The Operating Manual of the Holy Inquisition

This book is the master authorization manual for the officials of the Defenders of the Faith. You can download a copy of it at: http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/mmtoc.html. This Latin term literally means, "Hammer Against Evil". The word, "malleus" means hammer, while "malefic" means "producing evil or disaster" and "maleficence" means evil, harm, or mischief" [Tormont Webster's Illustrated Encylcopedic Dictionary, p. 1022-3].

"On December 5, 1484, ... Pope Innocent VIII, issued a bull, in which he deplored the prevalence of witches, and empowered two Domincan monks, Heinrich Kraemer and Jacob Sprenger, to launch a holy war against 'this satanic sect'. Kraemer and Sprenger were ordered to give every assistance by bishop, priest, and lay authority. As guidelines for the monstrous pogrom of witches that was to ensue, the two 'holy' brothers produced a primer, The Malleus maleficorum which went into details as gruesome as possible to enable dutiful inquisitors to force confessions from a tortured body. It became the standard manual for witch-hunting and witch extermination." [Thomkins, The Magic of Obelisks, p. 389-390]

On December 5, 1484, sexual deviancy spawned by Celibacy seized a significant proportion of the Inquisition. Suddenly, deviant priests could at least voyeuristically satisfy their carnal lusts, and many of them could actually force women accused of being a witch to have sex with them during the torture period.

Suddenly, therefore, the Inquisition took a dramatic turn for the worse, especially for women. Remember, the Inquisition was directed by the priesthood, the celibate priesthood. Since celibacy has turned the priesthood of all the Mysteries Religions from Babylon to Greece to Rome into sex-starved clerics [Catholicism: White Washed Sepulcher Video], we should not be surprised to discover that the Inquisition took on a sexual hue produced by the sex-starved priests operating this historic slaughter.

Further, since a demonic sexual craze [Read "The Principalities Of Hell", NEWS1050, for further understanding] had swept the officers of the Inquisition, we should not be too surprised to discover that much of this "sexual hue" revolved around the priest's obsession, not just with sex, but perverted sex, and not just perverted sex, but sex between women and demons! We find it highly interesting that, in Part 2, Question 2, the author actually admits to being "fascinated" with this subject of sexual relations. He says, "We have already treated of this fascination".[http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_02c.html; Emphasis added]

This sexual perversion centered on female witches, and their supposed sexual relations with demons. Toward this end, "The Malleus Maleficarum" is a most enlightening document, as it demonstrates the sudden, new terror facing any woman living during the time of the Great Inquisition; if she was ever accused of being a witch, she could find herself being tortured in a very special way, as we detail below. You will discover how effective a threat by a priest could be, to lie to the Inquisition if a woman refused to have sex with him; the most effective manner in which a priest could lie to the officers of the Inquisition would be to declared that he had discovered, through the woman's confession, that she was a witch. Since accusation is equal to guilt, this woman would be subjected to the types of torture described below.

But, first, let us examine "The Malleus Maleficarum", to discover what it is all about. This is an exceedingly long manual, even as we abridged it mightily. Any real "seeker of truth" will spend the time and effort to read this entire document. In some cases, you will think you are reading twisted pornography!

This manual is divided into three parts, The Main Page is: http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/mmtoc.html

Table of Contents

The First Part - Treating on the three necessary concomitants of witchcraft which are the Devil, a witch, and the permission of Almighty God.

The Second Part - Treating on the methods by which the works of witchcraft are wrought and directed, and how they may be successfully annulled and dissolved.

The Third Part - Relating to the judicial proceedings in both the Ecclesiastical and Civil courts against witches and indeed all heretics.

Now, let us look at The First Part in some detail. Since we cannot reprint everything, we shall hit the most pertinent parts, giving you the exact URL so you can study more at your leisure. In some instances, we could not print anything without offending Christian sensibilities, so we provide the URL address so you can read it for yourself.

The First Part -- http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_toc.html


Question 1 -- "Whether the Belief that there are such Beings as Witches is so Essential a Part of the Catholic Faith that Obstinacy to maintain the Opposite Opinion manifestly savours of Heresy." - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_01a.html

Question 2 -- "If it be in Accordance with the Catholic Faith to maintain that in Order to bring about some Effect of Magic, the Devil must intimately co-operate with the Witch, or whether one without the other, that is to say, the Devil without the Witch, or conversely, could produce such an Effect." - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_02a.html

In discussion of Question 2, the priest writing this document accuses witches of engaging "in every kind of carnal lust with Incubi and Succubi and all manner of filthy delights." The dictionary defines "Incubi" as a demon having sex with a woman, while "Succubi" is a female demon having sex with a man. -

After stating that such phenomenon is possible, the priest closes out Question 2, by saying:

"...there are three difficulties which need elucidation.
The first is a general consideration of these demons, which are called Incubi.
The second question is more particular, for we must inquire, How can these Incubi perform the human act of copulation?
The third question is also a special one, How do witches bind themselves to and copulate with these devils?"

Can you see the morbid fascination with this type of deviant sex?

Question 3 -- "Whether children can be generated by Incubi and Succubi." - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_03a.html

Again, after wasting many words on "debate" of both sides of the issue, the author declares it is a Catholic view to believe, "to hold that men may at times be begotten by means of Incubi and Succubi". Then the author declares that any Catholic who does not believe this nonsense will be considered a heretic, and heretics go to the Inquisition.

The author concludes that children can be born by sex between a demon and a woman, through an elaborate process. "... materially life springs from the semen, and an Incubus devil can ... accomplish this by coition. And the semen does not so much spring from him, as it is another man's semen received by him for this purpose... For the devil is Succubus to a man, and becomes Incubus to a woman."

In other words, a female demon (Succubus) has sex with a mortal man, and receives his semen; then, by a process not explained, she is supposed to be able to pass this man's semen to a male demon (Incubus). Thus, when a male demon has sex with a witch, he passes this human semen to her.

This author continues this line of fallacious reasoning: "Now it may be asked, of whom is a child born the son? It is clear that he is not the son of the devil, but of the man whose semen was received ... by such filthiness he may infect body and soul of all humanity ... one devil, allotted to a woman, should receive semen from another devil, allotted to a man, that in this way each of them should be commissioned by the prince of devils to work some witchcraft ... to collect the semen of things and apply it to certain effects does not exceed their natural power ... "

"Therefore we make three propositions. First, that the foulest venereal acts are performed by such devils, not for the sake of delectation, but for the pollution of the souls and bodies of those to whom they act as Succubi and Incubi. Second, that through such action complete contraception and generation by women can take place, inasmuch as they can deposit human semen in the suitable place of a woman's womb where there is already a corresponding substance ... Third, that in the begetting of such children only the local motion is to be attributed to devils, and not the actual begetting, which arises not from the power of the devil or of the body which he assumes, but from the virtue of him whose semen it was; wherefore the child is the son not of the devil, but of some man.' "

You can see the obsession this priest has with the subject of sex between a demon and a female witch. This obsession placed women in special danger in the Inquisition, as you shall shortly see.

Question 4 -- "By which Devils are the Operations of Incubus and Succubus Practiced?" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_04a.html

The names of Belial, Leviathan, Satan, Beelzebub and other lesser demons known to both White and Black Magick practitioners are mentioned as demons that will come down to have sex with both male and female witches. Once again, I find it very interesting that such a great amount of time, effort, and attention is given to sex by a priesthood that is supposedly celibate. Only when you realize that celibacy creates a sex-starved priesthood that is constantly obsessed with sex does this situation become understandable.

I found it highly interesting that the priest who is the author of this handbook of the Inquisition lists a number of sins so hideous that he believes not even the demonic host will perform it -- demons may have regular sex with human beings, but they would never commit the hideous sin of sodomy or homosexuality, because they are "against the laws of nature", and so repugnant that not even fallen, evil angels will participate in it, so says this Catholic Inquisition Manual.

Yet, we know that, in every era of time since 1123 AD when Celibacy was decreed, including the present day, homosexuality is rampant amongst the priests! Once again, we see the "professional hypocrisy" of the priests in every era, a fact first raised by Former Father Vinet in his book, "I Was A Priest" [NEWS1671].

Does this professed abhorrence of homosexuality mean that, if the Inquisition were continuing today, the pedophile priests would be sent to the Officers of the Inquisition, to die the infamous horribly torturous death at the hand of the Pope's executioners?

Question 5 -- "What is the Source of the Increase of Works of Witchcraft? Whence comes it that the Practice of Witchcraft hath so notably increased?" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_05a.html

In order to justify this tremendous campaign to root out heretics and "witches", this priest author had to discover a great increase in the amount of witchcraft being practiced in the day. There is no doubt that witchcraft was a very strong practice during this time, but a witch today will tell you that the major reason for such demonic activity was that the Roman Catholic Church had erected such a powerful practice of White Magic Witchcraft [Read NEWS1334] that it stimulated the entire realm of the demonic host to ever increasing activity.

The priest author continues:

"... a witch is depraved through sin, therefore the cause of it is not the devil but human will ... the deeds of witches are such that they cannot be done without the help of devils ... Witches are so called from the enormity of their magic spells; for they disturb the elements and confound the minds of men, and without any venomous draught, but merely by virtue of incantations, destroy souls, etc ... Therefore it seems that the evil will of the devil is the cause of evil will in man, especially in witches."

After stating the obvious, that evil is not stimulated by outside influences such as the stars or heavenly bodies, nor by Fate, this author states, "Witchcraft is not caused by the Powers that Move the Stars." He then lists the decreed activities of witches: "murders, fornications, and sacrifices of children and animals, and for their evil deeds are called witches."

This author then states "such witchcrafts cannot be caused by human malice; secondly, that they cannot be caused by magic words or images, whatever stars may be in concurrence. Witchcraft does not operate from Human Malice alone." This presupposes that, since witchcraft is very real, it must occur as a result of human evil plus the supernatural evil of demons.

Indeed, this is exactly the direction in which this Catholic author is heading. "But the Magician, since he works through a pact entered into with the devil, is said to work by private contract ... the works of witches are outside the common order of nature."

Therefore, the Roman Catholic Church stated that the reason witchcraft had so dramatically increased, thus demanding a harsh corrective response through the machinery of the Inquisition, is that certain men and women -- wizards and witches -- had entered into a pact with the devil to create much evil. No explanation was given as to why this activity was suddenly increased so badly during this particular time in history.

Question 6 -- "Concerning Witches who copulate with Devils. Why is it that Women are chiefly addicted to Evil superstitions? Why it is that Women are chiefly addicted to Evil Superstitions." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_06a.html

This subject begins the period of time when women felt especially threatened by the Inquisition. Women are singled out, ostensibly because they were having sex with demons; but really, you have to wonder if this entire subject was nothing more, nor less, that the frenzied fantasies of sex-starved "celibate" priests?

"Concerning witches who copulate with devils ... it has to be inquired whether only they who were themselves conceived in this filthy manner are often visited by devils; or secondly, whether it is those who were offered to devils by midwives at the time of their birth; and thirdly, whether the actual venereal delectation of such is of a weaker sort ... Therefore, let us now chiefly consider women; and first, why this kind of perfidy is found more in so fragile a sex than in men."

Thus, women were singled out during this era of the Inquisition! Once Catholic leaders became obsessed with the question of devils having sex with the women to which they were denied, obsession seems to have set in. The first factor mentioned is that women are most disposed to superstition than men! Then, this discussion about women really goes downhill. Listen:

"Now the wickedness of women is spoken of in Ecclesiasticus xxv: There is no head above the head of a serpent: and there is no wrath above the wrath of a woman. I had rather dwell with a lion and a dragon than to keep house with a wicked woman. And among much which in that place precedes and follows about a wicked woman, he concludes: All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman. Wherefore S. John Chrysostom says on the text, It is not good to marry."

Once again, we can see the doctrine that demons teach [1 Timothy 4:1-3] raising its ugly head. What does God say?

"Marriage is honourable in all." [Hebrews 13:4]

However, this diatribe against women is not concluded:

"What else is woman but a foe to friendship, an unescapable punishment, a necessary evil, a natural temptation, a desirable calamity, a domestic danger, a delectable detriment, an evil of nature, painted with fair colours! Therefore if it be a sin to divorce her when she ought to be kept, it is indeed a necessary torture; for either we commit adultery by divorcing her, or we must endure daily strife. Cicero in his second book of The Rhetorics says: The many lusts of men lead them into one sin, but the lust of women leads them into all sins ... When a woman thinks alone, she thinks evil."

While the author then briefly recounts the virtues of a good women, he very quickly returns to the evil in women.

"Wherefore in many vituperations that we read against women, the word woman is used to mean the lust of the flesh. As it is said: I have found a woman more bitter than death, and good woman subject to carnal lust."

If this is the attitude of the Catholic hierarchy. toward women, we can see part of the reason women were so fearful during the time of the Inquisition. Even loyal Catholic women lived in fear, for they knew they were but one lie away from the tortures of the Inquisition and its inevitable death.

This author then states that the first reason women are more subject to superstition is that they are more "credulous" and "light-minded" than men ... The second reason is, that women are naturally more impressionable, and more ready to receive the influence of a disembodied spirit; and that when they use this quality well, they are very good, but when they use it ill they are very evil. The third reason is that they have slippery tongues, and are unable to conceal from the fellow-women those things which by evil arts they know; and, since they are weak, they find an easy and secret manner of vindicating themselves by witchcraft."

"... they are feebler both in mind and body, it is not surprising that they should come more under the spell of witchcraft."

"No might of the flames or the swollen winds, no deadly weapon, is so much to be feared as the lust and hatred of a woman who has been divorced from the marriage bed. This is shown, too, in the woman who falsely accused Joseph, and caused him to be imprisoned because he would not consent to the crime of adultery with her (Genesis xxx). And truly the most powerful cause which contributes to the increase of witches is the woeful rivalry between married folk and unmarried women and men. This is so even among holy women, so what must it be among the others?"

The Catholic view of women was especially low, even among "holy women", and seemed to revolve around sex, as evidenced by this succinct statement;

"I have found a woman more bitter than death, and good woman subject to carnal lust." Or, how about this one:

"... a woman is beautiful to look upon, contaminating to the touch, and deadly to keep." Or, this statement:

"If the world could be rid of women, we should not be without God in our intercourse. For truly, without the wickedness of women, to say nothing of witchcraft, the world would still remain proof against innumerable dangers." Consider this one:

"For as she is a liar by nature, so in her speech she stings while she delights us. Wherefore her voice is like the song of the Sirens, who with their sweet melody entice the passers-by and kill them ... More bitter than death, again, because that is natural and destroys only the body; but the sin which arose from woman destroys the soul by depriving it of grace, and delivers the body up to the punishment of sin ... For men are caught not only through their carnal desires, when they see and hear women: for S. Bernard says: 'Their face is a burning wind, and their voice the hissing of serpents: but they also cast wicked spells on countless men and animals. And when it is said that her heart is a net, it speaks of the inscrutable malice which reigns in their hearts. And her hands are as bands for binding; for when they place their hands on a creature to bewitch it, then with the help of the devil, they perform their design'."

Since this is the opinion of women in the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy., is it any wonder that women felt especially vulnerable to the Inquisition? With priests who have this unbelievably distorted view of the basic lack of worth of a woman, is it too much to understand they tortured women the way in which they did? We shall come back to this issue shortly, with pictures.

Given the continuous carnal lust obsession and perversion of the "celibate" Catholic priesthood, one has to ask whether this treatise on Witches copulating with Devils is more the product of a "sex-starved clergy" than as a result of reality?

This section finishes: "To conclude. All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable."

Question 7 -- "Whether Witches can Sway the Minds of Men to Love or Hatred." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_07a.html

"The devil is said to tempt men not only visibly but also invisibly; but this would not be true unless he were able to exert some influence over the inner mind. Besides, S. John Damascene says: All evil and all filthiness is devised by the devil. And Dionysius, de Divin. Nom. IV: The multitude of devils is the cause of all evil ... that the devil is the cause of all our sins ... Visibly, when he appears to witches in the form of a man, and speaks to them materially, persuading them to sin. So he tempted our first parents in Paradise in the form of a serpent ... "

"Therefore devils, who have learned from men's acts to which passions they are chiefly subject, incite them to this sort of inordinate love or hatred, impressing their purpose on men's imagination the more strongly and effectively, as they can do so the more easily ... But they work by witchcraft when they do these things, through and at the instance of witches, by reason of a pact entered into with them ... the devil invisibly lures a man to sin, not only by means of persuasion, as has been said, but also by the means of disposition ... "

"Witches can infect the minds of men with an inordinate love of strange women, and so inflame their hearts that by no shame or punishment, by no words or actions can they be forced to desist from such love; and that similarly they can stir up such hatred between married couples that they are unable in any way to perform the procreant functions of marriage; so that, indeed, in the untimely silence of night, they cover great distances in search of mistresses and irregular lovers?"

"... we must speak first of infatuation and hatred, and secondly about the bewitching of the generative power ..."

Once again, we see this obsession with the "generative power" of sex. Obsession is the order of the day for these priests of the "Holy" Inquisition, just as it is for every practitioner of witchcraft in every era.

Question 8 -- "Whether Witches can hebetate the Powers of Generation or obstruct the Venereal Act." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_08a.html

"Now the fact that adulterous drabs and whores are chiefly given to witchcraft is substantiated by the spells which are cast by witches upon the act of generation ..."

"Some Incidental Doubts on the subject of Copulation prevented by Evil Spells are made Clear. If it is asked how the devil does this, it is to be said that he obstructs the genital power, not intrinsically by harming the organ, but extrinsically by rendering it useless ... When the member is in no way stirred, and can never perform the act of coition, this is a sign of frigidity of nature; but when it is stirred and becomes erect, but yet cannot perform, it is a sign of witchcraft."

On this one page, the priestly author used different words to describe the sex act 11 times! This is serious obsession with sex.

Question 9 -- "Whether Witches may work some Prestidigatory Illusion so that the Male Organ appears to be entirely removed and separate from the Body." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_09a.html

"Here is declared the truth about diabolic operations with regard to the male organ. And to make plain the facts in this matter, it is asked whether witches can, with the help of devils, really and actually remove the member, or whether they only do so apparently by some glamour or illusion. And that they can actually do so is argued a fortiori; for since devils can do greater things than this, as killing them or carrying them from place to place - as was shown above in the cases of Job and Tobias - therefore they can also truly and actually remove men's members."

Why these celibate priests are so obsessed with whether a witch can remove a man's sexual organ is beyond the mind of a normal person; however, those in the occult always fixate on the man's sexual organ, which is why the phallic symbol called the obelisk is so widely worshipped in pagan religions. In fact, the veneration of the phallus is one of the most common characteristics of pagan religions.

Thus, America boasts of her Washington Monument, while Egypt boasts of hundreds of obelisks, and the Vatican boasts of her obelisk sitting in St. Peter's Basilica, situated right in the middle of the Satanic Eight-Wheel Path of Enlightenment. When an occultist depicts an obelisk sitting in the middle of a circle, he or she has just depicted the Great Sex Act; thus, the Roman Catholic Church is positively screaming its occult nature by having this obelisk sitting in the very center of the Eight Wheel Path of Enlightenment in St. Peter's Basilica [See video, "Catholicism: White Sepulcher Christianity" for all the details, including priceless photographs].

Therefore, we should not be too surprised to see this obsession with the male organ in this writeup.

This unbelievable treatise continues: "God allows more power of witchcraft over the genital functions, on account of the first corruption of sin which came to us from the act of generation, so also He allows greater power over the actual genital organ, even to its removal ... even men are able, by some skillful incision, to remove the male organ; therefore devils can do invisibly what others do visibly ... There is no doubt that certain witches can do marvellous things with regard to male organs."

At this point, the author launches into the many ways a devil can deceive a man into thinking his male organ is, or is not, actually dismembered. This section is subtitled: "How a Bewitchment can be Distinguished from a Natural Defect."

"Peter's member has been taken off, and he does not know whether it is by witchcraft or in some other way by the devil's power, with the permission of God. Are there any ways of determining or distinguishing between these? ... For the first, it is clear that there is no doubt but that, just as, with God's permission, they can kill men, so also can devils taken off that member, as well as others, truly and actually ... God allows more power of witchcraft over the genital forces because, etc.; and therefore even allows that that member should be truly and actually taken off ... They can, nevertheless, with the permission of God, do to men true and actual harm."

Question 10 -- "Whether Witches can by some Glamour Change Men into Beasts." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_10a.html

"Here we declare the truth as to whether and how witches transform men into beasts ... let us say in agreement with the opinions of the three Doctors, that the devil can deceive the human fancy so that a man really seems to be an animal ... For we read in the Lives of the Fathers, that a certain girl would not consent to a young man who was begging her to commit a shameful act with him. And the young man, being angry because of this, caused a certain Jew to work a charm against her, by which she was changed into a filly. But this metamorphosis was not an actual fact, but an illusion of the devil, who changed the fancy and sense of the girl herself, and of those who looked at her, so that she seemed to be a filly, who was really a girl."

"Therefore the devil can, by moving the inner perceptions and humours, effect changes in the actions and faculties, physical, mental, and emotional, working by means of any physical organ soever ... Also devils can by witchcraft cause a man to be unable to see his wife rightly, and the converse ... And S. Thomas shows how this may be done. For he says that all transmutations of bodily matters which can be effected by the forces of nature, in which the essential thing is the semen which is found in the elements of this world, on land or in the waters (as serpents and frogs and such things deposit their semen), can be effected by the work of devils who have acquired such semen. So also it is when anything is changed into serpents or frogs, which can be generated by putrefaction."

Then, this author seeks to discredit witches even further by means of a terrible aspersion: "What is to be Thought of Wolves which sometimes Seize and Eat Men and Children out of their Cradles: whether this also is a Glamour caused by Witches. There is incidentally a question concerning wolves, which sometimes snatch men and children out of their houses and eat them, and run about with such astuteness that by no skill or strength can they be hurt or captured. It is to be said that this sometimes has a natural cause, but is sometimes due to a glamour, when it is effected by witches ... As to the question whether they are true wolves, or devils appearing in that shape, we say that they are true wolves, but are possessed by devils."

Question 11 -- "That Witches who are Midwives in Various Ways Kill the Child Conceived in the Womb, and Procure an Abortion; or if they do not this Offer New-born Children to Devils." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_11a.html

"Here is set forth the truth concerning four horrible crimes which devils commit against infants, both in the mother's womb and afterwards. And since the devils do these things through the medium of women, and not men, this form of homicide is associated rather with women than with men ... The former of these two abominations is the fact that certain witches, against the instinct of human nature, and indeed against the nature of all beasts, with the possible exception of wolves, are in the habit of devouring and eating infant children ... in all these matters witch midwives cause yet greater injuries, as penitent witches have often told to us and to others, saying: No one does more harm to the Catholic Faith than midwives. For when they do not kill children, then, as if for some other purpose, they take them out of the room and, raising them up in the air, offer them to devils."

Are you beginning to get the idea that the Catholic Church is painting such a horrid example of what female witches are capable of doing so that no one would want to leave any of them alive? Or, maybe we are being treated to this pornographic detail so that no one would object to any type or degree of torture to "prove" that a woman really was a witch, as a priest was accusing her?

Question 12 -- "Whether the Permission of Almighty God is an Accompaniment of Witchcraft." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_12a.html

I consider the theology of this section to be so horribly misconstrued that I refuse to print it.

Question 13 -- "Herein is set forth the Question, concerning the Two Divine Permissions which God justly allows, namely, that the Devil, the Author or all Evil, should Sin, and that our First Parents should Fall, from which Origins the Works of Witches are justly suffered to take place." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_13a.html

"Now it is declared that the sins of witches are more grievous than those of the bad angels and our first parents. Wherefore, just as the innocent are punished for the sins of their fathers, so are many blameless people damned and bewitched for the sins of witches."

Question 14 -- "The Enormity of Witches is Considered, and it is shown that the Whole Matter should be rightly Set Forth and Declared." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_14a.html

"That Witches Deserve the heaviest Punishment above All the Criminals of the World: The crimes of witches, then, exceed the sins of all others; and we now declare what punishment they deserve, whether as Heretics or as Apostates ... they must not be punished like other Heretics with lifelong imprisonment, but must be made to suffer the extreme penalty. And because of the temporal injury which they do to men and beasts in various ways, the laws demand this. Is is even equally culpable to learn as it is to teach such iniquities, say the laws concerning Soothsayers. Then how much more emphatically do they speak concerning witches, where they say that the penalty for them is the confiscation of their goods and decapitation."

Let us repeat the pertinent pronouncement of guilt and punishment:

"That Witches Deserve the heaviest Punishment above All the Criminals of the World ... must be made to suffer the extreme penalty."

At the end of this segment on "The Malleus Maleficarum", we shall show you some of the ways in which females accused of being witches were tortured. You will see that a woman thus tortured would completely welcome the release offered by the final decapitation.

Question 15 -- "It is Shown that, on Account of the Sins of Witches, the Innocent are often Bewitched, yea, Sometimes even for their Own Sins." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_15a.html

"It is a fact that, by Divine permission, many innocent people suffer loss and are punished by the aforesaid plagues, not for their own sins, but for those of witches ... the sin of one may be passed on to another ... the sin of one is passed on to another in the way of desert ... Hypocrites to reign on account of the sins of the people."

"The devil has power over those who follow their lusts. And this is clear from what we have already said concerning the member and the genital powers, which God chiefly allows to be bewitched ... eternal damnation should begin in this life, that it might be in some way shown what will be suffered in hell... And such are the sins of witches, who deny the Faith, and work many evil bewitchments through the most Holy Sacrament."

Question 16 -- "The Foregoing Truths are Set out in Particular, this by a Comparison of the Works of Witches with Other Baleful Superstitions." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_16a.html

"Now the foregoing truth concerning the enormity of witches' crimes is proved by comparing them with the other practices of Magicians and Diviners. For there are fourteen species of magic, springing from the three kinds of Divination. The first of these three is open invocation of devils. The second is no more than a silent consideration of the disposition and movement of some thing, as of the stars, or the days, or the hours, and such things. The third is the consideration of some human act for the purpose of finding out something that is hidden, and is called by the name of Sortilege ... Now the sins of witches exceed all these crimes."

Question 17 -- "A Comparison of their Crimes under Fourteen Heads, with the Sins of the Devils of all and every Kind." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_17a.html

"So heinous are the crimes of witches that they even exceed the sins and the fall of the bad Angels; and if this is true as to their guilt, how should it not also be true of their punishments in hell? ... his [Satan's] sin is in many respects small in comparison with the crimes of witches."

Question 18 -- "Here follows the Method of Preaching against and Controverting Five Arguments of Laymen and Lewd Folk, which seem to be Variously Approved, that God does not Allow so Great Power to the Devil and Witches as is involved in the Performance of such Mighty Works of Witchcraft" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_I/mm01_18a.html

We find the arguments put forth in this one-page treatise to be so light-weight that we need not reproduce any significant section of it. The arguments set forth are as inane as the title.


This section is comprised of two questions, with a total of 24 chapters explaining the two questions.

Question 1 -- "Of those against whom the Power of Witches availeth not at all." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a00a.html

"The second main part of this work deals with the method of procedure adopted by witches for the performance of their witchcraft ... In the above two divisions, the following points will be principally emphasized. First, the initiation of witches, and their profession of sacrilege. Second, the progress of their method of working, and of their horrible observances. Third, the preventive protections against their witchcrafts ... no one is secure from witches. For all others are liable to be bewitched, or to be tempted and incited by some witchery, in the eighteen ways that are now to be considered."

"We proceed to the rites practised by witches, and first to a consideration of how they lure the innocent into becoming partakers of their perfidies."

Question 1, Chapter 1 -- "Of the several Methods by which Devils through Witches Entice and Allure the Innocent to the Increase of that Horrid Craft and Company." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a01a.html

"There are three methods above all by which devils, through the agency of witches, subvert the innocent, and by which that perfidy is continually being increased. And the first is through weariness, through inflicting grievous losses in their temporal possessions .. how craftily that old enemy labours in the seduction of souls ... And when she had consented, she continued for eighteen years, up to the end of her life, to practise diabolical filthiness with him [a devil], together with a total abnegation of the Faith as a necessary condition."

"There is also a third method of temptation through the way of sadness and poverty. For when girls have been corrupted, and have been scorned by their lovers after they have immodestly copulated with them in the hope and promise of marriage with them, and have found themselves disappointed in all their hopes and everywhere despised, they turn to the help and protection of devils; either for the sake of vengeance by bewitching those lovers or the wives they have married, or for the sake of giving themselves up to every sort of lechery. Alas! experience tells us that there is no number to such girls, and consequently the witches that spring from this class are innumerable."

Question 1, Chapter 2 -- "Of the Way whereby a Formal Pact with Evil is made." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a02a.html

"The method by which they profess their sacrilege through an open pact of fidelity to devils varies according to the several practices to which different witches are addicted ... But, it is common to all of them to practise carnal copulation with devils."

Let us repeat: " it is common to all of them to practise carnal copulation with devils."

Question 1, Chapter 3 -- "How they are Transported from Place to Place." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a03a.html

"And now we must consider their ceremonies and in what manner they proceed in their operations, first in respect of their actions towards themselves and in their own persons. And among their chief operations are being bodily transported from place to place, and to practise carnal connexion with Incubus devils ... " [Emphasis added] Do you see the degree of sexual obsession?

Part II, Question 1 -- "Here follows the Way whereby Witches copulate with those Devils known as Incubi." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a04a.html [Emphasis added]

"As to the method in which witches copulate with Incubus devils, six points are to be noted. First, as to the devil and the body which he assumes, of what element it is formed. Second, as to the act, whether it is always accompanied with the injection of semen received from some other man. Third, as to the time and place, whether one time is more favourable than another for this practice. Fourth, whether the act is visible to the women, and whether only those who were begotten in this way are so visited by devils. Fifth, whether it applies only to those who were offered to the devil at birth by midwives. Sixth, whether the actual venereal pleasure is greater or less in this act."

After engaging in truly disgusting language and examples, the priest gets to the second part of this Question 1: "How in Modern Time Witches perform the Carnal Act with Incubus Devils, and how they are Multiplied by this Means."

"But, the theory that modern witches are tainted with this sort of diabolic filthiness is not substantiated only in our opinion, since the expert testimony of the witches themselves has made all these things credible ... As for the second doubt, whether witches had their origin from these abominations, we may say with S. Augustine that it is true that all the superstitious arts had their origin in a pestilent association of men with devils."

Then, once this subject is exhausted, the priest goes to the next question he wishes to contemplate: "Whether the Relations of an Incubus Devil with a Witch are always accompanied by the Injection of Semen. [http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a04b.html]

Since this priest covered this subject rather thoroughly and disgustingly, in an earlier section, we shall go directly to the next subject: "Whether the Incubus operates more at one Time than another: and similarly of the Place." [Ibid.]

This priest argues that God forbids Satan and his devils from carrying out their deeds of copulation during the times of Sacred Days, so a Catholic woman is safe during those times.

But, then, the priest goes on to really dwell on the actual sex act between a witch and a devil. If this is too explicit, we invite you to skip to the next session. We reprint this section only because we want you to see the depth of degradation to which the Catholic priesthood descended in their sexual lust born of the unnatural practice of Celibacy.

"The devil has always operated in a form visible to the witch; for there is no need for him to approach her invisibly, because of the pact of federation with him that has been expressed. But with regard to any bystanders, the witches themselves have often been seen lying on their backs in the fields or the woods, naked up to the very navel, and it has been apparent from the disposition of those limbs and members which pertain to the venereal act and orgasm, as also from the agitation of their legs and thighs, that, all invisibly to the bystanders, they have been copulating with Incubus devils; yet sometimes, howbeit this is rare, at the end of the act a very black vapour, of about the stature of a man, rises up into the air from the witch."

"In conclusion, finally, it can be said that these Incubus devils will not only infest those women who have been generated by means of such abominations, or those who have been offered to them by midwives, but that they try with all their might, by means of witches who are bawds or hot whores, to seduce all the devout and chaste maidens in that whole district or town."

Can you see the degree to which these priests have descended into the pit of unfilled sexual desire? They are totally obsessed!

Question 1, Chapter 5-- "Witches commonly perform their Spells through the Sacraments of the Church. And how they Impair the Powers of Generation, and how they may Cause other Ills to happen to God's Creatures of all kinds." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a05a.html

Once again, much of this filth was already covered in an earlier section, so we need not cover it again here.

Question 1, Chapter 6 -- "How Witches Impede and Prevent the Power of Procreation." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a06a.html

This chapter title is completely self-explanatory.

Question 1, Chapter 7 -- "How, as it were, they Deprive Man of his Virile Member." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a07a.html

Once again, the priest discussed this disgusting subject in an earlier section.

Question 1, Chapter 8 -- "Of the Manner whereby they Change Men into the Shapes of Beasts." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a08a.html

The priest covered this subject in Part I.

Question 1, Chapter 9 -- "How Devils may enter the Human Body and the Head without doing any Hurt, when they cause such Metamorphosis by Means of Prestidigitation." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a09a.html

This chapter is so vile I do not want to print any of it!

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 10 -- "Of the Method by which Devils through the Operations of Witches sometimes actually possess men." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a10a.html

This chapter is full of nonsense, but it seems designed to scare all men to death, thinking they can be possessed by demons. However, this treatise is correct that sexual intercourse does pass demonic affliction and/or possession.

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 11 -- "Of the Method by which they can Inflict Every Sort of Infirmity,
generally Ills of the Graver Kind." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a11a.html

"But there is no bodily infirmity, not even leprosy or epilepsy, which cannot be caused by witches..."

This section goes into detail as to all the supposed ways in which witches can cause bodily ailments to fall upon their victims.

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 12 -- "Of the Way how in Particular they Afflict Men with Other Like Infirmities." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a12a.html

" But who can reckon the number of infirmities which they have inflicted upon men, such as blindness, the sharpest pains, and contortions of the body? Yet we shall set down a few examples which we have seen with our eyes, or have been related to one of us Inquisitors."

You can read all these supposed infirmities if you wish; however, I should just like to point out that the Officers of the Inquisition are held out here as the experts upon which everyone else could rely. Further, they are depicted as being absolutely immune from any and all attacks of the devil.

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 13 -- "How Witch Midwives commit most Horrid Crimes when they either Kill Children or Offer them to Devils in most Accursed Wise." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a13a.html

"We must not omit to mention the injuries done to children by witch midwives, first by killing them, and secondly by blasphemously offering them to devils ... And we read often in history of children whom their mothers, in some passion or mental disturbance, have unthinkingly offered to the devil from the very womb."

This accusation must have scared caring Catholic parents to death. Further, any woman has, by now, realized that her very gender puts her at risk for someone falsely accused of being a witch. Therefore, when a priest threatens to lie to the Inquisitors about a woman, if she does not have sex with him, the woman knows the priest just might lie, saying that he has learned through the confessional that the woman was a witch. What woman would chance that this might really happen? Many a priest got his sexual lust fulfilled by a woman faced with this threat!

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 14 -- "Here followeth how Witches Injure Cattle in Various Ways." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a14a.html

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 15 -- "How they Raise and Stir up Hailstorms and Tempests, and Cause Lightning to Blast both Men and Beasts." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a15a.html

Part II, Question 1, Chapter 16 -- "Of Three Ways in which Mean and Women may be Discovered to be Addicted to Witchcraft: Divided into Three Heads: and First of the Witchcraft of Archers." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02a16a.html

Part II, Question 2 -- "The Methods of Destroying and Curing Witchcraft." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b00a.html

"Is it lawful to remove witchcraft by means of further witchcraft, or by any other forbidden means? It is argued that it is not ..."

While this premise is Biblical, the priest then goes through many superstitious means by which people supposed the power of a witch's spell could be broken. This dissertation is quite lengthy.

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 1 -- "The Remedies prescribed by the Holy Church against Incubus and Succubus Devils." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b01a.html

The dissertation which follows is full of copulation and sexual speech that, as Christians, we simply cannot reprint it here. But, this filthy section does go a long way to proving what we have been saying all along: the obsession with witches copulating with devils, and all the fleshly delicious details this document relishes, can only have come from the minds of celibate priests, obsessed with sex because they cannot fulfill their desires in the God-given manner our Creator has proscribed.

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 2 -- "Remedies prescribed for Those who are Bewitched by the Limitation of the Generative Power." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b02a.html

"Although far more women are witches than men ... yet men are more often bewitched than women. And the reason for this lies in the fact that God allows the devil more power over the venereal act [sex act], by which the original sin is handed down, than over other human actions."

Once again, we find a treatise given over to a discussion of sexual matters that are wholly superfluous to the minds of normal men, but of great interest to a person given to a reprobate mind, a lascivious mind. If you want to read this one page treatise so you are under no illusions as to the nature of the Roman Catholic priesthood, you may click on the above link and read the entire section.

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 3 -- "Remedies prescribed for those who are Bewitched by being Inflamed
with Inordinate Love or Extraordinary Hatred." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b03a.html

"JUST as the generative faculty can be bewitched, so can inordinate love or hatred be caused in the human mind ..."

This section then goes on to describe three such types of inordinate love or hatred, each of which is likely caused by devils in one way or the other. Then, the priest concludes:

"And it must be understood that what we have said concerning inordinate love applies also to inordinate hatred ... Now it has been learned from witches that they cause this spell of hatred by means of serpents; for the serpent was the first instrument of the devil, and by reason of its curse inherits a hatred of women ..."

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 4 -- "Remedies prescribed for those who by Prestidigitative Art have lost their Virile Members or have seemingly been Transformed into the Shapes of Beasts." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b04a.html

" In what has already been written it has clearly enough been shown the remedies which are available for the relief of those who are deluded by a glamour, and think that they have lost their virile member, or have been metamorphosed into animals."

The rest of this treatise is a story as to how a witch living in the East metamorphosed into an animal, was saved by the bell rung for the Holy Mass, and got his true shape back after the witch was tortured.

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 5 -- "Prescribed Remedies for those who are Obsessed owing to some Spell." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b05a.html

"We have shown in Chapter X of the preceding Question that sometimes devils, through witchcraft, substantially inhabit certain men ... "

The rest of this treatise examines the many ways men are supposedly possessed by demons, and the intricacies of Catholic law governing such possession. The treatise ends by speaking of exorcisms as a means to gain remedy.

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 6 -- "Prescribed Remedies; to wit, the Lawful Exorcisms of the Church, for all Sorts of Infirmities and Ills due to Witchcraft; and the Method of Exorcising those who are Bewitched." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b06a.html

"It has already been stated that witches can afflict men with every kind of physical infirmity ... "

This treatise is three pages long and deals extensively with the way in which the Catholic Church and its priesthood are to go about carrying out exorcism. You can see how and where the Catholic Church got its practice of exorcism, as this document lays out all the rules, all the practices, that a priest is to follow in casting devils out.

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 7 -- "Remedies prescribed against Hailstorms, and for Animals that are Bewitched." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b07a.html

What more can I say about this direct tie-in with the pagan superstitions, practices and beliefs? Pagans believe that they can use certain proscribed remedies that will protect themselves and their crops against hailstorms, and other natural occurrences. Pagans believe that animals can be demon possessed and they have certain amulets and/or certain occult rituals to cast out such demons. This belief provides a direct tie between the paganism of Roman Catholicism and that of pagan societies of the past 4,000 years!

This is also Witchcraft! Of course, the witchcraft that Catholics are allowed to perform are uniquely "Catholic"; instead of chanting rituals, the Catholic occult practitioner is to gather herbs, flowers, and plants to make a wreath [a distinctly pagan symbol], say the Lord's Prayer or Apostle's Creed, before hanging it above the door where the animals enter and exit.

This is still Witchcraft, but by a different name!

Part II, Question 2, Chapter 8 -- "Certain Remedies prescribed against those Dark and Horrid Harms with which Devils may Afflict Men." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_II/mm02b08a.html

This treatise is so devoid of common sense, I have trouble following its logical path, and cannot comprehend its ending.


At this point, all the gibberish and nonsense, and Catholic Witchcraft that is described and explained, congeals into one of the most terrible documents in the annals of history. In these 35 segments, the most horrid tortures are described, and history tells us they were actually carried out, with glee in many cases.

Please take the time to read all these segments, for time and space will not allow me to print the entire text. Surely, this document demonstrates the true satanic face of Roman Catholicism, in direct contradiction to the love and forebearance of the Savior.

Remember two historic facts: 1) Rome never changes; 2) Pope Paul VI reinstated this Office of the Inquisition in 1965! The first Black Magick Pope in history reinstated this office, as the Vatican prepares to serve Antichrist and be his executioner, just as the Scriptures foretell.

"General and Introduction: Who are the Fit and Proper Judges in the Trial of Witches?" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_00a.html

We encourage you to read this four-page document clearly, for it states who shall be a judge in the matters of trials of witches and speaks generally about the torture they are to receive.

PART III., FIRST HEAD, QUESTION I. -- "The Method of Initiating a Process". http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_01a.html

"The first question, then, is what is the suitable method of instituting a process on behalf of the faith against witches. In answer to this it must be said that there are three methods allowed by Canon Law ... "

We encourage you to read this report carefully, for you will discover the philosophical underpinnings of the system of interrogation and trial in which the accused is not told of the crime of which they are accused, the informant does not have to tell who he is, nor does his accusation ever have to be subjected to cross-examination. This segment sets the stage for the most infamous and inhumane arrest and slaughter of individuals ever seen in history, a slaughter so great it will not be repeated again until Antichrist and False Prophet [The Pope, NEWS1052] combine forces to wreak the kind of bloody devastation foretold in Scripture.

PART III., FIRST HEAD, QUESTION II. - "Of the Number of Witnesses." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_02a.html

"... very little proof is required in a charge of this nature, since it takes very little argument to expose a person's guilt; for it is said in the Canon de Haereticis, lib. II, that a man makes himself a heretic if in the least of his opinions he wanders from the teaching and the path of the Catholic religion ... in a charge of this sort the usual order of judicial procedure is cut short, since the defendant does not see the witnesses take the oath, nor are they made known to him, because this might expose them to grave danger; therefore, according to the statute, the prisoner is not permitted to know who are his accusers."

Right away, you can see the ugly head of tyranny arising from the Pit of the Abyss! Most of the untold legions of people tortured and murdered by this tyrannical court were "convicted" by the testimony of two witnesses, who did not even have to agree to all the details! History records that this was the situation in a great, great number of cases brought before the Inquisition.

PART III., FIRST HEAD, QUESTION III. - "Of the Solemn Adjuration and Re-examination of Witnesses" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_03a.html

"But it may be asked whether the Judge can compel witnesses to sweat an oath to tell the truth in a case concerning the Faith or witches, of if he can examine them many times. We answer that he can do so, especially an ecclesiastical Judge, and that in ecclesiastical cases witnesses can be compelled to speak the truth, and this on oath, since otherwise their evidence would not be valid. For the Canon Law says: The Archbishop or Bishop may make a circuit of the parish in which it is rumoured that there are heretics, and compel three or more men of good repute, or even, if it seems good to him, the whole neighborhood, to give evidence. And if any through damnable obstinacy stubbornly refuse to take the oath, they shall on that account be considered as heretics."

Thus, any person who resist cooperating with the Inquisition may themselves be accused of being a heretic and tortured before the Inquisition. What a tool of coercion has just been handed the Inquisitors, as the average town citizen will gladly say anything the Inquisitor wants him to say.

PART III., FIRST HEAD, QUESTION IV - "Of the Quality and Condition of Witnesses" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_04a.html

"Note that persons under a sentence of excommunication, associates and accomplices in the crime, notorious evildoers and criminals, or servants giving evidence against their masters, are admitted as witnesses in a case concerning the Faith."

In other words, the Inquisitors will rely upon the testimony of the most disreputable men in society in order to gain convictions of heresy and/or witchcraft! No other court in the world would accept the testimony of such people as these, simply because they have proven by their life that their testimony cannot be trusted! But, if you are setting up a sham Show Trial system, you would want to include the testimony of "witnesses" such as these, for this type of witness can be bought or intimidated into testifying in such a way as to perfectly serve the interest of the Inquisitors.

But, then, this sham goes still further, when the testimony of perjurers is admitted! Perjurers are people who have lied under oath in a court of law, have been caught, and have been convicted. Listen:

" The case of evidence given by perjurers, when it is presumed that they are speaking out of zeal for the faith, is deal with in the Canon c. accusatus, § licet, where it says that the evidence of perjurers, after they have repented, is admissible."

What perjurer would not "repent" if he were being coerced by the Inquisitors to produce certain damning testimony about a certain individual facing the Inquisition.Note the word, "presumed"! Finally, to reiterate that this Inquisition proceedings are a sham and a mockery, we read the concluding paragraph of this section.

"And it is clear from the same chapter of the Canon that the testimony of men of low repute and criminals, and of servants against their masters, is admitted; for it says: So great is the plague of heresy that, in an action involving this crime, even servants are admitted as witnesses against their masters, and any criminal evildoer may give evidence against any person soever."

Thus, a former Councellor of the Inquisition was led to say:

"... had I never belonged to the Inquisition, I should have gone on, as most Roman Catholics do, without ever questioning the truth of the religion I was brought up in, or thinking of any other -- but the unheard of cruelties of that hellish tribunal shocked me beyond all expression, and rendered me ... one of the most unhappy men on earth ... Inquisitors never tell the names of the informers to the Councellors, nor the names of the witnesses ... For in many instances, they keep up to an appearance of justice and equity, at the same time that, in truth, they act in direct opposition to all the known laws of justice and equity ... the whole is mere sham and imposition." ["A MASTER-KEY TO POPERY", by Anthony Gavin, one of the Roman-Catholic Priests of Saragossa.", Cincinnati: Published by B. Crosby, 1832, p. 249-256]

PART III., FIRST HEAD, QUESTION V - "Whether Mortal Enemies may be Admitted as Witnesses". http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_05a.html

"But if it is asked whether the Judge can admit the mortal enemies of the prisoner to give evidence against him in such a case, we answer that he cannot ... But it is mortal enemies that are spoken of; and it is to be noted that a witness is not necessarily to be disqualified because of every sort of enmity ... the Judge must ask the prisoner whether he thinks that he has any enemy who would dare to accuse him of that crime out of hatred, so that he might compass his death; and if he says that he has, he shall ask who that person is; and then the Judge shall take note whether the person named as being likely to give evidence from motives of malice has actually done so."

Thus, the judge asks the condemned man if he has any mortal enemies; if the prisoner says "yes", the judge will ask him the name(s) of such mortal enemies. If the prisoner names one of the witnesses the Inquisition is counting on to make their case, the judge is to throw out the testimony of that witness. Therefore, the Inquisition officers were very careful to not call people as witnesses who knew the accused well.

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION VI - "How the Trial is to be Proceeded with and Continued. And how the Witnesses are to be Examined in the Presence of Four Other Persons, and how the Accused is to be Questioned in Two Ways". http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_06a.html

"In considering the method of proceeding with a trial of a witch in the cause of faith, it must first be noted that such cases must be conducted in the simplest and most summary manner, without the arguments and contentions of advocates."

Once again, we can see proof of the charge of Father Given, above, that the end result of all the rules is that the Inquisition "trial" is a sham. If the prisoner is not allowed the services of an "advocate" for his cause, i.e., a defense attorney, you know that the entire trial is truly a fake and a mockery.

"The Judge to whom we commit such a case need not require any writ, or demand that the action should be contested; he may conduct the case on holidays for the sake of the convenience of the public, he should shorten the conduct of the case as much as he can by disallowing all dilatory exceptions, appeals and obstructions, the impertinent contentions of pleaders and advocates, and the quarrels of witnesses, and by restraining the superfluous number of witnesses."

Even though the disclaimer is made that a judge may not take these actions if the end result was that the truth might be hidden, the fact is that, since the judge was given these authorities, the truth was hidden in most cases, resulting in a "sham" show trial. Further, since the deeds of a witch are done in secret, the person bringing forth the accusation might be well advised to assume the role of "informer", not "accuser"! This meant that a deadly, "mortal enemy" might use the Inquisition against a person, knowing that, if he assumes the role of "informant", his identity need never be revealed! This is the stuff of which the most tyrannical judicial system in world history reigned nearly supreme for 1,200 years!

"Examination of Witnesses" -- the judge was to "examine" a witness to determine his reliability. He would ask if any of his family had been burned as a witch; he might be asked about his reputation and his morals; when asked how he knew the motive of the prisoner for doing the terrible deed of which he was accused, it was enough if the witness replied, I "knew it because he had spoken with a laugh."

This terrible scenario produced the situation when many a person absolutely innocent of any wrongdoing, but especially of being a witch, would be torturously put to death. Listen to Father Gavin, as he recounts his experiences as a Councellor of the Inquisition.

"It often happens, at that infernal tribunal, that while an unhappy and probably an innocent person is crying out in their presence on the rack and begging by all that is sacred for one moment's relief ... the Inquisitor and the rest of that inhuman crew, quite unaffected by his complaints and deaf to his groans, to his tears and entreaties, are entertaining one another with the news of the town; nay, sometimes they even insult, with unheard of barbarity, the unhappy wretches in the height of their torments." [Ibid., p. 254]

Let us repeat the really important phrase: "... an unhappy and probably an innocent person ..."

The Roman Inquisition deliberately targeted her enemies --those who disagreed with her theology -- and accused them of being a witch or a heretic, so they could torture them to death. The issue was never an honest attempt to ferret out individuals truly dangerous to civilized society, but to kill enough of her enemies as to ensure the supremacy of the Vatican.

"The General Examination of a Witch or Wizard: and it is the First Action."

As you read this account as to how a judge was to question the person accused of being a witch, you can see that he is leading her on in such a way that virtually any answer can be construed as "proofs" of witchcraft. The poor accused has no chance, and they knew it beforehand.

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION VII - "In Which Various Doubts are Set Forth with Regard to the Foregoing Questions and Negative Answers. Whether the Accused is to be Imprisoned, and when she is to be considered Manifestly Taken in the Foul Heresy of Witchcraft. This is the Second Action" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_07a.html

"In matters of Faith" a judge can do just about anything and get away with it; he is literally Judge, Jury, and Executioner. The gist of this segment can be summed up thusly: "... a person so taken is to be punished according to the law, even though she denies the accusation ... But if she does not confess, and stoutly maintains her denial, she is to be delivered as an impenitent to the power of the Civil Court to be punished in a fitting manner."

Now, you can see why many people just confessed, so they could get on with the execution. For, if the innocent proclaimed their innocence, they are even more greatly tortured on their way to death. Either way, the accused is headed for death, so you might as well confess and avoid the greater amount of torture.

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION VIII - "Which Follows from the Preceding Question, Whether the Witch is to be Imprisoned, and of the Method of Taking her. This is the Third Action of the Judge" http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_08a.html

This segment asks whether the judge should imprison the witch while proceedings are under way; once again, the judge is given dictatorial power. This section states: "... it must be left to the Judge to act in accordance with the gravity of the matter ..."

Then, authorities of the Inquisition are ordered to search her house thoroughly in search of implements of witchcraft. In this regard, the following precedent was added. 'House should be searched.' -- "Thus in the famouse witch trial of Dame Alive Kyteler and her coven before the Bishop of Ossory in 1324, John le Poer, the husband of Dame Alice, deposed that in her closet were discovered mysterious vials and elixirs, strange necromantic instruments and ghastly relics of mortality which she used in her horrid craft. Holinshed in his 'Chronicle of Ireland' (London, 1587, p. 93), sub anno 1323, has: 'In rifling the closet of the ladie, they found a wafer of sacramental bread, having the divels name stamped thereon in steed of JESUS Christ, and a pipe of ointment, wherewith she greased a staffe, upon whish she ambled and gallopped through thicke and thin when and in what manner she listed.' See my 'Geography of Witchcraft,' Chap. II, pp. 85-91."

In seizing the person accused of being a witch, it was noted both that she not be allowed to return to her room for fear she might hide some evidence, and that the officers arresting her must not let her touch the ground, for that would allow her to use her supernatural occult powers against them!

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION IX - "What is to be done after the Arrest, and whether the Names of the Witnesses should be made Known to the Accused. This is the Fourth Action" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_09a.html

"... it is left to the Judge which shall be taken first; namely, the question of allowing the accused to be defended, and whether she should be examined in the place of torture." From this line of reasoning, you can see that physical torture of the "witch" is a foregone conclusion. Great fear of the witch's supernatural occult powers is feigned, so as to give the excuse to the judge to keep all matters in secret, especially the names of the "informers".

The judge is further said to be acting in all these proceedings with the authority of the Supreme Pontiff, so the Divine Judgment at the White Throne Judgment will fall squarely on the heads of all the popes who reigned during this period. Indeed, this entire Malleus Maleficarum was notoriously breathed into existence by Pope Innocent III.

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION X - "What Kind of Defence may be Allowed, and of the Appointment of an Advocate. This is the Fifth Action" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_10a.html

If the accused asks to be defended, the judge shall appoint an Advocate who is of high moral character and free of any hint of bribery. While this sounds good, we find a far different scenario painted by Father Gaven, quoted above. He says:

"This advocate belongs to the Inquisition, receives a salary of the Inquisition, and is bound by an oath to abandon the defence of the prisoner ... if he finds it cannot be defended agreeably to the laws of the Holy Inquisition; so that the whole is mere sham and imposition." [Ibid., p. 256]

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION XI - "What Course the Advocate should Adopt when the Names of the Witnesses are not Revealed to him. The Sixth Action" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_11a.html

"... if the accused again and again insists that she should know the names of the witnesses against her, he can answer her as follows: You can guess from the charges which are made against you who are the witnesses."

You can "guess" who your accusers are by being given the charges against you? What a travesty of justice. Where is the Communist A.C.L.U. when you need it? This statement simply screams that the "fix" is in, and the "trial" is simply for show. History records that this was the case, 75 million times in 1,200 years! ["Thirty Years In Hell: From Darkness To Light", by ex-priest Bernard Fresenborg, 1904, North-American Book House, St. Louis, Missouri.]

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION XII - "Of the Same Matter, Declaring more Particularly how the Question of Personal Enmity is to be Investigated. The Seventh Action" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_12a.html

When you read this segment, you can see that all the judicial processes are deliberately stacked against the alleged witch. She is literally "damned if you do, damned if you don't". You can see that accusation equals guilt.

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION XIII - "Of the Points to be Observed by the Judge before the Formal Examination in the Place of Detention and Torture. This is the Eighth Action" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_13a.html

The very nature of this heading presupposes that torture is planned, and indeed, it is. Listen to the justification of physical torture: "... common justice demands that a witch should not be condemned to death unless she is convicted by her own confession."

Of course, as we have already read, a witch will never confess of her own free will, but will always be inclined to profess her innocence. Therefore, physical torture is needed to force the confession; evidently, no one thought to tell the officers of the Inquisition that confessions derived from extreme physical torture constitute no proof of guilt, since most people will "confess" to anything in order to stop the excruciating pain.

The very extent of physical torture is justified in this manner: "... she [accused witch] will be so insensible to the pains of torture that she will sooner be torn limb from limb than confess any of the truth."

Thus, the plan was to create the most terrible physical torture imaginable, and inflict it on the witch; remember our earlier statement on Witchcraft, i.e., witches believe that a sacrificial victim needs to be tortured as much as possible, for tremendous occult power is released by the screams and torments of the victim as they are dying, and is transferred directly to the witch. Thus, this deliberate justification of the most brutal torture possible represents another firm direct tie between Catholicism and other forms of Witchcraft.

This segment concludes: "... it is as difficult, or more difficult, to compel a witch to tell the truth as it is to exorcise a person possessed of the devil." The next segment then tells how a judge is to torture a person accused of being a witch.

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION XIV - "Of the Method of Sentencing the Accused to be Questioned: and How she must be Questioned on the First Day; and Whether she may be Promised her Life. The Ninth Action" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_14a.html

"There are various proofs which are sufficient warrant for exposing you to the question and torture. Wherefore, that the truth may be known from your own mouth, and that henceforth you may not offend the ears of the Judges, we declare, judge and sentence that on this present day at such an hour you be placed under the question and torture."

"And while she is being questioned about each several point, let her be often and frequently exposed to torture ... while this is being done, let the Notary write all down, how she is tortured and what questions are asked and how she answers ... The next step of the Judge should be that, if after being fittingly tortured, she refuses to confess the truth, he should have other engines of torture brought before her ... And the Notary shall write all down in the process."

This is the true face of the Roman Catholic Church, and it is a face from the abyss of Hell! Remember, as Rome says of herself: "Rome never changes".

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION IV - "Of the Continuing of the Torture, and of the Devices and Signs by which the Judge can Recognize a Witch; and how he ought to Protect himself from their Spells. Also how they are to be Shaved in Parts where they use to Conceal the Devil's Masks and Tokens; together with the due Setting Forth of Various Means of Overcoming the Obstinacy in Keeping Silence and Refusal to Confess. And it is the Tenth Action." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_15a.html

"... not all heretics or those accused of heresy are to be subjected to the same method of questioning, examination and torture as to the charges laid against them; but various and different means are to be employed according to their various natures and persons."

This priestly author then launches into the various ways the judge must protect himself from the supernatural powers of the witch. The most preferred method is to wear a Catholic amulet called "Blessed Wax", [http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/notes/n3012.html], which is compressed wax with the shape of a lamb impressed upon it. When worn around a neck, it "protects" the wearer against any form of witchcraft. Once again, this perfectly describes pagan belief, tying Roman Catholic belief in tightly to occult belief and practice.

"The third precaution to be observed in this tenth action is that the hair should be shaved from every part of her body. The reason for this is the same as that for stripping her of her clothes, which we have already mentioned; for in order to preserve their power of silence they are in the habit of hiding some superstitious object in their clothes or in their hair, or even in the most secret parts of the their bodies which must not be named."

This "precaution" gave way to some of the most hideous crimes of passion imaginable! A historian recounts what would happen when a priest examined a woman in this manner [NOTE: priests were not supposed to examine a woman in this manner, but they took matters in their own hands and regularly did so]. Listen to this historic account:

"Placed in the hands of the actual Inquisitors, the women were scrutinized even further by having the hair of their pudenda [woman's exterior genital organs] shaved and the folds minutely inspected on the excuse that therein was likely to be hidden a small parchment with a magic sigil to use as a talisman against feeling the forthcoming pain of torture. Immediate and sadistic rape of the victim became so common ... 'The victims', report the chronicles, 'were so barbarously used that modesty forbids to mention it.' " [Thomkins, "The Magic of Obelisks", p. 391]

You can imagine what this type of action against a woman might turn into when performed by a priest who is sex-starved through celibacy. As the priest put his fingers into the woman's sexual parts to "search for a piece of parchment", he is likely to become so sexually aroused as to go out of control; indeed, this was the plan on the part of many a priest during the Inquisition, as this was his opportunity to vent his pent-up sexual lust.

In fact, sadistic rape by the priest, or priests of the Inquisition, was very common. Thus, a woman contemplating the Inquisition would know from the gossip mill that sadistic rape would be one of the tortures facing her if she were ever accused of being a witch and turned over to the Inquisition authorities! What woman would not submit to a priest's demand in the Confessional to have sex with him, or be turned over to the "Holy" Inquisition?

PART III., SECOND HEAD, QUESTION XVI - "Of the fit Time and of the Method of the Second Examination. And it is the Eleventh Action, concerning the Final Precautions to be Observed by the Judge' - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_16a.html

In order to protect himself against the supernatural satanic power that the witches might throw at him, the judge is encouraged to resort to more satanic practices, camouflaged with Christian names of course. When these protections were amulets, they were to be worn around the neck. These are some of the "protections" judges were encouraged to take:

1. Carrying out the tortures on Holy Days, while a special Mass was said for protection

2. "The Judge should wear round his neck Consecrated Salt and other matters, with the Seven Words which Christ uttered on the Cross written in a schedule, and all bound together."

3. "He should, if he conveniently can, wear these made into the length of Christ's stature against his naked body, and bind other Holy things about him."

4. "The Relics of the Saints, too, are of especial virtue."

While taking one or more of these precautions, the judge may torture her with impunity. "... while she is raised from the ground, if she is being tortured in this way, let the Judge read, or cause to be read to her, the depositions of the witnesses with their names, saying: 'See! You are convicted by the witnesses'."

"Finally, if he sees that she will not admit her crimes, he shall ask her whether, to prove her innocence, she is ready to undergo the ordeal by red-hot iron. And they all desire this, knowing that the devil will prevent them from being hurt; therefore a true witch is exposed in this manner." In other words, if a witch is "not hurt" by the red-hot iron ordeal, it proves she is a witch, or does it? History records that burning the victim with a red-hot iron was commonplace, and was done simply to wreak havoc and excruciating pain.

The objective is to obtain "confession". This segment reveals the exact nature of the sexually salacious details after which the judge has been seeking all along.

"Let the Judge take note that, after she has confessed the injuries done to men and animals, he shall ask her for how many years she has had an Incubus devil."

Since the confessional rules are set up so that all details of a sin must be recounted to the confessor, this poor woman who has "confessed" to the judge is now regarded as having submitted to an "Incubus devil", i.e, a male devil who has been having sex with a woman. If this woman does not now provide great sexual detail as to her supposed sex with the demon, she is likely to be tortured again. Therefore, she is likely to make up the sexual detail, much to the delight of the voyeuristic celibate priest.

PART III, THE THIRD HEAD - "Which is the Last Part of the Work: How the Process is to be Concluded by the
Pronouncement of a Definite and Just Sentence." http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03c00a.html

Now, we get to the final section determining the kinds of sentences which may "appropriately" be passed out to such a horrible person as a witch, guilty of gross ecclesiastical sins. We urge you to read this segment carefully.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XVII - "Of Common Purgation, and especially of the Trial of Red-hot Iron, to which Witches Appeal" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_17a.html

"... the trial by red-hot iron should also be lawful in some cases ... a judge, who is responsible for the safety of the community, may lawfully allow a smaller evil that a greater may be avoided; as he allows the existence of harlots in towns in order to avoid a general confusion of lust. For S. Augustine On Free Will says: Take away the harlots, and you will create a general chaos and confusion of lust." [Emphasis added]


I had heard that Roman Catholicism teaches this abomination heresy, but this is the first time I have actually seen it in print. What a Biblical abomination to the purity of Jesus Christ, in whose Name this "Church" is supposedly founded! The Bible does not teach this nonsense at all, because sin is sin, and there is no weight of sin with God.

But, this teaching is the kind that appeals to the unregenerate human mind, to human reasoning without God. This teaching alone should convince anyone of the stupidity of accepting human teaching -- Tradition of the Church -- as being equal to Holy Scripture, every word of which is spoken by God. The Pharisees of Jesus' day had committed this sin, teaching that the Jewish Traditions of the Fathers was equal to that of Holy Scripture. After condemning this Tradition, Jesus said:

"Why do you also transgress and violate the commandment of God for the sake of the rules handed down to you by your forefathers?" [Matthew 15:2] Jesus then gives several examples of these types of traditions taught as Scripture. Then, He says:

"So for the sake of your tradition you have set aside the Word of God, depriving it of force and authority and making it of no effect." [Matthew 15:6] This is exactly what "Saint" Augustine has done by this ruling quoted above! He has set aside the Word of God, making it of no effect! He is teaching the reasoning of men as though it were Scripture. Listen to what Jesus calls this type of person.

"You pretenders, hypocrites!" [Matthew 15:7]

But, then, Jesus utters a most serious truth, and it applies with equally devastating force to the Catholic Church, as it teaches Church Tradition is equal to Scripture. Listen to the final effect that following this type of Tradition has upon a person's relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Uselessly do they worship Me, for they teach as doctrines the commands of men." [Matthew 15:9]

"Uselessly do they worship Me"! The greatest tragedy possible in a person's life is to enter eternity thinking you are right with God, and will ultimately go to Heaven, only to wake up on the day of the White Throne Judgment, and hear Jesus thunder, "Uselessly did they worship Me"!

Nor will sincere, zealous worship save you on this day of judgment. As the Apostle Paul said about the useless worship of the Jew, as they followed their Traditions of the Fathers: "I bear them witness that they have a certain zeal and enthusiasm for God, but it is not enlightened and according to correct and vital knowledge, For being ignorant of the righteousness which God ascribes, which makes one acceptable to Him ..." [Hebrews 10:2-3a]

When a Catholic zealously follows this Church Tradition, as taught by "Saint" Augustine, he or she is "not enlightened", nor are they worshipping "according to correct and vital knowledge"; they are "ignorant of the righteousness which God ascribes, which makes one acceptable to Him", and they will face Jesus Christ and hear Him say, "Uselessly did you worship Me"!

However, this religious nonsense, this Church Tradition, has direct application to the pedophile priest scandal!

One the most commonly asked question is how the Church Hierarchy. could protect known pedophile priests, instead of removing them and reporting them to police! By transferring these priests around to different parishes, the Church simply made more children available to these priests! The logic of this course of action defies the imagination, does it not?

Yet, the answer is found at least in part in this Church Tradition! The Bishop knows that hiding pedophile priests and allowing them continued access to young children is dead wrong; however, he can readily conclude it is the lesser of two evils. The greater evil would be to allow the facade of the "Holy" Catholic Church to be stripped away, so the people could see this religious institution for the beast she is, and always will be [Revelation 13:11-18].

Therefore, the Cardinals and Bishops would likely conclude that they may commit the lesser sin in order to prevent the greater! By so doing, they have nullified the law of God, setting it aside and making it of no effect! These Catholic Church officials are acting the same way they always have; in NEWS1671, we read that, in the 1920-1940's, pedophile priests were transferred from "West to East" as soon as their activities became known in the parish in which they were serving.

Now, you know why pedophile priests were coddled the way they were. Rome always seeks her own protection as her highest and most noble goal! Jesus was right:

"Uselessly do they worship Me, for they teach as doctrines the commands of men." [Matthew 15:9]

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XIII - "Of the Manner of Pronouncing a Sentence which is Final and Definitive" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_18a.html

"... the Judge may cut short any digressions. Therefore, the Judge may, if he pleases, act in such a manner, and even pass sentence without putting it in writing ..."

Isn't that terribly convenient, that a judge may issue a death sentence to a woman falsely accused of being a witch, and may do so verbally, not committing his sentence to posterity by issuing it in writing? Once again, the very rules of the Inquisition are set up to give all power and protection to the judges and the officers of the Inquisition, while denying the accused even the simplest of protections. Then, we hear that the judge is to act quickly.

"Note again that, although in criminal actions the execution of the sentence is not to be delayed."

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XIX - "Of the Various Degrees of Overt Suspicion which render the Accused liable to be Sentenced" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_19a.html

This segment details "how many and what ways a person can be held suspect of heresy or any other crime". We find it very disturbing that "highly probable and circumstantial, suspicion is admitted as a kind of half-proof; that is to say, it helps to substantiate other proofs". While the judge is not supposed to use this kind of "proof", history tells us that he did in many occasions. What this sentence does is to open the door to this practice just a crack, so that a "zealous" judge may break it wide open.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XX -- "Of the First Method of Pronouncing Sentence" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_20a.html

This segment sets forth the method of finding a woman guilty after examination, and it sounds really good; however, we know from previous segments that the very process of legal examination subjects the woman to the kind of barbarous torture designed to force such a "confession". Therefore, even if a woman is eventually found innocent, she will have been tortured to a degree unimaginable.

Such is the true face of Roman Catholicism.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXI - "Of the Second Method of Pronouncing Sentence, when the Accused is no more than Defamed" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_21a.html

"The following procedure, therefore, is to be employed in the case of such a one against whom nothing has been proved except public obloquy. In this case judgment cannot be delivered for the accused, nor can she be absolved as in the first method; but a canonical purgation must be imposed upon her. Therefore let the Bishop or his deputy, or the Judge, first take note that, in a case of heresy, it is not necessary that a person should be defamed only by good and respected people; for the calumniation uttered by common and simple folk carries equal weight ... Now any heretic can be accused by anybody, except his mortal enemies; therefore he can also be defamed by anybody."

Once again, we see that the entire machinery of the Inquisition did turn on individuals guilty of nothing but of some low-life making an accusation against them! Life for the ordinary, law-abiding citizen of this time must have been sheer hell! Indeed, it was, giving further proof of the heaviness of the threat, when a priest threatened to turn a woman into the Inquisition unless she would have sex with him! What woman would not be sorely tempted to give in to the priest, and have sex with him in order to prevent even the remote possibility that the priest might actually carry out his hellish threat, subjecting her to the horrible excruciating tortures of this Inquisition?

When you read this segment, you will discover that an accused person is considered guilty until they can prove themselves innocent! Thus, a woman of very high standing could be hauled before the Inquisition just because the town drunk -- to use one example -- accused her secretly of being a witch. At this point, the accused is considered guilty unless she can prove her innocence!

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXII -- "Of the Third Kind of Sentence, to be Pronounced on one who is Defamed, and who is to be put to the Question" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_22a.html

The words, "who is put to the Question", above, really should read, "who is put to the Torture". Thus, even if a person is eventually found innocent of the charges against them, that poor person has been tortured barbarously! Listen: " But if, after having been fittingly questioned and tortured, he will not discover the truth, let him not be further molested, but be freely allowed to depart."

Surely, this 1,200 years is correctly called "The Dark Ages", for the darkness of Rome had fallen over much of Europe.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXIII - "The Fourth Method of Sentencing, in the Case of one Accused upon a Light Suspicion" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_23a.html

If a person is accused of a "light suspicion" that cannot be substantiated even by the skewed rules of the Inquisition, that person must declare that they are the best of Roman Catholics in their belief and practice. Therefore, the Inquisition was virtually 100% "effective" against Protestant heretics, which began not too soon after Martin Luther began the Reformation in 1517. Since no Protestant could affirm that they were good Roman Catholics, 100% of them were destined to suffer the torturous death of the "Holy" Inquisition!

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXIV - "The Fifth Manner of Sentence, in the Case of one under Strong Suspicion' - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_24a.html

"For such a person should abjure that heresy as one strongly suspected of it, in such a manner that, if she should afterwards relapse, she must be delivered to the secular Court to suffer the extreme penalty. And she shall make her abjuration publicly or secretly ..."

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXV - "The Sixth Kind of Sentence, in the Case of one who is Gravely Suspect" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_25a.html

"And this is when the accused is not convicted of heresy by her own confession or by the evidence of the facts or by the legitimate productions of witnesses, but there are indications, not only light or even strong, but very strong and grave, which render her gravely suspected of the said heresy, and by reason of which she must be judged as one gravely suspected of the said heresy ... Therefore a witch must be gravely suspected when, after she has used such threatening words as 'I will soon make you feel,' or the like, some injury has befallen the person so threatened or his cattle."

Once again, we can see how terrified ordinary living must have been in this era; if a woman can be suspected of being a witch by simply uttering the words, "I will soon make you feel", no woman in the entire village could feel safe at any time. If then the person to whom she said these words claims that his cattle began to suffer some malady after she uttered them, she could be hauled to the Inquisition to suffer its tortures so common and so well known.

"... if she has perpetrated the like before, she is not to be altogether released, but must be sent to the squalor of prison for a year, and be tortured, and be examined very often, especially on the more Holy Days. But if, in addition to this, she has been defamed, then the Judge may proceed in the manner already shown in the case of simple heresy, and condemn her to the fire."

This is the face of Roman Catholicism, straight out of the Abyss!

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXVI - "The Method of passing Sentence upon one who is both Suspect and Defamed" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_26a.html

The last paragraph spells out the method of punishment of such a person, as they are assigned a "candle of such weight" and then are forced to go through degrading punishment. In another segment, this "candle of such weight" is explained. Read this explanation to see if you can find the "justice" in this scenario.

"“A Certain Weight.” This was exactly specified when someone was delivered. Thus Urbain Grandier on 18 August, 1634, at Loudun, was sentenced 'to make honourable amends, with bare head, a rope around his neck, and with a burning torch of two pounds’ weight in his hand, before the principal door of the church of Saint-Pierre du Marché, and before that of Sainte Ursule of this town, and there, upon his knees, to ask pardon of God and the King.' His execution followed."

Pray tell, why was this poor man still executed after he went through this process to "make honourable amends" and after he asked "pardon of God and the King"? Truly, pagan societies do not show consistency, grace, or mercy.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXVII - "The Method of passing Sentence upon one who hath Confessed to Heresy, but is still not Penitent" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_27a.html

"We sentence and condemn you to perpetual imprisonment, there to be punished with the bread of affliction and the water of distress; reserving to ourselves the right to mitigate, aggravate, change, or remit wholly or in part the said sentence if, when, and as often as it shall seem good to us to do so. This sentence was given, etc."

A sentence of Life Imprisonment was thus imposed upon a person who confessed to heresy but not repentant.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XVIII -- "The Method of passing Sentence upon one who hath Confessed to Heresy but is Relapsed, Albeit now Penitent" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_28a.html

This type of person is given the Sacrament of the Eucharist and then handed over to secular authorities for sentencing. But, since secular authorities are also under the power of the Pope, the final sentencing is still being determined by the Catholic Church.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXIX - "The Method of passing Sentence upon one who hath Confessed to Heresy but is Impenitent, although not Relapsed" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_29a.html

The Church excommunicates such a person, tells them they are going to burn in Hell, and then turns him or her over to the secular authorities for punishment.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXX -- "Of One who has Confessed to Heresy, is Relapsed, and is also Impenitent" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_30a.html

This type of person was excommunicated, told they would spend eternity in Hell, and handed over to the secular authorities who would carry out the death sentence.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXXI - "Of One Taken and Convicted, but Denying Everything" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_31a.html

Once again, this type of person is removed from the Church and turned over to secular authorities for death.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXXII - "Of One who is Convicted but who hath Fled or who Contumaciously Absents himself" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_32a.html

Such a person who is convicted and condemned but who escapes, is excommunicated and turned over to secular authorities of death if they could ever catch him.

PART III., QUESTION XXXIII - "Of the Method of passing Sentence upon one who has been Accused by another Witch, who has been or is to be Burned at the Stake." - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_33a.html

This segment is so complicated, we encourage you to read it for yourself.

PART III., THIRD HEAD, QUESTION XXXIV - "Of the Method of passing Sentence upon a Witch who Annuls Spells wrought by Witchcraft; and of Witch Midwives and Archer-Wizards" - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_34a.html

Once again, this single page is so filled with twists and turns, please read it carefully..

PART III., QUESTION XXXV - "Finally, of the Method of Passing Sentence upon Witches who Enter or Cause to be Entered an Appeal, whether such be Frivolous or Legitimate and Just." - http://www.malleusmaleficarum.org/part_III/mm03_35a.html

While this segment deals with the process of appeals of their sentences. It is fitting that the final sentence of this exceedingly long document deals with maintaining the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church. Does that sound familiar in today's news?

"All this is most prejudicial to the Faith of the Holy Church of God; wherefore may the Spouse of that Church in mercy preserve her from all such injuries."

This is the rationale behind current Bishops hiding the sins of their pedophile priests, and of moving them from parish to parish instead of properly handing them over to legal authorities. Always, in every era, the Roman Catholic Church is very aware of her consistent sins and of the onerous actions she takes that would strip away her facade of holiness and legitimacy; therefore, in every era, the Catholic Church is more sensitive about her public reputation than about any other matter, including the souls of the innocent children caught in her web.


We began this article by stating our premise: In 1710, a dying priest told his confessor that he and the other priests in his diocese had regularly threatened their female penitents that they would turn them over to the Inquisition unless they had sex with them! In normal circumstances, this behavior by a "holy", "pure" and "chaste" celibate priest would be so disgusting as to warrant criminal charges brought against him. [Read NEWS1675]

This priest stated: "And by these diabolical persuasions they were at our command, without fear of revealing the secret."

What kind of a person could possibly make this kind of threat? What kind of priest could make such a hellish threat to a sincere woman penitent who only came to his confessional to receive pardon from God for her sins?

However, the full impact of this priestly threat is lost on most people today, because they have little or no specific knowledge as to what the Roman Catholic Inquisition was all about. Even though this Inquisisiton lasted 1,200 years, and claimed up to 75 million victims, history books since World War I have been so rewritten that they have largely omitted the true horror of the Inquisition.

We have done our homework, and have discovered the standard operating manual that undergirded the entire Inquisition; it is called "The Malleus Maleficarum", and we have studied it, in depth. We apologize for the length of this treatise, but we felt it was unavoidable if we were to reveal the true nature of this terrible Inquisition.

Once you combine an understanding of the facts of the Inquisition with the operating manual by which the Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, and Priests operated the murder campaign, you get a very good look at the true face of Roman Catholicism. If you have studied this material in depth, you will see the false facade that the Catholic Church has maintained for centuries literally melt away!

Now, you know enough details of the Inquisition to know exactly how evil this threat truly is. The Bible tells us what kind of evil such a priest must be capable of for them to so threaten their lady penitents. Listen:

"But the Holy Spirit distinctly and expressly declares that in latter times, some will turn away from the faith, giving attention to deluding and seducing spirits, and doctrines that demons teach, through the hypocrisy and pretensions of liars, whose consciences have been seared [as with a hot iron, cauterized]. Who forbid people to marry and teach them to abstain from certain kinds of food ..." [1 Timothy 4:1-3]

What kind of priest would be able to threaten the women in their confessional with the Inquisition unless they had sex with them? These Bible verses tells us such priests have the following personal and/or religious characteristics. Such priests are:

* Hypocrites

* Liars

* Consciences that are so "seared as with a hot iron" that they positively do not work any more!

* Priests who have given "attention to deluding and seducing spirits".

* Priests who teach "doctrines that demons teach".

These are the kinds of priests who could threaten women in their confessional with the horrors of the Inquisition if they did not have sex with them!

These are the kinds of priests who would sexually abuse and rape young, innocent boys, over 100 of them!

These are the kinds of Cardinals and Bishops who would protect their known pedophile priests instead of removing them so they could not have access to young children, and who shield them from the legal system.

These are the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests of the Church of Rome.

This is the true face of the Roman Catholic Church, the church that "never changes".

Soon, the Plans of the Illuminati will take full effect on the earth, and both Antichrist and his False Religious Prophet shall arise, both showing the same powers of Black Magick Witchcraft, and both deceiving the people by the "lying signs and wonders" they shall perform [NEWS1052].

At this point, the False Prophet -- who is the Pope -- will begin concrete plans to eradicate all their enemies, an action that will likely occur at the mid-point of the Tribulation. At that point, the Office of the Defender of the Faith -- Office of the Inquisition -- will be very busy, because they will have to be ready to spring completely into action once the Pope causes "causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." [Rev 13:16-17]

Now, you know how it is possible that the Roman Catholic Church could come to serve Satan so completely in the Tribulation Period; they have served him faithfully in the "Holy" Inquisition first.

Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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