Subtitle:  President Clinton and his top aides are following Illuminati doctrine in going from Point A to Z in such a manner as to confuse people.  This process is called the 'Dialectic ". Once you understand how it works, you can see how Clinton and his top aides deliberately deceive you, in your Daily News.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Statement By The President To The Nation: Kosovo", The White House, Office, Press Secretary, March 24, 1999,  http://www.usia.gov/regional/eur/balkans/kosovo/texts/990324wh.htm

"I do not intend to put our troops in Kosovo to fight a war." As President Clinton explained to Americans the rationale behind his action to lead NATO forces into an air war against Slobodon Milosevic of Serbia, he uttered this bottom line promise.  He would not order American ground troops into action against Serbia.  Even if the air war proceeded badly, he would not order American troops against Serbia.  Even if his goals could not be achieved by the air campaign, he would not order American troops to force their way into Kosovo.  This pledge was as clear and unambiguous as the statement by President Bush in 1988 that he would not raise taxes.  I could almost hear Bush's pledge echoing in the background as Clinton spoke.  I could almost hear Clinton saying, "Read my lips: no American ground combat in Kosovo."

Since this is the case, then how can we read this next story just two months later?

NEWS BRIEF:  "Clinton To Order 90,000 troops to Kosovo", by Michael Evans, Defence Editor, Times Newspapers Ltd., May 27, 1999.

"PRESIDENT CLINTON is now ready to consider a full-scale land war against Serb forces in Kosovo, sending up to 90,000 combat troops from America, if no peace settlement emerges within the next three weeks. Although Nato [sic] is only officially planning for a peace implementation force of 50,000-60,000 troops, there is a growing feeling in Washington and London that the alliance must prepare itself for a much bigger operation, involving 150,000-160,000 troops."

Wow!  That is a HUGE turnaround from his emphatic statement of March 24 that he would NOT order American ground troops into Serbia.  Of course, many Americans thoroughly criticized Clinton for making the no ground troops pledge in the first place, since proper and accepted military strategy has always held that you do not telegraph to your enemy what you are, or are not going to do, against him.

Further, with the resources available to the President of the United States, Clinton would have known all the options open to him before he made his speech on March 24.  He would have known that air power alone has never won a war against a significant opponent.  He would have known that for him to make such a promise to the American people before the air war really got started would have emboldened Milosevic to hunker down to absorb the air punch without being destroyed, keeping his ground forces alive and ready to battle the ground war when it came.

In many occasions following the March 24 promise not to order American ground troops into Serbia, either Clinton, or members of his Cabinet, or American military officials, or NATO officials issued statements that flatly contradicted Clinton's promise.

What is going on here?  You can believe only one of two options:

1.  President Clinton erred badly when he promised not to even contemplate the use of ground troops

2.  President Clinton and his officials are following a plan not too obvious to the American people.

The news media, Conservative columnists, and the talking heads on TV and radio would have you believe premise #1, that Clinton is incompetent enough that he made a foolish promise that he should not have ever made.

However, we will demonstrate to you that Clinton is once again following an established Illuminati principle of following a jagged path from Point A to Point Z so as to hide his true objective and to confuse both his enemies and the people over whom he is ruling. 

This principle is called the "Dialectic".  Since most of you probably have never heard of this term before, let us begin our discussion with a definition of the term.  Dialectic was an hypothetical proposition originated in 1823 by a German professor, Hegel, which stated that the only two constants in the world were change, and the conflict that was inevitable from opposing forces that produced such change.  Hegel pronounced that "Conflict produces Change, and that Controlled Conflict Produces Controlled Change".  Therefore, if one wants to reach a certain controlled end result, he would best be served if he could create a conflict between opposing parties, the end result of which would be the end he sought.

We have expounded greatly on this subject, because Hegel's thesis was primarily responsible for the creation of Communism by the Illuminati for the express purpose of setting up a global "Controlled Conflict" that would produce their coveted goal of the New World Order, the Kingdom of Antichrist.  Since time and space do not allow us to fully explore this subject here, we invite you to read NEWS1007, "Thesis x Antithesis = Synthesis:  The Real Flow of History ".  Once you read this article, you will understand 20th Century history a whole lot better, and you will understand the terrifying reality about to strike the whole world.

Hegel's thesis of Controlled Conflict producing Controlled Change is also being used in our society today to produce the kind of change in values and attitudes amongst the entire American population that would allow us to enthusiastically accept Antichrist when he arises.  This insidious plan changes attitudes and values so quietly and so invisibly that people do not realize they are being manipulated!  Further, once they have changed their values and attitudes as the result of the manipulation, they think they arrived at this value system on their own, and will defend that false idea vociferously!  This plan of changing long held values and attitudes is called the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan.  We encourage you to read NEWS1006, "Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan -- Euthanasia", and NEWS1055, "Review of Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan And How It Is Being Used Today ".  You will understand the often contradictory methods of the Mass Media a whole lot better once you have read these two articles, and you will understand how you can stop being silently and invisibly manipulated.  Further, you will understand how a formerly Christian-values nation can completely change into a Satanic-values nation in less than a century.


Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it.

The key to this plan working out properly is Step #4, the sheer repetition [conflict] between the forces advocating the radical change and the forces resisting such change.  In other words, this Six-Step Plan wants to set off a conflict -- a war -- between the forces of change and the forces of Status Quo.  This battling, this conflict, will produce a gradual change in the attitudes and values of the vast majority of the population who does not feel strongly for either side in the debate.

Likewise, the Dialectic concept holds true in the discussion at hand, as to how and why President Clinton and his many civilian and military aids deliberately issue conflicting statements about whether American ground troops will or will not be used to invade Serbia.  Let me introduce you to the Dialectic concept as to how a New World Order leader can go from Point A [where he is today] to Point Z [his goal of where he wants to be at some point down the road].

Point A -- On March 24, 1999, President Clinton and his NATO allies were outside of Kosovo and of Serbia.  This is not where they wanted to remain.

Point Z -- President Clinton and his NATO allies wanted American troops on the ground in Kosovo and Serbia.  Further, they wanted this planned war with Milosevic to place American ground and air forces in the general region beyond Serbia, because such a goal was dictated by the Illuminati in 1952!  [See NEWS1270, "In 1952, Illuminati Planned To Have American Troops Patrol the Balkans, Greece, Yugoslavia, Romania, and Bulgaria ".]

Clinton, all his advisors and allies, knew that they could not simply go from Point A to Point Z in a straight line, because all Hell would immediately break loose. To go from Point A to Point Z in a simple straight line would carry the following consequences, none of which would be palatable to Clinton and the Illuminati.

1.  Everyone could easily see where Clinton was leading us -- When a missile is launched, computer-guided radar immediately can see from whence it was launched and where it is tracking.  Within a few minutes of following the missile in flight, the computer can accurately determine where the missile is going to land.  Likewise, if Clinton launched his campaign from Point A to Point Z in a straight track, it would not take his opponents long to figure out where he is heading, and what the consequences might be.  Clinton and his Illuminati brethren are not stupid; they know that, if the American people knew that the plan was to place American troops on the ground in this general area of Europe as part of a global plan to place foreign national troops in designated areas of the world for the express purpose of conquering them and ruling over them dictatorially, they would vigorously oppose this action.

2.  Clinton's natural enemies and the defenders of the Status Quo-position of maintaining our freedoms, would derive much strength from being able to point out the path Clinton is taking, and what the consequences would be to all citizens.  The Illuminati has always feared the common people, and have taken great pains to conceal their true objective until no one can prevent the goal from being achieved.

3.  The entire New World Order Plan might be exposed, greatly enraging the people, and possibly derailing 250 years of steady "progress" toward the goal of successfully staging Antichrist.

A "positive" result of this conflicting and confusing manner of controlling the news of the world is that people are confused and turned off from following daily news events.  Thus, when the news takes an abrupt turn, these type of people will not even know what has just happened to them.  In my seminars, I often ask for a show of hands of the people who read a newspaper daily.  Usually, about one-half of the seminar participants raise their hands; but, when I ask the women how many read a section other than Lifebeat or Movies, very, very few hands go up.  Then, when I ask the men how many of them read a section other than Sports, I get very, very few hands raised.  I would estimate that about two-thirds of the electorate do not read daily news.  The Illuminati Plan for global dictatorship is thus greatly aided by an ignorant electorate. 

Then, of those who do read Daily News, a high percentage of them refuse to believe that government leaders want to enslave them.  It is much easier to assume that government leaders have the best interests of the people at heart, ignoring mountains of evidence to the contrary.  Most of the obviously terrible decisions made by our leaders are ascribed to greed, stupidity, or incompetence.  No one wants to believe that their leaders want to enslave them, and are set out on a path to do just that.

Thus, when these leaders are deliberately following a Dialectic Path to get from Point A to Z, over 90% of the electorate either do not know, or do not want to know, what is really occurring.  I guess this article is aimed at those 10%, or fewer, people who have the courage to face the truth, and to warn others, especially in spiritual matters.


To prevent people from discovering what Clinton is truly planning to do, he and his fellow conspirators must control the news in such a way as to go from Point A to Point Z in a zigzag manner rather than in a straight line.  Since Communism was created as a theory by the Illuminati, and since they have always been fellow soldiers in the Illuminati Plan, they have been experts in the use of this Dialectic.  Some Communist leaders and authors refer to the Dialectic as "Two Steps Forward, One Step Back".

Former Soviet Premier, Nikita Khruschev, likened the Dialectic to a hammer being drawn back after striking a nail on its head.  He said that most people would think the hammer is retreating, when it is just being drawn back to gain momentum for another strike on the nail.  Likewise, when the Dialectic process is drawing that one step back after taking two or more steps forward, many people will say that it is retreating, when it is just planning its next step-forward movement.  This is the reason the Dialectic Process is so effective in the hands of the skilled practitioner, and why it is so maddening to the opposition of the New World Order Plan. 

When the Dialectic Process is taking that planned one-step backwards, the skeptics who just refuse to believe that their freedoms are going to be taken away, will point to the backward step and say, "See, we are not going in the direction you have been warning about!  See, you are totally wrong!" Then, these people significantly relax, and many of them will totally miss the time when that one-step backward suddenly lurches forward again two or more steps.

Let us now apply this Dialectic Process to the handling of the news on Serbia and Kosovo.

Two Steps Forward -- March 24, 1999 -- President Clinton orders American air force units to participate with NATO forces to launch an attack on Serbian forces.

One Step Back -- In this speech, President Clinton seemingly foolishly omits the most fearsome of weapons in our national arsenal against Milosevic, ground troops.

Steps Forward -- The Mass Media and other Liberal Clinton supporters begin the drumbeat that American ground forces have to be introduced into combat if Milosevic is to be brought down.

Step Backward -- Clinton reiterates his pledge to not use ground troops

Steps Forward -- NATO officials, including the general in charge of all forces, British General Clark, makes statements that ground forces need to be used in order to "guarantee" victory.

Half-step Backward -- Clinton says that he "may be forced" to use ground troops, even though he vigorously opposes the idea.

Steps Forward -- British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, actively carries the fight for ground troops to the NATO ministers, and even says that he will commit further British troops to this "worthy" cause.

Steps Forward -- News stories break that Clinton is considering ordering 90,000 American troops into ground war in Serbia, the story which we quoted above.  Certainly, this gigantic zigzag caught a lot of people by surprise, and seemed to confirm that Clinton had been lying all along.  But, to those of us who understand the Dialectic Process, we were not surprised.

Half-step Backward -- President Clinton and many other Western leaders, really begin to beat the drums of ground war against Serbia.  We got many reports that some key units have been put on alert, with their objective supposedly being Serbia.

Two-Steps Forward -- Suddenly, after following its own Dialectic Process, Milosevic capitulates, declaring "victory", Clinton-style. American troops, and NATO troops, will begin to move into Serbia, headed for Kosovo, on Saturday, June 12, 1999. [In a recent development, Russian troops poured into Serbia, headed for Belgrade and Kosovo, ahead of NATO troops, and filling a role they were not supposed to fill.  We do not know exactly what is occurring here, but we do know that Russia is just fulfilling her part of this global stage play.  This event was unexpected only to us, not to New World Order leaders like Clinton.  We shall just have to wait to see how this event plays out]

President Clinton, his NATO allies, his Russian co-conspirators, and Milosevic himself, have thus gotten from Point A to Point Z, having followed a very protracted, and a very zigzag, course.  Rather than moving directly from Points A to Z, they have gotten there by a zigzag course that has confused most Americans.

Once you understand how this Dialectic Process works, you can see that it is being used in dozens of different ways, both domestically and internationally.  When you marry the concept of the Dialectic Process and the Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan , you can see how and why stories break when they do, and you can follow the process through its zigzag course.

In Serbia, the ultimate objective is to have American ground troops patrolling the Balkans, Yugoslavia [which includes Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia], Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria.  We are going into Serbia, and we have been able to get on the ground in the surrounding countries because of this war.  Forget the fact that the first troops on the ground are only part American.  Once American troops are on the ground, events will be staged so that the non-American NATO troops leave; then, the region will be patrolled only by Americans, just as the 1952 Plan envisions.  This process may take many months to occur, so do not be confused.

We may also not be fully at Point Z in this region yet.  It seems to me that a ground war in Serbia or somewhere in that vicinity, would be a perfect cover for all the final planned "crises" to occur.  With American forces -- Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines -- bogged down in Serbia, the stage would be set for Arabs to attack in the Middle East, for China to attack Taiwan, and for North Korea to invade South Korea using non-conventional weapons.  When these crises explode, you will know Antichrist is on his way. marching through the dust and destruction of these simultaneous wars.  Perhaps Serbian troops will attack once American forces are on the ground in Kosovo.  Or, perhaps they will resort to guerilla warfare against American forces. 

The one fact that is indisputable is that American and NATO forces are now a lot closer to the Serbian enemy than they were when they were sitting across the border.  My instinct is that this "war" is not finished yet.  Remember, also, that the only reason Clinton was able to achieve "victory" over Milosevic by air power alone was that Milosevic is part of the plan ; he knows his script well.  Let us finish with that famous quote from New World Order author and leader, Peter Lemesurier, at the very end of his book on how to successfully stage Antichrist,The Armageddon Script .

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise.  The time for action will have come." [Written in 1981]

The ultimate Point Z is the successful staged appearance of Antichrist, where the vast majority of the peoples of the world accept him as Messiah and god, and will follow him wherever he leads.  This is the ultimate Dialectic Process.  When Antichrist finally arises, the nations of the world will have been following the Dialectic Process for much of the past 250 years.  Certainly, this bloody and climactic 20th Century has seen the Dialectic Process followed closely for much of the time since Communism overthrew the Russian Czar in 1917.  We are now very close to that ultimate Point Z, Antichrist.

The time for action HAS come, and this war is part of this vast stage play.  Doubt it not!

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