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Monday 4/16/2018


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Israel In Focus 70th Anniversary May 14

"70 Years: Israel's Prophetic Past, Present and FUTURE!

New DVD, with Jonathan Cahn, Joseph Farah, and Others

Is Israel just another nation in the world, like any other people, with a long history of triumph and tragedy, peace and persecution, status and statelessness?
OR IS IT POSSIBLE -- that the history of Israel is evidence of a unique and mysterious Divine script written at the Dawn of Creation? Is it possible that this script reveals the destiny of every person who has ever lived on Planet Earth?

God's Power, All-knowledge, and His Faithfulness are proven when He brought Israel back to her land after she had been destroyed for nearly 1,900 years, fulfilling many Old and New Testament prophecies to the letter!

Watch the miraculous story of Israel's 70th Anniversary back to its original land after a dispensation of nearly two Millennia.

God brought Israel back to life from the 'graveyard of nations' just as He prophesied in Ezekiel 37 and He brought her back in an unbelief in Jesus Christ just as He prophesied in Ezekiel 37!

This story is not just the narrative of the Jewish people; it is the backdrop of the greatest story ever told, a story that actually explains why we are still all here, the fate of our world, even the secret of Eternal Life!

Run time 60 minutes -

NEWS BRIEF: "Israel to celebrate 70th birthday with 70-hour spectacle", Times of Israel, 15 Jan 2018

"From a 70 km all-night beach party, to parades and street events, Culture Minister Miri Regev promises 'you won't be bored' at April celebrations"


"How special is it that Israel will shortly be commemorating its 70th anniversary as truly the only nation in the world essentially resurrected from the dead after nearly 2,000 years? It's so special that Israel will observe this momentous event on two separate dates this year - once next month on April 18 and again a month later on May 14. That's one of the peculiarities of a nation that observes two calendars – one based on the Bible and the other based on the world's system."

Critical News Headlines -- End Times

1. Russia is using her support of Syria's President Assad to quietly build-up military equipment to be used during her prophesied Ezekiel 38-39 invasion of Israel.

President Trump is supporting this tactic, which is why his latest military strike against Assad did not target any really meaningful targets.

2. Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi lied to her donors, telling them in an email that Trump had already fired Mueller.

More and more Democrats are turning against Pelosi, injecting some degree of sanity into our political discourse.

3. Conservative forces in California are finally beginning to strike back against the Liberal nonsense!

Newly Released DVD

"THE Light Behind Masonry"

An incredible 2 1/2 hour video that covers Masonry like none other!

Masons claim to be "seeking the light" and they earnestly do so; but, they do not know that the "Light" for which they are seeking is Lucifer -- that old deceptive "Angel of Light"!

Former Witch and Mason, Bill Schnoebelen, talks of the following subjects: Demolay, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Shriners, Eastern Star, current symbolism, links to the Satanic Egyptian Mysteries, and the 12 steps to get out of the Masonic Lodge. These steps are mostly spiritual, but does include a letter of demit to officially get out of the Lodge.

How can a true Born Again Christian, who has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, the True Light of the World as the Bible calls him, go into a Masonic initiation ritual and declare that he is in spiritual darkness and searching for light? Yet, this is exactly what a person does during the first three rituals of Masonry. Bill thoroughly explores the true spiritual "light" behind Masonry. You will be shocked!

Bill Schnoebelen only uses the King James Bible --

Critical News Analysis -- End Times


1. Russia is using her support of Syria's President Assad to quietly build-up military equipment to be used during her prophesied Ezekiel 38-39 invasion of Israel.

NEWS BRIEF: "Why Russia did not respond to the US strikes on Syria", by Leonid Issaev, al-Jazeera News, 4/15/2018

"Despite its hostile rhetoric, Russia has taken care to avoid confrontation on the ground in Syria ... missile strikes on Syria were finally carried out on Saturday. US, UK and French forces launched attacks on three sites allegedly linked to the production of chemical weapons near Damascus, as well as in the province of Homs."

President Trump had repeatedly warned Syrian President Assad that his use of chemical weapons against his own people was a personal red line. When Assad used chemical weapons, Trump had to act in a manner seen as "forceful" or his reputation would have suffered a grievous loss of power.

Therefore, as American missiles screamed overhead, and Russia did nothing but publicly complain, President Trump remained a hero to many throughout the world.

However, American missiles were not targeted to destroy any important targets.

"Putting aside the contradictory reports on how many missiles struck their intended targets, they did not cause any military casualties and failed to inflict any serious damage on Syrian military infrastructure ... Direct confrontation was predictably avoided, and the whole operation seemed to be no more than a 'performance'."

This reality certainly must puzzle many because Russia has assumed the role of protector of Arab / Muslim forces throughout the Middle East. Russia has sent in more advanced weapons systems than the Arabs could ever create and deploy. And, some Russian troops are on the ground in Syria.

Make no mistake about this reality:

"The party that stood to benefit the most from this situation was the Syrian regime and its allies. There was no change in the balance of power on the ground as a result of the strikes and forces loyal to the Syrian regime suffered no losses."

President Trump is supporting this tactic, which is why his latest military strike against Assad did not target any really meaningful targets.

If America really wanted to destroy Assad, she would target Assad's mansion and his key regular military forces. Think for a moment, how ludicrous this entire situation is in Syria. President Assad faces a world superpower -- America -- and survives. He could be toppled in less than one hour if we aimed our guns and missiles and bombs directly at him.

But, we don't.

We follow a policy that allows him to remain in power.


Therefore, our bottom line goal must be to allow him to remain in power, in order to carry out some goal invisible to the world at large. What goal can this be?

Russia's support of Assad against the evil American Empire allows Russia to quietly ship advanced military hardware and build up ammunition and conventional supplies that one day will be used to support Russian troops in an invasion of Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

A quick glance at this Middle East Map shows that, a Russian led invasion of Israel would be greatly enhanced by a massive build-up of military supplies, forces, and advanced equipment on Syrian soil.

However, Israel and her Western allies are very likely to react to the sight of Russian forces pouring into Syria and marching right up to the Golan Heights. But, if this required military build-up was carried out over a period of years because Russia is supporting President Assad against the West, then Israel and her Western backers would not see Russia cross any red lines of concern.

Make no mistake: Russia and Iran have forces in Syria because they are supporting President Assad.

Turkey has forces in Syria because they are fighting the Kurds.

In all instances, Russia, Iran, and Turkey are in Syria, preparing for an invasion of tiny Israel.


2. Democrat Representative Nancy Pelosi lied to her donors, telling them in an email that Trump had already fired Mueller.

NEWS BRIEF: "Pelosi falsely claims Mueller was ‘fired’ in bizarre email to donors ", Fox News, 4/16/2018

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is fundraising off the firing of 'our only hope' Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but one problem: Mueller has not been fired. The California Democrat sent out an email last week titled 'Mueller FIRED' and asked people to donate to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) amid speculations that President Donald Trump may fire Mueller in retaliation for the FBI raid on his lawyer Michael Cohen."

In other words, Nancy Pelosi deliberately lied to her supporters in this email, urging them to open their wallets and pour money into her campaign. How can Pelosi so boldly and blatantly lie and get away with it?

But as the actual fundraiser email text acknowledges, Mueller was not fired by Trump. 'I’m so furious I can barely write this email', Pelosi wrote, according to The Washington Examiner. 'President Trump is inches away from firing Robert Mueller and derailing the entire Russia investigation.”

More and more Democrats are turning against Pelosi, injecting some degree of sanity into our political discourse.

NEWS BRIEF: "Presence of Pelosi, Impeachment Talk Could Help GOP in Midterms", Fox News, April 10, 2018

"Frank Luntz said Monday night that the continued presence of Rep. Nancy Pelosi in the House leadership and the talk of impeaching President Donald Trump could cost Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections."

"[Democrats] have always gone too far," Luntz said ... If [the public] thinks a politician is using a crisis for their own personal advantage, they'll vote against them," said Luntz, pointing to Pelosi (D-Calif.) as another possible negative for Democrats, especially after she drew criticism for denigrating companies' bonuses to workers.

" 'Nancy Pelosi has never been anyone's dream idea of Speaker', Luntz explained."

Watch Republican campaign ads this Fall to feature Nancy Pelosi as their favorite political piñata! Nancy Pelosi is more negative to more people than anyone else, save Rep. Maxine Waters!

Hate and fury mark these women and threaten to severely damage Democrat chances this Fall to take control of Congress again.

3. Conservative forces in California are finally beginning to strike back against the Liberal nonsense!

NEWS BRIEF: "Has the California backlash against liberal craziness finally begun?", by Peggy Grand, Fox News, April 8, 2018

"In a state consumed by conservation and environmental issues, one highly endangered species has long gone unnoticed and unprotected – the California Conservative. Is it still possible to rescue them from the brink of extinction? Can their numbers be revived? And can they thrive here once again? "

The issue of Sanctuary Cities is the driving issue right now.

"The ripple began in Los Alamitos where the city council voted to opt out of California’s sanctuary law. And it was followed by Orange County ... echoed by the city of Escondido and later this month San Diego County will also vote to join their ranks in this federal lawsuit. Other municipalities are lining up to consider doing the same."

"A supermajority of Democrats at the state level has presided over a tragic decline in virtually every statistic and has championed expensive and detrimental ideas ... These consequential endeavors are concocted in the cocoon of Sacramento, isolated and unconnected to the effect those decisions have on everyone else who lives in the state. They spend money as if it’s theirs. It’s not. It’s mine and every other taxpayer’s in California. Yet we have no voice..."

Liberal craziness has created some really stupid laws. For example:

* "In our grocery stores if you want to take your purchases home in a bag, there’s a per bag fee."

* " the state legislature says it will arrest any waiter who gives a customer a plastic straw if they don’t ask for one."

* Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters continue to spout nonsense -- a lot!

"Those who predict a blue wave across the nation and count on California forever being blue from San Diego to Crescent City might want to take notice of the red ripple which has begun in the Golden State – not in Sacramento – but in cities and counties where common sense Californians still reside."


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Right now, these countries have allied against Israel, especially Turkey and Iran! This moment is unique, because so many of the nations prophesied to attack Israel are preparing to do just that!

End Times prophecy is coming alive in your Daily News; this DVD explains it all.

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An ancient prophecy written over 3000 years ago reveals that the Arab states and terrorist populations, which presently share common borders with Israel, will soon join forces in order to wipe Israel off of the map. These enemies of Israel are depicted on the red arrows upon the book cover image, and their mandate is clear: They have said, 'Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no more'." (Psalm 83:4).

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Satan must have been howling with glee as he witnessed God changing the nature of Adam and Eve to where they would now be susceptible to physical death and they would have to earn their sustenance through hard work fighting weeds and brambles, wild animals, dinosaurs, demons who have taken the form of men (Nephilim, Genesis 6), paranormal activity, parallel dimensions, and a new nature of sin and of murder.

Genesis 6 reveals that Satan flooded the world with Nephilim who mated with human wives, producing a new creation that was no longer purely human, but mixed with demonic DNA.

God will ultimately triumph over Satan and empower mankind to share in the glorious victory.

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The "nuclear confrontation in Korea" will first break out, followed by the Israeli attack against the Palestinians, which fulfills Obadiah and Isaiah 34. Other wars will soon break out, thus giving the Global Elite their World War III!

Then, once Israel is triumphant over her Arab foes once again, the Arabs will turn to Russia, asking for President Putin to invade Israel with his more powerful Russian military, since the Arabs can simply not defeat the Jewish State by themselves. Even though Putin was planning to use the Russian military in a different manner, the Holy Spirit forces the Russian overlord "Gog" to "put a hook in his jaws" to turn him around to lead an attack against Israel in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

Iran (Ancient Persia) will be destroyed by God as her forces assemble with Russian forces on the border of Israel, just as this Ezekiel prophecy foretold 2,600 years ago! (Amazing detail given in "Russian Bear Poised To Attack Israel")

The Rapture of the Church will occur somewhere along this time frame!

We tell this complete story in the three titles of this Combination Offer!

Christian, look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh

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