Subtitle:  A New Age newsletter reports a conversation that an actress friend of Bill and Hillary had with Bill at the White House recently.  Bill is reportedly to have said that he plans to use World War III as a means to stay in office.  While this may be a shock to most, we know the Illuminati has been planning World War III since 1870.

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NEWS BRIEF:  Bill Clinton's "Third Term", With Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com Staff, Sunday August 29, 6:03 PM,

"Sean David Morton is a futurologist. He says he can predict the future. Morton, no doubt, has many friends in Hollywood that like such new age stuff. A NewsMax reader sent us a copy of Morton's The Delphi Associates Newsletter. The following caught Inside Cover's eye:

"I have now heard confirmation from three different sources who are very close to the Clintons that Bill has no intention of leaving the White House! At first I thought it was just right-wing paranoia. But a powerful woman friend of mine in entertainment (who must remain nameless!), who is a friend of Hillary's 'special friends,' was at the White House recently for a holiday. She said that Clinton spoke openly about finding a way to circumvent the Congress and the Constitution and find a way to stay on for another term, or stay president indefinitely. Incredulously, she asked how he was going to swing this feat of magic, and she said he got the most chilling, evil, demonic look in his eye that she had ever seen come from a human being, and he said, 'World War III.'"

 When the average American hears this story told and retold, he or she will immediately discount it as just so much nonsense.  After all, you might logically say, "What man in his right mind would deliberately start World War III just to stay in office"?

Of course, the true Clinton hater will immediately lean forward and shout, "this is exactly what we have been telling you for years, that Clinton is not a man in his right mind!"

We beg to differ.  We think Clinton is truly in his right mind.  In fact, he is in his most cold-blooded right mind.  I can think of nothing so frightening as a President in his right mind deliberately planning World War III.  The most important statement to understanding this situation is the observation this actress made of Clinton was that, as he was speaking the words, "World War III", she saw "the most chilling, evil, demonic look in his eye that she had ever seen come from a human being". 

This observation corroborates our long-standing contention that Bill Clinton is an Illuminist Witch [Read our articles in Clinton's Fatal Leadership series for full details].  A person becomes more powerful as a witch by inviting into their being more and more demons.  Most often, the eyes become the "window on the soul", allowing people to get a glimpse of the true demonic nature within.

As we said above, the most frightening thing possible to contemplate is that a man in his "right mind" would deliberately, in cold-blooded fashion, plan a World War.   Yet, the Illuminati has been planning World War III since 1870.  Yes, I said 1870, 129 years ago! [Read NEWS1015, NEWS1056 and NEWS1057 for full details].  You will discover, to your horror, that the Illuminati demonic vision as to how to achieve their New World Order Kingdom of Antichrist planned that three World Wars were  necessary!  Just the fact that the demonic vision foresaw world wars was shocking, as the world had never experienced such a thing as a world war in 1870.  Wars had all been regional in nature.  Albert Pike must have been duly shocked by the revelation that the world was to experience world wars.

Let us quickly review these three world wars; notice how accurately their predictions have been for World Wars I and II.

1.  World War I -- This war was to be fought for the express purpose of overthrowing the Russian Czarist Government so it could be replaced by a Communist Government.  Prior to the Russian Revolution of 1917, Communism was only a theory on paper.

2.  World War II -- This war was to be started between Germany and Great Britain, but its primary purpose was to build Russia up to the status of a world power so she could logically compete against the United States and her Western Allies.

The underlying premise behind all these planned wars was the demonic Hegelian doctrine that "Conflict brings about change, and Controlled Conflict brings about controlled change".  The demons revealed to Pike that three world wars, plus a "controlled", even a contrived "conflict" between Russia and the United States, was going to be necessary to abolish the old system of governments so they could bring in the new system of global government ruled by Antichrist. [Read NEWS1007 for full details]

3.  World War III -- This war was to begin between Israel and her Arab neighbors, but would quickly involve the major nations of the world.  I find it highly interesting to realize that this demon was telling Albert Pike, in 1870 , that Israel was going to be a nation again.  In 1870, the only group of people dogmatically saying that Israel was going to be reborn as a nation were Born Again Christians, who were saying so on the authority of God's Word!  No other person in the world at that time even remotely believed Israel could come back to her land as a sovereign nation.

If you have been paying any attention to Middle East news lately, you know that the stage has been set for the beginning of this war.  The Oslo Peace Process is a blueprint for all-out war, not for peace.  In fact, as we have repeatedly stated, the Oslo Accords is a very cleverly laid trap for the Arabs, to think they could win a war against Israel. However, once the Arabs initiate this war, they will discover that the Illuminist West has given Israel state-of-the-art weaponry that will annihilate entire Arab nations. [Read NEWS1092, NEWS1035, NEWS1056, NEWS1057, NEWS1250 for full details]

As you can see, the only world war that has not come about just as Albert Pike's demonic vision foretold is the Third World War.  Literally, this Plan calls for Antichrist to come striding through the smoke, dust, and destruction of this Third World War, promising that he alone can finally lead the world into an oasis of "Peace and Safety".  This is the Illuminist Plan, and it perfectly fulfills Biblical prophecy.

Thus, we can see that Bill Clinton's words to this actress are not the words of a madman, but the carefully calculated words of a man who knows the New World Plan right well.  Bill and Hillary Clinton are fully committed Illuminists, and they are trusted insiders.  Bill Clinton knows full well that the Plan calls for him to remain in office through the planned series of crises that begin with this Third World War, that proceeds through the deliberately caused panic, that envisions the suspension of our Constitution and our Government, and that ends with Antichrist arising.  At that moment, Bill Clinton will appear with the other 10 leaders of the 10 Super Nations and welcome Antichrist to the world scene.  All these leaders will then pledge allegiance to Antichrist, transferring their political power and authority, all in conformity with prophecy! If you are not aware that the 10 Super Nations have been formed already, please read NEWS1002.

Thus, we can see that Bill Clinton is speaking the words of a leader who is supremely confident that he is an integral part of the ultimate plan to stage the appearance of Antichrist.  Why, you may ask, is he telling people about this plan?  Isn't he afraid that the word would get out and derail everything?  I do not think so, for the following reasons:

1.  Clinton, like every other human leader since President Franklin Roosevelt, has been told by his demonic Guiding Spirit that ultimate victory is theirs.  Nothing can stop them now.

2.  Clinton is flaunting his arrogant belief in the inevitable victory of the New World Order Plan.  After all, when the enemies of the plan of action know what is coming and cannot stop it, Clinton's power is enlarged and his enemies' defeat is emblazoned across the sky for the entire world to see.  Psss't, Mr. Clinton, you evidently are so ignorant of Scripture that you do not know God has foretold that He would allow Satan temporary control over the entire earth and all its peoples, tongues, and continents at the End of the Age.

3.  Bill Clinton is acting to fulfill the specific part of the Plan to thoroughly discourage people about their existing form of government.  These terrible scandals that have rocked, but not destroyed, the Clinton Administration, have powerfully discouraged millions of Americans.  In fact, at what point does citizen disgust over a occupant of the office cross the line to become a disgust with the office itself, and the form of government of which it is a part?  I think too many Americans have unwittingly crossed that line already.  They have been disgusted with Bill Clinton for so long, they have become disgusted with our current form of government that has been unable to deal with the injustice Clinton has dealt us all.

4.  Bill Clinton is signalling all occultic followers that the end of the plan is very close. Occultists do this kind of signalling all the time.  They are very smug in their belief that they are getting a signal from an action or a statement that the "ignorant masses" are not receiving.

To refresh your memory, let us quickly review the part of the New World Order Plan that calls for the occupants of the governments prior to the Antichrist to act in such a way as to discourage the people about their system of government.

"... at every possible opportunity we shall publish articles in which we shall make comparisons between our beneficent rule and those of past ages. The blessing of tranquillity, though it be a tranquillity forcibly brought about by centuries of agitation, will throw into higher relief the benefits to which we shall point. The errors of the gentile governments will be depicted by us in the most vivid hues. We shall implant such an abhorrence of them that the peoples will prefer tranquillity in a state of serfdom to those rights of vaunted freedom which have tortured humanity and exhausted the very sources of human existence, sources which have been exploited by a mob of rascally adventurers who know not what they do ..... USELESS CHANGES OF FORMS OF GOVERNMENT TO WHICH WE INSTIGATED THE GENTILES WHEN WE WERE UNDERMINING THEIR STATE STRUCTURES, WILL HAVE SO WEARIED THE PEOPLES BY THAT TIME THAT THEY WILL PREFER TO SUFFER ANYTHING UNDER US RATHER THAN RUN THE RISK OF ENDURING AGAIN ALL THE AGITATIONS AND MISERIES THEY HAVE GONE THROUGH. [The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol 14, emphasis in the original]

Let us re-read a portion of this brilliant plan, quoted above, with President Clinton inserted into the sentence in brackets.  You will be shocked to discover how very cleverly his scandalous actions fit this plan to discourage people about their system of government.

"The errors of the gentile governments [Clinton Administration[ will be depicted by us in the most vivid hues. We shall implant such an abhorrence of them [Clinton] that the peoples will prefer tranquillity in a state of serfdom to those rights of vaunted freedom which have tortured humanity and exhausted the very sources of human existence, sources which have been exploited by a mob of rascally adventurers..." [Bill and Hillary Clinton and their merry band of rascals].

Do you see now that both Bill and Hillary knew that the time had come when the President of the United States was to deliberately disgrace the office, knowing that the Plan called for them to get off scot free? Do you see now that Bill knew he was to deliberately flaunt his drug use in the Oval Office, and have sex in the Oval Office, and he knew that this activity was supposed to be publicized, but he also knew that he was going to escape any meaningful punishment.

Thus, thinking Americans who love their country and its government the most would be the most disgusted. In fact, the Plan is for them to be so disgusted that they would become disgusted by the very institution of our Constitutional Government!  Thus, when Antichrist arises, promising to rule in a "Divinely inspired" manner, people will flock to him in droves.

Once you understand this part of the Plan, you will understand the drama being played out in front of our very eyes.  President Clinton is supposed to be a rascal!  He is supposed to get away with all his scandals!

Further, once you understand this little-known fact of the New World Order Plan, you will realize that Clinton's political "opponents" are just as involved in this Plan as Clinton is.  The Republicans of Congress are just as committed to the implementation of the New World Order Plan is are the Democrats.  The New World Order of Bill and Hillary Clinton is exactly the same as the New World Order of President George Bush and his son, George W. [Read NEWS1263, "Clinton Acquittal", and NEWS1264, "Masonic-led Congress Acquits Clinton"]

In these Clinton scandals, these Republicans knew their job was to drag the country through a sham investigation that would exonerate Clinton, much to the disgust of tens of millions of Americans.  As we have repeatedly stated, the very fact that the Republican led Congress chose to indict Clinton on the weakest of all the possible charges against him is proof positive that they planned to exonerate him.  Congress knew of the illegal 1996 Campaign Funding, they knew Clinton had committed treason by giving China so much secret military information, and they knew that Hillary was truly guilty of breaking the law with her activity in the Rose Law Firm.  Yet, they chose to indict Bill on the one charge they knew could not possibly stick, i.e., sex with Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office.  Once Clinton escaped this charge, he knew that he would be invulnerable to any other such actions, even for "high crimes and misdemeanors".  And the Republicans in Congress are to blame; they were simply following their script .

Let us again review the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to see how closely Bill Clinton is following the script handed to him by the Illuminati.  "Who will ever suspect then that ALL THESE PEOPLES WERE STAGE-MANAGED BY US ACCORDING TO A POLITICAL PLAN WHICH NO ONE HAS SO MUCH AS GUESSED AT ..."? [Protocol 13] Most people, viewing their nightly news, reading their daily newspapers, have no idea they are being "stage-managed" by current Illuminist leaders "according to a political plan which no one has so much as guessed at".

If you still do not believe that the "news" you have been viewing all this time about the Clinton scandals, listen to the words of New World Order author, Peter Lemesurier, as he concludes his book on how the Antichrist is going to be staged so as to deceive the peoples of the world.

"Their script is now written, subject only to last-minute editing and stage-directions.  The stage itself ... is almost ready ... The last-minute, walk-on parts are even now being filled.  Most of the main actors, one suspects, have already taken up their roles.  Soon it will be time for them to come on stage, ready for the curtain to rise.  The time for action will have come." [The Armageddon Script, p. 252]

Now we know that Clinton is planning to stay in office.  Now we realize that he knows World War III is just around the .  Now we know that he is fully in sync with the New World Order Plan.  Just as the Bible predicts, the entire end purpose of the New World Order Plan is to successfully stage Antichrist.

Once we know all this, we must also realize that the appearance of Antichrist is also just around the .

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