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Subtitle:  The New World Order Plan calls for an attack on American cities under the guise of restoring order from chaos and rioting. American troops have been carrying out such training exercises in the past several years.  Are we getting close?  Possible scenario offered.

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May 2, 1998 -- Chicago, IL -- "Urban Warfare In Chicago:  A Windy World War 3", by Jenifer Loven, Associated Press.

"The Marines want to learn how to maneuver around city infrastructure, communicate while near the enemy and minimize the impact on civilians."  This exercise was apparently the first in a series of exercises in large cities and did not actually have Marines on the ground in full combat gear, supported by helicopters, as did later exercises.   

"The program, begun last summer, has included training in a four-block model town at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and envisions later practice war games in Charleston, S.C., and Jacksonville, Fla. It is to culminate in a mock battle in an as-yet-unidentified West Coast city."

June 5, 1998 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Here is an exchange between myself and a gentleman from Scranton PA. His local news made no mention of this bizarre military exercise. This is from an unidentified email I received from a very shaken person in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In this exercise, no citizen living in the city was forewarned of a military "exercise".  What follows is an eye-witness account.


"About 200 ground troops, helicopter crews and support teams drilled from just after dark Monday until about 1 a.m. There was no mention of this on the televised news or in our local papers in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. Maybe someone from Pittsburgh could fill us in on the details?"

This very shaken resident then asked the most lucid question possible on this subject.  "Why is it, for the first time in our military's history, the military feels the need to perform secret unannounced training missions with local law enforcement agencies in our own neighborhoods? Why is this suddenly necessary when it wasn't before?"

Exactly.  The reason our military has never before undertaken such training exercises against our own cities is that never before in our national history have we been this close to the final push into the New World Order, the Kingdom of Antichrist.  The scenario is designed to so panic the American people they will accept nearly anything they think might restore peace and tranquility, and so they hope, their freedoms.

I guess the American people have never heard of the plans drawn up supernaturally nearly 100 years ago that pertains to this very subject.  Listen to the arrogance and amorality of these Illuminist leaders, obviously writing under supernatural control.

"WE ARE WOLVES -- The [people] are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock? ... we have the power whenever we like to create disorders or to restore order ... There is another reason also why they will close their eyes: for we shall keep promising them to give back all the liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties ..... It is not worthwhile to say anything about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties ...." [Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol #11, The Totalitarian State; Emphasis added.] This is one of most insidious Satanic Plans to achieve the New World Order ever created. But, even more insidiously, this Plan is being followed like a roadmap by our current Illuminist leaders from President Clinton, to Congress, to most world leaders today.

Do not be deceived: once Martial Law is declared -- under whatever pretense -- Americans will never get their precious liberties restored! These military exercises are designed only to accomplish this very purpose, taking away our liberties claiming to restore them once the chaos is eliminated and order rules.

July 24-7, 1998 -- Jacksonville, FL -- "Marines 'Seize' Downtown: Urban Warfare Is Exercise's Aim", by John Fritz, Times-Union staffwriter, July 24, 1998.

"... for a group of about 100 Marines, Jacksonville was a city under siege, ripped asunder by the fighting of the fictitious 'Jaguer' and 'Dolphenes' political factions, the latter headed by the evil military boss, Gen. Danne Marinoe. Participating in a cuttingedge military exercise known as 'Urban Warrior,' these Marines' mission was to figure out how to wrest control of key parts of the city.  They had to take over the besieged Main Street bridge, City Hall and an abandoned building posing as a national bank safeguarding $5.7 billion of gold ingots. The exercise, which runs through today, does not involve any weapons, aircraft or military vehicles."

July-August, 1998 Birmingham, AL -- "More Marine Training In U.S. Cities: Unit Set For Urban Combat Exercise In Birmingham", WorldNetDaily.

"A special unit of U.S. Marines will arrive in Birmingham, AL, next Monday to prepare for an exercise in countering urban guerrilla warfare. Some 243 soldiers will have assault rifles in hand to execute secret missions and perform various maneuvers in the city, according to Marine spokesmen. The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit exercise is part of a program called TRUE, or Training in the Urban Environment. The Marines will stay at Fort McClellan in Anniston for the nearly two-week exercise, said Staff Sgt. Chris Cox, head of public affairs for the unit." 

"All of the operations, including the exact timing of the exercises, was being kept secret from the public ... Since similar exercises have been conducted recently in Chicago, Jacksonville, FL, and other U.S. cities, the question on some minds is: Who exactly are the Marines preparing to wage war with in America's urban environments?"  The officer to whom this last question was asked, danced all around the issue, never actually answering the question.

"In Jacksonville last week, a group of 100 Marines played war games that assumed the city had been ripped asunder by two political factions. The Marines' job was to wrest control of key parts of the city." 



This report continues with an interview with Captain Charles Black, coordinator of the exercises.  Captain Black stated that this exercise was designed to train his men in how to properly handle "natural disaster" situations.  But, the National Guard is the properly designated force to respond to natural disasters or to riots in the cities.  You see, our Founding Father understood something we have totally forgotten.  They understood that one of the best defenses a people could have against tyranny from a central government was a "well-regulated militia" controlled by state governors, with soldiers who were as close to the local people as possible.  Conversely, military forces controlled by central governments can be hand-picked to contain the most brutal personnel possible, with the express intent of brutally repressing the people.  

December 19, 1998 -- Monterey, CA -- "Mock Invasion Targets Monterey", Joint military exercise an experiment In dealing with terrorists, By Calvin Demmon, Herald Staff Writer Monterey Herald, 12/19/98. In the first story, above, in Chicago, we learned that the last staged "invasion" of a U.S. city would take place somewhere in a West-coast city.  Certainly, Monterey would be an ideal place to carry out an attack in December, because it is warm.  Notice that the word, "battle" is used to describe this exercise.  I find it highly instructive that these exercises began peacefully -- without weapons and helicopters -- only to end up described as "battles". Do not be deceived:  "Anti-terrorist" activities are simply and only a cloak behind which the military can train in the tactics best suited to take over and subdue an American city.

"Terrorists seize the Naval Post graduate School. Several hundred Marines make an amphibious assault on the beach and secure the school. But there are terrorists at the Defense Language institute Too. The Marines convoy to the Presidio, where they stop the bad gays and disable a very bad weapon ... All that, with simulated jet strafing runs thrown in for good measure ... It's what the marines call an 'urban warfare experiment', and it will be, according to a Marines spokeswoman, the first time in history that the Defense Department has conducted anything on this scale in any city."

"By early morning on Saturday, March 13, five large Navy ships will have arrived in Monterey Bay. At 7 a.m., six amphibious landing craft - the fan-driven kind that skim across land and water on cushions of air - will head for the beach ... The Marines will land near the old municipal sewer plant, disembark in their troop carriers, and proceed to the nearby Navy school."

"Meanwhile, the city of Monterey will have activated its Emergency Operations Center at the downtown fire station. City Personnel will escort the troop vehicles and provide crowd control, said Fred Cohn, deputy city manager. Some city employees will also join the actual 'experiment', putting their emergency procedures to the test."

"At the Presidio, the Marines will be met by more troops ferried in via helicopter from the ships.  Jets will conduct mock strafing runs through simulated anti-aircraft fire. Ground combatants, wearing sensors and firing laser beams, will be 'killed' or 'wounded'. Eventually, experts will locate the weapon and disable it. By 5 p.m., the Marines, having saved the day, will be back aboard their ships offshore."


All throughout these exercises, I kept asking myself two questions:  1) Why the Marine Corps in al these exercises, and absolutely no Army? 2) Why wasn't the possee comitatis act prohibiting these kinds of exercises of American military units against Americans?  Possee comitatis simply states that conventional military forces cannot be used against the American civilian population, along with their highly destructive weapons.  Believe me, the restrictions placed upon our military byposse comitatis is a really good thing.

The answer came from the Jacksonville Florida Times-Union, July 24, 1998.  "The Marines, as part of the Navy, are not under the posse comitatis restrictions that prohibit the Army from domestic law enforcement."

Thus, the Federal Government has discovered a loophole in the law large enough to drive a Mack Truck through.  They seem to be preparing the Marine Corps for the task of attacking American cities once the general panic has set in.  Remember, the New World Order scenario designed to so panic the peoples of the world they will accept Antichrist involves the following multiple crises, overlapping one another:  World War III between Israel and her immediate Arab neighbors [this is Pike's demonic vision of the final war to produce Antichrist and Obadiah 15-18 prophecy]; Korean Peninsula War, possibly with unconventional weapons; Chinese takeover of Taiwan; Arab Oil Embargo; Arab Terrorism in our cities [which will provide the pretext for this attack on our cities]; economic collapse; natural disasters; possibly Y2K.

Once these 2 1/2 wars erupt, it is highly likely that all American forces will be rapidly deployed outside this country, including all National Guard.  Thus, when our cities are totally out of control, what is the President to do, since he has no military reserves on which he can call?  In NEWS1270, we reported on an Illuminati map of the world which they drew up in 1952.  That map envisioned that, once the New World Order was established, no national troops would patrol areas in which their own people lived; rather, foreign troops would be assigned different areas of the world to patrol, so that none of them would be patrolling people of their own nationality.

The United States was drawn up like this:  1) Northeast would be patrolled by Colombian and Venezuelan troops; 2) Southeast from Virginia to Florida and over to Texas would be patrolled by Russians; 3) The Mid-West would be patrolled by Belgian troops; 4) The Pacific Northwest down to Los Angeles would be patrolled by Irish troops; 5)  Los Angeles down to the Panama Canal would be patrolled by Chinese.

Thus, the cities' attack scenario is likely to occur from foreign troops, not American.  These exercises with the Marine Corps seem likely to be preparing our Leathernecks for attacking and securing foreign cities that are under American patrol.  This news is somber, indeed, because the Plan envisions many people dying during this time, and troops have demonstrated, time and again that they cannot be trusted to be brutal with their own people.  Thus, when the foreign troops do attack our cities, God help the American citizens trapped inside.


The following is an account of the head of a group of government provocateurs training his men on a mission to stir up New York City to the point of riot.  In this fictional account, the leader of the provocateurs has taken footage of the Times Square Area in which this operation will occur.  Since he is anticipating huge crowds in the square that night, the timing of this operation might be New Years' Eve, or during some other major event.  This story has all the elements needed to begin a major riot, thus giving the troops waiting just outside the city the excuse to come in.  Listen carefully:


"OK, now you boys know that I'll personally land in a world of s--- if anybody finds out I made this tape. But I just figured that since they decided we're not gonna do any on site maneuvers, you guys could use a better look at where the deal's gonna go down.

Except for 'Raven' none of you men are cozy with the area of operation. So I went ahead and I bought this camera. I'm thinking I'll give you an unauthorized 'sit-rep' here. You could take it in the spirit that it's done - keep it eyes only and off the screen. This tape does not exist.

[change of location]

This is where it all goes down. I'm gonna walk you through it - take a look at the AO and give you a quick run down on the mission. OK? Let's look at it. The containment pens and barricades run straight up and down from here, four pens per block, all your civilians lock up inside of them.

Alpha team, you're all here by 04:00 no later. This whole area is gonna be full up by then and you gotta be here before they close up the eight closest pens, north & south. That's the structure that they dress up for the drop. Extra barricades all along this stretch here. Most of your civilian authorities are clustered right here.

'Cracker', you're over here. Lotta primin' the pump out along this way for a good quarter of a mile. Some of it, our people, lots of it's gonna be spontaneous event activity. By then, you're bunk buddies with your little pen pals. You just keep throwing out your story to any of the Caucasians near by. Hit'em on that black thing harder if you got yourself a sympathetic ear.

'Today, we're gonna get some for ourselves' - all that s---. Stir that s--- up. [Fomenting race tensions; seemingly, these government provocateurs are black. They are going to be "priming the pump" with the huge crowds fomenting riot.  These provocateurs are going to urge young men who feel disenfranchised to seize the city, at least for one night.]

[change of location]

These ten blocks here, from 47th to 57th, that's Bravo team. Concentrate north and take anything you can when you hit the L-Z. Most of your 'just plain folks' are gonna be way back here - a lotta outta towners. They got here late and they won't be too committed to our location.

It shouldn't be too hard to get 'em so they start pushing they're way outta here and headed that way after zero. I want 'em running for their lives at that point. Very important that the push be north, toward the park. [Evidently, the goal is to get the rioting crowd to surge toward Central Park; is that where the foreign troops are going to be waiting?]

[change of location]

OK, so our girl is gonna go and do her thing right here. She's jumped, she's stripped and she's screamin' by 23:10. 'Poison', you're right there in the front row, so you can make the most of it. Then the story's gotta spread up towards the north so be loud and keep moving to the left. Go up over your barricade and head out along the periphery. Everyone's attention's gonna be initially focused up this way towards the TV screens up there. So you'll be walking right past they're line of sight. Just keep moving it along and disseminate the story up into this range. That should all be concluded by 23:30, by zero, your most of the way home.

[change of location]

'Raven'-, you're here at 40th by 16:00, There'll be '-boucou' movement in and out of these pens here so you don't have to stay in one place. When you get here, you push your way up to where you're supposed to be or try and keep it in the general vicinity. Again, there'll be plenty of preconditioning already in place, so you don't have to do too much explaining. You just walk around and 'amen' any of the young brothers that happen to be talking about, 'Yo, our town tonight', alright?

Again some of them are gonna be our people. Just don't go gettin' yourself busted. Keep it cool and watch where your standing and who your standing next to. If I could get you outta here any earlier, I would. Just hold off until you got'em coming in hard, then you give 'em a little of that "ammadu?" s---. Agitate it, then once it gets going, you can start workin' your way outta here.

[change of location]

There's gonna be a lotta hot lead flyin' every which way all around here - be a lotta scramblin'. But you're workin' the range from 40th to 37th. So don't worry if you get swept with the crowd either direction. Just watch you don't take a hit from either side. Of all the teams, you're the most vulnerable to police arrest. It's very important that you do what you gotta do as early as you can. Just don't expect any favors from anybody in the NYPD. There gonna be looking at you like one of the ring leaders if they do catch you.

I strongly suggest that if it starts gettin' too crazy in here, you consider heading over to 39th street and make tracks to the west. But just don't stay here too long, alright? You be back brother, we got people waiting on you.

[change of location]

OK, so that when it starts gettin' real heavy, zero. The lights go out and it's gonna be pretty f---- dramatic, especially if we got inclement weather or substantial cloud cover. I just want you guys to think on your feet, so if its dark, you go with the flow and ride it on out. The most important thing, make sure you got your withdrawal plan in your head - you "didi-mao" outta there as fast as you can.

I don't want anybody left on the island when the troops start movin' in. They're gonna sweep it clear at 03:00. Once they secure the perimeter - nothing and nobody is gonna get off this island.

[change of location]

"Hobo", you're the one that gets left behind. I want 'em really mixing it up by 00:15, so you gotta make it happen if its not already on course. The stage with the dancers is a clean shot, right up there. You can use your discretion.

[change of location]

OK, so thats what it looks like. There's a lot of pressure from upstairs to get this thing done right. We gotta just get out there and do what we've been training to do. If the situation is crazy enough, the civilian authorities are gonna have no other choice but to call in our boys to fix it. And like I said there'll be numerous operations goin' on all around here.

Concentrate on what you need to do, don't get held there trying to do to much. We just wanna get things started.

Alright? That's gonna do it from here."

This fictional account contains all the elements necessary to so foment a major riot that the authorities will have to call in the military to restore order, just as the Plan foresees. But, these troops will probably be foreign, so we can expect a "lotta hot lead flyin' every which way all around here".

But, there is more.  The Plan evidently calls for selected assassinations to really get things cooking.  We see "Hobo" being told that he can take out anyone he deems necessary, but is told to consider the dancers on the stage first and foremost, since they will be easy targets, and probably black.  At this moment, you can see the wisdom of the Illuminati of fomenting racial hatred in this country these past 30 years.  At this moment, in city after city across this country, white/black hatred is going to be the final nail in our national coffin.

What will be the reaction from average American glued in front of his TV screen?  At first, he will be horrified, but then he will hear the reassuring golden promises from the President that we will all get our freedoms back once we can restore order.  Thus, average Joe Six-pack can go back to worrying about whether his favorite team is going to make the playoffs.

All this smoke means there is fire down there.  We have so much smoke coming down from so many different angles, and most of it fits Bible prophecy, we can only conclude the final events are going to start to unfold.

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