Subtitle:  Young men are being hardened unbelievably by computer games, in addition to the violent occultic horror movies which we examined in NEWS1279 and 1280.  You will be horrified by the amount of violence, blood being spilt, and dismemberment of bodies vividly depicted by these games.  Young men are being unbelievably conditioned to be the future army of Antichrist.

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "The lure of Quake II -- a game whose aim is slaughter", by Frank Ahrens, The Washington Post, reprinted by the Providence Sunday Journal, May 2, 1999, page B4.

"The Light Guard alien is on his back, but he may not be entirely dead.  It looks like he's twitching ... Yes!  He's getting up off the floor!  He's aiming at me! 'Die, you alien scum!  Die!  Die!  DIE!'  I hammer on the left button of my computer's mouse, like a telegraph operator on speed.  Each mouse click unleashes a deadly energy stream from my blaster, trained on the alien.  Sound effects pour from the computer-weapons fire, the grunts of my computer character taking enemy hits, the sound of an alien Strogg dying.  Speed-metal rock is the soundtrack to my spree."

"The blaster tears away at the injured creature, already splotched with crimson (aliens bleed red, too, apparently).  Off comes an arm, then the body blows apart, tossing what's left of the torso in the air.  It spins lazily, then thunks back to the ground.  One final smattering of blaster fire trained on the dismembered alien turns it into offal -- bloody chunks of meat scattered everywhere."

Even though this dead, dismembered creature is an alien, the gamer is just a little bit more hardened to the sight of blood and guts and bodies that are literally covered with blood.  We are not saying that a person who plays this game once or twice or even twenty times, will go out and kill someone.  But, a combination of viewing 50,000 murders on TV and movies by the time he is 18 years old, plus being filled with occultic scenes being played out on the screen, plus violent, bloody games as this one, can certainly harden one's heart to the point where they might pull a trigger, under special circumstances.

People are complex creatures.  Any great river becomes great by many different streams and smaller rivers flowing into it all along the way toward the sea.  Similarly, human beings become the adult people they are by the many decisions they make all along their way in life.  As a person takes in violence, occultism, and bloody gore, they become more violent, occultic, and more able to tolerate large amounts of bloody gore.  Remember our premise that Satan is building his army of killers, who will be so hardened by the time Antichrist arises, they will carry out orders to kill in huge numbers.  Since we are so very close to the time Antichrist will arise, we should not be surprised to discover that huge numbers of teens have been deliberately hardened to human suffering, gore, violence, and to the cheap value of human life.

This sad scenario is the REAL story behind the Columbine High School shootings, and the four previous school shootings in the past two years.  These teen shooters are simply the most radical fringe of a huge number of teens and young adults of the past two generations.  These teens number in the tens of millions in the Industrialized World.  They are the future military of the Antichrist, and will gladly do his bidding.


Now, let us return to the subject of computer games.   Did you know that one of the teen shooters at Columbine High School was an expert in this type of Slaughter Game?

"Thus went my introduction to Quake II, a computer video game.  Eric Harris, one of the two teenagers who killed a teacher and 12 of their classmates and then themselves .... reportedly was an expert at Doom, Quake's predecessor ... In the aftermath of the Colorado slayings, blame is parsed out.  Parents get some, for not watching their children closely enough, for not monitoring their Web ramblings.  So do violent movies, which critics claim can prompt the homicidal behavior they depict.  And video games get some blame.  Today's games can be downloaded from the Internet or purchased on CD-ROM at the computer store at the mall (Quake II costs $29.95; Quake III is due out in June).  They feature cutting-edge computer animation and are masterpieces of sensory-overload visual design.  Their 3-D effects are so effective as to induce nausea from motion sickness.  And the ones that feature killing do it in ghastly detail .  Imaginatively, as well.  There are a lot of ways to die in Quake II." [Emphasis added]

"The game appears on the computer screen from the player's point of view.  The barrel of your weapon protrudes in front of you.  You move your character by using the mouse or the keyboard's arrow keys.  When you are assaulted or fired upon, the screen clouds with a translucent red haze, presumably a mist of your own blood."


This kind of vivid carnage is simply unbelievable!  When a young teen or young adult "plays" this computer game over and over and over, as is very typical, the repeated sensations of slaughter, human blood, and overall carnage, coupled with the most hardened Rock Music, and vivid screams from the dying victims, will fry the person's emotional network and turn his brain into cooked scrambled eggs

Doubt it not!  This is why the Bible tells us to concentrate only on the things that are good, wholesome, and edifying [Philippians 4:8], because God knows how quickly and completely a person can be changed into evil so terrifying others can scarcely take it in.  Adolf Hitler turned the vast majority of normal Germans into his cooperative audience, and he ignited several millions of Germany's young men into pulling the trigger on 20 million innocent men, women, and children.  Remember also that at that time, Germany was the most cultured and "civilized" country in the world.  So many people, after World War II, found it difficult to comprehend how the Germany of the Godly Martin Luther could become the Germany of Satanic Adolf Hitler.

America has been travelling down the same pathway of radical cultural change since the early 1970's, when Rock Music suddenly turned so violent and so occultic.  We are now toward the end of this long, hard road of conditioning.  The army of Antichrist is almost ready for action.  If you are not trembling in your boots, you should be!

Now, let us return to our feature article.

"Here are your weapons (and some of the manual's descriptions of what they can do): blaster, shotgun, super shotgun, machine gun, chain gun, hand grenade, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, hyper blaster, rail gun ... and, finally, the BFG ('big, uh, freakin' gun'). This weapon redefines the word, 'wallpaper'.  Simply fire the BFG into a small room of unsuspecting Strogg and observe the new red paint job ... So, having spent several hours, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and my entire lexicon of unsavory language, the simple question is:  Did Quake II make me feel like going out and killing real people.  Of course, not.  But don't stop reading."

"Playing Quake II is an affecting experience, trafficking in the visceral -- both the on-screen carnage and the gut-level, fight-or-flight anxiety within the player.  It was frightening, thrilling, and appalling .  And, perhaps most surprisingly, it stuck with me."

This author felt like he had been pulled through an emotional and mental wringer by the time he finished the game.  Perhaps he did not feel like going out to kill someone after playing this one game, but how would he feel after playing the game for the 300th time?  Such a number is not out of the question for young men, as this violent, occultic, and bloody visual experience is addicting.  When a person combines this type of computer gaming with similar horror movies, plus the hardening effect of drinking, taking drugs,  pornography, and illicit sex, you could very well have a young man who might just go out to kill someone.  After several years of blowing people and aliens to smithereens on a computer screen, a person just might get the idea that it would be "fun" to do it for real.


However, the aspect of all this that no one is talking about, is demon possession.  Yes, I said, demon possession .  Whenever anyone partakes of movies and/or computer games that are heavily laced with occultism, and are full of bloody gore, violence, and even pornography, they are giving tacit permission for demons to enter their bodies.  If these kids have taken drugs, or have dabbled in the occult, they are even more likely to become demon possessed during one of the times they are watching a video or are participating in a similar computer game.  Young Adolf Hitler was demon possessed immediately after watching a Wagner concert that was heavily occultic.  Hitler had watched several Wagner concerts and had deeply delved into occultic Nordic legends before the time of his possession.

In NEWS1253, we demonstrate that a nation-wide demonic possession of a majority of citizens is entirely possible.  If you have not read this article, we encourage you to stop reading this one to read that one.  Then, after you have read that article, you will be much more likely to understand the true significance of the scope and nature of the problem facing us today.



There is another article you need to read.  In NEWS1052, we reprint the entire Seminar Notes of the August 16, 1991, seminar given by the New England Director of the House of Theosophy at their Boston headquarters.  A former member -- now Born Again -- sneaked me into this seminar.  The House of Theosophy was one of the occult organizations that trained young Adolf Hitler into the deepest aspects of Black Magick Satanism.  They are heavily involved in the advancement into the coming New World Order of Antichrist.

This seminar was entitled, "Possible and Probable Events In The Future".  I learned many aspects of the appearance of Antichrist I did not know before; I learned that the Pope had just been selected as the top religious leader in the coming New World Order Religion, a selection that brands him as the Biblical False Prophet of Revelation 13; I learned that the Pope is a "proper receptor" to Antichrist when he arises; I learned that the demonic Guiding Spirits of key human leaders had told them to expect the simultaneous disappearance of tens of millions of people worldwide soon after the appearance of The Christ [Antichrist].  Of course, this is the Rapture!

But, do you know what else I learned from the New England Director of the House of Theosophy that fateful night?  I learned that Virtual Reality is a necessary tool of conditioning to the people of this nation, and for all nations, really.  While Bill Lambert did not spend too much time on the subject, and while I scarcely wrote down anything on the subject, because I did not consider it important on the time, Lambert said that Virtual Reality was an important tool to achieve the New World Order!

Why would this be the case?  Virtual Reality, in the form of these computer games under question, makes the created scene like-like, very real, which is the reason it is so named.  However, Virtual Reality also makes the created scene even more powerful than reality because it is so capable of slowing the action down, and focussing the action so intensely, that it produces a reality in the mind more powerful than actual reality.  What do I mean?

When Virtual Reality makes a scene go in extremely slow motion, the viewer can see carnage he would never see in real life.  In real life, at real time, a person getting shot in the head would experience carnage in a matter of a few split seconds.  This split-second occurrence happens so fast that most observers would not see it in detail, especially if they were standing more than just a few feet away.  But, the slow motion of Virtual Reality enables the viewer to see all the blood, all the guts, and all the ooze in extremely vivid detail.  This feature is what makes Virtual Reality so mentally addicting, and is what makes it such an excellent tool for conditioning, for hardening the minds of our young men.

Whenever you are locked into a heated discussion on the pros and cons of the Virtual Reality of Computer Games, remember that the New England Director of the House of Theosophy [a Satan worshipper], said that this is an excellent tool to bring about the New World Order of Antichrist!

Let us now return to this article.

"Quake II is a serious game.  It is an apocalyptic drama and you are the star -- Earth's last warrior.  It makes the player feel powerful and virile.  Enemies are not only killed, they are shredded.  This is a digital abattoir [defined as a 19th Century animal slaughterhouse] ..."  A slaughterhouse by today's standards is not a pretty place, as the sight and smell of blood and flesh fills the air; but, a 19th Century slaughterhouse takes this image times ten.

"It would be wrong to call Quake II simple carnage.  It is highly complex carnage.  As I move through the alien base, skulking from floor to floor, searching for the command center, I encounter hideous, heavily-armed Strogg, who dart from behind blind s, making me start in my desk chair, sending little bolts of fear up my spine ... There is water, lava, and toxic slime that corrodes human flesh ... I know that sucker's coming around the over there, so I'll hide behind these boxes and wait for him,  I think.  In a moment -- bingo! -- he lumbers from behind the crates and directly into my cross hairs. Off comes his head in a bloody spew."

"As I move further in [the Stroggs' command post] the aliens become more numerous, tougher to kill and more diverse.  A 'parasite' with a probe that 'literally sucks the life out of you' ... kills me several times.  Other times, surrounded by hordes of Strogg, I spin wildly and strafe them in a bloody panic.  Death comes as a relief.  I wait a few minutes before restarting, finding myself breathing rapidly."

"Death comes as a relief ". 

In this shooting at Columbine High School, the two young gunmen killed themselves as soon as they had killed all the students in the High School Study.  We know that Eric was an expert in Doom, the predecessor to Quake II .  How many times had he felt that death was a relief, when he was playing this game?  How many times does a person have to expose themselves to Satanic stimuli before they become Satanic?  How many times does a person have to participate in a Satanic activity before they become demonically possessed?

Remember the stated values of Satanism, as taught by the Satanic Bible , written by Anton LaVey.  Satanism strongly teaches that its adherents indulge in the following activities, teaching that they will find physical, mental, and emotional gratification and fulfillment.  These activities are:

1.  Greed

2.  Pride

3.  Envy

4.  Anger

5.  Gluttony

6.  Lust

7.  Sloth -- laziness

As you can see, the basic tenants of Satanism thoroughly permeates American society today.  Many people will look at these Satanic values and say that they don't seem so bad after all!  This is also one of the very large facts that make this story so unbelievably evil; people today ascribe to these values to one degree or another in their everyday lives.  For over 50 years now, Americans have been steadily moving away from the Christian ideals, to the point now where we have a huge army of people, from teens to young adults, that live this lives according to Satan's ideals, and think nothing of it.  Sure, they are not at the point -- yet -- where they would pull a trigger on someone.  But, given the right leadership and the right circumstances, they would pull that trigger, again and again and again.  This is the true story.

All of our Entertainment Industry completely immerses its audience into these Satanic values.  If you doubt what I am saying, just review the facts about the movie, Matrix , now in theaters everywhere.  In this movie, the hero wears exactly the type of Trench Coat worn by the shooters in several high school shootings.  We encourage you to got to the following Internet addresses to see the horror for yourself.




http://www.whatisthematrix.com/index2.html -- Notice the Comic Book section.  Scroll down and look at the left until you see the words, "John Gaeta & Manex VFX Crew".  Click on this and you will see a segment in cartoon format.  Prepare to be shocked!

Most of our advertisements pander to one or more of these Satanic values.  In fact, most of the teens of Columbine High School pander to one or more of these Satanic values.  This is the REAL story; these young shooters are just the most radical fringe element of an entire army of young people that will soon do his bidding.


"The biggest surprise may have been that I played Quake II continuously for 2 1/2 hours before looking at my watch and noticing the elapsed time.  I went for another two before quitting -- not because I wanted to [quit], but because I had somewhere to go.  For the rest of the evening and into the night, dark hallways and hostile aliens and blind s and my own bloody mist filled my head .  I could not stop trying to decipher the game, remembering places where I turned left and should have turned right."

"I could not stop".

This mental addiction is real, it is growing, and it is threatening our lives.  However, a person fulfilling some disgusting addiction will carry out his dastardly deed alone, deliberately isolating himself from other people.  Listen to this author describe this feeling of isolation, doing so immediately after he discussed how addicting these games are.

"I did not want to interact with people that night or make conversation.  I wanted back inside the game.  It's not hard to imagine anyone with a penchant for gamesmanship becoming addicted to Quake .  The role-playing and elaborate attention to detail appeal to what seems to be the genetic ability of teenage boys to focus on meaningless tasks like memorizing baseball statistics or the location of Strogg strongholds. And the game demands isolation and a distraction-free environment.  It is the perfect centerpiece for a room with drawn shades."

As this author described the natural tendency of teenage boys to want to focus on "meaningless tasks", I felt a chill go up my spine.  Boys do have this tendency, which is why American society has tried to fill their lives with organized sports, Boy Scouts and Explorers, and Summer Camps.  Christian parents try to further fill their youngster's lives with Christian activities.  Parents, you must go all-out for your teens, boys and girls, to fill their time and their minds with meaningful activities, because Satan will step in to fill them for you if you fail your teens.  When I was a teen, one of the activities in which I engaged was the memorization of Scripture!

Now, let us return to this most insightful article.

 "Also, Quake II has some more chilling facets.  The protagonist moves through corridors much like those in a high school, firing at anything in his path ... He may be vulgar and vengeful and enjoy the slaughter, but he is fighting defensively."

I was appalled to see this author describe the terribly antisocial behavior which this computer game unleashed in him.  He was filled with anger and fear and loathing against his enemy.  He said he used every swear word in his vocabulary.  As he said above, he was vulgar and vengeful, enjoying the slaughter.  We never know when a person has crossed the line in his mind where he wants to act out the fanciful acts he has been playing, but we do know such a line exists, and that many criminals have crossed it.  When you combine this fact with participation in outright Satanism, and the influence of demons in a person's life, you have all the makings of the kind of tragedy as we witnessed at Columbine High School.


How realistic in this type of computer gaming?  Is it so realistic that it could REALLY harden a young man's mind and heart to the point where he would wantonly kill other human beings with cruelty and hatred?  In another article on the same page as this one, above, we read this headline:  "Games attract legions of young warriors -- Doom , the game often cited in the Littleton, Colo., shootings -- is so realistic that the Marine Corps uses it for training" [Knight Ridder Newspapers]. 

The Marine Corps has always had the reputation of taking normal young men and turning them into the world's most efficient cold-blooded military killers.  They have been very successful at this endeavor, and have been widely applauded because they contribute so much to the national defense.  However, our discussion as to whether these games could turn normal young men into efficient cold-blooded killers is rendered moot by this realization that these games are used by the Corps to turn their recruits into such killers!  Now, let us turn to this article for some really shocking news.

"Lost in a shadowy maze of corridors in some hellish city and tracked by a terrifying team of opponents, a generation of young Americans has learned to rely on a double-barreled shotgun and the will to kill to stay alive.  This nightmare, a computer game called Doom II , is played out daily in a kind of electronic parallel world by a legion of young male warriors -- kids like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold -- the high schoolers who on April 20 [1999] shot and killed 12 fellow students, a teacher, and then themselves in Littleton, Colo." 

"Even the Marine Corps uses its own customized version of Doom to teach young leather-necks how to fight and win ... The Marine Corps' Web page shows that the Corps saw strong video play as an ideal way to sharpen the reflexes and combat skills of a new generation of recruits.  In 1994, its Combat Development Command in Quantico, Va., evaluated 30 video games for their potential teaching value.  They chose Doom , adding fighting holes, bunkers, tactical wire, and the M-16 rifle and M-249 squad automatic weapon.  Before the Littleton shootings, the Marine version was available on a Corps Web page.  That page has since been removed."

How wonderful!  Young teens could spend endless hours playing the same Marine Corps' version that this nation depends upon to harden and desensitize young recruits into efficient killers!  However, the regular Doom and Quake computer games will accomplish the same effect over a relatively short period of time.


"The first 15 years of action videos like Space Invaders and Atari and Nintendo games were aimed at young children ... Mortal Kombat with crude graphics, but more gore, attracted teens. Then ... 'mature' games targeted at boys older than 16 came along.  A $5.3 billion market was quickly created and the estimated 5.1 million gamers -- kids the video-game industry calls 'single shooters' because their gun is on the screen -- demanded, and continue to demand, ever more intense thrills."

"More than 1.5 million copies of Doom have been sold worldwide, according to its developers, I.D. Software of Mesquite, Texas, which also makes the equally graphic Quake and Hexen.  Tens of thousands of add-on scenarios have been created by young Doom fans.  'This is simulated combat with gallons of blood and gore that can easily desensitize impressionable children', says Richard Snyder, a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., psychologist who counsels teens." [Gallons of blood and gore.  Now we are getting ever closer to the truth of its chilling and hardening effect on young men.  The admission that over 5 million enthusiastic fans are playing these type of graphic computer games brings us closer to the figure we had in mind for Antichrist's army.  While we know that not every enthusiastic gamer will flock to the army of Antichrist, you do not know the unbelievable Satanic enthusiasm will accompany Antichrist when he arises.  People will enthusiastically do things they would never have thought they would do, not in a million years.  Prior mental and emotional preparation is the key, and these games provide in in their "gallons of blood and gore"].

"Suzanne Choi, a researcher at the University of Calgary in Canada, says most parents don't realize how horrific the games can be.  Copies of a game that puts players in charge of a Nazi concentration camp and rewards them for their brutality still circulate in Europe ... Studies by Henry Jenkins, director of film and media studies at MIT, notes that when teens play games like Doom they are beyond parental supervision.  Traditional boy play, often violent and immaturely antisocial, took place outside.  Modern boy play tends to take place inside -- sometimes in the mind."

"Those who play Doom often spend hours in personal combat with a wide variety of subhuman and monster-like villains.  They have the choice of either linking up with the other players they see on their screens, or using a shotgun, pistol, chain saw, or rocket launcher to blast them. 'You and your comrades make the attack', the outline for Doom II: Hell On Earth, goes. "Soon, brave men drop like flies. You lose track of your friends, though sometimes you can hear them scream when they die."

"Hear them scream when they die".

Surely, no one can write a epitaph for America as succinct as this one.  When a child has partaken of thousands of hours and hundreds of instances of Anti-Christ ian behavior, of Satanic stimuli, he will reach the point where he can pull the trigger on others.  In fact, such a child could reach the point where he wants to prove that he can accomplish in reality the same efficiency in killing as he had already achieved in the computer game.  The very fact that these two Columbine High School shooters spent over a year planning this attack tells you that they were probably trying to achieve the same efficiency as they had achieved in their gaming.  They took into consideration all the forces with whom they would have to deal, the time period they would have in which to attack without significant professional opposition, and the probable location of the victims in which they were most interested.  Thus, they chose the Library at the Lunch Hour, when the really serious academic students were most likely to be.


In 1988, we started warning Americans that we had thrown out the former Christian Values on which our nation had originally been founded, and that we have substituted a national foundation of Satanic Values [Read CE1001, America's New Satanic Foundation for full details].

Now that we have had over 20 years of an active Satanic National Foundation , we are at the point where more and more citizens are exhibiting the type of behaviors associated with Satanism.  Thus, we see much more instances of out-of-control rage, hatred, and violence.  You see instances of child and elderly abuse; you see instances of a love of death and all things relating to death [if you doubt this, just look at the movies and TV shows, and at the videos and at Rock Music]; you see instances of rebellion against all things authoritarian, from parents to teachers, to the police.  This is America today, as it lurches toward the soon appearance of Antichrist.

These terribly tragic murders at these several high and middle schools are just symptomatic of all the many changes occurring in our society today.  The Bible foretold it, and it is coming to pass.  All events are now pointing to Antichrist, who will need several tens of millions of young men who will do his bidding, obediently, willingly, even to the point of enjoying it.  As you walk through a shopping mall, look out for those counter-culture types dressed in black, with weird hair-dos and colors, and many rings on all parts of their bodies.  None of these kids have yet pulled a trigger on anyone, and yet, they are feeding from the same spiritual trough as these shooters at Columbine High School.  Soon, these kids will have a new hero, who epitomizes all their values and attitudes. And, when this new hero tells them to kill for peace, they will do so enthusiastically.

Antichrist IS coming SOON.  That is the REAL message of these terrible shootings.

Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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