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Based upon the solid foundation of what people who previewed this movie reported, plus Mel Gibson's interview with Dianne Sawyer, plus journalistic research into various aspects of the making of this movie, Cutting Edge issued the following articles:

NEWS1895 -- "SECULAR EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT OF "THE PASSION": "Relentlessly savage, 'The Passion' plays like the 'Gospel according to the Marquis de Sade' "- the French sexual deviant from whom we get the term "sadism"!

NEWS1894 -- "THE PASSION" ALREADY STARTED THE "PARADIGM SHIFT" OF RELIGIOUS VALUES AND ATTITUDES IN OUR CHURCHES? Part 2: Baptist pastor was so profoundly "shaken up" for three weeks after previewing "The Passion" that he began to completely change his church to a drastic Ecumenical basis -- including portions of Catholicism, Charismatic, New Age, and Mainline Denominations!

NEWS1893 -- "WILL MEL GIBSON'S MOVE "THE PASSION" PRODUCE THE LONG-AWAITED PARADIGM SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH WILL PRODUCE "THE CHRIST"? -- Part 1: Is "The Passion" movie the logical outworking of the "Spear of Longinus" Card in the Illuminati Card Game -- published in 1995?

Based upon our viewing of this film, we can confidently assure you that these articles were perfectly on target, except for one major matter: the film is much worse than we thought it ever could be! What upset us the most was not the relentless blood, gore, crushing of bone, and agony, but the horrific manner in which the film does damage to the genuine Biblical account! In fact, this film might be subtitled:

"The Passion of The Christ According To The Catholic Stigmatist, Anne Emmerich"!

If you have not read the account we gave of Emmerich's book in NEWS1895, we encourage you to read it now. Otherwise, you will not understand much of what we shall have to say as we recount the contents of this movie. Simply put, this movie portrays a Jesus Christ who would never have gotten through his ordeal were it not for his mother, the Virgin Mary. This movie is about Mary nearly as much as Jesus! The Catholic "Stations of the Cross" are clearly represented here, as in the fictitious account of Veronica and her linen cloth with Jesus' facial imprint on it. Mary is clearly pictured as "Mother" and "Co-Redeemer" of mankind.

The rest of the movie is a dangerous mix of Biblical fact and unbiblical Roman Catholic Tradition!

Gibson Set The Standard

We need to set the standard by which Gibson asked this movie to be judged. In his interview with Dianne Sawyer, Gibson said that this movie is based upon the four Gospels [NEWS1893]. Furthermore, we posted an article on Daily News Updates (2/24) from James Dobson, Focus On The Family, in which he wrote:

"...the script was 'adapted from a composite account of the Passion assembled from the four biblical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John' ... The movie is designed to provide an authentic representation of the events surrounding Christ's death ... I had the privilege of viewing a 'rough cut' of the movie last fall during a writing trip to California. I can say that, in addition to being faithful to the essentials of the biblical account, it is easily the most heart-wrenching, powerful portrayal of Christ's suffering that I have ever seen ... Mel Gibson also traveled to Focus on the Family headquarters last year to show an early version of The Passion of the Christ to several members of our executive staff. After seeing the film, our ministry President, Don Hodel, and Executive Vice President, Del Tackett, (Shirley and I were out of town at the time) issued statements praising the movie for its historical accuracy and its powerful portrayal of Christ's sacrifice. Gibson himself has said that, in making the movie, 'I wanted to bring you there and I wanted to be true to the Gospels'."

Then Dobson addressed the concern that this film was strongly Catholic.

"There are no specific references to unique Catholic doctrine in the film — it is a straightforward depiction of what both Protestants and Catholics agree ..."

As we go through this movie, recounting key dialog and portrayed events, you be the judge as to whether Dobson was speaking correctly and advising his faithful viewers truthfully. Within the first ten minutes of this film, I was so angry at the gross misrepresentation being portrayed that I found myself thinking, "This is not my Jesus". I realized that Dobson, and Rick Warren had not spoken the truth when they reassured everyone that this movie was true to the Biblical account!

Therefore, I was less moved by the depiction of agony, the blood and gore than I might have otherwise been. I was moved by the incessant crying of the women and other followers of Jesus as He struggled along the way. But, I made a major effort to follow my own advice to watch the movie with my intellect while keeping my emotions in check.


Scene: Garden of Gethsemane -- Jesus is standing with his back to the camera, and is obviously in great emotional difficulty. His body is bending over at the waist time and again, while he can be heard groaning and uttering words (in Aramaic). After a few moments, Jesus walks over to his sleeping disciples, uttering Peter's name. All three sleeping disciples jump right up. One disciple asks Jesus if anything is wrong? Jesus answers, "why couldn't you watch with me for just one hour"? Another disciples asks Jesus, "Master, is anything wrong? Are we in danger, should we flee"? Jesus answered that, he just wanted them to pray with him. Another disciple asks Jesus, "Should we get the other disciples"?

Jesus said, "No, I don't want them to see me like this. Just pray".

Jesus walks back to his isolated spot in the Garden, beginning to agonize once more. He looks very human, very frail. John asks Peter, "What is wrong with the Master?" Peter replies:

"He is acting afraid."

The disciples then sneak up close to Jesus, clearly within earshot range, and watch him. Jesus was definitely a man in extreme emotional agony, for you could see him agonizing, swaying back and forth. Jesus begs God to defend him and save him from the traps "they have set for me". Jesus is definitely afraid.

Suddenly, a female Satan whose voice sounds distinctly male, taunts Jesus saying:

"... do you really believe that one man can really bear all the burden of sin forever? No one man can bear that burden; it is too heavy, too costly."

Jesus suddenly changed his countenance. Suddenly, he stood more upright, with his face very different. He seemed suddenly infused with a new attitude. Speaking toward heaven, this Jesus said:

"Lord if it be possible, let this chalice pass from me; nevertheless, not my will be done, but thine."

Since this scene represents the first heresy of the film, let us stop right here to examine what we have just learned.

First, the true Jesus was not afraid in the agony of Gethsemane. Jesus suffered great agony because He began to feel the weight of all the sins of the world -- even those sins not yet committed by people not yet born -- upon His body and soul. Listen to a commentary:

"Now, the grand expiatory sacrifice begins to be offered ... in this garden Jesus ... begins to offer his own body- his own life- a lamb without spot, for the sin of the world. Luke observes, Luke 22:43, 44, that there appeared unto him an angel from heaven strengthening him; and that, being in an agony, his sweat was like great drops of blood falling to the ground ... The prospect of death could not cause him to suffer thus, when he knew that in less than three days he was to be restored to life, and be brought into an eternity of blessedness. His agony and distress can receive no consistent explication but on this ground- He SUFFERED, the JUST for the UNJUST, that he might BRING us to GOD. O glorious truth! O infinitely meritorious suffering! And O! above all, the eternal love, that caused him to undergo such sufferings for the sake of SINNERS !" —Adam Clarke's Commentary [Emphasis was in the original]

Secondly, notice the mild, but unmistakable, change in wording here. In the movie, Jesus says, "let this chalice pass from me", a clear reference to the Roman Catholic chalice with which the priest conducts Mass and Communion. The KJV clearly says, "cup", not chalice. Admittedly, this matter seems small, but this clear reference to Catholicism is just the first of much, much more to come.

Thirdly, Satan did not tempt Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane! Since Gibson said his account was "true to the Gospels" and Dobsen said the movie was "faithful to the essentials of the biblical account", this issue is not a small one! Satan only tempted Jesus one time, and that was in the desert following Jesus' baptism. [Mark 1:13]

Fourthly, the Bible always depicts Satan as a male! Listen:

Matthew 4:10 -- "Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written ..."

Matthew 12:26 -- "And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?"

Mark 3:26 -- "And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand..."

Luke 11:18 -- "If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub"

Luke 22:31 -- "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:"

2 Cor 2:11 -- "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices."

2 Cor 11:14 -- "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

Rev 20:2 -- "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years."

Rev 20:7 -- "And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison."

Thus, you can see that Protestants and Baptists who hold to the Biblical account know that Satan is a man. He is NOT either androgynous or female! In the article we quote from the official Vatican site, Zenit, at the end of this article, we see that official Catholicism has no trouble with the concept that Satan may be "either androgynous or female".

Therefore, we now understand how Gibson could portray Satan as female! You will see this feminine Satan again in a much more important role, one in which she is most definitely in a female role!

Fifthly, the True Gospel Message is terribly muted -- The essence of the Gospel is that Jesus' death on the cross is a substitutionary sacrifice -- that a person who receives Jesus as Savior, repenting of his sin, will not have to pay an eternal price for that sin. The only time in this movie in which the substitutionary doctrine is ever mentioned is in the Garden when Satan sneers terribly at the idea that one man's sacrifice could possibly pay for the sin of the entire burden of the whole world. Surprisingly, Jesus did not rise to a defense! He said not one word in defense of this sneering accusation by Satan! He merely said, "If possible, let this chalice pass from me..."

One of the major facts we learned as we studied the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan (NEWS1055) is that the original shocking proposal must come from a proper authority figure! Listen to the way in which the Illuminati chose to word this all-important concept. Step #1 of this Six-Step plan reads as follows:

"Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum." [Emphasis was in the original]

Thus, in this movie, it is very important that a proper authority figure never did state the substitutionary sacrifice doctrine! Only a sneering Satan stated this concept, without Jesus strongly defending it! Please take a few moments to really meditate on this very, very important concept.

A person who knows their Bible well will look at Satan's sneering statement and relax, thinking that the movie has made this key point of a substitutionary sacrifice. However, an unchurched person who knows nothing about the Bible and has never had the Gospel presented to him is not likely to make this connection strongly enough to be moved to be saved! Such an unchurched person is likely to see a sneering Satan impugn the idea that one man's sacrifice could possibly atone for the sins of the entire world and believe that Satan was right! The chance that an unsaved, biblically illiterate person is likely to come to the conclusion that Satan was right is immeasurably increased by the fact that Jesus did not strongly rise to defend the substitutionary principle!

This principle is so key you must understand it fully. An unchurched person is likely to see a tortured, brutally crucified Jesus, and say in his heart, 'what does that mean for me?' Most people will never make the connection between Jesus' sacrifice and what that means for their eternal soul. For this reason, we believe this movie has little to no real significance in an evangelistic outreach. So many apostate churches like Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven churches are attempting to bring people who have seen this movie into their churches, where they will never hear the proper Gospel. We believe that little genuine spiritual seed is likely to come from this movie.

The greatest recipient of this movie will be the Roman Catholic Church. This movie is so strongly Catholic that it will reinforce Catholic doctrines in the minds of the devout and lukewarm alike. Family members of Catholics who have spurned the Church are likely to be drawn back because of this most emotionally draining movie.

In fact, Catholics may look at the weak, indecisive Jesus and realize that Roman Catholic doctrine is correct -- "She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." [Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris, n. 25) Satan was entirely correct: Jesus' sacrifice was not enough to save the sin of the whole world! His sacrifice had to be augmented by Mary's suffering! Jesus was, and is, "lacking"!

Finally, we have to remind you of the Biblical doctrine that God will not allow a holy result to come from an unholy source. He cares just as much about methods as He does about results. Listen to the Scripture:

"And if anyone enters competitive games, he is not crowned unless he competes lawfully, fairly, according to the rules laid down." [2 Timothy 2:5; Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

And, make no mistake, this movie was conceived and produced by unholy, Roman Catholic professionals! A Jesuit priest was one of the script writers and an Opus Dei supernumiary was an assistant director to Mel Gibson. Unholy methods never can achieve holy results.

In fact, you have to remember how genuine salvation occurs. Jesus stated: "No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him." [John 6:44]

Did this Scripture say that a person is brought to the point where he/she desires to receive Jesus as Savior because they are emotionally whipped and sawed by a movie which brutally depicts the torture and crucifixion of Jesus? No, it says that only when the Father calls a person can that person come to Jesus! Therefore, is God going to use an unholy movie -- created by unholy Catholic priests, whose assistant film director is a member of a blood-oath secret society -- as a means by which to bring people to His Son? Of course, not.

But, that old deceiver Satan, loves to fool people into thinking this fundamentally Catholic movie is going to be a great Evangelistic tool. Be careful of the supposed conversions, for Satan is expert in creating the false tare plant rather than the genuine wheat! Remember that a tare plant looks exactly like a wheat until the very end of the growth cycle, when the wheat grows a full head of seed and the tare grows a very tiny head of inedible seed. From the beginning all the way to the setting of the head of seed, the tare plant looks exactly like a wheat plant!

Satan also loves to jerk people emotionally so they will make a shallow decision for Jesus that will die out just as quickly as the shallow plants of which Jesus warned in His parable of the Sower and the Seed [Luke 8:5-18]

At the End of the Age, Jesus foretold in this parable, Satan would plant many false tares in the fields of the world. This movie is likely to produce "tare conversions".

Mary is psychically connected to Jesus - Jesus is seized. As soon as Jesus is led away in chains by Caiaphas' soldiers, the camera quickly switches to Mary sleeping in bed. Suddenly, she jolts awake, knowing in her spirit that something is not right. She seemed to be psychically connected to Jesus, so much so that she shared in His sufferings. Of course, this is plainly Roman Catholic teaching. Remember what Pope John Paul II stated:

"She (Mary) completes in her flesh as already in her heart what is lacking in the suffering of Christ." [Pope John Paul II, Apostolic Letter, Salvifici Doloris, n. 25)

Throughout this movie, the Virgin Mary is connected heart-to-heart with Jesus. When He hurts, she hurts. When He suffers emotional pain, she suffers the same pain. At the cross, Mary cries out to Jesus, "Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, I want to die with you". The Bible uses this term, "Flesh of my flesh" only once in Genesis 2:23, describing the marriage relationship between Adam and Eve. However, this is standard Roman Catholic teaching about the Virgin Mary, that she suffered in her flesh with a "sword piercing her heart".

When Jesus was led out of Caiaphas' courtyard, and once the yard was completely emptied of people, the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene came into the courtyard. Mary carefully walked around the yard, seemingly seeking something. Suddenly, she stopped, got down on the floor and put her mouth to the floor. Then, she went limp on that floor. The camera then panned through the width of the floor to a dungeon beneath. Jesus is shown hanging from the ceiling with his hands firmly attached to a large chain. He was directly underneath the spot where the Virgin Mary was lying! Clearly, this scene was meant to reinforce the early scene, described above, where Mary knew in her heart that something had happened to Jesus. They were connected, heart-to-heart, so completely that the sufferings and tortures of Jesus become sufferings and tortures to Mary.

The Virgin Mary followed Jesus all along the processional route from Pilate's courtyard to Golgotha. Along the route, Jesus repeatedly fell because of the beating he had taken from Caiaphas' men and from Pilate's torturers. (Notice that the Biblical account does not show Jesus falling even once!) On several occasions, Jesus seemingly just lacked the strength to go on, or to get up; yet, when his eyes met Mary, He suddenly received an infusion of strength. This scenario was most powerful when Jesus was being scourged at the pillar in Pilate's courtyard. At one point, he was beaten so much he simply collapsed -- totally. His entire body was either on the ground or leaning against the pillar, except his hands which were tied to the top of the pillar.

Suddenly, Jesus' eyes met Mary's. Renewed strength flowed through him, and He immediately got back up on His feet.

Time and time again, Mary infused strength into Jesus. A totally Catholic teaching!

At the cross, Mary suffers so deeply with her son that she kneels down, almost lying on the ground, and suddenly grasps a hand full of stones in each hand, a sign of her emotional distress. Mary stood close enough to the cross that her face was splattered with Jesus' blood. Mary also approached the cross to kiss Jesus' face, getting his blood all over her lips and cheeks. Later, when the Roman soldier thrusts the spear into Jesus' side, a tremendous, bloody spray ensued, splattering Mary's face and that of the soldier.

Through all these visual means, the movie depicts that Mary "co-suffered" with Jesus, "Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, I want to die with you". Mary is clearly Co-Redeemer!

Virgin Mary becomes a nun and is Peter's first Confessor -- As soon as Mary saw Jesus led into Caiaphas' courtyard, she prayed, "Has it begun, Lord"? She was pictured in an outfit that clearly and closely resembled that of a nun. We saw a scene in which Mary was not wearing a nun-like habit when Jesus had a flashback at a time when he was constructing a high table while his mother fixed lunch. Mary was wearing a simple black dress with a matching black scarf, with no white linen slightly protruding from the scarf.

However, from the time Jesus was arrested, Mary and most of the "holy women" were wearing outfits that made them look like Roman Catholic nuns.

Also at this time, both the holy women and the Apostles John and Peter began calling Mary "Mother". One of Catholicism's favorite titles for the Virgin Mary is "Mother of God". But, the worst is yet to come! After Peter had denied Jesus three times (no cock crowed), his eyes met Jesus' eyes and Peter was terribly remorseful. As he fled the courtyard, he came upon the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, and the Apostle John. Crying out his remorse, Peter admitted he had sinned, repented, and then confessed that sin directly to Mary.

Peter received pardon from the Virgin Mary!

What a Catholic concept! The first Pope -- Peter -- and the man upon whom Jesus supposedly built his church, received his first confession from the Virgin Mary! Even an unchurched, non-Catholic is likely to get this message!

The Gospel According To Saint Anne Emmerich -- In Mel Gibson's televised interview with Dianne Sawyer, he admitted that he had taken much material for this movie from the mystic, Stigmatist nun, Anne Emmerich. Her book, the "Delorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", was the book from which Gibson took much material. I listed a significant portion of Emmerich's book in NEWS1895 simply because I felt the leading of the Holy Spirit. I was not sure how much of this book was actually incorporated into the movie, but I listed significant sections anyway. Am I glad I did!

If you want to understand how severely Jesus was beaten in this movie, just read the portions of Emmerich's book I set into NEWS1895.

Beyond that, Gibson incorporated several key elements in Emmerich's book into this movie, none of which are in the Bible!

First, we saw the scene in which the Virgin Mary sopped up Jesus' blood with the linen cloth given her by Pilate's wife, Claudia! You can read this in the segment of NEWS1895 entitled, "Scene: Mary during the Flagellation of our Lord". In this movie, just as in Emmerich's book, Claudia sees Mary in the courtyard and is moved to compassion, enough so that she takes a white linen cloth to Mary. After Jesus is dragged out of Pilate's courtyard, the Virgin Mary goes into the yard and strides immediately to the flagellation pillar. Taking the white linen, the Virgin Mary sopped up the pools of blood with one piece of the linen; then, taking the other piece of linen, she began to physically scrub the blood from the stones. Mary Magdalene took off her white scarf to help the Virgin scrub blood. Thus is Emmerich's mystic, unbiblical vision exactly fulfilled in this movie!

Another part of Emmerich's vision revolves around a girl named Veronica. Even though I neglected to include this section in the Emmerich writing I placed in NEWS1893, Emmerich clearly reported this story about a girl named Veronica.

"… when the procession had advanced about two hundred steps from the spot where Simon began to assist our Lord in carrying his cross, the door of a beautiful house on the left opened, and a woman of majestic appearance, holding a young girl by the hand, came out … and was afterwards known by the name of Veronica … she made her way through the mob, the soldiers, and the archers, reached Jesus, fell on her knees before him, and presented the veil, saying at the same time, 'Permit me to wipe the face of my Lord.' Jesus took the veil in his left hand, wiped his bleeding face, and returned it with thanks. Seraphia (Jesus) kissed it, and put it under her cloak … No sooner did she reach her room than she placed the woolen veil on a table, and fell almost senseless on her knees. A friend who entered the room a short time after, found her thus kneeling, with the child weeping by her side, and saw, to his astonishment, the bloody countenance of our Lord imprinted upon the veil, a perfect likeness, although heartrending and painful to look upon ... Veronica kept this veil until her death, and hung it at the head of her bed; it was then given to the Blessed Virgin, who left it to the Apostles, and they afterwards passed it on to the Church." ["Delorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", p. 240-241]

The movie sequence followed this description exactly! Veronica came out of a building along the processional route holding a young girl by the hand. When she saw Jesus, She dropped the girl's hand and began to work her way through the soldiers and the crowd. As she made her way, soldiers almost magically moved to the side just when Veronica came to them, thus allowing her to press toward a fallen Jesus. She took her white scarf off her head and placed it in Jesus' hands. He pressed the cloth to His face, and then handed the scarf back to her. Suddenly, a Roman soldier roughly and rudely yanked Veronica to her feet, forcing her to the side of the road. As Jesus walks by her, she stands meekly, holding her scarf open so it is visible as it hangs down her front. You can clearly see Jesus' face imprinted in this cloth!

Once again, we see an unbiblical, but thoroughly Catholic, story presented in this movie!

Emmerich depicts Jesus as wearing a scapular under his clothing. Listen to her description:

"Next they (Roman soldiers) put a crown of reeds upon his head, took off his robe and scapular, and then threw an old torn mantle, which scarcely reached his knees, over his shoulders; around his neck they hung a long iron chain, with an iron ring at each end, studded with sharp points, which bruised and tore his knees as be walked. "(Ibid., P. 158)

For those of you who do not know what a scapular is, and how worthless and unbiblical it is, let us provide this bit of history. Quoting our article, NEWS1334:

8. Invention of Scapulars, Medals, and Edible Religious Stamps -- 1600 A.D. -- People are so eager to think they can obtain eternal salvation without having to change their hearts and minds through Jesus' Blood. And I can think of no better way to provide false "assurance" of easy salvation than through Scapulars, Medals, and Edible Religious Stamps. Listen to its "assurances" to the gullible pagan believer.

"Whosoever dies clothed in this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire." [Mary's promise to St. Simon Stock, July 16, 1251]

"Our Lord taught us to say the 'Our Father'. Mary taught us the value of the Scapular. When we use it as a prayer, Our Lady draws us to the Sacred Heart of Her Divine Son. It is well, therefore, to hold the scapular in the hand while addressing Our Lady." ["The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima", Washington, NJ 07882, ImprimaturL +Thomas M. O'Leary, D.D. Bishop of Springfield]

Notice that the Virgin Mary is said to have taught the value of the Scapular. Since this movie depicts that the Roman Catholic Church began at Jesus' arrest, it makes sense that we should see a scapular somewhere, worn by someone!

Therefore, as I watched this movie, I was paying close attention as to whether Jesus was depicted as wearing a scapular. The first time Jesus was stripped of his outer garment was at the flagellation post in Pilate's courtyard. When the garment was removed, I could see that Jesus was not wearing a scapular. However, at the very end of the movie, on Golgotha, I suddenly realized that the penitent thief was wearing a brown scapular! Now, why would the penitent thief be portrayed as wearing a scapular?

Suddenly, I understood completely. Look back at the promise of the Virgin Mary to St. Simon Stock, July 16, 1251. "Whosoever dies clothed in this Scapular shall not suffer eternal fire."

Clearly, the penitent thief richly deserved Purgatory. You see, the Catholic Church teaches that, even though Jesus' sacrifice provided forgiveness of sin, a taint of sin remained on the soul. To "purge" this sin stain off a person's soul, that person has to spend some time in Purgatory, whose fires burn just as hot as hellfire! However, Catholic theologians have a real problem with Jesus' promise to the penitent thief. Jesus said to this thief:

"Today, you shall be with Me in Paradise."

Obviously, this promise negates the teaching of Purgatory. So, how does an Jesuit script writer solve this problem? Since Purgatory is hellfire, the penitent thief on the cross could escape the fires of Purgatory by wearing a scapular! Most Catholics do not realize this invention did not come into the Catholic Church until 1600 A.D.! A devout Catholic would look at this scapular on the penitent thief and understand completely -- the thief would be able pass into Paradise that day because he was wearing a scapular when he died.

Virgin Satan Mother Carrying Divine Child -- This depiction of Antichrist is the most unbiblical and shocking part of this entire movie, in my opinion. As we stated earlier, Satan is depicted in this movie as a female who speaks in a male voice, thus possibly denoting androgyny. When I discussed this version of Satan during the Garden of Gethsemane portion, I said that we would discuss a time in the movie in which Satan was definitely fulfilling a feminine role. Listen to how this scene plays out.

During the time when Jesus was being flogged by Pilate's professional torturers, a considerable crowd gathered. The Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene had pressed to the front, when the Virgin carefully watched every detail, aiding Jesus with her spiritual strength when he got especially low. The camera suddenly panned to the opposite side of the crowd. The female Satan was carefully winding her way through the crowd, looking very menacing; she passed behind the back of the Roman officer in charge of the flagellation. Like the Virgin Mary, this female Satan was wearing black, but without the white linen that denoted a nun's habit.

Suddenly, as this female Satan moved away from behind the officer, you could see that she was carrying a very large, white, almost-albino child. Clearly, this female Satan was depicting a Virgin Mother and Divine Child. On the one side of the crowd, the Virgin Mary was contemplating her Divine Child, Jesus. This female Satan was obviously being pictured here as the opposite of the Virgin Mary, which would make her Divine Child the opposite of Jesus, whom the Bible calls Antichrist.

The message can be no other. Now, why was an Antichrist scene included in this movie which was created to be consistent with the four Gospels? This scene is most definitely not Biblical and as far as I know, is not Catholic. Therefore, why was it included? Frankly, I do not know for certain. But, the world is hurtling toward the fulfillment of prophecy relating to the End of the Age and the appearance of Antichrist. We can see that Jesus is near, "even at the doors". Was the inclusion of this Virgin Satanic Mother and her Divine (Antichrist) Child meant to signify that the appearance of the Antichrist is near, even at the doors?

Finally, the Roman Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation is graphically portrayed. This false Catholic doctrine teaches that, at the time of the Eucharist, the bread literally becomes the body of Jesus Christ, and the wine literally becomes His blood. Thus, Catholics eat their daily sacrificed savior, just as the pagans eat their daily sacrifice. Few doctrines are more spurious than Transubstantiation. How does the movie depict this doctrine?

As Jesus is fastened to the cross and as His body is raised upward, the scene abruptly shifts to a flashback where a disciple picks up several slices of Middle Eastern bread and carries them in a basket to Jesus. The Lord takes one of the pieces and raises it to His disciples, saying, "This is My body, broken ..."

A few moments later, a large amount of blood drains from Jesus' body, running down the upright staff of the cross in separate streams. Abruptly, the camera shifts to a flashback to the same scene of Jesus with His disciples. After wine is poured into a chalice, Jesus says, "This is my blood ..."

Former Catholics who viewed this movie instantly realized that the Catholic dogma of Transubstantiation had just been pictured. Once again, how much purely Catholic dogma will it take for an unchurched person to gravitate toward Catholicism if they have been emotionally drained by this movie?


Time and space are filled for this article, but we have so much more to share with you. We shall be posting Parts Two and beyond next week.

Let us allow the official Roman Catholic Vatican Website the last quote in this most Roman Catholic depiction of Jesus' trial and crucifixion:

"The film, for its author, is a Mass ... But the radical 'Catholicity' is also in the Eucharistic aspect ... The blood of the Passion is continuously intermingled with the wine of the Mass, the tortured flesh of the 'corpus Christi' with the consecrated bread. It is, also, in the strongly Marian tone: the Mother and the Devil (who is feminine or, perhaps, androgynous) are omnipresent, the one with her silent pain, the other with his/her malicious satisfaction. From Anne Catherine Emmerich, the stigmatized visionary, Gibson has taken extraordinary intuitions." ["The Passion -- for Its Author, is a Mass", ZENIT - The World Seen From Rome, 2004-02-18]

Can God use an unholy movie to achieve holy results?

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

If you would like to become Born Again, turn to our Salvation Page now.

We hope you have been blessed by this ministry, which seeks to educate and warn people, so that they can see the coming New World Order -- Kingdom of Antichrist -- in their daily news.

Finally, we would love to hear from you.

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God bless you.

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