Subtitle:  On the night of the New Hampshire primary victory, Senator  McCain is joined at the podium by his wife, Cindy.  Incredibly, Cindy is prominently wearing the Illuminist Phoenix Bird Pin!  While the Drudge Report is calling this the "Hillary Pin", the truth is far deeper.

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NEWS BRIEF:  "Birds of a Feather Pinned Together", by Sheila R. Cherry, Insight Magazine, February 4, 2000, http://www.insightmag.com/archive/200002049.shtml.

Before we get started on this article, we wish to remind our subscribers that we reported on this "Phoenix Bird Pin" over a year ago, [early 1999] after Hillary Clinton and many other ladies of the Clinton Administration suddenly began sporting them.  Our article was NEWS1259, "Hillary Wears Illuminist Pin -- Clinton's Fatal Leadership Series 6H".  We encourage you to refresh your memory of this article now, before you go any further.

Now, let us return to the Insight Magazine article.

" Washington fashion often becomes trademark symbolism: Barbara Bush's tri-strand of oversized pearls; Pat Nixon's good Republican cloth coat, even Washington Mayor Anthony Williams' bow ties. The items are not unique to be sure, until they become signature statements for their famous wearers. Such is the case of the brooch that has been gracing Democrat power suits from Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. Ask for it by its official name, the 'Liberty Eagle,' and most local jewelers need a description. Ask for it as the . Hillary pin. and they quote prices and availability."

"Former Clinton White House communications director Ann Lewis was quoted in a February 1998 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explaining that during the 1996 presidential campaign, the pin became a symbol for women who were supporting the president.. Local sellers say most purchasers now consider it a solidarity statement supporting first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton."

"Now the sorority pin of Democratic power brokers has alighted on a Republican. Poised prominently on the shoulder of an ebullient Cindy McCain as she celebrated the recent victory of her husband, Arizona Sen. John McCain, in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary was the Hillary pin."

Most people, unaware of the Illuminist Plan for the global New World Order, would consider it rather outrageous that Republican Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, would wear the very pin that has become synonymous with Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.  The superficial understanding of this situation would probably lead one to believe that Senator and Mrs. McCain were secret Clinton supporters, or were closet Democrats.

I assure you this is not the case -- the issue is much deeper and more serious than that.

Senator John McCain has just signaled to the entire world that he is a secret Illuminist !    

Senator McCain has been making his run at the Presidency on the basis that he is not an Establishment Insider and that he, therefore, can be trusted with the office of the Presidency.  And, many voters are beginning to buy into that notion.  The reason McCain is suddenly doing so much better in the primaries is that he has been able to convince people of his integrity, and of the fact that he is not part of the "Establishment". [We seem to hear this tired refrain during every Presidential Primary season these past several decades]

Listen to a news report that discusses this phenomenon.

NEWS BRIEF:  "Surging McCain faces key test in S.C.: In South Carolina, the next GOP primary state, voters may disagree with the candidate's position on some issues, but many are drawn to the man -- and his story", by Scott McKay, Staff Writer, The Providence Sunday Journal, February 6, 2000, pages A-1, 29.

"GEORGETOWN, S.C. -- It is McCain's usual act; a splash of self-deprecating humor, a dollop of patriotism, a dash of indignation aimed at the evil Washington crowd of 'special interests'.  A promise to tell the truth, a slap at President Clinton and an Oprah-style conversation with the audience as he hands the microphone from one voter to another, taking questions.  After his speech, he hangs around to answer more questions and sign autographs for the many people carrying copies of his best-selling autobiography Faith of My Fathers."

"As he campaigned through South Carolina last week, one thing was clear:  McCain is becoming that rare political figure whose appeal transcends his politics.  In the two days after his astonishing New Hampshire primary victory, the Arizona senator pulled even with George W. Bush in two South Carolina polls, a state that had Bush up by 20 points two weeks ago.  Is it McCain Magic or just McCain's Moment?" [Ibid.]

Therefore, just at the moment when McCain had just experienced the political triumph of his career, and just at the moment when the entire anti-Establishment theme had begun to bring forth fruit, McCain chose to flash a signal to the Initiated in the world that he is part of the ultimate Insider Establishment group, the Masters of the Illuminati.  What surprises me is NOT that McCain is Illuminist, because no one can get the kind of political backing and the favorable press coverage McCain has received unless he is thoroughly supported by the Illuminati.  Further, if a real Born Again Christian ever got as far as McCain has gotten, he would be stopped in his tracks by the Illuminati by assassination, if need be. 

What truly surprises me is the timing of this signal that he is Illuminist.  Might this signal derail his suddenly speeding political freight train?  Might genuinely Born Again Christians suddenly realize he is the ultimate Establishment Insider through the Illuminati?  We certainly hope true Christians now realize McCain is just one more occult liar backed by the Secret Societies.  Once more, the Mass Media has succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of the American voters. Once more, we have been sold a man who is most definitely not what he seems to be.  Once more, we discover we really have no choice in our electoral process, because the Illuminati owns every man who will get enough support and enough votes to wage a serious campaign.

Another factor that surprises me is the McCain would want his wife to wear the Phoenix Bird broach that Hillary Clinton and the women of the Clinton Administration have popularized. In the beginning of this article, we quoted the portion that said this broach had become known as "Hillary's Pin".  Why would a supposedly Conservative Republican risk being identified with the "evil" enemy empire of the Clintons, against whom they have been vigorously campaigning these many months?

My guess is that this signal was ordered by the Illuminati.  I don't know the exact reason for this signal at this time, but the Illuminati wanted the fact known that McCain is one of them after all.  Despite all the phony campaign rhetoric that McCain is not part of the Insider's group in Washington, D.C., this Phoenix Bird Pin screams for all to hear that he is deep within the trusted Insider's circle.


I suspect that something very sinister might be afoot with the McCain push by the Illuminist Media.  If McCain were to come close to defeating Bush, only to lose at the end, might he not be poised to launch a Third Party challenge?  With the virtual disappearance of Ross Perot and his ill-fated party, might another Third Party effort be launched? If the Illuminati wants Vice President Gore elected, they are probably going to have to split the Conservative and Independent vote by a meaningful Third Party challenge.  Ross Perot single-handedly got Clinton elected in 1992 and re-elected in 1996.  If Gore is to have a chance in the November elections, a Third Party candidate must drain off Conservative votes.

Why would the Illuminati want Al Gore to be their President, when Bush is an Illuminist [despite his phony 'confession of faith'], and McCain is an Illuminist?  This time in American history is a very unique time according to the supernatural Spirit Guides of some Illuminist leaders.  New Age author Ruth Montgomery states that her Guiding Spirits have firmly told her that this period of time in which we are currently living are very special times requiring very special leaders.  The quality these leaders must have right now is a sensitivity toward Environmental matters.  According to these Spirit Guides, the earth is close to a physical shift on its axis [which is possible], so the leadership now must pay special attention to Environmental matters.  Listen to Montgomery's Spirit Guides:

"... before the shift of the earth on its axis, the Guides told Ruth, a Walk-in [Spirit-Guide-possessed person] will be elected President of the United States ... People will be aware of his special qualities ... many will realize his Walk-in status while others will think of him as a born-again Christian. He will tackle the problems with gusto, and ... he will deal with the spots of famine and the floods and turn people's attention to the potential shift of the earth. He may not call it by that name, since he will not wish to frighten the people ahead of time, but he will be openly discussing safe geographical areas and sponsoring projects in those sections of the country so that people can move there and find employment. He will stress the importance of cooperation among the newcomers with those who are already in those sparsely settled areas, and will see to it that one does not crowd out or infringe on the other. These are necessarily inland areas, and as the time for the shift approaches, he will begin quietly to alert governmental agencies of the need to be on guard ... for the populace will suddenly begin to swarm into those areas at the first signs of severe earth wobble. Even scientists will by then admit to foreseeing a shift, as the President starts preparing for the earth changes. The approaching planetary calamity ... will set the stage for the long-prophesied coming of the Antichrist ..." {Herald of the New Age, pages 263-264]

In other words, the Illuminati plans right now for a greater and greater emphasis to be placed upon the kinds of Environmental concerns and plans they have devised.  As the above quote mentions, this plan envisions people will be told where they can and cannot live.  People will be moved inland, away from coastal areas, just as the Illuminist President of Venezuela has just announced for those poor survivors of the coastal flooding in that country [Read NEWS1351, "Venezuela Flooding Promotes U.N. Biodiversity Plan to Relocate People Away From Coastal Areas"]

Vice President Al Gore has sterling credentials to be the Illuminist President at the time of this planned Environmental Crises.  In his book, "Earth In The Balance ", Gore demonstrates proper "concern" for the environment.  He displays proper hatred toward our Industrial Civilization, intimating it must be dismantled if Mother Earth is to survive. A President Gore would be well-placed to continue the Plan of the Illuminati to forcibly relocated people inland, to control where they lived and to dismantle our Industrial Civilization.

Additionally, the United Nations has a plan whereby the Earth is to go through a period of five (5) five-year periods, each one with a specific theme in mind.  The period, 1997-2001, is to be the period when "population centers are to be thinned" out [Read NEWS1031 for full details].  A President Gore is the most important Environmental Activist in the world today [Read Tree-hugging fanatic]. 

We just might be seeing the working out of a plan to split the vote this November, 2000, to get Gore elected.  If you see a serious effort to get a Third Party on the Presidential ballot that might draw enough votes to get a radical like Gore elected, you know the Illuminati is behind it.  We Christians have more to fear from Gore than probably any other candidate.  He is the most radical of all the New Age, Mother Earth-worshipping leaders on earth.  As such, he hates Christians the most.  He would continue, and accelerate, President Clinton's anti-Christian rhetoric and activities.

For the moment, though, McCain is now proven to be Illuminist.  His "coming out" as an Illuminist was planned, designed to let those "in the know" in on the little secret that he is one of the trusted Insiders.  But, now you know; spread the word that McCain has been lying to us all along.  He is one of the global leaders that is delivering this world to the One-World System of The New Age Christ.

Truly, we are ever-closer to the End of the Age.  Are you spiritually ready? Is your family? Are you adequately protecting your loved ones? This is the reason for this ministry, to enable you to first understand the peril facing you, and then help you develop strategies to warn and protect your loved ones. Once you have been thoroughly trained, you can also use your knowledge as a means to open the door of discussion with an unsaved person. I have been able to use it many times, and have seen people come to Jesus Christ as a result. These perilous times are also a time when we can reach many souls for Jesus Christ, making an eternal difference.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but have been very lukewarm in your spiritual walk with Him, you need to immediately ask Him for forgiveness and for renewal. He will instantly forgive you, and fill your heart with the joy of the Holy Spirit. Then, you need to begin a daily walk of prayer and personal Bible Study.

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