Subtitle: Since no claim that someone is an occultist can possibly be believed unless there is a strong drug connection, we will examine here the strong usage of drugs among White House staff members, most of whom were hired by Hillary. Since we have already shown a very strong drug connection by Bill and Hillary in NEWS1219, this article provides evidence of overwhelming proportions that the Clintons are the Illuminist witches we have been saying they are.

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In any organization, the people who are hired, especially at the higher levels, reflect the same character and personality of the President or CEO.  This phenomenon occurs because the top people tend to look for those subordinates who share their values, experience, and even lifestyles.  In my 22 years in Retail Management, I have seen this phenomenon occur many times over, in many different organizations.  Therefore, we can look at the staff hired by the Clinton Administration and get a very good idea as to the character and values of Bill and Hillary themselves, especially since Hillary directly did much of the hiring herself.

Once again, we  draw upon the professional observations of Former FBI Agent, Gary Aldrich, writing in his book, "Unlimited Access".  Agent Aldrich wrote his book to alert Americans to the shabby and unprofessional way in which the Clintons were running the White House, because he was concerned that America's very survival might be at stake.  But, we saw a very different picture emerge from these observations, because we also know the occult very well, and we have the assistance of a former Illuminist witch, Doc Marquis.  We saw irrefutable evidence that the Clintons were practicing witches, conclusions buttressed by Marquis.  In NEWS1215-1230 of this series, we have demonstrated the direct occultic roots which were producing the "weird" and even frightening, observations made by Agent Aldrich.  Certainly, no one can fail to be convinced by the mountain of evidence through which we have sifted.  Certainly, no one with even a partially opened mind, can fail to understand that the White House is now being controlled by powerful Illuminist witches at this most important time in world history, i.e., the soon appearance of Antichrist, who will be the most powerful Illuminist witch in history!

In this article, we shall reveal the powerful drug use observed by Agent Aldrich among the Clinton White House staff people, some of them Cabinet officials!  As we stated before, any occultist will have to turn to drugs to properly "open their consciousness" to achieve higher levels of witchcraft.  Drugs have the effect of suppressing the conscious mind, with its centers of values and attitudes, and character.  Once the conscious mind has been suppressed, drugs then open the subconscious mind to all kinds of alternative values, attitudes, and character.  Once the conscious mind has been suppressed, the occultist can then "progress" to higher and higher levels of witchcraft.  The drug connection is so powerful and so required, that you must be able to see an irrefutable use of drugs on the part of those whom you believe are practicing occultists.  We definitely see this high level of drug use among White House staff members, as we shall now demonstrate.

From this point, we shall be printing all excerpts from "Unlimited Access" in black, with our comments in blue, and with any comments from former Illuminist witch, Doc Marquis in red , as we have done throughout this series. 



1).  "The Clintons are not as they appear to be ..." [p. xiv]  Once again, we have to remind you to forget the carefully prepared and orchestrated Madison Avenue advertising image that has been carefully created for Bill and Hillary Clinton.  They are most definitely far, far different in their inner heart of hearts than they appear to be.

2).  "Truth is whatever you want it to be." [p. xv] White House Chief of Staff, Craig Livingstone, speaking to FBI agent, Dennis Sculimbrene.

3). "The White House has a completely amoral worldview." [p. xiv]

4). "All definitions of words, like everything else, are relative. Definition is, to a major degree, dependent upon your partisan position." [p. 135] I used to think the Communists were the absolute masters in redefining words so as to be able to seem like they are agreeing with your position while fundamentally opposing it.  But, this Illuminist Bill Clinton, and his staff, are the real masters of this art of deception.  We saw the President admit that he redefined the word, "is", "alone", and "sexual relations".  When you are dealing with people as duplicitous as these folks are, you cannot trust anything they say, and you cannot trust anything they are doing.

5).  "Lies like this passed easily from the lips of Clinton staffers." [p. 157]  Surprise, surprise, the Clinton Administration can easily lie?!  When you combine paragraphs 1-4, above, with special emphasis on the "amoral worldview" of paragraph 3, you cannot be surprised when you learn that Clinton people lie!  Of course, they will lie, because they admit to no standard of behavior.


1).  [White House Chief of Security, Craig Livingstone, addressing a new group of interns. His closing comments were: "And I know what some of you guys are going to do, but don't get caught. I mean, I'm not asking you to become a narc or anything, but go easy on that kind of thing." He could be only be talking about drugs. P. 38] This statement reveals that the White House was telling this new group of interns that they could do drugs while in the White House, but they were to be careful enough not to get caught!  I cannot imagine any other Presidential Administration in history that would hoodwink at drug use like this among its White House staff.

2).  "On December 4, 1994, Congressman Newt Gingrich said during a Meet the Press show, 'I had a senior law enforcement official tell me that many Clinton White House staffers had used illegal drugs within the past five years.' "

"I'd come to the White House to get away from crooks and drug dealers, and now I was surrounded by a White House staff full of people who had been major drug buyers -- or maybe worse." [Aldrich, p. 111]

"One had only to look at Clinton associates like Little Rock businessman Dan Lasater, who was convicted of cocaine distribution and later pardoned by then-Governor Clinton ..." [p. 111] This pardon is also typical Illuminati behavior. An Illuminist in position of power would never let one of his sub-ordinates go to jail if he could prevent it. Illuminists believe they are above the law. Listen to David Bresnahan describe how Clinton pulled off this bold plan to pardon Lasater, no small trick since Lasater was convicted on Federal charges.  "During those two years, Clinton was often seen with known drug dealer, Dan Lasater.  Lasater was eventually arrested and convicted on a minor drug charge as part of a plea bargain ... the plea got the federal drug trafficking charge reduced to a state charge, giving Clinton the ability to issue the pardon." [David Bresnahan, "Cover Up:  The Art and Science of Political Deception", p. 30].

"Lasater's former business partner is the current Clinton director of White House Management and Administration Patsy Thomasson, who is responsible for drug testing at the White House. Isn't this a little like letting the fox guard the chicken coop?"  [Aldrich, Ibid.]

"A high percentage of Clinton staffers had started using serious drugs 10-30 years before coming to the Clinton White House. "We are talking about decades of illegal drug use." [p. 111] [Common occult practice] Since Bill and Hillary Clinton began their descent into the occult as part of the hippie Ant-Vietnam War group of the late 1960's, we should not be too surprised to hear that many of the Clinton staff members had been taking drugs for "decades".

Clinton White House staffers used 'heavy' drugs like cocaine, LSD, and methamphetamine. Many were actually 'in your face' about it, using the FBI interview to try to debate me on the merits of making drugs legal." [p. 112] [Mind-altering drugs are not allowed for Illuminists. Someone is in trouble]  Obviously, the discipline of the Illuminati in defining the types of drugs that were not allowed [Mind-Altering Drugs] was not extended down the ranks of the White House staff. But, notice Aldrich's statement that many White House staffers actually debated him on the merits of making drug use legal!  We shall return to this subject later on in this article.

Craig Livingstone, Clinton's White House Chief of Security, actually told Aldrich that he had really tried to drive home the point to a young person who wanted to join the FBI, that drug use would not be tolerated. Listen to what Livingstone had the stupidity to tell Aldrich. "Gary, I told her that she needed to understand that the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration and other such agencies were 'very straight' and would require full disclosure about her background, including a polygraph. I told he that she could not hide her past. I mean, it isn't like the White House, where you can use drugs before, and skate past other indiscretions, and still work here." [p. 118-119] [Especially since the White House is being controlled by two Illuminists]  Once again, we can see the prevailing attitude among senior White House officials that drug use was going to be permitted, and that a drug history would not prevent someone from getting a White House position.

"Gary, did you know that Janet Reno was supposed to be the drug czar, but when the president and Hillary botched up the AG appointments, they had to switch Reno over to Justice? She's all for the drug court concept, you know: rehabilitation without punishment, or a criminal record." [p. 120] [Considering, I believe, she's one of them and I am not surprised] We have repeatedly noted the high-level attempt to get drug usage legalized, led by Former Secretary of State, George Shultz under President Reagan, using the proven techniques of the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan [Read NEWS1055 for full details as to how this plan works].  But, now, we get the news that Attorney General Janet Reno believes that drug use should be legalized.  However, Reno is not the only Clinton Administration official to believe this!

"The Clintons had changed the direction of the drug war from prevention and prosecution to treating drug abuse as a mental disorder. By the time I met Lee Brown, article after article had appeared in magazines and newspapers suggesting the Clintons were sufficiently 'soft' on drugs that they might consider legalizing them." [p. 121]  Did you know that the Clinton Administration was considering legalizing drugs!?  This fact alone should convince you that Bill and Hillary are practicing occultists, because this goal is near and dear to their hearts.  But, there is more.  Listen:

"The Gores were described by a Gore spokesperson as dedicated 'Deadheads'. As an FBI agent, I knew the parking lots of Grateful Dead concerts were notorious open-air drug markets and that the band itself and its followers were an entrenched part of the 'drug culture'." [p. 35] [Certain drugs augment occult powers, especially for astral possession] How does it make you feel to know that the Gores are "dedicated Deadheads"? You are probably surprised, because Tipper Gore has led the fight to get drug explicit language either removed from Rock Lyrics, or at least get such albums clearly marked.  Once again, the Madison Avenue person is 160 degrees removed from the real person.

But, now listen to the shocking, bold remarks about drug legalization from Vice-President Gore's speechwriter.

Vice President Gore's speech writer, Robert Lehrman "suggested that the crime rate would probably go down if we released all convicted criminals -- murderers, rapists, child molesters -- from prison." [p. 36]  Folks, this is one huge "Smoking Gun" evidence of the Illuminism of the Clinton Administration!  Since the laws against murderers, rapists, and child molesters are based upon Judeo-Christian Biblical ethics, a primary Illuminist goal is to eliminate the prohibitions against these acts in the coming New World Order!  This Gore speechwriter, Robert Lehrman, has just uttered one of the most important goals of the Illuminati!!  This is a hot, hot, very hot quote, and one that should convince all the skeptics among us that the Clintons are powerful, practicing Illuminist witches!

Now, listen to some of the comments Doc Marquis made on this issue of drug legalization. 

Certain drugs augment occult powers, especially for astral possession. Marquis touches on one of the more advanced types of witchcraft practices, astral possession. He spotted this by examining the Aldrich observations on drug use.

All-out "legal drug use" would lead to national demonic possession. This goal must be paramount for Illuminists to prepare Americans for appearance of Antichrist. You must remember this whenever you hear anyone advocating the legalization of drugs. The drug running by the Arkansas drug group, headed by Lasater and Seal, and protected by Governor and President Clinton also makes more sense. [See NEWS1219 for full details on this drug running operation, protected by Governor Clinton].

    As shocking as this idea of a nation-wide demonic possession might seem to you, it is not too much of a stretch of understanding to believe it could happen in America.  Certainly, missionaries to countries in Africa and the Voodoo- practicing peoples in the Caribbean will tell you that the entire culture suffers from demonic possession and affliction.

    Today, in America, we have now had two full decades where millions of Americans have heavily participated in the New Age Movement.  One of the main goals of a New Age adherent is to "progress" sufficiently into "spiritual maturity" so you can make contact with a personal "Guiding Spirit".  When a person meets such a Guiding Spirit in their minds-eye during meditation, they are demonically possessed.  Since many New Agers think nothing of receiving several such Guiding Spirits, many of them are possessed by multiple demons.  Such New Age adherents will look and act very normal, and many of them are extremely successful businessmen and top executives of some of the most successful companies in America.  But, they are still demon possessed.

    I believe one of the major reasons why entire populations of people are prophesied to run after the Beast in great admiration and enthusiastic worship is because they have been demonically possessed by participation in one or more alternative religions.  Thus, the acceptance of Antichrist will have been prepared beforehand!  I believe America, and most other nations of the world, are thus sufficiently prepared for the appearance of Antichrist.  Finally, we see that the White House itself is under the control of Illuminists.  Marquis is right on target when he cautions against legalizing drugs, which would lead to a nation-wide demonic possession !  This statement does not mean that everyone will be demonically possessed; it just means that great numbers of people will be, from sea to shining sea!


            The very fact that Bill and Hillary filled their White House staff with current drug users, and with people who have been drug users for decades, and with even some cabinet officials who were drug users, clearly shows that Bill and Hillary are practicing Illuminist witches.  If any of you are still believing that drug use cannot possibly extend even to the Oval Office, to Bill and Hillary, listen to this report from national columnist, David Bresnahan, writing in his book, "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception.  Bresnahan records that one day, while Secret Service dogs were sniffing the Oval Office for bombs, they suddenly began to give off a very different signal.  They began to give the signal they had been trained to give when they discovered drugs.  These drug traces were discovered in the very Oval Office itself!  Only the President, First Lady, and senior administration officials have access to this office!  Therefore, we have just one more instance that Bill and Hillary are acting exactly as we would expect them to act if they were practicing Illuminist witches.

            Truly, the End of the Age is close at hand, with the appearance of the ultimate Illuminist witch, Antichrist, very close. Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

            If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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