Subtitle:  Once you understand the REAL reason we deliberately bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, you will understand that, behind all the Clinton rhetoric that China is no longer an enemy is the reality that Clinton and his advisors still are cautious toward Chinese capability.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "China takes Clinton phone call:  Previous efforts to apologize to Jiang Zemin on the telephone for the embassy bombing were rebuffed.  The leaders also talked about China joining the World Trade Organization", New York Times, reprinted by the Providence Journal, Saturday, May 15, 1999, p. A6.

"WASHINGTON -- A week after the NATO bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Yuogslavia, President Clinton was finally able to express his condolences directly to Chinese leaders yesterday during a telephone call, and also touched briefly on China's efforts to join the World Trade Organization.  News of the phone call was quickly disseminated by the Chinese news agency and featured on Chinese Central Television, suggesting that the Chinese government is eager to portray the United States as having bowed to its demands.  It took the government two days to publicize Mr. Clinton's first apology."

"While most of the half-hour conversation was devoted to Washington's regret about the bombing, which killed three Chinese journalists, Mr. Clinton also took the opportunity to say that Chinese entry into the trade organization would benefit both countries, officials said.  Despite the cloud cast by the bombings, and longstanding concerns in Congress about China, the Clinton Administration still hopes that trade talks can resume within the next month, and that China, which has continued its trade talks with Europe, can join the world organization itself."

" 'The president once again expressed his sincere regrets and the Chinese people concerning the tragic accident of last week', [Presidential Press Spokesman] Lockhart told reporters. 'The president expressed his desire that we move beyond this tragic accident in our relationship', he said, adding that both sides need to 'continue working' on winning China access to the trade organization."

"The Chinese news agency said Jiang repeated China's view that there was a 'pressing need' for the United States to conduct an investigation of the incident and to make the results public.  China had previously demanded that those responsible for the error be punished, but that was not included in yesterday's news report."

When news broke last week that the United States had bombed the Chinese Embassy into rubble in Belgrade, Serbia, something within me cautioned me to move slowly on this story, because something was present that did not immediately meet the eye.  If we have been conditioned to believe anything about the current capabilities of our Air Force and Navy, it is that our bombs and missiles are exceedingly accurate.  We were repeatedly told this during the Gulf War against Iraq, even to the point where we were lied to on many occasions so the government could build this belief in our minds.  Yet, here we were saying that we "accidentally" bombed the Chinese Embassy into rubble, killing six Chinese.

At first, we said that this bombing was an "accident", caused by unknown factors under investigation.  However, since the bombs used during this mission were guided by laser beams from commandos on the ground, this story began to leak water immediately.  Certainly, the person(s) on the ground aiming the laser beam upon the Embassy would have been close enough to the Embassy to have known that their beams were directed at the Chinese Embassy, not a Serbian military target.

Almost immediately, the story began to change.  After calling the bombing an "accident", U.S. and NATO officials switched to another story.  They said that the CIA had provided "old" maps of Belgrade that were 4 years old.  Since the Chinese Embassy had moved to their new location three years ago, officials were saying that the "old" maps led American pilots to target the wrong installation.  However, a quick check of the truth revealed a far different story; four years ago, the present site of the Chinese Embassy was a vacant lot!  Certainly, no one could believe that American pilots could not have noticed that a huge building occupied what their "old" maps were showing as a vacant lot.  Further, why would Americans have targeted a vacant lot in the first place?

Even though both lies were transparently obvious, American officials stayed with their story.  Not only did most informed Americans see right through the lie, you can bet both the Russian and the Chinese Intelligence Services quickly saw through it, as well.  Perhaps this is the reason Boris Yeltsin warned that, if the Americans pulled a similar stunt by bombing their embassy, all hell would break out quickly.  Perhaps this is the reason China insisted that they did not believe the American lie and would not accept our "apologies" based upon such a lie.  Perhaps this is the reason the Chinese are still insisting that the American government "investigate" the bombing and publicly issue the report.

What on earth is the truth?  After all, we know that the Chinese, Russian, American, and NATO officials are working together to make the New World Order a reality and to stage their spiritual and political superman, The Christ [Antichrist].  Just as God foretold in Revelation 17:17, all these world leaders are cooperating extremely close to make this world system a reality.  With this kind of cooperation going on, it does not seem to make sense that American leaders would deliberately bomb the Chinese Embassy.  Perhaps the reason the lie the Americans told was crafted to be so transparent so that Conservatives would conclude that it must have been an accident of some sort, because everyone who knows anything about the New World Order knows that extreme cooperation is occurring in all these capitals.

Further, we have learned that American President Bill Clinton seems to have a particular love affair with the Chinese Communists.  He has allowed them to spy at our advanced weapons technology laboratories for years, even after being warned by our FBI that spying was occurring.  Clinton overrode the objections of the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff to allow the Loral Communications to sell the most sophisticated missile guidance technology in existence in the world today.  With this technology, China can now place her most sophisticated nuclear warheads on top of missiles now guided to within 100 feet of their target!  We know now that the Chinese Communists funneled who knows how much illegal money into the coffers of Bill Clinton to help him get re-elected in 1996. [Read all about this unbelievable deliberate dismantling of our National Security System by reading NEWS261 and NEWS1261b, Parts 1 and 2 respectively of series, "America's Physical Annihilation", and NEWS1216, "Clinton Changes America's Nuclear Response Strategy Even As Russian Defector's Warnings Are Ignored"]

We now know that Bill Clinton, and his senior advisers, do not consider China to be an enemy anymore.  They have made several such statements to that regard.


With all this in mind, why would Clinton order -- or at least authorize -- the deliberate bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia? A source whom we believe is impeccable has told us that the reason we bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was that the Serbians had turned over to the Chinese the parts from the wreckage of the B2 Stealth Bomber that was recently shot down.  The Serbians had taken these parts to the Chinese Embassy, and the Chinese were preparing to fly them out via diplomatic aircraft to China.  Once these parts were in the hands of Chinese military scientists, China could discover exactly what makes the Stealth bombers and fighters so difficult to detect by conventional radar.

By bombing the Embassy, especially by totally destroying the building, we hoped to destroy the Stealth bomber parts crated up, awaiting airlift to China.  We bombed the Embassy using the radar-guided missiles that are so incredibly accurate because they are following a laser beam painted on the exact part of the building to be hit.  These lasers that painted the building in just the right place were manned by American commandos on the ground!  Therefore, American officials knew exactly the target at which they were aiming.  They knew they were aiming at the Chinese Embassy.

However, the missiles hit just perfectly so that they took out the main supporting beams holding the building up, causing the entire massive structure to totally collapse!  Hopefully, the full weight of the building coming down destroyed the Stealth bomber parts so they would be of no use to Chinese military scientists.  At the very least, American officials had caused an indefinite delay in the Chinese Plan of getting out their precious cargo; at the most, American officials sent a strong signal to the Chinese that we were prepared to do anything to keep that Stealth bomber wreckage from ever leaving Belgrade.  Thus, we can understand that the very transparent nature of our lie sent a strong message to China that we meant business in keeping this wreckage out of their hands.

Even though Clinton and his advisors do not mind China having the most sophisticated nuclear weapons technology, and the most advanced missile guidance technology, we do mind mightily if they obtain Stealth radar-evading technology.  We are not scientists so we do not know exactly what makes this technology so sensitive.  But, American officials are VERY sensitive about allowing the Chinese to know the deep secret behind the construction of this material.


The Bible says that, even though the leaders of the 10 Super Nations at the time of Antichrist will cooperate initially to successfully stage Antichrist [Revelation 17:17], this cooperation is fragile, and will not last.  In Daniel 2:31-43, God reveals that this cooperation will be like burned potter's clay trying to bond with iron.  Just as these substances will not bond together, this fragile cooperation will turn nasty and disastrous, as three of the ten original Super Nations will be totally destroyed, probably by war.

This incident demonstrates to us that the leader of Super Nation #1, President Clinton, does not REALLY trust the Chinese, who are designated Super Nation #10.  One other thing that caught my eye is that, even though the Embassy was totally destroyed, as we reported above, none of the Chinese Embassy staff was killed.  The three Chinese who died were journalists.  The Chinese Ambassador, his family, and his entire staff escaped injury and death.  Do you think that Clinton told the Chinese just before the attack that, even though we were the best of "buddies", we just could not allow them access to Stealth technology?  If an American warning came just minutes before the attack, people could be saved, but time would have been too short to allow evacuation of the Stealth bomber parts!

Even Clinton does not trust the Chinese enough to allow them access to our Stealth technology.  This deeply held mistrust will eventually lead to Biblical prophecy being fulfilled, as found in Daniel 7:7-8, and 20.

We might be looking at the beginning of fulfilled Bible prophecy, in your Daily News, right in front of your eyes.  Truly, these momentous events demonstrate we are at the very End of the Age, and that Antichrist is directly ahead of us.   

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