Subtitle:  Once again, I demonstrate the little-understood historic fact that the Traditional Roman Catholic Church has always been a powerful practitioner of White Magic Witchcraft. I will demonstrate this fact through symbols.  You will learn that both White and Black Magick practitioners use a lot of the same symbols, or variations thereof.

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In the previous article, I supposed that I was the powerful demon Satan assigned to the Church of Rome, and that I gradually moved the Church, little by little, into the practice of White Magic Witchcraft.  In that article, I used several pictures which proved my point.  In this article, I shall again slip into the role of the demonic overlord of the Roman Catholic Church to show you even more pictures which demonstrate the point we are making about the Traditional Roman Catholic Church really being a powerful practitioner of White Magic Witchcraft.

As the demonic overseer of the Roman Catholic Church, I would be most interested in using symbols to portray most of the occult doctrines I had whispered into the ear of the Pope and his theologians over the years -- urging them to bring paganism into the church -- disguised as true Christianity.  According to the occult, a "true symbol is an image which hides an inner meaning ... cunningly hidden behind a form which most people think they understand immediately." [Magic Symbols, p6, Luciferian Book]


One of the early pagan doctrines I imported into the Church of Rome was the worship of the Virgin Mary.  Since my Lord Satan had begun this Virgin Mother and young Child worship in Babylon and China almost 1,000 years before Jesus was born, I had no trouble understanding exactly how I had to position the Christian virgin, Mary.   I caused the doctrines supporting the eventual deification of the Virgin Mary to come into the Church via the newly created, Traditions of the Church , a necessity because none of these doctrines are to be found in the actual Bible.

The Virgin Mary has to be portrayed as One Who loves sinful Mankind much more than her Son, Jesus Christ.  You see, humans quite commonly can see situations where a Mother physically, emotionally, and sometimes physically intervenes for her children against her husband.  She quite commonly turns aside his wrath against his children, because of the husband's love for her.  Therefore, I found it quite easy to portray this type of love with the Virgin Mary intervening against Her Son, Jesus Christ, to not punish men and women as He otherwise would have done.  Thus, Catholics can be led to believe that the Virgin Mary can win for them Mercies and Grace that would otherwise not have been given them by Jesus.

It is quite astonishing to see how easy it was for me to get Catholics to believe this paganism, because it demeans the Perfect Nature of Jesus Christ.  If He is truly Perfect God, then His original decisions regarding sin and the punishment thereof, would have also been perfect.  Thus, the Virgin Mary would have no ground upon which to stand in going to Her Son to try to obtain leniency for her wayward children.

As you can see, the Virgin Mary is shown here in a most innocent pose of a young mother just very concerned about something, undoubtedly her children.  She is shown with her hands posed in a piously, and standing in a very erect manner.  This type of picture is prototypically pious.  What most people do not realize is that I have placed the image of the Egyptian Sun God, Ra, in this picture -- twice.  First, I have placed the full image of  Ra behind her, with the outer edges of the Sun protruding out on each side.  Secondly, I have placed the image of Ra above her head, designated by pagans as the arc, or halo.  Did you know that the halo originated within Paganism and not Christianity?  Originated in the Satanic Mysteries' Religion of Ancient Babylon, the arc was used to symbolize extreme holiness.  You see, the arc is really "part of a circle, a fragment of a circle, thus symbolizing the Life-Force, the spirit" [Magic Symbols, p124; Luciferian Book].  When placed above the head of someone, this arc or halo, came to symbolize someone who is tremendously spiritual.  Another way of looking at this halo is that it is part of the symbol of the Sun, the Egyptian God, Ra.  I find this particular image of the Virgin Mary to be quite satisfying from my point of view, because she is both backed and crowned with the spirit of  Ra .

Another very important part the Virgin Mary is to play is to daily violate the First Commandment of God.  You may still be familiar with it.  In Exodus 20, God gave the 10 Commandments by which men are to live.  The First Commandment seemed most important to Him, so we try to violate it mightily within Catholicism.  God thundered, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." [20:3] 

We have made the Virgin Mary a God equal to God in most ways.  For example:

1.  God is capable of hearing prayers of tens of millions of people simultaneously from all over the world -- so is Mary.

2.  God is all-wise, so is Mary.  How else could we teach that she will intervene with Jesus if she were not all-wise?  Luckily, no one has ever asked me to explain how her wisdom could be greater than Jesus' Wisdom.

3.  God is all-powerful, and capable of intervening in events on earth to protect His own -- so is Mary.

4.  God knows all things -- so Mary must know all things if she is to carry out her supposed heavenly duties.

5.  God has promised to be with His people at the time of their death [Psalm 23:4], so we will spin the tale that Mary is able to be with the Catholic at the time of death.

6.  Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man [1 Timothy 2:5] -- so we have made Mary the unofficial mediatrix between God and man.  This move is one of the most controversial, because that dastardly Scripture, above, keeps popping up and it seems a lot of people know of it.  However, we have consistently moved toward officially declaring her to be the Mediatrix between God and man.  This current Pope, John Paul II, is ready to make the "Infallible" announcement, waiting only for my command.

But, wait, you say, only Jesus, Who was crucified on the cross, can be the Mediator between God and man!  Mary has never been on the cross, so she cannot qualify as Mediatrix.  You need Mary on the cross?  Since we have consistently re-written the Bible and history many times over the past 1,400 years, it will not be difficult at all for Mary to be on a cross.  See this picture?  Mary has been on the cross, and is showing you her wounds.  Worship Mary, Mediatrix .


Lord Satan was thorough enough to place the worship of goddesses all over the world in many different pagan religions.  As we noted above, he placed the worship of the Virgin Mother and Child in the Babylon Satanic Mysteries, in Egyptian Mysteries, in China, and in India.  However, he also set in place the worship of goddesses that are equal in scope and powers to the Virgin Mary.  The overlord to the Dalai Lama recently was taken to task for allowing the Dalai Lama to tell New Age author, China Galland, that the same spirit of "rangyung" that was producing the Madonna apparitions and miracles in America and Europe with the Virgin Mary was also producing the Madonna goddess miracles in China, Tibet, and India with the Hindu and Buddhist goddesses. 

Here is Galland's exact quote:  "When I tell him [Dalai Lama] about the reports of the Blessed Mother appearing in the bark of trees in Poland, he concurs [with my initial impression that they are the same as with the Madonnas in China, Tibet, and India.]  'Yes, that would be rangyung , the same thing as we have been talking about, of course, the same thing.' " ["Longing For Darkness, China Galland, p. 93]

Similarly, a pagan website told the truth about the Virgin Mary and other Madonnas Satan has created.  "The famous Black Madonnas of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches are statues of Aset with Heru converted to use as Mary and Jesus."

Another Tibetan priest told Galland, that the Goddess Tara and the Virgin Mary "create a good bridge" between the cultures of the East and the West. [Ibid.] Speaking of great "bridges" between East and West, Lord Satan really hit upon one when he conceived of the Black Madonna.  You see, people in Tibet, India, and China worship several types of Black Madonnas. Even the Madonna of Poland, revered by Pope John Paul II, is black!  She shall bring together the worship of the Catholics of the West with the Hindus and Tibetans of the East!  How so very clever.


Consistently throughout Pagan history, the presence of Lucifer , by whatever name each civilization wants to give him, has been pictured by the All-Seeing Eye. The Egyptians first made use of this symbol of Lucifer, and it has been a favorite for centuries.  Even some misguided Christians believe this symbol is of God the Father, of the Holy Bible.

This is one of my favorite symbols of Lucifer attending to the development and life of the enlightened human during his every day life.  The Perfect, Upright Man, here depicted, is striving mightily to raise his consciousness to a level so he can become completely Perfected and Upright.  Of course, when a man achieves this level of consciousness, he becomes a god, nay, even God Himself.  White Magick practitioners love this symbol, as it personifies their pursuit of Lucifer's religion, the deification of man. Lucifer is depicted as the All-Seeing Eye above the Perfected, Upright Man.

This is most definitely my favorite symbol of Satan . This is a depiction of him coming to his New World Order Kingdom, but not quite enthroned yet.  He will be depicted as actually being the capstone then, rather than pictured poised above it.  This beautiful image was created in 1789, passed into law by occult members of the Continental Congress, meeting in a secret, exclusively occult session.  After officially establishing this symbol, these Congressmen decided to hide it from the public eye until such time as the Guiding Spirits told them, or their successors, that the general public would not object to this symbol.  That time was 1935, and the symbol was properly placed on the American $1 bill.  This symbol is one of the most important to Black Magick Satanists.  It can also be thought of as depicting the Man of Satan , Antichrist, who will ultimately be possessed by Satan anyway.

Now we get to one of my absolute favorite depictions of Lucifer.  It depicts the Eye of Lucifer hanging above the life of the Catholic, here posed in a moment of prayer.  But, then, it depicts this poor man finally getting to Heaven, to be greeted by a depiction of God as a doting old grandfather type who will forgive His wayward human son no matter what sin he has committed. I absolutely love this depiction of God the Father, as it gives poor humans a fatally wrong attitude toward God and entrance into Heaven. Once again, thank Lucifer for people not actually reading their Bibles, for they might read where Jesus said, "Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it." [Matthew 7:14]  It is far better for our purposes to teach people the Broad Road concept, where you can believe anything, do anything, and depend upon that doting old grandfather in Heaven who will finally forgive you no matter what you have done in your life [really dastardly people like Hitler and Stalin excluded, of course].


My demonic compatriots absolutely love convincing the pagan peoples of the world that, at the Judgment Seat, all of a person's works, and thoughts, will be placed into a balance.  Then, all the "good works" they have done are placed into the other balance.  The person goes to Heaven if the "good works" outweigh the bad, but goes to Hell if the bad outweighs the good. 

This concept is so good for the Host of Hell for several reasons:

1.  It is a lie, straight out of the Pit of Hell, and it negates the glorious promise of the Free Gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2.  This belief saddles a person with myriad feelings of guilt, fear, and depression throughout their life, but especially as he or she nears the end of their life.  Every person is normally so black with sin that they cannot possibly do enough good deeds to make up for the sins they created as they lived their life.

3.  The result is a terrifying death.  Since Lord Satan teaches that occult power is derived from a death filled with terror and dread, we have always wanted a person to die in as great a fear as possible.  As they slide into the pit of death, many are absolutely consumed with sheer terror.  Once again, thank Lucifer for his brilliance in persuading Roman Catholics that the Bible could not be trusted and should not be read except through the "help" and "guidance" of a priest.  Otherwise, their death terror would be abolished as they heard Jesus' last words on His cross -- "It is finished." [John 19:30; He used a Greek commercial term popular at that time that means "the debt is fully paid ."]  That one sentence would completely annihilate the entire pagan system of Confession, the priesthood, the Mass, Indulgences, praying to Mary and the saints for Mercy, the Rosary -- just to name a few practices Catholics perform today out of sheer terror of death.

This is the basic, simple pagan depiction of the balance scales.  The man holding the scales is presumed to be God, and this simple picture shows the scales without anything in them for the moment.

This is the Egyptian pagan depiction of the Judgment of the Dead, as taught by Freemasons in the degree, Inspector Inquisitor, Thirty-first Degree".  If you look at the extreme left, you can see the spirit of the deceased being led by the Lord of the Dead [Lucifer , with an Ankh in his left hand] toward the Judgment Balance Scale that has been set up with the deeds of the life of the deceased, ready for the final judgment.  Listen to the description of this horrid event.

"The candidate is brought into the Court of the Dead, to be judged for actions while living and to determine if he deserves to dwell among the gods.  His escort is Horus .  Isis, Horus' mother, speaks first ..." [Masonic And Occult Symbols Illustrated, Dr. Cathy Burns, p. 158]

Horus is escorting the spirit of the deceased into the Judgment of the Dead.  This symbolism is perfect, for it is Lucifer whom the Egyptians called Horus .  I think it delicious indeed that it is Lucifer who escorts the soul of the deceased doomed to show him why he is going to spend eternity in Hell.  This depiction is not Biblical, of course, for it is Jesus Christ who does that at the White Throne Judgment, but this depiction is wonderful, nevertheless.

Further, Horus' mother, Isis, is the early type of the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary.  It is she who speaks, usually on behalf of the spirit of the dead.  In Roman Catholicism, this is the very picture we paint of Mary, who is expected to speak to Jesus on behalf of the spirit of the dead, urging mercy at the time of his Judgment!

Thus, Lucifer's Mother is the early prototype of the Roman Catholic Mary !

Finally, thank Lucifer once again for people's rank ignorance of Scripture.  Otherwise, they might read Jesus' Words in John 3:18, "He who believes in Him [Jesus Christ], who clings to, trusts in, relies on Him, is not judged [he who trusts in Him never comes up for judgment; for him there is no rejection, no condemnation -- he incurs no damnation];" [Parallel Bible, KJV/Amplified Commentary]  Once you understand this passage, you will not be fooled by such a pagan description of Final Judgment.

Just to ensure that people got the message that the Born Again believer does not face Final Judgment, the Apostle Paul said, "Therefore, there is now no condemnation [no adjudging guilty of wrong for those who are in Christ Jesus ..." [Romans 8:1] 

Can you now see the supernatural wisdom of Lucifer to teach the Roman Catholic faithful that they cannot trust the Bible, they cannot understand the Bible, and that they should just pay attention to Church teachings?

This Roman Catholic depiction of the final judgment of the dead spirit is wonderful, indeed.  The poor angel at the middle bottom of the picture is extremely poignant, as he is trying to make the scales balance in favor of the dead spirit. But, the flaming sword of God is sure to strike fear into the heart of anyone.  The angel to the left is pictured as carrying all the good things God is trying to bring to one side of the balance scale, while the angel to the right is bringing all the sins of which the spirit of the dead is guilty. The overall feeling of this picture is terror, just as in any other depiction of any pagan culture of any pagan era.


Once we got the average Roman Catholic thinking his entrance into Heaven will depend upon whether their "balance scale" will tilt in the direction of Good Works [and to Hell if it tilts toward their sin side], then we are in position to convince them that they must spend a good part of their lives working to produce Good Works.

The Pope has set the system up so that many activities will qualify for Good Works that can go on that side of the Balance Scale. He has convinced many people that attending Holy Days, going to Mass, the system of Indulgences, going to Confession, and many other activities will give them the "Good Works" necessary to balance out the other side of the balance scale.

However, the catch is that no one knows exactly how much spiritual weight comprises each of the Good Works and how much spiritual weight is given each sin!  Therefore, no person alive -- not even the Popes or Mother Teresa -- can know for certain they have eternal life!  They can only hope that the doctrine of Purgatory and of everyone eventually making it to Heaven are correct.

Thank Lucifer -- once again -- that he got everybody to thinking they could not read their Bibles.  Otherwise they would know that Jesus Christ was the Perfect Sacrifice, Once and For All, and that His death wiped out all sin of the Born Again believer, providing instant access to Heaven upon death.  Further, His sacrifice provided the work of the Holy Spirit to provide Divine assurance to the heart of the believer that they were as assured of Heaven as if they were already there!

John 3:15 -- "That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. [No doubt here]

Romans 6:23 -- "... the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. [Not by any Good Works a person might do in their life]

Titus 3:7 -- "That being justified by his grace, we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life." [Hope is Greek word, "elpis", literally meaning firm conviction, confidence]

1 John 2:25 -- "And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life."  ["promise" literally means in the Greek, "epaggelia", which means a Divine Assurance]

1 John 5:13 -- "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God." [Notice all Born Again believers will "know" they have eternal life.  Now you know what God meant when He called anyone who "added to" His Word, a liar -- "Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." Proverbs 30:6]

Revelation 3:20 -- "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." Jesus' Words.  Note words, "I will come in ..."  He did not say, "Maybe" but "will".]


From all these symbols, you can see the unbelievable truth of the reality of the Roman Catholic Church I have provided.  Truly, the demonic overlord responsible for the Roman Catholic Church has communicated to all other occultists the truth that the Traditional Catholic Church is a pagan institution.  Once the Mass was instituted, spoken in Latin, the Church was imbued with the power of Lucifer known as White Magic Witchcraft [Read NEWS1334 if you have not done so yet]. 

In the previous article, we demonstrated this truth.  Now, in this article, you see that the Catholic Church utilizes many of the same occultic symbols Satanists use.  What is that old saying my Dad used to teach me?  "Birds of a feather flock together".

Now you can also see how easy it was, at this End of the Age, to move the Catholic Church into the practice of Black Magick Witchcraft.  Now, Antichrist can arise, and discover that the Pope is a "proper receptor" to hi[Read NEWS1052].  Truly, we are at the End of the Age.

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