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NEWS BRIEF:  "Genital Exams For Preschoolers"?, WorldNetDaily, www.worldnetdaily.com January 14, 1999, by Jon E. Dougherty.

"As many as 20 children, ages 3 through 5, were exposed to genital examinations without parental consent at a Head Start program at Roosevelt Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The exams, sanctioned by Head Start administrators, has prompted a lawsuit by the parents of at least 10 children, but more may join in the suit at a later date. The exams occurred November 5, 1998, but parents had no idea Head Start planners had scheduled them until afterward, when they picked their children up from school. Notification of the exams went out to parents two days later. School officials and Head Start administrators said they performed the exams because they wanted to check for sexual abuse and whether or not the testicles of the male children had properly descended. Legal sources who spoke with WorldNetDaily said no complaints of sexual abuse had been raised by either the parents of the children or the school district."

Two years ago, we wrote an article entitled, "Child Abuse Is A Trojan Horse Designed To Tear Christian Families Apart", NEWS1019.  In this article, we recounted several instances where government agencies, either local, state, or Federal, had used a "concern" over sexual abuse as an excuse to tear children from Christian families.  I was one of the targeted victims in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1989, but the good Lord gave me the ability and the circumstance to fight this horrific intrusion off.  Not every family is so fortunate; some Christian families have lost their children.  At least, my experience demonstrated to me that the primary motivation behind this attack was the enormous amount of hatred toward Christians on the part of these state workers.

Now, we hear that the Federal Government Head Start Program in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is engaged in the same type of activity, but this time the target are families not necessarily Christian; however, that should not be too much of a surprise, since the New World Order Plan, from the beginning, has been to pull children out of the home at the earliest age possible, so the children can be trained and indoctrinated by government officials.  Thus, the Federal Government has been pushing Public Schools since the early part of this century, just as Karl Marx said must happen, writing in his Communist Manifesto.  Did you know that Karl Marx was the first person to push for Public Schools? He felt it was essential to have the Federal Government take over the education of children from the earliest possible age, in order that they would be indoctrinated with the belief system the government wanted them to have, not the Biblical education predominate in much of the Western World during Marx's time [1848].  The New World Order Plan perfectly parallels the Communist Manifesto at this point.

But, the entire Family Institution is under fire here.  Satanists have long hated the Family, and have consistently worked to destroy it.  God began this institution in the Garden of Eden, and Satan is determined to destroy it.

The key to the present situation where daycare has become such a critical need in the lives of most families today was the Vietnam War.  I remember the debate within the Lyndon Johnson White House in 1967.  Economists were warning LBJ that he must institute Wartime Controls over the American economy, since the war was placing such huge strains on the economy that tremendous inflation and shortage of goods and services would naturally result.  After much discussion, President Johnson publicly announced that he was not imposing Wartime Controls, because "Americans can afford both guns and butter ". 

Of course, rapid inflation immediately kicked in, giving the American economy double-digit inflation for most of the years from 1968-1981, and two severe recessions.  Many, many American households were in severe financial crisis.  In order to maintain the standard of living to which they were committed, American families were faced with the need for another income.  Many fathers got second jobs, but many more mothers entered the workplace.  Almost immediately, daycare was a burning issue.  Grandparents and other loved ones filled much of the need, at least for a while, but soon, public daycare centers began to spring up to fill the demand.  Not too long later, the State and Federal Governments began to talk "compassionately" about the need for "safeguards" and "standards" that needed to be imposed upon daycare facilities.  No President has done more in this area than President Clinton.

However, with safeguards and standards comes outright control.  Most Americans still are not concerned, because they have no historical education that would make them alarmed about the potential of abuse and control that a huge, all-powerful Federal Government poses to the safety, security, and freedoms of all citizens.  No, too many Americans welcome more and more Government intrusion into our everyday lives.  When President Clinton announces another huge Government program that brings yet more controls, too many Americans enthusiastically applaud him.  Before we get to the subject that this confidence in Big Government is historic insanity, let us continue with our News Brief.

"Christopher Goree, a Tulsa-based lawyer and affiliate attorney with the Rutherford Institute, a non-profit civil liberties organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia, will file the lawsuit. Rutherford spokesman Ron Rissler said his organization is currently handling similar cases in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, but he said there are distinct differences between those cases and the Tulsa case. First of all, these children [in Tulsa] are much younger than those in our other cases," Rissler said. 'Also, this was a mix of children -- boys and girls. Plus there was no prior parental consent or notification, and the manner in which the exams were conducted was appalling.' He also said there was no physician present, while in the Pennsylvania cases a licensed gynecologist was performing the examinations."

Wonderful!  Now we learn that the Federal Government has been doing this type of sexual examination in Pennsylvania and West Virginia!  If we know about this activity in these three states, how many other states are doing this to our children, without our knowledge or consent?  Once again, we state that this "concern" over sexual abuse of children is a smokescreen designed to tear families apart.  If any kind of a mark were discovered on any of these children, I can guarantee you that the child would never get home that night.  The child would have been seized by the state child protective division within the hour, and the poor parent would learn, upon arriving at the daycare center that, not only could they not pick up their child, but that they were under investigation for possible sexual abuse.  The parents would then probably lose custody of their other children in the home, yet that day.  

Further, we need to warn you that sexual abuse is not the only thing for which these government nurses were looking.  They were  looking for any evidence of spanking.  You see, since God instructed parents strongly that they needed to spank their children in order to correct their behavior to Biblical standards, and so that they would learn to respect authority, the New World Order mentality states that spanking is just as harmful to the child as sexual abuse!  When I was fighting with the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, I discovered this fact the hard way.  In fact, as my wife and I were being interrogated about the supposed sexual abuse of our two girls, we were shocked beyond belief when we were told that, in addition, we were being charged with the following "offenses":

1)  Spanking our children to correct them

2)  Forcing them to go to Church

3)  Forcing them to submit to prayers in the home, specifically before meals and at bedtime

4)  Forcing them to read the Bible

These were the "offenses" of which we were accused, and the custody of our daughters hung in the balance, not to mention jail time for me, if the State DSS prevailed.  Fortunately, we vigorously fought this false sexual charge, and the Lord enabled us to prevail.  However, this country is now 10 more years down the path to Dictatorial, Antichristian Federal Government, so I have my doubts as to whether we would prevail today.

There is one more warning I feel compelled to give you.  Because of the tremendous Antichristian bias now in all state  agencies, Christian parents should no longer be Foster Parents, or work in any capacity with these agencies.  Boys and girls that have been taken from their biological parent(s) are so messed up mentally and emotionally, they will lash out at you in any way they can, and "street-smart" kids today know that a phone call to the child protective division alledging  sexual abuse will "free" them from the Foster Home.  Then, the innocent family in that Foster Home is immediately under attack, especially since the first action the Child Protective Division is likely to take is to remove both the foster child and all biological children from the home, until the "investigation" is completed.

Christian parents, too many of you have not yet realized that the Federal and State Governments hate your Chistianity and have declared war on you.  You just have not realized that sad fact yet.  Hopefully, this story will serve as a wakeup call.  Let us continue with the story.

"Rissler told WorldNetDaily that two licensed practical nurses performed the exams, and the manner in which they were done was 'completely unacceptable' by normal medical standards."

"Goree said the examination process was divided into two stages."

"In the first room all of the kids had their fingers stuck with a needle to get a blood specimen, which caused emotional distress,' he said. 'Following this procedure, they were taken to another room for their genital exams'.  He confirmed that while the LPN drawing blood wore gloves, the second one performing the [genital] physicals did not. Furthermore, he said, children in the second room were examined on a dirty sleeping mat that had been placed atop a desk."

"They just set them up on this dirty mat, disrobed them and examined their genitals," Rissler said.

Once again, we can see the callous attitude on behalf of these nurses; it was obvious they cared nothing for the feelings and emotional well-being of these children.  Further, if these parents had educated their children in the proper distrust of strangers generally, and of anyone specifically touching them in their private parts, these children would have been horribly upset, probably feeling violated. 

How would you like your 3-5 year old "examined" in this manner?

"An independent medical source, who requested anonymity, said she is intimately familiar with the program and the exam processes which all children must undergo before they are accepted into Head Start."  Now you know the truth:  ALL children must undergo these kinds of examinations before they are accepted into Head Start programs.  I guess you know now not to ever let your child go to Head Start or any other government daycare, right?

'I've done physicals on Head Start participants,' she said. 'All children have to have them before they can become completely qualified for the program. Most LPNs are not adequately educated to perform sexual abuse exams,' she said. 'Specialized training is required so you can detect whether or not any real sexual abuse has occurred.' "

Once again, this supposed "senstivity" and "compassion" for the child is nothing more, nor less, than a smoke screen that will allow them to get at your child.  Then, they can falsely alledge abuse, and you will be hard pressed to fight them because they are a powerful government agency.

"She also said many doctors, while qualified, are very uncomfortable with these kinds of exams, especially on children. Even they must get special training in both examination and documentation in order to recognize sexual abuse and to legally protect themselves."  This statement should tell us two very important things:

1)  Qualified doctors feel very uncomfortable about examining a child for "sexual abuse".  They know that many marks on the skin may be made by a variety of different playful activities in which a child may engage during the day.  Further, they know the score with the state and Federal Governments; they know the political agenda under which these agencies are working.  They are like the German doctors in the early years of the Nazi Government, from 1933-1938, when all the rules silently changed, with the average citizen being only vaguely aware.  We are at the same moment in our history as those poor Germans were back in that era.  In many of our articles, we have demonstrated that the coming New World Order is nothing more than Nazism with a different mask, politically, economically, and spiritually.  If you have not read these articles, we encourage you to do so now, so you will understand the situation confronting you now.

a)  NEWS1003 -- "Compulsory Volunteerism Is Right Out of Hitler's Program"

b)  NEWS1004 -- "Comparison between Nazism and New Age, politically and spiritually"

c)  NEWS1005 -- "Industrial Policy Is Fascism"

d)  NEWS1008 -- "Role of Adolf Hitler In The New World Order Plan"

e)  NEWS1017 -- "Hitler As A Type of Antichrist -- Revelation 17:10-11 -- Study of the Satanism of Hitler From the Perspective of a Luciferian"

f)  NEWS1042 -- "What Has Happened To Our Precious Children?"

g)  NEWS1124 -- "Fascist Economy Conditioning"

h)  NEWS1185 -- "New Age Proven To Be Nazism"

These articles will tell you, in detail, the truth about Hitler.  You will be informed that the New World Order planners used Hitler as a guniuea pig to prove or disprove that the system planned for Antichrist could work.  This planned system calls for a Government that is an Absolute Dictatorship, an Economy that is Fascist, and a national religion that is open, public Satan worship.  Hitler set just such a system up in Germany, and it worked just fine.  All the problems have been identified so that, when Antichrist arises, he knows such a global system will work.

America is far, far down this road right now, with many individual Americans possessing the same Antichristian attitudes and behaviors which similar Germans possessed in 1933.  Many individual doctors understand this political agenda and "feel uncomfortable" examining the children at the behest of the Federal Government, thereby becoming accessories in the war against the Family generally, and the Christian Family specifically.

2)  The second bit of information we should glean from this statement is her phrase that doctors "must get special training in both examination and documentation in order to recognize sexual abuse and to legally protect themselves."  Why should they know how to legally protect themselves, if they are only going to tell the truth?  They know that much of the "abuse" that will be "uncovered" and alledged will be fake, phony, and designed to further the political agenda of the Government.  Therefore, they know they will likely be under legal attack by enraged parents who are trying to defend themselves!

But, we have more horror yet from this news article.

" 'As far as little boys are concerned,' she said, 'their testicular check should have been done during their initial physical' to get into the Head Start program. 'In fact, that kind of check really should be done well before the age of two.'   When asked why Head Start officials would need to do another, separate exam of this type after kids enter the program, she simply said, 'I don't know. I can't think of any logical reason for it.'

This "testicular check" is to supposedly determine if the little boys' testicles have properly descended.  However, why would that be a concern of a daycare center, as it would have no bearing on behavior within the center nor academic progress within a school setting?  Furthermore, we should expect this kind of routine examination from the families' physician.  I know every one of my three boys were routinely examined around the age of two for this condition.  The Federal Government would have no reason to require one of their "professional" people to examine for this condition; so clearly is this true, the very fact they insist upon personally examining young boys proves our contention that this type of examination is politically motivated.  In fact, this government spokeswoman admits this fact in her last statement. Listen:

"When asked why Head Start officials would need to do another, separate exam of this type after kids enter the program, she simply said, 'I don't know. I can't think of any logical reason for it.' "  Bingo, there you have the admission.  There is no logical or medical reason for such an examination.  The only reason for it is because of the political and spiritual agenda against the Family unit generally and the Christian specifically.

The story continues. 

"Even if officials suspected abuse, 'proper authorities should have been contacted and a thorough sexual abuse forensic exam performed at that time.  In our practice, we just don't do exams -- especially those kinds of exams -- on preschool kids without having a parent in the room.' "  This is the standard of a real medical professional.  They insist upon having a parent in the room when they are conducting this kind of medical investigation.  But, why are we surprised that biological and/or legal parents were excluded?  Hillary Clinton has told us that children need a "Global Village" in which the officials of the State and Federal Governments take much of the parental authority away from the biological and/or legal parents!  In this case, this is exactly what occurred. The nurses took the place of the parents in the examination room.

" 'During the exam some of the kids cried,' Rissler said, 'and at least one of them asked (school officials) to contact his mother and have her present during the exam,' but that request was refused."

Now, we get to the crux of the situation, do we not?  When this child asked that his mother be present, school officials refused.  If you have not been convinced of the reality of an agenda being followed here, you must now being convinced.

"Misti Dubbs, parent of one of the children and the assistant Head Start teacher, was aware of the exams beforehand and did go into the room with her daughter. When one of the LPNs began to check her daughter's genitals, Ms. Dubbs immediately removed her from any further examination. Later in the day she also informed other parents what had happened when they came to take their children home."

This parent knew of the impending examinations only because she was an assistant Head Start teacher.  At first, she did not object, but once she saw the procedure being done, she immediately objected so strenuously she removed her daughter from the room to prevent any further "examination".   Afterwards, Mrs. Dubbs was so upset she stationed herself at the Head Start building so she could inform other parents what had just occurred to their children, without their consent or knowledge.

" 'The parents were understandably upset,' Rissler said. 'One of them even took his child to his own family practitioner to check for sexual abuse and another parent reported the incident on a sexual abuse hotline in Tulsa County.' Rissler said he had no information about any penetration of any of the children.' 

 I am not surprised by this statement, as the objective was not to give the nurses any kind of sexual gratification, but to enable them to pursue the parents.

After giving facts about how and when the Rutherford Institute was going to file the lawsuit, he then said other Tulsa attorneys had turned down the parental lawsuit. "... other Tulsa attorneys turned down many of the families because they were low-income parents and because other law firms 'didn't want to take on Head Start and the federal government.' "

These other attorneys in Tulsa also knew about the political and spiritual vendetta of the officials of the Head Start Program and the Federal Government, and they wanted no part of that kind of fight.  It remained for the Christian Rutherford Institute to accept the challenge.


Then, we see the "apology" of the Head Start officials. 

"Goree said that shortly after the November incident, Head Start officials held a meeting with parents to apologize and to try to allay frustration and anger. But at that meeting 'parents were talked down to,' Goree said, 'and I can tell you firsthand they didn't appreciate it very much.It was almost like a party environment. They gave away door
prizes and everything, as if getting a trinket of some sort would make it all go away,' he said."

Can you believe their arrrogance?  They talked to the parents like they were unimportant low-life, and then they trivialized the whole affair by giving out door prizes!  Folks, we beg you to wake up and realize that this is exactly the kind of attitude people in the current State and Federal Governments have toward average citizens.  These Head Start officials knew the political and spiritual agenda being pursued here, and they know the huge power of the Federal Government is behind them and against you!

"Though Head Start Director Jerome Lee told parents he was sorry that he 'dropped the ball on this,' he also said that there was nothing strange or unusual about the physicals. Goree confirmed that other schools in the Tulsa area perform genital exams on their Head Start participants, and Lee does not anticipate ending the examinations at Roosevelt."

If other public schools are performing these kinds of examinations on children, especially without parental knowledge or consent, it is because the Federal Government controls these schools just as tightly as they control Head Start.  We have been warning Christian parents for eons to get their children out of Public Schools because their children are being bombarded with Antichristian propaganda and indoctrination.  Not only are Public Schools teaching Evolution and Sex, they are turning the minds of our precious children against parental authority, and against the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  But, now we are at the point where our children are being physically "examined" with the only purpose to enable the government to remove the children from the Christian home.  This action has already occurred in too many instances, and will increase dramatically in the time period immediately ahead of us.

Get your children out of Government Public Schools and all daycare centers.  You, your children, and your Family are at risk, from a hostile government at the Local, State, and Federal Governments.  Not only is this true, but you can provide a far better education by either homeschooling or by private Christian education.  In the past decade, the students scoring the highest on standardized testing are Home Schoolers, followed by students of Christian private schools.  Public School students test way, way far down the scale, with many of those students not even able to read their report card, or their diplomas.  

But, even the deterioration of Public School academic education is planned as part of the New World Order curricula.  We spend a great deal of time talking about this issue in Seminar 1 , but basically, educators committed to the New World Order Plan, like Dewey, came to realize that children in Public Schools before World War II were being educated to think for themselves and to think too critically, to ever allow America to enter this new global system of Antichrist.  Therefore, the plan to seize government control over Public Schools was silently formulated before World War II. Textbooks have been dramatically dumbed down, as have teachers.  Core subjects have been replaced by general surveys, and much actual history has been rewritten.   But, oh boy, students today get sex education, and New Age meditation training so they can receive their own familiar spirits called Guiding Spirits or Spirit Counsellors.

America is ready to enter the New World Order of Antichrist.  Christian parents, you have been uniquely singled out for attack , and this "sexual abuse exam" is only part of the agenda.  Truly, the End of the Age is upon us.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior, but have come to realize His reality and the approaching End of the Age, and want to accept His FREE Gift of Eternal Life, you can also do so now, in the privacy of your home. Once you accept Him as Savior, you are spiritually Born Again, and are as assured of Heaven as if you were already there. Then, you can rest assured that the Kingdom of Antichrist will not touch you spiritually.

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