Subtitle:  News reports now coming out of Serbia from NATO commanders and ground units consistently report that NATO destroyed a lot less of the Serbian Army than originally contended.  The Serbian Army was largely intact as it withdrew from Kosovo.  So why did Milosevic capitulate?  He was acting his part in the scenario designed to fulfill the Illuminati Plan of 1952!  Nothing other conclusion makes sense.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "The Toll: Damage To Serb Military Less Than Expected", International, The New York Times On The Web, www.nytimes.com/library/world/europe/062899kosovo-bomb-damage.html

" 'It's exaggerated', a former senior allied official, who spoke to top European leaders in recent days, said of NATO's damage estimates.  'NATO hit a lot of dummy and deception targets.  It's an old Soviet ploy.  Officials in Europe are very subdued.  No one's [sic] pounding their chests over this.' "

"Even in Junik and the villages around Mount Pastrik in Southern Kosovo, where allied bombers staged intense attacks on Yugoslav forces that had massed against the Kosovo Liberation army in the last weeks of the air war, there are few signs of the scorched carcasses of tanks or other military equipment NATO officials had expected to find. 'Nothing is here', Lieut. Col. Dietmar Jeserick, a spokesman for the German peacekeeping troops based in Prizren, said Sunday."

" 'We found positions', the colonel said.  'We found bomb damage in those positions, but we didn't find any vehicles or tanks'.  While some vehicles were removed from Kosovo by Serbian forces to break down for spare parts, NATO officials themselves acknowledge that fewer pieces of military hardware were destroyed than the alliance had first estimated."

Considering the many times after the Gulf War that we learned how thoroughly the Federal Government had lied to us, I took all these news reports of smashing NATO success with a huge grain of salt.  It made no sense to me that any pilot flying at 15,000 feet, could properly identify and target military vehicles so as to cause the huge amount of damage the media was claiming we caused.  Further, I knew these Serbian troops are no dummies, unlike the Iraqi soldiers  in the Gulf War.  These Serbs had been trained in Russian tactics and were equipped with more advanced Soviet weapons than were the Iraqis.

News reports abounded that said the Serbs had hidden the vast majority of its tanks, vehicles, ammunition, and fuel supplies deep underground, some of it hidden so well as to be able to withstand nuclear blasts. NATO was going to destroy zero of this equipment.

The NATO attack ran out of military targets so fast it was forced to go after civilian targets, claiming such targets were of military value.  Attacking civilian targets became so obvious that the Liberal Media began to run articles on it.  Rush Limbaugh reported on several occasions that NATO was waging a civilian campaign, which is why our bombs continuously killed a lot of civilians.

Michael Evans, Defence Editor, reporting in the London Times, June 28, 1999, gives us a very interesting insight into this situation.  Listen to his news report.

"NATO dropped thousands of bombs on dummy roads, bridges, and soldiers ... and hit only 13 real Serb tanks.  NATO's 79-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, which involved thousands of sorties and some of the most sophisticated precision weapons, succeeded in damaging only 13 of the Serb's 300 battle tanks in Kosovo, despite alliance claims of large-scale destruction of Belgrade's heavy armour."

"It is claimed [by NATO] that up to 60 per cent of Serb artillery and mortar pieces had been hit and about 40 per cent of the Yugoslav Army's main battle tanks had been damaged or destroyed.  There were even reports of an attack by B52 bombers on a Serb brigade which was drawn out into the open by Kosovo Liberation Army fighters, leading to the death of up to 700 Serb soldiers.  However, before the Serbs finally withdrew three days ago, they informed Kfor that NATO had managed to hit 13 of the 300 or so tanks that they had deployed to Kosovo -- most of which have been removed from the province on low-loaders. Kfor troops have found just three damaged T55 tanks left behind in Kosovo. 'What we found is a huge number of dummy tanks and artillery', one Kfor source said."

"The Yugoslav Army used well-practised Russian camouflage techniques which involved placing dummies around the countryside, some of them next to dummy bridges with strips of black plastic sheeting across fields as fake roads to delude NATO bombers into thinking they had a prime target to hit.  'When you're travelling at 500mph at 15,000ft, it is easy to be fooled', another Kfor source said."

Yet another news source is reporting much the same shocking information. 

NEWS BRIEF:  "BDA Refutes Claim That NATO Bombed Serbs Into Submission", www.stratfor.com/CIS/commentary/c9906242045.htm

"Now that NATO forces are on the ground in Kosovo, they finally have an opportunity to observe the effects of the 79-day bombing campaign.  Readily apparent is that NATO was successful in targeting buildings, fuel depots, and other fixed infrastructure.  This comes as no surprise, since there was ample video footage of the damage available throughout the conflict.  What has also become apparent is that NATO's bombing campaign did strikingly little damage to Yugoslav military equipment, troops, and capacity to wage war."

"What NATO did find was a massive amount of decoys -- fake tanks, trucks, artillery pieces, missile launchers, roads, and even bridges -- on which NATO had expended its weaponry.  NATO troops entering Kosovo also described the Yugoslav Army's defensive fortifications as 'formidable'."

"While NATO repeatedly struck Yugoslavia's limited number of petroleum infrastructure targets, reports late in the conflict indicated that the Yugoslav Army still retained ample stockpiles of fuel to facilitate armor and aircraft combat maneuver ... Despite NATO assertions that its bombing campaign had crushed the spirit of the Yugoslav Army, the 47,000 troops that withdrew from the province appeared to observers to be in good shape and high spirits."


We can draw some very obvious and immediate conclusions from these news stories which prove that the American people have been lied to once again by our Government and our Media.  I do not intend this list to be an exhaustive one, so if any of you can think of another conclusion, please email me to let me know.

1.  Our Federal Government routinely lies to us -- Too many Americans still have trouble believing that Government officials lie to us every single day.  Some politicians seemingly cannot ever tell the truth.  Certainly, President Clinton has proven -- beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that he has lied to us repeatedly, and much more than the times he has told the truth.  He admitted, under oath, that he lied to a grand jury, to a sitting judge, and to a court of law.  How can we ever believe anything he says to us?

2.  Officials in our Federal Government do not have our best interests at heart -- Too many Americans believe, in the bottom of their hearts, that our elected and appointed officials have our best interests at heart.  Officials may be guilty of greed, pride, stupidity, and incompetence, but they mean well.  Oh, no they do not mean well.  Too many top American officials, in every administration since FDR, have been committed to the destruction of the nation-state so that a global government can be established.  One of the nation-states that must be destroyed in the United States of America.

3.  We can no longer trust, even believe, Military spokesmen -- As late as the Gulf War, Americans would tend to believe almost anything if it was being espoused by a military officer of high rank, especially a general.  We learned, during the Gulf War, that our generals were participating in the massive deception being carried out to deceive us as to the capability of our military.  We can see the same thing in Yugoslavia.

4.  We can no longer believe, or trust, Mass Media -- Have you noticed how many ads TV stations run that tell you how trustworthy their news anchor is?  Whether it is Tom Brokaw or whomever, we are told that he is so professional and so trustworthy, and so worthy of our trust.  The opposite is true.  Once these ads convince you that the anchor is trustworthy, you are far more likely to believe the lie they want you to believe.  This sad fact is the real reason TV networks spend all this money running ads to convince you of the truthfulness of their anchors.

Listen to a quote from a New World Order leader and author, Peter Lemesurier, in his monumental book, The Armageddon Script.  This book acknowledges the Biblical truth that Fundamental Christians and Jews will not accept Antichrist on the basis of his occult miracles alone; they will be looking to see if specific Biblical prophecies and/or Jewish expectations are fulfilled.  Therefore, in order to deceive these two groups Antichrist will have to deliberately stage fulfillment of these prophecies and expectations.  To a large extent, he will fulfill these prophecies and expectations on the basis of his occult power to do supernatural things. He will also depend upon being able to create illusions with technological prowess, probably in the field of modern film-making. However, listen as Lemesurier explains the role of the global Mass Media.

"Belief sometimes needs a physical crutch.  Various commentators have suggested that, even during the Exodus itself, the semi-legendary Cloud of the Presence may, like the equally-legendary pillar of fire and smoke which accompanied the long march, may have been some kind of technological phenomenon.  Certainly, therefore, the use of such special effects should not be ruled out on this occasion [staged appearance of Antichrist].  The world's news media can be counted upon to do the rest."

"The world's news media can be counted upon to do the rest."

You will not believe -- until it happens in front of your eyes -- the kind of drumbeat the Mass Media will beat on behalf of Antichrist.  News reports will augment the technological capability of film-making to report fake

5.  The United States and its NATO allies have just run the most sophisticated, and probably expensive, sting campaign the world has ever seen -- The object of an old-fashioned sting scheme is to steal something from the victim so that they do not know who has stolen it from them, or even know they have been robbed.  The U.S. and NATO have just completed a most expensive sting operation in history. After multi-millions of dollars have been expended, and dozens of lies told, the objective of the sting has been realized, without the majority of citizens of any country even being aware of it. 

What was the objective of this sting operation?  The objective was to create the plausible scenario by which American troops could be on the ground in Yugoslavia, the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece, in fulfillment of the Illuminist Plan of 1952 [If you have not yet read NEWS1270 and NEWS1289, we encourage you to do so now, for complete understanding].  This 1952 Plan envisioned the specific areas of paramilitary policing assigned to various foreign troops throughout the world after the New World Order was officially established.

If President Clinton had announced, about a year ago, that he was sending American troops to patrol this region of Eastern Europe, all Hell would have broken loose on the Continent.  Government after government would have been forced by their public opinion to oppose stationing over 50,000 American troops on the ground in Eastern Europe.  What would Bill Clinton then have done?  Would he have dared to land American troops on the shores of Yugoslavia?  Certainly not!  Such an "invasion" would have been unthinkable.

But, if a sophisticated scheme were developed -- with the Serb leadership in compliance -- of another mad man in charge of another Holocaust on the European Continent, then people of both Europe and America could be persuaded to support military action that would be unthinkable under any other condition.  Thus, President Clinton comes on TV in March [1999] to announce that we and our European allies intended to prevent another Adolf Hitler from arising and wreaking havoc and genocide.  Clinton even mixed historic truth in his speech.  Certainly, had America and Europe acted from the beginning to keep Hitler within his own borders, World War II would likely have been avoided.  Certainly, had the Western allies been more forceful militarily, they would have prevented Hitler from slaughtering 6 million Jews and 12 million other devalued people.

But, this mixing in of historic truth does not mean that Clinton was acting truthfully when he announced we were going to attack Serbia, in conjunction with our NATO allies.


6.  The fact that Serb dictator Milosevic capitulated when his Army was unbloodied and fully capable of inflicting enormous casualties upon invading NATO forces tells us volumes as to where the truth really lies.

At this point, let us return to Michael Evans and his article in the London Times, reported above.

"During the air campaign, elaborate claims were made by NATO officials that hundreds of Serb tanks, artillery pieces, mortars and armored personnel carriers had been struck.  It was also suggested this was one of the main reasons why President Milosevic decided to cave in and agree to a cease-fire and the deployment of a large international peace-keeping force in Kosovo.  Now, some NATO officials are baffled about why he did surrender."  What was that last phrase again?

"Why did he surrender?"

Bravo!  Good statement, and even better question!  Why did Milosevic back down, accept all of the demands from NATO and the United States to allow "peacekeeping" forces in this region, and to give up the city of Kosovo, which is just as sacred to the Serb as Jerusalem is to the Jew?  I have read reports that Serb military officers and not a few enlisted men, are incensed that Milosevic would surrender when his army was so good, and so intact.

You cannot understand why Milosevic would surrender unless you understand that a Conspiracy is operating globally to move the nations of the world into a global dictatorship, backed by a global military.  A large part of this New World Order Plan is the Illuminist Plan of 1952.  Let us take a few moments to look at this plan.
Briefly, this map has redrawn all the nations in the world into regions, each of which is to be patrolled by forces foreign to that region.  I surmised in Seminar #1, "America's Leadership of the New World Order" , written in 1989, that this type of plan made sense, given some little known facts of the early 20th Century.  By 1920, Lenin and his cadre of leadership realized they had a problem with their armed forces.  They discovered that troops, even hardened and calloused troops, could not be depended upon to be fatally brutal to their own people, their own villages, and even their own region.  To remedy this situation, the Communist Party issued orders that the Army station no troops on their own soil.  Basically, this meant that Russian Muslim troops were stationed in non-Muslim areas and vice versa.  Once this adjustment had been made, the reign of terror under Lenin, and later under Stalin, could proceed as planned.

Since the reign of terror in the coming New World Order is planned to be many times larger and more intense, than even the reign of Stalin terror, it made sense that such a plan had to be developed on a global scale.  This map of the world, above, is just such a global map.  I did not know of this map until just a few months ago, even though it was created by the Illuminati in 1952.

No region will be patrolled by its own troops.  As you can can see, American forces were given responsibility for patrolling six areas of the world, including Yugoslavia, the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.  This "war" in Serbia over Kosovo is simply the planned ruse to get us in these countries, on the ground, ultimately acting as police forces.  We reported in NEWS1289, that American troops are, indeed, acting as police in Serbia.  Soon, under some cover story, non-American NATO troops will leave, and more Americans will be poured into this region.

As you can also see, America will be patrolled by troops of several nationalities, each assigned to a different region.  For this plan to be implemented, a great crisis will have to erupt that takes American forces out of this country to such a degree that we do not even have enough National Guard troops to control our cities.  As we have repeatedly taught, the New World Order Plan to produce Antichrist envisions just such a series of planned simultaneous crises throughout the world that will force all American troops, regular Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard, out of this country.  Then, when planned riots erupt in our cities, the President will ask the United Nations to provide enough troops to restore order. 

The United Nations will gladly agree, sending in the troops you see listed on the map.   Most of the sovereign nations of the world will find themselves in similar circumstances, so their leaders will ask for foreign troops.  The nationality of the troops they receive will be in line with this map. 

The leadership of the United Nations will also change, as light-weight Koffi Annan will give way to the spiritual superman of all ages, The New Age Christ [Antichrist].  This is the Plan, and the War in Kosovo was the deliberate ruse to get Americans on the ground in this Eastern European region.


The last lesson to be learned from this badly acted script is that Milosevic is just as much a part of the Plan as is Bill Clinton.  The only reason Milosevic surrendered when his army had not even been bloodied, and when most of his army was itching for a ground fight with NATO, is because he is acting out a part of the global script in this tiny little scene of a 250 year plan.  Let us allow New World Order leader, Peter Lemesurier, the last word in this article:

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come." [The Armageddon Script , Peter Lemesiur , 1981, p. 252]

Do not be deceived; we have been witnesses to a badly acted screen play, with the actors simply following their scripts.  This script also resulted in the planned depletion of much of America's Navy and Air Force munitions. But, this "war" was never fought to prevent genocide by the Serbs against the Muslims in Kosovo.  This "war" was fought to get American troops on the ground in this region in Eastern Europe.

Now you are deceived no longer.

Truly, our Lord Jesus Christ was right when He said that one of the End of the Age signs would be massive and clever deception [Matthew 24:24].   The very fact that we are seeing such well-organized deception on such a global level is a sure sign the End of the Age is really here.

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