Subtitle: A Cutting Edge subscriber emailed us on 11/14/00, to tell us that the crowds on the street are being systematically whipped up into a feeding frenzy against Bush and any Bush supporter.  Rioting in the streets is probable, and "Civil War" even possible, this subscriber warns.

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NEWS BRIEF:  Email from Cutting Edge subscriber, 11/14/00.

"Man, be glad you aren't down here. I had to go to Palm Beach Gardens to my Doctor today (thats in northern Palm Beach County, I live in the next County North and hail from West Palm Beach). Tempers flaring EVERYWHERE.....all the Democrats walk around totally angry. Jesse Jackson just held a rally
inflaming more people than ever...... Of course, the networks and CNN don't report the effects of all of this, rather they report more inflammatory material of their own. In a 3 mile stretch, I counted 6 cars with "Gore" plastered all over them, in soap, grease pencil, you name it. People with Bush bumper stickers would pass these people, and the "Gore cars" would speed up and tailgate, pull up next to them, flick them off......you name it. "

"Scary time to be here. While sitting at a light (I have a Bush sticker) some moron pulled up next to me, started blaring his horn and shaking his fist, screaming obscenities. If Gore were a man, he would've conceded like Nixon did in 1960. Nixon most probably would have won had HE demanded a recount and tied things up like Gore is doing due to some improprieties in some mid western states. But no, rather than cause the Country harm like Gore is doing now, he stepped down. Say what you want about Nixon (and personally I liked him), he loved his Country and put it first. Gore puts himself first over the Country."

"Makes the thought of Gore being President even more scary, if that's possible. He needs to stop this total chaos, and stop it now. Concede, before he's caused another Civil War, and I can see riots looming on the horizon. This is no exaggeration."

Illuminist writings as to how to stage Antichrist boldly state that, once the world erupts into flame in the planned Third World War, rioting in American cities would begin, getting so bad that foreign troops will have to be called in to suppress them.  You see, American troops will be emptied out of the country to go fight in the Middle East and Korea, thus leaving only police and para-military forces [BATF, for example] to try to deal with the rioting.

Once Americans have suffered through the wars raging in foreign lands, Arab threats against our cities, and then rioting in major cities, total chaos will reign, allowing the President to dissolve the Constitution, disband the government, and end our liberties -- "temporarily", of course, until the crisis is passed.  FEMA then becomes the leader of the country, and will very soon ask the United Nations for foreign troops, to end the rioting. [Read NEWS1270 for full details on which parts of the United States will be patrolled by which nationality of troops].

I had always thought that the rioting would be caused by government provocateurs working amongst the rogue elements present in any metropolitan area, and that still may be the case.  But, wouldn't it be something if some of the rioting were caused by people terribly upset by the election results?  I cannot believe the way in which Democrat Party officials and operatives can manipulate the emotions of their constituency.  The blacks, the elderly, and life-long Democrats seem to be fully caught up in the emotion of the moment, and from the sounds of things, Democrat operatives are on the scene daily, driving emotions higher and higher.

Jessie Jackson is seen by many as an out-of-control demagogue appealing to the pre-planted emotions and prejudices of his constituents; however, I can categorically state that Jessie Jackson is thoroughly Illuminist, and is acting according to a script in order to achieve the ultimate goal.  Jackson is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations [CFR].  When he acts in an inflammatory manner, he is acting exactly the way in which the script calls for him to act.  When he falsely claims that blacks have been denied their Constitutional rights during this election, Jackson is spurring them on to take public actions that will ultimately deny them -- and every other American -- their Constitutional rights forever.  When Joe Lieberman says that Holocaust survivors were denied their Constitutional rights, he is merely using highly inflammatory rhetoric to achieve the same purpose.

This developing situation on the street in Palm Beach County is beginning to look a lot like the late 1960's and early 1970's, during the time of massive demonstrations against the war in Vietnam.  Christian author, Ralph Epperson, writing in his book, The Unseen Hand, demonstrates that the monied elements of the Illuminati, led by the Rockefeller Foundation, were actually paying the costs of the demonstrators.  In other words, the seeming contradiction is huge, to believe that Establishment foundations could actually be paying the demonstrators to take actions that would result in the dissolving of the very country and economy which gave the foundations their money to begin with; however, when you understand that many of our foundations today are Illuminist, and that they want to tear down our Capitalist economy so they can erect the new Fascist economy of the New World Order, the confusion begins to clear up a bit.

As one of the demonstrators remarks, "The Establishment is buying themselves a revolution".

This is the situation in these counties in Florida right now.  The Establishment is buying themselves a revolution.  Further, the average American on the street right now, acting so vociferously for Gore, is proving the skeptics of the early 1800's right -- the average, "vulgar" citizen does not have the capacity to consistently choose the right man for the Presidency, or for any high office for that matter.  As one observer of that time remarked, "The new American experiment in democracy will succeed only until the people learn that they can vote themselves money out of the National Treasury".  Franklin D. Roosevelt taught Americans that fact very well, and the Democrat Party has been steadily expanding the aid flowing to the people ever since.  Today, we have so many Americans who want a huge national government that can keep giving them money and benefits with little or no work, that our entire Capitalist and Democratic system is in danger of being subverted and overthrown.

But, that is the Plan.  Truly, these events demonstrate that we are getting very close to the time in which Antichrist will arise.  God's Holy Spirit restraining power against nations and national leaders seems to be withdrawing to the point of Revelation 6:1-2, when the white horse of Antichrist can arise.  These are the true stakes in this Election of 2000.

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