Subtitle:  In the concluding articles of this series, we will demonstrate how likely it is that Clinton’s foibles and commitment to the witchcraft of the Illuminati will result in our total annihilation.

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Now that the United States' Senate has failed to convict and remove President Bill Clinton from office, we must now look ahead to the possible consequences of such action. Because we have accomplished this task in NEWS1263, "Clinton Acquitted", and cannot go into depth in this article, we can only assume that Clinton is now strengthened and revitalized, and intends to see the Plan of the Illuminati through to its conclusion. Remember, the Plan of the Illuminati is to so set the world stage so that their New Age Christ can appear to receive the total power of the world politically, economically, and ultimately, religiously. But, a secondary part of this Plan is to create such scandals within the governments immediately preceding the appearance of Antichrist that people will accept the global alternative government of Antichrist.


 Now that Bill Clinton has won the fight over impeachment, he can resume his role in this plan. In the series of articles on "Clinton's Fatal Leadership" we have demonstrated that Bill and Hillary Clinton are both practicing witches in the Illuminati, and that Hillary outranks Bill in the occult. Because of their powerful witchcraft, and because of the peculiarity of thinking in the Illuminati, President Clinton has opened the door wide to our adversaries so we can likely see a logical, and Biblical, scenario, by which America will be physically annihilated. We believe this absolute, total destruction will be the final legacy of President Clinton.

Our final question is: "Will Bill Clinton even be here, and will he care that America has been totally annihilated"? Let us see if we can answer some of these intriguing questions. However, we shall have to wait for the next article, NEWS1261b, to fully answer this question.


First, we need to understand that occultists generally, and Illuminists specifically, do not think like normal human beings. One of the major reasons people cannot understand Bill Clinton is that they are thinking of him and his actions in terms of their own mindset, not his. For example, most Americans cannot conceive that their President might be committed to the destruction of America as a sovereign nation, and the handing over of all governmental power to the United Nations. We Americans love our country dearly, and we expect our leaders to love it just as much. But, members of the Illuminati plan to destroy patriotism and national sovereignty, as do all people who are committed to the New World Order. They just have not admitted this part of the Plan to you, the uninformed people, yet.


You see, Illuminists are committed to the concept that patriotism is outmoded, obsolete, and must be replaced by an allegiance to a global government, ruled by a global leader. No Illuminist is an American patriot, whether he is Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Bill and Hillary Clinton are prime examples of this thinking. Neither of them are acting in accordance with what is the best course of action for America; rather, they act according to what is best for the establishment of their precious global New World Order Government, Economy, and Religion.


Second, we demonstrate thoroughly, in Seminar 2, "America Determines The Flow Of Modern History", that the Illuminati created Communism to be the Antithesis force that would "do battle" with the Thesis force to produce the Synthesis system called the New World Order [See NEWS1007 for full details]. From the beginning of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Illuminist leaders in Western governments have not viewed Communist leaders as mortal enemies; they just wanted you to think they did. Rather, Illuminist leaders in the West have always viewed Communist leaders as secret compatriots in this Plan to produce their global system.

American Presidents from FDR to Bill Clinton have shared this mindset, with the only two possible exceptions being John Kennedy and Richard Nixon, both of whom were forced to vacate the Presidency before their terms expired. Yet, even these two Presidents took specific steps to move America to the planned global government.


When Bill Clinton decides how he is going to act on a particular issue with any Communist leader in the world, he secretly believes that this leader is a co-conspirator in the New World Order Plan. In other words, Bill Clinton secretly believes that every Communist leader will act in accordance with the New World Order Plan, and he simply cannot conceive that any of these leaders would turn on, and destroy, a fellow conspirator.

You must understand these two principles if you ever have the hope of comprehending the enormously dangerous acts Clinton has taken regarding the Russians and Chinese that compromise America's security, to the point where we can be attacked and annihilated. You cannot lay the total blame for Clinton's compromises of security purely on greed for monetary gain. Obviously, any man who has achieved monumental wealth will expect that he will be able to live in luxury so he can enjoy this wealth. He would not take action that would likely get him killed, because then he could not live to enjoy his gain. Thus, Clinton must have other, deeper, motives for giving the Chinese and Russians the means by which to destroy us.

Bill Clinton does not expect that any of his actions with Russia or China will result in his annihilation, because he trusts their leaders to remain loyal secret soldiers in the New World Order Plan.


  1. President Clinton is the first President of the Nuclear Era that refuses to allow military or civilian leaders to keep in contact with him 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
  2. President Clinton has routinely, and from the beginning, obstructed the normal efforts of the FBI and CIA to investigate the backgrounds of people whom Bill and Hillary have hired. As a result, people who are not properly cleared are seeing and handling highly classified information. People whose interests clearly lie with foreign governments have been cleared to receive and handle the most secret military and civilian information.
  3. President Clinton has creatively found loopholes in the law in order to transfer or sell highly classified information and hardware that can be used to annihilate us in war.

Now that we have succinctly listed the three relevant areas in which Bill Clinton has compromised security, let us examine them in detail.


  1. President Clinton does not ensure that he is available 100% of the time to the Pentagon and/or to the military officer containing the codes to launch our nuclear weapons in response to an attack.

In the early days of the Monica Lewinsky disaster, when most Americans were saying his sex life was no one's business, I felt the hair curl up the back of my head when I heard that the President regularly disappears in the White House so that no one knows where he is. In one of the reported instances, the White House Chief of Staff had a matter he felt was urgent enough to see the President immediately. However, he could not find the President; he grabbed a Secret Service agent to aid him in the search. After another 20 minutes, they found the President in a cubbyhole of a room, physically engaged with Lewinsky.

All told, the Chief of Staff had been unable to find the president for about 25 minutes. In the event of a nuclear strike, a delay of 25 minutes can be the difference between the life and death of a nation; furthermore, if an enemy knew that the President could be set up so he would disappear at a moment they could control, or at a moment they could learn about instantly, they could be tempted to launch a nuclear strike at the precise time the President was getting his regular dose of hidden physical pleasure. In fact, Lewinsky began her trysts with the President in the third year of his Presidency; this is a normal time frame in which the intelligence service of a hostile power would be able to interject a female agent into intimate proximity to the President. While I am not saying Lewinsky is a foreign agent, I am saying that it is highly possible for this type of infiltration to occur, and the timetable for such infiltration would be about three years, just the time Monica appeared. Further, I was impressed with news reports that Monica had unusual poise and speaking ability, which she did not make public until her deposition to House Prosecutors.  She was not your averagem run-of-the-mill bimbo as she had been portrayed.  One newspaper account even said Monica was out-manuevering the lawyers!  These revelations make me wonder even more about where Monica really came from, and at whose behest she came.

Former FBI agent, Gary Aldrich, writes of another, far more serious breach of national security in his book, "Unlimited Access". He writes that the president routinely would sneak out of the White House late at night or early in the morning, with the aid of one of his Arkansas buddies driving a presidential car. Clinton would go to the one Marriott Hotel in downtown Washington D.C., uniquely setup that the elevator went all the way to the bottom of the lower-level parking garage. Once inside the elevator, Clinton could go specifically to any floor he chose, without having to stop at the lobby. Aldrich said that Clinton would meet a very young and beautiful lady for a tryst. He would then sneak back into the White House hidden under a blanket in the back seat of the car, having been gone between 4-6 hours. During this 4-6 hours, no military or civilian leader would be able to contact the President in the event of an emergency. Not even Hillary knew where he was, since they slept in different bedrooms. Folks, this is the opening for which hostile intelligence services would give anything to achieve, but Clinton was giving them such an opening for attack, on a silver platter!


This type of action by Clinton goes beyond anything reasonable, it goes beyond anything unreasonable, and it goes to the core of his mind and heart. We already noted that both Bill and Hillary feel no need for Secret Service protection, depending upon their own demonic spirits to protect them. Likely, Bill is similarly depending upon his internal Guiding Spirits to prevent any military attack during one of these trysts. However, does anyone have supreme confidence in the American patriotism of a Guiding Spirit? Satan is known as the "Father of Lies"; he could, one day, deceive Bill into thinking he can slip away unseen for another 6-hour tryst, while his legions of spirits are stimulating the Russian and/or Chinese leaders into thinking that this is the time to attack. We will discuss in the next article that this type of demonic activity is seen in the past in the Bible and that it is foretold in the Tribulation Period.

2. FBI agent, Gary Aldrich, became immediately suspicious of the President and then very much alarmed, as he realized that Clinton was deliberately obstructing the normal FBI background checks of potential White House personnel. Several of Clinton's high level staff had demonstrable usage of drugs in their past, and some of them were continuing to use drugs in the White House! Aldrich noted that none of them would ever have been approved to receive security clearances in past administrations, but Clinton overrode the FBI in this matter, giving these people access to our highest secrets.

Christian columnist, David Bresnahan, notes in his book, "Cover-up" that Secret Service dogs regularly sniff out the White House for potential bombs. Early in the Clinton Administration, these dogs suddenly discovered minute traces of cocaine in the Oval Office itself! Furthermore, the FBI discovered more than Presidential semen on that blue cocktail dress of Monica Lewinsky; they also discovered considerable amounts of cocaine on that dress, leading one to understand that Lewinsky and Bill Clinton were using cocaine during their intimate trysts inside the White House.

The bottom line here is that Bill Clinton deliberately allowed people with demonstrable character flaws in his White House and other departments of his administration, to handle the most sensitive State secrets. Do you feel comforted knowing that routine drug users are holding your life in their hands? Depending upon Bill Clinton and his people to act in such a way as to prevent an enemy from getting any idea that they can successfully attack us is a lot like depending upon a 3-year-old child to protect a house against intruders.

3. President Clinton has either sold or given high technology to both the Russians and the Chinese governments, without which they posed no physical threat to us, but with them, they can destroy us easily. Let us first examine the actual transfer or sale of this high technology, and then let us look at the mindset of the President that would allow him to take action that can only be normally described as treasonous. Once you understand how Clinton has given our enemies the means by which they can destroy us, you will see why Democrat Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-NY, said, "We're closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis." [Bresnahan, "Cover-Up", p. 108] Or, you can listen to Republican Senator James Inhofe, R-OK, say, "We're in a more threatened position than we have probably been in the history of this country". [Ibid., p. 110]

I remember well the Presidential campaign of 1992, when I thought Clinton's candidacy was ruined. News reports had just come out telling us that, in December, 1969, when American troops were dying at the hands of a Vietnamese enemy funded and armed by the Russians, Bill Clinton spent three weeks at the Kremlin for some unidentified purpose. At that time, the USSR was the #1 superpower enemy of the United States, and the KGB held unquestioned sway. The only way for any American to enter the USSR and spend three weeks in the Kremlin was to be sponsored by the KGB! Also, the only purpose of such a "visit" would be to train young Bill Clinton in some way that would be helpful to Communism and hurtful to the legitimate interests of the United States. Since we now know that Communism is working hand-in-hand with the Illuminati to establish the New World Order, we can only assume that Bill was learning of the plan to ultimately place him in the White House. Perhaps it was here that young Bill learned he was expected to transfer and/or sell our highly sophisticated technology to the Communists once he got into the White House. I well remember the remark of Lenin early in the rule of Communism in Russia. He said, "The Capitalists will sell us the rope we shall use to hang them".

At any rate, President Clinton began such transfers and/or sales immediately upon beginning as President. Let us examine the facts.

    1. Bill Clinton allowed Loral Space and Communications to sell the Chinese the technology they needed to launch satellites, even though it meant they had to be given extremely sensitive guidance technology. This guidance technology can be used to target Chinese nuclear missiles to hit within 100 feet of a target; before this, the Chinese missiles would be lucky to hit the right continent! [Ibid.]
    2. Loral also built and sold to the Chinese the Chinasat-8 satellite that gives the Chinese further military capability against us. [Ibid]
    3. President Clinton has allowed Silicon Graphics of California to sell Russia a high-powered, super-computer that was sent to the Chelyabinsk-70 nuclear weapons laboratory. The deal was done totally under the table, and the chairman of Silicon Graphics could only muster the weak defense that they had done nothing "illegal" when the story broke briefly. Perhaps he was able to hide behind this fig leaf because President Clinton had secretly given his permission for this sale.
    4. In the first few years of Clinton beginning his Presidency, the Chinese obtained at least 46 super-computers, prompting House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Henry Hyde, to say that the Clinton Administration "may have given the PRC more super-computer capacity than the entire Department of Defense". [Ibid]
    5. Clinton ensured that Chinese-American businessman, John Huang, was given the high-level security clearance that enabled him to assume the responsibilities of the number two man in the Commerce Department, working for Secretary Ron Brown. We now know that Huang was still working for Lippo Company, which sets up the legitimate charge of "Conflict of Interest". However, when you realize that Lippo was itself owned by China Resources Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese Military Intelligence, you can understand that Huang was working for Chinese military intelligence at the same time he was the number 2 man in the Commerce Department. In other words, Huang was a Chinese spy. You see, Huang received a weekly intelligence briefing about China from the CIA. Therefore, China knew what we knew about them, and could stay one step ahead of our efforts to contain them, if the President was ever so inclined. The major point to grasp here was that Clinton knew Huang was working for Lippo at the time he cleared him to work for Commerce Secretary Brown. Therefore, Clinton knew Huang was a spy.
    6. Chinese general, Chi, was given a 19-gun salute and full military honors during a recent trip to the Pentagon, where he engaged in "substantive" discussions. This is the same General Chi who was in charge of the Chinese slaughter of dissident students -- many of whom were Born Again Christians -- during the June 3-4, 1989, massacre at Tiananmen Square. General Chi was allowed to say that no one was killed in Tiananmen Square! Adolf Hitler never told a bigger lie, yet no one in the Clinton Administration stepped in to set the record straight. Furthermore, no one ever explained why an enemy was treated so royally in the Pentagon. What were they discussing in there?


This point brings us to the next segment of our article -- the mindset of the Clinton Administration.


These few examples serve to demonstrate that President Clinton has seriously placed this country in jeopardy of being physically attacked by either Russia or China and annihilated. But, is Clinton worried? Not on your life. Bill Clinton and members of his Cabinet are telling us we have no more enemies.

    1. Secretaries of Defense, William Perry and William Cohen have both stated that China is not a military threat to us.
    2. Secretary of State Madeline Albright has been quoted in the Chinese People's Daily as telling General Fu Quanyou that "China is America's friend, not an enemy". [Ibid]
    3. President Clinton has demonstrated his belief that we have no more enemies by reducing our military to less than half the size and capability it had when he took over from President Bush in 1993. Of course, the New World Order Plan has envisioned the complete disarmament of the nations of the world, with the arms going to the United Nations. In fact, President Kennedy issued his infamous disarmament plan in 1962, in which he proposed that U.S. and USSR armed forces be pared down to 1.2 million men each, just before the United Nations assumed full control with their new military. [The exact title of this plan is "The United States Program For General and Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World.   I found it highly interesting that CBS News reported on February 4, 1999, during their nightly newscast, that America's military was down to 1.4 million and dropping. We are holding close to Kennedy's schedule. One day soon, we will wake up to hear that United Nations' troops are in our cities. As we reported in 1991, the major change following the Gulf War "victory" was that the Security Council unanimously voted to create a permanent military force for the United Nations. This vote was so important that the top leader of each country came to the UN to sit in the chair normally occupied by UN Ambassadors, to cast this vote. President Bush personally voted for this proposal. You cannot get any stronger display of strength and importance than this.
    4. In NEWS1216, we reported that President Clinton had changed our military response strategy without any publicity. Instead of launching our missiles and aircraft upon confirmation that enemy missiles and/or aircraft were in the air on a track to attack us, Clinton changed the strategy so that now we will not respond until we get confirmation that nuclear bombs have actually detonated on our soil! In other words, America will not respond until we are thoroughly decimated by enemy attack, IF we have any forces left with which to respond! Is this another thing Bill Clinton learned he was going to do, when he was being trained for three weeks by the KGB? The thought has also occurred to me that this would be a perfect strategy for a President who knows an attack is coming and does not plan to be here when it does occur. We shall elaborate a little more on this possibility later in this article.
    5. We also reported that President Clinton was thinking of unilaterally taking all our MIRV'd missiles, and removing all warheads except for one! This change would drastically reduce the capability of our submarine missile force, and would certainly encourage the Russians to think they could destroy us without suffering unacceptable losses themselves. You see, all past presidents have agreed with our military leaders that America needs to maintain forces and adhere to strategies that would keep our enemies from even thinking that they could attack without being annihilated themselves. Once missiles and planes are in the air, both the United States and the attacker will suffer inevitable annihilation, along with the rest of mankind. The objective is to keep those planes and missiles from ever being launched. Even past presidents, Illuminist as they were, understood that a healthy wariness concerning the Communist nations was most desirable.

The Clinton Administration also turned a deaf ear to an extraordinary warning about Russian and Chinese military plans against us. Listen and weep.

      1. In NEWS1216, we warned that a Russian defector from their intelligence service had warned America that Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, was planning to strike the United States with nuclear weapons. Their initial strike was planned to come from "suitcase" nuclear bombs that they have already smuggled into the United States and have already placed in scattered hiding locations. At the right moment, Russian elite Special Forces would be smuggled into America, retrieve these suitcase bombs, and use them to annihilate American leadership, both civilian and military. They would also target selected military facilities, even "secret" emergency landing sites for Air Force One. Finally, this Russian intelligence defector said that Russian Air Force pilots had recently flown training missions where they simulated an attack on American cities. And, let us not forget the "Hunt For Red October" factor. Russian submarines now have American and Japanese technology that allows them to run silent, thus escaping American observation and tracking. If one or more subs were to suddenly launch missiles from just a few miles off shore, American cities like Washington, D.C., New York, and Boston could be annihilated within three minutes.
      2. Dr. Michael Pillsbury, Associate Fellow of the National Defense University, gave startling testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. His report to this Senate committee quoted recently translated Chinese military documents that planned, in great detail, how the Chinese military would develop the capability, and the strategy, by which they can destroy us!
      3. Several years ago, when America was taking the side of Taiwan in a dispute with China, a Chinese general was quoted as threatening to destroy Los Angeles if America continued to support Taiwan.



With all the military, intelligence, and economic resources available to the President, you have to know that Bill Clinton knows exactly what I have just reported to you. Therefore, you must be asking yourself some very serious questions, starting with how he could allow America to be placed in such jeopardy. If you were able to actually ask Bill that question, he would likely smirk in the way one does when he knows a little secret about the subject at hand that you do not know. In this case, Bill knows the little secret that the Russians and Chinese are cooperating fully with the Americans in establishing the New World Order. Since these leaders have performed according to the script handed them over the past 70 years, why would Bill Clinton expect that they would ever, ever turn against the plan to do something so unplanned as destroying America? After all, Bill Clinton thinks they are just as committed to staging the appearance of Antichrist, as are we.

Bill Clinton trusts these Russian and Chinese leaders with his whole, entire heart.

Further, as we shall demonstrate in the next article, demonic guiding spirits are fully capable of shaping the thoughts and beliefs of his human host. Clinton's Guiding Spirits could be leading him to place an unusual, and completely unwarranted, trust in the Russian and Chinese leaders. 

If I could ask any questions of our current American leadership, I would ask some difficult questions of our Representatives and Senators in Washington, D.C., beginning with Senators Moynihan [D-NY] and Inhofe [R-OK]. We quoted them, above, saying that America is at dire risk of being destroyed by our enemies because of Bill Clinton's actions. Moynihan actually used the words, 'nuclear war'. I would ask them why they are likely to vote against removing this President for "high crimes and misdemeanors" when they know he has sold this country's security out to our enemies.

Further, I would also ask Representative Henry Hyde, whom we quoted above, as being concerned over the number of super-computers we have sold to the Chinese, a couple of questions. First, why would you allow the House Judiciary Committee to pass articles of impeachment against Clinton that did NOT contain these most serious allegations of aiding and abetting our mortal enemies? These charges are far, far, more serious than Perjury or Obstruction of Justice. Further, these charges are far more likely to inflame the public opinion against Clinton than the ones with which Clinton stands charged. Why would Hyde allow these weaker charges to be levied against Clinton, without ensuring that the more serious charges were part of the impeachment package?

The newspaper the morning after Clinton's acquittal reported that the House Prosecutors handled the "prosecution" clumsily and with many errors. These "errors" undercut the strength of the case against Clinton, making his acquittal even more of a sure thing.

In fact, I wonder if Clinton's Perjury and Obstruction of Justice Impeachment process is not just a smokescreen to divert our attention from the far more serious acts of allowing these mortal enemies access to the high technology they need to destroy us.

In my opinion, when nuclear bombs are raining down upon America, these Senators and Representatives who did not stand up and make this President answer to the charges of aiding and abetting our Russian and Chinese enemies, will share the blame for our annihilation.



You can only reach a couple of conclusions as to why our representatives and senators are letting Clinton off the hook on these more serious charges that can only be considered treason. First, they may have been intimidated by both the trail of dead bodies lying in Clinton's wake and the knowledge that all their skeletons in all their closets would come flying out if they took such a strong stand. Secondly, and most importantly, they are part of the New World Order Plan. I believe this is the key reason they are letting Clinton off this big-time hook of treason. If they are part of the New World Order Plan, they share the same mindset of Clinton, understanding that the Russians and Chinese are secretly part of the global plan.

This is the #1 Big Fat Secret in Washington, D.C. Once you understand this sad fact, then a lot of the scripted nonsense occurring in our Capitol begins to make sense, for the first time ever. Since this is the case, both Clinton and the Congress, both Democrat and Republican, are fulfilling their assigned roles, awaiting the day Antichrist will arise.

We are out of time and space in this article. In NEWS1261b, we shall discuss how Clinton's leadership can result in our demise, and we shall examine relevant Scripture to see if any national destruction like this is ever mentioned, or even hinted at, in End Time prophecy.

Finally, we shall examine the witchcraft of the Illuminati to see if we might get some clues as to the ultimate annihilation of this beloved country.

But, truly, the End of the Age is upon us.

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