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We are providing these Cool Links for your edification and enjoyment. While we have reviewed them to ensure that these links do not contain anything that is offensive to our positions and doctrines, we cannot guarantee their total content, especially in the future. However, we believe that these Cool Links will provide much enjoyment and good information for you. We encourage you to provide us with feedback on these links.

May God Richly Bless You.

A Espada do Espírito
The Cutting Edge web site has many pages available in Portuguese.

La Espada del Espíritu
The Cutting Edge web site has many pages available in Spanish.

Berean Beacon Ministries
Berean Beacon Ministries is proclaiming the Good News of salvation  (the Gospel of Christ).  The President and founder is Richard Bennett, a former Roman Catholic Priest.  A number of tracts, booklets, and tapes are available to help those in Catholicism to find the true gospel of Christ, which is being "saved by grace, not through works". 

Creation Science Evangelism Dispelling the Myth of Evolution
One of the best sites on the web we have seen for information about creation versus evolution. Very good information on dinosaurs also. I have seen some of the seminars advertised here and they are top notch.

Croom-A-Cooche Baptist Church,
Webster, Florida -- Fundamental Baptist Ministry, teaches from the King James Bible, With a Statement of Faith totally in agreement with ours. You will enjoy their sermons and Bible studies. - Where the men on our staff at Cuttingedge buy their shaving razors, blades, soaps etc.

Directory of Churches
David Cloud at Way of life ministries has compiled a worldwide list of Independent Baptist and Fundamentalist churches. We felt this was well done and that we need not repeat it. So we will offer this link for your use. If you feel there is a church that should be added or deleted from the list, please contact them directly.

Ex-Masons for Jesus - was formed by men who left Freemasonry to follow Jesus Christ. We work with former members of the many Masonic organizations, including Blue Lodge, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Ancient Arabic Order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Shriners), Rainbow Girls, Job's Daughters, DeMolay and Eastern Star to reveal the truth about Freemasonry to the Church.

Kjos Ministries
Great articles on current events and issues.

Saints Alive
Good information on the anti-Christian nature of Mormonism and Freemasonry.

U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs

Resources for Veterans Dealing With Addiction


Why would you want to lead a man away from the Masonic Lodge?
Plenty of reasons can be found here as well as good ways to go about it. This site has excellent testimonies from former Masons and pastors.

With One Accord
Just as Cutting Edge Ministries has a unique outlook on world events because we know Black Magick Witchcraft, so does Bill Schnoebelen. Bill was a former Witch, who was directed into higher levels of Witchcraft by the leader of his coven. What were these higher levels of Witchcraft which Bill could never reach any other way? Freemasonry and Mormonism!

Government sites of Interest.

Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
Find out about bills in congress. Search the text of bills. Check out current legislation. Find the e-mail address and website of your Senator or Representative.

Write your US Senator

Lookup and write your Congressman

Fax Numbers and web sites To Congress | House & Senate - Also has Guidelines and Tips for Contacting Congress