Subtitle:  We shall examine a specific scenario by which America is totally annihilated as the result of the witchcraft of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Further, we shall examine Scripture to see if any such destruction of this nation may be found in End Time prophecies.

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In Part 1 of this series, we examined the fact that Clinton trusts the Chinese and Russian leaders completely, with his entire heart, ignoring all the heavy evidence available that should tell him they are planning an attack. We saw the mindset of an Illuminist, where he really believes that patriotism is outmoded, out-of-date, and ready to be discarded in favor of the coming global system. Finally, we explored the possibilities of how we might be attacked and annihilated.

Now, let us discuss this matter from a Biblical point of view. Do we ever see in history a situation where demonic spirits were influencing the leaders of key countries? Do we see Tribulation prophecies that speak of this type of demonic control over key leaders? Finally, do we see the possibility that America might be totally destroyed in Tribulation prophecy?

The answer to all three of these questions is ABSOLUTELY YES!




In Daniel 10, we get a unique insight into the workings of demonic spirits with key human leaders of key nations of the world. Let us examine this passage now.

1. Verses 1-3 tell us that the prophet, Daniel, prayed to God for more insight into the prophetic future of Israel. Daniel begins a moderate fast.

2. Verses 4-11 tell us that an angelic being finally appeared to Daniel fully 21 days after the prophet had originally prayed to God.

3. Verses 12-13 absolutely blow my mind, as I learn the reason the angel took 21 days to come to Daniel with God's answer. God gave the angel His answer on the first day Daniel had prayed. However, the angel was prevented from coming to Daniel because he had been intercepted by a very powerful demon, a demon so powerful the angel could not overcome him. This holy angel of God could not beat this powerful demonic being on his own, but had to call the Archangel, Michael, the personal Guardian Angel of the nation of Israel, to come to his aid. Finally, after Michael had personally intervened, this angel was able to come to Daniel.


In verse 13, we learn the identity of this most powerful demon; his name was the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia. This demon was called by the name of the chief human ruler of Persia, the only superpower in the world at that time! Who is this demon, really?

Verse 20 gives us the answer that clinches it all for us. As the angel was about to depart, he told Daniel that, when he returns to the heavenly sphere, he will be involved in fighting against the Prince of Persia, and then he shall have to battle the Prince of Greece, a nation not even powerful at that time.

These demonic beings were so very powerful that Satan had assigned them as the personal Guiding Spirit of the Prince of Persia, whom we know, was deeply into occult, pagan worship. This demonic being was personally responsible to Satan himself to keep the Persian King acting in accordance with Satan's plan. Later on, we see that a similar demonic being was going to come on the scene to be the Guiding Spirit of the King of Greece, whom God had already foretold would be the third Gentile nation to exercise total control over the entire known world.


Toward the end of the Great Tribulation Period, we are treated to a most unusual scene that vividly depicts the way in which Satan and his demonic host have controlled human leaders in every age. We are given a most descriptive description here. Listen:

"And I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, leaping from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast, and from the mouth of the false prophet. For they really are the spirits of demons that perform signs, wonders, and miracles. And they go forth to the rulers and leaders all over the world, to gather them together for war on the day of God the Almighty … And they gathered them together at the place which in Hebrew is called Armageddon." [Revelation 16:13-16]

When a person is demonically possessed, we normally do not see the demons coming into and out of the human. However, God opened John's eyes so he could see these green demons, described as "like frogs", going into and out of the mouths of Satan, Antichrist, and the Religious False Prophet. But, this is the manner in which human leaders are controlled by demons, also known as Guiding Spirits.


Many Bible scholars believe that Satan has assigned a Guiding Spirit to every nation in the world in every age. The purpose of this Guiding Spirit is to keep the top human rulers following Satan's plan, not God's. The more powerful and influential a nation is during a particular period of time, the more powerful of a demon Satan assigns to influence that leader.

God assigns His angels to keep the King of each nation following His plan, not Satan's. In this verse in Daniel, we see that a whole lot of angels were doing battle with the demonic beings assigned to the King of Persia. Thank God He does use His angels to moderate the rule of key wicked rulers, to ensure they are acting in accordance with His general plan for the ages. When we get to Heaven, we shall be shocked to learn of the tremendous restraint the Holy Spirit has always exercised over wicked men so that God's saints in every age could survive. Even in the most wicked of times of persecution, the Holy Spirit prevented even worse atrocities, and even more massive annihilation of believers.

This restraint against evil is what the Apostle Paul had in mind when he said, in 2 Thessalonians 2: 6-7, that the Antichrist is being restrained by the Holy Spirit from appearing when he wants to; rather, the Antichrist can only appear when the Holy Spirit removes this traditional restraint. When you compare this Scripture with Matthew 24, where Jesus talks about the coming of Antichrist as being a woman giving birth, you will understand that God has planned for a gradual transition time leading up to the time of the actual appearance of Antichrist. During this time of transition, the Holy Spirit will gradually be pulling back His traditional restraining power, and Satan will be pushing right in behind it.


Thus, the period immediately preceding the appearance of Antichrist will be characterized by more and more wickedness in key positions of leadership. God reveals that, in Revelation 17:12-13, this period immediately preceding Antichrist will be ruled by the 10 rulers of the 10 Super Nations Satan had created. Verse 13 tells us specifically that these 10 kings are plotting to hand their power to Antichrist.

In NEWS1002, we reported that the 170+ nations of the world had been reorganized into 10 Super Nations along economic lines, and that NAFTA was nation #1. The President of the United States is the leader of NAFTA; therefore, President Clinton is one of the 10 Super Rulers of Daniel and Revelation.

From the beginning of America's rise to power, in the 1700's, Guiding Spirits of key occult leaders in Britain, Europe, and America were telling their human hosts that America would lead the nations of the world into the New World Order. Satan assigned his most powerful demon ever to be always at the side of the American President, guiding him to take actions that would move this nation toward Satan's plan. The Holy Spirit countered this influence for much of the time, in accordance with God's Plan. However, as we moved into the 20th Century, God began to use America's influence and power to bring Israel back into her land as a nation again, in fulfillment of many Old Testament prophecies.

After Israel had been reestablished, I believe God began to allow America's national demonic Guiding Spirit more and more latitude, moving America further into Satan's camp. We chronicle this move thoroughly in Seminar 1, "America's Leadership of the New World Order".

Today, we are possibly within months of the appearance of Antichrist, according to the Plan of the Illuminati. This fact means that the traditional restraining power exercised by the Holy Spirit is at the lowest point in our history. Thus, the Satanic influence on the president is the highest it has ever been since we have been a nation, a fact we have been detailing for many months now, as we have demonstrated that Bill and Hillary Clinton are powerful, practicing Illuminist witches.

President Clinton's Guiding Spirit[s] is exercising enormous influence over him right now, and will continue to do so until Antichrist arises. Then, once Antichrist has arisen, and the 10 super rulers give him their power, as they are prophesied they will do, the Bible foretells that all Hell is going to break loose! Listen to pertinent Scripture:

  1. Daniel 7:7-8 shows that part of Daniel's prophetic vision where he saw the Fourth Gentile Kingdom in the Last Days. Daniel saw the beast representing this Fourth Gentile Kingdom suddenly sprout 10 horns, symbolizing 10 nations, each with a ruler. Verse 8 immediately sees another horn arise, a little one, whom we know is Antichrist. Then, Daniel immediately sees that three of the original 10 super nations were totally destroyed.
  2. Daniel 2:31-35 tells of the time Daniel described a specific dream that the King of Babylon had a few nights earlier. Then, in verses 36-44, Daniel explains the meaning of God's vision to the king. The 10 toes of the Last Days' kingdom of Antichrist are of most interest to us here. Verses 41-42 tell us that the composition of the 10 toes is not of a single type, but is a mixture of earthy potter's clay and iron. Since these two very different substances cannot adhere to one another, they are going to break apart as soon as the full weight of the Kingdom of Antichrist is placed upon the 10-Nation global structure.
  3. Revelation 6:3-4 tells us that a rider will come riding out of the heavenly sphere immediately after Antichrist has arisen. This rider is the rider of War, and he is "given power to take peace from the earth", wielding a huge sword.

I believe that, immediately after Antichrist arises, monumental infighting will break out amongst the 10 super rulers who had cooperated up to that point to produce Antichrist, exactly as God had foretold in Revelation 17:12-13. The result of this infighting will be the total destruction of three of the original 10 kings and their nations.

At this point, let us list the 10-Nation Reorganization Plan of the New World Order so you can see at least two of the three that will be totally destroyed immediately after Antichrist arises.


  1. North America
  2. Western Europe
  3. Japan
  4. Australia, South Africa, and the rest of the market economies of the developed world
  5. Eastern Europe, including Russia
  6. Latin America
  7. North Africa and the Middle East
  8. Tropical Africa
  9. South and Southeast Asia
  10. China

In Seminar 2, "America Determines the Flow of Modern History", we show you exactly how and when each of these national groupings occurred. Suffice it to say that this process began with Western Europe being created on December 31, 1992, and ended with Super Nations #8-9 being created in 1996. NAFTA was created in 1993-1994.


We know that Nation #5 will be destroyed by God's own hand when she leads the invasion force from the north and the south against Israel. Since Antichrist will make his headquarters in Jerusalem so he can convince the Jewish religious leaders he is their Messiah, the entire world will see this Russian-led invasion as an attack against Antichrist. I really believe it will be just this kind of attack, as the Russian leadership of Nation #5 continues its attempt to seize global control for itself. When God destroys Nation #5, and her military force, the world will see this destruction as further proof that Antichrist is God as he claims to be. This destruction will undoubtedly be the final catalyst for the Jewish religious leadership to declare that Antichrist is their Messiah, leading immediately to the 'confirming the covenant' with Israel, as foretold in Daniel 9:27. As Antichrist inks this confirmation, the precise 7-year Tribulation Period will have begun, minus the three super nations.

Who will be the other two destroyed super nations? I believe NAFTA will be one of the other two destroyed nations. Once again, Scripture seems to indicate that, in Revelation 18, the #1 economic nation of the world is destroyed by what appears to be atomic blasts, in one hour of one day. While we have covered this scenario in CE1038, let us cover just the highlights here, as to why we believe the description of this destruction is the United States of America.

    1. Rev 18:3 -- "For all nations have drunk the wine of her passionate unchastity, and the rulers and leaders of the earth have joined with her in committing fornication [idolatry] and the businessmen of the earth have become rich with the wealth of her excessive luxury and wantonness." [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary] Clearly, this nation described here is so powerfully wealthy economically that the businessmen of the world have gotten rich from trading with her. Further, the emphasis is on imports, since the world's businessmen can only have gotten rich from exporting their products to her; hence, this powerful economy would likely be running persistent trade deficits. Finally, America has clearly influenced the culture of all the nations of the world, as the first part of this Scripture indicate. Since the mid-1960's, American culture has come to dominate the world, as seemingly everyone wants to copy us. As we have lead the nations of the world into their worship of materialism and of outright occultism, America stands guilty of committing spiritual fornication with the nations of the world.
    2. Rev 18:10 -- "They [world's businessmen] will stand a long way off … and they will cry … weep and grieve because no one buys their freight [cargo] anymore." Now we see that the businessmen who have become filthy rich in trading with this doomed nation do not live close by, but far away. Certainly, oceans surround NAFTA on three sides by the North Pole, so that most of her trading partners are "a long way off". Once again, we see an emphasis on the tremendous imports this doomed nation continuously brings in. Verse 15 reiterates this notion that the businessmen who exported to this doomed nation are "a long way off".
    3. Rev 18:17-19 -- "All ship captains and pilots and navigators and all who live by seafaring, the crews and all who ply their trade on the sea, stood a long way off, and exclaimed … Woe and alas …" To me, this verse clinches the debate as to the identity of this doomed nation. If you look on a map of the United States, you will see that vast oceans uniquely surround us on three sides. You will also see that our principal trading partners in Asia, Africa, and Europe, are a "long way off", and separated by these oceans. Over 90% of our imports are shipped in via ship. Our research in CE1038 has also proven that no other nation can replace the United States as a trading partner, because no other nation spends and spends like we do. No other people throw stuff away to buy new, like Americans do. Once we are destroyed, these ship captains and all who ply their trade on the sea are flat out of work.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe the nation destroyed in Revelation 18 is the United States. No other nation is the economic engine of the world like we are. The difficulties experienced by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand demonstrate this fact clearly and succinctly. Even though these nations comprise fully 40% of the global economy, America has so far escaped serious economic damage, even prospering. This incredible economic performance has astounded the world, and confounded all "expert" opinion. Truly, we are the economic engine that drives the global economy.

The only difficulty with this scenario is that Revelation 18 is seemingly well into the Great Tribulation Period when it occurs, so it seems illogical to believe that our destruction could occur before Antichrist "confirms the covenant" with Israel, thus starting the 7-year period. However, God has written Revelation in such a way as to obscure the true timeline. We know that God wrote Revelation through John in parallelisms so common to Jewish Apocalyptic writings. In other words, for example, chapter 7 might not follow chapter 6 in timeline.

We also know that God writes prophecy many times in past tense, as though it has already occurred, to demonstrate that, when He utters a prophecy, it is as sure to happen as if it is being reported after the fact.

Certainly, if Russia takes the United States out in an atomic attack, she would then be free and clear to march to the Middle East with impunity to launch an attack on Israel. Since Israel has become a nation in 1948, the Arabs and their superpower supporter, the USSR, have been continually frustrated by the immense support the United States has given Israel. In 1973, when Israel seemed to be only hours away from annihilation, President Nixon ordered all munitions in Europe to be stripped from our storehouses and airlifted to Israel. These new supplies proved to be the turning point in that war. Nixon then had to also place all our strategic nuclear forces on the highest alert, to counter the Soviets who had placed their nuclear forces on alert, trying to scare us from re-supplying Israel.

Modern Bible scholars have wondered why Russia would feel so free to march against Israel, seemingly free of any worry about what the United States might do. The obvious answer is that the United States is no longer in existence at that time, and her demise has just occurred. Truly, I can imagine the scenario where Russian troops are moving into Israel before the nuclear smoke has stopped burning in our cities.

This returns us back to our subject of Clinton's Fatal Leadership. In our previous article, we demonstrated that certain of Clinton's propensities open the way for a determined and sophisticated enemy to attack and destroy us. Let us review these propensities briefly here.


Clinton deliberately sneaks off for 4-6 hours at a time, usually for sexual trysts, without anyone knowing where he is or how he can be reached in an emergency. Thus, an enemy would know they could attack with sure success without American military officials being able to reach the President for authorization to launch our forces.

Clinton has changed our response strategy from a responsible one to a completely irrational one. Instead of the Russians having to worry that we will launch our nuclear forces upon confirmation that planes and missiles are in the air and on a track to attack us, Clinton has changed our strategy so that we will not launch until we receive "confirmation" that atomic bombs have actually exploded on our soil! Thus, all Russia has to do is target our communications in the first salvo, and probably in the first wave of their Special Forces attack using suitcase size atomic bombs. They also need to assassinate the Vice President, the Cabinet, and the Congressional leaders standing in line to succeed the President, as well as the members of the Chief of Staff in the Pentagon. Such assassinations are well within the parameters of probability.

Clinton has reduced our military forces to less than half of the level when he took office. This reduction has occurred in the elimination of much of our nuclear retaliatory forces. We already mentioned, in our previous article, that Clinton Administration documents have shown a proposal from a think-tank to take all warheads except for one from our MIRV {Multiple, Independently-targeted Reentry Vehicles} rockets. This action would effectively reduce the amount of damage the Russians could expect from reaching them from our submarines.

If Russian forces could also cripple our communications to our submarines, they might prevent them from ever receiving the launch command in the first place.

Finally, our research into HAARP technology has revealed that this technology provides a very effective shield against incoming missiles and airplanes. Listen to an author describe HAARP technology:

"What if you had a single weapon that could destroy all of an enemy's orbiting spy satellites at once? You would have greatly improved your ability to move military forces undetected. This would be invaluable if you were preparing a surprise attack. What if that same weapon would destroy all intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) attempting to pass through it? Attack, or retaliation, by missile would be impossible. A weapon that could create clouds of electrons moving at the speed of light could accomplish both of these objectives. A ground based radio transmitter of sufficient size might be able to do this. Such a transmitter could be used to disrupt world-wide radio communications … On 23 March, 1983, President Reagan called upon "… the scientific community in our country, those who gave us nuclear weapons, to turn their great talents now to the cause of mankind and world peace, to give us the means of rendering these nuclear weapons impotent and obsolete." [Jerry E. Smith, HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, p. 9-10; Emphasis added]

Obviously, America has these HAARP weapons, especially with our immense radio antenna array in North Alaska. [You can learn all about this new extremely low frequency wave technology by clicking on our Weather Control button on our Home Page.] If President Clinton believes that no missiles or planes could get through our HAARP defenses, he would be a lot less worried about staying in touch continuously with the military official holding the Black Box codes, or the Pentagon itself. He could feel that he could shrink our military dramatically without consequences, as well. This new technology, about which the vast numbers of Americans remain unaware, could explain a lot of the actions of both the President and the Congress.

Yet, if the Russians could conceive a plan that would take out our HAARP technologies, they would then have a free reign to attack suddenly, without having to worry about our retaliation, even from submarines. Their own HAARP technologies would destroy any and all planes or missiles that did get launched. Thus, our article, NEWS1216, reporting the warnings of the Russian defector, takes on new, and greatly added, urgency. The Russians could take out our array of HAARP antennas in Alaska with Special Forces using suitcase atomic bombs. In article, NEWS1199, we show a detailed map of the United States depicting the location of the individual transmitter radio stations, called GWEN Towers. These could be rendered useless by conventional attack. If America is suddenly deprived of our HAARP and GWEN radio transmitters, we not only lose our missile and plane shield, but we also lose our ability to communicate with our submarines. If the Russians also destroy all our satellites by their HAARP transmitters, we certainly could not communicate with our submarines, or any of our global forces for that matter.

In the previous article, we demonstrated the Illuminati mindset that the Russians and Chinese leaders can be secretly trusted because the dirty little secret no one has told us is that the entire Cold War was planned in order to produce the New World Order. From the beginning of the 1917 Russian Revolution, Russian and, later, Chinese, leaders have secretly been cooperating with Western leaders to achieve this global system. Occult writings also reveal that their main goal is to successfully stage Antichrist, just as the Bible predicts. [We expound on this little-known fact of history in Seminar 2, "America Determines The Flow Of Modern History"].

Thus, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, key Congressional leaders, and Pentagon officers, all believe we have nothing to fear from either the Russians or the Chinese. But, just as the Bible predicts, serious infighting will break out almost immediately after Antichrist is produced. This infighting could well be with a combination of Special Forces attacks, attacks on HAARP facilities, and nuclear planes and missiles. With blinding speed, America could be annihilated.

President Clinton's Guiding Spirit will also be at work, ensuring he feels no urgency, no alarm, until it is too late.


As further confirmation that President and Hillary Clinton are powerful, practicing witches, we discovered that they asked known witch, Stevie Nicks, of the Fleetwood Mack group to perform at the original Inaugural.

We have examined this symbo l depicting the forces that are leading the world to the New World Order before, but I have a thought I want to share with you. Remember, Satanist Illuminists created this symbol. The words, "I WITCH" depict their belief that only the most powerful Black Magick witchcraft in history would bring the world into the New World Order, enabling Antichrist to arise and take power.

These words are filled with red blood, and are pouring out in huge volume, depicting Illuminist belief that this powerful Black Magick witchcraft had to be accompanied by the most human sacrifice possible. Human sacrifice can take many forms as far as a Satanist is concerned.

1. One person on an altar during a coven meeting -- Most people think of this type

2. Abortions are ideal sacrifices to Lord Satan because they take the life of the child at the earliest possible stage.

3. Military casualties in a war dedicated to Lord Satan can certainly be counted as human sacrifices. We are indebted to White Magic Practitioner, Trevor Ravenscroft, writing in Spear of Destiny, a White Magic examination of the Black Magick Adept, Adolf Hitler. Ravenscroft recounted how German generals were extremely upset by the glee and ecstasy Hitler exhibited when he was given the German war casualties the day before, especially at the Russian front. Hitler regarded these awful casualties as worthy sacrifices to his pagan god, Odon, and believed they would ensure his ultimate victory.

In this regard, look again carefully at the I WITCH symbol. The only country whose seals are on this symbol is the United States, whose seals appear on the side of the Satanic altar. Illuminists placed these symbols on the altar specifically to impart the hidden knowledge that this country has been the acknowledged leader of the New World Order from the very beginning, and will be until this global system is completed.

These seals on the altar also indicate that all the human sacrifices originate with the United States in planning and execution. In Seminar 2, "America Determines The Flow of Modern History", we demonstrate that all the wars fought in this century were planned by leaders of the United States, for the express purpose of furthering the Kingdom of Antichrist. This is a most fascinating study, as we quote from occult sources.

However, Satan is still pulling the leadership strings. He caused our Founding Fathers to originally design the American Eagle on our Great Seal as the Phoenix Bird of Egyptian Mysticism. In NEWS1259, we demonstrate that the Phoenix is back in public, in the form of a special pin being worn by Hillary, Donna Shalalala, and others, sending a message to occultists everywhere that this global kingdom is almost here.

Egyptian Mythology states that the Phoenix Bird can live up to 500 years. When it dies, its body bursts into flame and is quickly reduced to ashes. However, these ashes are scarcely cooled when a new Phoenix Bird arises from the heap. Our occult Founding Fathers conceived the United States to be a Phoenix Bird, a concept they received from their demonic Guiding Spirits. Did they also believe that this country would burst into flame at the right moment in history, and that from our ashes would arise the new Kingdom of Antichrist? Is this the message they are trying to give us?

In other words, at the right moment in world history, do our Illuminist leaders intend to offer this country up to Antichrist as the greatest single human sacrifice in world history? I know this sounds farfetched, but we are trying to examine these matters from the perspective of a Satanist. I know that New Age writers are beside themselves in their denunciation of this country, for its wanton, massive consuming ways. If you read Al Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance", you will see this hatred for our Capitalistic Economy, which they believe is ruining Mother Earth, Gaia they call her.

More extreme New Age writers, such as Ruth Montgomery, go even further to say that Guiding Spirits have revealed that a cleansing action against this country is going to occur, and the only safe place to live is in the Pacific Northwest. This is exactly why so many people are heading up there.

When the time comes for God's physical destruction of this country, you can bet that Bill Clinton's Guiding Spirits will ensure that he is off doing something else, or that he is safely on a plane to Europe to escape the destruction. In our previous article, NEWS1261, we asked the theoretical question as to whether Bill Clinton will even be here when America is destroyed. Knowing the extreme murderous nature of the Black Magick Illuminati, I believe it possible he will not be here, having escaped before the bombs start falling. If he does not plan on being here, we can understand the logic behind his order to not initiate retaliation until atomic bombs are actually exploding on our soil. Americans will never have the time to realize that this final action may have been the real reason the KGB brought young Bill Clinton into the Kremlin in December, 1969, for three weeks of training.

Once again, I implore you not to think of President Clinton within your normal frame of mind, for he is not normal and he definitely does NOT share your frame of mind.  Despite his many speeches touting the "business of the people", Clinton is an occultist who supports the Illuminist Plan for the New World Order.  As such, Clinton is an Internationalist who supports the elimination of all sovereign nations of the world, being replaced by the dictatorship of the Antichrist at the head of the United Nations government.

As an extreme occultist, Clinton and Gore believe the United States of America to be the greatest plunderer of Mother Goddess, Gaia, the world has ever seen.  Therefore, they support the most radical of occult plans for us -- our extreme cleansing.  Do not be deceived.  Do not refuse to examine the truth, as painful as it may seem.

I really believe Clinton is America's final President. He is the 42nd President, and the number 42 in the Bible is God's number of Judgment and of Antichrist, since the kingdom of Antichrist will be two periods of 42 months long [7 years].

All the signs are in place, and we can see Clinton deliberately taking actions that will get us killed.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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