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This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries.

And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented.

But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the eyes of God, through the Bible, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always do try to here; stay with us for some eye- opening truths.

America is filled with a people who do not know enough about Omnipotent God and His Bible to know to be afraid. Hearts and minds of Americans should be trembling and shaking at our overwhelming sins, realizing that we are bringing God's physical judgments down on our nation. But, no such trembling and shaking of our hearts is occurring. Why? Because our nation has systematically thrown God out of her collective heart. One of the major effects produced by this elimination of God is tremendous ignorance of the Bible. Sadly, Israel reached this point with God just before God brought in Babylon to destroy her in military judgment. In Amos 8:11, God foretells that, because Israel had refused to obey His commands, He would remove these commands from their minds. God warns, "Behold, the days come...that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord." Because Israel had so consistently refused to obey the commandments of God, sinning against Him repeatedly, God then removed His Words out of Israel's consciousness. Of course, this action effectively sealed Israel's doom; however, God had been warning Israel for many years to turn from their sin and come back to Him. You can see God's anger and frustration, in Isaiah 1:5, where God laments, "Why should you be stricken and punished any more [since it brings no correction]? You will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick, and the whole heart is sick). From the sole of the foot, even to the head, there is no soundness or health in ... [because of your detestable disobedience] your country lies desolate, your cities are burned with fire, your land is overthrown ..." (Bible Commentary). Israel had crossed that line with God, where their physical destruction in judgment was inevitable. A nation does reach a point in its willful sin against God that He stops trying to move their hearts to repentance. Such was the case here, as God finally tells Israel that further punishment would do no good. All they could expect now was physical destruction.

History faithfully records that, not long after God uttered this warning, He sent in King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to thoroughly destroy Israel. The point we want to make is that America is following in the footsteps of Israel, deliberately turning from her great spiritual light. Once this rebellion against God's commands was completed, America has also committed ever-increasing sin. We encourage you to study Isaiah and Jeremiah, as God lists the many sins of which Israel is guilty and for which He will physically destroy her. As you read this account in Isaiah and Jeremiah, you will realize that America is following a parallel path of ever-increasing sin. And the results will be the same -- physical destruction. God's warning in Jeremiah 12:17, will ring for eternity, "But if any nation will not hear and obey, I will utterly pluck up and destroy that nation..." Any nation -- including America.

These are stern warnings for our time and our country. Every day and in every way, we see evidences that Americans are sinning more willfully and with more evil. The pages of the newspapers in most major cities should be printed blood red, for all the blood that is being daily shed. One of the common misconceptions amongst the unsaved today is that what individuals do in the privacy of their own home is of no concern to any one else; however, the Bible teaches a very different view, that individual sins do add up quickly to a national condition. As Jeremiah 12:17 so clearly shows, God deals with nations as a whole. Too often, we think of God as only dealing with individuals.

With this background, let us now examine sin in a national context, specifically the sin of practicing active witchcraft. God clearly teaches that most sin is a process of some length. James 1:15 teaches this concept most clearly, "Then the evil desire, when it has conceived, gives birth to sin, and sin, when it is fully matured, brings forth death". The process of sin starting small and growing to maturity over a period of time is compared to a human baby, being conceived, born, and growing to full maturity. When this sin baby becomes fully matured, its actions bring forth death. Sin is always conceived and born in the naturally evil mind of man. If left unchecked, this sin reaches the point where it rules more completely in the mind and heart of the person in whom it is entrenched, becoming more evil as it is practiced more. Finally, the point is reached where the person, who has been practicing this particular sin for some time, physically dies.

Such is the case for the cumulative nature of sin in a nation. God patiently waits for individuals, and the nation of which they are a part, to cease sinning, to turn toward righteousness. However, the time comes when God considers the national sin to be fully matured; it is at this time God acts in physical judgment. We see this kind of judgment in Revelation 15:7, where God's seven cups of fury and judgment are poured out upon the entire sinful world.

Now, let us consider the cumulative sin of active participation in witchcraft, which has been practiced by so many Americans for so long now that God must now consider this to be an active national sin.

We have shown how America, beginning in the mid-1960's, began to discard her original Christian-values foundation and began to replace it with a Satanic-values foundation. However, since we have many more listeners today than we did when we aired this concept, we will briefly repeat it again.

When America was founded in 1776-89, our Forefathers created Government according to Christian principles. This is not to say that our major political leaders were born-again Christians. What we are saying is that Puritan Christianity was so prevalent among the American population that it influenced all of society, and that political leaders held its views, even though they were not personally saved. The net result was that our major fundamental documents, creating our system of Government, contained Christian precepts from beginning to end. Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights were all products of Christian doctrine. The American Government was created with a Christian foundation, resulting in a series of Governments which, in varying degrees, reflected Christian concerns, compassion, and direction.

However, since the mid-1960's, this Christian foundation has been rejected and a Satanic-Values foundation has been laid. Since attitudes and actions of Government and its people flow from their foundational base, we should expect that American society would immediately undergo a dramatic transformation from a Christian to a Satanic orientation. If this theory is correct, we should see evidences throughout society of individuals and Government acting in accordance with Satanic values. What are the predominate Satanic values? The Satanic Bible lists them:

Satanism Teaches INDULGENCE IN:

The elevation of these Satanic values to the level of encouraging its members to deliberately indulge in them has produced tremendous societal effects:

Do we see these types of attitudes and actions in our society? YES!! Our daily news is saturated with crimes of unbelievable magnitude and severity. Our land is literally saturated with violence, crime, and death, especially death of the innocent. Remember, we are not saying that most Americans are practicing Satanists. What we are saying is that most Americans subscribe to some of the values of Satanism in their personal lives. Most Americans today and most entertainment media are practicing many of the Satanic values. This is God's perspective.

When you look at American society today from this perspective, you can clearly see why we are suffering from the crimes, perversions, and tragedies afflicting us. This situation is now so serious that America is now boldly leading the world into the Satanic New World Order.

The one key action which has produced this kind of societal change in America is the practice of witchcraft by tens of millions of Americans since the mid-1960's. This statement may seem so unbelievable that it brings immediate rejection in your mind; you may be thinking that most Americans would not practice witchcraft. If you are thinking this way, you are only partially correct. The correct statement is that most Americans would never knowingly practice witchcraft. Satan has most cleverly disguised the modern practice of witchcraft. This disguise has taken many different forms so the largest possible number of people would be deceived. Christian author, Randall Baer, who was formerly a nationally recognized New Age leader prior to his conversion, lists some of the most common ways in which the practice of witchcraft has been disguised. We have listed some of more common disguises:

* Creative Visualization or Guided Imagery

This practice is possibly the most common of all the techniques of witchcraft in America today, and its popularity is exploding. Creative Visualization is the locomotive engine which drives non-Christian religions in the world. Without Visualization, you would not have Hinduism, Buddhism, most of the Japanese mystic religions, Nature-Earth religions, or hard-core Satanism. This is a most important practice of witchcraft. As we reported last week, Creative Visualization is being introduced into public school curricula in a most direct and undiluted manner. We are currently battling Attleboro High School to stop their teaching of Visualization in their classes.

Creative Visualization opens the spiritual and mental doorway of a person's soul and mind to the direct influence of Satan's demons. Let me quote some pertinent portions concerning this diabolic process from a Luciferic book:

(1). In a book entitled, "Mind & Magic", published by Crescent Books, on page 55, we read, "Creative Visualization can be used in many areas of life, including business situations, personal relationships, sports, as a method to improve memory, or to overcome shyness, pain, and negative thinking". This one sentence sums up many of the areas in which this type of witchcraft is being practiced today in this country. Whenever you see an advertisement about a method which will supposedly solve problems in any one of these areas, rest assured that Creative Visualization is being advocated. There are several other important areas in which Creative Visualization is being practiced:

Stress Reduction is one such area, where many Americans are being deceived into practicing sanitized witchcraft to reduce the tremendous stress in our society.

Medicine is a major area in which Creative Visualization is occurring. In most cases, this type of visualization is called "Alternative Medicine". A person is taught to "visualize" their medical problem and meditate it out of their body. Another medical area practicing Visualization is the control of intense pain.

The key defense which anyone sympathetic to this practice offers is that it "works". They say, it does reduce stress; it does offer relief from intense pain; it does heal. However, if this premise were completely true, this is no excuse in God's sight for practicing witchcraft. It clearly makes no sense to engage in a practice which may produce short-term beneficent benefits if it results in eternal damnation for the soul. But, this is not quite the point, either. The real point is that the beneficent results obtained are only a short-term Satanic counterfeit. Very quickly after a person begins to employ it, Creative Visualization will cease to produce relief, encouraging the participant to go even deeper into Satanic practices to achieve relief. Johanna Michaelson makes this point quite clearly in her book, "The Beautiful Side of Evil", as does Randall Baer, in his book, "Inside The New Age Nightmare". Relief is very short lived.

Baer lists some of the personal effects this practice had on his life, and has had on the lives of most practitioners of this evil: (page 98)

* An abrupt intrusion of a demon-spirit into the practitioner's life, leading to various kinds of possession and control. At this point, sympathizers roll their eyes and consider you crazy. However, they should not hastily reach conclusions about that which they know nothing. This is one of the most common mental shortcomings which many Americans have about a great many occult practices. They do not carefully investigate a new practice before they jump into it; rather, they fatally assume that these new practices are inherently benign, or even positive, and they react emotionally to anyone who suggests otherwise. However, they should listen to the occult author of this book, "Mind & Spirit", if they will not listen to anyone else. On page 55, in the chapter on Creative Visualization, this author states, "Experienced practitioners can also use it to call up their 'inner selves' or 'inner guides'". Please do not be deceived, these "inner guides" are Satan's demons masquerading as beneficent, wise, and loving spirits, only interested in the practitioner's welfare. This is spiritual deception at its highest. Remember the Apostle Paul's warning, in 2 Corinthians 11:14, that Satan and his demons can and do masquerade as "Angels of Light" in order to deceive. This Scripture is as pertinent to New Age witchcraft as any. Both Johanna Michaelson and Randall Baer had "Spirit Guides". Michaelson's guides even identified themselves by Biblical names, such as Jesus and Mary. However, during one Visualization, God intervened, causing the faces of Jesus and Mary to suddenly change into screaming, howling wolf's heads, then back to human, then back to wolf. God caused this to happen repeatedly, until Michaelson clearly understood she had been deceived. God similarly intervened with Baer during one of his Creative Visualizations, by changing the entire lovely scenery at which he was looking, to one of immense and overpowering darkness and despair. Baer was so shaken that he spent an entire week in bed. God intervened in both these individuals to show them truth and bring them into full salvation through Jesus Christ. We can only hope He is doing this in many other lives, as well. However, Baer states there are very few instances in which this type of deliverance is occurring. The vast majority of people involved in this type of witchcraft will continue until the day of judgment, resulting in the eternal loss of their souls.

A second common way in which witchcraft is begin practiced by many Americans is:

* Out-of body Experiences and Astral Projection

This practice is capturing the imaginations and souls of many millions of Americans today, simply because it is so appealing and temporarily satisfying. A person, in meditation, suddenly experiences the sensation that they have suddenly left their physical bodies and are rapidly traveling in a spiritual dimension. Some people experience the sensation of traveling to other galaxies, or backward in time.

A third method of practicing witchcraft is:

* Hypnosis

No one should ever submit to hypnosis, because you surrender your conscious mind to the hypnotist, allowing him full access to your vulnerable subconscious mind. You can literally be programmed to believe anything or do anything. Under hypnosis, people actually believe they have traveled back in time to either their earlier childhood, or to an previous life. These experiences are so real and so vivid that the person who has experienced them can never be convinced they did not actually occur.

It is possible that this widespread hypnosis and usage of "inner spirit guides" by millions of Americans and many more millions of people worldwide, may be the reason Anti-Christ can deceive the world's population to worship him as God. They would be far more likely to accept him if their "trusted" Spirit Guides told them to accept him.

One last note on hypnosis: While we have listed it as a separate type of witchcraft, hypnosis is the state of mind of anyone who is practicing meditation through Creative Visualization. After a person has gone through the steps of Creative Visualization, he is in a mild hypnotic state.

Baer concludes his chapter on common examples of New Age Satanic witchcraft with this alarming statement, "...the winds of New Age spiritual humanism are blowing through grassroots America with alarmingly increasing force. This mounting threat to American society and the Church is not based on simplistic strategies, but is...a complex, multilevel phenomenon which is an end-times force whose prophesied time has come."

These are sobering words, indeed, and they call for extreme measures. If you or any of your loved ones are involved in any of these many practices of witchcraft, you must come out now, through the powerful saving blood of Jesus Christ. Your eternal soul is at stake.

Before we close this subject, we want to make our final point about this incredibly widespread practice of witchcraft in America. Remember our earlier statement that sin begins as a small baby and changes over time to a full-grown adult, at which point physical judgment occurs? Enough Americans have been practicing witchcraft in some form for enough time that God's judgment is close. Randall Baer speaks to this national condition on page 79, where he states, "Due to its deep...involvement in Scripturally forbidden practices...the New Age opens the gates for the adversary and his demonic legions to unleash an end times Pandora's box...the movement acts as a rapidly enlarging breeding ground for the seeding, propagation, and unleashing of a "plague of the spirit". Did you understand this phrase, "plague of the spirit"? America's practice of witchcraft has reached the point where the entire country is beginning to be afflicted with demons. Now we understand why America is so afflicted with so many evils, such as rampant murder, crimes of all kinds, suicide, rebellion among the young, and an unprecedented hardening of hearts toward God.

But, then Baer provides the final devastating blow, when he says, "The massive releasing of ghouls and demons in the movies [such as] Ghostbusters and Poltergeist...acts in a very similar way in opening the gateways for Satan's demons." No one can any longer defend watching such occult movies on any premise. They are far from harmless; they are conditioning many millions of Americans to think of the occult as normal. Start being aware of the immense numbers of occult spiritualistic movies being offered in theaters and in video rental stores. You will be shocked at the numbers. America is suffering God's judgment already, as we are being afflicted by a Satanic "plague of the spirit".

But, did you also understand from this statement that a human has to give Satan permission to come into his life? Just as a person has to voluntarily give Jesus Christ an invitation so He may come to them, giving them His Salvation, so they also must voluntarily invite Satan. This process of giving Satan permission to come into their life is popularly called "opening a door". Individuals invite Satan into their life by participating in any number of Satanic activities, such as the practices we have just listed . However, Baer's statement concerning occult movies is so startling, because he is saying that these movies open doors to Satan and his demons so they can come into the lives of the individual. But, if overtly occult movies open doors to the individual, they also open doors to the nation as a whole, allowing demonic affliction and possession of the nation!!

Our national spiritual condition is deteriorating so rapidly that physical judgment may not be far away. It is no coincidence that world events are rushing to their prophesied conclusion at the same time in which our spiritual condition is deteriorating. We are very close to the prophesied time, in Revelation 9, where God literally opens the gates of Hell, releasing untold numbers of the most evil and nasty of demons into the world. Very soon, the world will be totally infested with demons, as they afflict and physically possess entire populations of unsaved multitudes.

Time is unbelievably late. Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior? Do not wait any longer. Your precious eternal soul is at stake. Those who resist the calling to come out from among sinners and be saved are literally teetering on the brink of Hell, of the Lake of Fire, the reality of which Satan has cleverly hidden behind a glittering facade of peace, happiness, and utopia.

Do not be deceived any longer.

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