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Subtitle:  President Clinton is simply following the Illuminati Plan as he maneuvers American troops into the former Yugoslavia!  This information demonstrates that Clinton has to order troops into Serbia if he is to fulfill this part of the Plan.  Conspiracy skeptics are also going to have to admit we have a Conspiracy afoot.

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 NEWS BRIEF:  "Lawmakers urge Clinton to hold firm", by Jim Hand, Sun Chronicle Staff, The Sun Chronicle, Saturday, April 3, 1999, p. 1-2.

"Pressure is mounting from some military analysts for President Clinton to commit ground troops into the conflict in Kosovo, but the Massachusetts delegation is urging Clinton to stay the current course.  They said Clinton should give the air bombing more time to work before considering sending in foot soldiers. U.S. Rep. James McGovern, D-Worcester, said when Congress was first briefed, it was told the effort would take about seven weeks to work.  'I think we should let the operation run its course', he said."

"U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., also believes it is too early to be talking about ground troops, according to a spokesman.  Kennedy's aid, Will Keyser, said Kennedy supports Clinton's use of air attacks against Serb forces and notes Clinton has said there will be no ground war."

"Before and after the bombing campaign started, Clinton said he would not send in ground troops.  He repeated that message Friday.  Military analysts have stepped up their criticism of Clinton and NATO as the situation has worsened, saying ruling out ground troops opened the door for Serbian atrocities and ignored a tenant of warfare that air power alone cannot win a war.  The Pentagon contends it would take 200,000 troops and a month's preparation to launch a ground attack."

From almost the beginning of this NATO attack on the sovereign nation of Serbia, I have sensed a growing propaganda campaign conditioning the American people that ground troops might be needed sometime down the road.  I have been somewhat surprised by the immediate conclusion on the part of the mass media that ground troops would be needed because this conclusion began well before anyone knew the degree of effectiveness of the air attacks.  It seemed to me that everyone in the media was automatically concluding that air power alone could not accomplish the mission. 

Indeed, I believe such an assumption was made by the media.  Well before any analysis of the air power was possible, media pundits were trumpeting that ground troops would be needed, and we might as well send them in now.  We know for certain that ground troops are not only needed, but that they have been part of this war plan from the beginning.  All these "assurances" from President Clinton and his Cabinet, and his military officers has been nothing but a show from the beginning. 

Let me be quite clear:  For 47 years, American officials knew that American ground troops were going to be stationed in Yugoslavia, the Balkans, Albania, Romania, and Greece!  In other words, President Eisenhower knew that, one day, after the New World Order had been established, American troops would be on the ground in this region.  That is the plan, and this war is the ruse designed to get them there, on the ground .

Let us now consider the facts.


In 1952, in London, the Illuminati sponsored a meeting to re-draw the world into military regions after the One-World Government had been established.  In the early 1920's, Russian Communist leaders learned a very valuable lesson:  they learned that ethnic troops could not be depended upon to be brutal to their own people .  Therefore, Russian Communists devised a plan whereby Muslim Russian troops would be stationed in non-Muslim areas, and vice versa.  Therefore, troops would have no difficulty oppressing, jailing, and murdering people not their own.  As you will shortly see, this plan applies these lessons worldwide.  We have much to fear, as you will see in just a few moments.

In 1952, the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government decided which areas of the world would be occupied and patrolled by which troops. These worldwide forces would be commanded by a World Director, who would have an organization of 8 zone directors and 51 regional directors.  No regional director would ever be responsible for his own country, and no military troops would ever be stationed within his own country. [This information taken from the National Economic Council of New York City, 1962]

American troops were assigned five regions of the world, as we have listed below.

Region 12 -- Australia

Region 32 -- Uruguay, Argentina

Region 75 -- India, Nepal, Turkmen, Uzbeg, Tadzhik, Kirghiz, SSR

Region 58 -- Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia

Region 55 -- Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria -- the Balkans Region [NOTE: Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia were originally part of Yugoslavia; See CIA map of this Central Balkans Region, at http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/figures/802587.jpg   You can also view the general map of Europe at http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/figures/802586.jpg ]

Thus, American troops would be responsible for a huge chunk of Europe, from Czechoslovakia to Greece, and as far east as the border of the Ukraine and Turkey!

In 1952, American troops were planned to be stationed on the ground in Region 55, precisely the region in which we are presently attacking!  Therefore, we know for certain that American ground troops will be marching into Serbia.  This war is the ruse to get America troops on the ground in Region 55.

Now you know for certain that President Clinton is acting in perfect accord with the Illuminati Plan to insert American troops into the Balkans, just as this 1952 plan dictates. 

*  Now you know the degree to which you are being lied to in every press conference and in every speech.  Now you know that the White House and the Congress are following this plan secretly. 

*  Now you know that every major event in this contrived "crisis" is planned. 

* Now you know that nothing of importance is happening by chance, or by accident.

*  Now you know that the major characters in this "crisis" are all following this 1952 plan:

        1. President Clinton and all his Cabinet

        2. Joint Chiefs of Staff and the entire officer corps of the Pentagon.  Remember, no military leader will ever get promoted unless he is fully in on the New World Order Plan, and is supportive of it.  Now you know why Dwight D. Eisenhower was promoted over the heads of many more senior men to lead all Allied forces in World War II.  Now you know why General Powell was similarly promoted over many senior men to the post he held during the Gulf War.

        3.  Congress -- all leadership of both parties are part of the New World Order Plan generally and this regional plan specifically.  This supportive leadership is not about to oppose President Clinton in any sustantial way, even though they may criticize him from time to time in order to add plausibility to the entire situation.

         4.  Foreign leaders within Europe, from Britain to France to Germany and beyond.

         5.  Russian President Boris Yeltsin is on board with this plan and will not act to disrupt it.  He may threaten to intervene, and may send naval units into the region, but he will not act to stop us.

          6.  Serbian President Slobodon Milosovic is part of this plan, and knows his part in it.  Nothing he does will be done on his own merit and initiative.  Before President Clinton makes a move, Milosovic will be aware of it, and before Milosovic makes a countermove, Clinton will be aware of it.  Every detail is carefully scripted, with every man an actor. This "war" is simply the ruse, the deception, to get America into one of the regions we were assigned back in 1952.

In this article, quoted above, the Pentagon says that, if American ground forces were to be employed, they would need 200,000 troops and a month's preparation.  In the Gulf War, if my memory serves me correctly, we assembled about 250,000 troops and took about 4 months to prepare.  Why would the Pentagon need only one-fourth the amount of time to assemble nearly as many troops as in the Gulf War? The Cutting Edge has obtained from the Department of Defense their report of the numbers of U.S. troops stationed abroad and in this country, dated September 30, 1998.  This report is entitled, "Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths By Regional Area And By Country (309A)". 

This report indicated that we already have some significant numbers of troops in the European region, as indicated below.  Please click to the CIA map of Europe at http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/figures/802586.jpg so you can readily see the geography of this area.

1.  Germany -- 69,663 men -- As you can see from this European map, Germany is just a very short distance from Serbia.  Modern forces could move quickly to Serbia from bases in Germany.

2.  Bosnia-Herzegovina -- 6912 men -- This country borders Serbia, and was part of the original Yugoslavia, as was Serbia.

3.  Italy -- 11,519 men -- The Italian boot comes very close to Serbia, with just the Adriatic Sea.  Navy and Air Force personnel make up over two-thirds of this total.  Many of the bombing raids into Serbia are originating in Italy.

Thus, in these three countries, the Pentagon has 88,094 men in place, along with enough munitions and equipment to repel Russian invaders.  At the very end of this report, the Pentagon is reporting that they have a total of 102,860 men stationed in NATO countries.  Since these figures are 6 months old, it is possible that the Pentagon has even more men stationed in Europe. 

Thus, we can see it makes sense that the Pentagon would need only one month to assemble a force of 200,000 men.  Now the only question is, what kind of crisis would it take for our leaders to feel they have enough justification to go back on their earlier promise not to send in ground forces?  I believe such a crisis might involve several factors, either alone or in combination.

1.  Serbia attacks across her borders in any direction.  Since American forces are to be stationed in every country in this region, Serbia could attack Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Boznia-Herzegovina, or Croatia.  The Wall Street Journal of Friday, April 2, 1999, notes that the layout of the land between Budapest, Hungary and Belgrade, Serbia, is flat with rolling hills, just perfect for tank country.  Perhaps Milosevic would be required by this deceptive plan to attack here.

2.  Serbia continues to kill innocent civilians by the tens of thousands.  Since the New World Order Plan calls for "increasing the death rate" in the period immediately leading up to the appearance of Antichrist, we can assume that this deceptive plan designed to get American troops into this region would call for many innocent people getting killed.  Nightly images of the carnage beaming into American homes might be enough to rapidly change American public opinion to support ground intervention.

3.  Graphic portrayals of how ineffective our air campaign has been might also be an important factor in drumming up enough support to send in ground troops.

4.  Conservative Democrats and Republicans suddenly joining forces with the President in calling for ground troops might sway public opinion. Last night [4/3/99), the panel of the Capital Gang unanimously called for the President to get the support of Congress in this operation.  If any of these factors, above, occurred, Congress would almost certainly get heavily involved; if key Republican leaders suddenly began to call for ground troops, President Clinton would most certainly get the support of the American people.  Remember that Republicans are just as committed to the New World Order Plan as are Democrats.  Do not be deceived by labels.


Let us now examine the troops that are to be stationed in North America according to this 1952 plan.

1.  Northeast -- Colombian and Venezuelan troops

2.  Southern America all the way to California -- Russian troops. The line begins at Virginia and goes straight West to the border of California.

3.  Midwest -- Belgian troops

4.  Northwest, including California -- Irish troops

5.  Canada -- Mongolian [Chinese] and Russian troops

6.  Mexico -- Mongolian [Chinese] troops.  I find it highly interesting that the Mexico portion over which the Chinese are to exercise control includes San Diego, California!  Our government has just given the Chinese Communists control over an "abandoned" U.S. Naval base, in Long Beach, have they not?  Now you know even more conclusively that Clinton and Congress are part of this 1952 Plan, and are acting entirely at the control of the Illuminati to end American sovereignty and unite the world under the banner of the coming Antichrist.

Foreign troops would be in total control of the entire North American continent.  No sizeable American troops would be allowed in this country.  Then, what needs to happen to the 1,146,959 American troops now stationed in this country?  They will either have to be disbanded or deployed overseas.  It seems to me that, if Serbian President Slobodon Milosevic could generate enough panic by his actions, aided by our Mass Media, we could justify sending over a sizeable contingent of troops from this country.

In the past decade, I have heard many unsubstantiated claims that foreign troops have been sighted training in this country.  However, I never knew of this 1952 plan at that time, so I never placed much confidence in these claims.  We shall be more vigilant in researching this aspect.

Now you are deceived no longer.  Now you know that the End of the Age must be very, very close for this ruse to insert American troops into the Central Balkans to be occurring now.  Truly, I believe all final details are falling into place, and may all be in place soon.

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