.S., Iraqi and Iranian sources. In the eyes of Obama administration officials, equally concerned about the rise of the brutal Islamist group, that’s an acceptable role — for now."

The reality is that this development is NOT new. In 2006, Republican President George W. Bush began secretly cooperating with Shi'ite Iran in the battle in Iraq against Sunni militants. We noted at the time that this cooperation was surprising because Iraq consisted of Sunnis, Shi'ites, and the

Kurds in the north. The idea that the President of the United States would be siding with only one religious party over the other seemed very odd, until the Pentagon released the "New Middle East Map" (shown above).

This new map demonstrated the real objective toward which the Illuminati was aiming! At some point, an international conference is going to be established, at which time some nations will be favored while other nations will lose territory and religious sites (Read full details in NEWS2213, entitled, "President Bush's "New Middle East Map" Is Enraging Friends and Foes Alike".

This map depicts Iraq being split into three nations: Sunni Iraq, Shi'ite Iraq and Free Kurdistan.

ISIS is Shi'ite Iraq and has been wielded as a useful wrecking ball in Syria and Iraq. Once the status quo in these two nations is severely disrupted, ISIS will be forced back to the land designated "Sunni Iraq" on this map. And, the forces of Iran and America are cooperating now on ground and in the air to roll back ISIS so this map can be created.

Now you know the truth!

III. 'Big Brother' Will Be Watching Your Energy Consumption in 2015 With New 'Smart Grid' !

Government surveillance continues to be as intrusive as the 'Mark of the Beast' foretold nearly 2,000 years ago!

NEWS BRIEF: "Smart electricity grid powers up privacy worries ", Politico, 1/1/2015

"The next Big Data threat to our privacy may come from the electricity we consume in our homes. 'Smart' online power meters are tracking energy use — and that data may soon be worth more than the electricity they distribute. The Department of Energy is publishing in January the final draft of a voluntary code of conduct governing data privacy for smart meters, 38 million of which have already been installed nationwide. The meters gather information about household electricity consumption and transmit it wirelessly at regular intervals to the supplier. It’s a key element in the push for the so-called smart grid, a more efficient way to distribute the nation’s electricity."

What kinds of information could Big Government obtain from this system? Prepare to be shocked:

1) "The number of people inside a house"

2) " Daily routines"

3) "Degree of religious observance"

4) "Household appliance usage"

5) "What’s on the television"

"Most consumers are just unaware about how their data feeds into the Big Data machine and are powerless to do much about it ... Exhaustive electricity consumption data 'is a holy grail, in many ways' for marketing analysts and consumer data aggregators ... 'Few other types of data get inside the home the way that electrical usage data does'.”

I have always wondered how the global government of Antichrist could become so pervasive in its knowledge of every household that they could know if someone was trying to "buy or to sell" without the Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16-18).

Now we know one major highway of knowledge: 'Smart Energy Meters"!

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