News Alert - Thursday, 4/1/2021

Critical News Headlines

1. "The Mob" is now running the White House!

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reports that Biden DOJ officials offered to make sex allegations disappear for $25 million!

2. China and Russia daily are conducting "near invasion" tactics against Taiwan, NATO and the South China Sea.

The supernaturally-foretold World War III designed to bring Antichrist to the world scene may be very close at hand.

4. The Supreme Court protected Hillary Clinton in her email scandal, a practice which would have landed anyone else in prison!

This decision proves again that there is no Justice in America today -- and reaffirms our teaching that Hillary is a 4th Level Illuminati Witch!

5. A Liberal feminist issues a strong warning against these "Vaccine passports"!

Vaccine passports spell 'the end of human liberty' -- " It is not about the vaccine or the virus, it is about your data"



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World-Wide Plans For A World-Wide Dictatorship

F.E.M.A. Is an "interdepartmental unit which is empowered in the event of a national security emergency to become the unelected national government, a sort of F.E.M.A. secret government, so to speak. A pretext for invoking this emergency can be found almost daily in the newspapers .... anything, in fact." [Page 122] ("Behold A Pale Horse"]

"... the elite would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make ... sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered ... Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 177]

Coming Into Their New World Order

In this economy, all private property and inheritance would be abolished. Once this economy is established, all individuals in this world will be forced to pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ in a ceremony entitled a "World-Wide Luciferic Initiation". Then, "later, a permanent tattooed body number invisible under normal ambient illumination" will be marked on each person. ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 44)

NOTE: The global plan to establish the New World Order as William Cooper so brilliantly informed us in "Behold A Pale Horse", is now finally beginning to occur with great rapidity!

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The monument was named the Georgia Guidestones. Written on the great granite stones are ten commands or guides that were intended to provide wisdom for mankind. But the first of them calls for a reduction of the world population to a mere 500 million. In order to achieve this, billions of people would have to die. Many have wondered: is the monument designed to inspire wisdom? Or to launch a global genocide?

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Analysis -- Headline News

1. "The Mob" is now running the White House!

NEWS BRIEF: "Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on NY Times ‘Underage Girl’ Story", Breitbart News, 30 March 2021

"Tuesday on FNC’s 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) responded to allegations in a New York Times story that the Justice Department investigated him over whether he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl."

" 'It is a horrible allegation, and it is a lie,” he said. “The New York Times is running a story that I have traveled with a 17-year-old woman, and that is verifiably false. People can look at my travel records and see that that is not the case. "

What kind of scheme is the New York Times running here?

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reports that Biden DOJ officials offered to make sex allegations disappear for $25 million!

NEWS BRIEF: "Gaetz Claims DOJ Lawyer Tried To ‘Extort’ Him for $25 Million", Conservative Brief, March 31, 2021

"Mr. Gaetz called the investigation part of an elaborate scheme involving 'false sex allegations' to extort him and his family for $25 million that began this month. He said he and his father, Don Gaetz, had been cooperating with the F.B.I. and 'wearing a wire' after they were approached by people saying they could make the investigation 'go away'.”

How was this investigation supposed to "go away"? For money, of course.

"Gaetz released a statement saying he and his family have “been victims of an organized criminal extortion involving a former DOJ official seeking $25 million while threatening to smear my name'.”

This is mob-style extortion, no matter how you slice it. The Biden DOJ is acting as Organized Crime acts, in providing "protection" to someone in exchange for significant sums of money.

We have long stated that, during the Obama years, both the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had hung a sign over the front of the White House, boldly proclaiming "For Sale"!

It certainly did not take long after "Godfather" Joe Biden was inaugurated for this type of Mob extortion to begin.

2. China and Russia daily are conducting "Near Invasion" tactics against Taiwan, NATO and the South China Sea.

NEWS BRIEF: "20 Chinese warplanes invaded Taiwan’s air defense zone in largest reported breach", American Military News, March 29, 2021

"On Friday, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported the largest ever violation of its air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in a single day by 20 Chinese warplanes ... (Y-8 ASW*2, KJ-500 AEW&C, H-6K*4, J-16*10, J-10*2 and Y-8 RECCE) entered #Taiwan’s southwest ADIZ on Mar. 26, 2021."

"The 20 Chinese aircraft represent the largest force of warplanes since Taiwan’s defense ministry began disclosing the Chinese military flights around the island, which have been occurring on an almost daily basis in recent months ... According to Taiwan’s defense ministry, China sent another 10 warplanes including eight fighter jets into Taiwan’s ADIZ on Monday."

"While the Biden administration has vowed to strengthen ties with Taiwan, U.S. military planners have raised concerns that the U.S. could 'lose fast' in a scenario where China tries to invade Taiwan."

As my Daddy used to say, "words are cheap", so I take Biden's "assurances" to defend Taiwan with a real grain of salt. When China begins her assault and backs the invasion with her nuclear arsenal, Old Pappy Joe will retreat behind flowery language in a "New York Minute"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Chinese cyberattacks on Taiwan foreign ministry surge", Taiwan Sun, 31 March 2021

"The number of Chinese cyberattacks targeting Taiwan Foreign Ministry's computer systems in 2020 was about 39 times greater than the number of attacks in 2018, according to a report published by Taipei Times citing a source ... about 770,000 attacks in total,"

"The information security officials have expressed grave concern about the Chinese cyberattacks as they have also become more sophisticated ..."

A massive cyberattack is to be expected as the first part of a Chinese invasion as hackers attempt to erode or destroy Taiwan's ability to detect and to destroy incoming Chinese planes, ships and troops. Therefore, it is highly significant that the Chinese are "surging" their cyberattacks against Taiwanese installations.

You might even consider such cyber intrusions to be a 'war sign'.

NEWS BRIEF: "US monitoring North Korea moving rocket launchers to border" American Military News, March 23, 2021

"U.S. and South Korean military officials are closely monitoring North Korea after detecting signs that it’s moving multiple rocket launchers to a western island near its southern border ... North Korea is moving launchers and other weapons onto the inter-Korean border islet of Changrin."

Where is this 'Changrin'?

"Changrin is located just north of the Northern Limit Line (NLL), a disputed maritime demarcation line that extends off the western coast of the Korean peninsula from Korean land demarcation line on the demilitarized zone (DMZ) ... the island has been used in the past by North Korea’s military, including to house troops and coastal guns."

Another war sign.

Now, on the Russian front:

NEWS BRIEF: "Ukraine says Russian military buildup threatens its security", Reuter's News, March 30, 2021

"Russia is building up armed forces near Ukraine’s borders in a threat to the country’s security, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Ruslan Khomchak said on Tuesday ... Khomchak also accused pro-Moscow separatists of systematically violating a ceasefire in the conflict in eastern Ukraine agreed in July 2020."

"Khomchak said Russian troops from different regions had been assembling near the borders of Ukraine under the guise of maintaining combat readiness and preparing for exercises, 'carrying out a gradual build-up of troops near the state border of Ukraine'."

NEWS BRIEF: "Russian Tu-142s Enter Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone", Air Force Magazine, March 29, 2021

"The Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Region early March 29 tracked two Russian Tu-142 maritime patrol aircraft entering the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone ... It is at least the second time this year that Tu-142s have entered the Alaskan ADIZ, after a similar incident in January. NORAD in 2020 conducted more intercepts than in recent years, as Russia repeatedly flew bombers, maritime patrol aircraft, early warning aircraft, and fighters into the region."

NEWS BRIEF: "Philippines Demands China Remove Militia Vessels at Disputed Reefs", The Epoch Times, April 1, 2021

"On March 31, the Philippine Government said a swarm of Chinese vessels at reefs and islands in the disputed South China Sea has increased to more than 250, and it amplified its demand for the Chinese regime to remove them immediately."

These Chinese vessels are purported to be "fishing", but they are really armed vessels along the lines of American Coast Guard ships!

China is ignoring international calls to remove these armed vessels and has, in fact, increased their number.

"The National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea said it “expresses deep concern over the continuing unlawful presence of the Chinese Maritime Militia, which did not pull out and have remained in Julian Felipe (Whitsun) Reef and are now in other areas of the Kalayaan Island Group in the Municipality of Kalayaan, Palawan,”

What is going on, with increased military intrusions and cyberattacks by China, Russia and North Korea?

This type of activity places American officials on notice that we are facing an enemy united covering half the globe: Russia, China, and North Korea. Defenses arrayed against America have never been so prepared, while Biden's Joint Chiefs of Staff are conducting "sensitivity" training against perceived bias toward LGBT-Q and women.

The supernaturally-foretold World War III designed to bring Antichrist to the world scene may be very close at hand.

Read more of this Satanic Vision -- NEWS1015, posted December, 1996.

4. The Supreme Court protected Hillary Clinton in her email scandal, a practice which would have landed anyone else in prison!

NEWS BRIEF: "Hillary Clinton protected from testifying about email server after Supremes reject case ", World Net Daily, March 30, 2021

"Six years after the drama regarding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server began, it turns out she won't have to testify about it in one of the last remaining cases involving its contents. The Supreme Court on Monday declined to allow the former first lady and 2016 Democrat standard-bearer to be deposed in a lawsuit brought by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch..."

This decision proves again that there is no Justice in America today -- and reaffirms our teaching that Hillary is a 4th Level Illuminati Witch!

But, there is more, much more!

When Hillary Clinton wore that full length white pantsuit on the night she accepted the Democrat Party nomination for President, she was reaching back into time nearly 4,000 years to symbolically declare that she was the Sun Goddess in the Zoroastrian Tradition, exactly the symbolism the Roman Catholic Pope uses nearly every day to declare that he is the Sun God! She was declaring that she was transcending politics in this present time, because she was spiritually transformed into a goddess!
We explore this white outfit phenomenon from the occult world, and by looking back at other facts in her life and career, we prove that Hillary is a high level Illuminati Witch and that she is poised to complete the 'Co-Presidency' that Bill Clinton promised in 1993.

If she had been 'elected', Hillary was spiritually and politically prepared to surrender American sovereignty in the North American Union, establish tight Gun Control and implement the final changes needed to move this country, and the entire world, into the global government and economy into the Kingdom of Antichrist, a.k.a. New World Order.

Her white outfit tells the full, disastrous story, one that true Christians must understand.

Washington, D.C., is under full and complete Satanic control, as this debacle with Hillary and with other Obama officials who are clearly guilty of grievous crimes. No one will go to prison for anything illegal they have done, including TREASON!

5. A Liberal feminist issues a strong warning against these "Vaccine passports"!

NEWS BRIEF: "Liberal Naomi Wolf: Vaccine passports spell 'the end of human liberty'," World Net Daily, March 30, 2021

"Liberal author and feminist icon Naomi Wolf is warning that the proposed "vaccine passports" would mean the end of liberty in the free world."

"I cannot say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned," she said in an interview ..."

Vaccine passports spell 'the end of human liberty' -- " It is not about the vaccine or the virus, it is about your data"

" ''Vaccine passport' sounds like a fine thing if you don't understand what these platforms can do', Wolf said. 'I'm the CEO of a tech company. I understand what this platform does. It is not about the vaccine or the virus, it is about your data. What people need to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all."

"There's technology, she pointed out, that can merge someone's health record "with your Paypal account or digital currency. Microsoft is talking about merging it with payment plans, your networks can be sucked up, it geolocates you wherever you go. All of your medical history can be included ... "

Now, listen to the final capability of this type of "vaccine passport".

"It is the end of civil society and they are trying to roll it out around the world. It is absolutely so much more than a vaccine pass, it is -- I cannot stress enough that it has the power to turn off your life, or to turn on your life, to let you engage in society or be marginalized.

"After all, how does the Chinese Communist Party keep track of a billion people?

"They are "under the thumb of a totalitarian regime," she said.

"The CCP can find any dissident in five minutes, and that can happen here literally within months."

Welcome, "Mark of the Beast"!

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