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Her Sins Have Reached Heaven!

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." (Revelation 18:4-5, KJV)

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Critical News Headlines

1. Chinese Communist leadership is already ordering President Biden around!

AND, the Biden White House is debating policy based on what may make China mad!

2. Even Iran is pushing "Sleepy Joe" around.

3. Biden's Defense Secretary uses the fake January 6 Capitol issue as the excuse to declare an emergency 60-Day Stand-down to address the issue of 'White Supremacy"!

A military stand-down can only hurt our daily military preparedness.

4. Antifa declares that 'Antifa Lives and Thrives Only if America Dies'

Are we nearing the era of "benevolent slavery and genocide"?

5. Before the A.S.E.A.N. Conference, China is preparing a massive propaganda campaign.

A.S.E.A.N. is Supernation #9!

6. Leaders who reached the historic Abraham Accord peace agreements between Israel and her Arab neighbors have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

President Trump may get his well-deserved international praise that he certainly deserves.

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Analysis -- Headline News


1. Chinese Communist leadership is already ordering President Biden around!

NEWS BRIEF: "Beijing Tells Biden Administration to Play by the CCP’s Rules", The Epoch Times, February 2, 2021

"China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi warned the Biden administration not to cross Beijing’s 'red line' in a half-hour speech on the evening of Feb. 1."

Make no mistake about it: China is throwing down a gauntlet in front of President Biden. This "line in the sand" is very serious and the very fact that China felt that it could issue such a warning is, all by itself, an indication that China feels it can control the new president.

This Chinese diplomat continued his warning to President Biden:

" 'The United States should stop interference in the affairs of Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang', Yang said, calling the issues regarding the three regions China’s 'internal affairs' ... They constitute a red line that must not be crossed. Any trespassing would end up undermining China-U.S. relations and the United States’ own interests'.”

Now, this diplomat turned his attention to Taiwan, another 'Red Zone":

"He also told the United States that it should 'strictly abide by the One China principle' with regards to Taiwan, a self-ruled island that Beijing claims is part of its territory ... The Trump administration confronted China on its human rights violations against Falun Gong adherents, Hongkongers, Muslim minorities, Tibetans, and Uyghurs, by imposing visa restrictions and sanctions against Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials responsible for the abuse. Additionally, former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated CCP’s persecution of Uyghurs and other majority-Muslim ethnic minorities as genocide and 'crimes against humanity' last month."

While Biden and his new Secretary of State have reiterated America's 'rock solid' support of Taiwan in her efforts to remain free from Chinese dictatorship via military invasion, China has completely ignored this rhetoric by daily sending military aircraft and naval vessels into Taiwan's Defense Zone.

Going Back In Time

Most Americans do not realize that the Illuminati planned to give China control of Taiwan all the way back in 1952!

However, do you realize that this major effort to view China as a partner for business and for peace actually began during the Clinton Administration, in the mid-1990's?

NEWS BRIEF: "DRIFTING TOWARD A TAIWAN CRISIS", By Edwin Feulner President, The Heritage Foundation, March 8, 1996

"In a blatant show of intimidation, the People's Republic of China (PRC) is now firing missiles at targets just miles from Taiwan's largest cities. The missiles are intended to undermine the Republic of China on Taiwan's democratic government -- which will hold its first-ever presidential election on March 23 [1996]."

"And why shouldn't the PRC feel perfectly free to bully one of America's best friends in Asia and its 7th-largest trading partner? After all, the Clinton administration has done little to give China pause as to the consequences of such acts. In fact, instead of clearly spelling out what America's response would be if the communist Chinese attack Taiwan -- thus discouraging such aggressive acts -- the blundering Clinton foreign policy team has lent encouragement to the Chinese. For example, an unnamed State Department official told U.S. News & World Report last October that U.S. military action was unlikely. 'We would not be in a position to react with force,' the official was quoted as saying. 'We would not elect to do that, I'm sure,' he added. Certainly not. Of course, a 12-year-old could figure out that even if this were true -- which it shouldn't be -- you don't go telling a potential adversary about it."

Many commentators and columnists who do not realize that President Clinton and his Administration acted according to the carefully constructed Plan of the Illuminati, have accused him of "blundering" on foreign policy. The Conventional Wisdom is that the President does not have a cohesive foreign policy; however, I submit to you that he does, indeed, have a most cohesive foreign policy, the one laid out for him by the Illuminati, 150 years ago, in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Regarding Communist China, President Clinton was carefully following the 150-year-old Illuminati Plan to build China into a major military and economic power on par with the United States. Listen to this part of the Protocols Plan to produce the One-World New World Order!

Listen to the role which the Protocols assign to America and China after the New World Order and its Superman, Antichrist, have been established. The Protocols envision that, just perhaps, some nations might resist their Christ and his new global government. Listen:

"... if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, we shall respond with the guns of America, or China ..." [Protocol #7, last paragraph].

Read this part of the Plan over and over again until you thoroughly understand it. The Protocols envision building up the armies of America and China to the point where they will be used to respond to any and all attempted uprisings against the global rule of Antichrist!

At this point in time, China has been built up both militarily and economically to where they are now threatening our very existence! AND, to cement this newly acquired might, they have carefully bribed and/or blackmailed American officials on both sides of the aisle, including Joe and Hunter Biden.

China can order Biden to do what THEY want him to do, not based on America's National Interest.

AND, the Biden White House is debating policy based on what may make China mad!

NEWS BRIEF: "'Chaos' in the White House", Daily Mail, 2 February 2021

"President Joe Biden threatened to re impose sanctions on Myanmar on Monday as his administration debates whether to call the military takeover a 'coup.' Insiders familiar with the back-and-forth described the discussions as 'chaos' as officials fear that the White House calling the military takeover a coup could anger China..."

It is a sad day in our history when a major presidential decision is based upon what "could anger China".

If I were a Taiwanese citizen with enough wealth to "get out of Dodge", I would certainly do so now. Certainly, wealthy Taiwanese should move their financial assets to foreign banks, and begin liquidating their physical assets, beginning with a new home in a new country, possibly Singapore.

This frightening reality that American White House officials are basing their decisions on what "could anger China" will apply to the ongoing crisis between China and Taiwan. When the chips are down, China can now order President Biden to order his military to "stand-down" and not fight a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

In fact, the new Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has just ordered all military units to "stand down" for 60 days (Story in Paragraph #3, below). Does this new order give China a 60-day window to attack and conquer Taiwan?

2. Even Iran is pushing "Sleepy Joe" around.

NEWS BRIEF: "Is Iran Playing Hardball With the United States?", United With Israel, Feb 3, 2021

"The US State Department has issued serious warnings about Iran indicating that the regime is not far from breakout time for a nuclear bomb. The accelerated actions of the regime seem like Iran is taking advantage of and playing hardball with the new US administration."

"Taking advantage of" ... certainly seems appropriate when discussing "Sleepy Joe" and his Globalist foreign policies!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran activates second advanced centrifuge cascade – IAEA", DEBKAFile, Feb 2, 2021

"Iran has begun enriching uranium with a second cascade of advanced IR-2m centrifuges at the Natanz underground plant, the international Atomic Energy Agency reported on Tuesday. The UN watchdog said that the installation of this second batch was nearing completion and a third cluster of the same centrifuges had begun ... Iran’s accelerated production of fissile material is another flagrant violation of its 2015 nuclear accord with six world powers and indicates that the Islamic Republic is going full speed ahead on its nuclear program."

Iran has even just "tested" a new ballistic missile!

NEWS BRIEF: "Iran tests space launch rocket that could double as nuclear missile", DEBKAFile, Feb 2, 2021

"Iran announced on Monday that it had tested its Zulianah space launch rocket for the first time. Zuljanah is an 84-foot, three-stage rocket with a solid-fuel engine in its first and second stages and a liquid-fuel engine in its third stage. The rocket can loft a 500-pound payload as high as 310 miles ..."

When your adversary sees that you are weak in one area, he is emboldened to probe your defenses in another point. Iran is encouraged to act aggressively with Biden, because her leaders see weakness in Biden's dealings with China and others.

And, China's leaders see this weakness all too clearly!

3. Biden's Defense Secretary uses the fake January 6 Capitol issue as the excuse to declare an emergency 60-Day Stand-down to address the issue of 'White Supremacy"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Defense secretary orders 60-day stand-down to confront extremism in the military", Defense News, February 3, 2021

"Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has called on the services to conduct a 60-day stand-down on the issue of extremism in the military, prompted by the Jan. 6 attack on the the Capitol and subsequent reports of both active-duty and former service members attending a rally calling to overturn the 2020 election and the riot that ensued."

Whenever you read or hear a news story based upon the following "fake news", you are free to discredit the validity of what follows in the report. What are the "fake news" nuggets in this first paragraph?

* " Jan. 6 attack on the the Capitol and subsequent reports of both active-duty and former service members attending a rally ..."

My wife and I watched live TV coverage on One America News on January 6 as it unfolded and can tell you that it was "no attack" and "no riot"! Protestors were mostly milling around, not sure what to do next

* "riot that ensued"

There was certainly no riot from MAGA supporters. But, the fact that Mass Media could use incendiary propaganda rhetoric the next day that turned the January 6 demonstration into "an attack" and a "riot", speaks volumes to the precarious position where "good can be turned into evil"!

Remember God's Judgment Warning?

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil..." (Isaiah 5:20,KJV)

Our entire leadership in Washington, D.C., can be summed up in Isaiah 5:20!

A military stand-down can only hurt our daily military preparedness. While I am not aware of the wording of the "Rules of Engagement", any stand-down order can only weaken our military in the face of a well-armed and belligerant enemy.

President Biden announced a 60-day moratorium last week in the Keystone Pipeline activity, so the question is, what other 60-day moratoriums is Biden going to announce?

4. Antifa declares that 'Antifa Lives and Thrives Only if America Dies'

NEWS BRIEF: " 'Antifa Lives and Thrives Only if America Dies'," by Andy Ngo, PJ Media, Feb 2, 2021

"Antifa is the muscle, the Southern Poverty Law Center and other non-profits help pick the targets, and anyone who points out their totalitarian intolerance is called a fascist, promptly canceled, or burned in effigy."

Consider the "most peaceful" tactics which ANTIFA has used to silence this journalist.

"The angry red communist comrades of antifa and BLM have tried to cancel the Portland-based journalist ... Antifa 'protesters' beat him senseless and sent him to the hospital with brain damage in 2019, engaged in a sustained smear campaign against him due to his coverage of the group, and basically put out a hit on him..."

"I asked Ngo at the end of our interview, which you can listen to for yourself, if he had to come up with a motto that gets to the heart of antifa, what would it be? He said he would draw it from the group’s own ten points of belief: “For their world to live and thrive, America has to die.”

Doesn't this motto sound a lot like the New Age mantra, which has been active on the world scene since the end of World War II? To comprehend how our leaders could hate this Industrial Civilization so much they would take gradual action to destroy it, we have to begin at the religious level - the religion of the occult. Remember, our current and past national leaders not only control armies, navies and aircraft of the word, they control our national environmental policies as well. Both Republican and Democrat leadership -- from Clinton to Bush to Obama to Biden -- are wholly dedicated to carrying out these policies.

Let us hear the Satanic, Illuminati Hatred Toward People and Our Industrial Civilization

"This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, [1979] called the 'Quiet War', being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with 'silent weapons' ... It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering ... without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and benevolent genocide." [William Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, p. 36-37, printed August, 1990; Cooper is a New Age author. The date of the beginning of this "Third World War" is reported to be 1954]

Did you catch that attitude toward all human beings: "Benevolent Genocide"!

But, there is more!

The demon Master D.K., writing through Bailey in "The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", 1919, states,

"Today we are watching the death of civilisation..Such a change is rapidly coming and is regarded by some as death -- terrible and to be avoided if possible. It is indeed death, but it is benevolent and needed...For the progress of the soul of the individual and the soul of humanity, death is inevitable, good, and necessary." (Pages 114-115; Emphasis added).

When our current political leaders preside over the death of our civilization, they will view it as a "benevolent death".

Are we nearing the era of "benevolent slavery and genocide"?

NEWS BRIEF: "Archives: "Benevolent Genocide",







5. Before the A.S.E.A.N. Conference begins, China is preparing a massive propaganda campaign.

NEWS BRIEF: "Ahead of ASEAN Conference, Chinese Regime Prepared for PR Disaster Scenarios: How to Stifle Dissent", The Epoch Times, Feb 3, 2021

"Since 2003, the Chinese regime has held the China-ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, an annual meeting to encourage trade and investment between China and countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ... Chinese authorities tried to avert public relations disasters by setting up “emergency” protocols for the meeting."

"They also made arrangements to make sure public opinion about the event was positive and prevent participants from expressing negative views.

"Despite the preparations, authorities still found that the event lacked professionalism, according to the documents."

"The authorities set up an on-site 'emergency command leadership team' to respond to PR emergencies, along with 19 'emergency management teams' to respond to any issues on the ground ... "

We encourage you to read this entire article to realize how completely the Chinese controlled this A.S.E.A.N. conference! They acted in a totalitarian manner, running roughshod over any and all opposing people and/or messages. In Oct. 26, 2020 meeting notes, local authorities said that “we must further prevent foreign forces from carrying out unfavorable propaganda online or offline during the summit, and stabilize the overall social situation in the region.” The term “social stability” is often used by Chinese authorities as a euphemism for stifling dissent. "

China most certainly is trying to control A.S.E.A.N., which is Supernation #9! (See map above)

6. Leaders who reached the historic Abraham Accord peace agreements between Israel and her Arab neighbors have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

NEWS BRIEF: "Kushner and Berkowitz nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for Abraham Accords", Jewish News Syndicate, Feb 4, 2021

"Jared Kushner, senior adviser to former U.S. President Donald Trump, and his deputy Avi Berkowitz were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday for their role in the normalization deals between Israel and several Arab states known as the Abraham Accords. "

"The two former officials were nominated by U.S. attorney Alan Dershowitz, who was eligible to do so in his capacity as professor emeritus of Harvard Law School."

"In a four-month span last year, Israel signed normalization deals with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. They were the first such measures signed between Israel and Muslim-majority countries in decades."

President Trump may get his well-deserved international praise that he certainly deserves.

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With haughty, dictatorial decrees, he will facilitate a One-World Government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his New World Order will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed until at last he exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

Bible prophecy depicts this coming tyrant as the deadliest in human history. He will try to carry out a satanic Final Solution to inflict genocide far beyond that done through Adolf Hitler's plan by the same name. And this soon-to-come era is closer than many can imagine; yet, most don't comprehend the events that lie just ahead.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Compare Original '45 Goals Of Communism' To Modern Woke Crusade: From "Naked Communist", Canada Free Press,

"Have you ever wondered what the precursors to the current goals of protesters and radicals demanding defunding police departments across America? Also, their crazed goals to pull down all historic statutes – even Mt Rushmore? And as US Reps AOC and Ilhan Omar demand destruction of capitalism, haven’t you wondered where such unhinged and universally disastrous ideas came from?

"Well, there’s an actual source for such catastrophic, ruinous policies…World Communism. And on Thursday, January 10, 1963, a list of 45 Communist Goals were offered for the record that were argued to help take over USA. These were read into the Congressional Record, taken from a book called 'The Naked Communist',” by Cleon Skousen

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