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Subtitle: In the "terrorist trial" of Zacarias Moussaoui, the presiding judge angrily suspended proceedings once he learned that Federal Government prosecutors "coached the witnesses" testifying against Moussaoui! Telling witnesses what they are to say on the stand is highly illegal, but considering this was a Death Penalty trial, the prosecutors were acting intentionally to send a possibly innocent man to his death!

Today, the government's victim may be Zacarias Moussaoui - tomorrow, the government's victim may be John Jones or Suzy Smith!

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The worst nightmare scenario for any citizen is the thought that his government does not really have his best interests at heart. This story demonstrates that the American government does not really have the best interests of people at heart. Occultists always depend upon the natural human tendency to want to disbelieve unpleasant or frightening truth.

The Masters of the Illuminati always had a saying, "Audacity, always Audacity". Of course, Audacity means something so shocking and so far out, it is to be considered impossible. People naturally feel, both in a democracy and a government of royalty, that their leaders generally have their best interests at heart. Some leaders may be incompetent and some others may commit errors, but at least, people take solace in their belief that most leaders most of the time, have their country's best interests at heart. The average citizen of any country simply cannot conceive that their leaders may consistently have evil in their hearts toward the very people they are leading. But, as we have consistently shown, this is precisely the case. Our leadership has been consistently moving us toward the Luciferic New World Order since 1776, always working through Secret Societies, and always misleading the people as to their true intentions.

This news story fits into the latter category, of the government working hard to gradually move the world into this Luciferian system known as the "Ancient Order of the Ages", or the New World Order. In the final stages of implementing this terrible system, world leaders have to begin to trample on human rights, their actions covered over by the most noble words in any language. This story tells of officials of the Bush Administration who worked to possibly frame a supposed terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui for a crime which carried the death penalty!

How alarming is this story? You be the judge.

NEWS BRIEF: "Judge Unexpectedly Halts Moussaoui Trial", By Michael J. Sniffen, The Associated Press, reprinted by Truthout News, Monday 13 March 2006

"Alexandria, Virginia - An angry federal judge considered Monday whether to dismiss the government's death penalty case against confessed al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui after a federal attorney coached witnesses in violation of her rules."

Can you believe a Federal Attorney coaching witnesses in a death penalty case? In American Jurisprudence, that kind of illegal activity is normally considered anathema, since an innocent man's life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is at stake. The government must realize that its case against Moussaoui is weak, and must be augmented with tampering of witnesses!

"Brinkema said a lawyer for the Transportation Security Administration sent e-mail to seven Federal Aviation Administration officials outlining the prosecution's opening statements and providing commentary on government witnesses from the first day of testimony. That was in violation of her pretrial order barring witnesses from exposure to any opening statements or trial testimony ... Government officials identified the attorney as Carla Martin ... Brinkema wanted to hear Tuesday from the seven and from the attorney who contacted them to help her decide whether to throw out the government's case. If she does, Moussaoui would escape the possibility of execution and be sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole."

"She said the rule against witnesses hearing testimony in advance is 'a very important protection of the truth-seeking process'."

Indeed, how can any truth be established when it is revealed that witnesses had to be coached in order to win the government's case? And, if the government illegally coached Moussaoui during the sentencing portion of the trial, the question is wide open as to whether they coached key witnesses during the trial itself! As for Moussaoui admitting guilt, I believe it highly likely he was tortured until he broke down to "plead guilty" so he could stop the pain. After all, President Bush has rightly earned the moniker, "Torture President". Any Cutting Edge reader who has been following our Headline News articles and our Daily News Updates knows this fact right well.

No more grievous example of this torture mentality exists than "Christian" President Bush and "Christian" Attorney General Ashcroft arguing to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that the Federal Government had the authority to torture prisoners in order to "force confessions"! (Read NEWS1885 for full details). And, they argued, the Federal Court system had no jurisdiction whatsoever! Therefore, authorities could drop you into a legal black hole, with no charges, no lawyer, no accountability, no trial, and no news reporting as to what had happened to you. Your loved ones would just never hear from you again.

Further, if you "Google Search" Cutting Edge website by clicking our big blue button, going to Advanced Search and typing in "torture" and then "Bush", you will find 169 entries in which the principle of torturing people by the Bush Administration is documented on our site. This is the nature of the Bush Administration, as we well note in our table, "President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits".

Given all this circumstantial evidence, I have no trouble believing Moussaoui "confessed" under torture. Have the Stalin-era interrogation techniques taken hold in this Republican "Christian" President?

Now, let us return to this featured article:

"The stunning development came at the opening of the fifth day of the trial after the government informed the judge and the defense over the weekend of the attorney's contact. 'This is the second significant error by the government affecting the constitutional rights of this defendant and more importantly the integrity of the criminal justice system of the United States in the context of a death case', Brinkema told lawyers outside the presence of the jury." (Ibid.)

I find it comforting to hear the words, "constitutional rights" coming from the lips of a Federal Judge, for this President and a compliant Congress have done much to dissolve all our Constitutional rights; all the government needs is the next staged terrorist attack!

"Defense attorney Edward MacMahon moved to have the judge dismiss the death penalty as a possible outcome, saying 'this is not going to be a fair trial'. In the alternative, he said, at least she should excuse the government's FAA witnesses from the case. Prosecutor David Novak replied that removing the FAA witnesses would 'exclude half the government's case'." (Ibid.)

This last sentence brings us to another story, written long ago (4 full years), in which the author stated his belief as to why the government had decided to try Moussaoui in an open criminal court rather than in the more vigorous civilian court. Read the segments of this story carefully, especially in light of government malfeasance.

NEWS BRIEF: "Show Trial: Zacarias Moussaoui deserves a trial before a military tribunal, and nothing else", by Rich Lowrey, National Review Online, January 4, 2002

"Zacarias Moussaoui is getting better than he deserves ... Moussaoui is tailor-made for a (military) tribunal. If, as seems likely, the charges against him are true, he infiltrated the United States to commit an act of war ... If he thought the evidence compelling, President Bush would be perfectly justified in ordering Moussaoui shot tomorrow. Instead, of course, in an exercise in high-mindedness and decency, the U.S. is setting up military tribunals for just such cases."

Notice how much credit Mr. Lowrey gives the President in this treatment of a man who should have been considered innocent until proven guilty. Lowrey said, "President Bush would be perfectly justified in ordering Moussaoui shot tomorrow. Instead, of course, in an exercise in high-mindedness and decency, the U.S. is setting up military tribunals..."

Keep this thought in mind: government acting " in high-mindedness and decency"!

Now, let us return to Mr. Lowrey's treatise extolling the wonders of the Bush Presidency:

"But even this has been judged too harsh for Moussaoui — he is going to sit in Alexandria, Virginia and enjoy the full panoply of legal rights, protections, and privileges of an American citizen. Yes, he will probably be convicted. Yes, he will probably get the death penalty. And, yes, five years or so from now, he may well be executed. But why should a barbarian get the benefit of our exquisitely civilized justice system? Why should a war criminal be tried under the rules we have devised for policing our own civil disputes and crimes?" (Ibid.)

At least Mr. Lowrey considers the courtroom of Judge Brinkema to be part of "our exquisitely civilized justice system"! Therefore, he must deeply respect Judge Brinkema's actions today to protect a man wrongly prosecuted by the nearly Almighty Federal Government.

Notice, also, that Lowrey is condemning a man as "guilty", even before any evidence is presented! That is exactly what happens at a military tribunal, after all. The rules are so set in favor of the government and so against the accused, guilty verdicts are handed down in almost 100% of the cases. Doubtlessly, Mr. Lowrey would have cheered greatly if Moussaoui had been convicted of a military tribunal and sentenced to death, completely unaware that government prosecutors had fixed the case from the beginning!

Mr. Lowrey admires the "strength" of the government case against Moussaoui:

"The Bush administration says that it determined it could convict Moussaoui without revealing intelligence sources ... The irony here is that the Bush administration opted for a civilian trial only because it thinks it has such an airtight case. In other words, Moussaoui gets a civilian trial because we know he's a war criminal." (Ibid.)

In light of this current scandal where government prosecutors were discovered "coaching witnesses", all people like Mr. Lowrey need to publicly admit their original folly and start a campaign to immediately set free all tortured prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and all those secret CIA prisons on foreign soil throughout the world.

Do not be deceived here: if President Bush and his cabal can "coach witnesses" in order to buttress a non-existent case, they can and someday will do the same against you.

If President Bush and his cabal can now avoid open civilian court because they have been shown to be without a case, you may one day stand wrongly accused in front of a military tribunal, whose only reason for existence is to find you guilty and put you to death!

Moussaoui may have seen his life saved by the workings of a civilian court, but will you and I be so lucky once the next staged terror attack occurs?

We have entered this most "Evil Fruit" in our "President Bush's Evil vs Good Fruits" table.

When our own government officials, which have all taken oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution, can act so illegally, truly the End of the Age is upon us.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

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