Subtitle:  At such a critical time in the life of America as we are experiencing today, we find it comforting to look within Holy Scripture to see if God's Word can cast any illuminating light upon the impending impeachment of President Clinton.  We discovered that King Solomon addressed this type issue directly!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "U.S. Senate Reaches Plan To Open Clinton Trial", by John Whitesides, http://nt.excite.com/news/r/990108/13/news-scandal, January 8, 1999.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate reached a bipartisan agreement Friday on a plan for President Clinton's impeachment trial that potentially could allow witnesses and would start presentations of evidence next week. In a rare two-hour informal closed session in the Old Senate Chamber, senators agreed to start the trial according to the timetable put together by Republicans, with decisions on calling witnesses postponed until late January and requiring a majority Senate vote.  A vote on the plan, which was expected to get wide bipartisan approval, was planned for later Friday."

"Clinton is accused of perjury and obstruction of justice stemming from his effort to cover up a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern. The president was in Detroit Friday giving a speech on the economy but the White House said there would be no comment on the deal until it had seen the specifics.  After the solemn rituals prescribed by the Constitution opened the trial Thursday, including the formal reading of charges and the swearing-in of senators as jurors, the mood had quickly turned to rancor as Democrats and Republicans bickered over procedures. A flurry of private meetings failed to reach an accord on how long the second impeachment trial in the nation's history would last and whether witnesses would be called as requested by the House of Representatives."

"A two-thirds vote of senators would be required to convict Clinton and remove him from office, which at this point is considered unlikely ... Democrats have said calling witnesses would open the door to a prolonged and contentious trial that could break into the kind of partisan rancor displayed during the House inquiry ... House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde, who will lead the prosecution, said Friday witnesses were crucial to their case. 'As in any court proceeding, witnesses are necessary during a trial so that evidence may be thoroughly weighed and tested before a conviction,' Hyde said."

During the Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives last November and December, we witnessed a striking phenomenon amongst the Representatives.  When a Republican Congressman held the floor in order to give a speech, he talked about criminal wrongdoing, i.e., Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering.  Whenever a Democrat Congressman held the floor in order to give a speech, he or she talked about sex. 

I do not remember any deviation from this pattern.  Not once did I hear a Democrat challenge the validity or the truthfulness of the charges against President Clinton; rather, I heard that the whole process of investigation was "unfair", and I heard that no one should be impeached for sex while in the office, and I heard that the Republicans were just trying to "get" this President.  Not once did I hear a Democrat say anything about Truth, Honor, and Justice .  While the Democrats were crying in their towels about "unfairness" and about the "lack of partisanship", they were practicing the most blatant type of partisanship possible, i.e., they were defending their man even though he had acknowledged being guilty of the crime with which he had been charged!!

The Republicans, on the other hand, were taking such a high road on this issue that they were abandoning the propaganda road to the Democrats.  Once again, the Republicans were allowing the Democrats to make them look silly, foolish, and incompetent.  Why should they allow this to happen, once again?  We have noted in many articles that the Republicans and Democrats alike, and in equal measure, support the coming New World Order Plan; since this Plan calls for many scandals to occur in the previous type of government, so that the people would be thoroughly disgusted with their form of government, we can only assume that the Republicans are allowing the Democrats to make them look incompetent so that the American people will get more and more discouraged about the effectiveness of our form of government [Read NEWS1248, Impeachment Process As Tool To Topple Government" for full details].

The point I am trying to make here is that no defender of President Clinton is being motivated by what is actually right or wrong in this case, nor are they motivated by whether criminal acts have been committed by Mr. Clinton.  They are defending him blindly here, simply and only because he is their top office holder and because he represents the epitome of Liberalism versus that nasty old Conservatism.  Not once have I heard any Presidential defender speak about Biblical principles, or about what the Good Old Book might have to say on this subject.  Sadly, the very thought of Biblical principles coming into play here is never, ever mentioned.

But, we know better, do we not?  We know that God is still on His throne in Heaven, and that He still knows exactly what everyone in Washington, D.C., is thinking, planning, and doing.  In fact, God knew all this in Eternity Past, before He created any part of this universe.  We also know that God ascribes a national spiritual condition based upon the collective morality of its citizens .  Therefore, we would be greatly blessed, as a nation, if we were to look at the principles of the Good Old Book as they apply to our current scandalous situation of the impending Impeachment Trial of President Clinton.

King Solomon is rightly regarded as the wisest man who ever lived.  In 1 Kings, we see that God was highly pleased with Solomon after the young king had told God that he only wanted wisdom so he could govern his people in a way that was right and pleasing to God.  Therefore, God gave Solomon the highest wisdom possible.  Listen:

"And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding exceeding much, and largeness of heart, even as the sand that is on the sea shore.And Solomon's wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the children of the east country, and all the wisdom of Egypt. For he was wiser than all men; "  [1 Kings 4:29-31]  Since that time, the name of Solomon has been synonymous with wisdom and discernment. 

Therefore, it is highly incumbent upon us to learn what King Solomon might have had to say on this issue facing the country with President Clinton's Impeachment Trial today.  But, first, let us declare the issue:  President Clinton is on trial before the U.S. Senate for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice, both felony criminal acts.  You can forget all the false propaganda about this trial being about sex; that is a bold lie designed to lead astray all the minds of all the undiscerning and thoughtless Americans we have in our population.  This trial is about Perjury and Obstruction of Justice.

Furthermore, President Clinton has admitted to Perjury .  His admission is so startling that, when he gets out of office, he is likely to be indicted for Perjury immediately!  This fact is the reason he and his lawyers seem so very interested in cutting a deal with the Senate that would remove the criminal Sword of Damocles hanging over his head once he is no longer President.

However, we have a trial ahead of us, with the President, his lawyers, and his defenders on one side, and 100 U.S. Senators on the other side.  As we demonstrated in NEWS1234, ["Perjury Is A Dagger In The Heart of the American Judicial System], if Clinton can commit perjury and get away with it, the American Judicial System just might come crashing down.  After all, why should average American Jane and Joe be forced to tell the truth, going to jail if they do not, if the President of the United States can get away with it?  You will suddenly find it very difficult to get any Justice in our courts if the laws against Perjury are suddenly lifted.

What advice does King Solomon have to give both sides to this Impeachment Trial?

"He who says to the wicked, 'You are righteous and innocent' -- peoples will curse him, nations will defy and abhor him.  But to those upright judges who rebuke the wicked, it will go well with them and they will find delight, and a good blessing will be upon them." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

Wow!  This statement hits the contemporary nail right on the proverbial head!  Notice the first sentence:  The person who tells the obviously wicked man, "You are righteous and innocent", will draw the wrath and the curses of the people of the population and of the nations of the world.  Bill Clinton has admitted he committed perjury under oath in a court of law.  When his defenders, mostly from his own party, come to his aid, they are saying by their actions that they believe he is innocent.  In fact, many of his defenders have said as much with their own lips, as well as their actions.  Such people are only deserving of the curses and defiance of which the Bible speaks in this verse.

But, those people who will rightly call a spade a spade can depend upon this Godly counsel that their cause will be aided and will go well.  They will find delight and a good blessing.  We can only hope and pray that this type of action will prevail, as it should when the facts are so clear cut and when Bill Clinton has admitted guilt. 

However, we are also under no illusion that such action will prevail.  As we have noted before, the Republicans are just as committed to the New World Order as are the Democrats.  In this regard, we can only look with despair that the top Republican Senator is Trent Lott.  Since Lott is a 33rd Degree Mason, and Clinton was in Demolay during his youth and now in the Illuminati, we can expect "kid-glove" treatment by the Senate.  Albert Pike, former Sovereign Grand General of the Southern Jurisdiction of Freemasonry, writes in his key book, 'Morals and Dogma', "... all truths are Truths of Period , and not truths for eternity ..." [p. 37]  Isn't this Bill Clinton's defense?  Aren't Clinton and his defenders saying that the Biblical truths of which Clinton is admittedly guilty are not truths which need to be followed in this "Enlightened Age" of the 1990's?  Aren't they saying that such unchangeable Biblical truths have no place in our society today?  Of course that is exactly what they are saying; in fact, that is exactly what the entire 60's Counter Culture crowd, of which Clinton was a member, were saying during their heyday.  Since Trent Lott and some of his Senate colleagues are Freemasons, we can only expect they will follow their belief in this matter.

Further, Christian columnist, David Bresnahan, stated that, right after the 1996 Democrat election disaster, in which control of the House of Representatives went to the Republicans for the first time in half a century, Clinton was flailing about, not knowing exactly what to do to save his Presidency.  Senator Trent Lott had a certified political genius working for him; his name was Dick Morris.  Trent suggested to Clinton that he hire Morris and he suggested to Morris that he should go to work for Clinton.  Now, why would a supposed enemy of Clinton, a Republican Senator, Trent Lott, come to aid Clinton in such a key manner?  Dick Morris has worked his political magic for Clinton for 3 years now, aiding the Democrats mightily in winning races in the 1998 election no one thought they could win.

The only reason why such a political "enemy" of Clinton would aid him in this key instance is that the entire political concept of Republicans being enemies of the Democrats, and vice versa, is a fake and a charade all the way through.  Both Democrat and Republican are equally committed to the New World Order.  The only way in which Bill Clinton can get convicted and removed from office is if the Illuminati Plan calls for such an action.  This may be a possibility, since we have previously noted that a part of the Plan does call for deliberate series of scandals in the administration immediately preceding the advent of the New World Order. [See NEWS1248and NEWS1233 for full details].

However, we urge our Senators to act in compliance with Solomon's Biblical advice in this passage.  America and the world would be far better off if such a guilty verdict were handed down.  We would also urge every one of our readers to email, call, or write their Senators to tell them to do the right, and Biblical, thing.  You can email your Senators easily by going to our "Cool Links" listing.  Click on that link and scroll down to the bottom where you will see the link to the U.S. Senate.  You can find your Senator and write him quickly and easily.

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