In NEWS1212, we discussed Clinton's request for forgiveness at the Prayer Breakfast and concluded that he was probably not sincere. The bottom line of this 'vigorous' defense will shock you and let you understand Clinton was not sincere.

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NEWS BRIEF: "Excerpts from the President's rebuttal to Starr: Clinton In Crisis Special Report", The Providence Sunday Journal, September 13, 1998.

As I read the excerpts of the legal lying of which this "rebuttal" is comprised, I discovered the one sentence which delivers the bottom line knockout blow to Clinton's claim that he has asked for repentance from God and has set a new course of action that will be based upon Biblical principle.

In NEWS1212, "Repentance VS Justice", we presented a thorough analysis of the remarks of the President at the Prayer Breakfast of September 11, 1998. Clinton promised that he had totally changed and would act honorably and Biblically from that moment on. He said he would no longer attempt to mislead the American people.

But, then, he ominously stated that he had instructed his lawyers to mount a vigorous defense. I had a very bad feeling that he was speaking with a "forked tongue", but decided to wait until I could read the Clinton rebuttal for myself. I have now read excerpts from this rebuttal, and am not surprised to learn that my suspicions were well founded.

At this point, I would like to share some of the legal language and reasoning for which the President is infamous. This type of reasoning is the type used by propaganda experts for centuries, i.e., state the most ridiculous, improbable, and contorted language and reason necessary to make your false case. In so doing, the propagandist knows that enough people will take your allegations at face value, without critically analyzing them, that you will be able to win the battle.

Listen now to some of these propaganda statements and judge for yourselves.

1) "... literally true statements cannot be the basis for a perjury prosecution even if a witness intends to mislead the questioner." Wow! Let us get this statement straight. If the President's intention was to mislead the Judge and the Court but was clever enough to couch his statement in such a way as to be literally true, then he would not be guilty of perjury when his statement succeeded in its goal of deceiving the Judge! This is exactly what Clinton meant in his August 17, 1998, speech, when he said, "... in a deposition in January, I was asked questions about my relationship with Monica Lewinsky. While my answers were legally accurate, I did not volunteer information. Indeed, I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate." Here, we have an admission from Clinton himself that he deliberately mislead the Judge, even though his statement was legally accurate!

Folks, this is lying, no matter how you cut it. When the Bible uses the word "lie", it uses the Greek Word, Strong's #5574. pseudomai, which literally means, "to utter an untruth or attempt to deceive by falsehood:--falsely, lie." [Strong's Concordance] Thus, we have the spectacle of a President who deliberately attempts to deceive by falsehood in such a way that he can claim he has not lied. Clinton is here arguing in this "rebuttal" that his use of such deceptive language does not constitute lying under oath [perjury], even though he is admitting that deception was his goal.

This lying statement in the rebuttal comes 24 hours after Clinton asked for forgiveness at the National Prayer Breakfast, and after he said he had spent much time in prayer asking God for forgiveness. This rebuttal was printed at the time Clinton was claiming to have repented and totally changed.

2) "... the President believed oral sex fell outside the definition he was given, even though it plainly did." Here, the President is saying that the Judge in the Paula Jones deposition allowed the President to claim that oral sex was not really sex. Again, this parsing of the English language to create falsehood is quite spectacular. I have read the Judge's description of what constituted sex, and cannot see how anyone could claim that oral sex was not really sex. This statement is truly ridiculous, but shows again that Clinton was not sincere in his claim to have repented and to have obtained God's forgiveness.

3) "The OIC [Office of Independent Council] suggests that the President was 'knowingly responsible' for a misstatement of fact to a federal judge because he failed to correct a statement made by his lawyer to the court in the Jones deposition ... The OIC distorts this response to suggest the President testified that he did not correct the statement at the January deposition because it might have been true."

I have read the Starr report on this issue and find the argument of Ken Star against the President to be quite clear and compelling. The President encouraged Lewinsky to lie under oath, in a written deposition, saying that she and he had never had a sexual relationship, and then sat quietly while his attorney presented this obviously false report to the judge. Of course, the President was guilty of using Lewinsky and the court proceedings to tell a lie!

4) "In his ninth allegation, the OIC charges that President Clinton obstructed justice and improperly influenced a witness when he spoke with Ms. Currie the day after his deposition in the Jones case. The OIC's claims are wrong ... a transparent attempt to draw the most negative inference possible about lawful conduct. The President's actions could not, as a matter of law, give rise to either charge because Ms. Currie was not a witness in any proceeding at the time he spoke with her; her name had not appeared on any of the Jones' witness lists; she had not been named as a witness in the Jones' case; there were just two weeks of discovery left in the case; and there was no reason to suspect she would play any role in that case."

Once again, we see the Clinton lawyers walking a careful line between truth and lie, with the goal of deceiving us. The Starr report stated that Ms. Currie was a "potential witness" in the Lewinsky proceedings. In the above statement, Clinton's lawyers are telling us that, since Ms. Currie was not likely to be called as a witness in the Jones' case, Clinton could attempt to influence her testimony against him in the later Lewinsky case without being guilty of the felony crime of Witness Tampering. The law clearly states that, if a person is likely to be called to testify in upcoming proceedings, any attempt to tamper with testimony is a crime, a felony. Here, Clinton's lawyers are comparing apples [Jones' case] with oranges [Lewinsky case]. Clinton was not afraid of Ms. Currie's testimony in the Jones' case, but he was deathly afraid of it in the upcoming Lewinsky case. Therefore, when he tried to influence Ms. Currie's testimony in the Lewinsky case, he was guilty of Witness Tampering.

We leave it to you to realize that we are dealing with a very clever, and a very incorrigible, liar. Clinton cannot be trusted in anything he says, or does. His statement that he had asked for, and received, God's forgiveness, and asked for our forgiveness, is counterfeit.

Please take the time to read through the various layers of evidence from the Starr report and discount anything this President or his lawyers might say or do.

I would like to leave you with the first statement I quoted above, because it so clearly reveals the depraved nature of this President and of his defenders.

"... literally true statements cannot be the basis for a perjury prosecution, even if a witness intends to mislead the questioner."

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