Subtitle:  In an unbelievable diplomatic move, President Clinton cancels a previously scheduled trip to Taiwan by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other members of the Department of Defense.  He then floats a trial balloon about possibly canceling all military aid to Taiwan.  Clinton has just sent a strong signal to China that we will not intervene if they attack Taiwan.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "U.S. mulls cutoff of military aid to Taiwan", By Bill Gertz, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, July 21,1999.

"The Clinton administration has halted a visit to Taiwan by Pentagon officials and is considering a cutoff of U.S. military assistance as a sign of displeasure over Taipei's pro-independence comments, U.S. officials said yesterday. 'We postponed the delegation because of the recent situation,' a senior administration official said..."

"The group of defense officials going to Taiwan was to have discussed air-defense cooperation, but the visit was called off to register administration anger over the policy shift, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The group would have included officials of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, Joint Staff and Office of the Secretary of Defense and would have included talks on how to counter China's growing short-range missile force. China has launched a major propaganda campaign to avert U.S. help with missile-defense efforts in Asia, especially in Taiwan."

The United States' Government has always been strongly committed to keeping Communist China from attacking and conquering Taiwan.  Presidents from Truman through Clinton [in 1996] regularly kept at least one American carrier battle group in this region, ready to intervene if China began to threaten Taiwan.  President Eisenhower sent the Seventh Fleet into the Formosa Straits in order to force the Chinese to back down in their threats against Taiwan.  Similarly, President Clinton sent American Naval Forces into these same straits in order to force China to cease its aggressiveness against Taiwan, which included the firing of theater ballistic missiles.

Therefore, experienced observers are sure to be quite shocked by this sudden turn of events.  In the world of diplomacy, an experienced diplomat will carefully ensure that he leave not one single loophole left open that might be interpreted by a potential enemy as a weakness or as an opening.  If diplomat leaves such a tiny hole open, a potential enemy just might decide that they can get away with aggression, and attack.


Just before the first New World Order war -- Korean War -- our Secretary of State testified before Congress that America would react militarily to defend certain countries and territories from Communist aggression.  The listing of countries and territories omitted South Korea; almost immediately, North Korean troops were pouring into the South.

However, lest you be deceived into thinking that our Secretary of State was derelict in his duties by "accidentally" omitting South Korea from the list of those countries we would defend, you should be aware that this Korean War was planned in order to advance the  New World Order.

Listen to the demon master spirit, Master D.K., speaking through Alice A. Bailey, explain how this system of planning has worked in history.  Speaking of the Yalta Conference attended by President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Russian Premier Stalin, Master D.K. stated: "Two momentous, but preliminary, conferences have already taken place, thus inaugurating this new cycle of group functioning.  The League of Nations was an abortive effort -- well intentioned but relatively useless, as later happenings proved.   One of these initial conferences was held at Yalta.  There, three men, constituting a basic [occult] triangle , met with goodwill and endeavored to lay the groundwork for coming world happenings." [Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy , p. 4447-8; Emphasis added]

These three occultic men, leaders of the occult triangle alliance which had won World War II, met under the spiritual leadership of their Guiding Spirits to plan "coming world happenings". Just a few short years later, our Secretary of State made his diplomatic "blunder" of omitting South Korea from those countries we would fight to defend, and the war was under way.  The Korean War was the first one fought by a United Nations' force where American General MacArthur reported directly to the Communist Assistant General Secretary of the United Nations.  The Korean War was a planned New World Order war, with a "negotiated" end that left two states in perpetual state of war, setting the stage for the final nuclear conflict at the end of the New World Order Plan to produce Antichrist.                                             

President Clinton is acting out the same scenario here, but with a different twist.  In this instance, he is flashing a huge green light to Communist China that he will not react to defend Taiwan in case of an attack.  Oh, yes, I know Clinton "said" he would view such an attack "gravely", but his actions in this case certainly speak louder than any carefully calculated words. 

However, Clinton's next trial balloon raises all sorts of red flags to anyone who knows history, diplomacy, and the prevention of war.  Listen:

"Additionally, plans to announce the sale to Taiwan of E-2 surveillance aircraft were put on hold because of heightened tensions between China and Taiwan, the officials said. The Pentagon was set to notify Congress of the sale this week, which is the only time weapons sales to Taiwan are made public. But the sale is being delayed because of remarks by Taiwanese President Lee Teng-hui, the officials said. China opposes all U.S. arms sales that are allowed under the Taiwan Relations Act. Further punitive steps against Taiwan, including a cutoff of spare parts deliveries for Taiwan's U.S.-made F-16 jets, also are being considered, the officials said. "Taiwan is being punished ," said one official . [Emphasis added]

Clinton is probably floating a trial balloon here, to gauge the reaction of the American people to the overt act of cutting of military aid to Taiwan.  If we were to cut off military aid, after we have cancelled a previously planned high-level military meeting to discuss how to protect Taiwan from Chinese theater missiles, we would be sending the strongest possible message to the Communists that they could attack Taiwan without our intervention.  Clinton is literally pointing his index finger at the Chinese Communist cat, and calling,

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!"  And, believe me, the Chinese are ready to pounce on Taiwan.

Do not be deceived:  The Illuminati planned in 1952 that China would get Taiwan back. [Read NEWS1282 for full details].  President Clinton is simply acting out his role in ensuring that the Illuminati Plan is fulfilled to the letter.  Clinton is not acting on his own free will here, nor is he a "loose cannon" in this situation.  Rather, he is acting deliberately and carefully to fulfill his assigned and scripted role .  Now that Clinton has been President for almost 7 years, we have a much better idea what he was learning at the feet of the KGB in December, 1969, when he spent three weeks there in training.  We now believe he was learning that he would be President one day, and perhaps the last President at that.  Perhaps he learned that he was to be the President to fulfill President Kennedy's Illuminist vision of a gradual draw-down of American and Russian forces, to be replaced by a permanent United Nations military.  Perhaps Clinton learned his pivotal role in the build-up of Chinese Mainland forces in fulfillment of the vision of the Learned Elders of Zion to be equal to the United States so the two super nations could patrol the world.


We believe the stage is now set for China to attack Taiwan and take it over, with acquiescence of the United States.  The war of words has begun.  We know that President Clinton, the American Congressional leadership, and the Chinese Communist leadership are in total sync with the New World Order Plan.  Whether President Lee of Taiwan is part of the Plan is unknown, but he could not have uttered a more troublesome statement to stir the ire of the Communists than if he had deliberately tried.

Even though the process has begun, do not expect China to attack Taiwan immediately.  We will see a period of some months before the Chinese actually attack.  The New World Order Plan will utilize their favorite tactic of the Dialectic Process to confuse and confound their enemies, to lull them into a false sense that the crisis has passed, after all.  If you are not aware of the Dialectic Process , we encourage you to read NEWS1288 for full details.

According to this Dialectic Process, you will see contradictory words and statements from Clinton, the Chinese Communists, and the Taiwanese.  You will probably see "peace" moves and gestures by all sides, followed by a heat-up of war words, then followed by more "peace" words.  Remember that the Dialectic envisions going from Point A to Point Z by zigzagging all over the place, going two steps forward and one step back, but always generally heading toward the goal, very gradually.


However, we believe that this Chinese invasion of Taiwan will occur as part of the three crises to be staged simultaneously so as to produce the kind of panic that will allow the Illuminati to dissolve our entire Constitutional form of government and to produce Antichrist.  As you watch these events unfold, remember that you are watching a global script.  Let us finish by allowing Peter Lemesurier, New World Order author, of The Armageddon Script , the last word.

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself, albeit as yet in darkness, is almost ready.  Down in the pit, the subterranean orchestra is already tuning up.  The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise. The time for action will have come."  [p. 252]

Since this book was published in 1981, we know that the global script of which he spoke, above, is well under way.  We know we are close to the final parts of this play to produce Antichrist.  What are the three [triangle] 4main crises?

1.  Great Middle East War between Israel and her Arab neighbors.   Antichrist will arise after Israel annihilates her Arab enemies, amidst great signs and wonders, as he "miraculously" fulfills all Messianic prophecies and Jewish expectations.  This war will be the World War III of Albert Pike's demonic vision as to how to produce the New World Order and its Antichrist [Read NEWS1015].

2.  Nuclear confrontation on the Korean Peninsula .

3.  The great Chinese War .  The first shot of this war could very well be the re-capture of Taiwan.  Certainly, we know that the Illuminati planned to give Taiwan back to the Chinese Mainland, and this war would accomplish that goal.

Once the thinly stretched American military generally, and our Navy specifically, is drawn heavily into the first two wars, we will be told that America has "no choice" but to allow China to re-capture Taiwan.

Watch your daily news for news of the developing conflicts in these three areas of the world.  We are not surprised the Illuminati has chosen three planned conflicts, since the pyramidal structure of three is one of their most favorite numbers.

As you see war exploding in these three areas, you can know for certain that Antichrist is "a'coming round the bend".  

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