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Critical News Headlines

1. The world is now gripped by the demonic hand of pure insanity.

Nothing we see occurring in the world today will make sense

2. Leftists - both Democrat and R.I.N.O., are attempting to erase Donald Trump from our history

Russian Communist Dictator, Josef Stalin, also erased people leaders whom he eliminated

3. Why does the Illuminati hate America and her Industrial Civilization

Now, ANTIFA jumps on the "destroy America" bandwagon

4. Coronavirus mutation strain might be fake, too?

Even though lockdowns, masks, and social distancing have been proven ineffective, President Biden is going to saddle us all with insane laws!

5. Once President Biden allows China to conquer Taiwan and North Korea to subjugate South Korea, what impact will the loss of these two magnificent economies have upon the world?

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With haughty, dictatorial decrees, he will facilitate a One-World Government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his New World Order will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed until at last he exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

Bible prophecy depicts this coming tyrant as the deadliest in human history. He will try to carry out a satanic Final Solution to inflict genocide far beyond that done through Adolf Hitler's plan by the same name. And this soon-to-come era is closer than many can imagine; yet, most don't comprehend the events that lie just ahead.

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Analysis -- Headline News

1. The world is now gripped by the demonic hand of pure insanity.

Mary and I watched live TV coverage of the January 6 meeting at the White House to listen to the President present a solid case for voter fraud. and then to invite his supporters to walk peacefully down to the Capitol and peacefully protest Biden's voter fraud case and demand that his evidence be studied and considered.

We saw a lot of people wandering around, and talking and looking like a crowd at a local rodeo show.

We saw no violence, no gun fire and no assaulting any barriers until we heard a gunshot coming from the other side. Someone shouted "gun shots" and saw that a handful of people were milling around a woman shot in the neck.

This description was the situation as Mary and I watched it live on One America TV.

Nothing we see occurring in the world today will make sense

Imagine my surprise, then, when I arose early the next morning to start working on Daily News Updates. I was startled to see "news" articles reporting the nearly disastrous violent and deadly attack on the Capitol by Trump Supporters.

This next article is typical. I have made bold the font of the key propaganda words:

NEWS BRIEF: "4 die in Capitol pro-Trump riots: 1 shot by police", Times of Israel, January 7, 2021

"The woman who died Wednesday of a bullet wound during the violent storming of the US Capitol was shot by police, authorities said ... The only fatality tied to Wednesday’s unrest was the woman, reportedly a dedicated Donald Trump backer and air force veteran who was among a throng of supporters of the US president that invaded the legislature."

"He also said two pipe bombs had been discovered near the Capitol, one at Democratic Party offices and the other at Republican Party offices."

IF any real pipe bombs had been discovered at these party offices, they could have been set there by an violent extremist who was out to smear Trump supporters.

That is, if they were really set there in the first place.

"“I know that I speak for all of us when I say that we saw an unprecedented attack on our American democracy incited by the United States president, and he must be held accountable,” (D.C. Mayor) Bowser said."

"She was shot amid chaotic and violent scenes inside the Capitol building, where some security personnel drew their guns to protect lawmakers as protesters advanced ... "

Other articles were written overnight in which this peaceful assembly was re-written and falsely reported as a repeat of the night Nazi thugs broke into the Reichstag Parliament building and burned much of it to the ground! How can this be?

No Trump supporter burned anything down: not the Capitol, not any cars, nor any trash cans on the street. Nothing in this entire incident was true as reported. The entire incident was re-written to smear President Trump and his 75 million followers and his support of Constitutional rights and privileges.

And, after a few days had passed by, some journalists even asserted that anyone who even challenges the Biden vote total is guilty of "Domestic Terrorism"!

Oh, yes, and the 'MAGA" supporters who did violently assault the Capitol were revealed to be ANTIFA!

Just yesterday, a Leftist senator twisted the truth even more shockingly.

NEWS BRIEF: "Markey: We Were Within Minutes of a Capitol ‘Massacre,’ Senate Must Have Full Trial for Trump", Breitbart News, 13 Jan 2021

"He continued, “Clearly, last Wednesday we were within minutes, not ten minutes, five minutes, a couple of minutes of having this mob and many, as the evidence is unspooling, indicates that this could have been a plot, there could have been a well-organized effort. They came with weapons. They came with the types of devices that could have resulted in a mass hostage-taking of House and Senate members. It could have resulted in a massacre, and we were just a couple of minutes from that situation unfolding, potentially. So we don’t have a choice. We have to have a trial."

I cannot begin to bold and underline all the absolute lies contained within this statement, because they are ALL lies!! Millions of people will listen to this nonsense and believe it to be true.

Our society cannot long survive after the Mass Media begins to substitute monstrous lies for truth. While our Mass Media has been carrying out lying journalism since the dark days of President Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945), it really reached a crescendo of daily lying once President Barack Obama (2009-2016) came to power.

Now, we are at the point the Russian people found themselves in during the 70 years of Communist rule. They read and heard the party propaganda and then assumed that the truth laid in the opposite direction of the public rhetoric! They were generally right!!

We have to adopt the same attitude right here and right now.

2. Leftists - both Democrat and R.I.N.O., are attempting to erase Donald Trump from our history

NEWS BRIEF: "The Unwanted Ghost of Trump?", by By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness, January 13, 2021

"A few weeks ago, a Gallup poll found Trump is the most admired man in the United States. Even after the late unpleasantness in the Capitol Building on January 6, his popularity, according to Rasmussen, soared to 48 percent. No other American politician, certainly not Sleepy Joe who continues to ooze sympathy for Black Lives Matter, enjoys a level of popularity comparable to Trump’s. "

At this time, Leftist politicians -- both Republican and Democrat -- are making public statements that seem crafted to erase Donald Trump from the public discourse and memory!

Even major corporations are cancelling contacts and contracts with anyone affiliated with Trump or any of his (unprecedented successful) policies. Much of America's political and business infrastructure are newly possessed by demonic spirit of lying and of hate!

Did you know that such an effort to erase someone from public knowledge and awareness was a familiar tactic by the murderous Russian Dictator, Josef Stalin?

Russian Communist Dictator, Josef Stalin, also erased people, leaders whom he eliminated.

NEWS BRIEF: "Stalin Erased His Enemies From History (Literally)", by Jon Miltimore, Intellectual Take-Out

"The Soviet Premier had a habit of erasing from history those who fell out of his favor ... It's no secret that governments in the 20th century killed a lot of people, but few did it with greater efficiency than Joe Stalin, whose policy of forced collectivization killed an estimated 14.5 million people between 1930-1937. Stalin employed terror with a zeal and skill few could match, marginalizing rivals such as Leon Trotsky, who was expelled from the Politburo, exiled, tried and found guilty in absentia, and eventually erased from the Party's history."

Does Stalin's pursuit of Trotsky sound like the Democrat Party's expressed desire to pursue Trump after he leaves office, even to the point of finding him criminally guilty of SOMETHING and throw him into jail?

"The images, which are now in the Public Domain, are instructive. They reveal at once the terror of the Soviet movement, the casual willingness of its leaders to employ deceit, and the importance the Bolsheviks placed on shaping narratives (regardless of truth)."

"The lesson? Beware those who employ deceit to shape a false version of history."

Like the Leftist Democrat and R.I.N.O. parties of today. Today, they might successfully discredit him and drive him out of office; tomorrow, Communist thugs might be kicking in their front door, guns ablazing!

The spirit of Baphomet / Stalin / Antichrist hovers over these entire events!

3. Why does the Illuminati hate America and her Industrial Civilization?

Now, ANTIFA jumps on the "destroy America" bandwagon

NEWS BRIEF: "A Domestic Terrorism Bill Only Antifa Could Love: "At its core the United States was founded on white supremacy, and therefore needs to be destroyed", by Kyle Shideler, American Greatness, January 13, 2021

"Moving swiftly on the wings of the violent disturbance on Capitol Hill on January 6, the newly sworn in Democratic-controlled 117th Congress is pushing a radical domestic terrorism bill that singles out 'right-wing' terrorists and labels local law enforcement officials as potential terrorist threats. "

"Introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) S.894 “The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act” is a companion bill to House bill H.R. 1931 sponsored by Representative Bradley Schneider (D-Ill.) ... The legislation would create “domestic terrorism” units or offices in the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI as well as a domestic terrorism “executive committee” within the Department of Justice for coordination."

"Perhaps even more concerning however, is the way Durbin’s bill enshrines into law anti-police talking points that may as well be straight out of an Antifa or Black Lives Matter pamphlet ... the same ideology which drives Antifa today, was that at its core the United States was founded on white supremacy, and therefore needs to be destroyed."

"The United States needs to be destroyed" -- Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung must be jumping over in their graves to read a proposed bill in the U.S. Senate which calls for America to be destroyed. This bill is proposing something which tens of millions of Communist soldiers and airmen and naval personnel could not accomplish.

America's allies whose very existence depends upon our military strength and political determination -- Taiwan, South Korea, and Israel -- must be worried sick right now.


To fully comprehend why these American leaders hate America so much that they openly advocate its destruction, we must turn to the radical Leftwing New age Movement. We shall be quoting from an article posted in 1998 -- "Before Christ Could Come With His Disciples, Our Present Civilizaton Had To Die", NEWS1186.

Even though this statement was written by one of the major New World Order leaders, Foster Bailey, too many people will reject it primarily because, when Bailey penned these words in 1948, he held no public position. In other words, Foster Bailey is conceived as dwelling in the realm of Fantasy, and could not actually carry out his fantasy because he had no political power that could force such a change. But, of course, today, a President Biden possessess the political power to carry out Foster Bailey's radical vision.

The title of this plan to carry out Foster Bailey's radical plan is called "The Great Global Reset".

In CE1055, the book review of Al Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance", we reported that Gore boldly called for a change in our entire way of life. Consider some of his recommendations and statements.

 In calling for a Global Marshall Plan that will solve the world's pressing Environmental crises, Gore addresses the role of the Industrialized nations. "... what's required now is a plan that combines large-scale, long-term, carefully targeted financial aid to developing nations, massive efforts to design and then transfer to poor nations the new technologies needed for sustained economic progress, a worldwide program to stabilize world population, and binding commitments by the industrialized nations to accelerate their own transition to an environmentally responsible pattern of life." [Page 297, Emphasis added]. This last phrase, which we highlighted in red, is a euphemism for the destruction of our current civilization! New World Order leaders look upon Developed Nations, but especially America, as posing a huge problem because we consume too much natural, and irreplaceable, resources, such as oil, gas, minerals, and ore.

Pure New Age doctrine holds that industrial societies are inherently unsustainable. Either they will self-destruct, bringing all the rest of the world down with them, or they need to be destroyed in such a way that the rest of the world will also not perish! This is their thinking, in their inner heart of hearts.

The inner heart of all New Age believers beats with the sentiment expressed at the beginning of our article, " OUR PRESENT CIVILIZATION HAD TO DIE".

But there is one industry which is hated above all else: NEW AGERS HATE THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY

 "And here the automobile deserves special attention ... We now know that their cumulative impact on the global environment is posing a mortal threat to the security of every nation that is more deadly than that of any military enemy ..." [Page 325] Wow! Our Vice-President considers the automobile engine to be more of a threat than the nuclear bombs of the Russians, the Chinese, or the Arabs? While Gore is speaking in context of the automobile engines polluting the air with their CO2 emissions, I can tell you that his real concern is that the engines are devouring oil supplies that cannot be replaced once they are gone. New World Order leaders do not want to finally get control of a world that is about to run out of oil, gas, minerals, and ore. They are close to panicking, and that means trouble, since they control the world's armies, navies, and air forces. Gore's statement that the automobile engines are more of a threat than atomic warfare should be taken for the Declaration of War that is truly is. Our economy is so dependent upon the use and the manufacture of all types of vehicles that, if the government were to outlaw them, the economy would collapse.

Just to make sure we all got the message about the danger of the car engine, Gore brutally dispels such ambiguity. Listen: "Within the context of the SEI [Strategic Environment Initiative], it ought to be possible to establish a coordinated global program to accomplish the strategic goal of completely eliminating the internal combustion engine ..." [Pages 325-6]. Have any of you seen any news stories that state this goal, of completely eliminating the internal combustion engine? Of course not, as that kind of bold statement in the mainline press would be too bold and raise too many obstacles to the successful implementation of this part of the program. However, given the right set of circumstances, the American public could see the day come when a very charismatic leader makes just such a pronouncement.

Can you hear the voice of AOC's radical Green Plan, as it echos from this recent past?

Do not be deceived: these New Age plans are supernaturally written by demonic beings masquerading as "Guiding Spirits". These supernatural plans are now being implemented by the men in positions of power that do have the political clout and influence to get the changes accomplished. Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle are part and parcel of this plan.

But, President Trump was NOT cooperating with this plan. So, he had to go, at all costs!

Now, you know the truth!

However, there is a deeper insight into why our leaders hate our Industrial Civilization so much!

In the four DVD titles pictured above, "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings", we demonstrate how this New World Order Plan is primarily European in design, and how their leaders were told by their "Guiding Spirits" in the mid-1740's, that North America was to be established as the leading nation in the drive to the New World Order.

Consequently, America's occult leaders, such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and so many others, established America with this leadership role in mind. Occultists viewed America as the re-establishment of the old mythical occult nation, Atlantis. They viewed America as leading the nations of the world into the New World Order, and then acting like the occult Phoenix Bird, which, according to occult legend lives for many years, only to suddenly burst into flames so hot the bird is reduced to ashes; however, immediately, a new Phoenix Bird is suddenly reborn amidst the ashes, rising up and flying away. Similarly, America is conceived as this Phoenix bird, catching fire and burning up, after its role of leadership into the New World Order is accomplished.

When Chris Pinto and I toured Washington, D.C., to film the DVD, "Riddles In Stone: Secret Architecture of Washington, D.C.", we discovered a major hidden fact. Along the National Archives Building, we discovered a large bird's nest at the top of every one of the columns. A young naked bird wa struggling to come out of each nest. These young birds turned out to be Phoenix Birds, which are thought to be naked as they come out of the nest. Around the corner at the back side is the man-god "Destiny" who is Antichrist. (Our segment in Riddles explaining the connection between Antichrist and the Phoenix is most interesting).

But, just like the Phoenix, America is to rise immediately as a new Phoenix Bird, only this time, as part of the new Global Community. And, this time, as a new Agricultural Economy, like the economy of 1400 A.D., not as the hated Industrial Economy.

With this goal in mind, listen to the words of New World Order author, Elizabeth Van Buren: "The destiny of the United States was to be Atlantis, reborn like the Phoenix out of its own ashes. In all matters there are cycles of birth and decay ... We have arrived at a time when many an American, as a New Atlantean, is receiving the call: Go out! the time is short! Build your Ark and take in it as seed for the future age all that is worthy of a New World! Take the dream of a Brotherhood of Man with you, for it was your country which took the first steps towards this ideal. Nothing is lost ... There is only change. Do not fear this, for out of the ashes of New Atlantis will rise in many parts of the world a people who are conscious of their Oneness with Atlantis and America ... The Plan of the White Brotherhood proceeds.!" Elizabeth Van Buren uses the imagery of each New Age adherent to build an Ark with good reason. Just as Noah survived the complete devastation of the Earth by being in the Ark, so New Agers are being told that they will survive similar economic and physical devastation only if their spiritual preparation is like unto the Ark. Do not be deceived: current, as well as past, political and economic leaders really believe this and are planning accordingly. They are planning devastation on a scale that can scarcely be believed. Truly, only Bible believing Christians can dare to believe the planned devastation, because we read such prophecies in Scripture, in Daniel, Revelation, Paul's prophecies, and Minor Prophet prophecies.

We are very, very close to this foretold devastation. In fact, Americans have just inaugurated President Joe Biden, a man who believes his destiny is to preside over this 250-year-old plan to take America down in flames, so that she can resurrect as a new nation able to cooperate with all the other nations of the New World Order.

Had Hillary Clinton won the election in 2016, the Illuminati would have instituted this "Global Reset" sometime in the past four years! Can you see now why the Illuminati was so very upset that Donald Trump won the election, and why they kept shouting "Trump is not my president"?

But, America now has a President who believes she must be destroyed!

One Final Bombshell -- I was so startled when I realized the uncanny parallel with this Phoenix Bird prophecy given in the 1770's to our Masonic and Rosicrucian Forefathers and God's prophecy in Revelation 18:8.

Both prophecies foretell that America was going to be suddenly consumed by fire and burn up totally!


"Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome ... advocated that a plague be introduced that would have the same effect as the Black Death of history ... The cure will be announced as newly developed when, in fact, it has existed from the beginning." ["Behold A Pale Horse ", p. 49, 167]

4. Coronavirus mutation strain might be fake, too?

NEWS BRIEF: "Wait...That New Coronavirus Strain Might Not Exist?", Townhall Opinion, January 9, 2021

"There are many reasons why COVID has been a disaster for the United States. We locked down too soon ... We blew up those people’s lives for no reason. Democratic governor forced COVID patients to be admitted into nursing homes which killed thousands. In fact, nearly half of all COVID deaths in the US stem from nursing homes. We were told to not wear masks, then told to wear them, and now they may not be all that effective in curbing the spread. It’s a fiasco."

"Reports of a highly contagious new variant in the United States, published on Friday by multiple news outlets, are based on speculative statements made by Dr. Deborah Birx and are inaccurate ... C.D.C. officials did not agree with her assessment and asked to remove it but were told no, according to one frustrated C.D.C. official, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation."

"This is one of the many reasons why COVID fatigue has accelerated to ‘screw it’ levels and rightfully so. No one knows what they’re doing or what they’re talking about. That goes double for Joe Biden who doesn’t even realize his COVID agenda has mostly been enacted by President Donald J. Trump. "

Even though lockdowns, masks, and social distancing have been proven ineffective, President Biden is going to saddle us all with insane laws!


5. Once President Biden allows China to conquer Taiwan and North Korea to subjugate South Korea, what impact will the loss of these two magnificent economies have upon the world?

NEWS BRIEF: "The Top 25 Economies in the World: Ranking the Richest Countries in the World", Investopedia

"Gross domestic product (GDP) is an estimate of the total value of finished goods and services produced in a country's borders during a specified period, usually a year. GDP is popularly used to estimate the size of a country's economy."

"Top Ten Countries by Nominal GDP at Current U.S. Dollar Exchange Rates"

* United States is #1 in world wealth at $21.4 Trillion

* China is #2 in world wealth at $14.3 Trillion

* South Korea is at $1.6 Trillion

* Taiwan is at .605 Trillion

Combined, Taiwan and South Korea produce $2.2 Trillion of GDP

* World GDP is at $80 Trillion.

Therefore, when China engineers the military destruction South Korea and Taiwan, she is costing the world $2.2 Trillion or 0.36% of the world's economy. The elimination of $2.2 Trillion will not collapse the world economy. It may cause the global economy to wobble a bit, but creative search for new suppliers for the things Taiwan and South Korea produces will not be fatal.

But, the loss to the other nations of the world who have come to depend upon America's resolve and her promise will be staggering.

How much of a bonus will China pay Joe Biden for finally delivering Taiwan and South Korea to the Communist side?

But, God is recording all these events in His Judgment Book at the White Throne Judgment, taking names and sins and events. People will discover He is the Omnipotent God of all the universe, who never changes and who protects His people.

We are entering the Final, End of Days right now, so if you are not Born Again or if you are a cold, back-sliding Christian, you need to pray to become saved: "What Must I Do To Be Saved"!

"World War III: History's Greatest Lynchpin Event" DVD

 Just as we demonstrate on this DVD, World War 3 appears to be just on the Horizon and recent events have moved us even closer to this end times  event.

In the minds of most people, two words carry so much emotional baggage that people cringe whenever they hear these Apocalyptic words. 1) 1) Armageddon; 2) World War III. In the past 20 years, whenever a battle begins in the Middle East or whenever a verbal confrontation breaks out between major powers, 'gloom and doom' scare-mongers immediately begin to shout 'World War III',much like a person yells 'FIRE' in a crowded theater. Bible prophecy reveals that Antichrist will be produced on the world scene by a number of signs, including 'wars and rumors of wars'. Demonic familiar spirits told the Elite in 1870 that three world wars will be needed to produce Antichrist. Make no mistake about it: Antichrist will be produced by World War III. Therefore, the question of the hour is, 'when will this global war begin' and 'what are the signs it is about to commence'? 

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Originally Printed In 1958 -- Coming True in 2021!

"The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism & Restoring Freedom"

Book Update of 1958 - Paperback by W. Cleon Skousen

NEWS BRIEF: "Compare Original '45 Goals Of Communism' To Modern Woke Crusade: From "Naked Communist", Canada Free Press,

"Have you ever wondered what the precursors to the current goals of protesters and radicals demanding defunding police departments across America? Also, their crazed goals to pull down all historic statutes – even Mt Rushmore? And as US Reps AOC and Ilhan Omar demand destruction of capitalism, haven’t you wondered where such unhinged and universally disastrous ideas came from?

"Well, there’s an actual source for such catastrophic, ruinous policies…World Communism. And on Thursday, January 10, 1963, a list of 45 Communist Goals were offered for the record that were argued to help take over USA. These were read into the Congressional Record, taken from a book called 'The Naked Communist',” by Cleon Skousen

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