Subtitle:  The pro-Western government of Turkey must change to an Islamic Militant government if the Bible prophecy of the invasion of Israel is to be fulfilled. Is the last piece of prophecy about to fall into place?

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Turks rage as they grieve:  Slipshod buildings and stumbling rescue efforts add insult to the people's misery", by Barbara Demick, Knight Ridder, carried by the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, New York, Sunday, August 22, 1999, p. 15A, 17A.

"ISTANBUL -- To frustrated Turks, there is no proof more positive that their country is not quite part of Europe than the ruination wrought by Tuesday's earthquake.  The slipshod houses that disintegrated in seconds, the patent lack of building regulations and quality controls, the slow response time of the Turkish government, all added insult to injury of the natural disaster. All were a source of chagrin to the people of this country that has so long aspired to join the European Union."

"It was an embarrassment to many Turks that the most phenomenal rescues were accomplished by foreign teams, especially the Americans and Israelis. For two days after the quake, no heavy-lifting equipment, cranes or bulldozers were able to reach Sakarya ... where more than 2,000 people were killed ... Not only were far fewer victims rescued, but the families of the deceased were denied the comfort of proper Islamic burials.  By the end of the week, the corpses plucked from the ruins were so badly decomposing that authorities buried hundreds in what amounted to mass graves, fearful of diseases.  It wasn't until Friday, four days after the earthquake, that the government began to distribute tents for the tens of thousands left homeless and the millions more sleeping outside because of warnings that their homes might not survive aftershocks."

In a natural disaster like this one, the people may become so outraged by the lack of government response that they force a new government into power, toppling the old one.  In this case, the situation might turn really ugly and grave because the pro-Western Turkish Government might very well be turned out in favor of a militant Islamic government, perhaps even along the lines of Iran.

In fact, militant Islamic groups have been battling the pro-Western government in Turkey for many years now, but have, so far, been successfully turned back.  However, something like this poor response to the earthquake could so enrage the people that new life could suddenly be breathed into the militant Islamic cause.

While we have absolutely no desire to see this occur, we know from Biblical prophecy that a change like this must occur so that Turkey will march with the Russian-led and sponsored invasion of Israel in the Last Days.  All pieces are now in place for this invasion to occur, except that the government of Turkey is now aligned with the West -- allied with Israel -- and not with Russia.  Therefore, we would expect something to occur that will change this national alignment.


Let us review the prophecy of the Russian led invasion of Israel.

In Ezekiel 38-39, God foretells of a "latter day" invasion of Israel by a confederation of forces led by Russia. God states that several Arab nations will be part of the invading force. He states that these Arab nations will be: Persia (Iran), Cush (Ethiopia), Libya, and the House of Togarmah [Turkey].

A quick view of a world map will reveal that this invasion will be coming at Israel from both the North and the South.  Libya and Ethiopia will be invading from the West, marching through Egypt, and then up from the South.  Russian forces, along with those of Iran and Turkey, will be coming from the North.  Thus, to the outside observer, it will appear that the nation of Israel will be surrounded by hostile armies.  Remember this fact, because it will become very important just a little later in this article.

Let us now examine this prophecy in some depth (Ezekiel 38-39)

Verses 1-2 -- "And the word of the Lord came to me:  'Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, of Meshech, and Tubal, and prophecy against him'," [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Bible Commentary]

This verse positively identifies the main protaganist in this invasion as Russia.

1.  The word, "Rosh" is the old name for the country we now call "Russia".

2.  The word, "Meshech" is the root form for the city, "Moscow"

3.  The word, 'Tubal" is the name of one of the main rivers of Russia and the Ukraine.  The Tubal River is still one of the most significant rivers in the world.

Verses 4-6 tell us that this is going to be a monstrous army.  God uses words like "a great company", and "Gomer and all his hordes", a "great host, a mighty army [Verse 15],  to describe the size of this military force.  This military force will appear to be invincible as it marches to the borders of Israel.

While Bible scholars are unsure about the exact timing of this invasion, other than it being "in the latter years" [verse 8], "latter days" [verse 15], and "latter days" [39:28], some scholars believe that this invasion must occur before the Antichrist "confirms the covenant " with the religious leaders of Israel. This event is the trigger to begin the 7 Jewish years of the Tribulation Period.

The basis for this belief is Ezekiel 39:9, where God states that the people of Israel will not have to worry about gathering fuel for seven (7) years because they can just cannibalize the left-over remains of this vast army which God has just destroyed.  Since no one believes that anyone will have to worry about gathering fuel into the early months of Jesus' Millennial Reign, then this invasion and its bloody conclusion must be finished prior to the time Antichrist signs the Covenant of Israel, at which point the 7 years' Tribulation will begin.


How can this be, you say?  Doesn't the 7-year Tribulation Period begin the minute Antichrist makes his appearance, and begins his deceptive "signs and wonders"?

No, the Tribulation Period does not begin then.  It begins after he has convinced the Jewish Orthodox rabbis that he is the long-awaited Jewish Messiah.  No person, despite all his miracles, will be able to win the hearts of the Orthodox Jewish leadership, until and unless he "fulfills" all the Old Testament Messianic Prophecies and the Messianic expectations that have been generated by the false Rabbinic Tradition. 

Occult writers are aware of this fact, and have made elaborate plans for Antichrist to deceive the Orthodox Jewish Rabbis; they plan for Antichrist to deliberately stage all these expectations.  Peter Lemesurier, writing in his book, The Armageddon Script , acknowledges this to be a fact.  He lists all these expectations and the way in which Antichrist will fulfill them.

The point is, the world will pass through a period of at least a few months if not a year, between the time Antichrist arises and the time the Jewish Rabbis have officially declared him to be their Messiah, thus allowing him to confirm their national covenant.

Does the Bible allow for this scenario?  Yes, it does, in the fact that it does not forbid it.  In the passage of Daniel 9:27, where we see the official beginning of the 7-year Tribulation, we see no mention of of a time period between the appearance of Antichrist, and the confirming of the covenant.  However, such a   period is not forbidden in this Scripture.  Further, scholars know the Jews well enough to know they would never accept someone as Messiah until and unless he has fulfilled these Biblical and extra-Biblical expectations.

God sheds further light upon this subject in Daniel 7:7-8.  In this prophecy, God says that the actual appearance of Antichrist will be preceded by a global reorganization of 10 Super Nations, each with a leader.  Revelation 17:17 is a parallel passage, in which God reveals that these 10 leaders will be pursuing an active plan to gather all the political and economic power in the world for the express purpose of giving it to Antichrist.  We know this plan to be the New World Order Plan.  This means that, when Antichrist arises, all 10 of these Super Nations will announce that they are giving all their power and influence to Antichrist.  They will probably hold a joint news conference, with all 10 of the leaders present, along with Antichrist, as they hand him the keys to the world.

What a joyous celebration the world will give this event!  You will see exultant news coverage like you have never, ever seen before.

However, Daniel 2:40-45, God tells us that, in the background of this exultant celebration, all is not well in the newly created Kingdom of Antichrist.  In this passage, God tells us that this 10 Nation kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle.  Its composition will be like that of part iron and part burned, broken potter's clay.  Since these two elements can never cohere, and since burned potter's clay is so fragile, when the weight of the global kingdom is actually placed upon this 10-nation structure, the whole thing will come crumbling down.  How will this disintegration occur?

In Daniel 7:7-8, we see the only sequence of events that might tell us how close Antichrist is to appearing.  Let us review these three sequential steps:

1.  Verse 7, Daniel sees the 10 horns [nations] forming.

2.  Verse 8a, Daniel sees another horn, a "little one" coming up after the 10 horns were established.  This little horn is Antichrist, as God confirms in 7:24-25.

3.  Sudden, cataclysmic destruction occurs, totally destroying three (3) of the original 10 Super Nations.  God does not reveal exactly who these three (3) Super Nations might be, but He does give us some really good clues as to who might be at least two (2) of the Super Nations who are to be destroyed.


1.  In Ezekiel 38:1-4, God reveals that the leader of this tremendous army marching against Israel in the "Latter Days" will be Russia.  The New World Order Plan reveals that Russia will be the leader of Nation #5 in their global reorganization plan.

2.  In Ezekiel 38:13, God states that Israel's allies at the time of this invasion do not aggressively move to protect Israel.  Rather, they meekly issue a diplomatic note saying, "Have you gathered your hosts to take your prey? To carry away livestock and goods, to take a great spoil?"  In other words, these allies of Israel will refuse to actually come to Israel's aid. 

Modern scholars have noted that the United States has historically backed Israel against Russia on several occasions since Israel's national rebirth in 1948.  In fact, President Nixon ordered American nuclear forces on full alert in the 1973 Middle East war, when Russia was threatening to go to nuclear, and had actually placed her atomic forces on alert. 

Therefore, in this instance, modern scholars ask, where is the United States here?  She is still dominated by Jewish leaders in President Clinton's Cabinet and still very influential in elections in several key states like New York.  Even given President Clinton's obvious preference for all things Arab, it is not conceivable that he could allow a steadily-marching huge army coming at Israel from the North and the South without moving to protect Israel.

However, if the United States, as leader of NAFTA, were destroyed, then we would understand why the rest of Israel's allies will offer only a mild diplomatic protest as defense.

3.  One of the Messianic expectations Jewish rabbis have is that Messiah will deliver a Jerusalem surrounded by armies.  Jesus alluded to this belief in Luke 21:20, "And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies , then know that the desolation thereof is nigh."  The context of this passage is the persecution of Jews in the Great Tribulation.  When Jews see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, they are to know that persecution is very close, and they are to flee.

Jesus has just enunciated the Messianic prophecy contained in Zechariah 12, where Jerusalem will be attacked and surrounded by armies, but God has promised to deliver the eternal city by His omnipotent power.

Now, I ask you a simple question:  when Antichrist is going about, deliberately "fulfilling" all Messianic prophecies so the Jewish Orthodox leaders will declare him to be their Messiah, how is he going to fake an attack on Jerusalem by encompassing armies, and the appearance of a Divine deliverance?

The answer is simple, but no one has apparently thought of it.

When the Russian-led armies move against Israel -- possibly after Russia has just destroyed NAFTA and right after Antichrist has arisen -- she will lead an army that will march from the North and from the South.  The Libyans and Ethiopians will comprise the Southern armies, while the Russians, some Europeans, Turks and Iranians will comprise the Northern armies. 

Just before God destroys the entire armies surrounding Israel, Jews will see that they and their beloved city, Jerusalem, are surrounded by armies.  They will be looking for their Messiah to deliver them in accordance with Biblical prophecy.  And, they will have an obvious Messianic candidate, who has been running all over Israel, claiming to be their Messiah, and fulfilling all Messianic prophecies.  All Jewish eyes will be upon him to see if he can deliver Jerusalem surrounded by armies. 

This will be the final, acid test.

Further, from the moment Antichrist arises, he will make his headquarters in Jerusalem.  For him to be declared the Jewish Messiah, he could make his headquarters no place else.  Therefore, when the armies approach Israel's borders from North and South, tensions in the office of Antichrist must be very high.  After all, Russia has just annihilated the United States, Canada, and Mexico [NAFTA} and has probably destroyed one other Super Nation. Now they are obviously out to destroy Antichrist himself and take control of the world for Mother Russia.

Antichrist will probably be filled with unbelievable rage because the leaders of Russia have gone back on their long-standing plan to support Antichrist when he arose.  How dare they move so quickly to destroy the 10-nation consortium that had been so carefully planned for so long, and had been so beautifully executed?

But, Antichrist must also be full of fear and foreboding.  He has no nuclear arsenal to match that of Russia, nor the means to deliver it.  Without the United States, Russia and China are King Kong , and China is making no sound way over there in the Orient, as her appointment with Jerusalem is at least 7 years away.

When God intervenes to annihilate Russia and all her accompanying armies, as He promises to do in Ezekiel 38:16-23, and in chapter 39, the peoples of the world generally and the Jews specifically, will credit Antichrist !  The Jews will say, "My goodness, he did deliver Jerusalem from encompassing armies".  Since Antichrist had already "fulfilled" all the other prophecies and Messianic expectations, the Jewish Orthodox leaders will waste no time pronouncing him to be their Messiah. 

Then, and only then, will they allow him to come to the conference table to "confirm the covenant", thus beginning the 7-year Tribulation.

Therefore, this is the scenario which I believe will fulfill all this prophecy:

1.  World reorganized into 10 Super Nations -- already accomplished, from 1992-96.  NAFTA is Super Nation #1, and Russia leads Super Nation #5.

2.  Antichrist arises, amidst "signs and wonders", claiming to be the Jewish Messiah, and beginning to deliberately stage false "fulfillment's" of all Messianic prophecies and extra-Biblical Messianic expectations.  When this occurs, Revelation 6:1-2 is fulfilled.

3.  Very shortly thereafter, Russia successfully launches a sneak nuclear attack on the United States, annihilating Canada and Mexico as well.  This begins the fulfillment of Revelation 6:3-4.  Since this attack represents God's judgment on the United States, we know the Russians will be totally successful, without suffering serious damage.

Russia is God's instrument of judgment against America.  We can know for certain that God has used Russia in accordance with His statement in Jeremiah 50:25, "The Lord God has opened His armory, and has brought forth the nations who unknowingly are the weapons of His indignation and wrath ..."  Russia will be that nation being used by God to destroy America.

However, as we explain in great detail in Seminar 1, God's next step in His pattern in judgment is to bring into physical judgment --usually annihilation -- the country He has just used to destroy another.  After Russia annihilates America she will feel free to march upon Israel, completely unaware that her leaders are being led to this invasion by God Himself, in fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.  God's final judgment of Russia awaits.

4.  Russia then attacks and destroys a second of the 10 Super Nations.  We are not sure who this nation might be.  We know it is not China, for that nation has an appointment at the very end of the Great Tribulation Period on the plain of Megiddo, as her forces surround Jerusalem just before Jesus Christ returns in the slaughter of Armageddon. 

We think this second super nation to be destroyed might be Japan. Since Japan has an active fleet of missiles capable of placing satellites in orbit, and since they have the capability of quickly making nuclear weapons, I believe it highly logical to believe that Russian generals may fear Japan quickly arming itself with nuclear weapons after America is destroyed.  However, Japan could be easily and safely destroyed if Russia attacks her immediately after America's destruction.

5.  Russia leads the forces against Israel in precise fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.  When God destroys the Russian forces, and all other forces with her, He says He will also destroy the host nation from which they came.  In Ezekiel 39:6, God promises to destroy both armies and the "coastlands", which refers to the nations from which the armies came.  Thus, when God destroys Russia, He is destroying the third of the original ten super nations.  Daniel 7:7-8 is precisely fulfilled.

6.  Jewish Orthodox rabbis immediately conclude that Antichrist is their Messiah, since they witnessed his seemingly supernatural power in destroying the Russian-led armies surrounding Jerusalem.  This is the icing on the cake. After witnessing him fulfill all other Messianic expectations, they see him perform the most difficult and unbelievable prophecy of all -- the deliverance of Jerusalem surrounded by hostile armies.

7.  These rabbis, plus Jewish political leaders, immediately ask Antichrist to confirm their national covenant.  Amidst all the pomp and splendor, Antichrist confirms this covenant.  People who know and believe their Bibles will then be able to count 2,520 days ahead and know precisely what day Jesus Christ will return in Armageddon.  The 7-year Tribulation Period begins as the ink is drying on the national covenant.

But, Antichrist begins his 7-year reign with only 7 super nations, not 10, in fulfillment of Daniel 7-7-8.

When will the Rapture of the Church occur?  I believe it will occur either immediately before Antichrist arises or right after.

In the weeks or months from the time Antichrist arises to the time he strides to the Jewish conference table to "confirm" the covenant because he has been declared their Messiah, a whole lot of national destruction and loss of life will occur.  This scenario would also be consistent with people's expectations as the Apostle Paul declared in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-2.  When Antichrist arises amidst his miracles, and his "signs and wonders" and promise of global peace and safety, peoples of the world will honor him as Divine before the Jews do, and will declare, "Finally, we have peace and safety".  Immediately after that, Russia attacks America and the other third nation, totally annihilating them both.

Then, the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation Period will probably be relatively free from violence and war.  But, when Antichrist strides into the new Temple to commit the "Abomination of Desolation", he will usher in the last half of the 7-year period, when God's judgments fall in accordance with Revelation 6-19.

Thus, we watch Turkey carefully.  She will not march with Russia against Israel as long as she is controlled by the pro-Western government presently.  This government has also entered into several military agreements with Israel that make it presently a close ally with that Jewish state. 

However, this earthquake may change all that.  We may see the fall of the Turkish pro-Western government, replaced by Islamic militants.  If that scenario occurs, we may be further assured that the appearance of Antichrist is very close.


One final thought:  since we know both the United States and Russia can create earthquakes at any place in the world, at any time, and at any magnitude is it conceivable that Russia might have caused this earthquake to bring this Turkish government down?  Russia realizes that any march from its territory to Israel must pass through Turkey.  Did Russia cause this quake? [Read NEWS1196, NEWS1197, NEWS1198, NEWS1199, NEWS1201, NEWS1206, and NEWS1207 for full details on the current capabilities of Weather Warfare.  Both America and Russia have these capabilities].

Once the pro-western Turkish government is replaced by an Islamic militant one, Russia can plan on being able to march unimpeded to Israel.  We must watch this situation very closely.


However, this Russian-led invasion against Israel is not the first war in the Middle East that is prophesied to happen.  It will be the second war.  The first war is prophesied in Obadiah 15-18 and this war will be the Third World War that produces Antichrist.

We observed that Russia will be joined in her invasion of Israel by Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, and Libya.  But, wait, these nations are not the ones that border Israel; they are further away.

So as you read this list, you must immediately ask yourself the question, "Why did God leave out the Arab nations closest to Israel, and, therefore, most in conflict with her? Where are Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan?" These nations would surely be most anxious to join the Russians in the great invasion which would overwhelmingly defeat the Jews once and forever.

The answer may be that they have been completely destroyed before this invasion. The stage seems to be set for the Palestinian State and Jordan to attack Israel. Now, let us look at how Syria and Egypt seem set to join the Palestinians and Jordanians in an attack, and examine the pertinent Biblical prophecies which God has levied against them.


"Syria remains the last bordering state that has not made peace with Israel and still represents a serious military threat to the region ... Syria poses a significant threat, possessing more troops, tanks, aircraft and artillery than Israel. The Assad regime fields armed forces totaling over 400,000 men, with another 400,000 troops in reserve. Syria's arsenal includes over 4,500 modern tanks and some 600 sophisticated combat aircraft, including MiG-29 interceptors and Su-24 fighter-bombers. Syrian Scud-C ballistic missiles can carry chemical weapons, which are being manufactured and stockpiled, while the accuracy of its SS-21 missiles increases Syria's 'first-strike' capabilities against key Israeli installations, including air bases and mobilization points."10 some reports from the Middle East place the number of these accurate Scud-C missiles in Syria's inventory at over 1,000 missiles.

BIBLICAL PROPHECY OF ANNIHILATING JUDGMENT AGAINST DAMASCUS, CAPITAL OF SYRIA: Isaiah 17:1 "The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." When God begins a pronouncement with the word, "Burden", He is signifying calamitous judgment. In this 'burden', God is foretelling that Damascus, the capital of Syria, will be reduced to a "ruinous heap", and shall cease being a city. This kind of devastation has never befallen Damascus. Archeologists call Damascus the 'longest continuously occupied city in the world". In its long, long history, Damascus has never, ever been so thoroughly destroyed that it has ceased being a city. But, certainly, in this coming war with Israel, Damascus could be this thoroughly destroyed if she were attacked with Israeli nuclear weapons.

Egypt -- "North Korea recently supplied several shipments of Scud C missile materials to Egypt, The Washington Times said Friday, citing a CIA report ... Scud C missiles have a range of 310 miles. If fired from northeast Egypt, they could hit targets throughout Israel."11

"Egypt has a highly developed weapons production capacity, second in the Middle East only to Israel ... Egypt began collaborating with Argentina on the Badr-2000 ... in 1984. The Badr/Condor was to be an advanced two-stage, solid-fuel, inertially guided ballistic missile, and was described as 'state-of-the-art'. It was expected to deliver a 700 kg payload over 1000 km, accurate to within 100 meters."

BIBLICAL PROPHECY CONCERNING EGYPT IN LAST DAYS: Isaiah 19:1 "The burden of Egypt. Behold, the LORD rideth upon a swift cloud, and shall come into Egypt: and the idols of Egypt shall be moved at his presence, and the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst of it." Since Egypt has been invaded and conquered so many times, it may be easy to dismiss this prophecy as one which has already taken place. Yet, this prophecy is Judgment #5, issued by God in the "Ten Burden" segment, starting with Chapter 13 (Babylon-Iraq) and continuing on to Chapter 23, Tyre.13 Since many of these "Burdens" or Judgments, definitely occur in the Last Days, it is quite possible that this one concerning Egypt occurs during the Last Days also. Certainly, the destruction of Egypt during this time would explain why God does not list Egypt as one of the participants in the Russian-led invasion later on [in fulfillment of Ezekiel

Thus, Israel is surrounded with significant numbers of very accurate missiles, with enough range to hit any target in her tiny land. Once again, Israel is surrounded by enemy forces that vastly outnumber hers, with enormous firepower.

Clearly, the signs of war are plain for anyone to see: Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian State, are possibly joining forces to launch an coordinated attack against Israel. If these four Arab states were to attack Israel, and if Israel were to retaliate with nuclear weapons, then the prophecy in Obadiah 17-18, about the House of Esau being destroyed with "fire" and "flame" would literally be fulfilled. Then, the prophecy against Damascus and Egypt could simultaneously be fulfilled.

Once Israel totally defeats her ancient Arab neighbors, annihilating them so her victory does not just set the stage for the "next war", then Israel would immediately move her military forces into Lebanon, into most of Syria, and Moab and Edom of Jordan. Thus, God's prophecy, above, in Obadiah, would be fulfilled, that Israel shall possess all her former possessions. God gave this land to Abraham originally, and He promised it back to Israel once she was restored to her land again in the "Latter Days".

Once Israel expands out to claim her 'former possessions', and once she has annihilated her ancient and persistent enemies -- the Arabs of the House of Esau -- she would feel totally at ease, totally safe . She would literally be living so securely that, were she living 2,500 years ago, it could be said of her that she was living in cities "... dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates ..." (Ezekiel 38:11, the prophecy of the Russian led invasion).

This first war, with Israel being annihilatingly victorious, is the only possible scenario I can conceive where Israel will finally feel totally safe.

But, during this war, another explosive event has just occurred: Israel's "Messiah", for whom she has been waiting for 3,000 years, has just arrived!! Of course, this is the False Messiah, the Antichrist. Remember, in article, NEWS1015, "Albert Pike's Vision On Achieving New World Order", we shared with you the occult plan, written in 1870, to stage the Antichrist. World Wars One and Two were planned to be waged to first [in WWI] establish Communism as the government in Russia, and then, [in W.W.II], to establish her as a superpower. History records that this is exactly what happened. But, World War Three was to be fought between Israel and her Arab neighbors; and, this war would produce Antichrist. Literally, the scenario calls for Antichrist to walk through the smoke and fire and destruction of this war.

Once this war produces Antichrist, destroying the Palestinians, Egyptians, and Syrians in the process -- all in accord with fixed End Days' prophecies against each of these nations -- then Antichrist will begin to convince the Jewish Orthodox rabbis that he is their Messiah.  Then, the long-awaited invasion of Israel by Russian-led forces will begin, just as we have already discussed.

Watch events in Turkey.  If the pro-Western government is overthrown, and replaced by Islamic Fundamentalist Extremists, you will know that the final piece has just fallen into place concerning the Russian-led invasion of Israel.

Truly, events are spiraling toward the end. 

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