Subtitle: This news development you will not hear reported in American media, but it is true, and possibly sets the final stage for the annihilating war against the House of Esau in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18. The Israeli Army is cutting off towns from Jewish settlers so that Arab towns and villages are 100% Palestinian!

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NEWS BRIEF:  "WALLERSTEIN ACCUSES", by Sheva News Service, www.IsraelNationalNews.com
Monday, Nov. 6, 2000 / Cheshvan 8, 5761.

"Pinchas Wallerstein, head of the Binyamin Regional Council, told Arutz-7, 'The Yesha Council is doing all it can to fight the government's low-strength policy - a policy based on the idea that it's not so terrible if the current low-flame violence, involving injuries only to settlers and soldiers, continues...  This policy includes the totally ridiculous idea that the communities can be defended from within, a situation that allows them to be attacked...  Our feeling is that we must fight [not only to defend, but] to win this war." 

Our media is currently playing up the side of the Palestinians in this conflict.  While our media shows the pictures of young children getting killed, no one is telling us that they are in the front lines of this conflict, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli troops.  No one is telling us that Yasser Arafat receives a bounty of money for every child killed.  No one tells you that, from 1948, Palestinian Arabs have been the most vocal in saying that they do not want to live peaceably with the Jews, but that they want to annihilate Israel.  They openly and boldly call for the annihilation of the entire state of Israel.  Even as Clinton is pursuing long and sordid "negotiations" according to the principles of cohabitation of the Oslo "Peace" Accord you can clearly see that the Palestinians want nothing of the kind. They want 100% Jewish annihilation.

But, you can find this type of vitriolic hatred on their web sites.  {NOTE: If you get the message that you are "not authorized to view this page", just ignore it and click on the 'x' in the upper right corner, and the page will pop into view]

Palestinian Information Center http://www.palestine-info.net/index_e.htm

Al-Aqsa.org http://www.al-aqsa.org/

Hamas Resistance http://www.palestine-info.net/hamas/

You can see, therefore, that the Jewish leaders within Israel are very upset with their own leaders for not responding with overwhelming military might to protect Jewish citizens.  Rather, the IDF has been told to give three hours warning before they attack an Arab target with helicopters, tanks, or other heavy military arms, or to aim at walls instead of people.  When Palestinians get killed, it is when a mob of them is descending upon a position of IDF troops.

But, now, let us get back to this article and to the truly explosive information Mr. Wallerstein is about to give.

"Wallerstein accused the government of keeping roads in Judea and Samaria closed to Jewish traffic for political, and not military, reasons:  'I take full responsibility for my words, and I say that the reason that the Dolev road [connecting Jerusalem/Beit El to Dolev/Talmon] is still closed is almost totally political.  The army will tell you otherwise, but I can say with certainty that this road is no more dangerous than other Yesha
roads.  It's clear that the government wishes to cut off the Yesha towns one from another, and to create large Palestinian blocs that have no Jewish presence.  This is the necessary conclusion from the fact that many similar roads, such as the Trans-Judea highway, continue to be closed, and that there is no access to northern Jerusalem and the Atarot airport, etc." [Ibid.]

If you have been following Cutting Edge articles these past few months, you will instantly seize the dramatic revelation contained in this revelation!  For those subscribers who have not read the articles relating to the build-up of events that will fulfill the prophecy of Obadiah 15-18 concerning the 100% annihilation of the Palestinians, let us quickly bring you up to speed.

In NEWS1406 "The Battle Over Jerusalem Has Begun -- Arab Activist", and in NEWS1411, "Palestinian Leader Arafat Must Now Go To War", and NEWS1422, "The Coming Prophesied Annihilation of the Palestinians -- House of Esau", we detail the prophetic reality that God has foretold an End of the Age 100% annihilation of the House of Esau [Palestinians] at the hands of Israel.  Right now, Israel has exactly the weapons needed to carry out this type of annihilation, and exactly as prophesied in Obadiah.

However, when I viewed this situation several years ago, as I could see the very gradual movement toward this current position, I thought back to my training in U.S. Army Intelligence.  Western governments generally, and Israel particularly, would never carry out a complete annihilation of an enemy population if any of their own citizens were residing within the targeted towns.  Therefore, just before an annihilation would occur, the Israeli Defense Force would have to physically separate their own people from the Palestinians.

To put this situation another way, when you see such a physical separation occurring, you must take this as a definite sign that the annihilation is about to occur.  Since I was very sure that no American news source would report such an occurrence, I subscribed to several Jewish news organizations, and receive their news, either electronically or in newspaper delivered to my home.

Thus, I was totally shocked when I received this information from Arutz-7.  This means war!

As you can see from these maps, the Arab presence today is far different than in 1947,  In 1947, the Arabs were diffused in a strip of land running north and south in the middle of Israel.  They had their own territory and their settlements were diffused throughout that territory.  But, today, the Palestinians do not have their own contiguous territory; they are clustered into enclaves, i.e, towns and villages.  Furthermore, their population density in these enclaves are exceedingly high, Arabs versus Jewish citizens.  When Israel turned over Hebron to the Palestinians, the local paper said that there were 40,000 Palestinians but less than 500 Jews.

The Oslo Peace Accords simply legalized and formalized this Arab tendency to live segregated from the Jews which the Arabs wanted to do anyway because of their unremitting hatred for the Jew. This voluntary segregation makes it very easy for a military planner if he has been given the task of annihilating an entire population, and that is what Obadiah 15-18 is prophesying.

The last precaution Israel would take before destroying these Palestinian villages and towns is to remove their own people.  They would ensure that all Jews had been removed from harm's way.  As we stated, above, such removal of the Jews from harm's way would constitute a final sign that such hostilities were about to begin.  If I were still in U.S. Army Intelligence, and saw the IDF [Israeli Defense Force] physically separating Arab towns and villages and sealing off roads to prevent Jewish citizens from travelling to and from such settlements, I would immediately call my superior officer, at home if necessary, and in the middle of the night!  This development is what we called a "War Immediacy".

Let us now review in detail the statement Mr. Wallerstein of the Binyamin Yesha Council made:

1.  "Wallerstein accused the government of keeping roads in Judea and Samaria closed to Jewish traffic for political, and not military, reasons ..."  He even said that the Army would deny they had closed these roads, but that denial does not make it any the less true.  Thus, Jewish citizens are not only separated from these Palestinians settlements, they are also prohibited from going there while the roads are closed.  This will prevent Jewish citizens from being accidentally caught in harm's way when the bombs, quite possibly Fuel-Air bombs, begin to fall.

2.  "... this road is no more dangerous than other Yesha roads.  It's clear that the government wishes to cut off the Yesha towns one from another, and to create large Palestinian blocs that have no Jewish presence."  You cannot have a more direct revelation than this one.  Wallerstein speaks so boldly it is almost as if he were responding to a direct question from me on this issue.  The IDF is creating "large Palestinian blocs that have no Jewish presence"!  In NEWS1422, I stated:

"Can you see how easily a military commander armed with sophisticated Fuel-Air bombs could annihilate every Palestinian living within these enclaves?  The key to watch is the "physical separation" the IDF was ordered to carry out before November 15, 2000.  If this separation includes the forcible evacuation of Jewish citizens living within the Arab enclave, you can know this prophesied annihilation is about to begin. "

We can say with certainty that this type of extreme "physical separation" of Palestinian settlements makes no sense at all under normal circumstances.  This action will ruin the local economy.  Further, sooner or later, international news will become aware that the IDF is imprisoning 3,000,000 Palestinians in their own settlements, and the outrage will be extremely high.  Therefore, whatever plan the military has for sealing off these settlements has got to be short-term, not long-term.

3.  Lastly, Wallerstein said, "... many similar roads, such as the Trans-Judea highway, continue to be closed, and that there is no access to northern Jerusalem and the Atarot airport, etc."

Thus, we have the confirmation that the IDF is taking this type of "physical separation" of Palestinians from Jewish citizens all throughout Israel.  Prime Minister Barak has ordered the IDF to complete their "physical separation" plans by November 15, which not so coincidentally is the same day Arafat says he is going to announce Palestinian Statehood.  This announcement is certain to trigger war, all-out war.

Unfortunately, I believe we are about to see Obadiah 15-18 fulfilled in our Daily News.  But, this war is simply the trigger for the Masonic planned Third World War that has been designed since 1870 to produce Antichrist [Read NEWS1056 for full details of this plan].

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem [Psalm 122:6] and for the protection of Israel [Daniel 12:1]. And, pray that God's glory will be manifested as He begins to fulfill His End Time prophecies [Isaiah 34:16].

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