News Alert - Thursday, 4/8/2021

Satan's Hand of Madness Is Seizing The World

Karl Marx's Satanic madness is seizing this entire world!

"...Yet I have power within my youthful arms To clench and crush you with tempestuous force, While for us both the abyss yawns in darkness.

You will sink down and I shall follow laughing, Whispering in your ears 'Descend, come with me, friend'."

"I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above"

God's Judgment Sword Is Coming!!

"For my sword shall be bathed in heaven: behold, it shall come down upon (the wicked), and upon the people of my curse, to judgment." (Isaiah 34:5, KJV)

The world is rushing to God's Judgment as foretold in the Book of Revelation! Are you spiritually prepared, are you Born Again?

Critical News Headlines

1. Western leaders knew that Hitler was murdering Jews with unprecedented force as early as 2 years before the end of World War II.

Why were our Western leaders so callously indifferent?

"Where was God during the Holocaust", one Orthodox Jewish leader asks

2. As Russia threatens The Ukraine and China terrorizes Taiwan, we must ask one pertinent question:

Will key nations use this planned World War III as the opportunity to finally form their Super Nation?

3. Prince William -- House of Windsor, Great Britain -- issues a call for a "Reset" (New World Order).

Will the real Antichrist be prepared to ride on the world scene?

4. The Democrat's plan to solve the Immigration Crisis is simple:

Create Chaos.

5. China continues to tighten her encirclement of Taiwan.

America's military is finally admitting: China may have sped up her timetable for attacking Taiwan.



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World-Wide Plans For A World-Wide Dictatorship

F.E.M.A. Is an "interdepartmental unit which is empowered in the event of a national security emergency to become the unelected national government, a sort of F.E.M.A. secret government, so to speak. A pretext for invoking this emergency can be found almost daily in the newspapers .... anything, in fact." [Page 122] ("Behold A Pale Horse"]

"... the elite would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make ... sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered ... Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 177]

Coming Into Their New World Order

In this economy, all private property and inheritance would be abolished. Once this economy is established, all individuals in this world will be forced to pledge allegiance to the Anti-Christ in a ceremony entitled a "World-Wide Luciferic Initiation". Then, "later, a permanent tattooed body number invisible under normal ambient illumination" will be marked on each person. ("Behold A Pale Horse", p. 44)

NOTE: The global plan to establish the New World Order as William Cooper so brilliantly informed us in "Behold A Pale Horse", is now finally beginning to occur with great rapidity!

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The role of Enoch’s retelling of Genesis 6:1-4 in how New Testament writers wrote of Jesus and the cross has been largely lost to a modern audience. Reversing Hermon rectifies that situation.

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The monument was named the Georgia Guidestones. Written on the great granite stones are ten commands or guides that were intended to provide wisdom for mankind. But the first of them calls for a reduction of the world population to a mere 500 million. In order to achieve this, billions of people would have to die. Many have wondered: is the monument designed to inspire wisdom? Or to launch a global genocide?

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Analysis -- Headline News



1. Western leaders knew that Hitler was murdering Jews with unprecedented force as early as 2 years before the end of World War II.

NEWS BRIEF: "Horrific Details of Hitler’s Final Solution Known to ‘Indifferent’ Free World in 1943", United With Israel, April 6, 2021

"A respected Canadian journalist reported in detail about the Nazi extermination of Jews already on May 12, 1943, warning that if no action is taken, six million will be murdered."

"At the time of this chilling report, two million Jews were already dead. “It’s simple arithmetic,” she stated. If no action is taken, “within a few months, six million people will have been murdered and the nations of the world will not be able to escape the charge of being accomplices in the blackest time in history.”

"Every atrocity described by Rotenberg – done with the “greatest inhumanity” and serving no military purpose – had already been documented and vouched for by the US State Department, the Polish government representatives in London and the United Nations Information Service, she stated, slamming the “indifference and inertia of the democratic nations.”

Why were our Western leaders so callously indifferent?

Western leaders were worshipping the gods of White Magic Witchcraft, while the Axis leaders were worshipping Black Magick gods.

Please carefully consider the following:

* Germany -- Nordic god, Odin

Hitler worshipped gods Thor and Odin, even renaming Thursday, "Thor's Day". Ravenscroft reported that Hitler committed the German war dead to the dark god, Odin, believing these "sacrifices" would guarantee Nazi victory

Masonic leader, Albert Pike, also worshipped the Black Magick gods, Thor and Odin.

* Great Britain -- Rosicrucianism -- Winston Churchill followed the White Magic of Rosicrucianism. The major god of Rosicrucianism is Baal.

* The United States of America -- President Roosevelt was a Black Magick Freemason and a Rosicrucian. We demonstrated in "Eye of the Phoenix" DVD, that President Roosevelt and Agriculture Secretary/Vice President Henry Wallace were deeply enmeshed in active Luciferian worship. Had the American people of that era really understood how deeply Roosevelt consulted the demonic spirit realm, they would have thrown him out of office on his ear!

Thus, the four key leading nations of World War II each followed a key demon from the pits of Hell. The death, destruction and mayhem of this world war did much to prepare the world for the final world war which will put Antichrist on the world scene.

While Hitler was physically murdering every Jew he could land a hand on, Western leaders were denying Jews entrance to their country, thus handing hundreds of thousands of Jews to the hands of the Nazi genocide machine.

Hatred of the Jew continued well after World War II ended.

One shocking fact which emerged from the ashes of this war was that the reason Josef Stalin did not veto Israel's creation as a nation in her Holy Land was that the future genocide against the Jews would be greatly enhanced if they were all together in one small country!

You see, Stalin realized that one major reason Germany lost the war was because she diverted huge war supplies and war materiel to the effort of rounding up Jews throughout Europe to deliver them by rail to the killing centers.


"Where was God during the Holocaust"? One Orthodox Jewish leader asks.

Have Jewish scholars never read the Old Testament?

NEWS BRIEF: "Where was God during the Holocaust?", United With Israel, April 6, 2021

"Jews worldwide are now observing Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. During these 24 hours, Israel will be filled with memorial services of all kinds in order to remember the six million victims of Nazi Germany’s war against the Jewish people."

"As a rabbi, I am often asked: 'Why did God allow the Holocaust to happen?' My response is often that although we will never know the answer, it is important to ask the question."

The historical fact records that Israel was out of her land for 1,900 years. Israel's land was controlled by a succession of Gentile powers during that long period of time.

At this point, Israel should never have been expected to gain her land back, because no people who had ever been out their land for several hundred years had ever regained it. But, Bible scholars who believed the Bible literally consistently insisted, on the authority of God's Word, that Israel would be restored back to her land. In fact, there were scholars who maintained that the countdown to the End of the Age could not actually begin until National Israel was reestablished. Therefore, when Israel returned as a nation, Bible scholars knew the world had entered into the End of the Age!

And, against all historic odds, Israel was reborn in one day in May, 1948. Since then, she has fought several wars for her survival, against incredible odds. The rebirth of Israel in 1948 was truly an historically unprecedented miracle of God, accomplished against all historic odds. Remember, tiny Israel is one of the major players to watch as you try to understand how close we are to the end.

But, we should not have been surprised that Israel returned back as a nation. God foretold in many places in both the Old and New Testaments that He would tear Israel out her land if she refused to obey His commandments but then he repeatedly turned around and promised national restoration.

One of the most important principles of interpreting the Bible is that we interpret the Old Testament in light of the New. So, let us begin with Paul's revelation in the New Testament, in Romans 11; in this chapter, Paul addresses the concept that God has permanently discarded Israel as His Chosen People. Listen carefully to Paul's words, beginning with verse 1:

"I say then, Hath God cast away His people? God forbid ...God hath not cast away His people which He foreknew..."

Even though Israel had sinned greatly and repeatedly, God had not cast them aside as His Chosen People. When we look back at God's covenant with Abraham, we see why God could not cast aside Israel and still be true to His eternal, unchanging Nature. In Genesis 17:7-8, God explains His covenant with Abraham. God promised, "I will establish My covenant between Me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant..." God repeats this commitment to an everlasting covenant in verse 8.

Notice God stated His covenant is with Abraham and his "seed". This word, "seed" most definitely refers to those physical descendants which will follow Abraham, to the nation Israel, which grew out of Abraham's descendants. Further, God stated that this covenant will be an "everlasting" covenant. The word, "everlasting" literally means, "forever" or "eternal." God could not end this physical covenant with Abraham's descendants without violating His unchanging Nature. He simply had to ensure that this National Covenant stood for eternity. Notice, also, that this covenant with Abraham was unconditional. Even if the Jews following Abraham were to rebel against God, this covenant would stand. In contrast, the Law, covenanted with Moses, was destined from the beginning to be abolished once the New Covenant of Jesus Christ was established. This is one of the great themes of the writer to the Hebrews.

Remember, we are talking two covenants here. Let us again review:

1. The National, Racial Covenant with Abraham, was given in approximately 1900 B.C. The Jews were proclaimed God's Chosen People, not for anything they had done, but for God's glory. God also promised that from this national and racial line, the Messiah would come, not once, but twice. This Messiah would reign forever.

2. The Mosaic Law was given to Moses in approximately 1500 B.C., 400 years after the Abrahamic covenant. This second covenant was spiritual, and Jesus set it aside, except for the moral code, when He established His Second Spiritual Covenant. When people read Paul's words that true Jewishness is a matter of the heart, to be achieved by faith in Jesus Christ, they assumed God had set Israel aside in favor of Christians. Such people confuse the Mosaic Law, most of which is abolished, with the Abrahamic National Covenant, which God never abolished.

But, if this is true, God created a problem for Himself when He removed Israel from their land dispersing them into the nations which surrounded her. In order to understand this problem, and God's solution, we need to go back to Scripture.

In Deuteronomy 28, Moses promised, in verse 1, "...if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all His commandments...the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all the nations of the earth." Moses then proscribed blessings in every area of Israel's life, if they would obey God.

Then, in verse 15, Moses warned, "But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe all His commandments and statutes which I command thee this day, all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee." Moses then took all the blessings which he had just promised Israel and he reversed them all, turning them into curses. From verses 15-68, Moses details these curses; we encourage you to read them in detail, for they are very instructive as to the Judgment Nature of God.

Now, let us read about the Holocaust, remembering that God warned Israel in 1406 B.C. but did not actually carry out His warnings until 1938-1945, A.D. I find it incredible to match God's warning to Israel as to what punishment He was going to mete out if they did not obey His commands, to the actual Holocaust 3,340 years later!

"And ye shall be left few in number...And it shall come to pass, that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do you the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you...and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it. And the Lord shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth to the other..." (Verse 62)

In these few verses, we can see the outlines of the entire 3,300 year dispersion! This is one of the greatest faith-building verses in the entire Bible.

Now, let us move to Deuteronomy 29:24, where God asks the rhetorical question,

"Even all nations shall say, 'Wherefore hath the Lord done this (the destruction of the nation Israel)? 'What meaneth the heat of this great anger?' Then men shall say, 'Because they have forsaken the covenant of the Lord God of their fathers, which He made with them... and the Lord rooted them out of their land in anger...and cast them into another land...'"

But, then in chapter 30, God promised reconciliation, starting with verse 1, "...when all these things come upon thee...and thou shalt call them to mind among all the nations, whither the Lord thy God hath driven thee, and shalt return unto the Lord thy God, and shalt obey his voice according to all that I command thee this day...then the Lord thy God will turn thy captivity... and will return and gather thee from all the nations whither the Lord thy God hath scattered thee."

God's Nature is such that He must punish sin, and punish it severely. However, to be consistent with His Nature to keep His promises to Abraham, God then promised to gather Israel back from among all the nations to which He had scattered her, and restore her fortunes.

There are too many instances as we listed, above, where God threatened absolute destruction and disbursement, only to turn around later and promise restoration, for this news alert. But, we took the time and the effort in the DVD shown above, "God's Loving Sovereignty of Israel"!

The contents of this video will encourage and strengthen your faith as the entire world descends into the madness of the reign of Antichrist!


2. As Russia threatens The Ukraine and China terrorizes Taiwan, we must ask one pertinent question:

Will key nations use this planned World War III as the opportunity to finally form their Super Nation?

NEWS BRIEF: "The end of Ukraine?", Russia Today, 7 April 2021

"Russian officials have warned Kiev a renewed military assault on the country’s east could lead to the end of Ukraine itself. This is how serious the situation is. Washington and its NATO allies blame Moscow for the escalation of tensions. Will the West back Ukraine if Kiev starts a war?"

Daniel 2:44 makes it quite clear that, just as God's final kingdom will cover the entire earth, the kingdom of the collective final 10 kings will encompass the whole world. Therefore, we are looking for the establishment of a worldwide final kingdom which numbers only 10 super-nations, symbolized as kings, or horns. Since there are nearly 200 different nations in the world today, what we should expect to see is a movement to group these nations together so that the final number equals precisely 10!

The Illuminati published just such a global reorganization plan in 1974 in a book entitled, "Mankind At The Turning Point". We posted an article explaining this exciting development in June, 1996, NEWS1002, entitled, "NAFTA: The Shocking Rest of the Story".

For our purposes today, we shall be focusing on Supernation #5, Russia and her former USSR nations. While Russia is now trying to exercise hegemony over the Eastern European nations which were formerly part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, she has experienced real trouble with the Ukraine, Georgia and Poland. In fact, Russian troops recently invaded Georgia but were forced into retreat by firm opposition from the Western Powers.

But, events in early 2014 suddenly propelled Supernation #5 into the front of the news! Headlines turned suddenly ominous.

“Russian troops … are massing on the Ukrainian border ...."

Russia is attempting to draw into her orbit – Supernation #5 – nations in Eastern Europe, most of which were part of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.). The people of Western Ukraine remember the tens of millions of Ukrainians murdered by Communist Dictator, Josef Stalin, and they do not want to return to Russian rule.

Will Russia now invade The Ukraine and every other recalcitrant nation promised to her by the Illuminati, using World War III as a cover? I suspect that World War III will prove to be such a distraction that other countries will take action, hoping no one strong enough to defeat their action will even notice.

Right now, Russian troops are massing on The Ukrainian border.



3. Prince William -- House of Windsor, Great Britain -- issues a call for a "Reset" (New World Order).

NEWS BRIEF: "Prince William Calls for a ‘Reset’: Gosh, What Can He Mean?", Breitbart News, 8 April 2021

"Prince William has confirmed that he’s at least as dodgy a kingly prospect as his father the Prince of Wales by calling for a ‘Reset.’ William, who is second in line to the British throne, slipped the codeword into a video broadcast for the environmental charity Conservation International."

What, exactly, did the Prince say?

" ‘All of us, across all sectors of society, and in every corner of the globe must come together to fundamentally reset our relationship with nature and our trajectory as a species'."

"But for me, hypocrisy is the least of his sins. What should worry us far more is that sinister invocation of a word — ‘Reset’ — which is intimately bound with the New World Order proposed by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and its masterplan for a ‘sustainable’ society in which ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy.’

Even more formidably, this "Great Reset" is the New World Order (Kingdom of Antichrist), the NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" on the back of the American One Dollar Bill, the last Seven Years of world history as foretold nearly 2,000 years ago in the Book of Revelation.

Will the real Antichrist be prepared to ride on the world scene?

"And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." (Revelation 6:1-2, KJV)

Current world events certainly seem to be marching mankind into this foretold time of utter destruction.


4. The Democrat's plan to solve the Immigration Crisis is simple:

Create Chaos.

NEWS BRIEF: "Inciting a Crisis Is the Democrats’ Plan for Immigration", American Greatness, April 7, 2021

"Many Americans—due in large part to a dishonest media that amplifies the leftist narrative—have come to believe there is an uncontrollable crisis at the Southern U.S. border. Let’s get two things straight: there is a crisis, but it’s not out of our control. What’s happening is all part of the plan for Democrats whose open border and sanctuary policies thrive in chaos."

"More recently, California has encouraged illegal crossings through the promise of guaranteed taxpayer-funded health care and in-person learning for children who were smuggled across the border—all while American children in those same communities largely remain locked out of the classrooms.

"Now, with Democrats in control of the White House and Congress, they want to take the policies that have devastated states like California and apply them across the nation. The playbook should surprise no one, it’s the same strategy they used to leverage the COVID-19 crisis and change our voting laws in battleground states last year. "

"Instead of stopping the surge, Democrats are making it more appealing to illegally cross our border, break the law, and skip the line. If you didn’t believe this is all part of their plan before, think again. But don’t call it a “surge,” because according to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), that’s racist. See, the Democrats want to create a crisis, push a radical solution, and, of course, call you a racist if you disagree. This is Leftism 101 and we shouldn’t stand for it."

Ordo ab Chaos, and Crisis Equals Opportunity. Ordo ab Chaos is a Latin phrase and the motto of the Thirty-Third Degree of Freemasonry. It means, 'Order out of Chaos.' (Carl Teichrib)

"Never waste a good crisis." Hillary Clinton

Freemasons have long believed that the could create a climate whereby their radical changes could occur by simply creating serious chaos. Selected examples of deliberately created chaos which allowed huge changes to be made in society quickly.

* French Revolution -- 5 May 1789 – 9 November 1799

* Great Depression -- October 29, 1929 - start of World War II, early 1940's

* World War I - 1914-1918

* World War II -- 1939-1945

* The attack of 9/11/2001 - Trade Towers toppled and Pentagon set on fire - NEWS1533

Therefore, we should should not be surprised to learn that the major method by which the Democrat Party is planning to create Supernation #1 is by a massive inflow of illegal immigrants from Mexico to the Panama Canal, just as the illustration, above, demonstrates.


5. China continues to tighten her encirclement of Taiwan.

NEWS BRIEF: "US scrambles to Taiwan as China deploys battle group as tensions rise", MSN News, 4/8/2021

"Sky News Australia's Alan Jones said: "Another day, another aggressive manoeuvre by China as it ramps up threats to take control of Taiwan. 'This is not some tiny routine flyover which we saw at the beginning of the year, China gathered together a battle group including its aircraft carrier in waters right next to Taiwan."

"Japan as well has deployed a destroyer in the area."

"Taiwan's Defence Ministry said 15 Chinese aircraft including 12 fighters entered its air defence identification zone, with an anti-submarine aircraft flying to the south through the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines. Taiwan's air force sent up aircraft to intercept and warn the Chinese away..."

America's military is finally admitting: China may have sped up her timetable for attacking Taiwan.

NEWS BRIEF: "US military warns of rising risk of Chinese move against Taiwan", A.P. News, 4/7/2021

"The American military is warning that China is probably accelerating its timetable for capturing control of Taiwan ... and is widely seen as the most likely trigger for a potentially catastrophic U.S.-China war."

"U.S. officials have noted People’s Liberation Army actions that seem designed to rattle Taiwan."

"The implications of a Chinese military move against Taiwan and its 23 million people are so profound and potentially grave that Beijing and Washington have long managed a fragile middle ground — Taiwanese political autonomy that precludes control by Beijing but stops short of formal independence."

I think that China will attack Taiwan at a time we do not expect and that attack may very well be the trigger for the start of World War III.


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With haughty, dictatorial decrees, he will facilitate a One-World Government, universal religion, and global socialism. Those who refuse his New World Order will inevitably be imprisoned or destroyed until at last he exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped, so that he, as God, sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God (2 Thessalonians 2:4).

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