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CP-153-153 Smokescreens For The Ecumenical Global Religion
Many Christians are joining the ecumenical movement, thinking God has ordained it to bring all Christians into unity. But this book reveals that the ecumenical movement is nothing more than a smokescreen, hiding the Vatican's real intent, to stamp out religious freedom and rule the world. Even though his time is running out, Satan has thrown up a cloud of religious "smokescreens" to hide preparations for his last assault on the true Bride of Jesus Christ, the Fundamental Christian Church. This book explains Satan's wicked plan, and how he is using the Catholic Church as his lead battering ram against the old true church. Are you caught up in this Ecumenical System, led by Pope John Paul II?
Price: $6.50
CP-180-50 Years In The 'Church' of Rome
As a child, Chiniquy memorized scriptures at his mother's knee and developed a deep love for God. Becoming a priest, he wanted desperately to place full trust in his "church", but was hit by waves of doubt as his "church" claimed adherence to the Gospel, yet violated it at every turn. His jealous superiors falsely accused him, but Abraham Lincoln, a young lawyer from Illinois, defended him and saved his reputation. Chiniquy proves that it was the Jesuits who later killed Lincoln, and explains why. Finally, after twenty-five years as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, his bishop demanded that he give up his precious Bible, and pledge blind obedience to the "church. After a dark night of struggle, he emerged gloriously saved, and led almost the entire Catholic population of St. Anne, Illinois to trust in Christ alone. Here is the finest work ever written to show, from the inside, what Catholicism really is. You will feel Chiniquy's broken heart for Catholics, even as he clearly refutes Catholicism's errors. Now, abridged from the 1886 edition, it is even more readable than before!
Price: $15.95
AF-3-DVD-A Lamp In The Dark: Bold Expose' of Roman Catholicism As The Bloodthirsty Religious Harlot of Revelation 17 - DVD by Chris Pinto, Editor and Filmmaker of the Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings Videos This item is on sale.
Bold Expose' of Roman Catholicism As The Bloodthirsty Religious Harlot of Revelation 17!! A Lamp In The Dark DVD is an exciting documentary showing the intriguing history of the Bible, the most blood-stained book in history! You enter into a world of saints and martyrs batting against spies, assassins and wolves in sheep's clothing.

This DVD unfolds the fascinating 'untold' history of the Bible. Reveals critical information often overlooked in modern histories.

During the Middle Ages, Catholic Popes and the Inquistion forbade Biblical translation, threatening imprisonment and death to those who disobeyed this edict. Learn about the sacrifice of men like John Wyclife, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale and others, who hazarded their lives to communicate the Bible in languages which the common people could understand.

Can This Be The Key to Understanding? With the fall of Constantinople, ancient Greek manuscripts came into Europe, and with them, the clear streams of understanding that produced the Protestant Reformation. But what few people have ever heard, is that Rome launched a Counter Reformation, fully intending that they would destroy all the works of the Reformers. This is the key to the 'untold history' of the Bible. It is possible, even probable, that this ancient war on the Word of God continues to this day!

Filled with rich visual graphics and dramatic re-enactments of key historic events

3 hours long

Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $24.99
CP-112-Alberto The Young Jesuit Priest Comic Book
Alberto Rivera was a Jesuit priest. When his mother died while he was still very young, he made up his mind that by becoming a priest he would learn the truth about God, and be able to bring that to others. Alberto had been trained by the Jesuits to be an under-cover agent. He had been assigned to infiltrate and destroy Protestant churches and even their seminaries! To his shock, he discovered that, according to the Bible, Roman Catholics are not saved even though many of them are very devout, very religious: they were devout, but lost! If you are a Catholic, or have Catholic friends or loved ones, this story is for you. "Alberto" is a full-size, full-color comic book, 32 pages long.
Price: $2.99
CER1184-Best of Cutting Edge Radio -- MP3 Program Assortment #6 This item is on sale.
Now you can enjoy the "Best of Cutting Edge Radio" programs!! This assortment contains 10 of the best selected radio programs.

Titles are as follows:

  • CER1163 Top Biological, Nuclear Medicine, DNA Scientists Suddenly Dying!
  • CER1164 Operation Northwoods: Example of Government Provocateur Activity That Can Kill Americans
  • CER1165 Biblical Foundation For Pre- Tribulation Rapture of the Church
  • CER1166 Puff Piece On Skull & Bones Reveals Startling Truths
  • CER1167 Is Rev Billy Graham A Secret Mason?
  • CER1168 Rev Graham's Speech At Antichrist Conference of August, 2000
  • CER1169 Pope Furthers Global Religion of Antichrist and False Prophet In Assisi, Italy, 1/24/2002
  • CER1170 God's Comforting Grace For Every Darkness
  • CER1171 Roman Catholic Pedophile Priests:The Evil Confessor
  • CER1172 The Today's New International Version - TNIV
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    CE-BP-Black Pope Book On CDROM Plus 12 Other Investigative Books Written In The Latter 1800's - VATICAN ASSASSINS BOOK was based upon these 13 books!
    VATICAN ASSASSINS Book was based upon these 13 books! The "Black Pope" was the major resource on which Vatican Assassins was based and is one of the hottest, most controversial books of the late 1800's. This book was so hot, son very controversial, that the Vatican forced its withdrawal shortly after it was published. This book reveals the hidden hand in the Vatican, that of the top Jesuit leader, always secretly referred to as the "Black Pope". This CDROM also contains 12 other books: 1) History of Romanism, Dowling, 1845; 2) History of the Jesuits, Nicolini, 1854; 3) Popery, Puseyism, and Jesuitism, Desanctis, 1905; 4) Engineer Corps of Hell, Sherman, 1883; 5) Secret Instructions of the Jesuits, Brownlee, 1857; 6) The Jesuits, Griesinger, 1903; 7) Footprints of the Jesuits, Thompson, 1894; 8) Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk, Maria Monk, 1835; 9) Thrilling Mysteries of a Convent Revealed!, Peterson, 1835; 10) Jesuit Conspiracy: Secret Plan of the Order, Leone, 1848; 11) Crisis: Enemies of America Unmasked, Leone, 1848; 12) Romanism as a World Power, Kauffman, 1922. As the world races toward the unveiling of Antichrist and his False Prophet, we need to be as aware as possible of the true occult nature of the Roman Catholic Church.
    Price: $24.99
    CE-Combo-30-Blockbuster Catholic DVD Sales Offer: Which Queen of Heaven, Catholicism Full of Dead Men's Bones, & Church On Haunted Hill Combination Sale This item is on sale.
    Cutting Edge created each of these DVD's expressly to prove that Catholic priests are inherently sexual predators because of the systemic nature of the Church itself!

    'Which Queen of Heaven' DVD proves that the very foundation of Catholicism is the Luciferian Babylonian Mysteries religion, which God cursed. 4 Hours Long

    'Catholicism Full of Dead Men's Bones' dramatizes the reality that the Pope has always had a powerful demon whispering in his ear, a being Satanists call 'National Overlord'. Once you understand this truth, you will comprehend the true nature of the Catholic Church. 4 Hours Long

    'Church On Haunted Hill' provides the final answer as to why Catholic priests are so sexually deviant. One of their doctrines taught priests is the 'Unforgiveable Sin' 2 Hours Long (Matt 12:31)

    SAVE over buying these DVD's separately

    These DVD's offer 10 hours of dynamic teaching!

    Price: $84.97
    Sale Price: $74.97
    In 1881, two scholars named Westcott and Hort published a revision of the New Testament that would send shockwaves through the academic world. Their new textual theory declared that the King James Version (which had been trusted for centuries) was full of errors. Sacred readings, long cherished by the faithful, were now declared to be forgeries. The world was informed that the book, which had been called the inerrant Word of God, was in need of correction.

    The new theory claimed that recently recovered manuscripts revealed a truer version of Scripture. Yet others warned that these manuscripts were, in fact, the creation of early Gnostic heretics that had been rightly abandoned centuries before. Was the new revision filled with ancient corruptions?

    Follow the story of the Bibles controversial history into the twentieth century, as the work of Westcott and Hort would transform biblical scholarship, inspire the work of various Bible Societies, and pave the way for the cause of ecumenical unity between Evangelical Protestants and Rome.

    Featured Speakers: Dr. Phil Stringer, Dr. David Brown, David Daniels, Dr. D.A. Waite, Dr. Jack Moorman, Dr. Kirk DiVietro, Dr. H.D. Williams, Dr. Ronald Cooke & Dr. James R. White.

    Price: $24.95
    CE-Bill-DVD-002-Catholicism: Two Horns Like A Lamb - DVD or Flash Drive, by Bill Schoebelen, Part 1 of Scarlet Beast Series
    URGENT NOTE: You have to choose whether you want to order DVD or Flash Drive, using the price-options drop-down menu on the far right.

    Why, oh why, has the Catholic priesthood been sexually molesting little boys, young women and married women for the past 1,000 years? The answer is simple: Roman Catholicism is NOT genuine Christianity, but a church founded upon Biblical doctrinal errors, many of which lead to sexual deviancy. Bill also reveals that in the Catholic seminary he attended he discovered that about 75% of the men studying for the priesthood were gay, many of them very openly gay. This percentage is very common throughout the priesthood throughout the world, even in America.

    Former Catholic Seminarian, Bill Schnoebelen, proves that, given the true inner heart nature of Catholicism, sexual deviancy and molestation is what we should expect from many priests! Millions of Catholics are leaving the church and millions more are thinking about leaving and all are very confused and angry over the sexual fiasco within the priesthood. They cannot reconcile the church they grew up in, and established a family in, with the daily report somewhere that another Catholic priest has been charged with sexual molestation of young people.

    Bill also shockingly reveals that Catholic priests teach that Jesus was able to perform miracles only because He had gone into the Occult and was using the power of Occult spirits! Jesus condemns this belief in the strongest of terms (Matt 12:22-31). Therefore, priests who believe this heresy are no longer subject to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and can fall into unusually hateful and hurtful sins.

    Even Pope Benedict XVI is thoroughly caught up in this scandal, from the actions he took while Cardinal Ratzinger. Therefore, this scandal is simply going to continue until the Antichrist arises.

    Nearly 2 hours

    Quotes from King James Version

    We present a Plan of Salvation, at the end, written specifically for Roman Catholics, making this DVD a most effective Soul-Winning DVD!

    NOTICE: This DVD is virtually idenitical to 'Church On Haunted Hill'. People commented that they would like to share this DVD with their Catholic friends and loved ones but felt the very title and the front cover image was too harsh. Therefore, we created this cover and title and slightly modified a couple of things in the video, none of which changed the message one iota

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    CE-Doc-18-Catholicism: Which Queen of Heaven Are They Worshipping? This item is on sale.
    This video is available on DVD or flash drive. Be sure and choose which you want using the drop down Price Options box under the green order button to the right.

    Drawing upon his deep training as a Luciferian Witch in the Illuminati tradition, Doc Marquis conclusively proves that Roman Catholicism is identical to Ancient Babylonian Witchcraft!

    Doc begins by proving that the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven in Catholicism, is identical to Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven in Babylonian Witchcraft! From this extensive treatment, Doc derived the name of this video. Are you aware that Israel's worship of the 'Queen of Heaven' is one of the major reasons God cast Israel into the 70-year judgment at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar? Yet, Catholicism continually urges her people to worship Mary, Queen of Heaven!

    Doc also proves that the Catholic Mass is identical to the Babylonian Black Magick Mass, a most interesting revelation. You can see that both Masses use the same elements, laid out in the same manner. Doc lays out and explains a Catholic Mass side-by-side with a Black Magick Mass so you can see they are identical. This proof is the most powerful part of this DVD

    You will also learn that the Pope has declared himself to be equal with God!

    Once you watch this video, you will have an effective soul-winning tool by which you can win Catholics to Jesus Christ. Toward this end, we have included a specially written Plan of Salvation, written especially for Roman Catholics.

    2-DVD Set, Nearly 4 hours long

    DVD #1 in this 'Mother of Harlots' Series is 'Catholicism: The Church On Haunted Hill' by former Satanist Bill Schnoebelen

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    Combo-1230-DVD-Combination Offer -- DVD, New World Order Religion: The Great Global Apostate Church PLUS Outcome-Based Religion: Apostasy, Purpose, and the Paradigm Shift On CD This item is on sale.
    As the Apostasy of this End of the Age takes shape, it is taking some distinctively different avenues. The "Outcome Based Book" on CD demonstrates the power and the deceptiveness of Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Church". Dominick demonstrates that this movement is totally unbiblical and cannot be supported by an Bible believing Christian

    In the Global Apostate Church, Wegener shows how many Christian leaders have suddenly turned their followers into the paths which do not lead to eternal life. You will hear false doctrine directly from their lips in this video. Wegener also shows video clips from teachers of false relgions. Unity of, and tolerance for, ALL religions of the earth, from Roman Catholics to Muslims, to New Age, to Shamans and Witchdoctors, is clearly the trend we see today as the world rushes to Antichrist and his False Prophet. See revealing film clips, quotes, and footage of world-renowned prominent religious leaders and understand the false “gospel” they teach.

    Save $6.00 when you buy this combination offer

    Price: $34.98
    Sale Price: $14.99
    CE-Combo-HFA-COMBO OFFER: Best of Hope For America - 6 DVDs, over 11 hours of instruction This item is on sale.
    Save $60 over buying individually! Nearly 11 hours of instruction

    1) "Shocker", 2-DVD Set -- One of our best-sellers! 12 of the Most Shocking Subjects of These Last Years. Through film and news clips, Wegener shows the 12 most shocking subjects to cross his desk. Just when you think you have seen, or heard it all, this DVD will show just how very wierd this world has gotten. Subject includes UFO's, Masons, Executive Orders, MJTF, high-technology, concentration camps, the silence of the church, abortion, and more. Almost 3 hours

    2) "Barbed Wire" - In great film clips, Wegener details the coming plan to institute global dictatorship. What do: Detention centers, Depopulation, Demilitarization, Foreign Troops on U.S. soil, Mother Gaia worship, Martial Law, and the Anti-terrorism bill have in common? They are all in our immediate future, unless enough Americans wake up to what is planned for us. Great film footage, a must see for all Americans. Over 2 full hours

    3) "Great Apostate Church" - Over 3 1/2 hours. Unity of, and tolerance for, ALL religions of the earth, from Roman Catholics to Muslims, to New Age, to Shamans and Witchdoctors, is clearly the trend we see today as the world rushes to Antichrist and his False Prophet. See revealing film clips, quotes, and footage of world-renowned prominent religious leaders and understand the false "gospel" they teach. You will hear prominent Christian leaders state false doctrine from their own lips that you would never believe had you not seen them speak.

    4) "Mason: Friend or Foe: - Many of our leaders have sworn allegiance to a Masonic Order of one type of another. Our current election features two brothers in a Masonically-based secret society called "Skull & Bones". What are these leaders pledging their allegiance to and how deeply entrenched are their goals to America today? Since Freemasonry has attempted so strenuously to claim that they are just a good old boy fraternity that does good works and has a good time, most Americans would be shocked to learn the bitter truth behind that facade. 2 hours, 40 minutes of instruction

    Price: $99.96
    Sale Price: $29.94
    CP-1252-Did the Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? Rome gave us really clever counterfeit Bibles
    There is not one history of the Bible, but two. One is a history of God preserving His words through His people. The other is of the devil using the Roman Catholic church to pervert God's words through her "scholars."

    Written in a down-to-earth style, and packed with cartoon illustrations by Jack Chick, Daniels shows that the Bibles Rome gave us are really clever counterfeits, designed to eliminate God's preserved words in English, the KJV. You will see why the KJV is the only Bible you can trust.

    160 page paperback

    Price: $9.99
    CE-Bill-DVD-003-SPANISH-DVD - Catolicismo: La Iglesia En La Montaña Embrujada
    NOTE: This DVD is the Spanish version of our original, 'Catholicism: Church On Haunted Hill', by bill Schnoebelen.

    ¿Por qué, oh por qué, ha estado el sacerdocio Católico Romano abusando sexualmente de niños, jovencitas y mujeres casadas por los últimos 1,000 años? La respuesta es simple: El Catolicismo Romano no es el cristianismo genuino, sino una mezcla de numerosas doctrinas y prácticas paganas y ocultistas, las cuales conducen a la desviación sexual. El ex seminarista católico y satanista, Bill Schnoebelen, muestra que, dada la verdadera naturaleza del corazón mismo del Catolicismo: desviación sexual, acoso y homosexualidad, es lo que debemos esperar, y no sorprendernos al descubrir tales aberraciones sexuales entre sacerdotes y monjas.

    ¡Bill también revela de forma estremecedora que los Sacerdotes Católicos enseñan que Jesús pudo realizar milagros solamente porque El se adentró en la Brujería y estaba utilizando los poderes del Ocultismo! Jesús llama esta clase de creencia “pecado”, el cual es imperdonable, ya sea en esta vida o en la venidera (Mateo 12:22-31). Así que, los sacerdotes que creen esta herejía ya no están bajo la influencia del Espíritu Santo y pueden tornarse crueles y llenos de odio.

    Bill también revela que en el seminario Católico al que él asistió, descubrió que alrededor del 75% de los hombres que estaban estudiando para ser sacerdotes, eran homosexuales. El papa Benedicto XVI fue atrapado en este escándalo, a causa de las acciones que el tomó mientras era el Cardenal Ratzinger. Así que, estos escándalos simplemente continuaran hasta que surja el Anticristo.

    Bill, luego revela que Satanás creó la Iglesia Católica- comenzando con Constantino en un esfuerzo por corromper el Cristianismo verdadero y derrocarlo desde su centro. Parece ser Cristiana, pero no es más que una mezcla de doctrinas y prácticas del Satanismo, donde billones de almas se están hundiendo y van camino al infierno.

    ¡Incluso la ubicación del Vaticano, es una pista de la verdadera naturaleza del Catolicismo; está erigida en una montaña Romana llamada Vaticanus un lugar de la Antigua Roma caracterizada por la adivinación y la brujería, un lugar que Bill llama “sumamente maldito”!

    Aproximadamente 2 horas

    Una Producción del Ministerio Cutting Edge

    Price: $24.99
    HFA-DVD-10-DVD - New World Order Religion: The Great Global Apostate Church This item is on sale.
    3 1/2 full hours of instruction! Unity of, and tolerance for, ALL religions of the earth, from Roman Catholics to Muslims, to New Age, to Shamans and Witchdoctors, is clearly the trend we see today as the world rushes to Antichrist and his False Prophet. See revealing film clips, quotes, and footage of world-renowned prominent religious leaders and understand the false “gospel” they teach. You will hear prominent Christian leaders state false doctrine from their own lips that you would never believe had you not seen them speak.

    These leaders' false teachings are fulfilling Matthew 24:24 - "For there shall arise .... false prophets... if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect [Matt 24:24]

    "... that day will not come except the apostasy comes first (unless the predicted great falling away of those who have professed to be Christians has come)..." [2 Thess 2:1-3]

    Price: $29.99
    Sale Price: $19.99
    AF-DVD-013-DVD - The Kinsey Syndrome: Fountain-Head For Sexual Perversion In America- Written and Directed by Christian J. Pinto
    This documentary shows how "The Kinsey Reports" have been used to change the laws concerning sex crimes in America, resulting in the minimal sentences so often given to rapists and pedophiles. Further explained is that the Kinsey data laid the foundation for sex education -- training teachers, psychologists and even Catholic priests in human sexuality. What has been the consequence?

    Working secretly in his attic, Dr. Kinsey was one of America's original pornographers. His influence inspired Hugh Hefner to launch Playboy Magazine - the "soft" approach to porn - which in time would escalate the widespread use of pornography through magazines, cable TV and the Internet. In 2006 the California Child Molestation & Sexual Abuse Attorneys reported that: "The number of victims of childhood sexual abuse and molestation grows each year. This horrific crime is directly tied to the growth of pornography on the Internet."

    Perhaps most disturbing, Alfred Kinsey has been accused of training pedophiles to work with stopwatches and record the responses of children being raped - all in the name of "science.

    Why has the truth about Kinsey been suppressed for so long? And what can Americans do to make a difference?

    2 Hours long

    Price: $19.99
    PRM-DVD-997-DVD - Truth Behind Joels Army: Sarah Palin and the Fallen Angels of Rev 9 - by Pastor Hoggard This item is on sale.
    What on earth does Joel's Army, Sarah Palin and the Fallen Angels foretold in Revelation 9 got to do with each other?

    Pastor Hoggard reveals the startling truth behind a movement that is making huge inroads into the Charismatic/Neo-Pentecostal movement in America and around the world. This movement, called "Joel's Army" is being promoted by many, including Rick Joyner, who, as Pastor Hoggard proves, is a member of the Catholic Knights of Malta organization, the same organization that "knighted" Rupert Murdoch. Joyner, Sarah Palin and others are teaching untold thousands about a 'new breed' that is going to take over the kingdom and give it to Jesus. This heresy is called 'Dominionism' and is the fatal foundation on which President Bush based his Iraqi and Afghan invasions -- with the full support of thousands of Christian pastors!

    Now that we know that Palin is pursuing "Dominionist" Theology, you now know why she was a natural choice for Bush/McCain to select her to be the Vice-Presidential candidate in the election of 2008. Bush based his invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan squarely on Dominionist Theology and asked Evangelical pastors for their support on this basis. Bush said he was conquering the world for Jesus, using America's might. Thus, Sarah Palin was a natural fit with the Bush/McCain Dominionist camp! That is the real reason she was selected as McCain's Vice President candidate!

    Pastor Hoggard also reveals that the army mentioned in the book of Joel, is a perfect match for the fallen angels that are released in Revelation 9!

    Price: $14.99
    Sale Price: $9.99
    CE-DVD-001-DVD-Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity This item is on sale.
    We deal with the issue of the pedophile priests who are now in the News almost daily. Since the Catholic people are being told a lie by their priests as to how and why such a dirty sexual perversion as homosexual pedophilia could permeate the Catholic Church, we felt it necessary to step forward with the explanation, from the unique perspective of Bible doctrine and prophecy on the one hand and a thorough knowledge of Witchcraft on the other hand. I assume the role of the demonic overlord [Daniel 10] whom Satan has assigned to the Popes of Rome since the beginning of that religion. My role is to bring the Roman Catholic Church systematically into a practice of the prophesied religion of Antichrist, which is foretold to be Black Magick Witchcraft [Daniel 8:23-25]. To accomplish this feat, I must move Rome first into a worship of White Magic Witchcraft and then, over a period of millennia, into the final stage of Black Magic Witchcraft. Finally, I demonstrate that the final stage of Black Magick Witchcraft began in 1963, with Pope Paul VI, and is being aggressively continued today by Pope John Paul II. No one has ever examined the Catholic Church from this unique perspective. You will want all your Roman Catholic loved ones, friends, and co-workers to have this video. You will want all your Liberal, Evangelical Christian friends to see this video also, so they will realize the true nature of the "church" to whom they are currently cozying up to at this End of the Age. We believe God has moved mightily through Cutting Edge to deliver THE definitive Biblical answer as to why the Catholic Church is producing such a stench from their rotten spiritual fruit.

    Additional 50 minutes of analysis of "The Passion" movie from a former Catholic. Cutting Edge asked Becky Sextion of Former Catholics For Christ to critique this movie, answering questions we put to her. About 20 selected minutes of her testimony appears on our recently released "Passion" video, but this tape has all 50 minutes of her presentation. Presentation is now nearly 4 hours long

    Price: $29.99
    Sale Price: $19.99
    CE-DVD-005-DVD-Passion, Purpose and the Paradigm Shift This item is on sale.
    The whole Christian world is silently going through the dramatic change in religious thinking, called a "Paradigm Shift". Until this shift occurs, Antichrist cannot arise. Once this shift does occur, discerning Christians can know that Antichrist is close. Such a "Paradigm Shift" is now under way, powered by four major factors running together simultaneously. They are:

    "The Passion of the Christ"

    Purpose Driven Church (Seeker Sensitive)

    "Da Vinci Code" which propagates the Merovingian Bloodline lie, without which Antichrist cannot appear

    Tim LaHaye's "Left Behind" series, which falsely assures people they can take the Mark of the Beast and still go to Heaven.

    Only Cutting Edge, with our knowledge of prophecy, New Age Religion, and the Illuminati Plan, can tie all these separate elements together to provide one of the most telling "signs" yet that the appearance of Antichrist is very close.

    Director David Bay, Mac Dominick of Cutting Edge, and Becky Sexton of Former Catholics For Christ corroborate on one of the most important subjects in this world today

    4 Hours, 10 Minutes long!

    Price: $29.99
    Sale Price: $19.99
    CP-116-Four Horsemen of Revelation 6
    Does the Papacy fulfill all the prophecies of Antichrist, or is he the False Religious prophet of Antichrist? You be the judge. The Satanic nature of Catholicism is clearly demonstrated in this comic book, as are the secret Jesuit oaths to destroy all "heretics", and especially all Protestants.
    Price: $2.99
    CP-120-JESUITS: Learn Secrets The Jesuits DON'T Want You To Know Chick Comic Book
    The Jesuits... like so many things in this world, they are not what they appear to be. In 1540, Pope Paul III officially accepted "The Society of Jesus" (Jesuits) into the Roman Catholic system. Today, the current Jesuit General, Adolfo Nicolás, is respected and feared by every Jesuit as if he were God Himself.

    Who knows more about the Jesuits than the Jesuits themselves? This comic shows, from their own writings, that the Jesuits' real goal is to destroy true Christians and make the world submit to the Pope.

    This comic focuses on the story of a family arrested because of the impatient actions of one Jesuit, whose indiscretion nearly unraveled the plot to destroy freedom and bring everyone under the control of the pope. Read the fascinating history of the Jesuits, gleaned from their own writings. Now that the new Pope, Francis I, is a lifelong Jesuit, it is even more important to understand who they really are and why they are such a danger to the entire world.

    'The Jesuits' is a full-size, full-color comic book, 32 pages long.

    Price: $2.99
    RP-757X-Pamphlet: Who Am I In Christ? You Are Complete In Him
    This beautiful pamphlet informs us what God accomplished thrugh His Son's life, ministry, death, and resurrection! We are forgiven, beloved, are new creatures and much, much more. Each word identified has its Bible reference. Be reminded and reassured of the many qualities and characteristics you possess as a believer.

    you are accepted, forgiven, and made holy in Jesus, and that is just the beginning!

    Study dozens of promises and where they are located in the Bible.

    Price: $3.99
    AF-6-Tares Among The Wheat DVD - by Chris J. Pinto - Sequel to 'Lamp In The Dark' This item is on sale.
    'Tares Among the Wheat' will likely challenge what most scholars believe about Bible history, and the origins of the current wave of new translations that have flooded churches around the world.

    Enter a mysterious world of ancient manuscripts, assailed by forgeries, fakes, and theological intrigue of the highest order.

    In the 19th century, a revolution in biblical scholarship was prompted by the publication of a never-before-seen manuscript called Codex Sinaiticus. The work was allegedly discovered by a German scholar named Constantine von Tischendorf, who declared this to be the oldest Bible ever found. Tischendorf said he found the work in a rubbish basket at a Greek Orthodox monastery in Egypt. While many in the academic world did not fully believe his story, they were willing to accept his claims about the antiquity of the codex.

    Yet shortly after his discovery was published, a renowned Greek paleographer named Constantine Simonides came forward and declared that the manuscript was no ancient text at all, but had been created by him in 1840. The controversy surrounding these events is, perhaps, the most incredible untold chapter in Bible history. It involves Jesuits, the Pope, a high-minded German, a committee of Anglo Romanists, and a mysterious Greek patriot. It is a story that (while quite true and well documented) a vast majority of modern academics know nothing about. Yet the subject matter dramatically impacts the world of biblical scholarship, even to this present hour. Most of what todays scholars believe about manuscript evidence is based on the events of this era, and the footnotes in your Bible are the proof of it.

    Featured experts: Dr. David Brown, Dr. Henry Hudson, Dr. Ronald Cooke, Dr. Alan OReilly, Les Garrett, Roger Oakland, Dr. D.A. Waite, Dr. H.D. Williams.

    2 1/2 hours

    Price: $24.95
    Sale Price: $19.99
    LHT-BKT-RO-CM-The Catholic Mary & Her Eucharistic Christ: Booklet by Roger Oakland
    Christianity is all about Jesus Christ and in believing in Him alone for salvation. The Scriptures testify of the true Jesus (John 5: 39, 40). The entire Bible leads us to, testifies of, and focuses on, the one and only Savior of the world. (John 1:45).

    Adding to Gods Word or perverting His Word has devastating results. To do so, or follow those who do, is very dangerous, perhaps even eternally fatal (Revelation 22: 18-19; Deut 4:2 & 12:32)

    According to the Bible, if you follow a false christ based on unscriptural sources, you will end up separated from the true Christ and spend eternity in hell.

    Mary is present with the Church and as the Mother of the Church, at each of our celebrations of the Eucharist. . . . Mary Most Holy, in whom the Eucharistic mystery shows itself more than in anyone else, as mystery of light. When the ordained priest consecrates the wafer during Mass, not only does Jesus appear, but the mother of Jesus also shows up. Of course, this contradicts the Bibles affirmation that only God is omnipresent.

    Marian apparitions have always stressed the great importance of the Eucharist. In particular, the Queen of Heaven has repeatedly stated that the Eucharist, once consecrated by a priest, becomes the literal body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus, and is therefore worthy of worship and adoration. The Eucharistic Jesus will have an important role in the last days. The Eucharist has the power to transform the world; the Eucharist should be worshipped; Eucharistic adoration will bring peace and unity. Messages originating from such diverse places as Amsterdam, Holland; Akita, Japan; Rome, Italy; Naju, Korea; Bayside, New York; and Budapest, Hungary all convey this common idea. Therefore, the EUCHARIST IS UNITING ALL RELIGIONS INTO ONE!

    The apparition of Mary explains that the culmination of her apparitions will usher in the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus. The Bible will call this Eucharistic Jesus, Antichrist!

    Price: $1.95
    CP-115-The Force
    The terrible "Force" behind the many apparitions and exorcisms of the Roman Catholic Church are of Satan, the deceptive "Angel of Light" of which the Apostle Paul so eloquently warned! This comic book graphically demonstrates the demonic power unleashed by the many practices of the Catholic Church, including the Mass. "Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of Devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclearn and hateful bird." [Revelation 18:2]
    Price: $2.99
    PRM-37-DVD-The Mystery of Contemplative Prayer: New Age Practice Invading Churches - Trail Leads Directly To The Vatican - DVD by Pastor Hoggard
    The fastest growing source of Satan's influence into fundamental and evangelical churches in America is a new age, yoga-like meditation called Contemplative Prayer. Those who practice it say they hear the voice of God inside them. But is it God's voice, or the voice of a familiar spirit?

    In this video presentation, Pastor Michael Hoggard examines the roots of this practice and follows the trail to the Vatican and beyond. Since the trail ultimately traces back to the Roman Catholic Church, then you must understand the deeply Satanic power behind this Mystical practice. Literally, those who practice Contemplative Prayer are being led by the spirit of Antichrist, and are being used to facilitate the rise of the Beast in the last days.

    Price: $14.99
    CP-117-The Prophet (Muslim)
    Learn how the papacy helped start Islam, only to have this new daughter rebel against her. You'll understand the Arab's place in Bible prophecy. Muslims have been saved by reading this book. You will read how Saint Augustine planted the seeds that the Vatican would use several hundred years later to create Islam, using the commonality of the Virgin Mary and her son as the common glue by which to bind the religions. Today, Pope John Paul II is using this common belief of the Virgin Mary to unite Islam under his banner of Ecumenicism. The appearance of Antichrist cannot be far behind!
    Price: $2.99
    CP-191-The Secret History of the Jesuits, by Edmond Paris
    Secrets the Jesuits don't want Christians to know. They do not want you to know the tight tie between Hitler and Himmler with the Vatican, from the beginning of the war to the very end. Out of Europe, a voice is heard from the secular world that documents historically the same information told by ex-priests. The author exposes the Vatican's involvement in world politics, intrigues, and the fomenting of wars throughout history. It appears, beyond any doubt, that the Roman Catholic institution is not a Christian church and never was. The poor Roman Catholic people have been betrayed by her and are facing spiritual disaster. Edmond Paris shows that Rome is largely responsible for the two great world wars.
    Price: $13.95
    CP-185-The Two Babylons by Rev. Alexander Hislop
    Modern Babylon (Rev. 17:5) is the Roman Catholic Church Where did the practices and beliefs of Roman Catholicism come from? In this scholarly classic, first published over eighty years ago, Alexander Hislop reveals that many Roman Catholic teachings did not originate with Christ or the Bible, but were adopted from ancient pagan [Satanic] Babylonian religion, and given Christian names. Although difficult reading, this book accurately provides a fascinating historical in-depth examination of the shocking similarities between the practices of ancient Babylonian religion and those of today's Roman Catholic church. Hislop is crucial reading for anyone hoping to understand the Satanic beginnings of so many of the Roman Catholic doctrines and practices. You will understand the true meaning of Paul's warning that just a "little leaven" [false doctrine] ruins the whole lump of dough. You will see that the Catholic Church does not have just a "little leaven", but whole truck loads of it!
    Price: $16.50
    PRM-54-Virgin Mary: Modern Idol Worship DVD, Volume 1 of 2- by Pastor Hoggard This item is on sale.
    Why do Catholics insist upon copying the idol worship from the Babylonian 'Queen of Heaven', Semiramis? Does Heaven even have a Queen? Does she sit on Gods throne?

    Pastor Mike delves into the doctrines and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, in his own exciting style, and exposes what the sacrifice of the Mass is all about, and what their iconology truly signifies according to the pure Word of God.

    Pastor distinguishes between the free grace of God and the Roman Catholic system of good works, almost a 'pay as you go' system. This is a call for all born-again believers to see that there is no communion between Christs church and the church of Mystery Babylon The Great. This video will solidify Scriptures in your mind and enable you to recognize the Catholic tentacles trying to wrest true believers from the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

    A must have video for those trying to reach Catholics in these last days.

    1 hour, 16 minutes long

    Price: $14.99
    Sale Price: $9.99
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